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Kindred’s Special: My Brain Works Overtime/Is There a Connection??

May 30, 2013

Once more I got a brainstorm reading the front page heading: 7 Charged in Online Banking Scheme.  Well, not exactly but reading the article appearing on page 1 and page 6 of the Democrat & Chronicle, re the odd bank Liberty Reserve, whose site was terminated for broad criminal activities brought to memory that one name popped out at me–Russian Hacker.  Might it have been one of my viewers? The name struck me and my memory for this old man is still pretty good.

I, like a good number of Americans and perhaps foreigners as well, have been keeping abreast of the IRS, Justice Department, and congressional investigations into what I guess you call, a scandal regarding numerous conservative group requests for non-profit status.  Not writing on this subject before you may be right to comment on my silence but I never like to second guess government action about citizens without examining the what-why-who-when inquisitive mindset learned in high school English class.  I do sometimes wish I had a crystal ball to gaze into for such discovery that is hot bed rhetoric.  I mean, one should try to sit back, define a problem, examine data it pertains to and proceed from there. However, this whole matter is cloaked in a mysterious bundle that participants on all sides have muddied to the point of saying: What in hell is going on here!  On top of this we see a Justice Department going after the rights of journalists to give us Americans and world readers a sense of truism and exposing such cloak and dagger coming from Justice, the CIA and military investigations; their counter argument is that ongoing investigations could be harmful to American interests if widely distributed.  Through our history, journalists have tended to observe legitimate requests to hold up a story at the request of FBI, CIA, NSC, the President, etc. until cleared.

Yeah.  I have had time to think and study the issue and when the article appeared exposing the online banking scheme, it shot a red flag before my eyes.  I put two and two together because my thought that the FBI investigators queried a lady who was hoping for such status as a non-profit and had mentioned on Fox news that they wanted information on a name or two being investigated.  The FBI doesn’t go around and talk freely about their work which is a good thing!  My thought was, could there be a connection with all these conservative groups requesting non-profit status until such investigations were thoroughly developed and a conclusion made that appears to have taken place today by the news report?  It may be that gray area of congressional  investigation into the IRS scandal that saw a possible reason for government employees to refuse or cloud issues that makes some sense for the stupidity sounding answers and evasive comments during questioning.  I can see the government (FBI, CIA, NSC, President) forcing all concerned to remain silent until such investigations were completed.  After all, you don’t want to tell the fox in the chicken house that the farmer is coming with his shotgun.  Even so, Congress oversight cannot be ignored by government officials and their staff obedience is to the Nation, not the agency for which they work.

My own evaluation learned through critical thought processes which I have tried to convey to you, my readers, in chess lessons and discussing topics of general interest always has been aimed at education.  Education is worthless if you cannot apply what you study and learn through your course work at school.  Same is true here reading my blog.  Of course you and I may say that I am all wet in my personal appraisal of current events.  Perhaps you have a different view of this whole debacle seen in recent weeks.  Perhaps you are among those who just don’t care or have a different viewpoint on it.  Some have suggested in notes that I should ask questions for reader response. Here it is! Respond!!

The above is a narrow view of possible reasons why government agents speak with a forked tongue.  Evidence that they are just plain stupid and deceiving is nightly broadcast on TV news.  Part of this might be aimed at getting ratings going through the roof.  Might I suggest that the airing of what appears to be a flagrant violation of the Bill of Rights and Constitution gives a positive image of America because our form of government is one where People have a voice which cannot be stifled by illegal, legal or corrupt dictatorially ambitious gangsters.  It is time that the whitewashing media love affair with the Administration is exposed.  Maybe the government in Washington needs more than a few rumps put on the butcher block. As mom used to say, a dirty house needs a good cleaning.


Kindred’s Special: Just a Chess Short to Enjoy

May 25, 2013

Here is a variation on the French Defense that the gambit bug called the Alapin Gambit proves it can sting.

