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Kindred’s Special: Leadership Hate Over Time Leads to Distrust and Unclear Future for America

July 28, 2015

The President’s chief advisors met to make their case before the Senate committee on the Iran deal.  Many senators are upset as are the public concerning America giving away legitimate demands.  What are these demands?  As a citizen, I simply want to know why it is if we turn over the billions to the Iranian government, why John Kerry did not insist on the return of Americans held in Iran, insist on reparations to pay for the badly wounded coming out of Iraq and elsewhere which the Iran government directly or indirectly was responsible.  A number of senate republicans voiced these and more questions.  A disturbing one to me was his refusal to say more than whitewash the thought that Iran should give up its terroristic approach in world affairs as some senators related to him as objectives of those who were denied the opportunity when the President bypassed American interests for direct United Nations dogma.  Everyone knows the distortion of history by the left within its broad membership hatred for American policies that made this country the nation it was and can be again.

We have right on our side. Our wrongs long addressed have been corrected.  We give billions and use our Air Force planes and naval vessels in times of catastrophic natural disasters to rush aid and ask Americans to help fund recoveries. In a nutshell– we use our power and talents to benefit mankind.  Frankly I get disgusted reading and listening to these folks who badmouth America and never have anything good to say.  People should just think: Supposing America no longer existed?  Where would the world be and do then?


Kindred’s Special: The Whole System of Dirty Secrets Exposed

July 27, 2015

For all the criticism and support that Donald Trump has been receiving, it is just another ploy of the media to use air time to keep the American voter ill informed about what really goes on in this highly liberalized environment called the political scene.  Just what am I talking about?

1. The Congress is kept ignorant having the belief that they have importance in decisions about laws, reforms, and have control over the system of laws.

In reality, the system is so set up that people who were never elected and work within the government system can be likened to what the mafia once termed “secret government” and it is slowly poisoning our Constitution, By-laws, and national identity.

So corrupt is the system I mention that what was done behind closed doors are now openly aired and the policies and corrupt nature of this beast simply says, THE PUBLIC BE DAMNED.  It reminds me of the French Revolution when the queen of France was heard to say: “Let them eat cake.”referring to the masses of pauper status.

Despite efforts by lawmakers to foster needed remedies to fix bad law that lobbyists dream up and connive to get enacted with the aid of their allied political hacks who sit in the House and Senate in Washington, DC or in state offices, almost all get shelved and wrapped in mothballs.  These folks get reelected and live in their seats of power until they die, retire, or get voted out–the latter being rather rare.  Being corrupt, they assist in this secret government rule over all of us.

Kindred’s Special: Kindred Looks at the sixteen….

July 25, 2015

actually I was hoping to persuade myself to avoid.  Politics is not anything I put willingly in my pipe to smoke.  And who cares what I think…or you, for that matter.  As I see it, my critics will say, “There he goes again:  Tooting his own horn.”  My readers will look to see what I got to say.

In a nutshell– a herd of patriotic Americans enclosed right now in a corral revving up to venture forth in their joint desire to attract attention and state their case where individual merit by citizens weigh their individual power of  persuasion in upcoming public debate.

It would not be fair to all concerned to suggest favorite candidates of mine since a number have entered the race over various time frames which gives little credence to polls as such.  Still, like always, the media jumps on every word and every statement extracting whatever the dogs of discourse themselves use to muddy the waters of what should be a sweet and clear spring flowing purity in all its bubbling and give fresh air to the political process.

I study the media camps–conservative, moderate, liberal who work feverishly to sway public opinion.  You know them by their stripes. Some intentionally tell lies, untruths of political agendas, or spew venom unbecoming the posts and power they wield as journalists and commentators.  Wisdom gives the thoughtful and educated voice to differentiate the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So, I turn my own thoughts to what makes a leader.  Who will emerge from the pack.  What horse and rider will burst forth from the start or will be a late bloomer coming from out of nowhere as so often happens in horse races?  And to be sure, this is going to be a horse race for the Republican Party and the Democrat Party alike.

Currently, looking at the candidates, I have to say that Carly carries a consistent message, has favorable credentials and proven leadership qualities that can view issues with intelligence and purpose giving our national needs and Presidential duties prime importance and attention. She has demonstrated this with her own campaign which has gained more and more interest.  I do not feel secure in trusting that to any politician with the mess they have made from either political spectrum but a need for stature and foresight of a Dwight Eisenhower, Margaret Thatcher, or Ronald Reagan.  However, much talent exists; lets see if the dogma of political hacks can be erased from this current platform of candidates on either side.

I guess I am greatly disappointed in the lost opportunities which President Obama projected coming from of his prepared speeches that lifted the spirit and hope of so many, especially the young, but sadly found a left-wing deflated tire and no spare, facing a family stuck on a country road and long journey home.

