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Kindred’s Special: A Tale of Cheating or Coincidence?

March 29, 2013

This really bugs me!  I wrote in the past about how history tends to repeat itself.  Okay!  Once more I had to use my brain power for memory of past readings on the subject now coming under discussion.  The very similar occurrances seen in two tournaments–one in Russia, namely The 2009 Moscow Open (Areoflot Open) and the other in the USA, namely The 2013 Marchand Memorial Open held this past weekend in Rochester, New York. In each case the similarity is shocking, the aftermath equally amazing as how the suspicions of cheating, absent of definite proof, led to the accused in both cases losing remaining games.

Shakheiyar Mamedyarov  vs  Igor Kurnosov battle saw the following play:

1. d4  Nf6 2. c4  g6  3. f3  d5  4. cxd5  Nxd5  5. e4  Nb6  6. Nc3  Bg7  7. Be3  O-O  8. Qd2  Nc6.

This opening position was the same reached in the Alekhine vs. Bogoljubow game of 1931 and more recently in 2007 between Moiseenki and Li Chao at move 10 which, by the way, was won by Black.

9. O-O-O  f5  10. h4 fxe4  11. h5  gxh5 12. d5  Ne5  13. Bh6  Nec4 14. Qg5.

At this point, White offered a draw and Black confidently declined it having spent a lot of time on the next moves feeling he was already better.  Igor claims White did not offer a draw until after  15. Bxc4. Later on, checking with the computer Rybka was the follow up which gave Black an edge and increased after White’s 16th play.

14. … Rf7  15. Bxc4  Nxc4  16. Rd4  Qd6  17. Bxg7  Rxg7 18. Qxh5  Qf4+ 19. Kh1  bf5  20. fxe4  Bg4  21.  Nge2?  Qd2!  White resigned here and dashed off to write a protest which he gave to the TD instead of the tournament arbiter.

The aribter’s comments:

We cannot control everything!  We do not have any proof that the Russian player did anything wrong. Mr. Mamedyarov mentioned that many of the moves by his opponent matched those of the computer Rybka. During the game, Igor K. went out to smoke which is not permitted in the playing area. He took his jacket and lighter with him so he could smoke. He said many were there while he smoked. He visited the toilet so he could freshen up and wash his face with cold water.

The loser believes that Igor K.  lost the last few games because he no longer  used computer help.

But if a player is accused of cheating, will it not adversely put great stress on his being for the remaining games especially if he did nothing wrong? Igor Kurnosov will always be associated with these accusations of cheating where no proof was shown except that he played  moves that were also chosen by the computer Rybka.

I wonder if this computer age of high tech world we live in is after all such a marvelous adventure in our life journey?

In the Marchand Open game, played between GM Eugene Perelshteyn and William Fisher, a similar complaint was launched by the loser. This turned out to be Fisher wearing a black wristwatch that was commercially made to contain a tiny camera and he was accused of exposing his scoresheet moves which could have been transmitted to a powerful computer whose program would be capable of dashing off many variations as well as evaluating their strength. Apparently the GM Perelshteyn was not used to losing a game and suspected his lower rated opponent of skullduggery.  My copy supplied me suggests that Mr. Fisher chose the planned action in the computer printout notes to the actual game. After the complaint he was asked to remove the wristwatch and then lost his remaining games for which another GM confirmed that something smelled in Denmark.  Here is the game.

White Perelshteyn  vs.  Black Fisher  Opening: NimzoIndian Defence.

1. d4  Nf6  2. c4  e6  3. Nc3  Bb4  4. g3.

White chooses a rare line that has gained a little popularity among players who want to stay away from heavily trodden book lines.  It does not have the tension that is seen in more popular lines of play. Black now plays a good developing move without giving away how he wants to more aggressively pursue an active defense on the field of battle.

4. … O-O  5. Bg2  Nc6  6. Nf3  Bxc3+ 7. bxc3  d6  8. Qd3  e5  9. Nd2  Bg4.

This increases attack per my square count theory.  Passive development might be a foreboding of things to come. White proceeds with….

