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Kindred Speaks! “Are You Listening?”

October 31, 2016

I have avoided the political hogwash; it is coming from both camps–Democrats and Republicans alike.  The juices just stir in my stomach far too often so I try to avoid my brand of political analysis for readers who likely could care less about my pen contributions.  I get no feedback about it anyway so I figure why bother.

As you might have guessed, I have a great distaste for socialism, two of the worst being Nazi-type troublemakers and the Alinsky brand of communism of which Hillary Clinton embraced from college days such views of the socialist/Marxist troublemaker.

We have seen murder of a leader opposing Putin; no action needed.  Maybe Kasparov was lucky when he opposed Putin but was simply defeated at the polls.  The last four years under Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State leadership, we have seen turmoil, the likes of which nothing similar in my 78 years comes to mind.  Russia has sensed weaknesses and like their great grandmasters have played the United States where I am afraid to wonder if the endgame is near-at-hand.

Our own treasury is defunct to the tune of over 20 trillion dollars.  Obama goes his merry way cheering first the Global Warming forecast of scientists who subsequently had to alter that to Global Climate Change.  The dirty little secret is that the SUN has over history waged a rain of terror on the world modern technology developments meant to better our lives.  It always existed but we did not have those high tech products — they weren’t invented yet if even thought about.  Our Earth has been a target for centuries by the huge ice and other passing objects that, if they collide with our Planet, could cause unimaginable harm.  We have to believe that our Heavenly Father will ever protect us since he created all things in the universe.  Keep a prayer in your Heart.  So far…..

Government, like always, plays with our economic structure of security first and finding ways to improve our life cycles that often end in conflict.  Progress is a given.  However, we have to be rational and not go off the deep end.  We must find a way to purify our carbon print and I understand this is possible but is expensive.  Therein lies a debacle: wind power run by huge turbines seems a start.  Then it was found that such throws a monkey  wrench into the bird species homing migratory routes.  Birds, useful insects like bees and many others are being eliminated for the human desire of having beautiful lawns and plants and more and more million dollar homes and retirement properties that have undercut our future needs of more land for cultivating crops.  Family farms are slowly disappearing and schools offer less and less agriculture courses because educators have jumped on the band wagon to tell kids that farming is on the way out and to look for a more prosperous career choice.

Well, you won’t hear that from the professional know-it-alls and some government officials who might recognize such trends are too few and far between to be heard by the masses.  And you won’t find my website being hailed by anybody because I doubt if any politician even follows me.  I am not an elite member of society.  And I really don’t want to be.  These power hungry citizens have their reward here on Earth.  I shall look for it in Heaven.


Chess is about Freedom–One Man’s Opinion

October 31, 2016

Dr. Alexey Root, Woman International Master (WIM) interviewed for CHESS LIFE Stephen Moss, author of The Rookie: An Odyssey through Chess and Life, and a feature writer for The Guardian.  Alternating chapters feature his own chess experiences as a player with chapters of interviews with top chess players and chess history.

Moss:  Why was I getting fat, achieving so little, being such a useless husband, father, son? I had to improve, get more disciplined, conquer chess, and by doing so, conquer chess, and by conquering chess, conquer life, become moral and good and on top of things, stop being a journalistic dilettante.

In the stark reality of life, he awoke to the sense of finding the one characteristic common to  most from reading Denker’s   book, The Bobby Fischer I Knew,  defining for himself the sense of  bitterness  about and rebelliousness against inequitable social and economic conditions.  Playing chess was their act of rebellion and to find their own reality…  The author’s pitiful conclusion at least does not coincide with  disrespect seen in the rebellion by a few football and basketball super stars whose sport earns them millions.  However, it speaks to what a few top players and chess hustlers have lamented in print as being their own nature as Bernstein’s query of Woodrow Wilson as to whether every man will have to work. Yes, replied Wilson, to which Bernstein said: “But I don’t want to work.” The fact is that any professional has to work at their profession and chess is just that much more uncertain as to the fruits available.

Maybe that is the difference between American freedom to work and socialism where one is happy just to get grub, short working hours and feeling boxed in with no real future of self-determination.  For the vast majority of folks who achieve success and joy in chess play in the USA, I like to think of our society as one of a host of kindred spirits, of having a love and respect for this noblest of games.–Don Reithel (kindredspiritks.)