Stay tuned for the upcoming debates which seem positive unless they come up shortchanged because of media hype or sabotage.

Kindred’s Special: CHESS IS NOT AN EASY GAME

July 19, 2015

This is a review of a game I played in 1981 postal with a good friend met through the CCLA, Richard S. Vandenburg who was awarded the White pieces to which I was quite happy.  Dick liked the Ruy Lopez and I had been studying a new plan which my square count had dictated as being practical and good.  I had tested it against my brother Raymond in both postal and over-the-board so I had a bit of history built from analysis and practice.

In postal chess, time can play both a positive and negative role concerning time. Careers, game loads, and just having a mix of feelings can affect play.  I often use Reinfeld’s Winning Chess and tactical book by Tal Winning Combinations  & Tactics. Today we have computer programs for such training, making chess even more competitive and producing brilliant ideas on the board.

White:  Richard S. Vandenburg     Black:  Donald P. Reithel    Opening: Ruy Lopez  (Introducing 9…Qd7)

1. P-K4  P-K4 / 2. N-KB3  N-QB3 /   3. B-N5  P-QR3 / 4. B-R4  N-B3 /  5. O-O  B-K2 / 6.  R-K1  P-QN4 / 7.B-N3  O-O  / 8. P-B3  P-Q3 /

Showing a willingness to engage in the sharp Marshall variation …P-Q4 which has been deeply analyzed with no clear resolution for either side, I declined it with the hope of enabling me to test my new plan.

9. P-KR3  Q-Q2 !? /

I could find nothing wrong with this idea so I give it the !? as interesting and unclear.

10. P-Q4  R-K1 / 11. N-N5  N-Q1 / 12. P-KB4  B-N2 /

Ideas Behind the Chess Openings, I believe, had Fine’s concurring with Paul Keres conclusion that if White could get in P-KB4 he was almost assured an advantage arising out of the Ruy Lopez Opening.

13. P-Q5  B-KB1 / 14. P-B4  P-QB3 / 15. N-QB3  P-N3 / 16. B-K3  P-R3 /

Remove thy Knight!  The beginning of what I term “the coffeehouse maneuver”.  It is worth noting here the excellent play on White’s part in this sequence starting with 14. P-B4 and 15. N-QB3 expanding square count in a logical manner.

17. KBP:P  QP:P / 18. N-B3 Q-B2 /  19. Q-Q3  BP:P / 20. BP:QP  Q-Q3 / 21. QR-B1  N-Q2  /

Letting in some Nimsowitsch light never hurts and next concludes the “coffeehouse maneuver”.

22. Q-Q2  K-R2 / 23. B-QB2  P-B3 / 24. R-B1  N-B2 /

White heavy forces bear down on the Kingside and his Rooks have taken up posts on the open and half-open files.  He also has the advantage of a passed d-pawn.  Black controls the K4 square which is noted in Ideas Behind the Chess Openings as a black plus to neutralize potential attacks. Also, the White monarch is a bit loose whereas my own King seemed solid behind the wall of pawns and could aid their defense.  Square count was on my mind and the following play reveals the extent that it works…at least I believe it does.

25. P-KN4  QR-B1  / 26. R-B2  N-N3  /  27. P-N3  B-N2  /  28. N-KR4  R-K2 / 29. N-K2  P-N5 /

Black widens the Q-side horizon to expand on that side with the hope of blunting any White K-side adventure.

30. K-R2  KR-QB2 /  31. B-N1  R:R / 32. N:R   N-Q2 / 33. N-K2  P-QR4 / 34. R-B1  N-B4 /  35. R-B1  B-B1 /  36. N-N3  B-R3 /

Square count is now 13 – 11 but White has not seemingly made much progress in position. Black has in the meanwhile been positioning his own forces effectively.  It seems like the game could go either way.

37. N-B3  Q-N1 /  38. N-K1  B-Q3  /  39. Q-KB2  N-Q2  /  40. P-KR4  R:R  /  41. B:R  Q-B2 / 42. B-Q2  B-B4 /

Suddenly the character of square count has changed. Black dominates the black squares and maintained sufficient guard over the passed d-pawn.

43. Q-B3  B-R2  /  44. P-R5  Q-N3  / 45. P:Pch  K:P  46. B-Q3  Q-N8ch / 47. K-R3  B-B7! /

With a deeply analyzed search by both of us, we determined that this shot was decisive. White’s King is in a box.

