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KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: Be True to Yourself– Let the World Drift in Dishonor and Failure

September 29, 2012

The Book of Acts could be better understood as being the legal document of the Bible and is in conflict of man’s agenda and that of the Will of God.  In Jews For Jesus, Jhan Moskowitz, deceased, described when the question comes to mind, “What is the most difficult obstacle facing a Jewish person’s viewing Jesus, the Christ?  His answer is LOYALTY. He added, “Loyalty is a virtue, but when employed in the service of a lie, it ceases to be a virtue.”

Jewish evangelism has a history of turmoil within the body of believers who refuse to acknowledge Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.  As a result the birth of Christendom seems to be at the root of total chaos from words of both John and Peter  found in Acts. When told not to teach in the name of Jesus, they answered, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you leaders more than to God, you must judge. For we cannot but speak of things that we have witnessed and heard.”

Current events speak poorly of our leaders today who use the powers given them by God honoring false testimony being thus labeled classified cheaters and liars.  Our Nation cannot survive under a God who will punish sin and wreak vengeance upon a Land that has forsaken God too many times for the shallow words described for political correctness.

I see the cruel looking face of Obama; the pasty and blank-like face of  Hillary Clinton during her TV appearances as Secretary of State; I think of former President Clinton who raped women helping in his campaigns and even a young intern who gave herself to him in belief that he loved her.  The laughable joke on all of us is how the liberal media and many faithful but blinded Democrats who cherish his good looks and brilliance as a leader are willing to put him up as a guiding light of integrity for the Party loyalists and our young people.  Sorry. It turns my stomach. But as a leader and one who contributed much to the benefit of trauma events around the world, he should be honored. Perhaps that is his way of trying to amend his sickness.

Be true to yourself. Loyalty is a precious joy among friends. According to author Eric Felton, it is a vexing virtue because it can be pro and con with vices, corruptions, and spiritual pietism.

So, let the world drift in dishonor and failure.  History teaches that no Nation exists forever once it deteriorates its core beliefs given from the Hand of God.  We have been told that Jesus is Love. But Revelations say that Jesus will return to rule the Earth with a rod of iron.  Iron doesn’t bend.  Maybe it is something to think about.

Kindred’s Special: A Ricochet Barack Obama Bank Shot at the UN Conference

September 25, 2012

TALLY-HO!  President Barack Obama addressed the United Nations Conference in what he believed to be an Earth-Shaking revelation but turned out to be a classic SNOW JOB on the World Stage.  The key point of his whole display of political talk was that his talk was prepared far in advance where it was hoped his political machine’s view of the Libyan slaughter of our four Americans dragged from the American Embassy was hoped to color the events of past slaughters by Muslim extremist murderers–a copy-cat event that demands punitive action by our CIA operatives aided by our own strike force for true justice, not the ramblings of a muslim highjinx that works totally through HATE OF THE WEST, especially that of the allies of the United States.

It made me cry when I witnessed his UN charade talk where his talking points sounded so, so, so enlightening but carried a wet noodle instead of a stick for myself and others who closely follow the news and what goes on in this corrupt world.  He can take a bow of course for twisting events and fabricating details with his generalizations–something that was core to his whole being from his early days before politics.  It is smoothness of his rhetoric delivery, his priorities to alter the course of historical events which is most disturbing.   He suffers no shame because the news media is in his pocket from day-one  when he first entered the presidential primaries which led to his first term.  A snake filled pit of a term. A typical Chicago corrupt movement that I first called him on it as being a Pied Piper who was leading the young people astray as well as those who wanted to be on the bandstand of making history.

The news media in America stinks because the journalists and reporters of past fame no longer exist; the few who have been carried over have sold their soul to the Devil.

Now, I do not know how the Romney-Ryan ticket will survive unless good folks speak out and show the Democrat Party that has been hijacked by the Left-wingers and communist subversives I came to see from the old days when the pinkos had children they saw go off to college and get into seats of power and influence.  Regrettably anyone who speaks out with the truth get shot down and blackballed by the whole corrupt machine. The liberal establishment has run this country for so long that the goodness of the term CONSERVATISM has been maligned to the point where strong backs are necessary to survive the hideous efforts to ruin anyone who is not among the elite liberal view.

