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Attack ! Attack ! Attack !

June 28, 2016

Great generals like Grant and Patton believed in attack as the only road to victory with the least collateral damage to either equipment or personnel.

The following short battle illustrates this theme. Gligoric vs. Kostic  sees a Dutch Defense after…

  1. Nf3  f5  2. e4  f:e4  3. Ng5  Nf6  4. d3 offering up his pawn to open lines quickly. Black replies to delay opening files hoping to get his King into safely by castling.  White has other ideas about allowing that!

4. … e3 5. B:e3  e5  6. d4  e4 7. f3  White is intent on opening up the central position.

7. … e:f3  8. Q:f3  d5  9. Bd3  Bg4  10. Qf2  Bd6  11. h3  Putting the question for the bishop as to his retreat preference.

11. …Bh5  12. O-O  Qe7

13. Nc3  c6  A necessary defensive move to protect the d-pawn and b5 square. With open lines, White assails them in square count deliverance!

14. Rae1!  O-O  To get castled, black has had to use defensive means that cost him valuable squares.

15. Bf4  Qd7  16. B:d6  Q:d6  17. N:h7!! Rf7  18. N:f6+ R:f6  19. Qh4!  Rh6  Desperation but it doesn’t help.

20. Q:h5!  Resigns.

This example of square count for student progress is important. Note how it assisted in move choices.   This example shows the direct relationship with attack-defense.  What happens you might ask in games where there doesn’t seem to be anything to especially do in the position.  Then, you should try to find good squares to move your men with hope that it will lead to some future plan and or operation on the battlefield of 64 squares.


Grandstanding the Political Game

June 28, 2016

Whether folks are democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, socialist, communist or anon,  off-the-wall kooky belief followers exist in and habitually wind up on display for public scrutiny in news media releases.  It can originate with political small talk, lies, feelers fed the media aimed at creating animosities across the political spectrum which is fueled by cover-ups, lies, cheating, power bent bureaucrats behind a movement that may be alien to governmental role.

History points to past kingdoms having good kings and queens ruling as well as bad kings and queens.  In both cases, their courts were made up of power driven bureaucrats which it turns out can be behind the scenes rule as displayed more openly by the court advisors ever attempting to control the thoughts and countryside of the kingdoms.  Today, the elected political classes dominate the agenda of pro and con governance.  Still, in all cases it evolves around the intensity of power where a conflict may or may not be subject to debate.

Unfortunately, as I see it, the diabolical  term “corruption” has been an evil experienced throughout the history of man and woman which has polluted both the animal and plant world as well.  “Good intentions” often backfire on life’s journey.

Today the political debate has created Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the two candidates who represent through the primary contest a contrasting political belief structure.  I do not wish to do more than to ask my readers to study the issues, give vocal support among friends and acquaintances and finally to vote!

The Beast Within the Human Spirit

June 21, 2016

The Bible is one book kept near at hand and not collecting dust on my library book shelves. Many are reference oriented, others give a tickle of humor, more to provide digestion for the soul. The remaining selections I have collected are my chess books which number in the hundreds and stretch the whole historic period of its existence.

This collection has enriched my enjoyment of life where I find often times a close bond between educational learning and creativity.  It is something I have tried to pass on to any receptive audience and readership through my own writings.

I have never been one to follow the crowd without critical thought and analysis to try and formulate my belief structure which, I admit, is Christian and biblical philosophy based upon writings or lectures of religious icons.  I find the Bible to be the historic truth originating with the Christian stories proved through the historical artifacts discovered over centuries by archeologists.

For me, the Bible spells love, of knowing and having a personal relationship with the Father in heaven and the life and teachings of Jesus and the Prophets that merged the old and new testaments.

The instruction given in the Ten Commandments at the time was certainly revolutionary in nature.  It was the cement that enriches the Soul and guide for a life of joy, happiness, love, family.  It precluded the coming of Christ Jesus.  It gave healthy meaning to life and struck an arrow in the evil deeds of human sinful nature with the birth and maturity of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Satan, the devil, the archangel of darkness remains alive and well throughout the world. He is the beast within the human spirit that is ever ready to ambush the holy spirit of the Christian, the Jew, the lukewarm to the atheist.

Today is no different from the past.  Only the actors change.  We Christians have to fight the enemies within and abroad.  The Nazi  brought death and heartache to millions; the Communists likewise.  Yet, despite mistakes, American know-how, the spirit of working together, the faith of our leaders and our people to triumph over Muslim terrorists, to help those unfortunate who suffer from murder, violence, sickness, starvation, water shortages, etc. seems never ending; still our energies reap never ending battles waged to effect world-wide needs and shortages.