1. e4  e6  2. d4  d5  3. Be3  dxe4  4. Nd2  Nf6 5. f3  Nd5  6. Qe2  Nxe3  7. Qxe3  exf3  8. Ngxf3  Be7  9. Bd3  Nd7  10. O-O-O  Nf6.

White has a clear spatial edge re square count.  This Knight has moved twice and seems a bit slow given the rapid placement of White’s own forces and central terrain.  I would venture to say that White stands better after Black’s Knight tour to reach f6.  Once more the answer to a good plan is our square count theory that suggests a better idea is to COUNTERATTACK the center by 10….c5.

11. Ne5  O-O  12. Rhf1  Bd7.

Again, it appears Black has no plan.  Even a bad plan is better than no plan.  Maybe 12. …c5  13. dxc5  Qa5  14. Nb3  Qxa2 but White might control the d5 square with 15.c4. The black Queen is a little out of action where White is massing his on the open lines leading to the King.

13.  g4  Bd6.

Black fails to see White’s next or he probably would play 13. ….Nd5 that fails a sufficient remedy test for previous Black play.

14. Rxf6!  Bxe5

Nothing helps.  14. … gxf6  forced as 14, ,,, Qxf6 illustrates the overworked piece idea as the d7 Bishop is gobbled up by the Knight with sharp and deadly Knight fork of Rook and Queen.

15. dxe5  gxf6  16. Qh6  f5  17. gxf5  f6  18. fxe6  (1-0).

A lesson to learn from this battle is that the defense must try to achieve a tempi equilibrium and build on a plan. Capablanca’s axiom in his excellent book CHESS FUNDAMENTALS was to use the most economical means necessary to refute attack.  I think the main feature of his axiom is to always make room for the pieces, especially the King, to have space and energy while protecting men and territory.  As a few games have illustrated, it is advisable to be mindful of his direction in the art of defense.

Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: Wind Power Is Not Worth It –Suzanne Albright / D&C News

May 25, 2013

Here is someone else who writes and adds truth to my earlier writings on the subject.

There is a major worldwide push for ‘green’ renewable energy, a topic we read and hear about almost daily here in upstate New York, wind energy being the most talked about.

Having researched (as have I) wind energy extensively, I find more information regarding the negative realities of industrial wind energy (IWE) daily than I have time to read.  However, local media tends to overlook reports of the damaging effects on other economies and environments.

Because IWE is only available when the wind blows within a narrow range for sustained periods of time, backup sources can never shut down. Denmark (for example) has over 6000 turbines, and reportedly hasn’t closed one fossil fuel power plant to date. They now require more coal-generated power to compensate.  A study has shown that their carbon dioxide emissions increased 36 %  in 2006.  In Colorado, the American Tradition Institute sued the state in 2011 over renewable energy mandates, claiming IWE creates more pollution than it saves.

Each turbine requires hundreds of gallons of oil and lubricating fluid.  Multiply that times the 195 turbines at the Maple Ridge facility in Lewis County, New York State.  Potential for chemical discharge during damage or maintenance is ghastly.

And what about damaged and aged-out turbines? Each one is the size of a 40-50 story building. How will thousands of them be disposed of?  Just look at Hawaii to see the horror of deserted, rusted turbines.  The mammoth blades are made of carbon fiber composite.  It can’t be recycled or incinerated (too toxic).  With the aging of Denmark’s turbines, they are facing a major disposal problem.  In 2011, Denmark’s leading business journal stated, “There exists no solution.”

What about the cost to taxpayers?  More than thirty federally funded “green energy” companies are failing or bankrupt.  The 2009 stimulus set aside $80 billion in subsidies for “green” energy projects.  In 2012, taxpayers contributed $13.5 billion in addition to $5.8 billion I grants, for a mere 3.6 percent of the energy produced nationwide.  And how much of that money goes to manufacturers in Europe (or Asia)?  We then pay again for the energy produced and for the cost of backup energy.