Unfortunately my website falls on the side of conservatism.  It would be so easy to write high praise of our President and all I can say is he missed a golden opportunity to really be an outstanding leader but simply lacks the integrity of Presidents who came before.  He so wanted to force upon the country his views and his  goal of bringing the country down to the level of the world body, not recognizing the uniqueness and greatness of our forefathers who sacrificed much for their and generations after to make for the world a safe haven and a light to shine for all as an example of what people everywhere should and can aspire toward.

I view socialistic governments as evil because they exist for the good of the State, not their populations.  This fine line of difference of what the beliefs of our forefathers dreamed when they put together that imperfect but blessed document for mankind not really before seen but with hope as an eternal blessing for what may come and in truth such evolved into the joy of a Land that not only prospered for itself but brought great achievements to the world.

There is no interest for me in debate.  Usually I am a very balanced person who enjoys watching events unfold just so long as there is a continuity of good programs and leadership to guide our country.  However, when I see the manner of how the newspapers shovel out their deceit before the public and editors pay little attention to truth but expect their reporters and journalists to cow to the political  base of liberalism that has taken over to project such where one is forced to call Obama a Pied Piper and possessing a very clear dictatorship that has emerged what is now called the Whitehouse spinners of lies.  It hurts the President; it hurts the Congress; it hurts the American public; it threatens the Nation. We are a people of diverse views and education and disagreements are  a good way to emerge with the truth and find common ground and trust.

Kindred’s Special: Any Room for a Third Party Is Not in the Cards

September 25, 2012

Third Party candidates are more a dream than a reality because the past and current realities point to a lack of funding for a new national party.  Any candidate seeking a run for the presidency of the United States requires both wide-ranging recognition, a solid means of funding.  If either of these two conditions lack substance, it is almost impossible to break the ice and find little national coverage leading news agencies to give nothing more than wishful thinking to outside-the-beltway hopefuls.  We need only look at the strong showing of Governor Mike Huckabee in 2008 who probably fell short due to a lack of funds even though he had considerable following and national news coverage in the primaries. The Tea Party who swung support behind McCain when he picked Governor Palin shows how the two major parties operate.

The Republican Party is an old stodgy bunch of backroom cronies who seem to give the nod to those having a historic line that calls for its slogan to be: “It is my turn to have the gavel.”  To some extent, it was the birth of the Tea Party that threw a monkey wrench into this “good old boys club” mentality.  Although they threw their weight behind Senator McCain due mostly to his selecting their love Palin as his running mate, it was my belief that Huckabee was the only viable candidate to challenge the popular Barack Obama.  The fools in the Good Old Party felt that Huckabee’s granting clemency to a prisoner who was up for parole and who apparently committed another crime after release was reason enough to turn their back on this great leader. Huckabee was a minister who grew considerable recognition as a preacher and working with young and old alike. The news media hopping all over this axed Huckabee’s chances to near zero in the final  analysis despite the fairly close result.

I love Huckabee because I read his books and did research into his governing in Arkansas. He moved on and gained fame in his chosen field which he studied in college and today has a wonderful program on Fox News.  His priorities today are his family and his optimistic belief in education, especially music in schools and the wonders of American liberty, personal freedoms and well-organized skills as in interviewer.

Guess what I am saying is that even with the wide following of Huckabee, the one who wins the Republican nod is the one who has war hero status and  biggest voice in politics.

When people are asked to consider third-party runs, it seems to me that it lacks a degree of poor judgment unless the run is merely to put forth a personal point of view concerning governance.  Still, what is the purpose of such an isolated agenda?  In reality history of third-party candidates rarely get a marble in a bag of marbles.  The Moose Party is gone; the Whig Party is gone; the Conservative Party of New York, largely is an offshoot of the Republican Party;  the Constitution Party and the Green Party are barely making a voice in the wilderness; the Workers’ Party and the Communist Party have little following, etc.

I hope to soon reveal my research on the Obama and Romney era.

