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Kindred’s Special: I Cannot Believe It? My Dream to be Quiet and Just Listen?

February 27, 2015

What voice was this that I was awakened in the early morning some weeks ago? “Just listen.” That is all. What meaning did this have? Just listen. So I turned on Fox News. President Obama was on telling how Islam was a great religion. Later, he refused to mention the Muslim Religion as anything but a great religion. Peaceful! Okay. So, I listen. What does it mean: “Just listen.”

When I rose and had breakfast many days later after something telling me to not write about the Obama Administration or White House coverage, I heard a crash in my study. Entering I saw the dictionary I often use along with my Readers’ Digest Family Word Finder that I had left on my desk the night before on the floor–opened strangely enough to pages 562-3. My eyes fell upon the numerous words starting with hy and describing various conditions of the key word HYPN or HYPNO. To discover what my trusty Family Word Finder had to say about this, it was completely passed over. No mention at all of any words starting with HYPN or HYPNO. I thought how strange?

I guess one could say, “speed forward to this early morning as I write this. Actually I had no intention of doing so, having listened to my mysterious voice telling me to just listen and remain silent of issues. How I wanted to write; oh, how I wanted to write. But I remained silent. I heard the voice reminding me that silence is golden if you have nothing to add to the discussion.

Now the voices on the TV news by our President and other White House staff and administration perhaps began to make sense. If I had not remained silent, just listened, and pursued what a normally generated topic I would write into my Word article base would likely have been related to simply reviewing what the news media was constantly shoveling out to the public. Rhetoric which really now in mind was a rant by those in the news media being conned, WH staff,  and maybe both Susan Rice and John Kerry as well.

There was no more voice awakening me (thankfully). I was wondering if I was losing it. The common thread of talk by the various White House sources and even our illustrious Secretary of State began to gel a bit of wisdom and question in my mind. Could it be, in fact, a type of hypnosis that these White House folks had been conditioned? There are various forms of this as my dictionary relates with very good examples.  And I think about the fact that so much has been done behind closed doors and with input from Muslim officials who frequent the White House.  How much would it take by words or suggestions and a type of hypnosis, perhaps administered as suggestive by an expert in that science, using key words that would radically make denial of any mention of Islam being associated with radicalism of any kind; it is a great religion!  Perhaps our President has been told not to ever use Muslim ideology in reference to terrorism.  The hypnotic suggestive state could make it impossible to ever say those words.

I wish the voice would tell me if I was correct in figuring out what it was telling me; that, in fact, the episode with the dictionary falling and opening to the exact pages I mentioned as well as the fact that my popularly used Readers’ Digest Family Word Finder yielded no mention at all was prophetic and the feeling I had to sit down and record all this immediately.

Yes, I think about the voice.  Was it imagination; was it an angel from Heaven sent by Michael because he knew I could be a conveyor of truth, having a belief that angels do exist and truth and justice is forthcoming as I had written about God’s wrath earlier?  It is true that America is blessed and unique.  That is why it is hated by Satan aka Lucifer.  Oh, of course, Islam says we are the great Satan.  Don’t believe it.  Lucifer is the great liar and his fallen angels and he were long ago cast out of the Heavenly body.  Satan exists and is known by his prodding with his pitchfork of those who he wields power over. The future of America is given in the Bible which is why Satan is forever scorched in misery awaiting the end time.

Kindred’s Special: Life is not always fair.

February 22, 2015

But to put it quite plainly, we simply know not when the grim reaper appears. My grandma died the night I went to visit her where she was recuperating at a nursing home facility.  It was the first time I experienced death in our family.  We had a good talk; she was very conversant.  Maybe that is what shocked me so about death.  It can be so unexpected.

Dad died after suffering a heart attack several years later.  He had gone out after breakfast to open the barn door for the coal truck that was making a delivery. I had left for work. Mom called me.  We had no chance for hugs or goodbyes or express our love.

If I were to say what sustains a family, it is the love and faith in Jesus, faith coming from fond memories of kindness, love and respect and to try to always be helpful when any such situation arose.

