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Kindred’s Special: History of the Chess Clock and Enrichment of the Joys of Chessplay

April 28, 2014

The history of game play goes back centuries.  I am not concerned with the official views expressed about when games were invented or by whom.  But I do think about human development of brainpower that sought relief from the drudgery of existence in those ancient times when man had to plan and work in effort to slay animals for food.  They discovered spears, axes, bows and arrows from their natural surroundings.  They also discovered fire which might have originated from lightning strikes which ignited dry brush and wood twigs.  It was early discovered that friction created heat when applied to dry brush, needles from pines by use of  wood sticks rubbed earnestly together or against stone would soon produce a flame.  Later on flint was discovered making the process much easier.  All this time, labor was intense.  Hunters had to provide meat and gather berries that often took them on journeys from their campsite.  About this time, they decided that they needed some relaxation and fun.  Some of these games related to their hunting skills and use of horses. Thus, sport competition was introduced.  Weather and time of seasons was another factor especially in creating mental forms of recreation.  (This history is based upon my own thinking  for what comes next.)

Writers tend to write history once a game is created.  When was it founded and where?  Who created it?  Popularity had to be a reason, too. I suspect most games evolved much the way mankind grew through knowledge and necessities.  Thus, such board games like backgammon, chess and draughts (checkers) came into being and the use of language and writing.  The initial forms of play and equipment likely became altered through man’s and womanly imagination to include the elite and wealthy using their wit to bring about improvements as the games spread throughout the known world.

Historians have traced chess and draughts back centuries.  The earliest writings by scribes, kings, queens, and traveling merchants have afforded us the written history of game play.  The rules of play varied over centuries, too.  Man at some point, maybe as late as the 1700 to early 1800s, looked for  ways to improve the enjoyment of chess.  Their matches and tournaments were extremely lengthy as some individual contests lasted for many hours due to procrastination of one or both players.  So, they decided to adopt the use of a hand-glass which gave each player an equal share of sand in the glass which had a circular narrow point in the middle. Each base bore the color of the pieces. Player awaiting the first move picked up the glass and set his side on the base which was usually the table which started the sand to flow from the player on the move.  Once a move was made, the glass would be turned upright starting the time being used by the opponent.  A rather cumbersome explanation but that whole event was done many times and probably wore out both players by the end of the game.  It was hardly a solution.

Inventors began to think about this problem of time and how to improve it.  Thus came about rather crude and perhaps even slightly poor quality efforts but held the basic idea of making a timer that would allow a convenient way to administer the time for both players.  This design was for two clocks secured to a board and having each clock run from two separate stop levers in a seesaw movement connected by an arm that when one lever was lowered, it would start the opponent’s clock and stop the time clock of the player just moved.  Both clocks could be stopped by leaving the two sides evenly balanced.  Windup clocks would be used with faces large enough for easy sight of the time remaining.  One problem existed.  On approaching a pre-determined time limit for each player to make a given set number of moves, the question was just how to determine when a game would result in what became known as a time forfeiture.  Some wise inventor created the idea of each clock having a flag which would rise when the minute hand began   to rise up to the hour twelve and fall. The hour hands were uniformly set at a designated hour at the start of play. Normally game limits allowed were slow, usually 20 moves per hour which meant the minute hand would pass over  twelve o’clock twice.  On the second time around with five minutes remaining on a clock to reach twelve o’clock, the flag would then fall either causing a time forfeiture or the game to be continued at a later date having reached the allotted time control.

This made chess as well as draughts to become popular at clubs and for tournaments.  Forty moves each side, given two hours each, for years became the standard time-control.  The experimentation for accelerated play of faster controls brought about the popular fifty-move limit which meant that games were likely to be concluded within the four hour time control.  This became the norm and benefit for TDs because of the introduction of the Swiss-system  event for open tournaments.  The chess-clock really made possible many speedier events with the introduction of blitz (1-5 min.), 10-seconds a move which was common during the 20s through 40s, and added faster time-controls, and fast chess (15 min. to 25 min. games)especially in youth tournaments but gaining wide acceptance in major competitions among the elite.

It has proved a boon to clock makers and a number of them began to make digital timers with devices never before considered and with various types of materials for beauty and dependability while keeping the price for players competitive and reasonable.

