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Kindred’s Special: The Rochester Royals–When the Sport was King in Rochester, NY

June 12, 2014

I remember the good old days when referees used their whistles for infractions of the rules, few as they were back then.  Basketball was slower by today’s standards.  Maybe that is why the Rochester Royals eventually left to take up residence in Cincinnati, Ohio.   But rules were pretty much followed which, of course, meant scores were often lower and skill at shooting came from the two-handed set shots so brilliantly done by guards Bobby Wanzer and Bobby Davies, two favorites of the fans.  Then there was Arnie Risen, perhaps one of the stellar centers of all time and rated by many old timers even today as one of the greatest in the business.  His hook shot was just part of his skill.  And the cadre of supporting talent was immense.  The team played the game by the rules and everyone contributed, so much so that the Royals won the NBA Championship in 1951.

Looking at the current championship series on TV is disheartening.  Of course there are many great players on both teams but the referees do not follow the rules strictly.  For example, the other night I saw super star after star double dribbling, carrying the ball several steps to the basket for a lay-up.  The fans love the fact that rules are meant to be broken by the stars of the game but there is something wrong when a basket made through an illegal move on the court adds to the victory and loss between two teams.  Thankfully the winning team was not the culprit.  I won’t mention the player who so often is seen bending the rules when baskets are needed to be made.  And I won’t point out the team because it serves no purpose.  The high spirit of the players have to be forgiven and the fans sure would not like to see too many whistles blown during the game.  There are enough fouls called to slow the game down and such infractions as I mention probably would destroy enjoyment for all–the teams and viewers alike.

One of the great men of the Rochester community was Bobby Wanzer.  He was born in Brooklyn.  He joined the marines (1943-46); during WWII, he was stationed at Guam in 1944 serving in both the occupation and defense against the Japanese.  After the war, he became a student at Seton Hall.

He was a star at Seton Hall University and joined the Royals where he helped them win the NBA championship in 1951.  He was recognized as one of the best ball handlers of his or any era.  He was a five-time all-star, served two years as player-coach and then as coach after the move to Cincinnati in 1957.  He returned to Rochester to take the coaching position at John Fisher College in 1962. He led the Cardinals amassing a record of 311 wins and 249 losses which spanned a 24 year career.

In 1987, he was inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame.

I met Arnie Risen when having lunch at George’s Restaurant we both frequented.  He said the Royals gave the Rochester fans a great run during an era that saw changes in how the game was played.  They played the game the way it was played during their era.  Eras change every game menu, create new stars and dynasties.  And those living those times all share a compassion and love for the pastime–BASKETBALL. 


Kindred’s Special: Stats from FBI Alarming but Predictable

June 11, 2014

The news media tries to catch up on all the cover-ups essayed at the helm of liberally leftwing fanatics through the past six years and can be held partly responsible for the mess created through the immigration crisis as well as the criminality that has been perpetrated at the Justice Department in attacks on our law enforcement officers trying to do their job defending Americans.  The leftwing agenda is alive and well in the towns, cities, and states at an ever-increasing geographic expansion across America.  I can best describe it as OUT OF CONTROL POLICIES OF THE WHITE HOUSE, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, AND THE GENERAL LACK OF GOVERNING THROUGH THE CONGRESS, given its role as a watchdog over agencies of the federal government.

Recent statistics presented by the FBI are for illegal infiltrators through our borders:

  • 95 % of warrants for murder in LA, California
  • 83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque
  • 75% most listed wanted criminals in all three above
  • 24.9% of inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals
  • 40.1% of inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals
  • 48.2% of inmates in New Mexico detention centers are Mexican nationals
  • 29% (630,000) convicted illegal felons cost Americans $$1.6 billion tax dollars annually
  • 53% of investigated burglaries reported in western states are criminally due to illegal infiltrators
  • 50% plus of gang members from South American countries in Los Angeles alone infiltrate across the southern border through Mexico
  • 71% auto thefts apprehended in 2005 alone in southern states were by illegal infiltrators or “transport coyotes” as such driver are known.