The Amateur Eye

October 30, 2016

For players who have little time to study openings, the club amateur thankfully can adopt a system which fits into my square count theory on planning from move one.  This opening line has been around for a long time but pushed to the back burners as being too square.  Indeed, it is a system where the planned strategy can embrace different ideas but has a central objective for board control and space.

l.  P-Q4  N-KB3  2.  N-KB3 !  This move stops black from a type of renegade system if 2. P-QB4  P-K4!? where on 3. P:P chases the Knight into White’s territory leading to a wild and wooly game.  Why even invite such a wild game especially if home preparation for the club meeting that night finds you with the white men?  It also  defangs any thought of meeting any number of Indian defenses.

Lets try some possible variations:

2. … P-KN3  3. B-N5!  White’s idea is to get the bishop outside the pawn structure (P-K3) and immediately assault the enemy field of battle.  Black can play a number of pawn and piece structures in defense.

3. … Bg7  And White does well with either  N/1-Q2, P-QB3  and  P-K3 since this pawn formation will develop toward a solid home base and hard to attack while securing a healthy square count for the coming battle. Eye square count in the following games.

Some games played by Kramnik appear in Yearbook 120. Algebraic notation.

l. d4  Nf6  2. Nf3  g6 3. Bg5  Bg7  4. Nbd2  O-O   5. e3  d6 6. c3  Nbd7  7. Bd3  e5  8. O-O  h6 9. Bh4  Qe8  10. e4  b6  11. Re1  Bb7  12. a4  a5  13. Bb5!  The w/s complex on the Q-side gives the edge to white.

l. d4  Nf6  2. Nf3 g6  3. Bg5 Bg7  4. c3  O-O  5. Nbd2 d5  6. e3  Nbd7 7. Be2  e5  8. O-O  b6  9. a4  a6  10. b4  Bb7 (c4 was better) 11. a5 c:b4  12. c:b4  b5  13. Rc1 Ne8 14. Nb3  Nd6 15. Ne1!>16. Nd3 with the outpost aim of c5.

It must be remembered that White also has 1. d4 > Nf3 > Bf4 > e3. as previously seen in the Killer Opening Book review.



The Amateur Eye– Limits in Sight

October 27, 2016

Basically I have been a club playing amateur.  I enjoy a good game with friends, new and old. My chess skill entered the realm of blindfold chess of which I was able to be successful in simuls up to 5-boards versus A-D playing levels. One on one I was able to defeat and draw with an expert once.  These were entered largely as club or school organized to help stimulate interest.  Being now at my advanced age of 78, I no longer have the skill but mostly for health reasons. Member of Wayne (county) Chess Club and Rochester Chess Club and just joined the City Chess Club.

George Koltanowski was a great blindfold master who would entertain with this form of play for many years. He would entertain at clubs and organized exhibitions for pay; viewers and players alike got more benefit and entertainment for the cost. The result was that he introduced chess into areas void of such interest in the game.

The Women and Chessboard Magic

Chess professionalism takes on a different structure from that of the amateur.  For that level it requires really hard work and preparation and an abundance of highly developed skills in the three elements–Opening, Middle Game, and Endgame.  Since the Polgar sisters journalistic adventures which helped to bring about a revolution in female chess sport, the long thought views, especially by their male counterparts that girls and women lacked the characteristics necessarily found in the male combative energy and perseverance to win.  In chess, in almost every sport where girls and women compete today, it is the tiger, the panther, the sheer catlike vigor shown by the female species that perhaps has laid to rest the misconceptions of a whole generation or more that women were meant to be homemakers and little else.  In sport, in business, in medicine, in government, in literary accomplishment, women have proved themselves as well as the nucleus in family bonding.

Hou Yifan regained her world championship which took place at Lviv, 2016.

White:  Hou Yifan   vs.  Black:  Mariya Muzychuk   Opening:  Ruy Lopez

l. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. Bb5  a6  4. Ba4  Nf6  5. O-O  N:e4  6. d4  b5  7. Bb3  d5  8. d:e5  Be6  9. Be3  less usual as seen in later games of the match; 9. Nbd2 or c3 are more common.

9. … Be7  10. c3  O-O 11. Nbd2  Qd7  12. Bc2  N:d2  13. Q:d2  Bg4  14. Bf4  A novelty in the opening that has a reputation of being an okay defense. This encourages the following exchange of bishop for the knight leaving White a weak King position and doubled pawns. Risk play to be sure but the concept is to use this bishop as backup for defense.

14. … B:f3  15. g:f3  Rad8  Time to take stock of the position: square count is in black’s favor 8/10. What is important is that white enjoys more open space on the files and a bishop eyeing the enemy castled position and two bishops versus bishop and knight minor piece edge where neither piece finds short term threats against white.

