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Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: The Search for the Twelve Apostles

November 27, 2012

Occasionally I find a Used Book Establishment and to enter is like the taste of a rare wine!  On such a rare find, I happened to browse and eventually find a paperback book that was not heavily used and maybe it was the cover view that caught my eye.  The cover had the faces of twelve men and what was left of a ruined structure with Roman designed pillars.  The title simply said, THE SEARCH FOR THE TWELVE APOSTLES that contained the following: The thrilling  account of how a Bible scholar discovered what finally became of the original disciples of Jesus!  The author being none other than William Steuart McBirnie,  Ph.D. was a world reknown religious scholar.

In what might be called a stimulating detective story, the author followed clues of almost 2000 years the story of the original evangelists, not the relics of the age, but the very real life tale of the men who knew the Savior, heard the God breathed lessons of the Word, and courageously carried the message to the far reaches of the Roman world.

The author, by traveling in the footsteps they once knew, by the Scriptures and biblical history, deep research and listening to local tradition, he has performed a miraculous account of their lives, their dedication, zeal, humanity, and where we today can marvel at their travels, evangelistic strategy and triumphant faith that covered the known world.  They touched the lives of countless souls that made such exhaustive research possible and rewarding.


Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: Trials and Tribulations about the King Indian Short-circuit

November 25, 2012

Usually I do not comment much on opening articles but feel enough question is raised about my lesson to respond for readers of the purpose of how I handled the opening as a lesson. Some got it; others have serious questions about my purpose and method.

My objective is to suggest planning from move 1, not relying totally upon whatever book or computer game analysis or Grandmaster theory that often runs into long drawn out analysis that my readers at their level as well as myself and stronger players– experts and masters –who likely find it all mind-boggling as well.   Thus, I try to take an opening variation and walk the reader through steps and questions to weigh about the positions reached from the particular play adopted.  For the strong players who look to see some relevance from my pen beyond this is mute as I direct such for the family unit where they can discuss and try out different ideas on their own or turn to tech via computer programs on websites galore or opening books I have suggested and can be found on Amazon. My website or myself cannot do justice to compete with such in-depth variations.

I believe this type of study is confusing to the average student and why so many lose their way in any chess game at home or competition they enter at school or junior chess event.  I want the student to say to himself or herself, “I do not recall what was gone over in class about this type position so I got to sit and try to find good ideas and to select a viable move and plan.” That is the self-learning feature I utilize and have found it beneficial in my own chess career if it can be called that.

Defeat is a learning process as I said.  Strong masters through time have said they learn more from losses than from wins.  Regardless how talented a reader is or becomes, the centerpiece of my instruction is for critical thinking within a timeframe if a clock is used. I personally have used square count to good use.  I did not have a coach or rich parents who could afford one. Our family doctor encouraged Rotary which he was a member to pay my way to Canada for a month of lessons from a senior master and coach that he had known in Europe. I was not aware of this. I thanked those supporting me  but turned it down because my parents would object anyway to let me go abroad alone with, “No way Jose.”  I suggested they donate the funds to help set up a community baseball program. Unfortunately I turned out to be 15 and l year ineligible so I was rooked again in my young life. The one good thing was I then continued to concentrate on developing my organizational skills and chess knowledge and began my long hobby of creating my library.

Hopefully this will give understanding to my means of instruction, as feeble as they may appear. The purpose of my website I have given a number of times and various segments of my theories and conclusions reached consume earlier articles.  I have presented some of my games that illustrate how I used my theoretical and research education. I hope this further explanation for new readers will be encouragement enough to read my articles, many of which deal with various aspects of the game instead of telling me I am not thorough enough. The laws and literature of chess history got a librarian to suggest that more has been written about chess than any other subject. Perhaps that is why I have devoted so much free time in such enjoyment.

KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: Resolving Conflicts

November 23, 2012

In today’s world we see such conflicts being fought diplomatically and by warfare.  One is fought by peaceful resolution to serious problems that are man-made through governments collaborating to resolve differences between warring parties.  That is the history of the world and, as I see it, hot wars no longer trigger territorial gain or dispute but rather lead to hatreds and loss of life as the ultimate result.  These of course are today’s headlines of major news outlets. They rarely get bogged down with local conflicts between parties– local, state, or national entities.