Kindred’s Special: Ten Fighting Spirits Prove Chess Lives

September 22, 2012

The Tal Memorial held this year in Moscow, Russia was a round-robin tournament made up of ten Grandmasters, headed by Magnus Carlsen  with 5.5  (2-wins and 7-draws), and on his heels came both Fabiano Caruana from Italy and Teimour Radjabov from AZE, each with 5 points. Vladimir Kramnik, Alexander Morozevich, both Russia, and Levon Aronian ARM, and Alexander Grischuk   Russia, each  4.5,  Luke McShane from England and Hiaru Nakamura  USA, corralling 4 points, and taking 10th place alone, Evgeny Tomashevsky from Russia ending up with 3.5 managing 1-win and 4–draws and 3 losses.  Both McShane and Morozevich scored 3-wins but McShane lost to the top 3 finishers while Morozevich dropped 3 to the tail-enders.

In looking at the results, it shows the relative strength and success of tournament play among the group to be close with rating results ranging from 2849, 2820, 2818, 2773, 2777, 2771, 2778, 2741, 2733, 2700 finishing in that rating order.

Now, I choose to show you  two openings from the event that will benefit your skill. These will be hard to understand for the novice but will give the readers a beginning of an understanding hopefully of the relationship with squares.

One reason why I avoid showing games of such difficult maneuvering is to avoid overwhelming you with deep strategies.  Tactical play is easier to understand and develop skill.  Professional chess as played by today’s Grandmasters require considerable knowledge and the depth of such opening strategies are often devised by home preparation with hours of research via computer play and deep analysis.  Such training is essential and grows with the rise in rating levels.

Luke McShane vs. Magnus Carlsen  saw an unusual Ruy Lopez: the Delayed Exchange Variation

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. Bb5  a6  4. Ba4  Nf6  5. O-O  Be7  6. Bxc6  dxc6 7. d3  Nd7  8. b3  O-O  9.  Bb2  f6  10. Nc3 Re8  11. Kh1  Nf8  12. Ne2  c5  13. Nh4

As one of my early comments on such moves: Good if used as a ricochet bankshot to f5.

13. … Ne6  14. Nf5  Bf8

To keep some aggressive chances for future complications, both sides avoid exchanges in a strategic plan used by both sides for the moment.  At this point, we close examining. Try your best to analyze  and game play trying at least two plans for both W/B.

Vladimir Kramnik vs. Alexander Grischuk   Opening: King’s Indian Defence.

1. Nf3  Nf6  2. c4  g6  3. Nc3  Bg7  4. e4  d6  5. d4   O-O  6. Be2  e5  7. O-O  Nc6  8. d5  Ne7  9. b4

This seems to head for the Bayonet Attack but Kramnik preparing for the Candidates had discovered a slightly different plan akin to the Bayonet Attack that usually comes about with f3 >Re1. White’s 10th move of g3 is a viable alternative plan to Re1.

9. … Nh5  10. g3!?  f5  11. Ng5  Nf6  12. Bf3  c6  13. Bg2  h6 14. Ne6 Bxe6  15. dxe6  f4.

This is my thought here to try to restrain the white bishop activity using the e-pawn as a block of the White square Bishop. 15… Nxe4 was played which led to White gaining aggressive play as the Bishop is unleashed to join in possible attacks on the white center and attack on the Kingside.

The games from the 2012 Tal Memorial should be on computer. You should find them with a bit research should you be interested in the complete games.

KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: Deceiving Dems at it Again

September 21, 2012

This Wise Old Owl is at it again, giving my readers a hard look at the glowing but scripted gobbledygook fanfare I saw on the steps of the Capitol by the dark angel Pelosi. She is quite a dish but maybe she should stay in the kitchen and feed her family instead trying to feed Americans across the Land a piece of stale bread.  Of course her message being spouted by the marching in lockstep Democrat dupes who cannot hold a press conference and tell the truth gives the plot away. No!  You can fool the people some of the time but worn out rhetoric exposes and puts light on the timocracy of the Democrats’ base leaving me a pungent taste in my mouth.

My wisdom I rarely use because I feel readers of news outlets from TV to newspapers should form their own opinions on important items that are newsworthy and accurately presented, not merely Facebook jottings or bombastic Twittings. But after seeing the crony display by the Democrats who banded together as they usually do on the steps of the Capitol to chastise those who need to go home to meet and conduct informative discussions with their constituents in this election process that has taken place for years as a ritual fulfilling their obligations to them.