Kindred’s Special: Imbalance and Tension go Hand-in-Hand

April 25, 2014

THE CLASSICAL DEFENCE IS OFTEN SEEN ARISING OUT OF THE BERLIN DEFENCE. I am not sure how many times I have advocated my readers to concentrate on K-pawn openings, answering 1. P-K4  by ..P-K4 or in algebraic 1. e4  e5.  In fact, this varied defensive system is gaining popularity over other choices which lead to games forcing attack-defense motifs on a normal run of strategic planning for both sides.  The pile of openings and variations to choose from within those are enormous and gives the budding player ever greater insight into the realm of chasing down the Kings.

White:  GM Topalov  vs.  Black:  GM Leko

Opening:  Ruy Lopez  featuring the Classical Defence *

1.  e4  e5   2.  Nf3  Nc6   3. Bb5   Nf6  4. O-O  Bc5*

This is probably the best way to reach the Classical variation of the Berlin Defense because 3. … Bc5 is strongly met by 4. c3  Nf6  (4….f5!? is sharp)  5. d4  Bb6  6. Qe2  e:d4  7. e5.  Another way to go is 6. N:e5  N:e5  7. d:e5  N:e4  8. Qg4.  White can also try the tricky fork line that goes 5. N:e5  N:e5  6. d4 which is complex and leads to a different type game plan.  I prefer keeping pieces on the board in hopes of creating more tension and imbalance opportunity arising from the opening.

5. c3  O-O  6. d4  Bb6  7. Bg5  h6  8.  Bh4.

The exchange 8. B:f6  Q:f6  9. B:c6  Q:c6 10. N:e5  Q:e4  11. Nd2  Qf5  12. Nec4  d5  13. N:b6  a:b6  14. Re1  Qg6 and I like Black here.

8. … d6  9. Qd3  Bd7  10. Nbd2  a6  11. Bc4!?

An idea like 11. Ba4 seems too passive because of 11. … N:d4 hitting the center.  12. B:d7  and Black can go …N:f3+  13. Q:f3  Q:d7  14. B:f6  g:f6  15. Q:f6  Qe6.  With Bc4, White keeps an eye on f7 and fairly good play on the diagonal white squares.

11…  e:d4  12. c:d4  g5  13. N:g5  h:g5  14. B:g5  Kg7!!

Well played as White may have been hoping to spring a trap idea 14….B:d4? 15. e5  B:e5  16. Qg6+ Kh8  l17. Qh6+ Kg8  18. Ne4!  The purpose of Kg7 comes clear as now the Nc6-e7 will lend defense to the Kingside while the King defends N on f6.  But what a position!  White has created an imbalance of two pawns for the Knight and a busted open King position too boot.

15.  Nb3  Ne7  16. B:f6+

Going for an all out attack.  Interesting is increasing square count by 16. e5 and avoiding immediate piece captures.  16. … Nh7 17. Bh4  f6  18. e6!?

16. … K:f6  17. f4  Be6!  18. Kh1  B:c4  19. Q:c4  Kg7  20. f5  f6

Maybe in the nick of time. Perhaps 18. Kh1 removing the King off that diagonal  gives Leko time to build a defensive bloc for his King.  Such is the wages of war! Like with the need to defend the d-pawn by Nb3 which takes the Knight away from the action, the dislocation of just one unit or tempo lost can effect the final phase of a game rather well played by both.

21. Rf3  Rb8  22. Rg3+  Kf8  23. Qe6  Ng8.

Now 24. e5 d:e5  25. d:e5  Qe7 seems great for Black by offering to exchange  Queens.

24. Re1  Qe8  25. Qc4  Qf7  26. Qc3  Re8

Black has accomplished a bridge protecting his King.

27. Rg4  Qh5  28. Qg3  Ne7  29. h3?

Hoping to entice Black allowing him to open up lines to the King.  Necessary is 29. Rf1 as he overlooks the pin.  The pin is mightier than the sword! With careful play, the pawn goes in the box.

29. … N:f5!  30. Qf4  Rg8  31. R:g8+  K:g8  32. Rf1  Ng7  33. Q:f6  R:e4  34, Kh2  Qe8  35. Qg5  c6  36. Qg3  Qe6  37. Nd2  R:d4  38. Nf3  Rd5  39. Re1  Qf7  40. Qg4  Bd8  41. Qc8  Qc7  42. Q:c7  B:c7  43. Re7  Bb6  44. g4  Rb5  45. b3  Kf8  46. Rd7  Ne6  47. Nh4  Ke8  48. Rb7  Nf8  White topples  his King in resignation(0-1).

