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Kindred’s Special: Let Freedom Ring

April 18, 2013

Every so often I get the comic bug and present here some joyful fun for my readers.  Often times not, there is just a bit of truth that comes from humor and laughing not to mention hair pulling when your favorite line runs into trouble.

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  d6  3. d4  Nf6  4. Nc3  Nbd7  5. Bc4  Be7  So far so good!  Anyway, the move that is trouble seems to be 6. Ng5. The only reference I saw was in Alekhine vs. Marco, 1912 , My Best Games of Chess 1908-23 notes that the Knight move turns to Black’s advantage where moving a piece more than once in the opening could be questionable. But now, 6…  O-O 7. Bxf7+  Rxf7     8. Ne6  Qe8  9. Nxc7  Qd8  10. Nxa8  b6  11. Nd5  Nxd5  12. dxe5  Nxe5  13. Qxd5 leaving White a 14 to 10 square count edge.  Here, however, Black has some threats that will change the scope of the position.  13. … Bh4  14.O-O  Bb7  15. Qe6  Ba6  16. Rd1  Bxf2+  17. Kh1  Qxa8  18. Rxd6  Bc5  19. Rd5  Qc6  20. Rxd8+ Bf8 with a superior position.  This goes to prove that, “he who is behind in square count needs a speedy blood transfusion or a swift boot in the rump to stay in the game.”

This Knight move can be seen in another setting.  1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. d4  exd4  4. Bc4  Nf6  5. Ng5.  This is the Scotch Opening and the move is suspect due to it having again been moved instead of developing with a sharper reply like e5.  Black can pick up the Knight to e5 defending f7, to which White might try 6. Qxd4 Nxc4  7. Qxc4  d5! It is important to hit in the center.  8. exd5  Qxd5 = as played by Stanley against Rousseau, New Orleans, 1845.

A famous Grandmaster noted that his divorce was inevitable noting that their paths were bishops of opposite color.

When visiting the Irondequoit Mall some years ago with my wife, I happened to see some guys playing chess in the food area of tables and chairs that were meant for paying shoppers who purchased eats at any of the various food merchants. Apparently they had frequented this area for some time and so the merchants and Mall owners told them to either buy food or ship out for good.  They could have learned what a little lad was heard to say who was playing chess, “Should we eat a ham and cheese Saemisch?”

Wonder what the schools are up to these days.  So often I hear the cry that children need to feel good about themselves.  Everyone knows a chess battle either ends in a tie or a win and loss for the students.  The cry might go out, “Chess is evil because it doesn’t foster equality within a school club.”  That indoctrination of mindless wisdom or lack thereof seems to be ever-expanding throughout the liberal public school system of which chess practice it is said fosters learning, something known since the 1500s as taught by Jewish mothers to their children.  Self-esteem should not be assumed to be healthful in every instance but rather a recognition that improvement and success comes from work and study and more work and study.

There is an old French Proverb:  YOU CANNOT PLAY CHESS IF YOU ARE KIND HEARTED.  Is that why I never became a great player?  But then, I am in the company of  Isaac Boleslavsky and other talented players who shared a like  laziness when it came to personal aspirations. Such was the lot grouping of Ragozin, Teichmann, Filip, and Sofia Polgar. (The family Polgar considered Sofia to be the best of the three sisters but was thought to be lazy.)  I rather suspect she was an extrovert as she pursued other interests besides just chess that included marriage and children. After a brief run of tournament play, she devoted chess to the Olympics where she excelled playing for her Hungarian team.

I always try to learn from my mistakes.  Sometimes it is just too much to keep track of beyond a moment or day, a week, a month, a year!

Kindred’s Special: More Blindfold by the greats of chess

April 11, 2013

Earlier I presented the artistic chess of George Koltanowski who probably did more to popularize without sight of all play evolving between opponents.  THAT IS BLINDFOLD CHESS about which  I wrote earlier that largely featured exhibitions along the tour circuit.  In modern times, the game has taken on a challenge to the greatest living players today.  I take you back to Nice, 2009 Amber Tourney where many of the top GM’s, Aronian, Carlsen, Kramnik, Leko, Anand, Morozevich, Topalov, Ivanchuk, Karjakin, Wang Yue and Gata Kamsky kept the crowd of spectators on the edge of their seats that featured one blindfold and one rapid chess game. Emerging from such a stalwart field was the eventual winner Levon Aronian whom it is said showed remarkable resilience for swindling his opponents.