Regarding bird kills, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates half a million birds are slaughtered by turbines yearly. (Many of the turbines are positioned along the migratory path of birds./Don.) American Bird Conservancy projects that could more than double in 20 years if the current administration continues down the IWE path.

There is so much more that consumers and taxpayers need to know. I challenge the media to look more deeply.

I quoted Suzanne Albright’s letter to the Democrat and Chronicle because it could not send the liberal press a more clear and well researched set of reasons supporting her media press challenge.  But knowing the left-wing love affair with wind power and stubbornness of journalists to do no more than follow talking points generated by the White House regarding the subject and material from this excellent essay, I felt it vital to express the message as best my site and readership allows.  I think my readers will agree with me to say, “thank you!” Perhaps that is why my little farm, pond-lake and feeders have not seen the normal return of my bird life as yet.


Kindred’s Special: Beware of the big con in Penny Stocks

May 24, 2013

When is a bargain not a bargain?  The internet is full of Penny Stock propaganda and even notable magazines are conned into giving their readers such tripe.  Well, dear reader, while I stay clear of the right of salesmanship as a tool or a vice, I cannot in good conscience sit still while there is a potential fraud being hyped as quick riches.

What I am talking about are these scams that try to entice the gambling spirit of their audience into making investments they suggest will make the unsuspecting RICH.  Now, I am not suggesting that Penny Stocks will produce winners as well as losers.  Stocks at any price can rise or fall. What I am advising is that the scam comes in with the temptation to buy hundreds if not thousands of shares with the dream of wealth.  I hate to call such investors with the term SUCKER BAIT because I really feel sorry for them.

Okay.  So think about it.  Most of these Penny Stocks have no limit on the number of shares for trading.  Get in on the ground floor sounds mighty tempting, doesn’t it!  Companies offer stock to raise capital.  Just consider this: would you put your money into a pit where the company has no track record in business or mechanics to have healthy books? Some are shoestring operations that probably have good intentions but not the resources to go the long haul or the expertise needed for effective operations from product to consumer.  The broker is there to publicize.

Buy 1000 shares at under a $1 sounds good especially with the salesmanship mentality of shysters with fancy names and titles.  Consider this: You are not the only one buying.  The crux is that the price for a Penny Stock will likely jump.  The guy who tells you that you get rich is if you sell before the herd jumps ship where the price is driven down.  The con artist makes out fine, leaving you in the hole and if lucky without much loss.  That is your wealth!  By that I mean you just got a good education for the experience.  So the con artists out there figure you got something for your money–a little wisdom not to be greedy.

My advice is to do some research if you are thinking to invest in Penny Stocks and, by the way I see these ads pop up on my computer, there is a lot of fish in the sea for a  shrewd fisherman to catch.  My advice to my readers is put your critical thinking cap on TIGHT!  For any who strike it rich you are probably in a rowboat and not a yacht.

There are good mutual funds. Do some investigating and you likely will find a brighter horizon over time.  Should you get the bug to tackle stocks on your own, then do research and pick stocks that have a good history of paying dividends and products that find a good customer base.

Kindred’s Special: Rochester Chess Center Chess Camp Announced

May 24, 2013





12:00-12:30PM    LUNCH –  CHESS FUN – OR VIDEO



Camp Schedule:  1-July 8-12; 2-July 15-19; 3-July 22-26; 4-July 29 – Aug 2; 5-Aug 5-9; 6-Aug 12-16; 7-Aug 19-23; 8-Aug 26-30

Fee: $50 for one day or $200 a week. Center members 30% discount.

Camp is available to students age 5 -13 years.  All skill levels from beginner to advanced are encouraged to attend.  Beginners will become proficient from their camp experience  and  those in the advanced class will benefit by skilled instruction and sharing a growing knowledge with some of the top scholastic players.

This is our 22d year of offering camps and our counselors are among the most experienced chess teachers in the country. We coordinate daily activities and instruction to expand  student chess skills.  Chess is known to teach logic, problem solving, analysis techniques, and improved study habits. Both physical and mental exercise go hand in hand for heath.

