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The Amateur Eye – Modern Defense

June 18, 2018

Books on this opening are plentiful.  I coined it “The Rat” in viewing a game as a TD when White said of it being played: OH RATS!? perhaps hoping for something more classically known in his arsenal. White: Quillan vs. Black: Dubov.

After 1. e4 g6 2. d4 Bg7 3. f4 Usually Quillan plays 3. Be3 with a host of alternatives available; it is a line he often chooses so he elected to create this wall.   How would he attack it? wanders through his mental cap.  The mind is likened to a computer of sorts.

3.  … d6 4. Nf3 Bg4 Creating a pin and getting the Bishop out beyond his own pawn setup. Using my s/c theory White has an 8/3 edge in space on the board.  But we know this can change suddenly.  Still, White can be happy.

5. c3 Nd7 6. Bc4 e6 7. O-O  Ne7  Too close to the breast, but Black hopes to utilize his forces on the King-side, perhaps using the Queen and Rook pair for Q-side action.

8. Qe1 O-O 9. Bb3 B:f3 10. R:f3 c5 11. Be3 c:d4  12. c:d4 Nf6 13. Nc3! Adding s/c and developing the Knight to it’s natural c3 square.

13. … Ng4  Black continues the horse race like a jockey trying to find a way to break the block setup by White who now brings his QR into the center d-file.

14. Rd1 Qb6? Working the Q-side for space and s/c, Black finds his overworked Knight by exchanging it to query his whole plan.  The Knight has performed a long journey while allowing White to build up his force via development.  Still, removing the Bishop and Knight would loosen up the position a bit and just the fact that this exchange of the overworked piece brings question to the viability of such previous play, may have been a deciding reason to avoid the exchange.  Such goes the story of a thought process.

15. Na4  Qa6 16. Bc1 Saving the Bishop and even though it returns to it’s home base on c1, it continues to exert pressure over the dark squares aimed into the guts of the enemy King-wing.

16. … b5 17. Nc3 Qb6 18. Qh4!  This excellent move increases s/c, developing the Queen to an attack mode along the K-side and h4-d8 diagonal.

18. … Nf6 19. g4!! This keen shot opens up the loosened squares for White’s heavy forces to begin to infiltrate in the King hunt.

19. … Qb7  20. Rh3 h5 Black should have gone for 20…h6 trying to keep the wing pawn more compact for defense.  But the defense continues now to be shaken with the text. Now comes an excellent example of a centrally tied pawn attack into the enemy King sector.

21. g:h5  N:h5 22. f5!! e:f5 23. e:f5!  N:f5 24. Qg5!  The pointed conclusion to White’s previous moves at the pawn breakthrough and exchanges.

24. … Ne7 25. R:h5 g:h5 26. Rd2 Taking advantage of the loose second rank to swing the Rook to g2 and pouring great force to conclude and score the point.

26. … d5 27. N:d5 Rfe8 28. Rg2 Ng6 29. Nf6+ Kf8 30. N:h7+ Oh what fun when you are stacking the chips in poker and who says it doesn’t equal or best finding the ingredients herein.?

30. … Kg8 31. Q:g6 And Black has run out of gas, having no way to carry on any counter-play.

I chose this game for my chess students I found in New In Chess.  Notes are mine after the brief introduction.  Enjoy; employ; have fun!  Remember: it is a square world we live in!




The Amateur Eye – The CP Agenda

June 18, 2018

The Communist Party of the United States focus rests entirely with badmouthing Donald J. Trump and the Donald J. Trump family.  You see, the CP hides their evil eye by duping the Democrat–Liberal-Socialist-United Nations sleaze as a means of attracting the ignorant.  And what I mean by ignorant is exposing American students in higher learning to text books specializing in anti-American (assaulting the benefits of Capitalism) mixed with infiltration of communist propaganda in the classroom.

Our whole system of justice evolves around clarity and truth.  The Left attempt to colorblind our Justice system in lots of ways.  The essential way is the whitewashing of the investigative process and report by illegitimate or faulty conclusions to evidence collected.  Recent conclusions reached by committees given the task point to clear abuse of proven facts shining through various air holes in the investigations as to political media bias widespread since Hillary Clinton lost to President Trump.  Anyone ever hear of the tactic BAIT AND SWITCH??  The Clinton clan, the whole Democrat Party are experts at this tactic that came about in the 1990s thru 2016 and last two-years of stored up hate because election result is not the problem, only the fact that Trump’s supposed upset election result that almost no Democrat or Liberal or media ever expected has led to the exposure of government and political corruption by the highest powers in our government agencies, especially our Justice system once the pride of LAW everywhere. Who was responsible for this?

