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The Amateur Eye – Opening Twists

September 30, 2018

Openings on the chess board are never more than a generation away from exhibited experimentation less it dwindle in the confines of drama and philosophy of a moment in time.  Here, the imagination works overtime in this stage of the game where both players in the contest find new twists in combat.

One might look at high adventure in a Sicilian or Gambit; but the French??  Yes–the French! arising out of Rubinstein’s centuries old 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 d:e4 4. N:e4 Nd7 5. Nf3 Ngf6 6. N:f6+ N:f6 7. Bd3 c5 or varying at 5. g3 Be7 6. Bg2 Ngf6 7. N:f6+ B:f6, both plans yielding about equal play and many drawn games among the glut of the Rubinstein set ups.

In following square count concepts of space and freedom, the newer idea to come along was 5. g4!?  as examined in Jeroen Bosch’ Secrets of Opening Surprises New In Chess column for #7/2018. This idea from the 1990s offers room for further exploration in testing.  Positions arising out of 5. g4!? reflects a powerful proof of my square count theory.

A few lines from actual game play: 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 d:e4 4. N:e4 Nd7 5. g4!? Ngf6.6. N:f6+ N:f6 7. g5 Nd5 8. Bg2 c5 9. Nf3 Qc7 10. O-O Nf4 11. B:f4 Q:f4 12. Qd3! shows alternative ideas in this line to favor White.



The Amateur Eye- The Conversation

September 23, 2018

We are currently experiencing much conversation among the women about sexual behavior of males.  For a change of pace, why not try a conversation between women chess stars Hou Yifan and Judit Polgar on the ruthless, competitive, male-dominated world of chess?! Anyone can access the full interview on the iPlayer ( good for a year.  The nearly half-hour discussion is a product of work through the BBCWS. The above is hosted by Kim Chakanesta and features a conversation with two of the world’s top women players and problems they overcame on the climb up the ladder of the chessworld.

Talk about problems in America concerning deportations, we find that 9-year old chess genius residing in London Canada was being deported along with is father back to India. The British government officials intervened on their behalf so that they can stay in London. Good news for the Brits who need the talent in tournament competitions.

Bridge and chess do not always make good bedfellows.  Take the case of the Fine and Reshevsky adjourned game from Pasadena 1932. Fine had a winning position at adjournment.  His enjoyment of Bridge and play with Alekhine, the night before resumption was scheduled, saw Reshevsky waiting for his opponent the next morning and Fine still in bed asleep which saw his chess clock flag slowly rising and falling and giving Reshevsky the win by time forfeiture.

Regrettably some advertisers grabbing space while I did my article on an example of my square count for readers got screwed up.  Thank you s.o.b.s. for wrecking my article content.

The Amateur Eye

September 23, 2018

For those who throw rocks at people I can only say to beware lest you create for yourself unwanted sins. The world is full of sin but the good news is that Jesus’ message to mankind offered the way to salvation,  Those who breed hatred from their lips will find their voices shallow and sterile to haunt their very being with wagging tongues that bring corruption to their spirit.  Man and woman can destroy holiness but repentance is reserved for those who believe in the holy ghost and repent their sins.

The dredges of society come from corrupt politicians.

The latest issue of New IN CHESS has an article on the great Dizzy Gillespie.  Chess, he tells us, is a game that gives him joy.  He has advice for those who enjoy the game.

BEWARE CHESS PLAYERS WHO HAVE SERVED TIME IN PRISION.  “Never play someone who has done time. All they do all day is play chess and learn from each other.”


The Amateur Eye/Short’s Obsolescence

September 20, 2018

When I read and studied GM Short’s article appearing in the magazine NEW IN CHESS, I was pleased because any discussion concerning my youthful love for correspondence chess play introduced me to tournament chess, chess books, a list of companions across America whom I would have never met otherwise in bonded friendships or not.