Call Shelby or Ron to register 442-2430.  Rochester Chess Center, (located near Cobbs Hill Park) 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610.

Stop in and check out our facilities. Please call ahead. Welcome! Want to join us?  Annual membership: $95. (Family is $155). Many benefits come from support. We provide chess instruction at  57 school clubs, interstate scholastic league- 48 teams, our annual picnic, snack bar, equipment for sale, club players support local, regional and national events. Staff work to bring the best opportunity for  chess in our region.

This announcement I provide for my readers. PS: I renewed my Rochester Chess Center membership.

Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: Vengence is Mine Sayeth the Lord

May 23, 2013

We common folk do have a voice in the local, regional, state, nation and world.  Most important is the realization that we have a stake in the way things function within our families, our government, and our collective voice to the news media that we expect they do the job mandated to it in fairness and with characteristic integrity and thoroughness.  We demand of government no interference with reporting by those over airways, newspapers and reporters sent to cover stories deemed important for an educated populace.

What if this Good Earth of our Land from ocean to ocean has gone astray from such a historical perspective of those who came before to offer up their fortunes, their lives on the battlefield against tyranny and to set up a body politic that, while not perfect, has done a pretty good job to weed out corrupt evils that for us today give lessons to alert us to such dangers that work to destroy our Nation? These shortcomings I believe through our historic development was meant for today!  It is a vital lesson to understand history so as not to repeat the failures seen in the past while building on those that enhance our values as a People.

I thought of writing a critique on the happenings of the past months with the second term of President Obama.  I decided not to rehash what events have emerged. I once said: give evildoers a free hand and eventually their true colors and purposes will expose them for what they are. The White House staff and Democrat hypocrites within its body politic have let the light of goodness and truth shine on their evil plans and thoughts, exposing it all for us to see.  Deceit and lies were voiced as political drama.  It ain’t folks!  Current events have awakened the public and those evil-doers  had the grace of Angel Lights shine on them.

Did I once call them liars?  In this I am free to conclude with:  Give liars enough rope and they will surely hang themselves.

God Bless America!

Kindred’s Special: A Pathway to Destruction and Death and Hope

May 22, 2013

Tornado Alley that featured a 1999 disaster repeated again in 2013 by another E5 that ravaged the landscape and experienced destruction, death and out of the tragic events this week an array of hope and determination of westerners to rebuild a future.  A series of tornadoes touched down over the weekend with an uncertain let up in their storm patterns. Both the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army are in need of financial support by the American people to help this recovery.  All of us can contribute in prayer for blessings that life is precious, family values  matter most in the hearts of loved ones and for their neighbors.

Kindred’s Special: Shades of the famous 1955 Rout called The Argentinean Tragedy

May 15, 2013

Fifty years are a long time in chess, or is it?  Repeat performances on the chess board often depends upon an idea seen having a repeat in the historical sense as I have described in the past.  Here, too, is a return to an idea previously hit upon by Geller in a team match between Argentina and the Soviet Union.  Now, this is not a duplication but simply shows how an idea can be revived perhaps in a similar structure.  Such occurred between Judit Polgar and Rustam Kasimdzhanov 50-years later in 2005 at the San Luis World Championship.

White:  GM Judit Polgar   vs.  Black:  GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov     Opening:   Sicilian Defence – featuring the Perenyi Attack

1. e4  c5  2. Nf3  d6  3. d4  cxd4  4. Nxd4  Nf6  5. Nc3  a6  6. Be3  e6  7. g4!

This sharp King-wing action is the Polgar-style where her tiger claws are ready rip open positions with original and frightening speed.

7. … e5

Although not obvious, this move is geared toward a portion of central control and opens the long diagonal.

8. Nf5  g6  9. g5!  gxf5  10. exf5!

Again best because what happens on 10. gxf6?  The answer is a lack of compensation for the Pawn loss 10. … f4  11. Bd2  Be6.  See the square count emerging favorably for Black.

