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Kindred’s Special: Youngster wins Pinkus Brilliancy Prize

March 24, 2015

In the 1999 Manhattan Club Championship, 11-year old Hikaru Nakamura pulled off the best game of the championship and was the recipient of the Pinkus Brilliancy Prize.

White:   Hikaru Nakamura   vs.  Black:  Marian Waxman  Opening: Scotch Game

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. d4  e:d4  4. N:d4  Bc5 5. Be3

Development is sharper than an exchange like 5. N:c6 Qf6! 6. Qd2 d:c6  7. Nc3 Be6.

5. … Qf6  6. c3  Nge7  7. Bc4  O-O  8. O-O  Ne5?!

This exposure in the center allows my square count potency.

9. Be2  d6  10. f4  N/5-g6

This lands Black into trouble and probably best is to retreat the Knight to c6. Still, White then can create play on the Q-side, 11. b4 Bb6 12. Na3 N:d4 13. c:d4 Nc6 14. Nc2. I think White stands slightly better.

11. b4  Bb6  12. Na3  Nc6  13. Nc4  B:d4  14. c:d4  Qe7

Perhaps Black should strike the center.  A bit better is: 14…d5 15. e5 Qe7  16. Nd2

15. b5!  Nd8  16. f5  Nh8 17. Bd3 f6  18. Rf3  g6  19. Bh6  Re8 20. Ne3  c6  21. b:c6  b:c6  22. f:g6  h:g6  23. Rc1 Kh7  24. Bf4 Nhf7  25. Rg3

Hitting the weak g6 square.

25. … Rh8  26. Qh5!!  Kg8  27. Q:g6+ Kf8 28. d5  c5  29. Qg7+ Ke8 30. Bb5+ Bd7 31. Nf5 Black resigns.

Quite an achievement for an 11-year old.

Today, Hikau reigns as a US Chess Champion.

Kindred’s Special: The case of the solid defense

March 21, 2015

My chess adventures often find interesting topics to discuss for readers.  Such was one of my most bizzare cases ever to have come up.  It required a deep appreciation of one of my heroes who was facing another of my heroes across the board in battle.  It is not a case of a national reputation at stake so much as a long time battle of wits as to whether a solid defense surpasses one where the opponent is allowed access to carry about his intentions using my square count theory even though both were oblivious to my teachings.

Aaron Nimsowitsch was famous for his numerous penned articles and books.  His contributions to opening theory go back to the 1920s where either he or his followers found a rich outlet that exists even today of his teachings.

When two Grandmaster meet anything can happen on the battlefield of 64 squares and Grandmasters are noted for using all of them at their disposal.  The question thus becomes one of style where the result can go back and forth as to who triumphs in an individual contest.  This game evolves around the idea of solid defense versus a strong initiative where progress emerges from the hands of GM Jan Timman and GM Anatoly Karpov.  Such talent displayed by records achieved by both are once more exhibited in the following:

White:  GM  Jan Timman    vs.   Black:   Anatoly Karpov    Opening: Nimzo – Indian Defense

1. d4  Nf6  2. c4  e6  3. Nc3  Bb4  4. Nf3

This line popularized by S. Gligoric is called the ‘Flexible Variation’; Capablanca liked 4. Qc2. A variety of moves are playable: 4. a3/e3/g3/Bg5.

4. … b6  5. Qb3  Qe7 6. a3  B:c3+ 7. Q:c3  Bb7  8. e3  O-O  9. Be2  d6

Black decides to rely upon a solid pawn structure where his central pawn complex will deter any ambitious plans by White to attack where his 2-bishops can add fire to the furnace.  Thus, he holds back a pawn sortie …d5 that would after 10. c:d5 open space for the bishops and increase square count.

10. O-O  Nbd7  11. b4  c5

Hoping to show a solid wall of  impenetrable pawns.  But with my square count philosophy that it is harder to defend successfully than to attack presents a dangerous undercurrent to Black’s whole strategy of containment.  Is this not true in real life turmoil?

