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Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

August 6, 2020

Remember that with each ending article, there is a new beginning, a new article and seeing new horizons coming.  Just look at Rex Morgan, MD to see a blank mind when it comes to living in reality.  You can lead a horse to water and only thirst will dictate the extent that the horse will drink.  All the hinting and thoughtful considerations remain a blank to one who is blind to reality and what stirs the spirit to love and be loved.

We witness what can happen with no delivery of expected mail with those in love.  Nope. No mail addressed to me from his girlfriend touring with school chums.  Yep; no mail the clerk tells him.  As he begins to leave, a little low in spirit now, the clerk tells him: a word of advice.  When a gal doesn’t answer or writes–its time to start reading between the lines.

On SHOE we see him reading “What is the most groundbreaking invention of the 20th Century?  He pens: The Rotary Tiller!

ON JUMP START we find a real dilemma taking place as his wife says: “Marcy, you’re late. Yes, Joe and I had a little spat. You promised to help us get the party set up. He had invited Doug and Natasha who arrived early and helped set it up!

Garfield is being addressed by Jon who cannot understand why a catalog he got by mistake in the mail never is so full of good offers when he gets them.  In answer to why Jon never seems to get such good stuff, Garfield thinks: THIS RON GUY IS COOLER THAN YOU.

On Pickles we find a rare daughter and father having a talk as he reads his newspaper in his favorite armchair. She tells him she is thinking of getting a new hairstyle.  He says how come, you look fine now.  Oh, I don.t know–just a change seems a good idea.  Earl says he understands just like when he decided to grow a beard?!  She says, no–I mean a change for the better!!

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

August 4, 2020

Watch out for being overloaded with photo snaps on your phone.  This happened to Garfield when his mouse pal showed him all the pictures Mouse showed him of  the various cheeses MOUSE took. Garfield asks him how many more pictures to go as  the subject was boring Garfield. Maybe about a 100 or so.  Garfield is thinking: AND I HAD TO ASK HIM ABOUT HIS VACATION TO CHEESE WORLD.

FOR BETTER OR WORSE the fact that Michael is away seems to leave their dog Farley a little slow around the house. Could be the heat or he just misses Michael.  His room does look empty.  His bedroom looks so strange.  Maybe we shouldn’t have cleaned and tidied it up so much!

SHOE is reading the newspaper and asks Roz if she would like to go out for dinner on a date.  She tells him that no way unless the economy bounces back.

Rex Morgan. MD finds him praising his nurse “I must admit I was impressed with how you took charge of the situation when I broke my foot.”  She responds with “You were, huh?”  “Yes! and you did a very nice job with that bandage.”  “Oh! You noticed that, did you?”

Today, we see on Pickles Earl, Opal and Nelson walking in the park.  Earl is saying: “Lets stop here for a minute. I want to look around.”  Opal addresses Nelson, “We might as well sit down as we shall likely be here for awhile.  He lost a couple of 25-cent quarters back in 1998.”

On Hagar, we see his wife meeting up with the Duchess coming from her Castle entrance. “How are things, Duchess?” ‘I’ve been depressed.”  “Me, too. Hagar wants to move to another country.!”

Ziggy is dining at his usual restaurant when the cook approaches and asks him if he would hurry to finish his meal as their dish plates are running out.

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

August 1, 2020

The comics have been rather shallow and crummy of late; getting this morning’s D&C though offers up some acute thoughts on it. Enjoy.

Garfield is giving his full attention to his girlfriend Arlene and thinking that he passionately could stare into her beautiful eyes all Evening.  She returns a look of his love fest wondering if this is another way of his just telling her that she can expect to see little or no purring this night of togetherness.

We see Mr. Dithers and Dagwood looking across the city skyline and his boss relating to him the conversation the evening before with his wife that he should take more time off work and enjoy the money he and his wife has seen prosper.

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

August 1, 2020

Garfield runs across a huge dog growling  and barking to frighten Garfield and impress him with his biting nature.  The caption simply notes the sharp and loud BARK coming apparently to impress Garfield.  It does no such thing. All Garfield exhibits from the bark is that it impresses our buddy cat!

Dagwood takes out his wife Blondie to a covid-virus free restaurant and tells her that he really finds the menu to their liking, hoping she agrees. The head waiter clangs a bell and yells “Come and Get It!!” We see the group in the next panel standing in line taking up the rear.  Dag repeats that the food is really good here to which Blondie tells him that it might be true but she is not crazy about the service!

In today’s JUMP START we see the police team buddies working with the police dogs exercising them in their workout. “You are married to a nurse, right?” ‘Yep, Marcie works at the Health Clinic.” His buddy says that his fiancee’ Natasha works there too. Sure is a small world. OH,NO! I see in his eyes what is coming: “Lets double date tonight!”






The Amateur Eye – Our Republic ; Oh, God! Save us!

July 30, 2020

History lessons taught students that we were a Republic; somehow it got twisted around that we changed it to Democracy which is the worst form of government rule.  It looks like over the decades it became ever more  so, leaving a society of corruption and evilness, a century of embattled squabbles where politics ruled and truth and justice found Jew and Christian Faiths and other religions knifed by the agnostic  or atheist voice boxes.