And a bowling rep called chess a boring old man’s game!!  That is often the image of folks who know nothing about how to play chess.  The game, like bowling, to be good requires practice, study of the elements, and determination to succeed at something you enjoy.


Kindred’s Special: Is There a Justice from Evil in Chess Afterall?

April 25, 2014

Lots of stories exist about the evils of communism and its encroachment into the lives and events of some of the world’s great tournaments and players.  It is sad that dirty politics play such a role in the history of chess.  The culprits are not so much the chess personages as those who were cultivated into a system that can only be described as pure evil–evil intent, evil corruption, evil for just being evil.  The former USSR had developed a very rich and deep seeded love for the game of chess.  The politicos at every level of soviet society from schools to the working class and military existed within a framework of suspicion and intrigue.  While they espoused the highest ideals for those within the various social fabric of life, there was an underlying control that the government waged that effected every class and included the elite of the supreme soviet sport of which chess was but one.  The writings of some of the great players presented an undertone of that fear because even the walls, thin as they often were, gave ear to those willing to find favor by reporting those who could be marked as suspect for propaganda purposes and perhaps favoritism from party hacks.

President Reagan called the Soviet Union–the Evil Empire.  He believed in telling the truth .  Yet there were those in American life who feared stepping on the toes of the communist ideology as well as upon the very imprisonment of varied national populations.  I speak not of physical imprisonment but rather the sheer elimination of individual liberty and thought.  I think it hard for Americans to fully understand the horrid conditions under which the Soviet Peoples among the various satellites had to endure.  It was essential for communism to exist through the use of fear and re-education of soviet life.  Many national governments were taken in by the propaganda until the evidence was made clear that the Soviets had spy rings set up in many countries which included the United States.

When GM Botvinnik won the world championship in 1948 it was largely due to the lopsided score against GM Paul Keres.  It was the often near misses of subsequent qualifying events that brought rumors of Soviet coercion because Keres was Estonian and the Soviets wanted total Russian supremacy of its beloved sport. Years later after Keres returned home from a successful Canadian trip and tournament win, he suffered a heart attack and died.  Korchnoi claimed he suffered it from stress because he had participated against the wishes of the Soviet Sport authorities and knew he would have to answer for such disobedience.

GM Boris Spassky likewise was chastised when returning from losing the title to Fischer in 1972.  The soviet officials told him to return home using Fischer’s antics as excuse with Spassky leading after just a few games.  Spassky was a fighter and great sportsman and refused.  The Soviets were furious.  Spassky found a home in France after being virtually expelled from Soviet life.  He probably blessed them for kicking him out.  And what happened to another Estonian who was Spassky’s second, Ivo Nei was sent home in the middle of the match due to supposed illness.  This seems to be a communist tactic to punish dissidents.

Bobby Fischer accused the Russians of rigging games by having their leading players (Keres, Petrosian and Geller) in the interzonal draw each other while fighting to beat Fischer.  Geller had a lifetime plus of 4-1 it seems I recall against Fischer and Spassky also had a plus score against Fischer prior to his losing the world title to Fischer. Fischer was outspoken, never mind the social conduct expected of participants.  Fischer exposed this in a Sports Illustrated article.  As a result the Soviets caused a change to a match type selection which replaced the tournament idea and the FIDE forced the Russian players to play each other in the early going to avoid any hint of corrupt and unsportsmanlike behavior.

Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, many top players were granted freedom to travel and play in international tournaments.  A host of strong players emigrated to other countries, many creating a new popularity for chess as coaches and national figures competing for their adopted countries in the Olympiads.

Kindred’s Special: Microeconomic Incentives–Lessons learned the hard way

April 24, 2014

It is true. No short-term pain suggests no long-term gain.  Economists Dornbusch and Edwards define microeconomic populism as economic management that emphasizes growth and income redistribution while de-emphasizing deficit financing as leading government policy makers to be aggressive in pursing non-market policy.  This seems to be what the Obama administration and the Congressional liberals appear to embrace while the conservatives have to take on an unpopular stance as adversary simply because the general audience of America finds it too much bother to study and scrutinize issues and use commonsense which seems lacking in the American dream state.

Look at the mess in Washington, D.C.  Isn’t this the economic boondoggle that is the fault of much that has eroded effective economic policies for the past several years, if not longer? The cry goes out among the elite politicians, backed by the consorting media  artificially inflating policies that caused the deficits to rise to triple record levels all the while the Federal Reserve kept inflation low by artificially printing money the budget could hardly endure so that today it seems to a guy like me–absolutely beyond repair.  The politicians from all the government branches–executive, judicial, legislative have no clue other than to continue to race down the same road of passing the buck to others and shirking responsibility as elected officials of the people.

