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The Amateur Eye -Thomas Jefferson

April 16, 2019

In reading the literature of the DAY, examining the sheer corruption coming from the mouths of educators via students in our classrooms who I find being embalmed with the addiction of humanistic impurity, unable to wrest truth from false premises, yielding lost sense of truisms. I find it amazing to be a witness of debauchery of speeches and writings that defame one of the great men of American past being molded in the halls of learning.  We see descriptions that our journalistic endearment cannot be questioned.  After all, we witness writings of such men to explain that journalism in the purest sense is to be idolized.  When it became highjacked by a news media that citizens could be hoodwinked into blind obedience of this false deception perpetrated on the electorate– defaming the value of voting states, demanding that only the popular vote should be used despite the fact that many years ago it was determined that the country should view states’ rights superior to population where a few states could create a majority and rule the country more or less forever.  What question should be asked as it was years ago: “What rights does the low populated states have to reflect the rights of all the states in electing a President?” That was perhaps the greatest joint proposal ever done by our founding fathers who foresaw the problems of the popular vote concept and enriched the legislative process establishing the electoral college.

One of the greatest travesties of modern education in the falsehood and attack on Thomas Jefferson.  He spoke patiently and passionately for those standards of human decency on topics like local Virginia affairs, about Dictators and European involvements, and most importantly regarding Slavery.  Wake up STUDENTS!! Do research how and why our Nation was formed and its enriched history of men, women and the youth today who will enrich our past, today and God willing our tomorrows.

The Amateur Eye–Chess In the Colonies

April 7, 2019

It seemed inevitable that men of learning would be attracted to engaging in chess play and women might engage it as a tool toward education of children.  As I wrote earlier two political stars were Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson— the latter being the most proficient to spreading chess according to records in my files.

The game had a positive effect on mothers of Jewish heritage who found chess to be especially beneficial for children toward the analytics of the human mind adventure as early as the 14th Century.

In modern times we are witness to using chess in computer research projects, the pursuit of using training methods, many coming from what has come to be called ‘the soviet school of chess’ in the research advances remarkably suited to its investigative study and understanding.

What I see developed over the years is the individual aspect coming from interest, motivation, talent, and dedication to find the link between an American human spirit of adventure, conflict of arms (free of bloodshed), and finding a rating system that helps aid individual advancement within age comparisons and freedom to achieve dreams by entering competitions.