12. Bb2  a5  13. Rfd1 a:b4  14. a:b4  Rfb8  15. Nd2  Qd8 16. f3  R:a1  17. B:a1

Better than 17. R:a1 to avoid Ra8 trying to simplify the position and vie closer to a draw.

17. … Ra8  18. Bd3 !  Qc7  19. Bc2  Rc8  20. d:c5  d:c5  21. b5!

Hemming in the Knights erasing any outpost activity.

21. … Ne8  22. Ne4  f6  23. Qd3

As so often happens, the more cramped position has to strike out which usually necessitates an exchange of a piece not to his liking. Just one idea might lead to: 23 …. Ne5 24. B:e5  Q:e5 25. Qd7 Rb8  26. f4 gaining more squares under attack. I leave it to you to figure out the end play.

23. … B:e4  24. Q:e4  Nf8 25. Qd3

Renewing his grip over the d-file.

25. … Kf7  26. Bc3  Kf7  27. Ra1 !  Rd8  28. 28. Qe2  Nd6  29. f4  Kf7  30. e4  Nc8  31. e5  f5  32. Qf3 (>Qc6)  Ne7  33. h3  Kg8  34. Kh2  Nfg6  35. g3  Kf7  36. h4  Kg8 37. h5  Nh8  38. g4  Rf8  39. g:f5  N:f5  40. B:f5  R:f5  41. Ra8+ Rf8 42. R:f8+ K:f8  43. Qa8+ Kf7  44. Q:h8  Qb7 45. h6

White removes all hope for a perpetual check finish so Black resigns.

A nice game showing some of the finer points of initiative against solid defensive strategy.

This game strategy relates to real life conditions on the elements of strategy and tactics as they mirror politics and warfare.  Steinitz wrote that governing bodies would be wise to have a good knowledge of the principles of chess.

One Grandmaster told me he saw little or no value other than to study hard and master its mysteries for game play and making money. Ah, now there is a reason to play chess.  It is not my reason.  I see it only as an enjoyable pastime. Come with me and enjoy!

(In today’s world of ever expanding turmoil created by Iranian madmen mullahs it behooves our intelligence organization and government officials of every stripe to familiarize themselves with the skills and genius that make up the Iranian people— a very astute and brilliant people with a long history of achievements.  It is too bad, really too bad, that the people cannot bring themselves to throw off the yoke of tyranny which the common man and woman experience in that country or those it influences or dominate.) – KindredSpirit.


Kindred’s Special: 2000 was a great beginning of a new century for America

March 20, 2015

“To this day I cannot forget the words by Reuben Fine, one of America’s most talented players, who once told me that chess gave him something to be proud of, and had it not been for chess he doubted he would have made it through his tough adolescent years.  He explained that during those trying times he only felt on equal terms when seated at the chessboard.  It was then that all of society’s class distinctions were eliminated, and for once in his life true equality existed. The superior mind prevailed.”….GM Arnold Denker.

Reuben Fine went on to become a famous psychologist.  And since then, many of our youth today have seen the benefit of a chess acquaintance in their lives.

There are many-colored stars that dominate much of the game scene–football, soccer, baseball. tennis, and basketball. Another sport that is classified uniquely as a sport, an art and science (which embraces each listed if you think about it) is chess.  And chess has a long history of being integrated into our social fabric and accepted by devotees without malice to none.  Most sports have gone through a long period of adjustment toward acceptance. Perhaps had chess had public favor like baseball, basketball, tennis, and golf, the social barriers would have been dissolved years ago because they would not have existed in the first place. It is likely that skin color or ethnic origins would not have been an issue.

Maurice Ashley is a chess grandmaster.  His dream in 2000 was to see fulfillment as the Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF) held a grand opening for its Harlem Chess Center and announced that chess in the inner city was here to stay.

Chess took over Harlem. 119th Street was closed to traffic and chess games lined the street. A large stage was erected for ceremonial speeches that saw Wynton Marsalis and his band, Dan Rose, President of HEAF), Maurice Ashley, Bruce Pandolfini, famed chess instructor, NY Congressman Charles Rangel and NYC Parks Commissioner Henry J. Stern was seen tackling a game, the Police Athletic League (PAL) donated space for rooms, police officers came by to play games and interact with the kids and adults alike.

