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The Amateur Eye -The Game of Chess

August 20, 2018

The Game of Chess authored by Dr. S. Tarrasch was a breakthrough for students learning to play chess.  Joel Benjamin, former US Champion, praised the book highly in an interview some years ago.  It was the second book I read following Capablanca’s Fundamentals of Chess.  Of course there have been hundreds if not thousands of books devoted to chess instruction and chess biographies appearing in many languages which makes it one of the widest read and studied games to tickle the mass audiences round the world.

In July 2007 I introduced my own theory on chess planning by stressing the value of fully understanding the chessboard–IN THE BEGINNING, followed by my own technique for not only playing but understanding its many mysteries in a chess for fun or combat by introducing my theory of planning from move one I called SQUARE COUNT.

The idea for my website was and is to provide the enjoyment of chess in the family unit. It was meant to give readers an easy approach to chess play and understanding of plans and general tactics without spending maybe hundreds of hours on chess study or dollars to chess coaches.  Now there is nothing wrong with that.  But at the same time, route of these students rests within the USCF tournament and ratings play which is an excellent incentive for students whose main interest fits within that regimen.  My focus was on the family aside from those exposed to organized participation.  And I have by showing my own game play win, lose or draw the features of my own theories centered around the chessboard itself regarding space, dynamic and passive plots to employ in most cases  viewed within the concept of square count. Where, how and when to place pieces for effect really has never been fully explained as my square count has tried to clarify to those who pick up a pawn for the first time as a theme of my planning from move one.

I am an amateur, thus my often used THE AMATEUR EYE reflects that image of my being in all things that give life to my existence and interest devoted to its pleasures. /Don.


The Amateur Eye – Catholic Media Backlash

August 17, 2018

Well the media is at it again.  This time dragging up old and older accusations about misbehaving Priests and juniors within the flock.  I expected it.  Reminds me of the hits made on anti-crime when the gang lords had the news media in their pocket spread filth and lies as in the old fight game.  The media just has to shut down the Catholic call for reform in the Right to Life issue.  Rumors on this subject has existed for as long as the Church has been operating.  My only question is why now and did I not provide the answer here and now?

And how does this effect the gay community in general?  That, of course, is another can of worms.

The Amateur Eye -News Coverage Waste

August 14, 2018

I notice the great effort put forth by a few justice department personnel who have found that the game of chess mirrors life itself in lessons to be learned.  Last night I watched hours on the Tube being the eyes and ears on the crowds and news reporting junk that prompted my next article.  Is there any wonder why the youth have little or no moral or ethic work beliefs to cherish??? You won’t find them wasting their time. mine and yours on socialist crap which borders on communist propaganda and hatred for the American way.  We must nurture the blessings seen in our own historic social makeup that ever works for justice and tolerance and goodness seen in the American character.

The Amateur Eye – US Chess & Values

August 14, 2018

Education/ Chess is an educational tool aiding in the learning of planning, cause and effect relationships, pattern recognition, & research–all key skills for success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Customer Service/ Strive for excellence being responsive, adaptive and proactive.

Communication/ Chess Life Magazine Masthead, Tournament Info, Stories & Articles.

Outreach/ Extend the knowledge and appreciation of chess and love of the game in all manner of play.

Missionary Vision/ Empowering  people through chess one move at a time by enriching the lives of people and communities through advancing a healthy work ethic.

                                               Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

Putting kids back on the right track who commit any assortment of crimes is a noble goal and is championed not only by chess in the USA but by Canada.  It started with an idea by Lance Grigg with the thought that if a kid might learn discipline playing basketball, why not chess he played as a youngster.  The judge said give him some pointers for his study.  Lance Grigg is an associate professor of education in Canada.  A sport, an art, a game that is about thinking of consequences of moves before you make them, trying to identify a number of possible solutions, keeping in mind a healthy respect for rules.  Rules are helpful and create the possibility for all that creative thinking.

Thus, with one man’s idea in Alberta was launched the Chess for Life program–an alternative sentencing program for young people who become involved in the criminal justice system in Alberta.

“I stumbled onto, Grigg says of the chess program begun by Orrin ‘Checkmate’ Hudson, a former State Trooper from Georgia and founder of Be Someone Inc. a Stone Mountain Georgia based nonprofit that uses chess to teach analytical thinking to children. He also gained inspiration from news articles he found about GM Maurice Ashley’s program for kids in Brooklyn, NY. The program involves the Police Athletic League and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.”

The experiment started with several youngsters sent by the judge to try the program which noted how to play, videos on chess puzzles and openings; the kids got excited playing blitz chess once into it.  The course lasts 25 hours of instruction and hands-on  play.  Each class lasts 90 minutes.  The hope is for wiser choices being made by all.

I remind my readers again to click on the blue heading of articles to get all my articles done/ current back to July 2007.


Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

August 12, 2018

Is something keeping you from a good night’s sleep?  If so, realize that there is no room for worry or doubt within your active mind.  Be willing to accept responsibility for your own baggage; don’t let it accumulate.  If your current thoughts seem cloudy, realize that sunshine and good weather always follow and that includes your personal dreams for happiness.

