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A Look at Square Count

December 26, 2015

Seen from New In Chess, issue 7, titled 30th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE, the Kindred Spirit pen of Don highly recommends readers to subscribe to this magazine.  You know I do not steer my readers astray or shortchange them on what I recommend.  New In Chess is a must for my readers interested in understanding and enjoying the game of chess.  No, you won’t find the term square count so how does it apply to the magazine?  In short, it is my view of study given from the various diagrams to illustrate it’s usefulness.  That is why you need this issue! And once in your hands, you can apply my lesson here to all the game diagrams wherever found.

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5  a6 4. Ba4  Nf6  5. O-O Be7  6. Re1 b5  7. Bb3 O-O 8. c3 d6 9. h3 Bb7 10. d4 Re8 11. Nbd2 e:d4 12. c:d4 Nd7

An idea probably made practical by Paul Keres. White has a s/c edge.  Following my theory on s/c, Black must plan to increase his own s/c.

13. Nf1  Na5  14. Bc2  Bf6  15. Rb1  c5  16. d5  Nc4 17. b3 !  Nce5  18. Nfh2!

White drives out the N from c4 where it offers to exchange Knights. White wisely refrains following the principle that material is necessary to carry out successful attacks in the middle game so repositions  it for s/c.

18. … Ng6  19. Ng3  Bc8!

A definite s/c plot for the Bishop at c8.

20. Rf1  Nb6  21. Ng4  B:g4  22. h:g4?!

Actually, 22. Q:g4 to gain s/c seems more appropriate in our discussion. White appears poised to launch a wing pawn demonstration against the King.   Giri  vs. Svidler suggests it is unclear who is better.  7/11 count.

22. … h6  23. Nf5  Ne7  24.Ne3 b4 25. g3 a5  26. Kg2

Again White misses a s/c 26. a4! Now black s/c soars.

26… a4   27. b:a4  Qd7  28. Qd3?

Missing his last hope with 28. a3! over next couple moves.

28. …Ng6  29. Nf5  N:a4  30. B:a4  R:a4  31. Rh1  Ne7

White resigned following moves 41.

Lots of good chess and diagrams to evaluate conditions regarding square count (s/c) in the games presented in New In Chess.  By examining the positions in the diagrams of which games have several, it will give you a way to numerically provide count for both sides.

Kings on the attack is a first of hopefully many that Judit Polgar’s new column will delight readers of NIC.  She writes: The aim of the game is to mate the opponent’s king.  But the king may bite back, as highlights her lst column for NIC. All I can say is MAGNIFICANT MAGIC!!






Who Cares? I Do. We Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2015

Atheists never bother me; do they you?  If they do, zero them from your mind.  Because you know, those who badmouth Christmas try to poison our focus on the beauties of the season.  They point to the fact that Jesus was not born on December 25th, a date Christianity adopted to celebrate his birth.  As I wrote before, no one knows the exact date but historians figure it had to be sometime when the shepherds were in the mountains tending their sheep which would put the time as August-September.  This was recorded in the Bible but also it was during the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem to pay their taxes.  I also imagine it was a time when the Heavens shown bright the beauty of the star clusters.

We honor Christ’s birth but also celebrate in love and brotherhood what the Lord has bestowed upon us; to celebrate our diversity, yet feel the bond among our peoples that enrich our very souls.  That is the essence of the Highest Holy God, our Father’s gift to mankind.  Jesus, the Son of God, established this bond, teaching prayer and how to pray and forever making possible the one on one relationship in love with the Father and the Son.

Today, I see an America that is not and will never be my America. It is a piss poor excuse for what our Lord hoped for us.  It demonstrates that the devil, Satan, and his band of other corrupted angels who followed him in rebellion against the Heavenly Father reside here on Earth, always looking to catch those who can be easily swayed into sin.  And this sin has found a haven within governments around the world.

Shamefully folks, you won’t find church leaders providing guidance for their flock because much what is espoused at Christmas time reminds me of politics as usual.  There is little feeling given congregations of the richness of this day for celebration.  But I say you can make it holy as well as a time to celebrate with presents, good food, and family and friends.  Be charitable and carry a kind word for all you meet.  “Merry Christmas” should be at the forefront of saying hello and goodbyes.  Instead we have the politically correct crowd always attempting to silence believers.  Must we shudder in fear of making others uncomfortable?  Well, they make us feel uncomfortable, don’t they!



The Devil is in the Communist Pudding

December 18, 2015

My readers might assume I am politically motivated and use my pen to tweak the nose of the establishment–democrat and republican– and, too, the communists from the 1930s on who distort and hide the pinko babies from those days to grow among the elite in higher education.  Few, if anyone else reached this from study of history and seeing the slow but steady influence of what today’s politicians, reporters, and crackpots in the news media label simply as ‘left-wing’ or ‘right-wing’ antagonists. They all err in this respect by having to daily post reports so they, in time, have given short shrift to history–the beginnings, the middle road, and the current endgame.  This is treated separately because they don’t associate with and see the so called connection of dots often described in news reports.  Our politicians who pursue personal agendas in all stripes do us no favor.