10. O-O Qd7  11. e4.

Maybe 11. f3 intending if …Bh3 12. Rf2 where the Rook can exercise quick action in combination with utilizing both Rooks as a battering ram on a Kingside file or even maybe on the half-open b-file. The next moves lead to greater square count for Black. White’s square count is tied mostly to the pawns on the 4th rank and Bishop.

11. …Bh3  12. Re1  Rfe8! 13. Nf1 exd4  14. cxd4  Nb4!  15. Qb1  Bxg2 16. Kxg2  Qa4!

Putting a lot of pressure on this sector. White seems to have no real plan but just moves in meeting Black’s tension.

17. Re2  Nc6  18. Qd3  b5!

Using the pressure exerting from the black Queen. As I remember this similar attack idea was seen in a GM game in NIC. Perhaps Fisher got the idea from studying chess. He now opens up lines and prepares to settle the central complex at the same time preparing to expand his square count and increase central tension.

19. Nd2  bxc4  20. Qc3  d5  21. e5  Nb4  22. Rb1  Nd3 23. Ba3  Re6  24. Re3  Nd7  25. Rf1  Ra6! 26. Nb1  Rb8  27. f4  Rxb1  28. Rxb1  Qxa3 29. Qxa3  Rxa3  30. Re2  g6.

Gives luft for the King advance and prevent danger to the monarch.

31. Rb7  Nf8  32. Rxc7  Ne6.

The start of a Knightly tango and finds White in virtual zwugswang.

33. Rc8+ Kg7  34. Rd2  Ne1+  35. Kf1  Nf3  36. Rb2  Nfxd4  37. Ke1  c3  38. Rf2  Nf5  39. g4  Ne3  40. f5  Nf4  41. Rxc3  Rxc3  42. Rxf4  Nc4  43. f6+ Kh6  44. Rd4  Rc1+ 45. Ke2  Nxe5  46. h3  Rc5  47. Ke3  Kg5  Black wins 0-1.

Perhaps more important than to try for me to answer the questions raised by the losers in both games, might I suggest that a lot of the trouble comes from the assumption that rating differences mean finality in the real world and that no one can play as accurately as a computer.  The world chess library of games prove this fallacy.  I, myself, chose the vast majority of moves in both games, not on the individual move but based upon a plan of operation that evolved.  Neither of the losers herein could say with certainty that a scam was perpetrated on the board.  No one should be the last word in assuming that ratings reflect truth in game play.  History is full of wonderful games where the plan is mightier than the numerical rating path.

Amateur that I am, can personally condemn the poor quality generalship of both Grandmasters.  You win games on the board, not in your research and mind. Play badly and you lose no matter what your rating superiority is. Even if some skullduggery exists, no one can alter the plans and skill shown on the 64 squares.  Live with it!

Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: Predictable Financial Wisdom taken for what it’s worth

March 17, 2013

I recently read a report on Acacia Research Corporation (ACTG) as being leading patent-licensing firm in the USA.  Like many stocks today, the estimated value jumps about like a frog.  Such jumping varies from a high say of $40+ to a low of $20+ with a closing on 2/13 of $27+ over the course of 2012.  The prospective investor needs to be wary since pending actions such as Palm patent infringements in its Smartphone action against Apple could affect both stock values depending upon how Palm and Apple handle the legal aspects of the suit.  Either could win or have a settlement both agree to and where, for the investor, enters that illusive hairy and scary– PREDICTABILITY.

Financial strength of a balance sheet is very predictable for well-run auto manufacturers concerning safety and growth potential. One such automaker emerging with a world reputation is global automaker Volkswagen AG (VLKAY).  It has a stable with names like VW, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti as well as other brands.  What makes it attractive is its sales growth in emerging markets and ability to manufacture various models and brands from the same assembly line.

Gagging delays in hybrid electric vehicles is no God-send for consumers who relish instant gratification in almost anything they desire.  Cadillac ELR for example offers an estimated 300 miles on electricity and full tank of gas. But the catch is that the estimated time to charge the batteries will be 4.5 hours using a 240-volt outlet (if one is found available). It will be interesting to see the public acceptance of a $50,000+ car less the fed tax credit of $7500. It sounds like another governmental scheme that ends up in a boondoggle of sorts.