Yes, as Dr. Tarrasch once wrote, “Chess has the power like love, like music, to make people happy.”

The year 2000 started out with a bang with a feeling of goodness in our social fabric that hope would bring great reward to making our lives better, to bring our people together, to uplift our dreams and finally make our society one to admire round the world.  America leads by example are only words whose worth comes from practice and effort, less the evils in our society take hold.

Kindred’s Special: College dope has affected the President’s mental state

March 19, 2015

One of my favorite people who I learned much from is the naturalist, Dr. Michael Savage who warned of the dangers posed by drugs, especially what I call simply the M pot which has been declassified as illegal in some states and made legal for medical use.

The more I see on TV and news coming out of the mouth of our President, the more I realize that this guy is a sicko and it can be attributed to his use of M pot and maybe more as a college student if not before.  His nature and behavior of how he sees  the world order and also his preoccupation with leftwing ideology which is a psychotic state of insanity leaning toward idiocy is a picture of the human mind in any natural state.

Once when I was hired to direct a chess tournament at Buffalo University, I met students in the union  building stairwell that were sitting in a circle blowing soap bubbles and I remember one girl pointing her finger at a huge bubble as it floated toward the ceiling:  “Groovy man, hey guys–just look at that beauty.” The smell was enough to make me sick if I had stayed there beyond the minute or so to get through their subconscious being.

I told my wife about the experience.  She simply said, “Now you know why so many today are mental retards. College dropouts and rich parents who simply want to be rid of their problem–out of sight, out of mind.”  A sad way to think about it.  But I guess my wife told it the way it was and is even today and probably worse in the future.

Frankly I worry about the country surviving for two more years under this President’s umbrella and his mentor’s politics.

Kindred’s Special: Old newspaper articles kind of give me insight

March 15, 2015

One of my columnists I like to read is Cal Thomas. I like him because he doesn’t pull punches and tells it like it is. Let me see.  The one I am looking at says that 51% oppose Obama’s foreign policy, while 41% approve.  Must be a lot of left-wingers like New York City folks and political hacks who support abortion, same-sex marriage, etc. make up that 41%. Locally, those who oppose Obama, the tally is more like 85%.  Guess we in upstate don’t hold with the progressive, communist inspired antagonists seen on TV nightly leaving our city streets and buildings ablaze.

Former ABC newsman, Ted Koppel once noted, ‘Our society finds truth too strong a medicine to digest undiluted.’  While that is a wise statement, people most likely miss the point because they lack the ability to read or listen because so many were raised with the smell of pot dulling their brainless thoughts. He goes on to say, ‘In its purest form, truth is not a polite tap on the shoulder. It is a howling reproach.’

Hillary Clinton would be best to keep her mouth shut because every time she comes before the microphones, only adds to the dislike and historic mistrust she portrays. Her smiles and cheerful patter makes me think she looks at us as a bunch of stupid sheep.  Of course, for the host of women who swoon over her every word and pant suits, she is a doll who has it together. My question is: together??

Personally, I would be in favor of seeing a woman of Margaret Thatcher’s oratorical skills, smarts, commonsense, and truth-telling conservative values than the progressive junk the liberals walk out these days.  I see a growing handful of really wise, conservative and beautiful women who fit that mold in the conservative Republican government who have proven executive leadership qualities instead of political appointments.

The White House says that they opposed Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to Congress because of the upcoming elections in Israel and they felt it inappropriate for a candidate to speak just before their elections–stating it was too political in nature. Well, now we find that Obama has been secretly supporting the opposition party by sending political operatives to undermine the current government.

I was happy to listen to the full speech–before and after his arrival–and what may go down in history as one of the great speeches in history.  It made me happy and pleased seeing the tremendous ovations. Win or lose, Netanyahu is a man for our times.  That is what President Obama fears—truth given light!