There was a time when this radical look at America had advocates in and out of government.  One of my readers asked me: “What in hell happened to our belief system and country?  I had to agree that it was hard to find a suitable answer, if an answer was the right thought or opinion was more appropriate.  Let me say that there is no concrete answer; my opinion carries little to no weight.  But that doesn’t provide an answer to my opinion either.  Regrettably our lives have been set up for making money, a family life dedicated to some sense of achievement at work and play with bonds of respect among co-workers, friends and those we cherish and love.  Families feel safe within their homes and our individual lives melt into that fabric.

Morality and immorality clash repeatedly. Our social system has been based upon our belief in Godliness regardless of religious beliefs and sects.  The danger to our value system rests with how and why we have tinkered with beliefs that government has modified due to the rise of pure individualism and social tolerance. Today, people shack up together without marriage and do so under the guise of marriage being redefined as between two love birds without regard to a man-woman assuming the role of building a family together.  That has become the law of the Land.   So be it.  In my own view, once Pandora’s Box is opened, it cannot ever again be closed for whatever reason.  That is human nature.  How our Lord looks upon our modern society today should be left to our Lord.  His love is unconditional and maybe the term sinner needs to be viewed as how our Lord approached the sinner while he walked among his flock.  We are reminded that we all have sinned in the sight of God.

The above view was secretly attacked under the guise of free speech and terms like tolerance and intolerance opened the door for sects that were anti-god, not having a belief in a hereafter that loosely is termed atheist for a better definition.  Dead is dead. Period.  A cold sobering thought, isn’t it?  But one I refuse to share because the Bible and Jesus tells me so.

Well, I know that I shall be called a bigot, a hate-mongering conservative value oriented screwball.  Why not throw in your own petty views.  Those who despise my columns I pity.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it is because what I write burns into their souls.  I am a Christian and believe in Jesus as the Son of God who will come again to finally battle the Earthly World of Satan, the Devil, and his whole body of fellow angels who rebelled against God.  The Bible fulfills my knowing the Lord and confidence that he lives and will return.  When I go home to Heaven, I won’t find a huge number of females waiting to do my bidding but my love and family circle and hopefully friends made while here on Earth.  My  love and I will be reunited and I live with the belief that she watches over her flock until that time comes.


My spirit came to earth from the heavens on wings of an angel,  chose my parents, floundered about in the womb of water and found myself firstly in the arms of a nurse who carried me about the hospital showing me off to all she met.  Fantasy.  Maybe just a dream in my birth week?  It sounds crazy until I found another who experienced the same.  And we see stories of reincarnation.  The great military leader George Patton believed he lived before. He is not the only source of such happenings.  I came back to live again and fulfill my destiny.  Maybe I died in a war or by accident and had not seen my potential on earth fulfilled.  One has to wonder what my purpose to being born again means if such really happened.

What I do know is that my experience definitely tells me that ABORTION IS EVIL.  It is not a choice of a woman unless it is a matter of her own life that the baby not be born from her womb.  Should that be in the hands of a doctor to determine or the wishes of a mother who chooses either way? All I know is that a child in womb is alive and not just a pile of tissue.

The only reason I venture into this is that life is valuable.  The idea of abortion itself was advocated as a woman’s choice under the realm of communist doctrine as written up by the philosophy of Marx and Lenin and pursued by Stalin until he discovered that too many Russian women were aborting their babies when the Russians needed more kids in the world to fight future conflicts with the West.  And communist liberalism found a hole in the fabric of the US government that liberals concocted to bring into being another communist plan called the progressive movement inspired by the writings of Saul Alinsky.  It became the poster child with the help of liberals like Bill and Hillary Clinton with backing by the whole Democrat Party.

I guess I have to believe that such a liberal Democrat who embraces such a system as adopted by the government believes it being best for America. However, I tend to agree with those in disagreement just by fact findings.


Don’s Comic Favorites

December 17, 2015

Gemini  –   (I liked this best of all)  You may not feel like contributing, or maybe you’re unsure what you can offer, but give anyway.  More participation brings enjoyment to all around you.

For Better or Worse –  Look at the shopping line!  What if they run out of dolls?  Ridiculous wait!  Oh, well.  I refuse to degrade myself by fighting over a dumb doll.  All right, who’s first, please?  STAMPEDE!! ME! ME!

Shoe –  We find him sitting in his easy chair to view the movie he has been dying to see called BLACKBEARD AND THE SWASHBUCKLERS. Suddenly the host comes on to say the film has become rated ARRRRRRRRGH!  It shouldn’t happen to a dog–A totally depressing moment.