Brave Nigel Short was to get cuffed for his column because the cadre of correspondence players was surely to take offense and I recognized his contribution toward a debate on the art of playing and strategies that go into both preparation for a correspondence tournament, modern computer engines and faster speeds of exchanges compared to the old called ‘snail mail’ delivery system especially witnessed in international competitions. And in all this modernism, it created for me a loss of interest because my opponents would often respond so quickly that I did not have the time or interest to spend all of my days in particular games, needing a rest from the chore and joy of analysis, research and peace of mind.  In other words, for me, it was a case of overload on my time and interest. And yes, there was no doubt that computers were being used by the growing results of ratings among the expert class and higher.

One of my very dear friends and a powerhouse at both otb and cc play quit the cc game and perhaps for the same reason as I mention above.  The technology advances seen in speeding up the game as in any endeavor has unforeseen consequences. In general,  however, correspondence tournament or match play has greatly benefited by overcoming snail mailing exchange.

Nigel Short has performed a noble and good act in raising the discussion of chess, especially among the top elite who hold total faith with it and upholding the joys of correspondence chess play, its unique flavor of preparation of move exchanges that perhaps remain a mystery for the world-wide audience of chess enthusiasts. Still, he makes some almost bizarre comments like “Nostalgia is a wonderful thing, but this type of play no longer serves any purpose. It is time for the die-hards to admit it.”

Wow!  That will surely ring the bell for more debate within the circles of those who practice THE ART OF CORRESPONDENCE CHESS! Just how does one define “this type of play no longer serves any purpose?”






Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

September 19, 2018

Some folks worry a lot.  But in God’s little acre every seed finds its way to a useful purpose in the lay of the land.  Perhaps this is what brings Charlie Brown around to Lucy’s Psychiatrist Is In booth. Charlie tells Lucy who typically is sitting with her chin and cheeks resting on her hands. Charlie stops in front and tells her,” trouble seems to follow me everywhere.  I can’t seem to avoid it. No matter where I am, trouble seems to find me.”  Lucy straightens up and tells Charlie what he needs is an unlisted life.

And in the Pickles’ toon with four panels, we find Earl and Opal on the couch and Earl has his shoes off and feet resting up on a stool.  Opal is sniffing the air.  “What’s that smell? Is it your feet? Pyoo!”  Earl turns his head towards Opal to answer, “I prefer to think of it as being the spice of life.”

Hagar, his lieutenant and a girl are seated at the bar and the romantic lieutenant is hitting on the girl with, “Any man who thinks of women as property is a disgusting brute!”  And Hagar adds. “And a Fool! Who wants to pay more property tax?!”

The Family Circus shows Mom measuring her son’s waist and trying to see if his pants will fit still now with the new school year about to start. He asks his Mom, “Summer is not even over yet. Why hurry the start of school–all too soon as is.”

Ziggy is folding his hands in front on his lap. His one panel which is usual finds him thinking out loud as he usually does, “Sometimes I feel like a redaction in the official transcript of life.” It is a wonder why he gets no more space.


Miss Bjork: “When I was 18, science, physics and math were my favorites at school. I was a bit of a nerd–the only girl with a lot of boys at chess championships.”

Seth Meyers: ” A woman named Nazi yesterday won the US Women Championship. Apparently she claimed the title when a woman named France gave up.”

Nazi Paikidze tweeted for Meyers this tidbit: “Any press is good press!”

GM Maurice Ashley on recently becoming the first black player inducted into the US Chess Hall of Fame.: I was transported to this world and I wanted to land as a grandmaster.

Vasily Smyslov  In chess, as in life, a man is his own most dangerous opponent.


The Amateur Eye – Political Madness

September 19, 2018

There probably is no intelligent thoughts coming from my finger tips with this awakening hour that I now try to pass on to you what kept me awake.  Human putridity is the only way to sum it up for you, dear reader.  I try to put things in context of the times, of encompassing reality as well as reaching a possible scenario of events long ago.

