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The Art of Chess Coaching

October 29, 2019

To say I was impressed and found my one battle at an invitational tournament at the Rochester Chess Club versus chess master Sunil Weeramantry one of my best lost games spurred me to examine my loss in hopes of seeing where I went wrong.  I remember the opening was an Alekhine Defense variant I found suited to my aggressive style and fit in with my square count theory discussed earlier in my lessons.

In the September issue of Chess Life a feature article had FM Sunil Weeramantry  interviewed and offering a magnitude of thinking that replicated the lessons my brother Ray stirred into my own spirit of its importance of turning on the light bulb in steering the brain toward creative imagination to solving problems. Writing was one of my main enjoyments as a child writing short stories and a bit of poetry that I enjoyed along with tennis with my brother and sister and softball family and classmate game play.

My childhood was a mixed bag of various illnesses.  A broken collar bone and leg kept me in a summer long waist cast when I was twelve.  That is when I started to think chess and worked on tactics and the books of Nimsowitsch and Tarrasch and game collections of masters like Reti, Capablanca, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Reshevsky, and Rubinstein.  My library grew to include Spassky, Bronstein, Tal, Benko, Karpov, and Kasparov among several others from the early 1800-1930 ala Morphy eras over my lifetime in its study.  What I always enjoyed most was historical records and games.  I analyzed time frames that weighed difference in style, tactics and opening strategies.

So, in looking at this article in Chess Life, I saw why Sunil is a success in bringing out the best in its learning process–teach kids to think.  He says what I always taught and built my own system of square count chess. You cannot learn just by rote but rather to establish ideas from the very first move on the board of a how you want your pieces to be set up for the struggle ahead.  I always found that curbs a little of the so called book. And what did I learn from my battle with Sunil?  It fits in with the building blocks of life’s trip down the many paths we travel.

Kindred’s Corner: The Amateur Eye

October 27, 2019

Did you ever wonder what the world globe would look like had it not been for the adventurers like Marco Polo and Columbus.  We, in America pay homage to Columbus for his bringing to Europe some of the leading American Indians that gave evidence of other peoples in the world.  It produced a working relationship with so called savages which forged realization that human existence and beliefs were based upon locality resources.

While that has always been my interpretation of Columbus’ contribution to our modern day educators, these folks so called wizards of the learning curve to me missed the mark 100 per cent.  They have educated through a narrow prism of ignorance and a haunting spirit of stupidity which unfortunately is often seen coming from today’s authors and book reviewers.  The student today is cheated about accuracy, intent and common history because it is clouded in opinion rather than historic fact.  These interpreters seem to say they know it all.  Unfortunately they do not and thinking people can spot these flaws seen by too many of today’s educators and translators of national as well as world history books being supplied and ordered for student courses by so called educators in many school districts across the country.

When you think of Christopher Columbus don’t just think of what was said in the movie Little Women: “Christopher Columbus” as a high point of educational awareness.  Regrettably I must say that while much value is seen by dedicated teachers, when they are misled in learning facts, they sometimes toss it aside for opinion making theory.  Am I incorrect in saying this all in fear of hurting feelings that all stems from the political correctness crowd?

American Independence in 2019-2020

October 26, 2019

The Constitution spelled out the slave issue from its beginning as passage depended upon the South representatives agreeing to sign it.  They voted for slavery in arguments due to the fact that slaves were brought from Africa to work on the plantations in the South.  It was necessary to allow slavery even though many in the North opposed slavery as it went against the ideals of our Founding Fathers in principle.  Most slaves were located along the rivers doing labor in manufacturing and shipping, being servants on southern plantations or field workers.

As I wrote earlier, the idea of a free society included whites and blacks and other minorities like the Chinese immigrants who helped build the railroad empire, established business especially oriented to clothing and food in such a diverse society existing at the time.

Today we have according to news reports a large number of whites who advocate a hatred for black and other minority groups who settle in America.  I do not see that in fact.  I have friends who are of different cultures and many are racial minorities.

It is disgusting to see what has happened in American life.  I place the blame on politicians who desire to stir hatred among our population.  You need only look at some of these radical political nuts in the Democrat Party to view the vindictive posture that they ascribe to. I won’t name especially five on my fingers or on my toes but I think they condemn themselves.  Me? I could care less because as a Christian and believer in Biblical forecasts of future events across the World, I know those devils who abide with Satan and his satanic angels a day of reckoning is fast approaching and those who breathe this hatred will be sorely punished and in jeopardy as seen in the many scriptures and stories that bring Life to our existence in the world and religious beliefs.