The Family Circle –  Mommy, they should have Santa be a challenge on Project Runway.  He wears that same suit every year.

Fred Basset –  A soccer match debate between coaches. “Hang on!?  This is not fair. I only have Fred while you have Jock and Yorky on your side.  Besides, Fred is  slow, clumsy and more a disadvantage than a real help.”  He notices the put down by Fred’s sulking demeanor so adds, “No offense, Fred.” Fred, being a loving Basset hound, and can’t speak but can think laments, ‘I’d be lying if I said none taken’. ( A dog’s feelings can be just as hurt as if it were one of your children exposed to this.)

Heathcliff –  Mom and Dad view Heathcliff and Mouse at the computer hacking Santa’s ‘Naughty List’.



The Tale Left Untold

December 15, 2015

The story of Lydia is best told in her own words.  She gave me a copy of those dark events as they compounded to alter her life that mother Rose and I had envisioned for her.  Little did we know or expect to happen, really happened.  In compiling her notes, I hope I have done justice to bring my readers the essence of her life, a life that she was cheated of from that of a young lady who deserved better.  Yet, in those trying times, she was able to tread her way through a web of spies,  murder, revenge.  Her life must remain a blank; whereabouts unknown.  Perhaps the time will come when the truth, justice, and liberation of those involved within the short confines of my own story and those amassed over the years can be told.  But, for now, the cover must remain closed.  Closed and sealed by fiat.

What, when and where will the next chapter appear?  That depends, dear reader,  on my own longevity or that of Lydia in time, subject to the powers in control. Maybe it will not be in our lifetime or long after my website and blogs are scooped up in mothballs.  I can tell you that she is married, has children, and quite happy now.  Perhaps, in some ways, it is the ideal way to end the final chapter when finally written.  All I can say right now, is ta ta!

Christmas Sadness and Joy

December 15, 2015

The holy Christmas season will soon be upon us.  It has been a time of sorrow, sadness but still an uplifting joy for me. I can’t speak for you.  You may wonder; don’t blame you either.  See,  I am a happy guy most of the time.  So why would I start out this piece depicting both sadness and joy?

It is the dogs.  It is the cats. You see, in my life I had the privilege to enjoy the company of both over much of my 77 years on Earth.  In my writings, I think I mentioned those experiences.  I guess I set each experience like the animal bed my wife made in a sort of compartmental life journey with warm, loving companions, each having personalities to hold dear in memories where being gave full love along our journey.

Maybe it is the time of this holy season that we are reminded of associations in both the human and animal world;  that there is a kingdom to one day enter where all of us will come together again in peace, love and understanding.


Don’s Coffee Tidings

December 15, 2015

Aries – You’ve a unique kind of confidence.  You provide something different for everyone.

Pickles –  Why do I find it so hard to write something on our Christmas cards?  Look at all these cards with personal messages so nicely and neatly written.  This one for example is a photo Christmas greeting from our senator showing his whole family;  we sent him a donation last election.  My goodness, the family keeps growing.  This stack is from people we haven’t seen in years–long colorful letters filled with updated lives.  Here’s one, it is signed the family Fromm. Who are they?  I have no idea!

Hagar –  The doctor tells Hagar that raiding castles is dangerous work. “When was the last time you got hurt?” I don’t recall right now. (Thankfully he isn’t covered by The Affordable Care Act–better known as “Obamacare”).  His body guard trooper answers the doctor with, “It was the time he forgot to bring back some loot for Helga!”

Socialist Dogma –  Look kid, you dress like a bum; you got $300 to divvy up for a month’s rent.  You must be kidding. My girl and I need a place to stay until I find work.  Look kid, jobs are scarce.  They don’t pay much for your level of education. In our capitalist system, all I can get you is a RAT HOLE.  Take my advice for what its worth.  You two should join the Army or Navy and see the world.

Shoe –  I’ve been doing some digging into Senator ….family tree.  What did you find out?  He was born on the shady side of it.

The Family Circle –  (Mother points at her four children outside of a department store). “Remember now, we’re shopping for Daddy.  We will not be stopping in any toy stores or toy departments.”

Don’s Tidbits Here & There

December 12, 2015

The September issue of CHESS LIFE magazine runs Dr. Frank Brady’s The Marshall Chess Club Turns 100 – A Century of American Chess History.  If you are not a subscriber, then you should be if you play.

Frank Marshall was the US Chess Champion with a wife (Caroline) and son (Frankie) who was often away at tournaments or lectures;  thus his wife had a woman’s weapon in Marshall’s arsenal that eventually got him to see the folly of being absent so much from home.  She encouraged him to open a chess club in New York, taking up room within the somewhat infamous restaurant Keen’s Chop House.  It had been sued by the actress Lilly Langtry, mistress to The Prince of Wales–later King Edward VII–who insisted that she had the right to dine there despite Keen’s policy of barring women from the premises.  She won in the courts and thus brought about a major change in New York women rights.