The news media is dumb. Period.  In the play, we have basically three students, a young fifteen year-old girl, a boy of seventeen and another presumably a boy also–all three students.  The girl is wearing a bathing suit under a skirt or pants and blouse.  She is from a junior high most likely, while the boys are in senior high.  That is a code of conduct.  Kids in junior high do not usually associate with senior high students.  The question becomes this: just what is she doing in quarters of two boys who are older and in senior high when she is in junior high?  Friends? Who knows? It doesn’t take a monkey to realize something wrong with this picture as she details it seventeen years later.  Why was she traumatized by what took place?  Could be the very bad thoughts carried by a media frenzy. No explanation?  Supposing the two boys decided to get rid of the pest who most likely could be flirting with the one boy anyway. Or could it be that the two boys decided to scare the heck out of her by the one grabbing her, tossing her on the bed, tying loosely enough to the bed so she could free herself and dash off.  One can imagine her darting down the stairs or hallway and hearing the laughter of teenage boys jokingly finding a way to get rid of this pest.  That laughter could be a traumatizing shock.  Maybe why she never could acknowledge it in her own mind being a humiliating experience.  Maybe that is why she never brought it to anyone’s attention.  But now,  having a guy with a great reputation and her being a democrat and maybe anti-Trump nut saw a way to deride the nomination of a candidate for a judgeship on the SC as being morally pure.  All this and at the expense of ruining a man, a husband, a father, and candidate for the SC.  I think the American people can see the Democrat-Socialists for what they have become.

The Amateur Eye -Once Upon a Time

September 12, 2018

The Italian Game might lend itself to illustrate the value of my square-count theory and use.  I shall take an example using two stalwarts GM Anand and GM Kramnik.  Buckle your seatbelts because these two guys play very interesting games from either side of the board.

From Wijk aan Zee play starts 1. e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4.d3 Nf6 5.a4 d6 6.c3 a6 7.Bg5?!

Count is a hair in Black’s favor: W/12B/13.

7…h6 8.Bh4 Ba7 9.Nbd2 Qe7 I like this move which keeps White guessing as to where the black King will go and adds protection to e5.

10.h3 g5 11. Bg3 A pawn rollup on the King wing shows the Bishop sortie on move 7 to be a suspect strategy yielding black more choice.

11. ….Nh5! 12.Qe2 Qf6 13.Bh2 Nf4 14.B:f4 g:f4 15.g4 W/12B/10

15…Ne7 16.b4 Ng6 17. Kd1 h5 18. g5 Qe7 19. b5 Kf8! 20. b:a6 b:a6 21.d4 Kg7 22.d5 Bd723.Kc2 Rhb8 24.B:a6 B:f2 25.Bb5Be3 26.h4 Ra5 27.c4 Rba8 28.Kb3 Nf8 29.Rhc1 Bg4! 30.Kc2 B:d2 31. K;d2 Nd7 32.Ra3 Nc5 33. Bc6 Rb8 34,Ke1Qd8 35.Qc2 B:f3 36.R:f3 Qc8 Now eying …Qg4 and White’s position collapses.

Checking s/c in various positions, sees the slow but steady deterioration of White’s position. Kramnik is one to follow a planned operation and he readily had other choices which may have been as good or better. Style is everything in this game and play with a plan in mind.










































Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

September 12, 2018

With the threat of hurricane season approaching, it is important to assess the value of being prepared whether it be security of property or knowing when to blow the coop so- to-speak. No matter where you live, no matter the circumstances, we need to assess the available options and recognize that government can only advise because there is no real way to avoid the storm when it hits your communities.  Life is more important than personal visible treasure. Love and prayer are essential to keeping sanity in place.

We see Garfield looking out the window and sees Jon’s automated computerized mower flying by the window as it cuts the grass.  All Garfield can think is that Jon tends to be very iffy.  Jon runs ahead of a mad lawn mower screaming RUN AWAY LAWN MOWER!! Garfield, the cat, thinks, “Albeit entertaining.”

Blondie is in the kitchen preparing with her partner and neighbor. Like all women, gossip rules the day. “Would you like to hear what I heard? Joan had a little cosmetic work done.”  Blondie responds with, “Of course not!” as she stirs the ingredients in a bowl.  “Then I won’t bother telling you who else did just yesterday.”  Blondie turns to address with, “You can’t leave me hanging like that!”

Pickles has always been a favorite of our family. The four panels show Nelson and Gramma Opal in the kitchen.  Nelson asks her what she is making.  Opal tells him “Soup” and Nelson looks in the kettle and says, “It looks disgusting.”  Opal appears hurt by this remark. “Please don’t say that Nelson because it hurts my feelings when you say that.” Nelson thinks fast. ” Oh, Gramma, I was just looking at my finger nails. They look disgusting.”