The Bible is often my source of historical record of human kind.  It is our communication with our Christian and Jewish religions and beliefs.  But more, it is the Word as given us through writings that are remarkably authentic and I find must be a spiritual communication from God, also referred as the Holy Father or biblical name, Jehovah to scribes and religious instruction by such as Martin Luther who made possible the Word made whole for all of us.

It is not up to conservatives or liberals or progressives or social engineers to remedy the ills of world society that represents nothing but man’s self beliefs often forced upon Peoples in every land.  These criminals that spread hatred show no wisdom given us through the Word and our Savior, Jesus Christ, for whom paid for all sins from time beginning through Adam and Eve, murder of brother against brother, through jealousies that emit out of the death bag of Lucifer the deceiver and liar also known by the handle, Satan.

The resolution from such conflict seen from historical and so-called man-made records uncovered that shed light on the History Channel and Discovery may be likened to wonderment if the Bible is, in fact, true or just as atheists proclaim to be fallacies of vivid imaginations of the existence of an All Mighty. God is real; God is a lie–a make-believe remover of sinful desire, thought and deed to see forgiveness as a light of the World, no matter the actions of mankind. This conflict of views passed down to us through Lucifer (Satan) to believers to condition them to waffle in a pool of uncertainty is the real battle for truth and justice.  Such mental confusion is the major source of power that the Devil uses for mass sin against all mankind.

Our history in America proves we cannot totally win the battle against Devil worship that takes hold on the public.  Why?  The love of money; the love of power; the love of self-interest; the love of putting people in their place; the love to mouth disrespect and little for honesty– all condition humans to sin freely and without a conscience for right or wrong.

The Word says that all have sinned and only through the love blessings of God through his only Son Jesus Christ will believers be saved.  There exists a condition in my view that sinners who, on their death-bed ask for forgiveness by the Savior will find no joy. The reason being is that the sinners sin without regard to any belief and written in the Book of Life showing the Devil’s catching fish in the above noted paragraph.  Hence, the sinners in such cases have no capacity to really seek forgiveness of anything–it merely is a hoax to God’s love that is perhaps the greatest of lies and achievements of Mr. Evil.

I would like to think good of people.  It would be nice to find character matters and that sin can be held prisoner from invading the mindset of humans.  But truth hurts and we all know that man has a free will and temptations strike when it is least expected or when one’s guard is down to the cunningest of the deceiver.  It does not matter the title of leaders or servants; it does not matter what color or creed of souls; it does not matter–period. Salvation comes from God’s love through his Son, Jesus Christ–with conditions.

In the old times, words really meant something; they were not recorded merely to pass the time of day. In the Bible it is written that Jesus came upon fishers who found nothing filling their nets.  A man called from the shore to put the nets on the other side of the boat and the nets became full of fish. When the fishermen came to thank him, he said: “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”  They believed; they followed.

We often times find our eyes tearing either from sadness or joy. It becomes confusing to us why tears occur at such times. Perhaps I know the reason, a reason as good as any that might explain this happening. Our eyes do need flushing to wash out things that cause momentary blurring or sometimes pain.  Then the eyes regain their clear vision.  Perhaps it is God’s way to tell us that blurring events or pain can be cleansed with wisdom and trust in what our eyes behold.  Seek truth and justice–a by-product of wisdom and righteousness. The Holy Spirit has a room in our temple–our body.

KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: Ruy Lopez featuring the Steinitzian Berlin Defence

November 19, 2012

Success in chess tournaments often rest with standings, final round, and temperment of the opponents. When vying for a top place, the result can add drama that proves that chess is indeed SPORT.  Is there any doubt that chessplay is both physical and mental torture?  No one less than Bobby Fischer reflected in interviews that it is like boxing for three rounds with both physical and mental exertion. You want to lose weight? Play chess!