God Bless America and may freedom ring in church bells across the world.



Obama-mania in America and Abroad

June 17, 2016

Frankly I find current events and affairs too sickening to write about.  Disgust for education of young people, the criminality of so many political figures, brings on a feeling of discouragement.  Do you feel the same way?

While I write analysis of topics I choose, it is often depressing to see a government system so well devised by our Founding Fathers ripped to shreds by the likes of the socialist, bureaucratic screwballs who have no business tinkering with our laws and upsetting our citizens.

You get what you vote for.  The sorrow of my soul simply says my pen is kind of running low on ink, leaving me with nothing but a white sheet.  Oh, my!

Today I Met a Wise Man

June 17, 2016

Larry Platt was on TV this morning.  You can also find him as I did by simply typing in his name in SEARCH where you will find numerous things this guy has written.  My descriptive title is not adequate.  I feel humble in his presence although hidden from his perch seated for the interview.

The interview was far superior to any subject I have seen from the political arena.  One finds the rare quality of leadership, subject knowledge, skill to hold the audience spellbound, at least for me.  It was like a breath of fresh air!!  Too bad we do not have politicians from either political party to understand the speech and interview skills that make listening to the guest in awe with complete attention.

Bravo!! Good show.

Shocking If True– Another Evil Dream

June 15, 2016

As I have reported, I get tons of mail from all sorts of organizations through their representatives.  The latest comes from Dr. Mark Seidenberg, Ph.D.  He is project chairman of State Department Watch. (Maybe a good thing to keep an eye and ear about what goes on behind closed doors.)

While I may have been a lone voice for many years proclaiming the danger that still exists in the Marx-Lenin Doctrine for a collective world government that denies the liberties we Americans and all free people in the world dream of for all under its umbrella, this document I received spells out the devil in the pudding.

Mark writes…AGENDA 21 is the single most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen come out of the U.N.  And with Obama nearing the end of his presidency, the bureaucrats will put their AGENDA 21 plot into overdrive.  If they get their way, the results will be nothing less than the loss of our entire way of life and the establishment of a global totalitarian regime.

This latest U.N. plot is so evil, so much the insidious  undercurrent spirited by Obama appearing on TV with the words of pleasing grace that hide its true purpose.  In the USA, its code name is TRANSFORMING OUR WORLD: THE 2030 AGENDA.  It sure sounds harmless and progressive doesn’t it?

It has 117 so-called Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets for reaching them.  President Obama has 2.5 billion and $500 million already authorized for this bureaucrat take over which leads to the governing of the American people and removal of our freedoms via a power grab of our private property.

Much of what is being devised comes out of the communist manifesto I suspect.  But I thought President Reagan destroyed the Soviet Union?  At the time, I said REALLY?? The reality is that it just went into the dark shadows to reemerge in the light of today.  The classic rule of thumb by those spies was willingness to take a few steps backwards to emerge four steps ahead at a prescribed future time.  Maybe that time has come, now.

The endgame of the U.N. AGENDA 21 is to destroy America as we know it.  The Democrat Party and bureaucrats that operate within it have as its ideology —we have to protect the people living in the USA from themselves because we know the truth and we are educated in the correct way of thinking and trusting and believing.

Heh, Heh. And Ta. Ta.

It’s a Gas — This Comic Page !

June 13, 2016

Jump Start – The mark?  100!  Oh happy days, Benny–I passed!!  I won’t have to repeat! He finds his mom waiting in the car to pick him up from school. How was school today?  Just a ho-hum standard answer: Good.

Blondie – Alexander finds his dad in his easy chair reading the newspaper.  Hey, Dad!  Do you mind if I borrow the car for a few hours?  The last time you borrowed it, the gas tank was nearly empty the next morning.  And the time before that, the same thing happened. Alexander simply looks bewildered and gestures with his hands, Where are you going with this?

PicklesGoodbye, Pearl!  Thank you for being so nice to my sister. Earl.  Usually you are so ornery when she visits.  Earl who was seated by now on the couch says, “I’ve got to lie down now.  Being sociably and charming really exhausts me.”  Oh, I know.  Just being slightly cordial wears you out.

HagarWhen do you plan to get up? Well?  Let me sleep on it.