March 15, 2015

Dear Friend,

I know we have never met….The handsome man in the photo I’ve sent is my son, US Army Lt. Clint Lorance…Ever since he was a child, he showed himself a born leader and protector….Every toy he possessed was a fire truck, police car, or ambulance….It was no surprise when he informed me that he was going to join the US Army which he did at age 18….He was deployed to Afghanistan….He was sent to a hot zone on a dangerous mission to replace a wounded officer who had been injured when the Taliban attacked his platoon a few days earlier…The village he went through was riddled with land mines, so his platoon had to set out on foot in the neck of this very village….A spotter helicopter reported to Lt. Lorance a group of motorcycle riders outside the village….As he confirmed a clear description of the enemy, one of the cycles gunned his engine toward the platoon…One of his men asked if he should fire a warning shot which he did. Then they all sped at the platoon formation, jumped off their bikes and walked toward the platoon…He gave the order to fire on them which resulted in both killing some and capturing others. Back at the base, the captives tested positive for explosive power. Eventually held with testimony from several soldiers who were then exonerated for testifying against Lt. Lorance…He was sentenced to 20 years at Fort Leavenworth Prison… They later recanted their testimony, giving a different story.

I write this not verbatim but to give you the key facts.  We have a President of the United States who thinks more about seeing those terrorist Muslims at Gitsmo go free so they can return to kill again.

Here is an American officer, Lt. Lorance, who possessed a most honorable record of over ten years service being tossed to the wolves just to appease some left-wing anti-militarist ideologues. Wonder how many  like him out there suffering similar fate?

Yes, sir!!  A great leader and a great President. A great Nation!  Just look at the shysters in NYC democrat politics and the terror by a bunch of screwballs in Missouri.  Political and College leaders?! Dropouts?  Arsonists!! Red Diaper Babies!

Any wonder this kid got railroaded for doing an exemplary job protecting his platoon members.

With the grace of our Father in Heaven, and Jesus spiritual leadership, may this sent angel, Maj. Bill Donahue (USMC-RET) win the battle for this soldier and return him with full pay to his rank of Lt. US Army. And may our President suffer the mental burden of some of his acts in past weeks that tarnish and bring much sorrow upon our beloved Nation, and that our Lord gives him the strength to learn and seek advice from leaders of military and both political parties.

God help us all.

Kindred’s Special: Olympiad star studded game

March 14, 2015

The Leningrad Dutch Defense proved to be a hard nut to crack a few decades ago which had many adherents adopting its fresh approach with new ideas.  The following game features opponents with similar aggressive styles so that sparks could erupt at any time.

White:  V. Topolov    vs.   Black:  Paco Vallejo   Opening:  Leningrad Dutch Indian

1. d4  f5  2. c4  Nf6  3. Nc3  e6  4. a3  g6 5. Bf4  Bg7  6. e3  O-O  7. Nf3 d6  8. Be2 h6  9. h3

This dual purpose move defends the g4 square and opens h2 for the bishop if attacked where it will continue to pressure the diagonal free of harassment.

9. … g5?!

This pawn sortie on the king-wing is a common plan in the Leningrad but here it is somewhat risky because Black gets behind in developing his forces.  White’s bishop loses none of its influence on the h2-e6 attack-line.

10. Bh2 Nbd7

This move too timid. 10…Qe7 > Nc6 > Bd7 is an alternative.  The text is a Capablanca no-no where I think his idea to avoid confining developmental aims can lead to a sterile and unproductive setup.

11. Qc2  b6  12. Rd1!  Kh8  13. b4 Bb7  14. d5!

This well-planned advance weakens the f-pawn, clears the d4 square for the knight so that it forces the advance of Black’s e-pawn.  Had White played to castle (remember O-O is a neutral move with no effect on square count) his subsequent advances made in the central complex would be curtailed.

14. … e5  15. Nd2  c6  16. d:c6  B:c6  17. O-O  Rc8

More logical was 17. .. Qe7 and if 18. Q:f5 Ne4 alters the game play because the d-pawn is defended for the moment.  Maybe other ideas like  18…Ng8 or 18…Ne8 since the Queen sac seems to be correct.

18. Q:f5!  Ne4 19. Q:f8+ B:f8  20. N/d:e4 Qc7  21. Rd2  Kg7  22. Rfd1 Nf6  23. N:d6 B:d6  24. R:d6 Qe7 25. Bg3

The h2 square is now open for the King.

