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Kindred’s Special: A Missed Opportunity in Baltimore

April 30, 2015

Two nights of zero attendance is a sign that Baltimore lacks imagination.  Believe me; anyone with a bit of intelligence could turn this into a beneficial solution to a horrible event.  My suggestion would be as a smart conservative not from this very liberal city to suggest turning on the light bulb.  Because the only way to regain control is to raise both the individual and community spirit of giving.  And this requires thinking time for wise solutions as well as brains.

These two stale dates for baseball with the dumb thought to play games without fans in the stadium shows the ignorance and stupid thinking of people in charge of liberal policies. Yeah, the city made a lot of mistakes.  First off, they should have opened the stadium for fans and pressed for not only attendance but to raise donations to alleviate the ill feelings that a good two game event would help pacify such anger and help reestablish a sense of togetherness headed in the right direction.  Instead of ticket sales going to the ball clubs, simply ask for donations of any amount which the clubs along with their players might be willing to match one to one.  These funds could be used to expedite renewal of this ugly city section, as it is described, repairing and cleaning up the mess and giving hope to the residents who live there.

Local government needs to work to create harmony and such physical work projects would keep inactive hands busy with worthwhile projects.  Time would help promote a sense of achievement and it would open the door for wider means to find remedies with good spirit and understanding by all residents.   In the meantime, facts can be sought for the causes instead igniting hatreds.  Whatever happened to the political liberal philosophy that man is rational? I see no semblance of this in the city of Baltimore.

And one more thought before closing. The shabby school systems today lack something of humility and critical thinking of student development.  Bullying won’t do it.  Whips won’t do it.  Certainly throwing money at it has proved to be  almost as worthless because it ends up in a  program called public education.

Parents:  encourage your children to study math, history, English, creative writing, music, and how to play chess. If nothing else, the addition of Bible study will turn on your kids creative juices and guidance to a meaningful and happy family life in love and marriage.

Kindred’s Special: A Trip Back in Time

April 28, 2015

In 1920 during cutting of The Kid, Sammy Reshevsky, boy-wonder chess prodigy, visited the studio.  The seven year-old was giving a simultaneous exhibition of 20 players at the Athletic Club.  His manager introduced him to Charlie Chaplin who observed a youngster, age 7, who had a pale. thin and intense face with large eyes that stared belligerently when he met people. “I had been warned that he was temperamental and seldom shook hands with anybody.”

After a brief introduction the lad started staring at Charlie in silence. Charlie went on with his film cutting chore.  Finally he said, “Do you like peaches?

“Yes!” he beamed.

“Well, we have a tree full of them in the garden; you can climb up and get some–at the same time, get one for me, too.”

Several minutes later he returned elated with several peaches.  That was the beginning of our friendship.

“Can you play chess?”, he asked.

Charlie had to admit he could not.

“I’ll teach you! Come and see me play tonight, I’m playing twenty men at the same time,” he said with braggadocio. I said I would and take him to supper afterward.  “Good! I’ll get through early.”

The run of checkmates followed in fairly rapid succession after some length of play that was a great enjoyment for the over 300 who attended, and only the California state champion’s game was still going.  He sat there and studied and studied with the lad growing ever more impatient, finally exclaiming, “You haven’t moved yet?”

The champ, a Dr. Griffiths, shook his head no, so the youngster said, “Look, if you try this move, I’ll go here and if you try that move, I will go there” and he ran off a number of possible variations quickly. “You can’t beat me and we’ll be here all night, so lets call it a draw.”

The Doctor acquiesced. So, it was off to supper!!

During the era of the 20s, a number of motion pictures having much to do with chess themes saw its popularity grow. Cinema titles like, The Three Musketeers, The Miracle of the Wolves, The Seventh Seal, LeJoueur d’Echecs, (The Chess Player), Entr’ Acte came to the screen during the silent and talkies era.

Samuel Reshevsky became chess champion of the United States and later on Champion of the Western World. He was an author and longtime contributor to Chess Review and participated in many international tournaments and team matches.