48. N-N2  B:N  /  49. K:B  B:B  /  50. Q:B  N-B4 / 51. Q-K3 .

With this move, Dick suggested sending the game in for adjudication.  I responded with 51. …N-N4!! and after a few letter exchanges with analysis, Dick resigned.  Neither of us could save the White position.  52. Q:g1 N/B4:K4ch 53. K–R2  N-B6ch/ 54. KR1 N-N6 smothered mate; 54. K-R3  N:Qch wins easily.

Kindred’s Special: The Problem with Abortion; it is contrary to the laws of Heaven and Angels. The Father knew you before you were born.

July 18, 2015

Children appraise us more than we know.  The Bible teaches the meaning of good parenting.  How we nurture or destroy their sense of right and wrong often depends upon our conscience and fostering it, by example, in loved ones.  Actions have consequences.  Choices are ever in the wiring of our thoughts which may or may not easily be dispelled.  The Creator sent the Prophets and Jesus as given in our holy Bible to generations ever more: How will our conscious level affect the hearts and minds of children and other adults alike that may depend on what I might say or do as it relates to personal guidance.

Matthew 18:10 /14 gives us guidance to banish Abortion from our Land.  You don’t need anything but this to give you strength in fighting the evil that Planned Parenthood pushes and makes it’s fortune in cosmetics–the byproduct of this insidious practice. Shame on the woman who buys these beauty products. True beauty lies within the Heart.

Jesus said, “Take care that you do not despise one of these little ones; for, I tell you, in heaven their angels continually see the face of my Father in heaven…So it is not the will of your Father in heaven that one of his flock should be lost.”

I have read various articles about abortion and the rights of a woman to do as she pleases with her body.  But the Bible also speaks to this, given in the kindest way to pleasure: Your body is the temple of the Lord’s blessing.  Keep it holy.  These words have more meaning and benefit than all the scientific reasons doctors and government regulators use to muddy the waters.  Because history proves that large families can produce great men and women where each child is unique in the scheme of life’s adventure.  Parents who produce such families are a real blessing because their love conquers and wipes out the evils that are seen in our society today.

Kindred’s Special: King’s Indian Defense –Classical Variation E94

July 13, 2015

An interesting battle between GM Aleksandr Lenderman and GM Vassily Ivanchuk, played in the April 2015 World Team Championship, illustrates a good example of my square count theory; it also illustrates a rather unusual variant by today’s standards.

1. d4 Nf6  2. c4  g6 3. Nc3 Bg7  4. e4  O-O  5. Nf3  d6 6. Be2  e5 7. O-O c6

Black might have tried for a Benoni-type defense.  White adopts an opening series that dates back to the last century.

8. Qc2  Nbd7 9. Rd1  Qc7  10. d5!

White creates the central van prong that sets the pawn structure in the center and assures White a space plus. Now, as so often happens, an exchange can lead to diminishing returns. 10…a6 suggests itself now to guard b5.

10. … c:d5?  11. Nb5!

This sharp move tosses the Queen into a rather tight spot because had she gone to 11…Qc5, then 12. b4 Q:b4 13. Rb1 embarrasses the Queen and square count begins to add up in White’s favor.

11. … Qb8 12. c:d5  Nc5  13. Nd2  a5

Normally this would be a good defensive strategy because it stops b4 attacking the Knight. But he should be looking at developing his Bishop to d7. Like in the previous lesson of Dragon Queen, after retreating the Knight to d3, he can launch a pawn attack via b5 which nets him some square count points. Also, …Rc8 15. a4 a5 16. Nc4 N:a4 is worth examining.  With the clock ticking, it is not so easy  this game of chess.

14. Nc4  N/c5:e4  15. f3?

White misses his best chance, noting that he could have obtained an excellent position with 15. Be3 Bf5 16. g4 N:g4 17. B:g4 B:g4  18. Q:e4  f5 19. Qg2  B:d1 20. R:d1.  Now things get messy with the e4-pawn gone; who is ahead?

15. …Bd7 16. a4 B:b5  17. a:b5  Nc5 18. Nb6  Ra7 19. Be3  Rd8 20. Ra3  Bf8 21. Rda1 Qc7 22. b4 Q:b6  23. b:a5 R:a5 24. R:a5  N:d5 25. Bf2  Bh6?

Although adding to square count, this is weak as it carries no threat or defensive point.

26. R/5a3 Nf4  27. Ra8 Kg7

27. …Bf8 was correct so d6 was guarded,

28. Bc4  R:a8 29. R:a8 Qc7 30. Kf1

The wrong way! Correct was 30. Kh1 Qd7 31. B:c5 d:c5 32. g3

30. …Qd7 31. Qd1 Nce6 32. g3 Nh3? 33. Bb6 Neg5  34. Bc5 Nf4  35. B:d6  Qh3ch 36. Ke1 Ng2ch 37. Ke2 Nf4ch  38. Ke1 Ng2ch 39. Ke2  Nf4ch 40. Kd2! Nfe6  41. Kc3  Qf5 42. h4! Black resigned (1-0).

