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The Amateur Eye – Peeling away fog in the Scandinavian Def.

May 31, 2020

The kid said “It’s cool, man! You should play it and write on it.”  I took him up on it and tried it in some correspondence and skittles play which led to some very intricate opening positions.  Results were skittles with mixing some ideas for fun. I think I played one or two with black in postal.  And to say surprise that top Grandmasters have explored it in different manners of play.

This rare opening I find now good coverage in NEW IN CHESS, 2020.  It just goes to show that ancient in chess theories contain a mixed bag of lemons and apples where I begin to wonder just how this game of geometric design which I coined years ago found rich fruit for harvesting.  This defense has no real faults other than to raise some skepticism what is old is new and vis-versa.  A host of innovative explorers of openings seem to have discovered my belief that chess is not dead, ideas flourish with ever new energies infused within it’s positional structures.  Our current crop of chess stars, both male and female, will likely enrich published data and it will allow for amateurs and pros around the world a new horizon for chess adventures in tournament or just friendly competitive play.


Don’s Coffee & Tea Break- Above it all

May 30, 2020

Pearls Before Swine  Here we see Rat giving advice on being diplomatic on his chalk board: Rat’s Tip O’ The Day.

When people are rude to you, be above it all.  That way you can drop things on their heads.  Pig says, “So that is what that expression means!” Rat replies, “Exactly why it’s so helpful.”

For Better or Worse  The kids are wondering where Mom is and John tells her she is doing stuff for the baby.   Mom is getting frustrated; “Baby this and baby that; Everything in this house revolves around BABY. John sees her tossing a stuffed animal toy over her head and unto the floor.  John stares at the reaction and tells her: “It is good to see you adjusting so well.”

Shoe panels exhibit Cosmo and the Judge in conference.  “Updating one word in the dictionary would reduce many of today’s divorces. How so? He takes  his cigar from his mouth and tells Cosmo by the term , “ALAMONEY!



The Amateur Eye – The Public is Damned

May 30, 2020

Whether it be on TV, Radio, Newsprint, missing is what every social minded reactionary totally misses:  What does our Lord, our God and Angelic biblical tools learned in our Sunday school studies as children cast jointly such condemnation of what has been public policy that permits what is taking place in recent days and nights.  Evil begets evil. Liberalism has always been suspect by falsely believing it sheds some light and a kind of savior of liberal justification for actions unbecoming our citizenry. Those who rage do themselves no joy but let it be understood by all our people that freedom is not free without rules to guide our lives and a national need for prayer in place of radical following of atheism.  None of the above mention the words “Lord, give me wisdom to know your desire of me.”  No, when there is no sense for seeking God and his angelic healers for compassion, just what has been seen is total anarchy.  Good words by our leaders mention nothing about our need for prayer and seeking God’s help toward redemption but a total lack of direction teeming with atheism’s belief that no prayer or God has a voice in our salvation over crimes of humanity.  Did not our leaders rely upon our God’s blessing throughout wars past?  And quite frankly speaking, we are in a war for American beliefs of freedoms we at least say we strive to maintain and believe in.  Or is this just another “pass the buck” until a new crisis befalls us?

We need to restore our beliefs held dear by our Founding Fathers. Our education is often misguided toward wealth instead of wisdom when it is clear that the two thoughts go together possessing mutual value. Part of the clarity of our educational past is it’s reliance on philosophies rather than on truth and justice demanded of our leaders that guide our agencies to good quality government.  The venom seen in recent years at all levels  that has exposed a corrupt mindset should never have been allowed to flourish un-opposed.  Party over nation is no legitimate government worth its being.

I close with a hope that somebody agrees with me.  In God we trust and let our freedoms ring long and noisy.


The Mother of All Roads — Route 66 Chicago to AL

May 30, 2020

One magazine I love is REMINISCE where I found the story of Route 66 from Chicago to AL and titled The Mother of All Roads by Mary Liz Shaw.

Route 66 was the first fully paved highway and it has a long wonderful history where many tales, adventures, and memories transcend its lustful history for adventure.

I found this in REMINISCE com for June-July 2018.  Enjoy.

The Spy Chasers at Summer Camp – A tale of old.

May 30, 2020

When I was a kid in summer camp my roommates and I found life rather boring at times.  In fact, as a 10 year-old I found it too regimented for young girls to look for something exciting. Here is the tale the girls weaved for their and later for our enjoyment.

Our sleeping area was at the rear of the camp. Behind us were woods.  Beyond them was a cabin–an isolated summer cottage.  At night is when it brought out imagination.

I should tell that it was 1943 and world-war and spying were in the headlines which spiked us prime for adventurous intrigues.  On that night we saw lights flicking on and off as if by a flashlight shooting out secret messages for whatever skullduggery was afoot.  I told my friends and they agreed that this mystery had to be checked out and close eye kept on this isolated cottage. There were rumors that spies were aiding U-boats in the harbor and this only inflamed our imaginations and need to take action. We decided that we might have to be witnesses and so had to get close enough so we could identify them if the FBI brought us in for identification of that spy ring. Well, summer was coming to an end and our lives returned to normal with our parents picking us up and saying good bye to friends.

Never did find out anything more, but decided that our adventure was just the thing  needed to have a bang up summer camp adventure.  To this day we never knew whether our spied on guests in that house ever found out about our adventure. THE END.