Insanity continues in the GM race for superior wheels on the highway. Take for example the elite American Sports car, Chevrolet Corvette, that is coming out in 2014 and has the legendary handle Stingray said to be lighter and far more powerful than its predecessor.  Its 6.2 – liter 450-hp V8 is capable of accelerating to over 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. Sounds like a tire tread wasteful burner!  I doubt if many families want to let their kids in a car like that!! Once again it is not a family car but for the elite of America starting with a price of $50,000 and up.  Being light weight could cause rollovers if you consider the potential zip in the engine.  With traffic conditions and speed limits as posted, I perceive it could be a boon for traffic cops and state troopers not to mention hospitals and undertakers.

GM is coming out with a new high fuel-economy diesel SUV boasting a 240-hp 3-liter diesel V6 expected to deliver 21 mpg city and 30 highway. Not much of a savings because diesel is a lot more expensive and stinks more too from its exhaust. At least anytime I’ve driven behind diesel the smell gets in the car through my heater when its running in the winter.  No price tag as yet.  Not to sound too negative and down on GM, the Chevrolet Malibu and other sedan or sporty cars have a good reputation for dependability.

The biggest problem with GM is accepting a government bail-out that is still to be repaid to American tax payers.

Interesting is the fleet of autos having the Ford label.  They deserve a tribute for not accepting a government bail-out and, in the American character, recovered and seems to be doing fine with it fleet of economical vehicles.  Problem I always saw wrong with Ford products was RUST.  It might be due to the type of paint used.

Chrysler and Dodge have long been well-thought of for their engineering expertise with mixed reviews on their performance.

I personally view the Korean auto Kia to probably be the most updated and improved car since its inception.  There has been a vast improvement in the Kia since it was introduced to the American marketplace.  Most foreign automakers have provided quality through the years that siphoned off the sales of domestic brands.  Quality of Japanese vehicle brands have long been a leader with the American public.

Nature has played a role in the rapid revival of the auto industry.  The floods, accidents on the highways, and just plain worn out vehicles have hastened a revival of the Detroit auto industry and spurred continued financial security for numerous auto assembly plants located in other major cities that have attracted successfully foreign investments.

The opinions and reporting herein is the Kindred’s sharp eye for analysis for which I credit my astuteness in the continued life and play of a chess player’s expressing hopefully a clear and vivid picture of American Life in this political arena called Washington, DC, pitiful as it is but blind to most.

Kindred’s Spirit: Top of the Morning to you all—

March 17, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.  Today I donned a green shirt.

Kindred’s Special: Dem bums release plan to trim deficit

March 15, 2013

When I read this headline in this morning’s paper Democrat & Chronicle, I immediately read it with great interest and hope.  But what is a headline worth? I do not hold that my own headlines contribute to the mastership of the universe.

Washington.  Senate Democrats released a budget resolution Wednesday for a 10-year fiscal vision that would trim the deficit and protect entitlements (meaning most of course SS and like social programs). It calls for raising taxes again.  It proposes to add huge layouts for roads, bridges, and schools with higher taxes for corporations and wealthiest Americans to protect the middle-class earners.

No mention of the poorest among Americans who rightly or wrongly struggle at the bottom of the financial ladder with little or no interest in improving their lot in life.  Yep, it’s the same old story as put out by Democrat Committee Chairwoman, Patty Murray.  The proposal from the GOP and that of the devoted liberal Democrats will be laid side by side and the people will have a voice in choosing their future to which ever, if either, is passed which poses another headache for the President who insists finally for action by both parties.  But did you see the odor emitting from the smell of it all?  The poor, downtrodden gets handouts?!  The rich get screwed?!  The  corporations get the shaft?!  The winds continue to be unfavorable for just about every family and individual worker or job seeker.

Once more the President asks the Senate and House to work together to commit to a planned budget that will in 10-years greatly lower the deficit. How interesting!  Personally I have never seen one of my plans or those of my opponents ever work out to a right ending as I or they envisioned the endgame play.  There are so many thorns in the bush to snag what might have been a perfect result.