Raising the minimum wage seems logical and is a driving energetic pump in the populist mentality.  And the public by and large goes along with it as closing the gap between the haves and have-nots, especially at the lower economic scale.  The simple truth is that the so-called middle class can become the hard-up class by past standards. Wages have been static.  Economic tinkering by well-meaning liberals and conservatives who both fail to see a bonding relationship between markets and microeconomic incentives; this bonding is something on which economists agree.

Take the minimum wage dispute.  Everyone agrees that people cannot exist within that bracket for long.  Liberals see the solution as just raising the money supply.  The conservatives believe in a balanced budget and the minimum wage as a stepping stone for first time employees as a rational approach.  That conflict of beliefs create short-term pain but likewise sets in motion no long-term gain.  Because, what happens when a product value is raised at the source, it forces all prices to rise to create a static equilibrium.  Thus, the liberals advocate an easy solution which is to just open up the money faucet.  The conservatives tend to bear the brunt of public sentiment that the liberal elite has focused on and backed up with the support of a complaisant media that historically played a role as watchdog for public interest into this decade.

As I see it, no easy remedy exists because America is a nation of laws, some that were formulated on emotional settings rather than pointing to a level of wisdom that any law passed should require above all else  decency and commonsense.  Our Supreme Court exists as the third tier of legal recourse.  It makes wisdom in our justice system palpable.

Kindred’s Special: Happy Easter

April 19, 2014

The joyful peace of Easter I pray will fill your soul and heart with family and our Father’s love.  Promise the Lord Jesus to remain firm in understanding and read daily the Bible and many of the classics that have inspired His flock. Attend church and be faithful always. God Bless Everyone.  Amen.

Kindred’s Special: Imprimis Continues to Shine Light on the World Stage

April 18, 2014

IMPRIMIS, Hillsdale College news to over 2800000 readers monthly continues to bring to its critical thinking readers the very best thought-provoking discussions where often the media has no clue or wish to partake.  Brian T. Kennedy spoke before an audience at Hillsdale College’s Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship in Washington, D.C. and speech published in March 2014 – Vol. 43 -Nr. 3.

I normally do not write about a publication’s material for fear of not emphasizing enough the value displayed in the article. And, of course, I do not want to in any way distort the brilliant and timely reporting of news that rarely sees the light of day in media’s desire to skim the facts by their uniform attention by use of sensationalistic talking points.  I urge my readers to obtain a copy of the above, if not already in possession of same.  But I would like to comment and quote just a bit, if I may.

Harold Rood, a professor of international relations at Claremont McKenna College who died in 2011, was not as well-known as he was influential.  A soldier in Patton’s army in WW II , he taught his students that war is permanent to the human condition, and that in war it is better to win…than lose.  America will always have enemies and those enemies will forever be planning and expending resources to place themselves in a position to defeat us.  It would be nice if it was otherwise, but it is the way the world works.

No, it is not the way the world works.  It has always been on the minds of wise men however.  Abraham Lincoln in a 1838 speech:

All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all their wealth and top military commanders could not drink by force from the Ohio River, or make track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of 1000 years.  At what point is the approach of danger to be expected?  I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us.  It cannot come from abroad.  If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.  As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.

Current events have proved all too true.  We do not stick our heads in the sand but more dangerously have open eyes to witness events that confound all of us and blind us by a desire for instant gratification of forming alliances within our own government, media, churches, and educational institutions that have strayed ever more to the left.

The San Jose Attack was hardly, if at all, mentioned that took place on April 16th 2013, just one day after the Boston Bombing which virtually attracted the entire news media. The FBI dismissed it, not calling it a terrorist attack.

Strange isn’t it that a major electric grid was attacked in California by an organized group that very much could be termed a guerrilla action?  An operation that began at 1:00 a.m. when the attackers cut underground fiber optic cables, disabling communications and security systems.  And the FBI said it had no description or inkling that the two attacks had anything in common.  Just coincidence. Sure.  I believe in the Blue Bull, too.

