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February 28, 2012

Oh my!  I had promised to write a regular and almost daily column on the passing scene and or chess as my mood served up.  Need I ask forgiveness of those who faithfully connect to say what trivia matters I somehow managed to produced in this maze of reports, news, etc. etc. that etch out the eyeball weariness of such addicts as we are, or; perhaps I should say and just limit it to myself. The fact is that I was hospitalized and required extensive treatment at the nursing home stay that almost always follows with the words lingering on my travel by some cute nurse who insists that it will just be a short detour–no sweat, RIGHT?? Ha! Ha!  I’ve heard that on more than one such visit!

Hey, doc, I need to renew my passwords occasionally you know and keep tabs on the internet and what goes on. He assures me I can go home soon and even drive.  Just think what havoc if your hospital should fall prey to such an oversight.  He assures me it will be just a short stay. The sooner we can get you home, the less chance of picking up a deadly bug from the hospital. My readers depend on me to entertain and inform on subject matter that sometimes misses picking the ripe fruit from the tree of life.  Who wants to eat green or rotten fruit?  That is the essence of the written word.  GOOD NEWS–The truth is that the hospital would not discharge me to the nursing facility until I was stable and on the way to recovery. Damn the insurance woes of their agents.  My recovery in the nursing home took time due to picking up some bugaboos that set me back a bit that may have been due to optimistic recovery aims of its staff. Anyway, today I got the news and finally breathed the fresh country air.

Well, I got back rather late and find myself “house-bound” and at the mercy of a nurse who plans to police me at the same time describing her duties as most helpful to my wellbeing and recovery. Sound familiar, does it not?

I thought about how I should approach letting you in on the long absence and decided to try for a bit of humour.  I am not sure if this fits the bill or not, but it is what I give and what you have to take if you desire reading. Be back soon on the trail of life.