10. … d5  11. Qf3

This sortie at least gives the impression that she knows something about square count. Grabbing the Knight (11. gxf6 d4 12. Bc4 Qc7 13. Qd3  dxe3  14. O-O-O  exf2  15. Bxf7+ Kxf7  16. Qd5+ Kxf6  17. Ne4+ Ke7  18. f6+ Ke8  19. f7+ Ke7 20. Qd2  –Preparing to switch to the King-side.) Qb6  21. Qg5+ Kxf7  22. Rhf1  Bh6  23. Rxf2+ Ke8 24. Rd8+ Qxd8  25. Qxh6  Qe7  26. Nf6+ Kd8 27. Nd5 Qe6 28. Qg5+ Kd7 29. Qg7+ Kc6 30. Rf6 Kxd5  31. Rxe6 Kxe6 32. Qxh8. Hope you have fun hunting the King!

11. … d4  12. O-O-O  Nbd7

Not to shock you–these moves have all been played before this game.  Top tournament chess usually is based upon home preparation and analysis can be found to be sound or faulty when actually put into practice.

13. Bxd4!?

Polgar played 13. Bd2 against Anand in 1999.  She must have prepared it for this game, and her decision must have dumbed the mind of RK since he may have not suspected any other choice but Bd2. A danger exists always with too much home preparation as such a move can prove shocking to the nerves!

13. … exd4  14. Rxd4

The critical position reached probably of every game ever played finds a stark contrast of emotions for the players.  Goodness sakes!  Black is two pieces up but look at the square count– 14/4!

14. … Bg7

As played after the Bd2 retreat reasoning that it should be good.  Black can strive for square count by 14.  … Bc5, with the jump move idea of Qc7 which increases square count and I think gives Black a reasonable alternative to what is played. Black hopes to shift the King to f8 to hopefully find some safety may have been his main thought.

15. Rg1  Kf8  16. Qe3  Qe7

Hoping White might exchange.  No way!

17. Qd2! h6  18. gxf6  Nxf6  19. Rd8+!  Ne8

The stage is set for the perfect theme of the whole game.  White uncorks the brilliant show experienced in far away 1955–a 50-year twist that leaves Black shell shocked.

20. Bb5!!

If you consider square count, this is the most logical attacking move.  Remember I said one should consider all moves in an attack or defensive plan.

20. … axb5  21. Re1  b4

A desperado hope that sometimes, just sometimes, brings the glimmer of salvation.  Even then, it must follow a righteous path to glory.

22. Nb5???

A horror of horrors.  White wins after 22. Rxe8+! Now, Black gets an edge after 22. … Be5! as 23. f4 is met by Rxa2.

22. … Bxb2+???

As often happens, when a major mistake is made, the reply is often equally a major mistake. Tit for tat as the saying goes. White gets a second chance and doesn’t leave egg on her face this time around. Perhaps both were in a time scramble.

23. Kxb2  Qf6+ 24. Qd4

Centralizing the Queen.

24. … Kg7  25. Rexe8  Rxe8  26. Rxe8  Qxd4+ 27. Nxd4  Kf6  28. f4  b6  29. Rd8 Bb7  30. Rxa8  Bxa8  31. Kb3  Bd5+ 32. Kxb4  Bxa2  33. Kb5  Bb1  34. c3  Ke7  35. Kxb6  Kd6  36. c4  Bd3  37. c5+ Kd5  38. Nc6  Ke4  39. Ne7  c2  40. c6  a4  41. c7  Bd7  42. Kc5  Resigns (1-0).


White executes the King’s Pawn to it’s Fourth,

And Black essays a wish to rock!

The field of battle is so arranged,

The troops oppose in valor and for glory!

The fight is a struggle of ideas,

The battle rages far and wide!

Square Count weighs spatial tactics

Imbalance dictates the fight–

For Tense is the battle.

The long road governs Peace and Harmony!

We love and we live to march in step.

Come!!  Follow Me.