The Vancouver Open of 1975 was the last tournament for GM Paul Keres.  He won the event with a score of 7 wins and 3 draws.  He died on returning to his home in Estonia.

In this, the final round, Keres needed only to draw to win the tournament and Browne needed a win to gain a part of the prize fund.

            White:  Walter Browne      vs.    Black:  Paul Keres               Opening: Ruy Lopez                  Vancouver, Canada  1975

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. Bb5  Nf6  4. d3

This move was seen frequently as far back as the Steinitz vs. Zukertort world championship match of 1886.  An excellent book covering this period in chess history is William Steinitz, Chess Champion– A Biography of the Bohemian Caesar by Kurt Landsberger (A McFarland Book).

4. … d6  5. c3  Be7  6. Nbd2  O-O  7. O-O  Bd7  8. Re1  Re8  9. Nf1 Bf8  10. Bg5

In 1983, Romanishin against Fernandz Garcia played 10. Ng3  g6  11. Ba4  Bg7  12. d4  Na5 13. Bc2  c5 with a position having more normal features of a Lopez pattern.

10. …h6  11. Bh4  Be7.

Keres is looking to exchange to get to a drawish endgame.

12. Ne3

Browne realizes the usual Knight tour ending in Ng3 is flawed because 12…g5  traps the Bishop.

12. … Ng4  13. Bxe7  Nxe7

Death comes with 13….Nxe3?? 14. Bxd8  Nxd1  15. Bxc7  Nxb2  16. Rab1 traps the Knight.

14. Nxg4  Bxb5  15. Nh4  Bd7  16. Re3

One can hardly fault Browne for this reckless venture to the Kingside by the Rook.  He wants to throw it all in for a sharp attack that can, in the final analysis, be repelled.

16. … Kh7

Keres suggests he missed the superior 16…Nc6. Perhaps Browne calculated this along with the following tactical resources: 17. Nxh6+ gxh6 18. Qh5 with dangerous conditions in the position.  For example, Black can try 18. …Qf6 19. Rf3  Qe6 20. Nf5 Kf8 21. Nxh6 Nd8 22. Qg5 with a strong attack that is likely decisive for White.  The problem is that Browne may have seen the defence too late of 18…Re6! that  post game analysis shows refutes the combination.

17. Rg3 

And here, trying 17. Qf3 runs into 17. …Nd5 18. exd5  Qxh4 19. h3  f5  20. Nh2  Rf8 with good play.

17. … Ng8!

Forcing White to retreat because of 18. Nf5 g6 19. Nfe3  h5  20. Rh3 Kg7 wins a piece. Here is a case of reverse Spanish Torture as White suffers the ill effect from passive opening play.

18. Nf3  Bxg4 19. Rxg4  Nf6  20. Rh4  Kg8.

Black must play with care because moving too fast with something like 20…d5 21. Qb3 dxe4 22. Ng5+ is hard to swallow and delight Browne.

21. Rh3 d5  22. Qe2  Qd7  23. Nh4  dxe4 24. dxe4 Rad8

Controlling the d-file.

25. Nf5  Qd2  26. Qf3  Re6!

Do you see why taking the b-pawn would be bad for Black?

27. Rg3  g6  28. Rf1  Qf4!

Killing most chances for any meaningful counterplay that could result from …Qxb-Pawn. Black continues to take advantage of the separation of the White Rooks.

29. Rd1  Ree8  30. Ne7+ Kg7 31. Nd5  Qxf3  32. Rxf3  c6  33. Ne3  Rxd1+  34. Nxd1  Rd8

Black continues to control the d-file. The Kingside attack by White has come to an end where the remaining Rook gives no relief for White. A dominate Rook is always a winning force in endgame play.

35. Ne3  Nxe4  36. h3  Ng5  37. Rg3  f5  38. Nf5+  gxf5  39. b4  f4 40. Rg4  Kg6  41. hxg5  hxg5  42. g3  Kf5  43. f3  Rd1+ 44. Kg2 0-1

The final moves may have been blitz or unwillingness on White’s part to give it up.