Kindred’s Special: Modern Politics in Review–

April 27, 2015

A great deal is written or talked on the subject of politics today.  I was thinking of course, as I often do, about how terms used loosely today as commonplace originated.  In biblical terms the history of man’s evolution is well recorded.  Yet it answers not the modern philosophy in the sense that man has matured in his own mind to be of a superior nature to all other things but for woman kind.  The battle of the sexes is long and continues but in modern terms the equation of the two merge where education and commonsense create inequality due to life experience.

From this bland developed influence might I suggest that emerged was the idea of progress that perhaps Alinksky had kidnapped to coin his communistic socialist agenda.  Thus, the socialist movement in America established the left and right wings of political thought where neither could visualize a togetherness of national purpose.  Each thought of themselves as being more or less the measure of all things.  The biblical thought of man sinning and needing redemption was replaced by this progressive movement idea where man was superior in thought and able to do good deeds because he was always thinking of his goodness and willingness to see a better tomorrow.

The liberal philosophy of the twentieth century was born. This general dream state of man to throw off the shackles of religious bigotry gives lift to the spirit of indefinite perfectibility.  Man is good and more important, he is rational!  His whole effort is guided in family and political belief that the bigger the government, this more will benefit the general public.  And this will inevitably lead to more votes and power for the liberal established politic power base.  It has become all about control and power and lead to a two tier population of citizens otherwise known today as left-wing socialist liberals who abuse the US Constitution and laws of the United States of America and demand care for the public from birth to the grave.

The conservative movement is geared for achievement through individual unity of purpose and upholding the US Constitution and laws of the United States. It accentuates moral and ethic values.  Due to a generally liberal media, infiltration throughout the entire education system K-12 and beyond to university study, an environment where learning includes the debate of ideas has been squashed by the liberals and socialist lefties.

Hatreds exist as a human condition and seem more pronounced in the liberal sense, especially the left-wing socialist types. Conservatives are more inclined to be bitter over abuses by government but it is hard to classify it as hatred.  They’re more likely to suffer persecution for their stand on issues by parties that find no grit for debating.

Chess is a war game and it is also a battle of ideas and views.  I believe that every student and reader who views this article should play chess for its many good principles that guide one through life as much as to enjoy good fellowship.

Kindred’s Eye on Women in Politics: Colonel Martha McSally, Ret.

April 25, 2015

U.S. Representative (R-AZ), Col. Martha McSally, Ret., serves on the Armed Services Committee / Homeland Security & Task Force on Combating Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel has been active as a first term female Congresswoman.  Her thrust has been to bring order to investigations in the areas in which she participated or has first hand knowledge.

A little bio:

(1) 26-year career in the USAF; ( 2) Distinguished Grad AFA — then a Masters in Public Policy focusing on International Security at Harvard’s JFK School of Government; ( 3) first woman to fly fighter aircraft in combat and command a fighter squadron in combat flying an A-10 “Warthog” with over 325 hours in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, earning a Bronze star and six Air Medals; (4) as a Major selected for the prestigious Legislative fellowship, and served as a defense and national security advisor to Senator Jon Kyl from Arizona; (5) earned a Masters in Strategic Studies from the Air War College, graduating # 1 in my class of 261 senior military leaders; (6) final military assignment as leader to standup US Africa Command, formed to address security threats emanating from Africa.

She lead planning and oversight of complex and sensitive counter-terrorism missions and other military operations on the continent. In this, Col. McSally was recipient of President Obama’s Administration’s refusal to allocate a military “Quick Reaction Force” for the African theater despite the increased threats and allocation to all other theaters around the globe. I had to watch while we had to rely upon the French to evacuate our Embassy in Chad because no funds existed to do the job ourselves.  Still, funding requests were denied for needed QRF assets for Africa.

As a patriot war hero elected in her first term, she is demanding the truth about Benghazi in Congress. We lost four in a prolonged battle (Kindred calls it a sloppy cover up), including Ambassador Christopher Stephens, US Navy SEALS, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, and computer specialist Sean Smith.

