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Chess Sizzles in Saint Louis

January 30, 2018

World Champion Magnus Carlsen  vanquishes Ding Liren in fast chess time controls with this tidy example of his play with the black pieces.  If you enjoyed the previous battle, you will jump for joy at finding this equally appealing.  Both players turn on the fire and seem to bring to life the spirit of fight that certainly rivals more physical sport.

White:  Ding Liren   vs.  Magnus Carlsen   Opening: English Opening-Four Knights

Following 1. c4 Nf6  2. Nc3  e5  3. Nf3 Nc6  4. e3  Bb4  5. Qc2  White adopts a strategy of using the tempo in hopes of playing a picture defense system sometimes seen in modern chess strategy.  One problem with this strategy is that the spirit of the 64-squares really is seen in the human element.  GM Carlsen meets this strategy with a clear vision of coming events and good principles aimed at the middle game.

5….d6  6. Nd5  Na5  7. a3  N:d5  Carlsen often uses the simpliest ideas to changing the contour on the board.  He exchanges his own Knight that has moved only once to trade the White outpost Knight that had moved twice.  How this might effect the board overall is hard to say.  Factoring square count principles, two center defense pawns hold the three white pawns for the moment and leaves the Bishop lacking inroads into the black position.

8. c:d5  Ne7  9. b4  Bb6  10. Bc4  O-O  11. Bb2  Bf5  12. d3  Ng6  Note that the developing Bishops for White really lack purpose and threats.  Black Bishops burn into the white fortress diagonal lines.

13. h4  If White chooses castling instead, Black would continue with 13…Nh4 14. N:h4 Q:h4 with a slight edge in position.

13. …h6  14. h5  Ne7  15. Nd2  Rc8!  Getting his forces together prior to launching …c6. White seems to fail in finding a meaningful thought process in building his own pressure on the position.  This, ever slight difference in thinking up a solid plan is a advantage of Carlsen’s thought process.

16. e4?  This opens the long diagonal controlled by black.

16. … Bg4  17. d4  e:d4  18. f3??  White exposes more squares around the King position. Simply 18. Qd3 would be better.

18….Bd7  19. Qd3  c6!  At last, Black confronts the White center pawns. His timing is exceptionally perfect.

20. d:c6  B:c6  21. b5  Bd7  22. O-O  d5  23. e:d5  Bf5 24. Ne4  N:d5  25. B:d5  Q:d5  26. Rad1  Rfd8  27. Rfe1 Rc3!!  White resigns as capturing the Rook is suicide.

Well, folks!  Hope you agree that my selection spurred the excitement and adventure that can be seen on the 64-squares.  Champion’s challengers are many today compared to fifty years or more ago.  It is a better chess-world when the champ takes an active role in promoting the game we all love.

Chess Sizzles in St. Louis

January 23, 2018

World Champion Magnus Carlsen meets Ding Liren in Saint Louis, home of American Chess.  Blitz chess play is fast becoming the popular brand for all classes of players and, in this struggle, the world champion meets a Chinese rival who has attained great results in a series of rapid play with differing time controls.

The world champion enters this one with a line used by Karjakin in their title match in which the black defense chooses again the Morphy Defensive set-up against the Ruy Lopez.

l. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. Bb5 a6  4. Ba4  Nf6  5. O-O  Be7  6. d3  b5  7. Bb3  d6  8. a3  O-O  9. Nc3  Na5  10. Ba2  Be6  11. b4!  B:a2  12. R:a2  Nc6  13. Bg5 Qd7

An original type position for Black emerges from previous tested ideas for the defense. Certainly this fits into my square/count theory as the Queen takes up an excellent post eyeing the white square diagonals. Earlier was tried 13…Nd7 where Maxime Vachier-Lagrave  got a promising position in the Palma de Mallorca FIDE Grand Prix after 14, Bd2 Nf6 15. Re1.+=.

14. B:f6  B:f6  15. Nd5  a5!  Again this fits into my game examples where I launched …a5 with good counter-play. Black decides to eliminate the outpost Nd5.

16. c4  Ne7  17. Rc2!! N:d5

A rather deep think. Interesting might be 17…b:c4 to muddy the position but that d5 Knight looks menacingly well posted.

18. c:d5  a:b4  19. a:b4  Ra4 20. Qd2 Rfa8 21. Rfc1  Bd8.

It looks like Carlsen has space with those strong central pawns digging into the enemy camp. It is enough to give the nerves a work-over.  Who ever said chess was not exciting? White now eliminates one of the squares on that diagonal and gives the King a safe haven.