Such play is tedious for the players as well as the readers of a complete game. Sparkling gems cannot always be the purpose in modern Grandmaster tournaments.  Trying to force something out of nothing can lead to misplaced pieces.  In this case, the White Rooks found themselves showing weakness by disconnect.  Yet, the Black Rook on a8 remained inactive for some time.  This allowed White the chances for a King hunt that fell short.  As I have noted in some past articles, an attacker to be successful must throw as many pieces into the fray as possible.  If not adequately accomplished, the result is demonstrated by this game.











KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: Ruy Lopez or the Spanish Game Revisited

November 19, 2012

Modern Chess Openings, 13th edition gives a good account of this ancient opening.

  • It represents the classic play of the game of chess.
  • It was first mentioned in the historical Gottingen manuscript of 1490.
  • The Spanish priest Ruy Lopez, in his Libro del Ajedrez of 1561, was first to treat it systematically and carries his name.
  • It also bears the name “Spanish Game.”

The strategic element of change historically from one of sharp tactical play, often around the focal point f7 square to one pressurizing the e5 square that wages war of long duration, finding such longterm strategy to appropriately  be named by defenders, “Spanish Torture,” has been the mainstay of the whole system by the White forces. The popularity of this opening has turned up a host of defensive systems: names with flavoring like–Cordel, Berlin, Cozio, Bird, Schliemann aka Jaenisch Gambit (see, Reithel vs Cotten for a classic example), Steinitz, and Morphy are links to the past and forward to future evaluations.

As an example, I have chosen one of my favorite players to illustrate such Spanish Torture!

          White:   Paul Keres       vs.     Black:   P. H.  Clarke    Opening: Ruy Lopez – Steinitz Defence Deferred         Hastings 1957-8

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. Bb5  a6  4. Ba4  d6.

This defensive setup, if thoroughly studied prior to its use in a game, is recognized as a tough nut to crack.

5. c3  Bd7 6. d4  g6  7. Bg5

Keres steers the game from the usual 7. O-O and relies upon the element of surprise and so declines the theoretical often suggested in books as best.

7. … f6

Since g6 was played, an alternative like 7. …Be7 8. Bxe7 Qxe7  9. O-O  Nf6 10. Nbd2 makes the move g6 leaving the dark squares weak.

8. Be3  Bg7?!

I do not know if this move can be faulted but it seems like following a maxim by the famous Dr. Emmanuel Lasker which sets down a law of developing Knights before Bishops might hold here,  and increase square count that is a tell-tale sign of a better choice by 8….Nh6 attacking the square g4 and adding defense to the open square f7. Keres suggests here 9. dxe5 fxe5 10. Bg5 again, positive power in choice using my theory.  White can capitalize on opening the center further by c4 and Nc3 jump moves at the appropriate time. The quiet 8… Qe7 is unclear to me but looks plausible.

9. h4

Black finds himself in a hole of being between a rock and hard place. In a sense, he is close to a type of zugswang where an obvious move leads to problems. Thus, if he decides to block h5 by 9….h5, he gives White the powerful Ng5 after 10. dxe5 fxe5 11. Ng5! and capturing with 10..dxe5 promotes territorial gain by c4 and Nc3 hitting the center.

9. … Nh6  10. h5 Ng4 11. Bc1.

Remember my lesson about the Bishop retaining its power even if it retreats to its home base? Here is a perfect example! Again it points to the validity of my theory which one GM told me was probably not correct. I like that word “probably.”

11. … Na5  12. Nh4  b5  13. Bc2  f5

Clark makes a desperate attempt to find counterplay dismissing  13….g5 14. Nf5  Bxf5  15. exf5 Nh6.

14. exf5

Even stronger and needed to limit the coming counterattack is….14. f3!  Nf6 15. h6  Bf8 16. exf5 (Keres).

14. … gxh5!  15. dxe5  Bxe5  16. Nf3  O-O 17. Rxh5  Nf6  18. Rh3 Qe7 19. Kf1  Kh8 20. Nh4

The Knight returns with the threats of both 21. Ng6+ and 21. f4.