The message by the Democrats on those hallowed steps is shameful because it sounds so appealing to the American public who would normally readily agree that they should stay in Washington to complete governmental business.  A bit of wisdom and cynicism on my part simply says: They don’t want to go home to face the music or questions by their constituents of domestic and foreign policies that have shed light on deceitful leadership and mismanaged competence by those given and accepting the duties to preserve the union.  I disagree that we live in dangerous times; we always have throughout world history. No. We live in a time when our leaders do not act like national patriots and uphold the penned values of our Nation utmost as common goals. That is a difference that I touch on for my readers to contemplate.

Today there seems to be a desire to hide from the American public–truth.  Is there any wonder why there exists in our great country, noble as it is for all the world to hold up to as a guiding light for justice and freedom, a freaking divide purposely administered by the White House to grey the area of righteousness for the sham that confronts all of us by a desire to force upon the public such course as to weaken our internal integrity by opening a door, the other side, which breathes caustic evil?

KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: Early American Chess Thanks to Indepth Writings of Thomas Jefferson

September 15, 2012

THOMAS JEFFERSON we can thank for his critical thinking development, industrious penmanship, as he methodically wrote in assorted journals on architecture, language, law, literature, mathematics, nature and travel.  Is it any wonder that his knowledge and interest for the game CHESS found considerable attention to its interest.

Jefferson was born during April 13th of 1743 at Shadwell and died July 4th of 1826 at Monticello.  In those times, chess was considered a game for refined ladies and gentlemen so it might behoove me to say that he learned and developed interest for the game under the tutelage most likely from Dr. William Small, a professor of mathematics at William and Mary College between 1760-1762.  Jefferson wrote out a description from Philidor’s “Method of Giving Check-mate with a Rook, Bishop, and King against a Rook and King” first mentioned in his “Analysis of Chess” in 1749.

An account entry of August 18th, 1769 is a reference for his friend, James Ogilvie, to purchase a set of chessmen 45/when he moved to London from Williamsburg in his quest to be ordained. He later followed this up with a letter to his friend Jack Walker on September 3, 1769, requesting he bring a chessboard apparently having himself received the chessmen.

Thomas Jefferson married in January of 1772; during the next ten years they had six children; the Declaration of Independence was written; and, from 1779 to 1781 he served as Governor of Virginia. During this period two entries were recorded; one, a chess equipment purchase for 3/12 pounds. Correspondence from General Gates in letter exchanges mention  the chess prowess of the times.  Such an important correspondence was written after Gates losing a battle at Camden, SC wrote Jefferson that, if Lord Cornwallis conquers the Southern portion of South Carolina and Eastern portion of North Carolina,..”….the weight of the war will penetrate into your Bowels.  Military wisdom has ever theretofore been imputed to Virginia.”

Gates was a well-known adversary in chess with his friend Benjamin Franklin and so, too, appears to be likewise with background of his correspondent.

After his wife died in September 1782, the Confederation Congress appointed Jefferson to help with negotiations for ending the war with England.  For several months travel in both Philadelphia and Baltimore, while preparing for his assignment, his interest in chess revives per entry in his account book:  January 14th 1783, paid Affleck, a noted cabinetmaker, for chessmen and board 37/6 pounds and to Mentz, a tradesman for 30/; March 3rd paid for chessmen 11/3; March 4th paid mendg 7/3; March 7th paid mendg 2/3.

Perhaps on eve of his trip to France, Jefferson made a purchase from the bookseller James Rivington noting the date May 31st 1784 for chessmen in the amount 20/ that suggests he was going to make use of his chess interest during the long voyage to Europe.  Furthering this interest developed when Philip Mazzei, mentioned in correspondence to Jefferson those with influence in European affairs and was, during the war, a  European agent to Virginia and skilled in European politics.  This entry included the very important letter, “Your going to France without letters from me will seem very strange to many worthy persons who have shown great kindness to me…Therefore, I beg you as strongly as I can not to fail to call on those persons whom I shall name hereunder…To Favi who is living at the Hotel de Mirabeau rue de Seine, a most worthy young man, a great friend of mine and agent of the Grand Duke of Tuscany.  Among many other things you will tell him that your departure has prevented me from giving to you, as I said was my intention, a superb set of chess which he gave to me.”

Chess was an important activity in 18th Century Paris, France.  The entry February 6th 1786 pd. on admission to the prestigious chess club, the Salon des echecs  96f.  Eventually he discontinued that association due to his labors having curbed any time for chess.