Kindred’s Special: Petroff or Russian Defence comes up short. Don’t shilly shally

May 11, 2013

White:  Peter Leko     vs.  Black:  Rustam Kasimdzhanov     Opening:  Petroff Defence

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nf6  3. Nxe5  d6  4. Nf3  Nxe4  5. d4  d5  6. Bd3  Nc6  7. O-O  Be7  8. Nc3  Nxc3  9. bxc3  Bg4  10. Re1  O-O.

This is one of the standard lines arising in the Petroff.  White has emerged with the Bishop-pair while Black has created a weakened Pawn structure–three pawn islands versus two which, in pawn talk is a plus, not to mention the doubled pawns.

11. Bf4  Bd6  12. Bxd6  Bxf3.

Black’s aim is to exchange pieces and hopefully to make use of the weakened Pawn structure.  Even so, now White enjoys greater freedom on the King-side and with his next moves increases square count.

13. Qxf3  Qxd5  14. Re3  Rae8  15. Rae1 Rxe3  16. Rxe3  g6 17. h4  Nb8  18. h5.

So far logic and man power now in the computer home analysis by Rustam Kasimdzhanov decided to take the computer’s recommendation that may be a new move in this position.  However, previous play had lacked success when Landa tried 17. … Qd8  18. g3  h5  19. Bf1  Qd7  20. Bg2 Rd8  21. Qf4  Qd6  22. Qh6  b5  23. g4  hxg4  24. h5 with a favorable attack.

18. … Nd7  19. g4  Nf6  20. h6  Kh8.

Tucking the King in the corner for defense purposes and opening the g8 square for the Knight as a later option.  But this seems too slow and at least something like …c7-c6 would strengthen the Pawn formation, guard the d-square Pawn and aim for …b5 to stop c3-c4 attack on the center. Like in the previous example game, Black lets White gain space by square count building blocks.

21. Re5  c6  22. c4!

This prying open of the center with advances in square count makes the burden by the defender too much to bear.

22. … Ng8  23. Qe3  dxc4  24. Bxc4  g5  25. Rxg5  Nxh6  26. Qe4!!

An excellent book by Nimzowitch called Chess Praxis gives a wonderful chapter on the centralization importance of the Queen in many tactical positions.  White wants to play the Bishop to d3 but if he does so without this move, 26. …Qe6 is a powerful resource.

26. … f6  27. Rh5  f5

Black pins all hope on this move.

28. gxf5  Nxf5  29. Be6!  Qxd4 30. Rxh7+ Black resigns.

The Queen is lost.  A nice example where the Bishop and Queen combination has as much tactical beauty as that in a Queen and Knight attack.

Sitting at the board and having to establish an idea and then map out a strategy to hopefully keep the battle in the realm of what is called good or correct chess is hard to do.  You are not alone as you have an opponent who has something to say about how variations arise and are ultimately chosen. That is a fascinating aspect of chess every time you sit down to do battle.  On top of this, you face different styles of chess play– attacking, positional, defensive, where often a combination during the game arises in one or more elements that leads to a position crisis.

KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: Don’t Tread on Me!

May 10, 2013

I haven’t had much to say about politics, the Obama democrat clan, Hillary, the Boston massacre, the underground attempt to destroy ‘talk radio’ by that cunning fox Barack Obama and company.  I would have to write a story just to show the drama and intrigue which I am sure none of you want to waste time reading.  You see, I do not want anyone to suffer from chuckles, ulcers, or indigestion from a pen by yours truly. It really serves no purpose to bring such open discussion that might flame your constitutions that I am sure would find either to stoke the ashes that rose from the American Embassy grounds in Libya or media hype that suggests old news is meant to be scrapped from the American scene.

Out of sight, out of mind seems to be the editorial staff writers and apologists chief weaponry in these perilous times.

One thought comes to me:  You can fool some of the People a little while but there will come a time when the worms will awake and eat the remains of evildoers and cleanse the good earth of such rotten garbage.