20.  … Rg8 21. f4! Ng4  22. fxe5  dxe5  23. Qe2  Raf8 24. Nd2  Nh6  25. Ndf3  Nxf5  26. Nxf5  Bxf5  27. Bxf5  Rxf5  28. Qe4

Centralization of the Queen is highly recommended by Nimzowitch in his treatise MY SYSTEM and PRACTICAL CHESS.

28. … Qf7

Square count now is 13/14 in Black’s favor which is illusionary and no value as White now increases his own sqct.

29. g4!  Rf6  30. Kg2! Nc4  31. Bg5 White wins.  31…Rxg5  32. Nxg5   Rf2+ 33. Kg1 and on other Rook moves, then 33. Rah1 ends the game. 1-0.

As Yogi Berra, the famous Yankee catcher, manager and baseball expert said, “It ain’t over, till it’s over!”

There is a story that a newspaper reporter asked Capablanca how many moves ahead did he visualize and plan? Capablanca said he often thought about ten moves ahead.  Then, the newspaper reporter asked Richard Reti the same question.  Reti replied: “Just one move ahead–the best one.”  Which reminds me of my advice to plan each game from move one.  Another player and American champion and Western World Champion, Samuel Reshevsky in an interview said he rarely delved deeply in opening analysis, depending upon his intuition for the proper plan and move.  Part of this may have been because he was married, had a family, and a profession as an accountant and later in real estate.

Kindred’s Special: The Christmas Tree

November 17, 2012

Last night it snowed. We went shopping and viewed amid the throngs of pedestrians, the sparkling and showy window dressings as we gazed at the beautiful scenes of Christmas so skillfully laid out for public enticement to enter the warm interiors of shops. At one such window, we viewed this little Christmas tree that rotated round and round and round–it’s branches dressed of shining glitter, lights and bulbs.  As we stood looking almost in a trance, I wondered what you see my little tree as you spin on your merry way?  For us, you bring joy and feeling of peaceful contentment and all that is good this moment in the world.

Kindred’s Special: Well, I Told You So!

November 13, 2012

ONCE AGAIN, THE REPUBLIC got cooked.  That term in chess refers to a chess problem that contains a flaw so is a study that removes the value of the problem regardless the hope and intent of its creator.

Mitt Romney got raked over the coals early on as being rich, a liar, a thief of jobs to benefit China, etc. etc. He was called a murderer of an old woman. It is unfortunate to see a good man destroyed by deceitful lies and viciousness of an opponent’s underlings. Could it be otherwise when recognizing the home of Chicago politics?  His good nature and his demeanor for skillful debate and honor as a candidate and nominee of his Party was thus blackened in the mind of Democrats by the likes of the assassins in the White House Gallery and what is often likened to the Chicago Mob. The news media, journalists, TV junkies (no names, please…but you know of whom I speak) turned a deaf ear regarding Romney until he won the first debate with Obama. Then, of course, they had to acknowledge that Mitt was really a pretty smart guy who knew what he was about.

Well, the problem was that Romney and Ryan did not know how to conduct a vigorous campaign that turned out to be shallow and limited in the false belief that they would win the election by the simplified stress on JOBS.  As I mentioned long ago, the Party needed spark and sharp retorts of the image created by the filth.  (Sorry, folks, I cannot find a more suitable word than THE FILTH DISPLAYED by the HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN crowd.  It needed a playbook from one of the greatest politicians and a true statesman–Ronald Reagan.

Dirty politics.  Yes.  Dirty election votes that brought out a lot of the vices used by the Chicago political machine of which Barack Obama emerged from and so cleverly utilized in this sham  election.  Is there any wonder that POLITICS carries such an immoral servitude in the public image?  History has always had its share of skullduggerous shenanigans and I am sure some politicians gained power by such shady dealings.  When a free nation is so dishonored by its citizens to continually look the other way and merely accept results so flawed that the evilness of its picture, of crooked henchmen, is looked upon as just the course of doing business is going to prove sooner or later as the downfall of this wonderfully created Nation.