Yes, the Russians have been trying to undermine American and Allied nations for years since the 1940s under earlier dictators and most effectively now with Putin.  He has managed to smear the integrity of the Democrat Party as well as the strong Liberal philosophy that backs the abortion of our babies through the communist brainstorm and practice in the Stalin era and influenced to be established in the USA under the guise of a joyful and non-communist plot —PLANNED PARENTHOOD–a universal benefit to women as a cover.  How many abortions is not the question today.  Dead is dead. Any decent woman who views the beauty of love and birth and raising a child in the family setting of husband and wife or even through adoption to parents who cannot bear children for a physical reason is a blessing from our Lord.  The gift of the Holy Bible describes the steps to raising successful chances for a child in life.  I see abortion as evil and right only as it pertains to the health of the mother. And some willingly give up their own life to save their child in birth.  Shame! Shame! And triple SHAME!!!

But this all reverts back to the evils of communism as a system rule over mankind by force.  Examples can be viewed in Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea and all other Leftists whose rule by force of its population is legendary.  Such force is heaped upon the good and the bad in societies.  Is there any wonder that, but for the grace of God having raised up great leaders with principles set in mind to make the world a better and safer place, would justice be so served?  I leave that to your thoughts and conscience.

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

June 14, 2018

The political world is largely captured in the prose and oral recordings of the day.  Two extremes exist.  One says that there is no limit to the possibilities forward.  Others tend to use the fear angle as a means of communicating their displeasure with the status quo of the past wherein anyone who upsets this in any way is branded a nincompoop!! A charlatan!! A lightweight amateur!!  Love, respect, compassion, honor describes to my readers the handle, charismata as it defines the appropriate description of Donald J. Trump, President of the United States.  This blessing is reserved for those who are so defined in my Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary.

We find SHOE lying on the ‘head-doctor’s couch’ and he is saying: “I got in touch with my inner child as you suggested.”  The doctor is noting much in his notebook and replies, “And?” Shoe casts a regretful remembrance with, “He blew up the basement with his chemistry set.”

The Wizard of Id panels show the government taking a poll on the temperature of the King of Id.  Blocks show choices being: The Greatest; Really Good; Pretty Good; Get shot. in panel one and in panel two we see the suggested servers with one having bow and arrow aimed at the house of one citizen responding, “This poll feels biased!”

Sgt. Snorkel is gazing in the Bakery window at all the goodies as Beetle and his sidekick pass in front of Mac’s Bar and Grill.  ” I had an uncle who could not pass a bar without stopping for a drink.” He commented to Beetle who added, “It’s the same with Sarge being tempted with Bakeries!”

I rarely note anything from the old Doonesbury Classics but found panels one-four most of current import.  “Mr. Speaker, during the last eight years, this body has taken a number of actions that have led to the largest financial and ethics scandal in the history of United States since the S&L scandal long past now.  But I will say that crime knows no end in terms of history.  Never have so many exerted themselves in the current mess that is of even greater harm to our Nation.  I point out this because no one ever seems to face the wrath of the voter who in ignorance fails to care about messes best shoved under the rug saying it is best to ignore than to face realities.  In the final panel, a few of the congressmen whose party backed by political hacks of the D brand of Pelosi and Schumer—House and Senate minority leaders.  Menopause and excess duration  having deep seats?? Who knows but don’t ever quote me.”

BC shows a new born dinosaur being laughed at by a Palm tree  because the baby could not reach the leaves to eat.  Ha-Ha!! says the tree to the baby, “I am too tall for you to eat me.”  Just wait until I am twelve and you will regret laughing at me, Pal!!” Now, the palm thinks, “Sure hope I can grow faster than that thing hits puberty.”

The Amateur Eye – The Establishment

June 10, 2018

Well, I’ll be danged!!! It is the current political morass of the Establishment, politics aside, that I finally figured out why the HATE DONALD J. TRUMP kite flies over not just the Washington, DC skyline but all through the jargon of students who follow and cannot think for themselves on the topics weekly given in our centers of higher learning.  Of course much of it comes from the Left-wing dreamers who believe all the hype about how superior is the Socialist-communistic system openly and subversively entered into in total ignorance of history.

It is said, “Let not your hearts be troubled.” But that long ago song now, in modern tech and science coming in this modern age of rapid lightning can cause immeasurable harm. Every meal out at restaurants find folks glued to the many and varied devices that zero out the enjoyment of good conversation and fellowship when dining.  It reminds me of a zombie intellectual void where communication is void beyond those funny little devices  that appear to replace the joy of sharing friends and family.  Has this been a lost art–communication with eye to eye contact?

