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Kindred’s Special: Rain, Rain, Go-away!

March 15, 2010

Well folks, don’t say I did not warn you with my Global Warning column featured earlier. We started out with heavy snowfalls in places not experiencing such a deluge in many years, if ever. Then, not to be outdone by the white stuff, we got deluged by enormous rainfalls and heavy winds that knocked down trees, killed some people, and knocked out electricity for hundreds of thousands. And that did not finish it because the heavy snows that preceded the rain melted and enormous floods flowed thru city blocks and over flowed river banks. Many areas are still in the dark.

I guess my predictions about the weather conditions that latter part of last year and beginning of this year can only be explained by my bum leg broken in a fall from my roof on August 13th 2008. At least the bummer really left me with aches whenever the weather normented the knee caused by the foreign materials used to put me back together again. Of course it could also be my telling you that I came from God to help save the world from itself. After all, I am Kindred Spirit and my spirit is a gift from our Lord. I always had the funny feeling that I was here on this Earth before. Probaby it is from reading so many books on history but I always had the feeling from being born that I had chosen my parents when angels delivered me to their home. I do know angels exist and have spoken to a couple of them when I was in the hospital in 1995.

Please don’t call the looney truck people in those white coats to dash me off the nuthouse. I do not particularly like nuts.

Fact is that my predictions are right on target. I suggest everyone began to store up extra cans of food and other supplies like flashlights, a good quality listening device run by batteries, plenty of warm clothing, etc. Just a thought to be on the safe side. If you read my columns you will recall my mentioning in that specific article that we might well experience a mini-iceage as early as 2012-2015 which might come close if we experience 2011 with rough times weather-wise.

But have FAITH! The Lord has a place reserved for his flock. It would be wise to think about that and repent. All mankind sins and it is the wise man and woman who sets about the means through daily prayer to begin to have discussions with the Father who will listen and comfort those in distress. Right now we need to improve our employment with real jobs and bring home to America some of the jobs we send overseas as well as building up our manufacturing base and national infrastructure. AMEN.

Sorry to be so late with writing but had to get my taxes done. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go to a national sales tax and do away with the IRS and all miscellaneous taxes. Just a thought. What do you think about it?