Those who feel shortchanged in Life–look around!  A lot of folks can be categorized as being shortchanged in the walk through life.  But the way to remedy this is to feel blessed that we live to love and find joy in our daily life, taking one day at a time and not worrying about what others think or boast about.  Those who hate, you can read their facial expressions and talk.  Some have facelifts that tend to create false masks as their skin cannot truly show the richness of their being.  Envy is catching and damning.

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

October 25, 2019

Others are not competition as you usually surpass expectation from others as well as yourself.  The time clock of life surpasses expectations only when you decide to rid the piles of old material once thought valuable but now seen as garbage.  Taxes have to be kept for seven years but the rest collected should be discarded from one day to two years depending upon what you store up and why.  Good hunting through the junk piles of history


Garfield sits watching a horror movie on TV. “I’ve done it, Igor! I’ve attached the brain of a pig to a bean pole.”


Elmo is visiting with Dagwood and playing with a toy firetruck on the floor in the Livingroom when Blondie enters and asks Elmo if he would like to stay and have supper.  Elmo says that he should call his mom for permission. Blondie tells Elmo she is not having Broccoli tonight.  On second thought Elmo tells both Dag and Blondie that on second thought he didn’t need to since she would not mind his eating at the Bumsteads.


We see Opal dusting and tells Earl how amazing it is that so much dust collects around the house and furnishings.  She says she has too man things lying around the house collecting dust.  She dusts the top of the chair back Earl is sitting on and she notices how much collects on and next to Earl’s head.


Hagar approaches to visit with the monk, a wise man. Hagar asks him what the secret is to happiness and contentment? The monk answers in three words: To want nothing.  Hagar thinks that is easy for him to do.  He will do that right after he gets everything in the coming battles.


The boss asks a new employee what he is looking for through employment at the company. I want appreciation in a healthy work-life balance!  Humm, you look like you have a bit of victim persecution complex to which he responds that he was hoping it would not show.

For Better or Worse

Dawn and her girlfriend are discussing what to wear for Halloween. Mom wants me to be a clown.  Her girlfriend reminds her that she always is dressed up as clown.  Dawn says the clown suit still fits.

He wrote a letter to the editor that he is tired of him pontificating on subjects about which he has no clue.  Who do you think you are–HOLLYWOOD?

Decadence of a wastefully corrupt social structure

October 24, 2019

One could say that it could not happen to America.  But it has.  It started with a trial of socialism in what was a largely Dutch experiment in New Ansterdam hundreds of years ago which proved a failed attempt at socialism.  It came to Russia when the Czar family was machinegunned in the basement of the castle. It was the corruption of the Nazi regime and all other isms that stripped away the rights and freedoms of people from the birth of the world of human record.

In America it started with social experiments of tinkering with the social fabric of school age children and spread by social minded teachers and professors who polluted the concept of individual freedom.  It is all centered on hatred and envy of those who practice their family heritage from religion to love, work and play. Our leaders once cherished for their wisdom and work ethic are punished because of poor quality education and feelings of insecurity that prompts feelings of disgust among the masses and even individual families.

Yes, it is a a very sad world we are treading these days where success is hated and the norm is poor ideals.

Never in my worst dreams could I imagine our Nation being torn to bits by scandals, poor guidance of every aspect of goodness, kindness and love.

New Apple Variety: COSMIC CRISP

October 24, 2019

The State of Washington apple breeders have come up with a new apple variety called COSMIC CRISP. It is the first breeding discovered out of Washington and the state is promoting it with a promise to get it in the stores starting this fall.

There are many varieties of apples and this one is a bit unique not only by the name given it but the colorful skin and nature of the flavor and taste.

There have been over 12 million Cosmic Crisp apple trees planted and shows a good sign that it is expected to be a game changer in the apple industry. Right now there are 450,000 in 40 lb. boxes will be available for sales this year.  Why the need for a product already having world acceptance?  It is the American way–to ever produce new and exciting varieties. Scientists at WSU developed the new apple variety over a 20 year program experimenting to just produce the new seed variety to give birth to the Cosmic Crisp.  The industry wanted to create a new apple having a life of crispness, taste and longevity and what makes a star performer among the host of varieties that have found favor among peoples everywhere. There are over 12 million apple trees planted and perhaps what is most remarkable is the quality of the skin which is unique to any other apple variety.  Hence the name Cosmic Crisp!

