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The Amateur Eye – Halloween

October 31, 2017

October 31st is observed with festivities of all kinds given the imagination of communities where folks from young to old engage in joyful and scary costumes from store bought yard creations to homemade concoctions.  Pumpkins are the delight of most who leave carved pumpkins lit with candles and likely a nifty pumpkin pie as a dessert.  The streets find in good weather crowds of youngster touring the neighborhoods with “tricks or treats” which usually brings candies, apples; but occasionally some grandpa will offer some tricks to show the kids which happened when I was a child. He and his wife put on quite a show and it made them happy to have us visit.  It also caused some tricks by pranksters who soaped windows, knock on the window and then ran and hide.  The neighborhood outhouse years ago was a nastier prank pulling it out on the street and setting fire to it.  Woe to those who got caught.  But then again, they wound up having their windows cleaned by the spooky culprits.  So everybody took it as just a fun time for all concerned.  There might be dances, partying, kick the can and hide games–just a good time to be had!  I always figured that once a years is enough!!

The Amateur Eye – Combat Warfare

October 31, 2017

Prayer can describe a historical event.  It is often the preclude to battle.  Such history is born in the home, in church, a Presidential address.  Such was the following that, with God’s loving care, instilled the spirit to endure all the pain and suffering of self and as witness to, such with comrades where the goal of winning was a dream with no end.

Almighty God: Our sons, pride of our Nation, this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity.  Lead them straight and true; give strength to body, stoutness to their hearts, steadfastness of faith (and judgment coming from their brains for which they were trained.)..

They will need Thy blessings oh Lord and sore–tried by day and night without rest until the victory is won. Darkness will be flame and noise.  Souls will be shaken with the violence of war.  Torn from the peace of home, they march to the tune of the battle.  For some will not return to that peace, to home, to family.  Embrace these Father, and receive them, Thy heroic servants, into Thy Kingdom.  And for us who are at home, give strength with prayer by all, to fight injustice and evil.

And give us Faith in Thee; Faith in our children and each other; Faith in our united crusade to end evil wherever it raises it’s ugly head.  Let not the impacts of temporary events, of temporal matters of but fleeting moment–let not these deter us in our righteous purpose.

Our Land, our America is unique in the body of world nations. It is so because it stands for justice and honor framed in the monuments and statues that adorn our Capitol city Washington, DC. and parks. Our Founders based it on personal freedoms and largely religious ethical leanings, while imperfect allowed over time remedies that slowly assured such by laws and Constitutional integrity and honor of the human spirit.

No other nation has a welcome mat in the harbor to welcome visitors or returning citizens to it’s shores.  Enemies see it as weakness to be exploited; Americans guard it as being the rock upon which all men and women are created to live free.  So from the time of President George Washington our Nation sought to banish slavery which unfortunately exists even today due to humanity’s failure.  But hope is eternal.  Maybe that is God’s way of saying that life values freedom of the individual.  It is something to strive for as an eternal goal and be ever aware that freedom is just a wink from the slave master. –Don.


The Amateur Eye – Discovered Lost Games

October 27, 2017

In cleaning house, discovered was a shoebox containing my wife’s chess set, clock and a notebook she used in recording my games from the 80s.  She faithfully sat and watched most of my games from the club …. a dear, dear partner in life.  So, in the very near future I shall present some from the Marchand Opens I competed in and also from our Wednesday night club team matches.  Could be some will be repeats from earlier material but I won’t take the time to verify either way.  So, if you see my won&lost games, please don’t think as few have about my blowing my own horn because I shall present the best of those evenings win, lose, or draw.  Watch for them over the winter.

Don’s Coffee and Tea Break

October 27, 2017

Having faith does heal and results are seen whenever the Bible is opened and studied.  A forward looking spirit attests to this observation.  No one ever is immune to painful suffering or joyful uplift of the spirit.  Being good in daily living can be harder than being bad.  Being bad is akin to sin.  Sin is never good except when it throws light upon sinful darkness.

As often the case, Dagwood can have a contrarian role when Cookie, his daughter, practices for her driving test.  Daddy, pretty soon everyone will have a self-driving car!  So, do I really need lessons?  No! As long as your self-driving car can cruise over, take your written test, and pass with flying colors.  Arriving home, Blondie asks how was the lesson?  Okay. I guess Daddy was just being unreasonable again.

Opal, leans over Earl’s shoulder as he studies the newspaper. Guess what Nelson said? What did he say?  Maybe I shouldn’t tell you cause he said not to tell you.  He told me in confidence.  Oh, just tell me, darn it!  He said you smell like an elephant from eating too many peanuts, but he did not want me to tell you.  Earl goes on, just tell me! Well, I guess that just makes you the elephant in the room.

The Wizard opens the mailbox and it brings this comment: This is it!  After 28 years, I’m finally almost paid off.  Student loans??  Nope.  Bar tab from New Years of 1989.