The committee formed by House Speaker John Boehner to investigate Benghazi finds only one of the seven Republicans served in the military, Mike Pompeo of Kansas.  She hopes that this committee will be able to answer a few basic questions:

  1. Who exactly denied Ambassador Stephen’s request for more security at the embassy, and why denied?
  2. With increased hostility and terrorist activity in Africa, why did the Obama Administration repeatedly refuse to allocate any military assets to Africa Command? (Kindred says: maybe the off the cuff comment to Putin, “Ask him to wait until I am reelected.” as a ring of what? I leave that to my readers.).
  3. After initial operations in Libya ended, given the rise of militias and AQW affiliates in the region, why did the Obama Administration (State Dept.) fail to place a QRF or any air assets on alert in Europe to support contingencies in North Africa?

“As a decorated US military combat veteran who has an intimate understanding of the Obama administration trying to defend our embassies and interests in Africa on the cheap, I won’t be snowed by their evasive answers and excuses.”



Kindred’s Special: Gaging The Dumbing Down of American Leftists

April 24, 2015

No.  I am not being critical of left-wing political hacks.  And I don’t like using the word “hack” even in a derogatory way. But lets face it; when asked who Joe Biden is and what has he to do with politics, it is met with a stare often seen in the faces of druggies and who exhibit no knowledge of his official title–Mr./ Dr./ Some ballplayer?/ a Governor?  And you guessed it that the only few who knew called themselves conservative minded folks.

I weary of the constant barbs tossed my way as a conservative minded chap.  Left-wing nuts can dish it out with their lies and ignorance being displayed so I sort of just smile and tip my tam.  Bush was horrible? I viewed him as decent and trustworthy; a patriot who felt the pangs of family sorrows and world-wide torment who tried to encourage their learning the values of a free society and government–many who never experienced free elections, only dictatorship and physical and mental stress, poverty and lacking a positive spirit within the family circle.  His whole eight years, White House staff and inner circle of advisors from all sides kept strong American purpose and military might at a time when it was essential.

Unfortunately his wisdom and book found nothing to inspire the opposition; his silence and refusal to be critical of the new President was a mark of a true gentleman and leader.  I think he was looking for success of Barak Obama by this spirit of new ideas and leadership.  I did.  I know others did, too.  But it was just one long haul of gamble and mistake after mistake for which the media enclosed in secrecy from the general public except for those who more and more became shocked by the dictatorial leadership and devil be damned–my way, period! approach.

As I said, I have no love for the nuts who largely make up the left-wing Democrat Party.  There are some good leaders in both parties and also weak-knead political hacks who seem interested only in having power to wield against perceived enemies of our country, using the power of the tainted and un-American Justice Department as in the Coe case depriving citizen rights by overturning court decisions for political brownie points.

Frankly I shall look with interest to see if the new Attorney General speaks with truth or a ‘forked tongue’ as the American Indians paint justly as a fib which just falls short of being a liar.

Certainly I wish her the best in tackling some very difficult pitfalls left but according to the high ideals expressed, seem to suggest her performance will be duly appreciated by both parties in the future.  Lets hope the confirmation is making America a more united and trusted entity.

Kindred’s Special: Third Sunday of Easter has great importance

April 20, 2015

The final days of Jesus on Earth has reverence for today’s news coming at the time of ISIS murderous rampages against Christians and anyone who opposes their phony ideology. All one  has to do is study the Bible that gives the final walks and talks with the disciples who by all who study the scriptures today being witness to their denial of Jesus.

Jesus returned from the grave.  He promised this.  He appeared before them. I can imagine their dismay upon his showing them the nail wounds in his hands and feet.  He was alive and real; it was he Jesus who came before them one more time with his teaching and instructions.  He said, “I am hungry”, and they fed him fish.  This proves that he was no ghost as some might say in future times.  As our pastor who ministers at the nursing home said, in his sermon, Jesus left them a message. He also said of the criminal on the cross next to Jesus who had asked Jesus to forgive him for his sins and Jesus replied, “Today you will be in Paradise with me!”

No one comes to the Father but by me.  Those words have  relevance today.  ISIS murder of Christians atheists might say is a reason to believe no God exists and the Bible is a fairytale.  I say, this proves Jesus lives.  He lives in the hearts of all Christians who believe in Jesus as our Savior.  He lives in our hearts and throughout the history of mankind.  Perhaps this is why Jesus returned to address his unbelieving skeptics who had followed him through thick and thin until they said they did not know him to Roman officials.  He followed his Father’s purpose for putting him on Earth.  He truly absorbed the sins of mankind upon himself for all eternity.