Earl and his neighbor are seated on the porch.  Earl is dominating the conversation and his neighbor is just taking it all in.  “It is nice to know there are people out there who care about you.  Take me for example. Folks always seem to want to know what’s going on in my life.  They see me coming and they immediately engage me and want to know how I’m doing.  Usually it mostly is the Walmart greeters and reason why I go there so often to shop.”

Garfield, the cat, is addressed by Jon who asks him if his elbows match when Jon holds  them up side to side. Garfield looks bewildered.  Jon knows cats can’t talk but meows in response.

On military maneuvers Beetle Bailey’s platoon and Sgt. Snorkel get separated.  His buddy suggests they are lost in the woods and rough terrain.  And as ornery as he is, his leadership is vital to our mission, addressing Beetle who responds that we can really get lost in this terrain and I can take a nap while he is burdened with locating us.  I will be making him really happy to show his true mettle in tough situations having lost part of his recruits in the bush.

Shoe examines his full length mirror image of himself as robes after his shower.  He laments that everything is sagging around his middle.  Thank goodness my eyesight is shot, too!  Seeing not is believing.


The Amateur Eye – Taxing Kids’ Chicks

August 11, 2018

The so-called Democrat Party bosses got exposed again when City Hall decided to increase the fee for The Chicken Club of young people from $37 tp $75 which exceeded the financial ability for members to cover it.  Thank you city bosses run by Democrats to find a way to screw young people again and again–tax. tax. tax! and literally put the club and maybe others eventually that are designed to give kids a voice in farming, etc.

A letter to Mayor Lovely Warren explained the club’s purpose for 1st graders getting the chicks and the middle school kids and high school kids fulfilling their care needs.  Well, thanks to a senior citizen, 91 year-old Ronald A. Lord, who donated $100 to pay- to- save the chicks and  keep the club operating for another year: God Bless you sir!!  That is the true American Spirit!  Shame on those who claim goodness but taxes get in the way every time.  Probably Donald Trump’ DRAIN THE SWAMP was right on the money!  Follow the money to find the corruption and mismanagement run by political bosses and parties.

The Amateur Eye- On Supervision

August 8, 2018

What makes a good supervisor in organizational structure is important to any size enterprise.  Everything from the flow of information will require talent, time, and funds to develop a human resource educational structure aimed at furthering employee skills within the confines of governmental policies deemed by some to overburden both management and workforce but realizing the great emphasis on rights of both is never entirely remedied but an on-going process.

For the departmental supervisor the question is how to fit a job staffing role? It is made complicated in the simplest explanation, I think, by viewing the role within a department to fulfill the departmental and overall business goals.  It is critical for supervisors to have the mindset to match jobs in a department with available staff when possible or go outside when necessary.  The end result should be a more harmonious staff overall sharing the positives of success.  This also is a benefit in that good workers create growth for themselves as well as a supervising role of finding and assisting the promotion of worthy talent.  Good potential can be handicapped by supervisors who fear skills within the staff consorting to bad employee reviews, low salary increase adjustments and personal distress that can lead to overall decline of the whole staff who likely share such a negative atmosphere.

What of higher-ups.  A supervisor in charge of temps may well recommend employment and possible recommendations based upon varying values of work, attitude  and particular skills.  The temp agency notes all this and is influenced only by the personnel department head who could care less.  It is a practice to use cheap labor with no intention of helping youth development for the labor force.  It indirectly casts a black eye which my The Amateur Eye should relate! in its title role.

Organizations are usually made up of Top/Middle/Supervisory/Rank & File staff.  One can say that the supers are colleagues and a supervisor key role is management.  That role is the knowing fully the job and duties which determines the effectiveness on performance. It embodies the layout of an office, personnel required, but most important, is what I would call “personal management style.”  That can make or break true leadership.


The Amateur Eye -QGA

August 7, 2018

One of the greats who I followed as a youth and whose games I had formulated my square count theory was Jose R. Capablanca.  Even today his energetic positional beauty shines through seen in a recent chess competition.

l. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 e6 3. c4 d5 4. Nc3 d:c4

How can one dispute an opening having the history of the Queen’s Gambit Accepted.  Good or bad I would rate this choice as a test of its soundness.

5. e3  a6 6. a4 c5!

Here we see the Capablanca touch where he often stressed this pawn sortie for both space and challenge to the center d4 pawn.

7. Bc4:  Nc6  8. O-O  c:d4  9. e:d4  Be7 10. Re1 O-O 11. Bg5  Bd7 12. Qe2 h6!

This put the question to the Bishop’s future.  To capture or not, that is the question.  With clock ticking such is the stress on the nervous system of chess players.

13. B:f6?!

Alternative Bishop moves to h4, e3, d2 appears to prove too unclear which often befuddles the mind to focus on the wide road of exchange that effect the squares directly.

13. … B:f6  14. Rad1 Re8 15. Ne5!  Ah, square count decision!

15. … Qc7 16. Qh5?  As so often happens a square too far.  Much better was either 16. Qg4 or a Knight sortie with 16. Ne4 where in the mood of square count, Black is facing some pressure.