The sad truth hits home when it is reported that on President Obama’s watch deportations of criminal elements has slowed to a dribble.  And the Justice Department policy is to shield the President from public scrutiny.  It is incredible that for the cover up to aid politics, our government employees in law, in finance, in military affairs and VA matters I find compound shortcomings in character, leadership, integrity and mostly honor that endangers the whole nation as never before.

How can I say this about our wonderful, most powerful nation in the world?  Well, look at history:  Germany, Japan, the fallen empires from the distant past.  They all shared the fallacies that are now apparently befalling my beloved America, our energetic world-saving capitalism, our compassion for others at home and abroad.

Many heroes have emerged throughout history.  Religious patriot Martin Luther who challenged the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church in the middle ages, bringing to the world the Holy Bible; the Rev. Martin Luther King brought healing to a nation long festering wounds from the days of slavery and what happened to the disenfranchisement of people through ignorance and built up fears.  These are but two from the religious world who in seeming extreme personal hardships never gave in  or listened to those who threatened their life work achievements.

Kindred’s Special: Chess Match Up Quiz

June 9, 2014

1.  What famous personality said in an interview:  I devote most of my spare time to chess, using my Velcro board? 1. Ray Romano  2. Raymond Keene

3.  Ray Charles   4.  Hans Ree   5.  Chevy Chase   (  1  –  2  – 3  –  4 – 5  )

2.  Whom did GM Miguel Najdorf call “a small gangster”? (  1. Alekhine   2.  Al Capone   3.  Nimzowitch   (  1  –  2  –  3  )

3.   Donald Reithel, the Kindred Spirit, studied Tarrasch’s The Game of Chess at the ages 12-13 while recovering from 1. a broken collar bone  2. broken leg   3.  scarlet fever  4.  pneumonia  5. whooping-cough  (  1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 )

4.  True or False: GM V. Hort learned the moves for chess at age 6 while in the hospital recovering from jaundice.

5.  True or False:  Anatoly Karpov began playing chess at age 7 which he learned while recouping from whooping-cough and other ailments.

6.  True or False:  Who said in an interview: “I do not like to give interviews to people who do not know who Steinitz is.

7.  Korchnoi said when asked if his opponent played a surprisingly good move, he would, 1. leave the board, 2. offer a draw, 3. resign.   (  1 – 2 -3 ).

8.  John Montagu, the patron who helped Philidor publish the first great chess book is better known for having invented: 1- the thermometer, 2- the sandwich.  (  1  –  2  ).

9.  Cuba’s Che Guevara  once told GM Ludek Pachman that if he could do whatever he wanted to do Guevara would  1. play like Pachman  2. Flee to Florida   3.  Make a revolution in Venezuela  4.  Give Fidel Castro “pawn and move”.   (  1  -2  – 3 – 4  )

10.  First edition copies of Bobby Fischer’s Chess Games were marred because  1. his name was misspelled as Fisher  2. two moves in his Game of the Century were transposed  3.  the person identified as Fischer in one photo was not of Fischer )  1  – 2  – 3

Please let me know if you enjoyed these ten and would like to see more in the future.  Answers will be given on this page at a later time.  Enjoy!!

Kindred’s Special: NY Conservatives battle progressives in 1994 and again in 2014

June 7, 2014

The New York Conservative Party is alive and well.  In 1994, it refused to surrender to the highly financially backed progressives and then Governor Mario Cuomo machine and its get out the vote helped dethrone elected officials to restore sanity to state government.  Like so often happens, when good governors retire, party control changes by American belief that change is good for the soul.  After a string of corruption, the voters of New York, largely through New York City and eastern region of NYS put in the same old political machine, this time headed by Andrew Cuomo, the son of Mario Cuomo.

Once more the political press in NYS says taking on Governor Andrew Cuomo and his fellow progressives is not worth the fight.  But they’re wrong and I have the feeling they are worried because of the beliefs held and pushed by the conservatives which call for commonsense approaches to solving scholastic issues, to pave or repair roads, bridges, and cut waste.  This year, for example, we have the hype for casino gambling largely run by the Indian tribes.  There is a debate as to casino history to promote gambling, the financial benefit to State coffers  versus a poor record of harming families and creating a social form of slavery. What evidence, if any, gives proof that such income improves the health and education of the various tribes in the United States?  The cry is always, “Oh, there go the conservatives again, trying to stop progress which is the heartbeat of the progressive movement that only looks at a potential financial gain for the STATE  TREASURY.  During this, the conservatives called for developing known reserves of natural gas, plentiful in the Southern Tier.  So far as I see, Governor Cuomo is unsure how to enrich himself, his friends, and the state. I suspect if the landowners offered bribes, such approval would come along like a bird on the wing.  Studies indicate that such recovery of natural gas is safe and not a danger to land, water, wildlife or humans.