My mom and dad taught me the ten commandments.  I truly believe it was this training that sustained me in those trying times because I realized that death for us was not the final solution but awakening to a new dimension in our faithfulness with our Lord.  It was to one day let me understand the Lord’s blessings and being a part of God’s family.  And studying the Bible became more and more binding in this relationship and finding or affirming some answers in addressing Life’s mysteries.

Perhaps that is the essence of our journey; it may be nothing more than finding the right path among many in a search for truth and the meaning of why we are here; what differentiates us from animals and birds?  Are we indeed superior to other living things or is that the human ego showing itself?  If God created all things, there must be a reason for making the Earth whole and livable.  I know he made man and woman in his own image so as to be productively gaining knowledge.

The Bible says when all things come to pass, the truth will be revealed.  That evil will be destroyed; that the lamb and the tiger will lay together in peace.

Kindred’s Blindfold Simul-match game

February 22, 2015

White:    Donald P. Reithel    vs. Anon   Opening: French Defense

1. e4  e6  2. Qe2 is a variant that I used in my blindfold play.  Over several games it proved to possess quite a bit of poison. The advantage is that it is infrequently played so, for blindfold play, I found it ideal.  And forgive me;  I shall not give away secrets in my own analysis.  But do, please note, my use of my square count in this game.

2. ….  Nc6  3. d3  d5  4. f4  d:e4?!  My opponent challenges the center and then simply surrenders pawn power in that sector.

5. d:e4  Nf6  6. Nf3  Be7  7. c3  O-O  8. g3  Bd7  9. Bg2  Ng4 10. h3  Nf6  Black probably hoped to create a pawn structure weakness to later probe.

11. O-O  Bc5+  12. Kh2  Qe7  13. Nbd2  e5  14. f5  a5  15. a4  Rad8  16. Nc4  Rfe8  17. g4  h5  Was he simply trying to confuse me?

18. g5  Nh7  19. Be3  b6  20. B:c5  Q:c5  21. Ne3  Ne7  22. Rg1  Bc8 23.  Rae1  Bd7  24. Nh4  N:g5  25. Q:h5  Nh7 During this sequence, I had started to play a little more quickly, having met fewer position headaches facing me.

26. Bf1! With the intention of relocating my forces to assist in pressuring the enemy King by attack on the f7 pawn.

26. …. B:a4  27. Bc4  Rf8  28. f6  Rd2+  29. Kh1  Rg2  30. R:g2  Ng6 31. R:g6  N:f6  32. R:g7ch  K:g7 33. Rg1ch Ng4  34. R:g4ch Kf6  35. Qg5checkmate.

Frankly, I have my doubts about 2. Qe2.  White  can adopt 2. d3 which, in all likelihood, is more apropos and is in keeping with the ideals of a Sicilian or French setup by Black.  The text ( Qe2 ) simply tosses Black an unclear bone !? tending to put both players in a theatrical play where the suspense of the mystery plot keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.  If this move does it in this chess game of life, then it is appropriate…at least until someone digs up analysis that darkens her usefulness.

Kindred’s Special: Hillary Clinton’s Legacy??

February 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton is probably missing one of the greatest joys of motherhood and being grandma to her little bundle of joy and family.  We only go around once in this world.  What pleasures we get are often shrouded in, not what we desire so much, as what others expect of us.

What do I mean by that?  Well, for starters, she hitched herself to one of the most promising political figures in American life. And make no mistake about it–it was her forceful personality and ambition to ride the wave all the way to the White House.  In this regard, it proved to be a match of personality of one with that of a go-getter who desired to reach the highest pinnacle of a political class, namely the Democratic Party.  And by history of financial goals, she spearheaded the White House and Presidency of Bill Clinton to become one of the most powerful women in the world–and certainly among the wealthiest Presidential pairs.

She lost out to the dynamic colored professor who came out of nowhere and a credible adversary and victor, backed heavily by the liberal news media.  He promised change, new direction, no more war.

Let me see.  In 2007 I called him a Pied Piper who was leading astray the young people as well as the liberal establishment. An apostle of left-wing thought,  he manufactured with the blessing of the news media a dance of political cronyism. Prophetic words. He was broadcast as one of the greatest orators ever in public life. His adversaries said he depended upon his electronic monitor.  President Obama’s legacy is yet to be written.  It is regrettable that he had a character flaw– a failure to seek the best from both political parties that resulted in mapping his perceived road to being King Obama.  Some of his supporters were willing to throw him under the bus as he had done to others.

