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Founding of a New World

February 26, 2019

Early explorations are mostly remembered through the Europeans and the Chinese.  While adventurers explored from both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, they did so at great risk in sea worthy but risky vessels that by today’s standards would curb such thought of exploration. Still, man’s thirst for adventure seems a driving force to satisfy curiosity,

We map the mysteries that were hidden in those times.  Maps established the routes for trade both on the high seas as well as rivers over lands yet to be developed or witnessed by horse, oxen, burro, canoe and boat as the conquest to settle slowly took form.  Land settlements moved the spirit of man’s ingenuity ever westward and both north and south saw language and spiritual birth to those builders having the backbone of settlers.

Who were these people?  Not much is known of the Chinese explorers who set sea routes during the time of Columbus.  But the lists far surpass coming from our school systems ignorance today as having lost likely due to the growth of history and education centering on a relative few of relative importance.  Here is a list I was able to gather:

John Smith (1580-1631) Wm. Bradford (1590-1657) John Winthrop ( 1588-1649) Thomas Morton (1590-1647) noted for exploration and settlement, most notable was the life age as a group.

Then a maze of covering controversialists like Nathaniel Ward (1578-1652) and Roger Williams (1603-1683). Odd handles and record of Charles Brockden Brown gave up the Law to become the first author. 1771.

The Slave trade started when the Muslims captured Christians and made them slaves. It came to America probably because white skinned workers found it hard to work in the hot weather on southern plantations.

The end of British domination in the Colonies evolved from ill treated colonists objecting the harshness of the King.  In this era of the 1740s on throughout the Revolution numerous leaders emerged to contribute to creating the United States of America.  Early aims were for a slave free nation but it was defeated to be quilted in years of servitude but eventually found the Constitution finally securing freedoms we enjoy. We have finally achieved the hope of our citizens.

End of part one. New Part two:

Religion played a huge role in forming our national American culture.  One such man was Edward Taylor (1645-1729), born in Coventry, England, he came to Boston at the age of 23 with letters of introduction, a common means of introduction, and was received by Mather and President Chauncy of Harvard.  His roommate was Samuel Sewall. As a physician and pastor of a church in Westfield, Mass. Taylor lived a quiet life there for 58 years. The father of 14 children, he was small in stature, firm, quick of passion, serious and grave. Samuel Sewall described one of his sermons at the Old South Church as one which might have been preached at Paul’s Cross. His poems and writings went unpublished for over 250 years when Thomas Johnson published a small handful in the New England Quarterly in 1939.

The Constitution followed various articles on Government.  Thomas Jefferson was prompted by Adams and Franklin for his wisdom and prose. Born 1743-1826, you will remember my essay on Jefferson’s chess background, especially for the chess books and writings he assisted with sending chess material to associates having interest for the game and letters. He virtually composed and wrote it without recourse to any documents.  The ideas were based upon conversation, letters, essays or books on government by Aristotle, Cicero, and Locke.

His writings on Virginia, on Dictators, Religious Freedom and mostly on Slavery to which he addressed as a bad example for children since it  teaches them tyranny.  How can a slave be expected to show patriotism for a country in which he is held in bondage? He pointed out that a man in a warm climate will not work himself who can make another labor for him. That was aimed directly at the cotton fields of the South.  Jefferson feared for the national morals. At those days a lot of slaves were patriotic, looking for a promise of a new life in a new Land.  His listed aims for equal justice to all men regardless their religious or political persuasion, friendship with other nations but no entangling alliances, support of state governments, right of elections, press freedom and persons, and trial by juries impartially  selected.

He wrote his daughter to be considerate of tutors, respectful, sets up a schedule for her music, dancing, French, English, spelling, reading books, tunes and songs she learns, and code of dress.

end of part 2/.

The Amateur Eye – Cannabis

February 17, 2019

I received another brochure called Speculator pushing for speculation of another startup in the world of financial investing.  The guy on the picture looks like his own revolution has dazed his eyes and facial expression no doubt is his use of the new revolution.  I did not ask for it and I don’t ever intend to try to be a part of the so-called Cannabis Revolution.

When you put junk in your mouth, adding it to other pollutants the human race experiments with or is seen in products labeled as safe for consumption, one has to wonder about what I wrote about before concerning the Cannabis Revolution. This stuff is mostly crap and marketed to entice the youth in America to further decay the brain cells with candied snacks. Thank you Colorado.

The cry of course is to toss out the dangers posed by booze as a sharp improvement over getting drunk.  But that is exactly the selling point of trying pot of any sort.  Tobacco was condemned by medicine as a cause of cancer which just about ruined that industry. Tobacco was used as a way to stimulate the mind and was called “cool” by the ‘in- crowd’ of past generations. And the government saw a way to fatten their coffers by passing legislation, not to stop its use — but to enhance the tax revenue.  We should remember the Indian tribes use of tobacco and early American adoption of its use.  Putting  irritants in the body only increases the venoms that plague the linings of the human body that includes sometimes poisoning of body, mind and mostly spirit of all Life on Earth.

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

February 12, 2019

Thought of the day: Men and Boys are absorbing too much ESTROGEN in their bodies that see the growth in male boobs and small testes and worse—giving boys the feeling of being females according to medical research.  TRUE  /  FALSE. 

Some thoughts from the other side of the world: From Alina K. interview– Favorite city for visiting is Jerusalem;  Life motto– Everything is going to be OK. Which 3 people would you choose to invite to dinner? My husband and my parents; Biggest fear–being alone. Biggest regret– Too young to have any;  What are chess players especially good at–Gossip!

Cartoon corner shows Garfield with Jon in three panels with Jon wondering what would happen if he were allergic to cats? Garfield looks at Jon and thinks:  You ‘d have to move out. In a four panel contribution, Pickles finds Earl and his brother sitting on the couch talking with Leon. “I can’t believe you’ve been doing your comic strip for almost 30 years, Leon. Why don’t you just hang it up and retire like me?  Opal enters panel three reminding Earl that he is going to her Decourage class at 3:30pm.  Earl, after Opal departs, tells Leon to forget it with” Never mind–dumb question.”

Hagar tells his lieutenant in response to his lieutenant’s, “What do you think will happen when you die?” Hagar responds with: “No more fear…pain…or panic.” “No! I meant for You…not the enemies you leave behind!”