And has it become clearer today than ever before?  Read what the Bible says about the corrupt morals that have emerged in the laws and election process of recent times. How like it was in Roma, Italy in ancient times. How like it was in S and G when Lot’s wife disobeyed and was turned to salt witnessing the destruction reaped upon sinners. That destruction must have been so horrific that human view of it was death itself.

Public support by voters in both Colorado and Washington want to usurp the rule of the country by legalizing pot.  Well, I got news for them. Dr. Michael Savage and others in the medical field who know the addictive nature of that weed and how it ruins its users almost certainly for life by its insidious attack on the brain to think clearly and with wisdom.  Of course the critics point to alcohol as a scapegoat for poo-pooing it as just another wish for self-gratification and feeling good.

Enough!!!!!!!!!  I am sick of writing about politics, corruption, the Chicago connection and President Barack Obama.  I have better things to do. , right? I can put my mind to better things…. adieu, goodbye for now.

Kindred’s Special: Looking at the Averbakh Opening Line vs. the King’s Indian Defence

November 10, 2012

Despite the club members believing me to be a walking encyclopedia in opening theory because of my postal exploits, my method to play chess as I have reported is based upon my square count system where I planned my strategy from move 1. The system for white is called the Averbakh attack. I do not remember when this system came into being.  The opening books I mentioned (MCO15 and NCO) are references worthy of study.

1. d4  Nf6  2. c4  g6  3. Nc3  Bg7  4. e4  d6 5. Be2  O-O 6. Bg5

I always try to play aggressively, following Capablanca’s excellent suggestion in his own manual where he described such as Bg5 being “combined development.”  But more than that!  It carries a mean sting for the unwary and sees both Bishops playing as a team.

With this Bishop aggressive play, Black cannot play immediately to the center with 6. … e5 which loses a pawn with a damaged center.  6….e5 7. dxe5  dxe5  8. Qxd8  Rxd8  9. Nd5. Now, the Bishop on e2 hits the g4 and h5 squares.  Square count stands at 11/2, so White can concentrate on building up a strong initiative. For the moment, Black has to find a plan that increases his own s/c and potential counterattack by say, …e7-e5, which must be prepared. Thus, putting the question to the Bishop by 6. …h6  7. Be3  e5  8. d5 is double-edged.  Do you see why? Many moves have a pro and con effect, as here.

I (you) must think clearly with the aim to find and put into play a plan of operations– for White, to advance space and pressure possibly on the h6 pawn; for Black, to anticipate a White Pawn Rollup on the King-wing and try to counter with attack on the Queen side.

This planned …h6, if you determine is not your cup of tea,  since my earlier discussions about moving pawns in the castled position nearest the King can be dangerous. A different approach needs to be explored as a plan.  How about 6. …Nbd7 or 6…Na6.  I like 6….Na6 because it looks more in tune with my s/c theory for pressuring enemy terrain. It also keeps open the long diagonal for the Black Bishop on c8.

7. Qd2!  Adds power to the long diagonal,stops …h6, perhaps allowing a possible infiltration later on at h6 and when the Knight goes  to c5, then he can be chased away by b4. As Black you should be thinking e5 to hit the center.

7. …e5  8. d5  Qe8

Gaining s/c along the a4-e8 diagonal and removes the pin on the Queen. The center block makes for an interesting Queen-side versus King-side play exciting. Chess is such a simple game!!

9. h4

Here I come, ready or not.

9. …Nc5  10. Qe3  h5  11. b4!

It is vital to undercut the Black counterplay on the Q-side.

Here I stop the play. Test your own thoughts on the position  and how to play both sides.  It should provide you a good learning experience.

One of the old men of chess past said that he learned more from losing than from winning.  Maybe that is true.

I leave you a mess on the board of pawns and pieces and a hair-raising position!  Enjoy!!

KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: The Bumper Sticker

November 8, 2012

IS THERE ANY JUSTICE IN driver-mania along Route 104 that finds some kook pulling up on my tail in heavy home bound traffic? There always seems to be someone who risks life and limb, not only for the passengers and driver of such a tail-gating vehicle but also the traffic zipping behind and especially on four lane roads which could cause a multi-car pileup.  And forget the four-wheeler semis that cruise along at sixty.