This did not deter Mrs. Clinton who worked her magic into the halls of the Obama realm.  She worked diligently and was named the Secretary of State to gain support of Bill Clinton where, once again, the magic of the news media propelled her record of being named, “one of the best ever.”  Of course the results seem to paint a different picture.  As usual, the press turned it into a rose-colored story of her accomplishments.  And the liberal women in America were happy to abide by such a descriptive painting.

Is she the great woman who America embraces?  Perhaps. Perhaps not.  She certainly ranks above female Democrat liberals. But there are a number of women in both parties who qualify as challengers to such greatness.  Certainly their records of achievement, especially in the field outside of the political arena that really made Hillary Clinton and now have entered as public servants with all the potential to greatness in the American politic.  Would she ever have made it big in politics if it hadn’t been for being the wife of Bill Clinton?  In private life as a lawyer, dominated by her leftwing record, was anything but star glittered.  There was even a financial scandal here and there which I won’t touch.  It is not my intention to criticize her accomplishments in the public arena.

The world is in turmoil.  It is perhaps a rival as such rarely seen throughout the historic past.  ‘History repeats itself.’ Where did you hear that before?  Here–by me?  America has always raised up leaders in such trying times.  It has always been the character displayed of the integrity, mostly the good, sometimes the bad and ugly, shown within the spirit of our People from many laborious backgrounds.

It is not the makeup of Hillary Clinton to be just a wonderful mother and grandmother that she publicly portrays. She has an insatiable appetite for power.  There comes a time when real pleasures in life should take precedence over ambition and power plays in life.  There is a time to rest and enjoy being a parent and a grand parent.  Maybe this is a yoke about her neck for which she must forever bear.

Kindred’s Special: The Whitehouse

February 17, 2015


Sorry folks. No.  I am not ignorant of spelling correctly the WH. I did it as a tongue in cheek. I did intend it specifically to differentiate the title from historic prominence of great past WH occupants to show the quality or lack thereof today that the WH representatives fabricate.  If they can fabricate, then by gosh–I am going to do it too.  What better way to expose them for what they misrepresent us as an internationally socialistic American story.

There you are critics! All too stupid to see the fun I have with ‘pun’ briefs.

Kindred’s Special: Playing Chess Using Square Count

February 13, 2015

In the sixties I had helped Ed Frumkin become a USCF tournament director.  I had experimented with a number of different time controls as a member of NYSCA and USCF Regional Director testing for Edmondson various event time controls.  The problem had been that chess was becoming very popular as well as organized chess in general.  What was the effect of a shorter time to play a whole game?  The result would show a method to overcome weekend Swiss tournaments where the usual 40/2 or 50/2 would sometimes cause problems for directors scheduling the next rounds.  Occasionally some games would not end and it was hard on the players involved, having sometimes to miss a meal or get a break before the next round.  I had instituted a series called the Tornado event, with a fee of $1.00 for 3 games.  It was to build up our club treasury so prize funds for weekend events run by our club could be guaranteed.  I had added $300 of my own to help that guarantee until the funds from the tornado events was realized.  We raised the entry fees for the Swiss events from $5 to $10 and this actually stimulated entries seeing a steady upward trend.  To advertise in CHESS LIFE economically, I had the events run on the fourth Saturday of each month for the tornado events.  It made the cost of advertising and reminding players who joined the tornado series without requiring special notice by the club other than the club bulletin board.  A tornado scheduled at the same time as a regional event (Swiss) would not take place.  Eddie suggested holding some additional weekend local club events.  All of these became very popular but still left time on Saturday for regular club sessions.  Our club grew from 14 to over 60 and in time it grew to over 100 members requiring negotiating with the YMCA for use of Todd Hall or an additional room on our second floor meetings.  Dr. Erich W. Marchand was our club president and a much praised chess leader both at home and nationally.

The following game I present here was from Eddie’s cyclone events.  He directed these events and gave me time to play rather than play as well as direct which I had done until USCF changed the rules where TDs were not permitted to compete.