What I  find almost comical, if it were not so sad, is the simple fact that our culture has suffered.  Looking at a good storybook, one finds pleasure in it’s total.  Ice out enough of it will make it lacking importance or interest.  Can you imagine other examples met in life?  And can you imagine the growing pain seen in our society coming from drug abuse, often seen as a consequence of good intentions in treating pain.

The American character has been tarnished in so many ways.  It has fallen from the traits that Americans valued.  If the road to success is hard, and an easy way to cheat oneself to success and honorariums exists, the temptation for committing sins in choosing the latter is just wrong.  Success comes from effort and work–plain and simple. Judgment is sometimes fickle.

Eyeballing Trump, I see a man who is one of good character.  Mistakes aside, his overall achievements are hallow reminders of what dedicated service means to a Nation when it is placed above self and party.  His belief structure proves itself in the rearing of his children and wife.  His backbone is strong and his insight full of depth beyond many who proceeded him in this office.  The skeptics and haters wield a liberal philosophy geared to an established guidebook written and meant for politicos.  They deny any variance from that dogma.  That musters in the call for impeachment resulting from ignorance that further breeds hatred and distrust.  Trump has brought change and exposed for the American public and voters the decadence seen when elitists have wielded power set to their often corrupted values, sometimes without realizing it.  That is why they hate Trump and feel that they must destroy his beliefs by driving him from office in one way or another.

The news media corrupts itself by collected fake news, by which I mean, journalists and reporters use the same punch line beginnings to slander Trump in every manner possible using the TV and written prose.  There is only their slanted bias being exposed to the public which, unfortunately for most probably pay little to no attention other than to blindly accept what the media has to offer.

Shame! Shame!!  Shame!!!  Ignorance is no excuse dear friends.  And the Lord will pay those their just sins—seen with wagging tongues and rightly will expose themselves to suffer ever more in debate. ….Don, The Kindred Spirit.



Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

June 9, 2018

This week I saw the heart of our Land born in the soul of our President Donald J. Trump.  I think of the biblical thought that the bible verse teaches: “For if you have a heart for forgiveness, then the Father in Heaven will likewise forgive you your trespasses.  You see, we live at a time in history when our thoughts often become fragmented in worry and fear.  Our culture speaks violence.  Movies give us a view of the times.  See the eras past where the movies depict the trends.  Good wins over bad.  Evil is often depicted in westerns by the good guys facing the menace of an outlaw band headed by a guy wearing a black sombrero.  Bad guy wins; good guy finds retaliation; evil is overcome to the cheer of the audiences across the Land.  I only saw one movie Bad Bascom where bank robbers in pursuit by the law join a Mormon wagon train and a little girl transforms them into doing good.  But the law in pursuit catches up with them and is brought to justice with the audience tearfully watching THE END.

Forgive the bad hombre?  Hardly! Society does not like to forgive so the crime and punishment authors and books many times omit any thought of forgiveness of sins. It exalts vengeance.  You guessed it:  Don’t get mad–get even!!  Sue the jackass!!  Lie in court!!! Hatred brings out the humanity in people.

Why are there so many lawyers running around the country?  Do good? Sure. But many are out to rip off somebody either for self or client.  In the USA, the growing trend of law degrees outweigh any other country.  This trend seems to officiate ever towards a population of self-interest seekers where forgiving is non-negotiable.

As a witness to goodness, we need only look at the life of Jesus.  Christians should not have vengeance ever in their thoughts or take revenge.  In a sense, it is God saying: Leave vengeance to me.  For in Romans 12:19-21; Do not take revenge but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: It is mine to avenge; I will repay.  If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.  Doing this you will give his conscience a working over.  Do not win by committing evil, but overcome evil with good. In this way, you make room for change toward a spiritual life for joy and happiness of any adversary in life.  The Holy Spirit will grow in both.

The Amateur Eye – Addiction

June 9, 2018

Drug addiction is like traveling on a one way trip down a two-lane highway. There is no ramp exit unless you make the effort and that ramp might not exist or be passed by in your speedy vehicle due to your heavy foot on the accelerator.  That is how one might describe the so called early introduction to Marijuana as an opiate to more pain killers.

Dr. Michael Savage has long carried the message of the dangers of marijuana on his radio show and writings.  Guest writer Nelson Acquilano, a licensed master social worker, in his letter to the editor of The Democrat & Chronicle, Saturday, June 9th describes his own findings that support what Dr. Savage discovered many years ago. It is, in fact, been established as the gateway to deeper drug abuse.  He concludes with this observation and warning: Research on the health and safety effects strongly correlates with many mental, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual problems. Marijuana is not fully appreciated for what it really is– a drug of addiction having devastating effects on our families.