Yes, God did not save those Christians who were and will in the future be murdered by ISIS and the false god.  Remember, God in the old testament said humans should not worship any images of a god depicted by man.  Jesus came to Earth as a baby, raised as a human in a human family and learned all the physical and mental stresses that all people suffer both joys and sorrows of the human spirit and body.

God has a plan for those evil doers and such evil will bear no fruit.  God have mercy on their souls which are lost in the dark and burning Hell that Jesus was required to visit but overcame.  It was to be a witness that such a Hell does exist as does the Paradise spoken of by Jesus.  That is God’s promise.

Kindred’s Special: Ten Years Later

April 17, 2015

Ten years passed from my victory over and long friendship with Issay Golyak .  Speed forward from my posting a few days ago of this gigantic struggle to 1999 where another USSR immigrant, Grandmaster Boris Gulko conquered the interplay United States Championship invitees  and won the title, “US Championship of 1999.”

Both had left to make their home in America.  Both have made valuable contributions to the developing youth chess programs and new era of youthful stars.

The following game I chose because it sets a perfect example of my square count theory and difference between the pawn van with the advanced d-pawn on d5 versus the pawn inverted van. Perhaps the fact that the d-pawn digs into the c6 and e6 is not appreciated until the very end as a deciding factor.

White:  GM Boris Gulko     vs.   Black:  GM Yasser Seirawan   Opening:  Nimzo-Indian Defense

1. d4  Nf6  2. c4  e6  3. Nc3  Bb4  4. g3

Why would White choose this over the more popular and aggressive lines 4. a3 /e3/Qc2/Bg5 lines?  I refer  you to the article game between Timman-Karpov where 4. Nf3 was played.  A matter of taste?  Perhaps.  That is what puts chess on par with the walk down the trail of Life.

4. … O-O  5. Bg2  d6  6. Nf3  Bc3:+ 7. bc3:  Nbd7

Perhaps this less aggressive post for the Knight instead of going Nc6 creates just the teeny pattern variance to give White the plus he looks for.

8. Qd3  e5  9. Nd2  Re8  10. O-O  Qe7  11. e4  b6  12. Re1

This is in conjunction with the maneuver Nd2 as the Knight is headed for f1.  Also, Re1 is useful because it follows Nimsovitchian theory of overprotection (e4).

12. … Ba6  13. a4

Gains a square count point but the real feature is the expansion on the Q=side.  Black stopped the immediate idea of 13. Nf1 because of the central break–13. … ed4: 14. cd4: d5!! with nasty pins dissolving White’s plus.

13. … c5  14. d5

Setting up a central pawn van hitting the sixth rank squares c6/e6 thus establishing a spatial plus where White has better maneuvering play.  As Petrosian’s games often show, the simple threat to threaten is often more tactful than to execute immediately.

14…. Nf8  15. Nf1

Any Q-side pawn advance only lets Black have some play.  White’s postponement of this logical attack until he gets his pieces in ideal positions creates mental stress on Black.

15. … Ng6  16. Bh3  Bc8  17. Bc8:! Rac8:  18. Bg5 h6  19. Bf6:!  Qf6:

You might ask, “Why get rid of the Bishops?” The answer is that Knights have more maneuvering chances in closed positions.  Now, White can proceed with his Q-side planned attack.

20. a5!  Nf8  21. ab6:  ab6:  22. Ra6

Not bad but why not pursue 22. Ra7, following Nimsovitchian tactics learned in MY SYSTEM? What did he say about a Rook on the 7th?

22. … Ra8 23. Rea1  Ra6:  24. Ra6:  Rb8  25. Kg2

Using the King to defend against a strong Qf3.

25. … Qe7  26. Qb1 Qb7 27. Qb5  Nd7  28. Qa4  Nf6  29. Ra7

Had White played the Ra7, the black Queen would not have the counterplay to guard the Q-wing.

29. … Qc8  30. f3  g6  31. Ne3  h5  32. Qc6  Qd8  33. h4  Rc8 34. Qb7  Qf8  35. Nd1

Boris says this prophylactic move was not necessary, pointing out a winning line with 35. Qb6: Rb8 36. Qc7 Rb2+ 37. Kf1.  Still, the winning method in the game is most instructive.