The Father of the American Theatre

October 21, 2019

William Dunlap (17666-1839) was a New Yorker. Painter of promise, he moved to London, England and here became interested in the theatre.  Three years later he returned to America publishing his play THE FATHER.  His writings included translations particularly of the German Kotzebue and was associated with the theatre as owner, manager, and producer.  He involved himself with every aspect of theatre including production of drama–size of the theatre, star system and details of staging. Most remembered were: The Fatal Conception, Fontenville Abbey, The Archers, and most remembered  was Andre.This was a tragedy based on an episode of American history involving spies and trauma affecting crime and punishment and death.  Perhaps the most famous of this batch of authors was James Fenimore Cooper and with the novel being firmly established as an art form to be taken seriously in American prose.


Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

October 20, 2019

Poor quality education can be detrimental to comprehension and understanding in everyday life situations.  The story of the barber who so wanted to reach out in Christian faith seen in the pastor’s message to his flock the night before creates thoughtful reflection of a moment in time.  When seating his first customer, he delighted in making him aware of his wonderful blessing of spirit to convey his new learned joy of gospel learning. He delighted in the excellent haircut which brought words forth for doing an excellent job.  As he prepared to shave his customer by swishing the razor back and forth on his leather strap, he asked him if he was ready to die and go to Heaven as the good book promised?   The customer took one look at the razor now near his throat and fled out the door–cape and all.

This brief story illustrates how words expressing thoughts might confuse the customer and create a crazed fear of looming death.  Per chance is this an exaggerated illustration of today’s madness as seen in many situations that confront us coming from the media and sick minds written to poison the message coming from the Lord’s lesson folder?

This defines the words expressed in different ways that biblically taught lessons from scripture as seen in John 14: “But the Helper—the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.”

In (1 Corinthians 2:9)Paul described it this way: “It is written that Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of people the things which God has prepared for those who love Him but has revealed them through His Spirit.”

My Favorite Snacks

October 18, 2019

Personally I have come to favor the peanut as a favorite treat along with a hot cup of green tea.  Of course I like a couple Oreo cookies to munch with it to curb my hunger for sugar sweets.

Peanuts according to research by Tammy Algood traces a history that is interestingly delicious! The peanut is actually a legume and there are four types of commercially produced peanuts—Virginia, Spanish, Valencia and Runner. Virginia types have the largest kernels are roasted and sold as snacks. Spanish peanuts have small kernels and are in candies or crushed for oil having a rich oil having high oil content.  Valencia peanuts are sweet and best for boiling.  Runner types are used for making peanut butter.  All are great for snacking.  Legumes are consumed as nuts.

Peanuts took a long road to North America. They arrived by way of Africa where they were introduced around 1502 by Portuguese traders returning from Brazil.  South America is the home of the peanut.  Peanuts grow in the South due to their need for at least five months of frost-free weather in order to reach full development.  Plants typically reach 18 inches and likes well drained sandy loam soil.  They are harvested in August through November.

Another favorite of mine is Oatmeal cereals. They are rich in minerals like manganese which aids control of blood sugar and also fiber. I like to add peanuts, brown sugar, almonds (occasionally) or a mix of nut varieties topped with a half portion of banana to go with my hot green tea.  I use Almond milk which does not bother my digestive tract.

Often I will preclude food for reading a verse or story from Breakfast With Jesus by Greg Laurie.  This keeps me in touch with my Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit which keeps me able to cope with evil I am witness to coming from the den of the Devil worshippers who have no regard for freedom of thought, spirit and love over hatreds for others by a corrupt society of devil practioners who forfeit in one moment of life their belief once given them that they deny.


Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

October 18, 2019

Those who act the most confident may be the most insecure.  Life is a bit messy sometimes.  So do not be surprised if you discover a few spots on your dressed wardrobe. Cleanliness is a virtue. Focusing on personal needs this week coming will give you an unusual perspective of your current financial and physical health. You show wisdom in planning for your future needs and working to put aside pleasures with the aim to create a lasting wealth toward retirement.  Enjoy the autumn foliage is a way to reach your dreams for security which together provide you and loved ones with true pleasures in life with no financial risk.  Be patient and keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Have you ever wondered what is in your medicine cabinet?  Really!?  I mean some warn that driving can cause vehicle accidents.  And what about VAPING?  MARIJUANA?  Yet, the various Governors and other politicians cry out to legalize them so their state treasuries can be stuffed with cash. Does it hurt or what affects do these have to do with the increase in auto accidents and hospitalization of users?  Does anyone care??  Yeah, I do not choose to smoke tobacco products like cigars or cigarettes.  And I sure do not ever intend to touch some of these HEMP type products that are unproven to be long term safe when ingested in liquid or pill form.  They need to be tested for purity and safety with an approach toward real tests, not those based on a small testing of a particular age group.  There are some products containing Hemp for many years that are skin lotions that do not appear to cause any harm but actually are beneficial to health but they are not consumed. I warned earlier that more testing needed to be conducted in an article I wrote and was called a “nut” by a responder who suggested my article inflammatory which I did not intend to create a backlash of those pamphlets that adorn my mail box repeatedly.

The comics were not interesting this week until Friday’s October 18th read. It proved that even cartoonists get a bit tired and unable to really get some excitement and message out to readers.  Of course I could have simply made up my own version but the World Series distracted me I guess.


Jon, Liz and Garfield find Jon asking “How long until dinner?” Liz says it will be ready as soon as the broccoli is done.  “Gosh, how long does that take?” Garfield thinks: Hopefully long enough for the pizza to get here.


Dag is getting his monthly haircut and is seen sitting in the barber’s chair as the snippers are getting ready to snip.  The barber asks if Dag is enjoying the college football season so far? Dag says, “Yeah.  You know I am.”  The barber wants to know if Dag wants to bet as we do every year.  Dag says it is getting boring if no bet.  “How is this, Dag…..If my alma mater beats yours again this year, I’ll only chop off one of your cowlicks?  Dagwood looks a bit perturbed suggesting to change their bet to a cup of coffee?


We find the two love birds Earl in his chair and Opal behind resting on the chair back. She says: “I love October.” Earl asks, “Why?  The weather?” She says “No.”  Earl says, “Halloween?”  Opal responds, “In a way….It’s the one time of year I can go to the store and buy a giant bag of candy and not feel like people are judging me.”


Hagar’s son tells his Dad that his book on Vikings says that the God Odin placed on Earth beautiful people. Is it true, Dad?  Maybe, but it doesn’t explain your Grandmother’s need for her cane to hobble about in her old wrinkled features!


Wally, your performance is substandard.  Irritated by this put down in his review, he tells the boss that he either gets a good review or else or he’ll design a robot that will take your job and make you obsolete and in future ventures.  “You could do that?” “I have skills but just don’t care to use them.”

Beetle Bailey

There is always a jokester in the army who enjoys pointing out the supposed stupidity of others in gest. “What’s that sticking out of your ears?  Oh, I see, Zero! It is a quarter.  Zero does not take kindly to this. “My uncle used to do that to me and I hated it!!  Why? “When I need money, it never works!”


Reaching the summit, his dream to set a flag on the hill top backfires.  He says, “I claim this hill for the motherland.”  As he brings down the spear on which the flag hangs, a horrible screech is heard at the bottom.  Running off in the distance is Dino, the friendly dinosaur who steps on,  overrunning his attacker.

Pearls Before Swine

Ever feel uncomfortable in having to present your essay in front of classmates?  Well, Pig went to great lengths in such a dilemma with a sign brought to school. “And now a special message from Pig!  He points to himself–DO YOU HAVE ANXIETY ABOUT SOCIAL GATHERINGS? DO YOU FEAR SAYING SOMETHING THAT SOUNDS STUPID?? Fear no more! I now present  “HOLE IN FLOOR.” Now, if you say something dumb and BOOM–you are gone.”  Where is Pig.  He is gone. “I figure I can sell a hundred million.” Why  was this not discovered and possible in our 7th grade class?”


Ziggy passes a sign from an out of work bum. “GUESS YOUR IQ $5.”


“Open the door! Let me in.”  “Not on my hair of my chinny chin.” Suddenly, the mail slot opens and a Gillette Razor falls on the floor.


The cat’s King Tuts toys are missing and we see Marmaduke through the window as the cat sits on the window sill.  It appears he was digging in the yard and left an unearthed patch of earth that once was covered by grass. Mother appears to solve the crime.

Jumble solution: Give It A Whirl.