Due to my chess theory about the board and pieces, I find the following quite interesting study concerning cause and prevention of yellow fever of concern during his Presidency. He wrote: I have supposed it practicable to prevent its generation by building our cities on a more open plan. Take, for instance, the chequer board for a plan. Let the black squares only be building squares and the white ones left open, in turf and trees.  Every square of houses will be surrounded by four open squares, and every house will front an open square. The atmosphere of such a town would be like that of the country.

His retirement in 1809 certainly was well deserved after a life-long dedication to public service. He returned home to his beloved Monticello in 1809 where he launched his last great work–building the University of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson contributed to the American adventure, leaving a bright shining light on the birth, freedoms, and historic perspective of a time when letters and correspondence was the major source of early life in these colonies and grew to expand in building the future United States of America.

My thoughts on building my blog article base and personal thinking on the joys experienced through chess can be likened to the leaders of our birth who found chess to provide an intellectual outlet for the play where enjoyment was experienced in the beauty of the pieces and boards as well as the aesthetic beauty of such spirited schemes uncorked during such practice.

One might wonder about score keeping.  I point to my articles on the Englishman, Howard Staunton.  Games recorded were rather clumsy.  Examples: 1. P. to K. B’s 4th; 13. Q. to her R’s 6th. The process that led to modern chess tournaments and record keeping was long and often created debates over ideas.  Time reflection came from none, to sand/hour clocks, to windup clocks, to modern electric clocks which are regularly tinkered with for special time controls.

Debates, too, often arise over various eras in chess.  Who were the best players throughout chess history? While some find this fascinating, I rather suggest that through the reading of letters, do players of old count much for the strength of players? Letters mention play; but I see nothing to reflect who the best were in such individual games.  Jefferson responded to such question from a chess buff as to his judged strength versus Benjamin Franklin who was regarded at the time as a strong amateur player: “I played Dr. Franklin at chess, and was equal to him at the game.”

There was a cartoon I saw someplace that showed Franklin playing chess with the Duchess of Bourbon, who was in bath*.  They were of similar skill. She put her King in a skewer position and Franklin took it.  Ah, she exclaimed to say that the French do not take Kings so; in reply, Franklin quipped, “We do in America!”

*bath was a closed box with steam

Kindred’s Special: The Big Con

September 9, 2012

The Democrat Party National Convention presented a lot of sweet talk, jabber about everything to make people and delegates feel  good about themselves–typically LIBERAL mindset.  For all the colorful rhetoric, the huge stadium to give the appearance that to field such a huge audience, a musical gala event was a big stage that blurred and hid the waste over the past three years and nine months with still no budget and free credit and debit card spending and interest explosion.  Not a word about solving the problems in an efficient series of steps toward remedy.  Nothing to compare with Mitt Romney’s five points as his principal agenda.

President Barack Obama waltzed out none other than Bill Clinton to finalize the charade that things were going to be different.  He was learning from his mistakes but had his sights sets to the goal, the one he has had since 2008.  But the difference is that he was candidate Obama and now President Obama.  He threw a lot of folks under the bus and one can only wonder if he will include his buddy Clinton under those wheels should he pull off this con job and get to sit in the White House for another four years and sharpen his basketball and golf play.  I call it a con because now some of the lackies in the stock trade channels talk of a rebirth of the Clinton years of greatness.  Sad thing is that the last part was the beginning of a new recession–it takes time for economic problems to manifest themselves.  Getting into them and out of them is right what President Obama spiritedly proclaimed as if he had just discovered it.

Under Clinton, we saw the bubble burst with all the dot-com internet farces that were toys but the financial venture proved ‘a pie-in-the-sky’ waste and or fraud of the American public. Con artists came out of the woodwork with all their sham claims of profitability just around the corner.  One poor woman mortgaged her life to the tune of over $200,000 buying  junk and lost it all.  I did not notice the government caring enough to protect her.  Fact is, it is not the government’s role; that it becomes under the heading of: LET THE BUYER BEWARE. It is a suck-hole of greed that motivates the unwary and to those promised riches.  These folks are prime targets for the big con.