16. Rfd1 Better would be 16. Rad1 but white hopes to work in a4 in her plans and the Rook is needed on a1 to support it. One idea is based upon MY SYSTEM education that Rfe1 eventually overprotects the e-pawn but lends itself to be a buffer against …Na5 > …c5 by b3 and …c5 18. c4!  So, after 16. Rad1 Na5 17. Rfe1 Bf8 >…g6 > Bg7 but white loses the Q-side pawn advance a4 idea.

16. … Qe6  17. Qe3  Rd7  This idea floats the interest shift of the knight or even opening the d8 square for the bishop to open e7 for the knight.  But as seen in plans elsewhere these are typically too slow as will be seen.  But here, black should have attacked with 17…Na5  18. b3 c5 19. Bg3  Nc6 20. f4  f5 where she would get a better version of what comes defensively speaking. With this better blockade idea tempo wise, black will have counter play like …d4 threatening damage to the center.

18. Bg3 !  g6  19. a4  With the idea of launching threats on both path ways. However, sharper and more potent is the immediate 19. f4! f6  20. e:f6  Q:f6 21. Bb3  Rfd8 22. Re1 and black pieces are lacking togetherness in operations.

19. …Nd8  20. a:b5  a:b5  21. f4  f6  22. e:f6  Q:f6  23. Qe2  With the idea to reposition the Q to the King-side.

23. …c6 24. Qg4  Rb7  25. f5  Bd6  26. Ra6!? Okay but best is 26. Rf1 to support f4 coming.

26. … Rg7  27. f:g6  Bc5 ?  This may be a time pressure decision because after the obvious 27…B:g3  28. Q:g3  Qe6 would put up some fight in the position.

28. Kg2  h:g6  29. R:d5  B:f2  30. Bb3  Ne6  31. Rd6  Bc5  32. Q:e6+ Resigns.

The final match score:  dwdddwddw= 6/3

The enormity of time to acquire such skill, cost of training sessions, of travel and where only one individual can be named WORLD CHESS CHAMPION in the men and WORLD WOMAN CHESS CHAMPION for the ladies makes one wonder, indeed, if the joy of chess is seen in the same light among the chess population designated  ” amateur.”

The work ethic is similar to both but the effort and skill factor makes the professional a step above ordinary.



Quotes for the Thinking

October 27, 2016

Sophie Kinsella:  Relationships are a battle. They are a chess game.  And what did I do?? I just threw all my chess pieces on the board at once, and said, “Here! Have them all!”

Thought of the Day comes from Stanley Kubrick: “Among the great many other things that chess teaches you is to control the initial excitement you feel when you see something that looks good.  It trains you to think before grabbing, and to think just as objectively when you’re in trouble.”

Pal Benko maybe said it best:  “Every move in the endgame is of the utmost importance because you are closer to the moment of truth.”

2nd Annual Seneca Lake Open 11/12/16

October 22, 2016

Geneva Events Center  35 Lakefront Drive,  Geneva, NY 14456

USCF-event. Four Round Swiss:  2 Sections- Open and Under 1500 USCF rating;  Adult Entry fee: $40; Youth under 18 is $25. ($5 more at door so sign up early) plus USCF membership dues required or show membership card.

Cash Prizes Guaranteed:  $1025  Open: $350, 200, 100; Under 1500 Section  $150; 100. 75. Best under 1000 $50. Round Times: 9:30 am,  12 noon, 2:15 pm, 5:30 pm.

Entries to:  Jonathan Porschet, 191 White Springs Road, Geneva, NY 14456.  Checks to Geneva Chess.  Questions:  (315) 719-5942

Chess Offers a Historic Treasure of Life

October 21, 2016

The long history of chess and the enormity of literature written on and about chess and it’s personalities featuring many dramatic photographs is rarely discussed or recognized as having a value beyond the vast majority of folks who endeavor to play and enjoy the game of kings as it has been described.

Great books and magazines on the game have appeared over a period of two centuries.  It had more or less been removed from the everyday chess personage to be housed in the mind and shelves of it’s devotees who cherish this element of chess thought.  With the development of computer technology which the game itself has contributed in the hands of technicians fuller understanding of both chess and electronic devices, pushed the game from mothball to a modern revolution of a  30-50 year to closing the gap for the average enthusiast to enjoy improved tournament conditions and timely pairings regardless the number of entries.  This expanse has led to multiple increases in turnout and participation at all levels from school age to adult.

In Chess Life’s magazine article written by Jerry Nash, “Benefits of Chess as an Education Tool”, October 2016 issue, you find contributions by school officials, to wit:

Chess helps our students increase the opportunities of being successful in the academic arena and develops their concentration and communication skills.  In addition, chess enhances student teacher relationships and increases parental involvement.

