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Successful Therapy Is Being Ignored By Medicine

August 11, 2013

My wife has been in a nursing home for over two years.  Why?  She suffered a minor stroke and was sent to a nursing home for rehab.  The thought was that skilled nursing home therapists would return her to health.  During her stay she suffered bouts with pneumonia and had to have surgery.  As a consequence, we were eventually told that she had reached a plateau and could not get better so our insurance company declined to continue the physical therapy.   Unfortunately, this seems a common trend among nursing homes and insurance companies. In my own case, I hired an aide to come twice a week for therapy  (playing catch, riding a bicycle contraption she could negotiate from her wheelchair, various arm and leg exercises) in an attempt to keep her enjoying life the best she could under the circumstances.  Naturally I would like her to be home and enjoy what happiness we have left.  Her mind is very good and she wants to come out for visits and rides when she feels up to it. I am happy to be close enough to visit her regularly and dine with her often.

I called our primary care physician to get approval to stop my warfarin for my upcoming hernia surgery.  I had read in Dr. Whitaker’s HEALTH & HEALING about a patient regaining function after a stroke with use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), which delivers concentrated oxygen to tissues throughout the body, “wake up” damaged brain cells and restores lost function–even when administered weeks, months and years after a stroke.  HBOT is also an effective therapy for Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, injuries, and wounds.  It is as if God had finally answered my prayers, having the opportunity to tell Dr. Cone about the journal news. I asked her if she ever heard of Dr. Whitaker and she said she did and also has been fighting to get this therapy recognized and utilized throughout the medical establishment but is not listened to or due to medical politics (for which, you my readers, may well be acquainted in your own family experiences.

My efforts for my wife merely make her life in a wheelchair bearable and her physical being probably at a minimum for life worth living.  I have not given up hope with prayer keeping me sane.

I also read of a research project based upon the above and conducted by Dr. Whitker’s  Wellness Clinic for a testing of stroke victims covering a period of weeks to months to years and results were amazing.  Yet, the medical profession and our government sees no need to rock the boat about trying this therapy.  Is it cost?  Is it a refusal to further test nationwide such therapy?  The consequences of doing nothing is seen in my own family experience.  I am told that this therapy for stroke has been known for over fifteen years and the small cadre of researchers and where Dr. Cone remains a voice in the wilderness.  Do a search on HBOT for more.

KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: On Scandal and Corruption

August 3, 2013

The legacy that will live in infamy is one that I, you, and all Americans are now living.  The standards that form the character, integrity, of love and hate in our society thrives on instant gratification, careless behavior, sheer disobedience found in the ancient writings from biblical scripture is summed up in one word–sin.

There is a conflict in the world today between good and evil.  Picture “evil” as a society constant.  It represents no change whereas “good” is subject to the individual infecting life completely through family ties, beliefs, education and faith–mostly faith.  And there is the rub.  Faith is part of human thought but gets pushed aside in moments of anguish and personal letdown in our daily existence when, in fact, it is faith and prayer that carries us through such times.

It is such moments that lend themselves for individuals to look to government for answers.  But government is us.  It functions as a unit to guide our lives beyond individual capacity that requires educated leadership, dependability, the integrity and good character of servants of the People put in place by the People to run local, state, national and international affairs.

Every continent has been established through similar need and experience because chaos would result because of the very nature and sinfulness of mankind were it left entirely in the hands of the individual.  It would be a world cast in sin as the ultimate destruction of mankind as the Bible infers.  But what has developed is the sin of these bodies either independently or collectively.  A battle wages like that which takes place on a chess board.  A famous painting shows a game played between man and the Devil and the artistic creator of the masterpiece seems to be depicting the never ending struggle between good and evil, of love and hate for those privileged to have ever viewed it.

Today the intellectuals, the so-called elite of society have, despite personal beliefs long forgotten and hidden from the crowd, often are blinded by the glimmer of jewels that men and women have blindly bowed down to in their quest for power, glory and feeling superior to the flock.  Their world is not of God’s making but that of the Devil who is ever ready to call in his contract.  For the Devil has made a pact with them and time grows short for collection.

When I read about Hermann Helms and how his many friends expressed what was said and most remembered about him; what was wonderfully valuable was remembrance of his kindness, assistance, his work ethic, his love of his fellow man and Baptist upbringing which appears to have been his lifeline to happiness.  His was that of the individual.

Our nation, unlike many others, was blessed with rich soil, abundant fresh water streams and lakes, of food that did not materialize without labor, of forests and hills and valleys found as wilderness requiring vision of what was possible with hard work and trust in the Lord.  Of a people who, through suppression of foreign powers that raped the colonies and wilderness for riches and power in North America tossed tyranny to the winds and braved the creation of a new nation far different from whence they came.

But good was compromised with evil to make progress.  Eventually good overcame the old world evil of slavery and that is the America we have inherited.  Maturity was slow in coming with development of the west.  Sin and evil had raised a recorded history of civil war, with peace of the many Indian tribes that all the good intentions were met by corrupt and inhuman treatment by those given the job of fulfilling the agreements made with the tribal chiefs.  But corruption in the government must be laid at the door of those who wielded power of law, using it to their own deceitful ambitions.

War came and we were slow to respond.  But we did and our Nation with the resistance of allies against the axis army occupations and brutalities, discovered only at total victory.  We rebuilt nations including those we fought.  That was the result of our Christian heritage and dreams for a forgiving and peaceful world.

President Lincoln once wrote that the danger to American life may be within our own borders rather than threats alone from abroad.  Maybe not in those words but in the meaning that today we are experiencing such danger.

It rests with us to build strong character, have some of that old-time religion faith which most do even if the media undermines it as old hat and no longer reflects the wishes of the people.  Actually what is meant is that of their elite body whom they brown nose around.  And we have subversives within even our halls of education where student books have been found to shortchange our belief in faith that good will prevail over evil.

I somehow get the feeling that the Devil is rubbing hands in glee that this writer is loony and unreal and he will put it in the minds of his believers prepared to sign his contract.  So be it.  Sorry for you who want to follow the wide road and tailgate and thumb your nose at the laws of our Land.

I have faith in our Lord and goodness of our People. Amen.