In some ways I find President Obama being faced and trapped due to his ambivalence regarding all the hope with futuristic technologies that are currently in a DREAM state of potential worths.  On the other hand, his opponent Mitt Romney is a more practical thinker, putting things out there that are known factors that work and leaving the DREAM ACT to future scientific projects while returning our national goal of achieving a balance sheet that keeps us out of a dark deep well of financial disaster.  America can thank the Pelosi-Reed dictates and refusal of President Obama to include Republicans and conservative thought in the planning of national goals.

There is a war going on ever since the presidency of George Bush was decided in Florida vote recount.  It rankled the nerves of the liberal establishment to no ends.  The liberal sees no defeat as honest; it always comes down to underhanded skullduggery and radio talk shows.  One time, not long past, the former governor of New York Maurio Cuomo was talked into running a liberal radio show but it was a flop.  In fact, most such liberal talk shows are an embarrassment because they cannot debate effectively the conservative facts with liberal philosophy spouted that often sounds like a planned out socialist agenda for the nation.  As I note elsewhere, socialism is a failed system where the individual is just another rung in the pages of It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.

Kindred’s Special: Where O’ Where Have Our Leaders Gone

September 4, 2012

What subject matter should I address here given those biblical words of wisdom having such profundity to enlighten us today?  I could amuse by simply saying, “God did not forsake you; it was you when you decided to abort God’s blessing to womanhood.  Throughout history leaders have emerged from many beginnings–some where life’s beginnings hung in the balance of mother’s and husband’s prayers and doctor’s skills; the uncertainty that life for a child would be hard; that advice to end it was the best thing for all concerned.  Then, of course there was the birth of many who could expect the very best from life.  God did not wave a wand or send an angel to give heavenly ups or downs, or to preselect favorites from the Heavens.  For God said, “I knew you before you were  born.”

Our lives today changed from previous times because we are encased in a glass tomb of sorts where privacy and independence is subject to criticism by an authorship  that it takes a village to raise a child. This reflection tends by liberals to defy what is the conservative view that individual freedom, of family life, of wanting the best for offspring, treating them with loving concern and that each has the right to pursue his or her goals free of being categorized from early teacher observance in the classroom.  No two children are ever the same; but each deserves the respect and attention to advance their potential.  Some learn early while others do not mature until they experience life in the work world or through military discipline and honor to serve the Nation.  Two conflicting views exist but should they?  Both have belief in their ideology.  Should one be cursed by the other?

What cause gives birth to cynicism?  It is not easy to draw forth from the dictionary various definitions of words that sometimes are sputtered far too freely without understanding. I suggest one should have a dictionary in every home and office.  Often words have dual meanings and can even be categorized as era-period.

Two words that convey in my mind are skeptic and cynic as being interchangeable.  But are they?  The former here should be a journalistic adventure into achieving an imbalance where objectivity and care to use influential writings express freedom to uphold honor, duty, humility and virtue for truth as the journalist reports it, not as an editorial whim or political tool.  On the other hand, the cynic scoffs at human enlightenment. To the cynic all things said, written, or having purpose of bettering life is written off as insincerity and deceit.  Justified criticisms are tossed aside as pure political skullduggery.

I do not know what the solution is but wonder how our American ideals and history, short as it is, has been founded on freedom from tyranny, warfare to clean the slate, and throughout our brief existence as nations go,  the people from every continent and island want to be friends with America. It is an umbrella shielding those less fortunate to enjoy the freedom of family life here and abroad.

Lord, we give thanks for your interventions into our discretion and pray asking that all people round the world will receive your blessings.  Teach them through your word the joy of peace, of family, of abiding by the 10-Commandments given us in the Old Testament for a guidance to purity of thought and deed.  Amen and Amen.

Kindred’s Special: Sorrows of Lincoln’s 1862 Year–Tragic Soul Search

September 1, 2012

Feeling the need to lighten the burden of being the First Lady of the United States, Mary Lincoln in February organized a lavish ball at the White House. The timing rankled the radical senator from Ohio, Benjamin Wade, to reject his invitation to Mr. and Mrs. Wade: “Is the President and Mrs. Lincoln aware that there is a civil war? And if not, Senator and Mrs. Wade must, and for that reason decline to participate in feasting and dancing.”  Mrs. Lincoln was from Kentucky and was both frugal and spared no expense depending on her energy to let people know that her choice of the rather quiet man who was thought beneath her station in life by relatives and friends foresaw his potential. When he emerged as the President of the United States, she looked to rub their noses a bit.  At the ball, she had dressed in a beautiful low-cut gown that somewhat embarrassed Abe.  Furthermore, despite Abe footing the expense from his own account, as quickly pointed out by the White House staff, Mary enjoyed the festive mood.

