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Kindred’s Special: Dumb News – Know Just Politico of Any Stripe Who Broadcast With Bragging Fallacies Exposed

January 8, 2012

Guess I am just mad.  The U. S. Government is sick, sick, sick. Frankly I am tired of getting ripped off by politicians who tell me that our known energy sources are destroying the Earth and endangering public health. No to nuclear; no to oil; no to coal and wood. But we are encouraged to pursue solar wind sources.  Yes, electricity will make vehicles go.  My sources tell me some enlightning news I pass on to you.  Did you know, for example, that the power plant disaster in Russia was hyped in America and round the world as killing millions of people?  Well, Stalin killed 20 million people in the name of Communist purification.  The disaster claimed the lives of less than 50 people and the years since has seen little ill-effect on the populations of Europe.  Thank  you over zealous reports of the news agencies to scare the world population and those who feel it their duty to kill off any attempt to grow nuclear power sources in the United States.  The next great crisis came when the earthquake in Japan damaged one of their main power plants. Again, we saw people in America move inland for fear of fallout from the waste.  The real effect was probably less than getting a suntan at the beach. Then, the wise men and women who dictate our life these days put a damper on existing plants and any future plants.  The simple truth is that the so-called solar wind sources dictated as the future of American energy needs just doesn’t cut it.  And our travel requirements and great expanse between ports of call requiring autos and trucks to meet individual needs won’t cut it. We are not Europe or some little Island that one can travel often across whole nations in one day so is not feasible here. Our highway systems and laws will not permit it. The millions of cars on the highway today would not be able to store such electric systems because it would be ruineous to the national grid system. Remember when we had blackouts during summer months due to overuse of air conditioning?  Now, the cry is to stop any type of oil drilling as well as building a pipeline from Canada to Texas.  No?  Then, Canada will direct the pipeline to be built with Chinese help to their pacific coast and once more, the United States gets screwed by these ecologists and government fear mongers and WH stupidity shown for 3 years to energy governance. American knowhow is being short changed.  Plants and various methods of extracting resources to help give our Nation a good solid economy is vital and modern technology has proven safety is alive and well in research and innovative planning.