22. h3  Ra1  23. R:a1  R:a1+ 24.Rc1 Ra4  25. d4!  e:d4?!

This lets Black get play with the Bishop. But as the game goes, perhaps 25…f6 to keep the position solid was another idea.

26. N:d4  Bf6 27. Nc6!  Qc8?

Played to protect the b-pawn.  It loses immediately however, to….

28. e5!

Once again the Aron Nimsowitsch’s classic work MY SYSTEM shows itself. Beware the pawn free to move! threats.

28. … d:e5  29. d6!  Ra8  30. Ne7+ B:e7  31. d:e7

Although Black is a pawn up, there is no answer to Rd1 and Qd8.

Carlsen won the several game varied t/c battles.

The Amateur Eye — Snow FLAKE

January 18, 2018

Senator Flake’s address to Congress is that it fails to address the reality of the situation.  The current run of the mill reporters has gone off the deep end yielding a kind of sick mentality. He gives too much praise for the long history of the news media which is the point he was trying to make.  However, I was around for many years now and remember the sometimes deliberate shortcomings of the press, not with fake news but more of a slanted version of mistruth telling and reporting.

For all his long winded speech, I can only say that he a bit naïve when he gives an almost saintly tribute to the current press corps.  I need only point to the White House news coverage and idiotic questions by 100 percent of the questioners in the press audience.

What President Trump points to as fake news is really better put as slanted news.  For the good Senator, that might be more acceptable in general past coverage pre-Trump.  But Trump is right on my friend.  Too bad you and others don’t recognize a con by the press right in front of your nose. Just look in the mirror.

The Amateur Eye — William (Bill) Lombardy

January 15, 2018

I first became acquainted with Lombardy through Chess Life magazine when the story was of his winning the World Junior Chess Championship with the unbelievable score of 11-0!! which seemed magical considering it had the very best Juniors from round the world playing.  In America he was recognized as one of the cadre of youthful talent rising in the polls as an example of the use of a new rating system.

There was some successful inclusions of his best games that sparkled with the certainty of a bright future.  He played in  the Olympiad and Student World event collecting some brilliant results of the highest quality.  He played first board replacing Reshevsky when Reshevsky refused to play on the Jewish Holy Day, pulling the teeth on board one with World Champion Botvinnik.

When I met Jack Collins in the NY State Championship, he thought I was Lombardy because we looked so much alike.  Later, while in the Army, I met many of the top players –old and young alike but not Bill.  I learned that he had become a Priest.  This period was filled with sporadic play into tournaments where he lost none of his prowess but he left the Priesthood over a conflict with the Church head in NYC.  He thought his chess knowledge and skill could prove a great thing for the Church youth.  That appears to be the beginning a slide in his demeanor and combative nature against those whom he rightly or wrongly thought of as ill treatment by USCF that loved the rating system which determined who was to represent the United States.  Of course it was a purely just reason to  overlook Lombardy. But after this, he slid down the path of loneliness, bitterness and became a resident and victim of the street.  He died October 13th, 2017.  Several who knew Bill Lombardy wrote of his record and best games in various chess magazines.  I can only wonder what and how kindness and Priestly heads might have seen the quality of this true chess lover and what he might have achieved through the Church using his most qualified talents using  this noble game.  Sadly, we shall never know the fruits he may well have harvested.  Rest in Peace, Bill Lombardy.





The Amateur Eye – Exposure to Chess

January 15, 2018

My brother Ray was the eldest in our family tree for sport.  Tennis was king and queen for my older brothers and sister.  Being three, I was taught the chess moves but found the Knight movement hard to understand.  My older three loved me dearly.  But I went my own merry way playing on my tri-cycle where I was made the retriever of bad shots over the fence. By the time I was five years old, I had too mastered the movement of pieces, little knowing what chess was to play in my life.

I was good at math and could not understand the logic of chess books that emphasized an artificial evaluation of pieces.  My interest in the Civil War and the maps detailing the battles during the 2nd World War got me to realize that it was not just the piece exchange value but most important was the terrain which made up the 64 squares.  Each side controlled 32 squares in the field of battle at the start of play.  Would it be possible to simply take one minor set of Bishop and Knight, then Rook and Queen to find their relative comparative strength on the board.  Hence, I gave the King piece the power of 6, Bishop 8, Knight 6, Rook 14, Queen 22.  Surprise!  Rook plus Bishop equaled 22, same as the Queen which was the comparative value seen in other methods of evaluation arrived at probably from actual game researched.