What do you believe in, Charlie Brown?  asks Peppermint Paddy.  This is what I believe. I believe that the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch on Halloween night and flies through the air, bringing toys to all the children in the world.  That is what I think.  What do you think about it?  I think you have very nice eyes, and you are completely out of your mind!

Affirmative Action winner is announced and she rises to give her speech. What a thrill it is to be here among so many female supporters.  When I tell people about–ah, hum, ah, you know what we shared in the company development of this magnificent art work structure, makes me proud to be associated with–ah, hum, ah this project. I’m doin my bit part to ah, prevent ah, you know, ah, all this bad stuff.  From the audience, whispers a fellow student–Well, affirmative action!! reeks again.  What ‘ thing-a- ma-bob’ are we here for??


The Amateur Eye – Goodbye Joe/Joy

October 27, 2017

The Yankees have always been my favorite American League team. And I have to say: Thanks Joe Girardi for stepping so well in the shoes of retiring Joe Torre so many years ago.  It has been a great run of success and a little disappointment for teams during your reign. For those who knock you for calls you made in this last playoff series is something that was in-Yankee like.  The world of sports viewers and fans who criticize have no sense what a great job you did as manager.  You came to this year with a bunch of young guys who show great potential and lived up to their potential most of the time, exceeding in areas that needed greatness as only a Yankee team can muster.  If there was a weakness it was in running the bases and coaching that led to key put outs at home plate in very key situations.  It also was knocking the first baseman early before Bird came back.  Who was responsible? Carter was a good defenseman and had some key hits during a difficult period, even responsible for winning RBIs.  Maybe it is the character or lack thereof of the New York City fans.  These kids (I should say gifts to Yankee development) spearheaded for all their green base running errors gave all the fans around the country days and evenings of sheer entertainment regardless the result of individual games.  Part of their success has to be given to Joe Girardi who someday you may regret losing to a competitor.  There are not that many really great managers ever seen throughout the years.  I rest my cash case for 2018. -Don/The Kindredspirit.

The Amateur Eye – Sunrise & Sunset

October 26, 2017

Sunrise & Sunset:  That is Nature.  So when I view the local, national and international scene, I find it sometimes a close reference to Earthly nature.  In this way, too, do I draw on my political vision with or without sunglasses.

What in hell do I mean, you ask?  President Trump is daily in the news whether it be over the airways, published newspaper or magazine wherever the critics lambast or praise to high heaven either perspective of the man; all political parties seem to possess a love-hate relationship which might be likened to dueling or a chess game. In either, the endgame result may or may not be predictable but in good or bad taste, it comes out being a hatchet-job of sorts on the whole Trump clan, RNC or DNC, not to mention various offshoots by other supporting political action groups.

Why do I attribute thoughts on all this to Nature?  That is the Beast of Anger and Hate.  It raises it’s ugly head every four years.  Still, it is also Nature’s way of giving joy, beauty, and host of fun times before the winter sets in.  I prefer to love Autumn for it’s forestry of leaf colors where the traveler away or at home can find contentment and peace.  Find things beautiful and the spirit is uplifted.

I was born in the United States of America.  I love my country. I love it because the literature passed down from the earliest times show it not founded on instant perfection. There are those who despise America from within and from out.  But I cling to the realization that God is Holy and Just; that our Founding Fathers had bestowed through such Faith in creating this Land which suffered many trials at home and abroad but always with the hope and trust that each generation following would uphold the spirit to strive and maintain it’s greatness in charity of the less fortunate, of curing ills and using our educational abundance to betterment of society.

There is a sad need to respect and pray for our leaders.  I pray to give them strength and guidance in carrying on the tasks they have undertaken to preserve our National interests.  Country and politics do not normally coincide to goal setting and achievement. But the USA comes first always ahead of personal ambitions.

Bashing our Presidents past and present gives a hollow ring.  It is one of the historical plays on our life stage to render ridicule and praise, sometimes at the same time.  Our beliefs have withered on the vine.  How long will the grapes retain their exquisite scent and flavored wines should we fail to cultivate and harvest the best always coming from out of our vineyards.  This is our heritage; let us not weaken it.


The Amateur Eye – Faith & Knowledge

October 23, 2017

Recent books I have purchased are highly recommended if you wish to expand your brain power with faith that the chapters make up books that enrich understanding backed with knowledge written by wisely done research and or personal trust which our Lord has given all who praise and give him the honor in the Christian world.  The authors of whom spent much time in constructing deep and penetrating subject matter have given deep insight into the workings of government and the Donald J. Trump persona, his personal thought process, being not a professional politically skilled leader but rather a learning process with a rich command as a businessman and savvy, when combined, makes for a very strong guiding hand in all political affairs of State.

Trump War authored by Dr. Michael Savage and Understanding Trump by Newt Gingrich afford readers with a rich and fulfilling joy that the Presidential election and support by millions of American citizens was no fluke as assorted news outlets and media worked overtime to cover their asses for blunders made in understanding the mentality of the public-at-large.  The message was simple: Weariness of the lies and deceptions of a liberal philosophy that was high jacked by the Democratic liberal establishment and Washington, DC insiders exposing the political hacks within both national parties.