Research may not be everyone’s foray but I might suggest that anyone interested in finding out the opponent Marshall was playing in a photo could see if it was a tournament game since Dr. Edward Lasker was playing a game as white against Jose Capablanca.  The date was 1915.  Also, Marshall was playing white against his opponent obviously from the same round.  Of course it could be just a friendly game called skittles.

Keen’s was famous as a hangout for artists, actors,  sportsmen, musicians and gifted chess players.

Kindred’s “The Way I See It”

December 12, 2015

Aries –  There are those who find the treasures of others to be more interesting and exciting than their own.  Not so in my case. To me if those treasures could be stolen or seduced away, they were not so precious after all.

Bridge – This  lesson could have been learned from the corruption seen in states like Nevada, Illinois and New York.  Most of us were taught right from wrong. Few seem able to differentiate parental guidance by recent results in the news, and being able to distinguish opportunity from temptation.

USCF Chess – The major spread of youth tournaments saw children conducting themselves with friendships formed and good competitive behavior.  A problem seen:  Parents were often abusing the rules set down by the tournament directors and assistants to keep the volume of noise down or fighting like cats and dogs over perceived cheating, to the embarrassment of the kids.

Dog Tails –  You can’t keep a good adventurous pup down.  When a dog is missing and finally shows up for supper, family love shines through.  When all turn in for the night, puppy scoots out and over the fence, which just goes to prove, life is like a bowl of cherries–full of pits!

Garfield –  Spider crawls up next to Garfield’s nose.  Ho! Ho! Spider Claus says:   you been good or bad?   Swash!! Heaven bound spider say: BAD!

Beetle Bailey –  Don’t you ever need to shave, Fuzz?  I did once, cut myself and fainted.  Now my beard is afraid to grow.

Pickles –  “What’s that you’re holding,” Earl asks his wife.  A Christmas gift from our dentist.  What is it?  The same thing he sends us every year, a box of saltwater taffy.  He really knows how to get many ‘happy returns.’

Take Heed of the Message

December 10, 2015

BY Donald Trump because he has electrified a boring and too often repetitive dialog by all the Republican candidates and has exposed the follies of the Democrat Party’s candidates as well as a news media that grabs the tail of any they believe will bolster ratings.

The candidates running for the Presidency of the USA have indeed been snickered by the outspoken and brashness of Donald Trump who was very badly misjudged by the Republican Party who found itself engulfed by a large number of government senators and governors but also by three entries from outside government.  It was business as usual for everybody except for Donald Trump.

Yep.  No one expected Donald Trump would be anything but a small energizing wand that would get the political ball rolling.  They misjudged his candidacy as nothing more than political hype–almost as a lark and it would be over.  So the media gave him coverage and soon his many rallies saw huge crowds attending with much support of his thoughts and ideas.  It was like fresh air to a rather stale and dry campaign season.  It also distracted attention other candidates sought.

His message simply said: I want to make America  great again.

Then he pounced on no-no topics like illegal immigration,  defanging the idea of Planned Parenthood which by the way was born in the former Soviet Union, adopted by the United States; and the communist inspired progressive movement (embraced by the Democrats) and pushed into our government policy platform all due to the ignorance of the American public and to our everlasting detriment.

There is an old saying: People can’t see the trees but for the forest. His clearest message to date is to suggest putting a hold on Muslims seeking relief and sanctuary in the USA until a system can verify their being who they purport to be, meaning no terrorist background.

Again, we experience a Republican Party who I believe favors Jeb Bush backed by many of the lobbyists as the old political club.  The fact that Donald Trump paid for his own campaign, gave a burst of energy with new ideas and hitting formerly thought of as “not politically correct to touch” topics like illegal immigration, the problem with VA, the deportation issue, sanctuary cities, that were swept under the rug for years came to resonate with the public that came to see what he had to say.

The conservatives within and Republican Party generally took issue with Planned Parenthood because it was their belief it should not be government funded.  Then, the exposure of abortions practice arose.  Illegal immigration had been pushed under the rug for years by both parties.  The Democrats wholly support all liberal causes.  One might question as I support the defanging of Planned Parenthood and government policy set up called “the progressive movement” which such liberal policies over years saw its adoption into American government practices.  In reality, recent literature exposes the connection between these liberal leftist type practices to have originated in the former Soviet Union and in the papers of Marxist leaders going back to Lenin and Stalin.  In fact, the founder of the US Planned Parenthood got her ideas from the communist leaders’ writings.  The accepted use of abortion in the USSR became so prevalent that Stalin had to curtail it because there were not enough babies raised to adulthood. I am sure many in our government are ignorant about these facts in the political arena but that is par for the course of course because they do not know history.