We have trained over 250 teachers in three years.  Many walked into the workshop on day one not even knowing the names of the pieces.  At the end of the week, they had the necessary skills to incorporate chess into their curriculum, as well as to start chess clubs.

When I visited the Marchand Open which is held at the Strong Museum in Rochester, NY, I saw children and adults engaged in chess play.  Kids love to play chess and I found many crammed in the halls chatting and playing chess on the floor between rounds.  Kids coming from other towns , cities, and states as well as our neighbor to the north, Canada. I can see chess as a building block for greater understanding and friendships among the group gathered for such events as this.

This game of war is also a game for better relations and friendships among peoples of all races and creeds.  Chess tends to bind those to better tolerance and behavior.

My Dog and Chess

October 21, 2016

I loved my dog.  You must understand this from the beginning.  I had four in my life. But the one that I got as a stray so-to-speak was trouble, adorable, and a real pain in the butt as well as gentle and loving despite the pranks he seemed to pull whenever the opportunity permitted…like not giving him enough attention.

Maybe it had something to do with naming him Schultzie after the German guard in the TV series Hogan’s Heroes.  He was at least part dachshund and spaniel.  I won’t embarrass his looks because, after all, he was not privy to how he would turn out in this world. If I did not want to cast him out in the cold, I had to take him as he was.  What I didn’t know was how his personality would contribute to my own sanity for loving animals as contributing to my life.  He was a one-man dog.  To him, my mom was just in the family tree.

He could be a pain in the neck with his playing of pranks and tricks.  For example, during our nightly walks he would suddenly disappear.  He would not come when called.  In the beginning it was not obvious what his doing this meant.  Call; no answer–no dog.  Yet, more often than not, I think it was to reinforce our love for him in his doggy mind.  He would hide for example under one of several bushes in our yard.  His favorite was the snowball bush that sat somewhat opposite our porch.  At dusk I would turn on our outside light and eventually find him under it; then as I called and called, he would come bounding out over those crazy looking legs and seem delighted to have fooled me again.  That became his favorite game.

You know my love for the game of chess.  This attraction made him jealous perhaps because during a position I’d set up or play with my girlfriend, he would grab one of the captured pieces and run with me on his tail. He’d run, drop it, and as I caught up, he would scoop it up in his mouth and dash off again to repeat again and again before I could finally corral him where he could not escape.

But in the passing years, that piece held a special place for the tiny bite marks left.

Huge Democrat Scandal Exposed

October 19, 2016

The news media will not be able to explain or delete the happenings on FOX NEWS this date of October 18, 2016.


October 18, 2016

I send a message to fools;  I send a message to the uncorseted  pop culture.

Facts, ladies–just the facts.  Is it a play in chess that leaves me senseless like being naught but pawn chowder?  There is left nothing for me but a maze of youth lost by the elite  pandering garbage of hateful contempt, corruption and greed. And for those who don’t grasp what I am saying, I bid you ado.

With this brief, I axe my thoughts from my brain. Before you grow weary with my humor, I leave you with these tidbits to go with your coffee break.

Aries:  You let nothing stop you from learning–everyone loves this about you, how you are constantly evolving, stretching and growing  into a person of your own creation.

Blondie:  Dear, would you like to go to the symphony tomorrow night with the Harrisons?
Blondie holds the phone with her hand over the speaker directing her question to Dagwood.  No!  We’d love to.  Dagwood is taken aback so retreats to his favorite lounge chair.  Oh, stop pouting sweetheart!  I thought you would appreciate being asked before I said yes.

Pickles:  Pearl,  you haven’t been answering my phone calls.  Are you mad at me about something?  No, Opal.  Things have just been going kind of lousy for me recently. Oh! Thank goodness!  What?!!

Doonesbury Classics :  Hi!  You are watching cable 2 TV, and this is ‘Ask Dr. Whoopee’ Tonight’s topic: TEENS IN TURMOIL.  By the age of promiscuity, what do your kids really know about the risks?  We’re getting answers from some actual teens like Andrea here.  Andrea?  Well, like, I know aids is a totally bad thing to get. But my parents are like so paranoid, and it’s like my life, you know?  Also, like I don’t know but I’ve heard sex is totally excellent. My friend Jennifer…Remember, these are actual teenagers!

Shoe:  Says here NASA ‘s developed a new breakfast drink for Astronauts who like country music. What’s it called?  TWANG.

The Family Circle:  It’s reading time to his little brother.  Once upon a time…Didn’t anybody ever look at the clock in those days?  Nobody ever knows what time it is in these stories you read me.