Dilbert –  As your work wife, I have some constructive criticism for you.  You’d be more attractive if you were taller. Dilbert responds: I just realized I don’t know the difference between constructive criticism and regular criticism.

Beetle Bailey Beetle, where have you been? I had a late date.  You’re going to bed!?  Do you realize it is 6:00am and you haven’t slept a wink?  Sgt. Snorkel will be coming thru soon to check on the bed covers being quarter bouncing hard. Well, the way I plan to meet his constant griping anger is to remind him that if I sleep for 16 hours, I’ll be back on schedule and awake for KP.

Wizard of ID – The king asks the prisoner on the gallows if he has any last words.  Depends.  Am I allowed to filibuster!?

Peanuts – Snoopy is watching TV with his little buddy.  WHAT’S THIS DOG DOING IN THE HOUSE?!!!  You stay outside where you belong!  Out! Out! OUT!  Rats! I’m going to miss all my TV programs.

For Better or Worse –  Daddy, am I a big kid or a little kid? Well, honey, it all depends on how we would look at it.  Things compared to baby Leah, you’re big!  Compared to a teenager, you’re little.  But know what I think!?  He hugs her, I think you’re just right!!

A Badge of Service 1907 – 2016

June 12, 2016

The Ontario Fire Company is celebrating 109 years of service to the community.  Annual donations raise funds for rigorous training schedules from new recruits to seasoned veterans.  Firefighters are on emergency call everyday and hour and equipment of many descriptions must be maintained for peak performance.


The badge of a fireman is the Maltese Cross and is a symbol of protection and honor.  Its story is hundreds of years old going back to the Crusades.

When a courageous band of crusaders known as the Knights of St. John fought the Saracens for possession of the holy land, they encountered a new weapon–FIRE!

The attacking knights reached the walls of the city and were struck by glass bombs containing naphtha.  Once they became saturated with the liquid the Saracens hurled a flaming torch into their midst, burning to death or severe injury to those endeavoring to give aid.

Thus, these men became our first firemen and first of a long list of courageous firefighters. Their heroic efforts were recognized by fellow crusaders who awarded each hero a badge of honor–a cross similar to the one firemen wear today.  Since the Knights of St. John lived for close to four centuries on the island known as Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, the cross came to be known as The Maltese Cross–a badge of honor, signifying that his job demands courage and just a ladder rung away from death or serious injury.

Viktor Korchnoi 1931-2016

June 11, 2016

GM Viktor  Korchnoi died June 6, 2016.  He visited Rochester among his many travels where he met some of the western NYS players at the University of Rochester.  Although he never held the World Championship title, he was for many years one of the top tier players where his attacking games sparkled and gave all who studied them, a lasting experience for the appreciation of many, many magnificent games.

Kindred on The Passage of Time

June 10, 2016

One of my favorite columnists is Amy Dickinson.  This one I just read seems to fit current trends where the passing generational standards can cut a sharp contrast of values.

This ‘Tiger Mom’ writes about the contrast between her generation and her child’s generation. ‘ My sisters and I had to keep straight A report cards, practice piano two hours each day except Christmas Day or on vacation.  We grew up, married, had children, with great husbands and families of our own.  All are financially well to do.

So I decided that my mother’s guidance was good for my own child and pursued a similar pattern.  My teenage son (16) seems he is happy with Bs in school.  He has friends and they like to spend a lot of their free time together.  He practices piano but refuses to read books.

He is smart but I see him wasting his potential and not willing to grind it out as I did. My mom thinks I should take away his phone and partying with friends until he buckles down to work and gets A’s. It has led to a lot of yelling and fighting.

(There is a life cycle where children rebel against authority.  Believe me.  It is a natural act to grow from being a child to becoming an adult.  It is called the ‘teen years’.  It happens to humans, to animals, to birds.  Looking at nature, a flock of young ducklings are shielded by parents and as they grow, they want to venture out on their exploratory surroundings. The time comes  to teach flying and those lessons can produce mishaps and wonderful pride for parents and knowing that their wings will now enable them to fly.  A good comparison is a family of young bear cubs who ever seem to get into mischief.  It is true of children.  It is true of parents.  Success can be achieved in many ways.  Money and power do not spell success alone.  That is what makes having the freedom to achieve your own goals toward what brings joy to you as an individual.  Building trust, having faith, seeing dreams fulfilled are made of many faceted ingredients.  Character, trust,  and loving life, intertwined with family and friends should be all part of our goals.  Achieve them and you win in life.)–Don.