35. … Rb8  36. Qc6 Rc8  37. Qb7  Rb8  38. Qc6 Rc8 39. Qb6: Rb8  40. Qc7 Rc8 41. Qb7 Rb8 42. Qc7  Rc8  43. Qa5  Qd8?!

More resistance  comes from 43. … Rb8 44. Nf2  with a big advantage.

44. Qd8:+  Rd8:  45. Kf2  Kf8  46. Ke2  Rd7  47. Ra6 Ke7  48. Kd2  Rb7  49. Kc2  Ne8  50. Ne3 Nf6  51. Nf1  Nd7 52. Nd2  Nb8  53. Ra1! Kd8  54. g4!!

The winning idea is to open another front.  The continuing attack on the Q-side leads only to a draw.  The defender’s King cannot cover both sides’ weaknesses adequately.

54. ..hg4:  55. fg4:  Ke7  56. Nb3 Kf6  57. Ra8!

Returning to the Q-side and center now that the King has been lured to the K-side.

57. … Nd7  58. Na5  Rb8  59. g5+! Kg7  60. Rb8: Nb8: 61. Nb7 f5  62. ef5: gf5: 63. h5! f4  64. Nd6:  Nd7 65. Kd3  Black resigns.

A beautiful example of play on both sides of the board.

Lesson to learn is that square count is effective in late stages  of a game even where few pieces remain.  Just one idea is the art of triangulation, forcing a King to be chased from an exposed pawn or entry against a defensive wall that crumbles.

Facing a Fierce Battle in the Club Championship of 1989 was the Highlight of my Chess Season!

April 14, 2015

Through the past, many great games were played annually to determine entry into the coveted winners’ circle. Such was the following game between a fairly new arrival from the Soviet Union, IM Issay Golyak, who resides with his wife making their home in Rochester, New York.  He is a member, chess instructor, and regular at the Rochester Chess Center. His career? Nuclear physicist.

We had met in several games over the years where I etched out two wins and a draw in tournament play.  In skittles he usually whipped me 80 per cent of the time and in club events I had to often bow to his superior technique! I managed to win two club championship games, his first lost in the USA since coming here he told me after that game.  I had won a nice game with the black pieces.  And this win with the white pieces was the last time I was victorious.  We had drawn one game in a Marchand Open event.

White:  Donald P. Reithel    vs.  Black:  Issay Golyak   Opening:  Irregular Reti Opening

1. Nf3  Nf6  2. g3  b5

As I recall Spassky had essayed this idea in his world championship match with the boa-constrictor, Petrosian.

3. Bg2  Bb7  4. O-O  c5  5. b3  e6  6. c4  b4

My opponent’s plan is to insert a wedge and expand on the Q-side; I endeavor to achieve a central pawn action with a longterm strategy to essay f2-f4 at the right moment.

7. e3  a5  8. a3  Be7 9. Bb2  Qb6  10. d3  O-O  11. Nbd2  ba3:  12. Ra3:  Nc6  13. Qa1  Nb4  14. Ne1  Bg2:  15. Kg2:  Rfb8

Black’s play is becoming dangerous.  I had to decide where my own strength lay because I felt if I sat on the position without initiating my own counterplay visualized as a central thrust to offset his aggressive Q-side action, my position would deteriorate.  Again, my square count theory applied here covers both its attacking and defensive resources.

16. Ra4  d6  17. h3  Ne8  18. f4

This thrust into the central complex was the only chance I saw to complicate the play and give my own pieces scope in the coming action.

18. … Bf6  19. Kh2  Bb2:  20. Qb2:  d5  21. Qb1 Nd6  22. Nef3  dc4:  23. dc4:  Nf5  24. Re1 Rd8  25. Re2  Rab8 26. g4  Ne7  27. Ng5  Nd3

Black is bound and determined to carry out his attack sequence that follows hoping that I will lay down and die a crushing death.  In those days, my fighting spirit was still of a youth at heart.