My readers know me to tell it the way I see it or recommend books that point to fact and truth.  Politically and spiritually, I have read the great books of history, the rich heritage that all students should endeavor to scratch the surface.  So I won’t rehash either book as a book report here.  Read it.  Study it.  You should not take my word for it but only that  you will miss the boat, and will be availing yourselves of a wisdom that aids you in turning aside crackpot ideologies of socialist and communist theory long on words and short on fact and benefit results for cities, states, and nations–a historical FACT.  Each does more.  The individual is mooted in favor of collectivism that hinders, if not destroying individual initiative.  It leads to collective dependency which the D&C has for too long embraced and the American people turned aside.  That is the truth of it!!

Don’s Coffee and Tea Party

October 22, 2017

The hand you are dealt is one of many factors that influence the game; basically it improves your grit for handling situations that arise.  So you may as well play your hand toward staying in control with the goal of making some daring and complex moves–win or lose.

Garfield sits on the floor beside Jon who comments that something is wrong with my phone.  Cat thinks “Really? It seemed fine when I used it to pry the freezer door open.”

Herb visits with Dagwood who says that a person spends 1.3 years of life channel surfing.  Really notes Herb.  That is 23 minutes a day. Ha!  I could do that in my sleep.  Herb says he knows because he has seen Dagwood do that.  Disgusted, Herb bows out and Dagwood calls after him that can he help it if I’m a competitive guy!?!

Earl shows Opal the chetto.  It looks like you.  Opal says no way.  Just then Roscoe the dog grabs it from Opal and chews it up.  Opal says that the dog settled that!  It’s dog food!!

Is Love Grand??  I made the attempt at last to get back with my boyfriend she said.  He greeted me with folded arms.

When papa removes his glasses preparing for bed, his darling daughter asks: would it not be better to wear them so your dreams would be clearer?

Ziggy visits the Florida keys.  He decides to go hunting for a seashell at the beach.  While holding it up to his ear listening to the noise from it, he fails to notice a huge wave fast approaching.  It was trying to alert him.

The Amateur Eye – Trump Exposes Shysters at Every Level of Government

October 21, 2017

The President tweets giving the Democrats and Rinos a chance to criticize him daily. But is that bad?  The good news is that it gives him a chance to reach the public and often it exposes the trash in the Barrel. Clean the swamp is not in the interest of professional politicians which many have become because there is not a statue of limitation on the Congress.  Don’t get me wrong.  Experience is really necessary to run the government. That should be left up to voters.  If a guy or gal is doing a great job, they, the People (Voters), can thank their lucky stars because not too many find honor among the tribes where lobbyists smell up the pig turf. It really stinks! But rot exists because voters really don’t practice themselves good character traits.  Just listen to the junk on TV with these call-in shows.  Ever notice these public stations favor liberalized policies that point to decay of our landscape across America but voice the opposite?

I received a letter asking me to Pray for our President Trump.  I pray everyday for understanding and our Lord’s guidance in daily life.  Our President has a tough job and is bombarded by the likes of channel 48, MSNBC among others in the news media business. Some truth. Some lies. But shame on all who bring unwashed hands before eating to the table.  That gags me.  That is filth.  That is what I see in the news everyday. But I refrain from following all the trash.

Your brain is like a computer; it has a memory.  And that memory is a lever by which our Lord has given us power to think and reason– to know the difference between good and evil.





The Amateur Eye – Predators

October 21, 2017

Democrat & Chronicle caught my eye with the Gilliabrand/Weinstein column.  Never thought I’d see D&C publish anything favorable aimed at truth. Well.  I was wrong. The New York Democrat could not compose an article without bashing a Republican.  She attacked the Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ recent decision to scrap Obama-era rules for addressing sexual misconduct on campuses and in the military.  Then she said she gave back $11000+ of her donation from Harvey Weinstein.  Gosh.  She never mentioned the fact that good ole Harvey is a prime gift giver to Democrats where his so called Dem support shielded him from exposure for years.  What about previous donations to you, Kirsten?? And what about all those donations given just this year from Harvey, the smiling friend of the whole Democrat Party–Bless your soul!

Unfortunately the reporters did not go into details about the recommendations of ES Betsy DeVos which has little to no backing from the Teachers Union nor the bureaucratic lifers representing the Department of Education.  Her ideas, as many of us believe, are meant to strengthen and improve our education policies in America was, like always, given short shrift by the media dogs whose buried news found voice but again with a total slant on the subject.  It was addressed by our NY senator without giving DeVos’ arguments for her recommended actions.

Well, as an American citizen and of Christian faith, I have a remedy that Kirstin will not really like.  Study your Bible baby and find it’s beauty in it’s messages that cover much that would make The Ten Commandments a principle guide for a quality life experience. That guidance alone if practiced would stab the Devil Satan in the behind with that pitchfork and reduce the sins of the world order. Unfortunately, many politicians do not think so highly of Godly laws and advice.