My paper I gave to both Dr. Marchand and Dr. Max Herzberger, both mathematicians, strong expert players for their view.  While my theory was interesting, chess history would not welcome it because it had become the standard book evaluation presumably for all time.  Got an A.  I was not disappointed because I knew they were right.  You can’t challenge the system.  I did not intend to, but only to suggest something to ponder.  I did, however, study my chess books of Capablanca and Alekhine games,  Using my evaluations, I began to see a link between my count of attacking squares and the ups and downs of the battles on the board.  It gave a real appraisal of attack-defense-mobility and told me when a position required earnest effort to find counter-play.  It also helped me to eliminate wasting time and how to gauge the needs of the position for both sides.  After seeing a game where the Queen was completely out of play did I realize, too, that the power of any unit was dependent upon the position on the board.  When any major piece had little or no mobility or attack over squares, it was largely for the moment a piece that needed attention.

Some of my games illustrate how I learned to use my square-count theory–some visualized early on and others over time as I trained myself with my library, postal and over-the-board tournament games.  I never had the time or money to play in big tournaments.  I was a club officer in the Rochester Chess Club as treasurer, tournament director, program schedules.

I won a section (3-4 years) that featured Soviet players but got eliminated in the semi-finals where my defeats taught me more than winning.  As I learned early on–you learn when you win and even more when you lose.  In this case, losing is a winning experience because you meet stronger players than yourself.

I was asked to play for the USA team against the Soviet Union and accepted.  I was paired on board 50 against the Soviet Woman Champion, Merkie Roytwa.  2 draws and about 3-4 years play. She is from Estonia and friend of Paul Keres I learned.  She sent me many beautiful picture postcards and tournament booklet that featured Paul Keres–pictures, games, etc.  I enjoyed the match finding her very friendly and great talent.  Later on, I learned that she sat on the Presidium of Sport.

I won some club/city tournaments and tornado/hurricane club events but never found time or wealth to travel for the big ones.  Chess did not really appeal to that side of me. How good I was as far as talent goes?  I was just happy to enjoy sitting down to join a friend for good game.

I no longer play actively due to a physical handicap and eye strain. I am reaching toward the 1000 article count that covers a variety of personal interests.  I do not play on the internet. I now write a column I call THE  AMATEUR  EYE that touches on chess and other general topics viewed and composed by this amateur.  (One of my readers thought that Kindredspirit’s Kaleidoscope was too long so I shortened my blog connect to kindredspiritks.

In closing, I wrote this piece because of questions asked about how square-count came about. Perhaps I can sum it all up as a process of learning applications while studying and playing chess.

The Amateur Eye – A Wall Or No Wall

January 15, 2018

Much discussion currently is about Trump’s art to defense.  The Wall!! Lets face it–artful success is being wiser than your opposition. His success in rebuilding the NY skating rink for much less than the Democratic waste and failure shows expertise wins the point. Despite one Grandmaster decision to tear down any wall proposed, GM Ivanchuk says: “No wall for me.”  Is he a crazy European? who distains a wall for an open ended Sicilian having breaks in the structure selected?!  Well.  You pick and choose and must expect to either shimmer in a gleaming light or burn in a dark hole of squares. The winner in this game finds the HOLE.

Wei Yi  versus  Vassily Ivanchuk   Sicilian Defense–Taimanov variation

l. e4  c5  2. Nf3  e6  3. d4  c:d4  4. N:d4  Nc6  5. Nc3  a6  6. N:c6  b:c6  7. Bd3  Qc7 Petrosian’s idea against Spassky years ago.  More direct is …d5.Both are worthy of testing in play.

8. O-O  Nf6  9. Qe2  d5  10. Bg5  Sharper than another idea like 10. b3.  This fits in with my s/c theory of aggressive tactics in enemy territory.

What follows seems logical enough.  10. … Bb7  11, f4  h6  12. Bh4  Be7  Black is relying on some exchange of material that appeared perhaps to Wei Yi as too equal in nature, so he tries to go for some complications.  This is, of course, how chess games find results –good or bad.

13. Bg3 keeping a keen edge on the position. It also invites Black’s reply, 13….O-O seems too neutral compared with 13…Nd7 allowing on 14. f5 e5.