16. … N:e5?!

Again here, the noggin has to be put to better use. Wiser was 16…B:e5, effectively giving Black a free choice and the thought that the c6 Knight is very well posted .

17.  d:e5  Be7 18. Bd3

We might envision 18. Rd3! as a Kasparov type solution when he used that Rook lift to advantage.  Still, the positional delicacy persists.  Who stands better or equal?

18. … Red8  19. Qf3 Qb6 20. Qe4 g6 21. Qe2 Kg7

Securing the safety of the King.  Now, he improves the art of attack with….

22. g3 Rac8 23. h4 h5 24. Be4 Qb4 25. Kg2 Be8 26. Bf3 Bc5 27. Ne4 R:d1 28. R:d1 R:d1 29. Rc1 Bb5 30. Qd1 b6!

With a solid position, King safe, and a Pawn up, we close leaving the play now in your hands.  You got the edge, so prove it decisive.

Don’s Factor / A Voice in the Wind

August 4, 2018

My parents taught me that words convey a picture of a moment in time.  This is what I find so amazing about the Left in America–perhaps in the World.  For in this political realm of the Trump presidency, he has found a clever way to reach out to his base and the public, free of the media bias that over the years saw its dominance in the public arena ever swaying opinion toward their liberal philosophy.  It did more.  It exposed the bias and the inner hatred of political thought coming from the long past where the evils of Socialism and Communistic subjugation of people found really no one nation other than the United States willing or able to expose the alienation of a people’s right to self-governance.  Freedom is snuffed out by dictatorial violence.  It is controlled by spying on neighbors, family and communal dictatorial thought to fit neatly in the pocket of social conformity.  The one thing to keep America on a righteous path is our Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Biblical historic trials and tribulations affected by human ‘sin’ called religious beliefs,  The Ten Commandments and national character of its settlers.  The very nature of American values took hold with strides to better the character of its citizens and to correct and remedy through years working toward independent freedom for all.  We are told rightly that freedom is not free but must be preserved by the historical backdrop of the American character.   Lose that and you will lose freedom’s meaning.  May God always bless our Nation and keep it wise and secure.

The Amateur Eye – Some News on Hemp

August 1, 2018

Earlier discussed in an earlier article in July.  I said at the time I was going to review what news I had about the hype news given these stories about the so-called miracle of miracles– Hemp Oil or so called variations emphasizing Hemp products.  One pro I pay attention to is Dr. Michael Savage.  He has been banned by just about everybody but his radio show over WHAM seen just about nightly from 9:00pm weeknights and on UTube I believe.  If you tune in, you can expect a brisk evening from Dr. Savage’s fully entertaining wisdom.  I consider him a master craftsman of his dedicated profession rarely seen anymore.

The government now tells us that Hemp is AOK.  Really?  My own personal research of cigarettes labeled the culprit of throat cancer killed the tobacco industry of farmers but continues only because it was AOK once it was heavily taxed.  States just love high taxes. In going back to those days of the health industries, there still remains a question as to exactly what caused cancer from smoking– was it the paper used, the sprays used on tobacco itself, inhaling the smoke? Maybe this or that or a combination coming from its attraction of being socially acceptable.  We really don’t know and the government winks and allows cigarettes still smiling from all the tax money it pulls in.  To hell with smokers!  Right!

Now we see the blessing from Colorado by a bunch of amateur experimenting idiots in this ever expanding Hemp research farce.  Hailed so great that the US government has a patent on it has replaced the movie industry’s promoting the art of cigarette smoking.  I have to laugh at the classical movies from the 30s and 40s.  Well, lots of doctors and hospitals got rich and finally governments got rich from tax revenues.  Seems like no one talks much about cigarettes anymore–still sold widely across the country.  In time, the art of smoking proved that smoke was a hazard to health.  What sane person would put poison in their lungs?  It happened on my watch.  No, I never smoked cigarettes by choice.  And I wonder just how many actors and actresses fell to it’s lure?  Cigars, Pipes anyone??  George Burns died in his 90s and smoked cigars right up to his death.  His wife died possibly from smelling smoke all those years in life with him.  And to be fair, those who smoked and never died from throat cancer seemed to believe that they benefitted from the effects it had on nerves.  Was this truth or just a cute way of justifying their habit?  All this is what I had in my sketch files on the subject of smoking–my own and reading sources from magazines and talks with doctors through the years.

You see the thoughts I hold dear of saying : PROVE IT HARMLESS.  Like a life span of smoking  pro and con material,  this joy ride with Hemp is new.  I suspect it is likely to be habit forming.  I do not question research done to give it that “Miracle Tag” and support of US government filing for a patent that sort of gives the impression that the whole deal is an AOK so far as a health risk.  If the benefits can be proven that outweigh any concern about habitual use leading to mental or physical handicaps or altering our ability to fully recognize truth over fallacies in thought is in a field of research not yet fully explored.  I always lived using the belief that “proof is in the pudding” as my mom used to say.  Maybe the truth is that simple.