Willie had come down with typhoid fever although they only knew he was very ill.  Both parents checked on Willie several times during the ball.  He died a couple of weeks later which added to the sorrow of the earlier death of their son Edward twelve years before in 1850.   She blamed Abe for letting Willie ride a horse and got wet in a rainstorm; she blamed herself for not caring enough for sick Willie spending much of her time entertaining during the ball; she blamed God for letting her son die.  She became depressed till Abe suspected she was losing her mind.

Such tragedy had given Lincoln strength to endure the early setbacks in war.  Willie’s passing reminded him how fragile life was; Mary’s mental condition made him see and appreciate how the trials of life can push anyone to the brink of a mental breakdown;  the trust in right and God’s will be done;  Their son Tad was eight when the war started and it was he that lifted the spirit of both Mary and Abe.  Such a huge burden on his shoulders had the effect of instilling sympathy that would shape his hopes for the nation. In addition, Mary’s close relationships with family who many represented those in the Confederacy began to alter his own views during the war.

Mary and Abe’s eldest son Robert was seventeen and wanted to join the Army but Mary sent him off to college where he eventually emerged a lawyer. After graduation he demanded of his father to be allowed to join the war before it ended. Mary wrote to her husband to not put him in harm’s way.  Lincoln negotiated with Grant to aid him  and Grant put Robert in a staff post.

Tad, who was eight years old when the war started became clever by conducting personnel to the White House by placing a guard at the foot of the staircase to collect 5 cents from each. They apparently felt it was a cheap price to pay to get a word with President Lincoln or his mother.  He was thought to be a slow learner and had a speech defect!

With Willie’s death, Lincoln wrote the following letter that shows how Lincoln perhaps was affected.  His staff had advised him that she had lost 5 sons in the war which prompted the following letter.

“Dear Madam,

I have been show in the files of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant General of Massachusetts, that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle. I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save.

I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours, to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom.

Yours, very sincerely and respectfully,

A. Lincoln

(Some claim this was not written by Lincoln but one of his staff. I tend to disagree although the somewhat length might suppose Lincoln did not compose it.)

One of the problems of the Civil War came from the many hillsides with women, men and children picnicking while watching military maneuvers being carried out below.  There was a sense in the beginning that it was a war that would end very soon.  Little did any know then that it was to become the longest and deadliest of wars and that history would live it, relive it, and great literature would be written about it and continue forever for the historian and makers of war conduct plans in military colleges.

Abraham Lincoln’s goal at the early rebellion was to preserve the union.  He had no interest in freeing the slaves. Writings by Frederick Douglas noted Black Scholar, points out this in expressing his feelings: “He was pre-eminently the white man’s President, entirely devoted to the welfare of white men. He was ready to deny, postpone, and sacrifice the rights of humanity for the colored people to promote the welfare of the white people of this country.”  Lincoln, like many, felt the war would be quick and shortly over either from bloodshed or return of human sanity. And before that, he and many of the North states questioned just what the sides were fighting for. For Lincoln it was preservation of the Union and for the South, it was to preserve the rights  of Slave Holders.

Today, when we look back on Lincoln’s 1862 year, it was a turning point in much of his thinking and led to his title as: The Emancipation President.

In his early rise he considered himself a moderate.  Had he just remained so in the belief that moderation reflected the position and moral fiber of “reasonableness in debating any topic” he came to recognize that his career would get nowhere.  His venturing into topics touching on radicalism which became conservative, a willingness to challenge the status quo.

Lets look back on what Frederick Douglas said.  It reminds me of the woman caller on c-span radio that used his words and more– viciously.  It seems a common enough thread among the modern Blacks who rave about the Whites in hateful terms.  Just what did Lincoln say as he began to sense a need for a conservative view of life.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe that this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved. I don’t expect the house to fall. But I do believe it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other….”.

It was the language of the Northern abolitionists.

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