While it is true that many reports have been published on the effects and consequences of marijuana, little has been tested or proven in the new craze called HEMP, toted as a non marijuana, pain relieving product where the dangerous marijuana plant is not in the product called HEMP. It boasts favor by researchers, including the Federal Government of it’s potential to bring relief to sufferers from arthritis and other related pain complaints.

For many years we have witnessed time and again the assurances of researchers about pain relief discoveries.  Good pills; bad pills–they all come in degrees with uncertainties of benefits.

Advertisers that include doctors, research scientists, etc. etc. boast with thrilling confidence of the wonder potion called HEMP.  Well, my thoughts on this is that there should be considerable testing of any new drug or herb on the market–not of a few hundred people but many thousands in such trials.  Now, I am not knocking HEMP but only suggest that extensive testing be made to it’s long  term usage.  A miracle discovery as a pain relief sounds great. HEMP rope during WWII helped landing forces so the whole nature of hemp has long been known.  It may well be that the breakthrough and maybe it’s use of this purported wonder drug will be a blessing known to mankind for over a thousand years.  Lets hope so!!  For researchers and scientists: MY HAT OFF !!

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

Blondie and Dagwood are having a painter in to repaint the ceiling on their house.  Dag is, as always, interested in the workman’s job.  He converses with he painter who is trying to finish his job. You know, from here it doesn’t look like you’ve covered  the old coat of paint.  And I am wondering if a third coat might be necessary after all.  The 3rd panel shows Dag on the ladder finishing the painting of the ceiling.  Blondie comes in and asks what happened to the painter they hired to pain the ceiling?  Dag answers her by saying, “Artistic Differences.”

Pickles features a 4 panel cartoon. Opal asks Earl as they sit on the sofa, “Did you say something?”  You mean today?  No, I don’t think I did. “A little conversation,” Opal continues “would be nice.” Earl concludes with, “My stomach just rumbled.  Does that count?”

Ziggy goes to a new restaurant.  Before I serve you the ‘chef’s surprise’, you’ll have to sign this nondisclosure agreement!”

Shoe: “You say your wife has been cranky all her life?” ” Oh, yeah. She’s the only woman I ever heard of who had a ‘sour 16’ party.”

Beetle Bailey: In church the chaplain tells Zero, “Find somebody you admire and imitate him.”  Later on outside, Beetle gets annoyed with Zero following him around.  “Why are you following me around, Zero?” “Everyone else told me to get lost.”




Don’s Comic Coffee & Tea Break

June 8, 2018

In my old age I find myself sometimes wondering if my words improve anyone’s life who take the trouble to follow me.  I abhor ads being posted on my website; I don’t get paid by WordPress. I use their free site as I don’t make any money from my blog.  All contributions can go to various charities of your choice.  My appreciation!!  I say this only because I get notes wanting to know why I do not charge a fee.  There are friends and loved ones in my life who can improve me physically and mentally with blessings from the Lord.  After-all we are trying to achieve our best with the tools at our disposal.

Dag’s panels finds him going to join his wife Blondie in bed.  She says he was gone for quite awhile.  Dag says he was in the kitchen. He couldn’t sleep so he browsed the refrigerator to find some leftovers that might make him sleepy.  Blondie goes back to sleep and Dagwood, now in bed turns off the lamp and tucks up with his pillow, mumbling: “Luckily I tasted several before I found one that did the trick!!”

Opal and Earl are on the sofa as we look in on them. She tells us that when you have been married as long as we are, there is no such thing as awkward silences.  We can go for hours without saying a word to each other.  Earl looks up from his newspaper and tells Opal that cabbage rolls make him gassy.  He returns to reading the paper in the last panel and Opal addresses us with: “Sometimes that is not even enough!”

Beetle Bailey breaks us up in a two panel sketch that finds the guys on a deployed camp-out.  GIs are found lounging under trees in a clearing when the question of the football brought along and missing comes up. “I brought a football .  Has anyone seen it? They call answer in the negative.  The second panel shows why.  Beetle is taking a nap and snoring among the snoozing, is seen using the football as a head rest!

Hagar and his right-hand man find themselves shipwrecked and float to an island shore where they are met by an old codger with the welcome; “Welcome to Rainbow Island!  Here no one fights or argues or says an unkind word. We live in peace and harmony!  Wow! says Hagar’s lieutenant. “Sounds like we died and went to…”  Hagar pipes up with …:HADES!!”