14. e5  Ne8  15. f5  e:f5 16. B:f5  Qb6+ 17. Kh1  g6  18. Bd7! This upsets the enemy camp and is a grand scale example of s/c infiltration.

18. …Rd8  19. e6  f5  20. Qd2  Kh7  21. Bf2  Qa5  22. Be3

White’s s/c soars to new highs. Watch how the game attack on black’s position builds!

22. … h5  23. Qf2 c5  24. Qf4  Forcing Black  to weaken his defense around the King.

24. … g5  25. Qf3  g4  26. Qf4  Rg6  27. B:e8  R:e8  28. Qg5  Ref8  29. Q:h5+ Kg7  30. Qg5+ Kh8  31. Qh5+  Kg7  32. Bg5  d4  33. B:f6+ R:f6  34. R:f5 Resigns



The Amateur Eye – Lonely Hearts??

January 14, 2018

Sin has gained control over the Land of America?  Some believe; I dispute it–at least in Faith that our Father in heaven will not disparage and leave us wallow in darkness.  So long as we have folks who have faith and believe and there exists still in having the Holy Spirit or Ghost making up our Souls, I have belief that our Lord still watches over us and keeps the light upon us to lead the way.

Lest we be diligent in our care of topics to debate, what I see can or might happen in the current turmoil of sexual issues can be arguably turning life on it’s head.  Yes, lonely hearts may well be the result.  Will a man ever again ask a girl he likes for a date?  It won’t be a joy but rather a fear of put down by the girl and could ultimately be a turnoff by both of a possible road toward maturity.  Will girls dress or be clean to attract the opposite sex?  Not most men and women  I hope do not look to bedding down although one has to ask how the morals of society in America has seemingly changed? Self satisfaction can never be a substitute for the long term joy coming from a love relationship.  By today’s loose views on sexual life styles, one has to recognize that the joy of two people falling in love, marrying and having children– a long time joy of family life together is slowly withering on the vine toward unhappiness.  That pitfall set out to trap the unwary in sin is Satan’s way to ruin the love bond between two people in a Godly marriage commitment. Truly I hope marriage vows remain ever sacred.  Perhaps programming like TBS and other Christian broadcasting and church attendance proves meaningful to family togetherness and love. I think so.

Return to the founding of our Land by Christians who came in those ships that for us today, would not likely dare travel.  They would wonder at the skies, the jets, high speed transportation of millions of travelers.  But mostly they would wonder at the mix of skin colors and how America was founded, winning their freedom from the likes of historic kingdoms, to form a new entity called freedom and liberty for all.  The government formed was a Republic.  Pure democracy was not really thinkable because it was thought to lead to conflicts at every level of government, of disputes, of unworkable toil of representatives.  That era did not have electricity, computers, of high speed national and international news outlets.  It is truly amazing that the American people managed to govern themselves so well.  How?   By faith in self, in our government Constitution and laws but mostly our Faith as a Judeo-Christian value system.

When established, the country was largely rural having many land owners with farms of assorted goods.  The needed travel source were canals built to transport goods from one region to another. The Erie Canal in New York State, was a door to the middle western regions and  toward use of river travel like the Mississippi River eventually made famous by the American author Mark Twain.  It was truly a historic time with rich heritage for a People who braved the great expanse toward new horizons and spirit of American ideals. Our ideals for co-existing with the many Indian tribes was largely destroyed by the spread of disease that largely was responsible to killing off many tribes.  Those remaining feared, not without just concern, the future of an expanding westward movement.  The treaties made from George Washington on with the tribes were largely wiped away by crooked politicians.  Again, sin raised it’s ugly head to make the Satanic overjoyed.  But God did not forsake his people.  Poor husbandry of the western plains led to dust bowls, thousands misplaced driving them further west.

Today, every state has it’s own beauty thanks to the American recognition that led to the founding of various Natural historical sites and parks that were set up to guard the joy for all visitors that encouraged travel and sightseeing.  These must always be guarded against those who would destroy our natural beauty within our borders when given no concern.

You might ask: what has this to do with my heading? Well, I give this much thought before undertaking my flighty fingers which I give the Lord total control.  I do not write from a batch of researched notes; I do not research my writings which come purely from my heart to my readers. You get what you see pure and simple. I try not to goof too much.  I am sure some folks hate me.  But I would rather hope that my readers enjoy my efforts to bring humor, joy, some spanking thought to composing my literary attempts.  I would hope that my naïve attempts spur to turn on the light in minds.  I find sorrow in reading and listening to hideous remarks by well paid writers who leave me cold and wonder what in hell is happening to our National mentality.  I voted for Donald Trump, not because he shares my first name Donald which I attribute to the Lord for parents who named me Donald Paul R.  I had to live with it through school years with educators,  friends, etc. mispronouncing my name.  I believe he has truly awakened the sleeping giant that presidents have referred every since Japan’s ill fated Pearl Harbor attack that brought us into World War II.  Previous presidents have led us down the road to near ruin financially with liberal hogwash that reminds me again of Satanism and communism.