The previous year’s event that held none of the nail-biting finality of 2009 was won easily by Levon Aronian and the biggest question was whether, with the high-powered turnout of participants, all who were experienced in this form play and competition, was GM Aronian capable of a repeat performance?

From the beginning, the lead changed hands a number of times and certainly demonstrated the desire of each participant to vie for the top spot or at least near the top.  Emerging from such a stalwart field was GM Levon Aronian who scored 7 points in each to amass 14 point and edge out 2/p 13.5 Kramnik, 3/p 13.5 Anand, 4/p 13 Carlsen, 5/p 11 Morozevich, 6/p  10.5 Topalov, 7/p 10.5 Karjakin, 8/p 10 Kamsky, 9/p 10 Leko, 10/p 9.5  Ivanchuk, 11/p  9 Radjabov,  12/p 7.5  Wang Yue.

There is a huge difference between standard tournaments and that displayed in the Amber.  The latter has no certain victor in a game set that depends on quickness and will power against the clock as well as a bedrock nervous energy.

White:  Levon Aronian   Black:  Peter Leko    Opening: Queen Indian Defence   Pawn sacrifice for tension and central pressure.

1. d4  Nf6  2. c4  e6  3. Nf3  b6  4. g3  Ba6  5. Qc2  Bb7  6. Bg2  c5  7. d5  exd5  8. cxd5  Nxd5  9. O-O  Be7  10. Rd1.

This is a clear idea of mine I played years ago that I discovered with usage of my s/c and illustrates the concept of development with lasting tension in the center for a mere pawn sac. It has become a good gambit line against this particular variation in the Queen Indian.

10. … Nc6  11. Qa4  Nf6  12. Nh4.

Aronian uses a h-file as a springboard threatening Nf5 so Leko is obliged to defend with ….

12. …. g6  13. Bh6  Bf8  14. Bxf8  Kxf8  15. Nc3  Kg7  16. Rd6.

Digging into the enemy position is something I might do; John Nunn suggests positionally what might be better  16. Qf4 and I concur. It looks strong!   Perhaps Leko should think about ..Rb8 > ..Qe7, to guard the Bishop with the added possible d4 square being available for the Knight on c6. This Knight has no real future and winds up on the Q-side when the action is in the center and K-side!

16. … Na5?!   17. Qf4  Bxg2  18. Kxg2  h6?

This weakens the King pawn structure defense. And such moves give spark to sharp play that might well include “sacrifice in the wind”.

19. Ne4  Increases square count (s/c) and strongly suggests itself as the Knight now gets employed into striking the one remaining defense by the black Knight.

19. … Nxe4  20. Qxe4

Not merely taking the Knight but also carries a potent threat.  And don’t forget!  Both players play without sight of the board!!

20. … Re8?

This logical looking move probably suggested to Leko that White would play the Q to either d3 or d5.  But White senses it is time for sacrifice.

21. Rxg6+!  fxg6  22. Qxg6+  Kf8  23. Qxh6+  Ke7 24. Nf5+ Kf7  25. Nd6+  Ke7  26. Rd1!

White brings all the pieces to the attack and adds to the square count.  Remember s/c consideration often proves the right course of action in chess.

26. … Rf8  27. Rd5!  Rf6  28.  Qh7+  Kf8  29. Rg5

It soon becomes mate at the gate! So, Leko resigns.

Perhaps the moral of this chess game battle is, “It is easier to attack than to defend!”

Kindred’s Special: Priorities by the News Media is Sickening

April 5, 2013

The love affair with the Obama administration seems to leave a void in quality coverage.  I am not going to say much because it is clear now that the political agenda, fully supported by most of the news anchors and the Hollywood elite for which I have written extensively in trying to alert the public to the danger that comes from the left, is pretty much ignored by my readers and the general public, many of whom do not even attempt to study issues that will affect their lives. Here is just a listing of points to ponder if anyone is even interested.

  • Wide coverage and over emphasizing the importance of the gay marriage issue;
  • The phony decision by President Obama to give back a 2.5 % of his salary that realistically means little other than another propaganda tweet;
  • The government has shut down for politicking resulting re ObamaCare the sudden awareness that those 70+, find cancer treatments canceled;
  • The chickenhouse is empty and who cares? Commonsense by parents get ignored.
  • (Welcome to fill in.)

None in Washington, DC merit my support.  How about YOU?????????  It makes one feel like voting is a waste of time. That is what they hope you feel.