With all that readers, practice what I do!  Take in a deep breath and exhale slowly! Do it any number of times during the day and night.  Be surprised at the results!

The Amateur Eye – Why Chess???

June 4, 2018

USCF once noted as a come  on for youngsters and parents alike: CHESS MAKES YOU SMART.  But the slogan misses the real point of the joys of chess and it’s real value.  To illustrate my point, take the interview with Vidit Gujrahi of India.

As a lad of 7, his parents introduced him to chess as a goal of keeping him out of mischief and to limit watching TV.  His goal was to defeat his dad at chess. Like so many stories of kids coming into chess, the story is a tale of repeated showmanship of youthful conquest of our noble game.  It is chess for fun and blood.  Some go into it for building up their ratings where there is no limit to the various class points to gain or lose.  Young Vidit got chess books from his coaches and his efforted dream was toward mastership of the game.  By age 15 his rating grew to 2500.

I have said that the chess bug bit me likewise in those growing years.  It certainly rivaled the interest I always had for world history and American history.  Capablanca was our equal joy in learning the game.  I was mainly interested in the biographies of the greats throughout chess history and studied their styles and games.  I had little interest in my rating gauge for improvement as I realized I did not have the funds to travel broadly to tournaments nor the interest of my parents for the game.  For music I liked the drums and harmonica-harp and collected classical music records.  Over the years I have amassed a huge literary library covering many topics and writings.

I see chess as means to quench the needs of youth and somewhat control excessive energies into meaningful endeavors.  Vidit was an intense child according to his mother. Records in child development point favorably on the benefits of youthful chess play and interest.  Today he is the third strongest player in India.  There is an excellent write-up on Vidit Gujrathi in the excellent chess magazine NEW IN CHESS. I encourage all those interested in chess to subscribe which covers the world of chess by international famed writers.

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

June 4, 2018

When I think about a dream of a Wishing Well, I would like to dream that my blog is empty of advertisers whom pay Word Press for that honor but has no purpose within my articles nor possible interest to my readership.  These advertisers can honor me by making a contribution to the USO, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Sisters of St. Benedict.

Garfield, the cat, dreams a lot. Today he is alone, thinking just how do I do it.  I shall tell you how I do it!  I don’t, simple as that as he takes his nap.

Dag enters the house and tells Blondie that he was stopped for speeding and given a ticket by a young police officer.  Blondie simply says “Oh, No!”  It turns out that it was his first day on the job.  He was excited, I guess. After he wrote the ticket, he insisted on taking a selfie with me to show his girlfriend.

In Pickles, Opal is telling Earl that the company from whom she buys her favorite candies must have changed their recipe because now they taste like cough drops.  Earl takes the pack from her and tells her that it says they are cough drops.  They just stopped making them taste like candy.

Peanuts panels show the moonlit night finding Linus and Peppermint Paddy walking home from the carnival–PP’s perceived first date with one she adores.  She says that sometimes when two people walk home from a carnival, they hold hands.  Yes, I used to think about what it would be like walking home holding hands with that little red-haired girl and I…..Suddenly the panels find Linus alone in wonderment.  He finally realizes that he really blew it!

The Amateur Eye–World Blessings

June 2, 2018

One of my favorite writers and commentators is Mark R. Levin.  Need I say more?!  My ideals to weigh performance and wisdom has no bound.  And do you understand or care that we are living a moment in history when the fulfillment of biblical history is unfolding?  Woe to those who with wagging tongues blaspheme the works of ink laid on immortality whether it be in scripture, music, literature…even fairy tales.  In all reality, I speak of this time in history; of this fulfillment of God’s plan; of his promise of America long before it’s discovery and world role long ago foretold in scripture.  For it’s map location set it aside from the ancient world of Asia, Europe, Africa.  The north and south American continents housing its own great forefathers of Indian nations has a whole different tie with religion brought by missionaries who brought the knowledge of our Father in Heaven and his Son, Jesus here on Earth.

The world has been one long struggle of human bondage of one sort or another.  Out of the pages of history as seen in Biblical writings and song, every people have sensed and found meaning in their own time and existence but with a craving for purpose of and in life.  Historical writings of great thinkers brought to our current state of world discoveries and meaning.  It comes down to our inborn spirit, of our dream state, what it all means.  But we have all made progress with a spiritual blessing as given us by our Holy Father in Heaven and the joy brought to the Earth in the birth of Jesus as fulfilled in scripture from the earliest pose.  The sins spoken of has been cast away by Jesus and way to salvation from sin as described in the holiest of books.