28. Qa1 Qc7 29. Ra5: Nf4  30. Ra7  Qd6  31. Nde4  Qd3:  32. Rf2  Qe3: 33. Re7 h6  34. Rf7: Qd4  35. Qd4: cd4: 36. Rf2f4  hg5: 37. Ng5  e5  38. Re4 d3  39. Re5: d2  40. Ree7!

Shades of Nimsowitsch’s MY SYSTEM influence no doubt!

40. …Rb6  41. Rg7+: Kh8  42. Rh7+ Kg8  43. Reg7+  Kf8  44. Rh8+ Kg7  45. Rd8  Rb3 46. Rd2: Rc3: 47. c5 Kg6 48. Ne4 Re3 49. Nd6  Re3  50. Nb7 Resigns (1-0).

Your assignment is to study this opening system by Black and the Reti Opening. Try to assess the pro and con for both sides.  See if you can find games using similar ideas for comparison.  And most important–ENJOY! the continuing learning curve to mastering chess elements and strategies.

Kindred’s Special: Poisoned Pen Strikes Again on the Liberal Establishment

April 10, 2015

Actually, I do not relish writing about stuff that my fiendish mind concocts from time to time but I must give credit to a cartoon I saw from a famous left-wing sob.  This cartoon referred to another place, another time, another event; but gosh, I just could not mistake the timeliness of pouncing on one of my own favorite cronies in government.  It so depicted a likeness as though it was a mirror image of message where I had the opportunity to turn a left-wing cartoon picture into a whimsical laugh in words.  Only my readers who understand my use of the written word over the pictorial elegance seen in the pen of a cartoonist can appreciate my prose.

So I decided to call an emergency meeting of the Nevada Liars Club to give honor to Harry, one of its most illustrious citizens–a former featherweight in the boxing business.  Some say his condition mentally today is the result of his being punch-drunk from all the battering in his youth.  The ring leaves a mark like that on the brain.

Well, that is an honor to be sure.  But does that not reflect upon the integrity of the Senate in Washington?  So I have to ask  you my friend if this might lead to a real fight to force his resignation from the Senate.  He has such a distinguished career.

That is the problem, would you not agree?

You want to throw the whole weight of the Senate on his stellar performance over many years just because he was caught in a lie?  You are hard–man!

It is not just the lie.  It is the tampering with the whole election process and worse, it is manipulation of citizens who must vote for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Are you serious?  This might uncover a can of worms of what goes on in the Capitol these many years.

That is right.  Right is right in the mind of this old gray head.

But isn’t that going after the problem with an awfully big stick?

You bet it is.  These are trying times and the corruption of many from Pelosi   on down the ladder as well as up the ladder affecting some in both parties is a stink that demands a housecleaning from top to bottom.  Remember what President Teddy said, “speak softly but carry a big stick.”

THOUGHT OF THE DAY from the pen of Kindred Spirit.

I view our country like that of a majestic tree.  It is inspiring to view its beauty in its many years since it grew from seed.  Its branches have multiplied and occasionally was necessary to use a saw to trim and shape it.  The roots grow deep and with proper nourishment will ever remain the joy for all to see.  It will never need an axe to chop it down so long as the garden is well-tended. –Don.

Kindred’s Thought of the Day — Kindredspirit’s Prayer

April 4, 2015

The events that came before today; the events that come as I awake; the events that blacken the horizon of tomorrows: God have mercy upon those who violate his blessings bestowed upon us as a people and as a powerful Caring Nation to those who suffer the slings and arrows across the world having to face treachery not experienced by such waste of spirit now within our shores. Amen.

As I composed the above, I thought about what the good people of each nation endure and the evil we experience in a world gone mad.  But was it not experienced by each generation as decades come and go?  I guess I am not sure what the future holds as did those who faced the historical perils of the past.  It was the character of our people and faith in right that helped us map paths that preserved our nation known so fondly as AMERICA! and held the hope of free people everywhere to build, not destroy such faith.

As this Easter season is upon us, I wish everyone peace in their hearts but awareness that AMERICA is a country of  inhabitants that are a byproduct of different cultures who came here, not to rape but to defend its principles upon which we must never forget which binds us as a Nation and an AMERICA with God’s blessings will bring forth the best in each of us.