Helen Steiner Rice Two poems I cherish

May 29, 2020

This Is My Prayer– Bless me, heavenly Father, Forgive my erring ways.  Grant me strength to serve Thee  Put purpose in my days. Give me understanding, Enough to make me kind, so I may judge all people with my heart and not my mind.  Teach me to be patient in everything I do.  Content to trust your wisdom and to follow after You.  Help me when I falter and hear me when I pray. And receive me in Thy Kingdom to dwell with Thee some day.

Strangers are friends we have yet to meet.  The poor, the rich, the great. We do not know the purpose when strangers cross our path. For God makes all things on Earth including the spread of light in shining a way and overcome the dark. –Don.

Right now I think of Minneapolis, Minnesota being set ablaze by radicals perhaps spurred on by Communist and Socialist agitators so long a time known in every Land that houses them.  It is their premium manner of causing grief and strife among a population large or small.  It is their only way to power as their radicalisms provide the truth of their true purpose.  They win when voters live in blindness.

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

May 28, 2020

Time put into my projects are mostly for preparation after research and selection of topics fit together toward general interest of members. I largely determine this based upon what interests me will interest them. There is the realization that you cannot please everybody equally or even remotely simply comes like potluck on my menu plate. Taste matters and my stove and cookery can be hot or cold.

Pearl Before Swine sees Pig telling Rat that there is a tapping at the door and wanting us to sign a petition about some government project. Rat says we are not interested in any government study and tells Pig that he is tired of loonies bothering us. Pig goes to the door where there is a “Loon” holding a petition folder and tells it, “Sorry, but no can do”.

Looking at For Better or Worse the parents are faced with baby clothes and diapers and John suggests using a clothesline to save on the electric bill using the dryer. We see her opening the dryer door and tossing the wet clothes in the dryer. So much for being economy conscious!

On Shoe we see Uncle Cosmo telling his nephew that he indeed loved playing cops and robbers but enjoyed cops and donuts even more.

On the Family Circus the four kids find Daddy reading the newspaper in his favorite chair. They chime in that “Mommy is going to wash her hair and says we are all yours!”

Ziggy lays down his newspaper and tells the Gold Fish in the fishbowl to relax…Even if global warming is real…You won’t have to worry about rising sea levels!!

The Church we attend recently saw the pastor put out a sign on the lawn next to the church entrance steps that reminds all of us that God is perfect; it is people who make mistakes.












Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

May 28, 2020


Dagwood is home recovering from feeling ill. He thinks about what the carpool gang tells him that they miss the most. One says she misses your complaint about boss Dithers; another misses your singing in the car; Herb tells him if he should pick Dag up a burger.

We see Dag telling his wife that even his carpool misses him. He is sniffling with tears coming down his cheeks as he relates this to Blondie.


Don’s Coffee & Tea Break – A cherished time together

May 24, 2020

Years ago I had a comic strip about a Miss Jones, woman bank teller where I engaged customers who were very short in height finding it hard to bank at the tellers’ platform. It lasted quite a while but somebody decided that my humor was making fun of little people.  No, it was a natural hardship as a witness and no pun intended.  But it irked someone so it was dropped like a hot potato. How unkind but it ended my interest in cartooning for over 50 years.

So lets see what a cartoonist today might take as a joy for readers as those who followed me back then. Sure enough humor continues with a vein of double implied meaning.  No fault given to my excellent cartoonists I point to in this read.  Take the great cartoon called SHOE. You see two panels with the lady customer at the bar with a drink before her.  The star waitress and bar tender is giving her advice: You should ask out my friend Cosmo.  He is kind with a good heart.  The customer friend says she is looking for rich and handsome, not an organ transplant. That smacks of bias in today’s world.

Looking at Ziggy: cartoon titled PALM READER where Ziggy is having his palm read by palm interpreting expert.  She tells Ziggy that she can’t read it because his reading she sees in his palm as being above her pay grade.

And take For Better or Worse:  We observe a case of gossiping among four discussing having a Fionna inlaw visit to care for mom and her new born. She turns out to be a real pest for the mom and dad.  They discuss it among themselves and one concludes with: You know what gossip does? It blows the truth all out of proportion.

We find in Beetle Bailey two panels the result of a golf outage for military personnel.  Lt. is asking Sarge how went the golf lesson?  Sarge responds that it was not very good.  The golf pro told him that he needed to take an anger-management class.

The Family Circus shows Dad and Son together with his child holding up his two hands and telling his Dad: When I ask you which hand it is in, don’t pick this one.

So my own amateur status as an amateur cartoon buff went the way of so many as a result of being unjustly condemned to the scrap heap.  And a potential sideline career of a drawing artist..just another gone to seed. Ugh.  Too bad.  So sorry kindred. My joy was crushed and only my chess columns kept up my spirit toward a future happiness with the Kindred Spirit series. When I look back, maybe I should have tried hard to find myself but it was a sad experience and very disheartening.  Only years later did I boost up my interest to do a critique on today’s comic review.


Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

May 24, 2020

Finding kindred spirits on Memorial Day weekend is truly a blessing I have with my readers.  As I devote 100 per cent of my time free I appreciate those who suggest how they can thank me. My site is free for my readers and have suggested for those who would like to support my efforts to consider a donation to a favorite charity.  My charities are numerous and thank those who wish to contribute. The Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Wounded Warriors, Humane Society, TBN, various Indian Reservations  and Boys & Girl Clubs seem ever in need of financial support especially during natural disasters.  (I would like to only mention that I respond on my site as trying to reply to individuals is very time consuming.)  God Bless our American heritage and champions of freedoms–may it ever be America’s cherished purpose and commitment.