Hagar is always good for a laugh. Only two panels are needed. In one it shows Hagar, his wife and mother-in-law together when mother lets out with, “Done!!”  His wife says, “She is a master crossword puzzle solver!”  Hagar responds that he is not surprised because she is never at a loss for a cross word.

In Peanuts, Charles Schulz is never lacking in dry humor.  We see Lucy knocking at a door.  When Schroeder answers the knocking, Lucy says, “Now that you and I are through, Schroeder, why don’t you stop hanging around my house?” Schroeder tells her it isn’t her house but his.  We see her sitting alone on the steps, thinking how stupid it can be when you’re in love.

Dad is looking at all the house bills on his desk as his son enters from reviewing his homework assignments.  “It is not fair! We just started back to a new school year and I got all this homework assignments to do. I am going to be sitting for hours to do these and I hate this boring stuff.  Homework! I wish I never heard of homework.  He is getting a glass of milk in the kitchen where his Dad is working on the bills and books.  His son leaves the kitchen, commenting to his Dad that he is lucky that he doesn’t have homework anymore?! It sure is Better than Worse around the table.

The Amateur Eye- Mind Boggling

September 10, 2018

The Democrats as whole seem to look to socialism as a goal of regaining power and it is represented on two counts: International dogma and Ignorance of history by “fools” for which I have nothing in common.

The news media on a number of sites run off at the mouth with repetitive nonsensical commentary.  Is this journalism?  Is this worth my time or yours?  What do you think, readers?

Frankly speaking, I wonder what the corps of past great journalists and reporters would say if they could come out of their graves. Shocked? Bored? Unrecognizable platform of journalistic purity? What ever happened to “reality”?  Oh, God.  Perhaps the “grave” is God’s way to say: REST IN PEACE.

Readers ask me if I am on Twitter?  I am but do not use the site at all nor do I use it for a source of my writings.  Donald J. Trump uses it effectively to keep himself before the public and to express his views on current news often giving serious dialogs that keep his many supporters to the most part happy.  I see it as do many others as a tool to arrow from the President to his base.  He seems to rival Robin Hood for accuracy of hitting the target in the bullseye.  That is what infuriates the politicos to no end from whatever chair they sit at the table.

Well, I usually do not write things to read and erase from my immediate thoughts. But to tell the truth, I get excited when I read the crap I see of Democrats chiming in all knocking our American President.  Most of all, I got a lift hearing former head of State Barack Obama mouth off about his accomplishments which, to me, were almost 100% dead wrong.  But stay in there Mr. O because your commentary is most revealing of the type of character flaws you possess and your love of the base coming out of the free fall of the United Nations socialism platform.  Thanks to Trump we are purifying the air once polluted called “The Swamp”.

The Amateur Eye -Deep Throat

September 3, 2018

Kudos to the staff and editor of USCF’s CHESS LIFE magazine!  The material is of the finest literary quality and worth the price of admission to membership in the United States Chess Federation (USCF).  It is proven to be equivalent to the international magazine NEW IN CHESS and the Kindred highly recommends subscriptions where you will get the vital English speaking news on chess of value to novice as well as Grandmaster.  If you are interested in chess play, news you probably won’t find published in newspapers any longer, and find my own columns on chess of some value, then at trying to upgrade your chess understanding, your personal chess rating, and get the full benefit of well-written material that one finds a study of any of the three stages–openings, middle games, endgames —  exhibiting attack and defense will enrich your joy of chess.

I had to write this uplifting column to offset the pangs suffering from another bout with Deep Throat coming from the loins of the Democrat crying base.  It should brighten your day to read something to build up your spirit after all the junk espoused over the airways and hard print.  The simple differences in what I write and what these so called journalists offer is they get paid for it leaving your spirit in the gutter of life’s woes.

Anyone listen to Mark R. Levin’s Sunday night broadcast over Fox News?  The guests he has on truly inspire my hopes toward saving humanity. I continue to pray for our leaders and success of their wisdoms in destroying the fangs of serpents. GOD BLESS!!