At this point I am stopping the game which lasted with Black’s resignation on move 43.  This position is ripe for study to improve your game and how to use effectively minor pieces and rook versus the queen and bishop. The pawn majority on the Queen-side is the key to success.

Kindred’s Special: Ravaging the Constitution and American Law

March 13, 2015

It had to be said and it took Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana to say it.  After all this time, with the Obama presidency and White House high jinx about Muslims, he points to the influx of Muslims and the Islamic faith they prescribe to, being unwilling to accept the laws of the United States Constitution with demands for Sharia law be accepted in assimilated enclaves.  When a people immigrate here and want to set up their own culture and value system, as opposed to the past integration of many immigrant families into the American culture, it is referred to as colonization.  This demand turns into a state of invasion, if one is honest about correct terminology, and a way to lead to a confusing conflict of social and moral values within our society. I find it destructive legalities that would undermine the fabric of the legal system and our heritage as a Nation.

Kindred’s Special: Chess–The Mind Game–Thinking Fast and Slow

March 10, 2015

Daniel Kahneman is a professor of psychology at Princeton and the 2002 Nobel Laureate in Economics for his work dealing with the art of decision-making. For chess players the world over, he has championed another masterpiece of literary writing called, Thinking, Fast and Slow, a major work by the author in 2011.  It is a compilation of discoveries over many decades— 499 pages.  This psychology book could well become a bible for chess enthusiasts because it brilliantly explains what a host of strong chess players have long known, consciously or subconsciously.  It is the chess book of the decade without being a chess book at all. To put it simply as possible, the brain has two different thought processes. One deals with the automatic thought patterns that come from fast, frequent, emotional ideas that is referred to in chess terms as intuition and sight recognition or patterns dealing mostly with immediate or short-term strategic plans The second thought process is slow, methodical logic requiring concentrated study in calculation arising from a position that usually emerges as an interesting brain exercise challenge.

I recall what simple advice had been given me by my brother, a brilliant chemist, scientist, and correspondent player as I read this review by GM Jacob Aagaard in NIC/3-15, “Always recheck your decision and try looking to see if you can find something better before committing.”  I coined it like this: “Chess is a war game where, on the 64 squares, takes place a battle of minds on which the outcome is seen and determined by the accumulation of ideas presented in picture form and taking place on the 64 squares through the mental battle of the combatants–a game of war without bloodshed.”   :The real worth of chess is the lessons learned from exercises in planning, calculations, judgment, creating strategy and tactics, time management and mostly building intuitive skills and good character by making wise decisions,

If you are interested in psychology, and anticipate finding value in its study, the book is highly recommended.  You can find it probably on Amazon.

Kindredspirit’s Special: Nothing stops the Russian beauties from conquering their Olympiad dream.

March 10, 2015

Indeed, the Russian women are among the most beautiful in the world. This beauty not only extends in the realm of physical charm, but as such displayed by the team as they exhibit their talents and art at and on the chessboard.  Who are these charming ladies?  Probably outside of their country, no one really cares you might say.  Really now?  Remember these champions of game play:  Valentina Gunina, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Kateryna Lagno, Natalia Pogonina and Olga Girya

Showing superb talent and fight, these ladies donned, not suits of armor but rather showed their Russian dress that could be matched only by their beautiful smiles, etc. displayed for the photographers.  Their joyful team spirit cannot be hidden by cameras.  They came to conquer and they achieved their goals, both collectively and individually.

Tromso Olympiad 2014 Women  136 teams, 11 round team event – Top 25-teams in order of finish

Russia (20)  / China (18) / Ukraine (18) / Georgia (17) / Armenia (17) / Kazakhstan (17) / Poland (16) / USA / (16)Germany (16) / India (15)  / Romania  (15) / France (15)  / Spain (15) / Bulgaria (15) / Netherlands (15)  / Mongolia (15) / Slovakia (15) / Lithuania (15) / Vietnam (14) / Iran ( 14 ) / Czech Republic (14) / Israel ( 14 ) / Azerbaijan / ( 14 )  Switzerland (14)  / Norway (14) / Argentina (14).