Of course it was even a big surprise back in April 2013 that FOX television news did not cover the San Jose attack.  No one ever considered, even today that the two events were linked and part of a combined Islamic terrorist action.  The San Jose attack was a typical guerrilla type and planned assault.  This is my own evaluation which evolved out of my chess war background.  I don’t care what the FBI report says.  I don’t care what our distinguished left-leaning President says or his White House staff.  I don’t care what the congressmen say or what the official public policy toward Islam is.  Islam is what Islam is.  Reminds me of Clinton’s famous defense during his impeachment: it depends on what the word is, is.

We have amassed up to ten million Islamic followers and the cry of politicians is that all Muslims are not terrorists.  True.  But it is reported that while they do not literally take all what the Koran prophesied, nonetheless 21 %  find suicide bombing acceptable and 5 % a favorable view of al Qaeda.  How much stock can be put in these statistics when the statisticians we see working the figures in politics really stink.  The fact is that Islam around the world continents is ever-expanding while our President, who himself was briefly raised in the Islamic manner, continues to try to silence those who voice concern.  Perhaps amen for his Christian beliefs that there are good people who vastly outnumber the Islamic radicals of any stripe.  But when people see and cry tiger, and others insist on calling it a kitty cat, ah..what?  Actions speak loud and clear.


Kindred’s Special: Stupid Is as Stupid Does–FOLLOW THE MONEY

April 17, 2014

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!  Years ago the radio talk show host Dr. Michael Savage spoke of the evils of POT.  Yep!  Now some study group has come out as though they just discovered through a new research study to enrich the good doctors who conduct such research about its dangers to the brain. I hear it damages a couple of areas of the brain–not just one.  Most important of course is the thought that all these little darlings who have used it just as our illustrious President OBAMA did in his youth (Remember: “I used it and it didn’t hurt me.”  quote from our leader of the 21st century).  What crap! Maybe that is why we got the mess we got in our good old USA today and probably for years to come.

Stupid Is as Stupid Does. I felt for Gump, believe me.  He loved his Jenny–no matter what. And his mama said: “Life is like a box of chocolates…. Guess that is what we got, don’t we.  A big box of chocolates! brain-dead chaps running this country. Sad. Real sad.  Reminds me of abortion and all the lost potential leaders God created before birth who were swept in the garbage.  Makes me want to puke: Where Oh Where Have Our Leaders Gone?  It has become an insane world we live in, at least to those visiting us from another planet, another time.

The pink babies as Dr. Savage once referred to the current crop of socialist professors and teachers, and researchers, many who emerged from the dens of pot smoking liberals that the big M made for smarts was just one big lie among the establishment crowd politicos.  POT DOES HARM ACCEPT PERHAPS IN CASES OF TREATING RELIEF FROM SOME CANCERS.  One can say it is safe.  But so the FDA says pharmaceutical drug companies research new drugs to save people from death.  Just read the warning labels and large number removed from the marketplace because they are worse than the disease or where substitutes are available which are harmful but not posed as a death warrant.  What man touches, man destroys.  Not total fact of course but the evilness of it all comes down to the often spoken comment: FOLLOW THE MONEY. It certainly is true in politics.

The events in Nevada reminds me of the Waco slaughter of men, women and children when the tanks rolled in and the compound was burned to the ground. That was your Democrat President and first lady who wanted the standoff cleaned up fast.  Thank you, President and Mrs. Clinton.  Now we have Hillary running for President–the smartest Lady (Lady??) in America.  People on drugs have short memories or no memories at all.  And with the corruption in government today with the communist mayor in NYC and the IRS scandal and State Department scandal which continues to smolder makes a mockery of our justice and moral value systems.  No shovel, no spade can cover the deep hole with dirt to hide all this SHAME.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord thy God. Evil cannot be washed away or swept under the rug nor can lies and deceit hide for long the works of the nuts that have fallen from the Tree of Life.


Kindred’s Special: You Must Be Kidding

April 17, 2014

Hillary Clinton just received a 67 per cent approval rating for likeability. Ugh!

You must be kidding!

Russia’s top dog Putin is playing politics like the Russies play chess.

You are kidding?!

Readers’ Digest FAMILY WORD FINDER – A New Thesaurus of Synonyms and Antonyms in Dictionary Form

Readers attention: You got to get this.

You must be kidding!  Not really!!  Get smart!



Kindred’s Special: When and How to Resign a Game

April 17, 2014

What is the proper way to surrender to your opponent?  That is often asked by players just learning the game.  There has not really been much written on this subject but these are by personal experiences proper ways to give up the ship while retaining dignity and good sportsmanship.