I drive safely and follow the flow of traffic.  Usually there are cars and trucks ahead of me as well as those going past my buggy at 70 miles per hour. Maybe the guy or gal behind me thinks a few feet is sufficient time to correct a traffic condition.  Then, again, maybe they got their mind on getting home for supper or activity that evening.  A lot of the time I see a cell phone up to their ear that really scares me. WHERE ARE THE COPS AND TROOPERS????

Hey! I am not kidding folks.  When drivers are driving recklessly, not a cop car is seen anywhere.

I passed my driving test years ago. In fact, my parents would not permit me to go for my license until I was seventeen.  I recall the laws of driving and of the highways were specific. There was not ambiguous stuff in those pamphlets.  Must be the laws were watered down for the elite kids and busy adults who discovered modern technologies.  The best advice I ever got from my driving instructor was to always drive safe and defensively, never assuming others will do likewise.

Whenever I read or hear of traffic accidents on the highway, I shudder.  I think about the people involved and hope they are okay.  Cars can be replaced; people can’t.  The time to think safety first is essential especially for new drivers.  When I read about kids getting killed because of careless driving, with school chums having tears in their eyes when attending a funeral or putting flowers on the roadside where the accident happened, and what caused it matters little. Sure, friends are saddened. The school has aides to talk with school friends.

The reality of the frailness of life itself, in a moment of confusion and careless behavior that crushes a family quality for life, is a little late for condolences.

KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: My Journey Among Wisemen and Fools

November 5, 2012

It is hard to imagine that I have survived to the age I am. My school days were filled with an assortment of ills that found me being sort of home schooled during those afflictions.  My assignments were sent home on the school bus that stopped each school day.  I taught myself through reading both my school books and having an inquisitive spirit making use of the area libraries and the Scrantom store in Rochester on a few visits to the Central YMCA, home of the Rochester Chess Club. All during this time I was also making a study of the game of chess and toying with some ideas I was developing that ran contrary to the laws of chess that I have related in earlier articles.  My brother made me famous by having the Wayne Chess Club members to his home where he insisted I present a talk on chess and demonstrate blindfold play; I played 5-opponents simultaneously and won all the games.  It left me with a headache and I seem to remember coming down rather ill.

George was a farmer and a great basketball and soccer star in highschool. He was my idol.  I was not able to play sports after the 7th or 8th grade due to my frequent illnesses but I attended his games.  So my attention was directed to chess.  I was especially interested in organizational matters and areas that I had developed some rebellion that eventually led to conflicts with the United States Chess Federation (USCF), The Correspondence Chess League of America (CCLA), and the international federation governing correspondence play (ICCF).  My chess play was rather infrequent, probably playing about 300 tournament games. My titles were local, winning the Wayne Club championship and Rochester Club title twice.  I won a master class section in World Cup II preliminary and second in a master class section.  I won a few Leadership CCLA events but not nearly as successful in postal play as was my oldest brother Raymond. Most of my chess life was devoted to organizational matters and as a writer.

I had a banking career at a time when banks were run really well.  I learned a great deal about finance, adding courses through AIB to those I got in the military.

I was proud of my brothers success in their fields; Ray was an accomplished chemist and George a highly respected farmer, winning an award from the Agriculture magazine, appearing on the front cover with a story about his farming. My sister Shirley was an accomplished mom raising four sons, a fine wife, musician, artist and poet. My parents were proud of their children and grandchildren.

Greatness is relative; it is not money earned, position held, or the fame you might achieve.  It is the sum total, whether at the end of our walk through life, youthful dreams led your talents in the direction that the Lord bestowed to his flock.  Each of us has worth; each of us find individually the capacity to love, to follow their star.  I have always believed that one can grow deep roots at home or abroad.  Life is a mystery. And were it otherwise, the Lord would guide us to truth and understanding if you seek him.

Life can be worth living or it can be a hell.  God has presented sin to us as a folly. Through the love of Jesus Christ we can reverse it; we can make all things new. Have faith, for the Holy Word of the Bible tells me so.

God bless all!  Amen.