The Democrats run on the belief that government policies do best that are liberal and progressive.  It has long belittled the fruits and labors of the conservative movement which duly conducts an agenda of our nation being a republic rather than a democracy in its purest form.  The Democratic Party is really The Democrat Party.  Why the deception?  It requires a little understanding which my readers probably agree that Americans have little interest in government just so long as they get what they hope to get.  I choose my words carefully.  I said hope to get because the powers have little interest in what you and I want to happen or need.

Not too many need to obtain citizenship.  But go to the Federal Building and see what goes on.  At some point you see those asking what party they should join. It is the Democratic Party (sic) that makes sense to the new incoming citizen or family.  That hype is ingrained into the minds of new voters, who knowing little about our country and politics, go along with the crowd.  And the news media, the darling of the Democratic progressive movement (now there is another way that Professor Alinsky and Illinois crook used to brainwash the public by that rather new identity, “progressive”.) He was quite proud of that leftwing cover, “To sway the dumb American public of our leftist real agenda.”

I’ve been asked why I support that little NYS Conservative Party.  I am not afraid to call myself conservative in most things, liberal in a few but then always with a conservative commonsense approach to a problem.  I respect the leadership by the NYS Conservative Leadership of Michael R. Long.  Of course nationally I support the views of leaders on public policies I examine and share or dismiss based upon my “feel for truth”.  I like politicians who stay the course by worthy debate on issues of national importance.  It makes the country stronger.  I follow with interest the TV programming where discussion and debate can be heard without rancor. For me, the soundness of arguments, whether won or lost, show the strong backbone of those who have reached a position and willing to defend or explain it with clarity and forthrightness.


Kindred’s Special: Growing up with New York State Apple Orchards

June 5, 2014

Traveling the roads of rural New York State, I discovered a great increase in orchard expansion with new plantings that just may bring the State closer to being the largest Apple producer in the country.  Most family farms have incorporated and have expanded their orchards and crops where the future for farm employment has become very attractive.  The modern tractor and hauling methods for reaching many markets has managed to take on the transport of apple volume.  It has meant a greatly increased opportunity in the job market for those who enjoy laboring in the outdoors.

One idea that seems to be attractive is that farm workers by and large feel themselves independent while at work.  They often are given tasks which take them into work areas that rely upon following orders, getting the job done, and having relative freedom with a high degree of self-achievement.  The relationship between worker and manager or farm owner is built on respect and dependence because the goods produced usually have a rather tight framework from orchard to factory and diverse enough to include a host of outlets from the farm to the customer.


    1. The average American consumes about forty-five pounds of apples annually.
    2. The biggest apple picked so far weighed in at three pounds.  Many varieties go from tiny to large and flavor and use vary from eating to cooking.  A number of dishes come out of the kitchen to the dining table with cooks swearing by their favorites having the best flavors.
    3. A neighbor, Mrs. Frank Beneway, used to have a contest to see who could produce the longest peel.  I was doing great with a peel of two yards or more when it broke.  I did not win but a lady turned in a peel nearly doubling mine.  Anyway, the world record was created by Kathy Wafler Madison on October 16, 1976, in Rochester, NY, creating a monstrous 172 feet, 4 inches long!
    4. Apple trees have a long history in New York State going back to colonial times and perhaps earlier as Indians raised fruit.
    5. New York farms have produced many varieties through experimentation and have supplied to the public a huge number of fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables in addition to dairy and meat products.

If you have a weekend or even a day free, try taking a trip through the rural areas of New York State.  Such a trip is both educational and enjoyable especially for families with young children.  There are a good number of fruit and vegetable stands as well as farm markets and local restaurants.  Do a little research for places to visit.  You do not have to travel thousands of miles to find good life happenings and memories.