It must be said that answers to this question depend on circumstances as to whether it comes about in a friendly skittles game at home or at the club.  This becomes complicated if you are playing a tournament game or a club team  match.

A friendly skittles* game refers to non rated and just practice and enjoyment with family, friends, and other club members.

Tournament, rated or not, and club team match play requires a deeper sense of etiquette.  What are the standard and correct ways to resign in those circumstances?  And these address equally all chess sportsmanship.

  1. Note “Resigns” on your score sheet.  Check the position again to be sure you want to resign the game. Tipping over your King designates resignation and stopping the clock is also verification that the game is finished.  Many shake hands.  In open tournaments especially the room is full of others in play and often offer limited room to move about.  Commenting vocally is sometimes seen but should be avoided in consideration of other players still engaged in battle.  Avoid those nasty stares!
  2. After recording the results with the opponent on the results sheet and letting the Tournament Director or an assistant know your game is concluded, he may suggest a free room where you can discuss the game with your opponent if not already known.

Chess is a game to enjoy.  Use commonsense and practice good gamesmanship in every chess adventure.  Things to avoid are offering draws after almost every move.  This is impolite to your opponent as well as those seated in the same area and occurs most in time pressure situations.  One offer is acceptable but not repeated offers. It is a sign of poor sportsmanship and not appreciated in chess circles.  Such an offer should be oral but very quietly conveyed to the opponent.  If a draw offer is accepted, then the proper way is to extend a hand shake and stop the clock.

*Skittles refers to friendly unrated play and often takes place at the home or club without use of a chess clock. When a chess clock is used, it is usually with terms like fast chess and blitz (1-5 minute ).




Kindred’s Special: Using the Hammer and Knife to ice the news media bias once again.

April 11, 2014

Why am I ever being enticed into bashing the Democrat Party?  It comes easy by reads in news print and via the so-called elite of the media that often turns my stomach and I find it hard not to puke up my meal.  Why are politician liberals so vindictive–hate anyone who disagrees with them –but mostly finds reason behind Alinsky’s pet revolutionary prop of disinformation of a name that is commonly hailed with smiles from the old codgers as being members of the elite social fabric called THE PROGRESSIVE MOVMENT.  Did you ever notice the faces of politicos whenever they mention their favorite name recognition of being a proud PROGRESSIVE?  It is just a term of cover-up devised by social communists to hide a hideous agenda of the socialist establishment. It was largely fostered through the liberal universities like Yale and Harvard and professors who encouraged young people to enter the law.

Think I’m crazy do you?  Well, when I called in 2007 Obama being nothing more than a Pied Piper leading the young and the ignorant astray which included of course many looking for an idealist par excellent which they found from the writings of the journalists who long sought a savior from the war monger rancher and movie actor by the name of Ronald Reagan. They never could get over the way President Reagan helped spur the downfall of the Evil Empire.  Oh yeah, guess they hated him for using that term to address their beloved Soviet cronies.  And how do they look at the Pope and other religious leaders who denounced the philosophies espoused by hard-core radicals?

I was right on about Ms. Lerner which just last night was made public by e-mails voicing her bitterness toward the conservative movement in American politics with one of her cohorts that was sitting on the panel.  She felt confident obviously that her crony could cover her ass. I have no interest in examining it other than to say those Democrats are scoundrels through and through. And God Bless America for having Republicans and Conservatives who still seek justice amid the vile enemies within the news media who have tried to whitewash the whole affair as simply old news with the backing of Democrat politicians.

There is enough scandal to go around memory lane.  And many fine Democrats and Republicans from the 40s-70s serving in the Houses of Congress that I shall not name only because I may overlook some of those I had admired as decent and hard working leaders who cherished our Land and opportunity to serve their Nation.  When I look at the corruptible crop of so-called leaders (some in both parties) or hired to administer government programs with less than honorable intentions, it turns me off.

I guess some of my readers will think me loony but I always enjoyed good cartoons and hidden lessons of goodness that lay hidden within them.  And I supposed, too, there are those who may despise me for having a loud clear voice of saying it just the way a lot of folks I know think.  Too bad.  I say it as I see it on the walk down life’s path.  The Good.  The Bad.  The Ugly.  I just wish it was more uplifting in spirit because I fear I lack the genius for words.  I speak from the heart not from a well crafted outline to final product.  I never was any good at that.  I give credit to our Lord who inspires me to write and so folks, you got to take what comes.