Through trials and tribulations our society moved forward overcoming the American Revolutionary War, other minor conflicts, and great Civil War that left a black mark on our Founding Fathers hope for a unified union that again saw the evils of compartmenting with  the whims of those demanding Southern slavery to band our Nation as a country of states’ rights of which the Founding Fathers trusted the eventual bonding of what the term American meant.  It took death and great upheaval of war, of conflict with the many Indian tribes throughout the states and territories.  We managed to overcome obstacles of distance, local beliefs and the ever faced shams seen in human character.  The Nation was on the move to modernize, largely brought on by inventiveness of its citizenry to build a strong and secure country, one deep in Faith and betterment of its peoples.

For all this, we see a call for liberalism encompassing socialism, communism, atheism, as systems to explore while calling American capitalism the root of all evil.  America has been cheated morally of its character by those who have striven to usurp it greatness by lauding its flaws of human justice.  The question remains is just this:  THROUGHOUT HISTORY, WHAT NATION AND WHAT PEOPLES ACHIEVED MORE TO BENEFIT MANKIND IN TOTAL? WE FOUGHT AND DIED FOR FREEDOMS AND BELIEFS.  Should we lose those because of radicalism and terrorists?  That is the question my readers,


Another view on Climate Change — CFACT

July 30, 2020

Roy Spencer, PHD wants young students who are active in studying climate related held views that much emerged out of fear and false or questionable computerized tables instigated during the Gore scare during his run for the Democrat presidential bid.

He notes that there are solutions to the reckless climate alarm indoctrination. Solutions that confront head-on the campus climate socialists and their shaky scientific claims.  Solutions that offer bright hope for our future.

Ignoring historical records re climate is to poise the only solution is to stick your head in the sand and blotting out constructive debate.  This has always been the cry of the liberals who despise constructive and beneficial studies given social problems of all sorts.

The Amateur Eye – Personal insults don’t bother me!

July 24, 2020

In early June I wrote about receiving a new magazine sample called AMAC on which I wrote being by nature a rather conservative fellow myself which exhibited thoughtful commentary.  All I can say is that your absolute ignorant mindset reflects the utter pigheadedness (for  lack of a better word) that vilifies the lack of educational wisdom supposedly found in scholastic learning in today’s and even yesterdays past.

At first I was going to simply ignore such a stupid mind lacking reason and put it down for the ills that plague societies today. Then I realized that to do so only shortchanges truth.  YES! I have a right to run my columns and blog as I SEE fit. And that includes TRUTH AND RATIONAL THOUGHT of its content.  So all I can say is “GO TO HELL” and wallow in the depths of Hades.

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

July 23, 2020

Garfield and Jon asks his opinion as to whether ‘bell bottom’ will ever make a comeback in fashion? Jon is wearing one of his old ‘bell bottom’ outfits. Garfield thinks :”Not if you have anything to do with it.”

We see Earl going into the living-room where he finds Opal on the sofa knitting.  He asks her where she hid the cheese.  She tells him it is in the fridge. I looked there but didn’t see it. She tells him to look again because it is there.   When he opened the fridge the package of cheese fell out on the floor. He tells her that he has found it.

Pearls Before Swine finds Pig, Rat and Goat in panel one where it appears that Pig is happy and Rat asks him why so happy?  ‘I’ve been given 6 months to a year to focus on myself and what is important to me while spending more time with family loved ones.’ Gosh, Pig even sees the bright side of the China Pandemic.   “GO PIG GO!!” Goat speaks up with a positive vibe!!

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

July 22, 2020

Garfield is reading “Dear Ask a Dog” and text asks if he chewed up his owner’s slippers.  No response must mean a YES.

Pickles  sees Grandma and Nelson seated at the kitchen table and Nelson is asking how she got her glasses broken.  She tells him she is not sure just how it happened.  “Some nitwit must have sat on the cushion seat and broken them.”  Just then, Earl comes around the corner and shouts “I DID NOT!”


The Amateur Eye – Square Count highlights victory

July 22, 2020

I was blessed with growing up with a mountain of examples of brilliant play by both high caliber chess artists who enriched my joy of chess study that covered generational champions and perhaps more so, the caliber of those who most certainly achieved fame pushing the heights of battlefield imagination.

The top crown saw abundant talent where the student can often build on such talent honing scholastic beauty that enriches the spirit of chess play. The following game keeps the level fairly short and features the talented struggle between two of those leading generational chess stars that attests the Lasker thought that chess is indeed a struggle among equal warriors.

The Sicilian Kan variation finds GM Leonid Stein on the white KP opening against GM Lajos Portisch .  1. e4  c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 c:d4  4. N:d4 a6 5.Bd3 Nf6 6. O-O  Qc7 7. Nd2 Nc6 8. N:c6 b:c6 9. f4!

This attack eyes the opening of the f-file and striving to expand board play.

9.  …. Bc5+  10. Kh1 d6 11. Nf3 e5 12. f:e5 d:e5 13. Nh4


This board walk from b1-h4 and eying f5 shows how planning enriches the whole operation level of chess strategy.

13. …. O-O 14. Nf5  Be6 15. Qe2  a5 16. Bc4

Also good was 16. Bg5 digging into the guts of the enemy fortress.

16. …. Kh8  17. Bg5 Nd7 18. Rad1! Nb6 19. N:g7!  B:c4 20. Bf6! Be7 21. Qf3 Black resigns.