The liberal Democrats who care only about power for themselves and exist with only a child’s toy fishing rod to catch a whale depicts the very nature of what liberalism has spurred in our Land and others who pursue it as an end-all.  On the one hand, Americans are ruled as a Republic while those who whine, spew hatred, generating lies among nations and not abiding by their long standing role as democrats, adopting the phony left-wing ideology espoused by liberal professors who dominate our public institutions.  Drawing salaries with nothing constructive but to delay and bring disgrace before the world the utter evilness of our current society and people whose demonstrated hostility and hatred for a duly elected President has not been seen for many decades but encouragement among other nations to the gullibility of sinners.

Destroy the evil Trump???  I say destroy the hateful evil doers who used the darkness to shade the lies.  Bring forth the light, oh God, and expose the treason and backstabbers wherever found.  I prayed for this and now current events are beginning to unravel the total collapse of a system gone mad as well as bad.

God bless American and all good peoples round the world.



The Amateur Eye – A Merry-Go-Round

January 13, 2018

When will the Republicans and especially our President Trump ever learn not to trust any interaction with the opposition.  And that word OPPOSITION in this ultra-modern world simply means not to trust or to turn your back on snakes in the grass.  Our society has become so-far left-wing that any attempt to work harmoniously toward achieving meaningful progress is like having a glass with no substance to quench the thirst or playing poker and drawing aces and eights–the dead man’s hand.

Like the communists, the left-wing in America have not been able to figure out just how to handle our President Trump.  The Russians.  The fence-sitting Europeans.  It is why I called this “A Merry-Go-Round.”  There is movement but to no-where.  The political game of the world has not met anyone like President Trump.  He is Trump.  He makes no apologies; his actions sometimes may be crude in terms of the political class and his base of followers exist like revolutionaries who, for too long, found a news media ever left of American belief structure.

Thankfully we have come to find a real leader, a champion of justice, a man who quizzes so expertly that his short wordings spank the very soul of man, of institutions, of countries. Like Jesus in the Bible, he is hated throughout the world by some who cannot come to grips with reality.  They seem destined to grovel in the dust of history.



The Amateur Eye – New York Hustling

January 5, 2018

The New York Post published the workings of street people and in chess terminology ‘hustler’.  You see them at parks with their chess clock, board and set, open for business of really not giving the so called suckers an even break.  Because these street people are very skilled at their craft–not cards or other gambling games but who are willing to show their talent across the chessboard.  You got a pocket of dough? To play will reward you the experience of finding challenge that usually results in dropping a few bucks for a chess lesson.  For a few, the lure of trying to win a game sometimes is a vice of sorts that attracts the gambler who might spend hundreds of dollars for hours of play at the board just to try and win a game.  Such is a life of a born gambler and loser and success for the hustle.

The Amateur Eye – Children’s Chess

January 5, 2018

Often times I have written on the value of chess as a learning tool in the work world.  It is an article in NIC’s CAFE which caught my eye.  Board to the Boardroom explains the turn about of Lord Price  who spent much of his life at the helm of Britain’s biggest companies, and until recently was a government minister representing the nation’s trade interests.  The secret to his many endeavors he revealed was to master chess at an early age.

His new life experience is turned now to writing where he illustrates his views about what chess skill teaches.  In business you need to understand your opponents’ point of view to see successful deals.  He believes that business success is aided by strategic thought.  One might also view Kasparov’s book Boardroom, another way to express the values of chess for the business world.

People who come on TV shows usually have a book in writing or is a new book for sale.  So, too, is the efforts of Lord Price who uses his own name as author MARK PRICE. He is so passionate about the importance of chess be taught at an early age.  (Notice the fruits of the Polgar family children taught by their father.)  As a result he has written a children’s fairy tale book called THE FOOLISH KING: The Secret History of Chess that sprang about while teaching his six year old daughter to play and stimulate her interest for the game.

In 2016 he has turned his fairy tale into an app and book for children which is due for publication next year.