White:  Dr. Erich W. Marchand  vs. Black:  Donald P. Reithel    Reti Opening  Cyclone 2.

1. N-KB3  P-Q4 /  2. P-B4  P-K3 /

Hoping for 3. P-Q4 so I could play my favorite Slav defensive setup. The next was new to me.

3. P-QN3  P-Q5  /  4. B-N2   P-QB4  /  5. P-QN4  N-QB3 /  6. P-N5  N-K2 /  7. P-K3  P:P / 8. BP:P  N/1-B3 /  9. N-B3  P-QN3  / 10. B-K2  B-N2 /  11. O-O  Q-B2 /  12. Q-B2  N-N3. /

I thought a few minutes if not more before making this move.  During the previous couple turns available and seemed good to me was playing for P-QR4.  After my move, I saw a glitter and a brief smile on his face.  After a little thought, he played what I, too, considered as a kind of trap which included a sacrifice.

13. N-N5  B-Q3 /

Avoiding an impulsive 13. … P-KR3?  14. N:KP P:N, 15. Q:N+ and haste would be punished.  Erich decides his sortie was unwise so retreats.  But notice that Black has benefitted by an increased square count.  This is my lesson plan for playing chess toward improvement in skill.

14. N-B3  P-KR4 /

Adding another square to my count.

15. P-K4  N-N5 / 16. P-K5  N/3:KP /

Apparently a pawn-sac to gain room and get his Knight into the fray.  As I recall he spent a lot of time on this position and move sequence.

17. N-K4  N:N+/  18. B:N  B:P+/  19. K-R1 .

He rose to walk around and view some other games.  Suggesting that he was pleased with his position.  I spend several minutes looking at 19. … B-N8 which appeared on the surface to be a set up for one of my brilliant concepts.  But I just could not see a way to finish him off.  So,

19. …. B-K4 /

I thought up the possibility for a superior endgame with not an over difficult line without much risk or time problems.  When he returned to the board, I picked up the Bishop and screwed into the K4 square just to let him know I was not going to be enticed.

20. P-N3  B:B  /  21. Q:B  B:N / 22. B:B  Q:P  23.  B-B6+  K-K2  24. P-Q3  QR-Q1!/

This was the position I envisioned at move 20.  I felt the trades had strengthened my position and his King had few clothes.

25.  R-B3  Q-R5+  26. K-N1  R-Q5

Reducing White’s square count by cutting off the diagonal.

27. R/1-KB1  N-K4  28. R/1-B2  R-R3  29. B-K4  N:P  30. R:P+  K-Q3  31. Q-R2  Q:Q+ 32. K:Q  R:B  33. R-Q1  R-Q5 / 34. R:NP  R-B3 / 35. R-N3    N-B7/

White’s pieces have lost energy.

36. R-K1  N-N5+/  37. K-R3  R-Q7/  38. R-N2 R:R  /  39. K:R  R-B7+  /  40. K-N3  R:P / 41. K-B4  R-B7 / 42.  R-QR1  R:P+ / 43. K-N5  R-N5 / 44. K:P  N-B3+/ 45. K-N6  N-Q4 / 46. R:P  P-B5/

White resigned.

I  placed first. Mr. Frumkin returned to the east coast and active in organizing, directing and playing when the opportunity allows.

Kindred’s Special: Using Pawn Power effectively in winning with my square count theory

February 11, 2015

The year 1939 brought to an end the great movie films of the thirties.  It also brought the beginning of war drums to Europe, the fulfillment of Nazi dreams for creating a (super) superior race.  It also found the chess Olympiad of that year scheduled to take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On April 15th 1910 was born Mojsze Mendel (Mieczyslaw) Najdorf, eldest son of 5-children of Gdalik and Raisa.  His twelve-year-old sister Ines died at age twelve in a skiing accident.  He was rather late learning the game of chess which was introduced to him by a violinist with the Warsaw Philharmonic and friend of his father.   His own mentor chess coach was Savielly Tartakower of whom he later wrote that he learned to play at his side. He was a humanist, a fine humorist, a man of great culture, an extraordinary man by any standard.  His first tournament was at age eighteen where he finished in fifth place but took all three brilliancy prizes.