They toss out $100 billion for this; a $trillion for that; and plan to use a credit card with China as the scapegoat.  I frankly would not trust our Federal Reserve or the China porcelain to prevail over a 10-year period.  Besides, this was a ploy always used by the former Soviet Union that reminds me of their 5-year social and economic plans that often proved folly as my chess skill.  Liberalism relies on bait and switch and this smells like another dog wagging tail.  The trouble is we have no media to ferret out the deceptions and fallacies of party hacks.

Lets hope for sanity to prevail; but I fear it is just another attempt to blind side the American citizen.

Don’t get me wrong folks.  I just cannot see the trees but for the forest as the saying goes. I am dumb. I have no credentials to speak with wisdom handed me by our Lord and Savior.  I have no rank or title. What right have I to possess any wisdom at all?  Yes, I do. I have commonsense. I have books that have given me wisdom to pick the tares from the harvest.  I have utilized my brain and kept it clean from the depth of drugs, pot, smoking and booze.  It reminds me of what a nurse told my mom once. She said, “What’s the hell use of living?” when mama told the doctor of like experience from her life. Yeah, the doctor chastised his nurse for such a remark. Today, a doctor would think twice because of a fear of a hospital board of inquiry and attack on freedom of speech.

Kindred’s Special: Bait and Switch the Obama A Team Way

March 1, 2013

Guess what?  Never thought I’d run out of things to say about the antics from the White House and especially President Barak Obama.  But I have.  I just know you want my comments on the current state of the union. I did this months ago. Since my warnings about this illustrious, pot smoking college kid, he did make it big in politics.  He favored GREEN.  Well, I think he is a perfect salesman for GREEN.  His own operations prove him to have shown himself to be completely GREEN.  Greenies for the lst time have dominated the airwaves largely because of his seeking out staff members who seem to possess dough to support their POT. Hey, he smoked POT himself as a youth. The trio of Secretaries of State was a show of dumbing down of America’s role in the world and lost respect among our allies turning ever more to a leftist philosophy.  I point to what Dr. Michael Savage on his radio show how addictive POT can be and often leads to harder drugs and dumbing down of brainpower. If nothing more, it leads the mind astray and physically is a problem when throwing a bowling ball. Just ask Obama. Senator Harry R. continues to fumble words, needing to read what he tries to convey to make his message passable reminds me of his days as a boxer where he must have been punch drunk and has worsened the older he gets. Time he stepped down from leadership responsibilities. He can then enjoy his millions and go play poker in Las Vegas with Al Gore. The same with millionaire Pelosi. The two need to find a place of enjoyment where their tinkering with our economy largely has changed America forever. Tables and slot machines might drown their sorrows. They can’t hide their lies and deceit from the American public.

I earlier asked, “where o where did our leaders go?”  We had great and not so great governance at every level of government but this is a pathetic Washington DC.  Might I suggest they stop attending all these conferences as well as their highballs and start to earn their salaries and help restore the so-called American Dream.  Even that slogan of sorts proves suspect as folly for the first time in our history as the free spending cronies and tightly rigid House that demands no new taxes and stop waste and extravagant living beyond our needs and means.  We have to share this folly by sticking our heads in the sand. And we share what all our citizens before us faced and fell short of.

Our Indian tribes living on many reservations suffer severe hardships with cut-backs in century old broken promises.  This was another broken promise by our wonderful President who wanted their support and said we need to take care of old people. Really? Sad. Where did he do anything except to talk?  That seems to be his forte.  Give the money support to Egypt and ignore our own.  Nothing comes out of Washington DC that prospers Americans.

Lastly, we have a President who runs off at the mouth with twists aimed at politicking and fed garbage that our news media (other than FOX news exposes) works overtime to shield Obama’s true purpose. (Read my piece on Alinsky.)

Hell, what’s the use. Do I waste my energy?  Guess so. The only light I see is the emergence of Dr. Benjamin Carson on the scene; maybe too late.

Adios for now or for good–who knows? Whatever good, comes from truth. That is a bitter pill for some.