In 1936 he married Genia, a talented pianist, who was to die in the Holocaust with all his clan members.  On readying for the trip to Buenos Aires with her husband, she and their daughter fell ill and Genia decided to remain in Poland.  The Olympiad was held one month before the Nazi invasion of Poland.  He later noted that his family numbered 300 and none survived the Holocaust.

As I recall it was decided to hold a Western Hemisphere Championship which brought together Samuel Reshevsky and  Miguel Najdorf.  Najdorf had changed his name from Mendel to Miguel.  Reshevsky, the brilliant child prodigy, won the title,  both providing viewers some top quality chess and defended it in future matches.  This event came about because the USSR refused  to allow a match between their champion Mikhail Botvinnik and Samuel Reshevsky.  The Americans had sought such a title fight for world champion because Reshevsky had defeated Botvinnik 2-1 in a match held between their countries and Reshevsky had never lost an organized match.

To show the brilliant chess of Miguel Najdorf, I chose a game with another great Grandmaster Paul Keres which was from 1939.

White:   Miguel Najdorf     vs.    Black:  Paul Keres        Opening:   Slav-Indian Defense -D94

1. d4  d5  2. c4  c6  3. e3  Nf6   4. Nf3  g6  5. Bd3  Bg7  6. O-O  O-O  7. Nc3  d:c4  8. B:c4  Nbd7

This has been a standard way of meeting d-pawn openings and following my theory of square count like 8…Bg4 stressing piece development and pin on the Knight.  The text is also based upon square count and personal style and maybe home analysis of the whole system.

9. Qe2  Ne8

Keres’ defense strategy seems based upon opening the center but leaves White a 4/3 pawn edge on the Kingside, giving White a center e-pawn. Black has a half-open file.  Black’s 3/2 pawn edge on the Q-side falls a tiny bit short because White’s majority often times is more mobile and can be used in spearheading a King hunt.

10. Bb3  e5  11. N:e5:  N:e5  12. d:e5  B:e5  13. f4  Bg7

Square count stands at 12/9.  Maybe 13…B:c3 to create three White pawn islands as well as isolani  pawns  has merit but White is then in possession of the bishop-pair.

14. e4  Be6  15.  B:e6  f:e6

Black takes on the added weakness of the center complex isolani but what could he do.  The bishop is daunting on the diagonal.  It is a position hard to play. Perhaps 14….a5 or a6 offers an alternative purpose to avoid weakening the position.   Sometimes doing nothing to harbor a position change that spells a weakening is a better course for defense.

16. e5  Nc7  17. Be3  Nd5  18. Ne4  b6  19. Rad1  Qe7  20. g3  Rad8  21. a3!

White quietly limits the Knight’s mobility by taking away one of its squares.

21. … Nc7  22. Rd6!  c5!

Threatening 23…Nb5

23. f5!

A  powerful attack based upon square count theory.  White opens the diagonal for the Bishop to enter the attack.

23. … e:f5  24. Bg5  Q:e5  25. B:d8  Ne6  26. Bf6!  Resigns

Since 26…B:f6  27. N:f6+ will put the Rook into the box.

Kindred’s Special: Charity Giving is Important to Me

February 6, 2015

My US mail box is full; I guess I prefer it that way actually because it affords me time to get additional exercise and continue to see what is happening within the charities I invest my energy and support.  It has also awakened me early in my life to understand the racist picture within our society.

One charity I subscribe to and support is JEWS FOR JESUS.  Why?  I am not a Jew.  I am a Christian.  But a personal experience with a chess player at my club forced me to take a long, hard look at such a relationship.  My friends include various ethnic and religious beliefs. And frankly, I look upon them as just that–friends.

This rather unfortunate episode in my life as teenager took place at the Rochester Chess Club.  I was often giving blindfold exhibitions of 3-5 games simultaneously.  One chap who seemed happy to make my acquaintance was David S.  One weekend meeting he asked if I would drive him home.  During the trip, he said he wanted to invite me to his Jewish Temple to meet his family and Rabbi.  I told him I would like to attend but said I was not Jewish and would need help to understand and participate.  Dropping him off happened to be the last time I ever saw or heard from him again.  Of course this was one of the many bad and ugly experiences I met in life.

So, in time, I was to become acquainted with the Jews for Jesus group:

My experience was that experienced by especially young Jewish men and women who made the commitment to live and change their rigid beliefs and to embrace a personal relationship with Jesus, the Son of God. Their evangelism is greatly needed in this crazy world often expressing hatred and vindictiveness.

Part of their mission says:  Jews for Jesus is a non-denominational evangelical faith ministry and to support their local churches first and only then support faith ministries. Gifts to Jews for Jesus should be made because of your personal love of God and desire to see all Jews and Gentiles alike won to Christ.

Chess has a long history with the Jewish faith.  As I wrote earlier in my lessons, Jewish Women often taught their children the game as far back as the 1500s because of its values exhibiting life’s principles towards maturity and successful living.

Another charity I support is that begun by Danny Thomas started more than 50-years ago.  His theme was HOPE.  Hope the sickest children could fight life-threatening diseases and win. And I am inspired by reading Marget’s Story:

In 1975 when Marget was just 10-months old, she was diagnosed with a rare tumor, neuroblastoma.  Doctors gave her only a 10% chance of survival.  “We could not accept that she would not survive.” and her parents brought her to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Today, thanks to her life-saving treatment over three decades ago, Marget is a beautiful wife and mother of three children.  Without the research and doctor know-how, her parents feel certain that their daughter would not have survived.

The triumph of this story is like many coming out of the years devoted to research and help given to combat cancer diseases affecting young children.  It was Danny Thomas’ strong belief that God’s blessing and patrons’ financial support, survival rates would grow; it did and young patients and families receive free care because of the generosity of the American people and those doctors who have dedicated their life work to save lives, not kill by abortion.

Yes, friends, these charities have not solicited my help.  All columns are researched and written to aid awareness of these mentioned herein. But it mostly is my aim here to address failures of our government who, because of political hacks who possess no belief in the value of life, are willing to lobby for, to support passage of bills that are designed by and for the ACLU and others who hate for hate’s sake.  Prayer as a healing of God’s eternal blessing for loved ones, especially in dire struggle of God’s love ties to his children by overcoming even the indoctrination by government liberal policies and White House arrogance and backed by either legal or illegal Supreme Court high-jinx. Even with all this corruption of our Constitution, the hand of our Lord provides guidance and peace in our families.

Kindred’s Special: Obama–Liar and Cheater of America

February 4, 2015

Well folks, I got the latest news about our wunderkind President who said one thing and then stabbed the veterans in the back. I found this on Fox News report about the corruption in killing the opportunities afforded our veterans medical of choice.  In effect, the bill passed earlier to give veterans a voice, was undermined by our wonderful President.

Is there any wonder why our country is getting the shaft on a regular basis?

At last the King of Jordan has ordered the death of Islamic terrorists in captivity and killed the lady who was responsible for many deaths. It is time that good folks begin to cancel out the evil among us throughout the world.  And it is time the President gets called to answer his stupid program and that of the White House by ordinary citizens and not political hacks.

Let Freedom Ring loud and clear in these trying times.  And give our military the tools to do the job needed and the wisdom of our military leaders.

Kindred’s Special: Rise of God’s wrath

February 4, 2015

I believe the Bible when it comes to smashing the enemies of those who treat the mighty ten commandments with contempt.

Evidence I see as warnings from biblical teachings speak of this age as it did in the days of the Roman Empire.  There will be fire, starvation, loss of usable water, famine and a mighty battle waged against evil-evil-evil.

Beware the wrath of God when Michael, the avenging Angel, will bring about the total destruction of evil beings.

Like the rise and fall of mighty evil empires of the past: Roman Empire, the evil Adolph Hitler and Axis empire of Germany, Italy, and Japan, when all seemed lost to a return to the dark ages under this evil group, the free nations of the world united and wreaked destruction upon them.

Never fear.  History repeats itself again and again with good conquering evil.  It will happen here; but remember–this time our Lord Jesus is going to take a hand in this before it is over to save the world from itself.  Those who commit evil will perish by the words and warnings–less they repent.  For many, it is already too late.