China 15 / Ukraine  12 / Armenia 11 / Russia  10 / United States of America 10

Kindred’s Special: Another Brooklyn NY Scandal–“Dirty” Democrat Caught and Accused to Benefit Himself

July 11, 2015

I read with some humor coming out of the Democrat & Chronicle about another NYS senator accused of ripping the system off.  Democrat or Republican: per usual, the news omitted the party affiliation of Senator John Sampson. Well, I did a little digging because I think the public should know.  Fact: a Democrat.  To give him credit, the site tells of his interest in young students. Congratulations.  Why cannot these politicians do as they preach?  Now, I am not down on him because I have no say since I live in western NYS, away from the crooked dealings coming out of New York City politics.  Of course the people can thank the union bosses for that and the voters who repeatedly put them in office time and again.  Their ignorance and inept behavior toward making the voting system a living symbol of American integrity is just about (0).

What are the charges?  Well, as a prelude, it involves the investigations into state corruption. An accusation does not mean guilt.  According to the D&C which tends to favor pro-union and liberal Democrat, it is alleged that he embezzled funds while acting as a court-appointed referee for home foreclosure proceedings in the mid-2000s’.  They also allege he persuaded a real estate developer to loan him nearly $200,000 to cover up the theft in exchange for political favors. A Brooklyn federal court judge threw out the embezzlement charges but allowed the other charge which was based upon the testimony of the broker, Edul Ahmad, who pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud charges.

I bring this up because the lies and truth seem to be mixed within the cracks of the judicial process and been long standing seen corruption issues voiced at times by either party or the press.

Now, I just got the Saturday D&C and find a Republican politician and a former FBI agent corrupt to the hilt.  Well, well.  Will wonders never cease. The whole damn country is going to HELL.  Thank you Donald Trump for opening the door to my calling it like it is: Hell!  Be damned you liberal leftwing fruitcakes. This word is in the dictionary!

Kimdred’s Special: American Icon and Hero for the Depressed in America

July 4, 2015

Yes, I am one of many Americans who get a depressive feeling lasting through these past two decades until someone comes along to remind me that I am not alone in my belief that the scourge seen by the so-called political elite, meaning the ultra-liberal establishment that gave birth to the progressive movement for which it clings like a poison ivy growth on our national tree.  It has an air respectability until you get near.  It appears to have no venom but just touch it or let your sweat glands give rise to its heredity and you experience a very unpleasant experience.

The American Icon and Hero of whom I speak is one of the latest to put his hat in the ring for the United States Presidency run. Donald Trump is his name.  I don’t know why a guy like him with his wisdom and talents would want to run for such office for any other reason than a TRUE LOVE for his country.  It takes a man like Donald Trump to tell it like it is and to give the rest of the world order his unabated smacks across their faces for the shame they have wielded over these decades.

Talk is cheap.  It can be honey or poison.  But for too many years now the United States has been under attack by the UN and a host of political allies who share with many in business beliefs that exist, not for national interest, but wholly for the almighty dollar.  The reality of that is that many cracks have emerged in our own economic structure that equals or threatens to bypass even the ruin of the Greece political and economic experiment.  Yet, the false cry from all our politicians is that all is well and can easily be corrected because that has always been the promise of America…TO WIN.

Well, folks, I hate to tell you but few seem capable beyond words of encouragement to really bring important issues to the floor.  Talk, talk, talk.  Talk from the airways to the Halls of Congress is just that…TALK and nothing else.  All the so-called experts come on TV with their commentaries that sounds just the right words and talk but folks, believe me, just weigh the result.  There is and never will be change until someone comes along with the guts to say it like it is and to hell with what the social media have forever overlooked remedy for the sake of expediency and being liked.

Well, Donald Trump is that guy; he is hot under  the collar as they say and with good reason: He loves America and its potential to be great once more.  Sure, those who look at his rhetoric did so also about Ronald Reagan when his speeches and his backbone helped to destroy the Soviet Union and communist domination over much of the world geography. The politicos within the Democrat Party shivered at his language and forceful position.  It also exposed the socialistic agenda of the Democrat Party and its willingness to forge an alliance with all who breed a hate filled agenda.

I was most curious to see the American Way response.  All the poison came out of the poison ivy at once. No thought given to Donald Trump’s words being truth–only the dogma driven belief arising from years of decadence and a weak moral value system that has emanated out of the structure of political correctness envisioned by the progressive movement.

Who will emerge as the eventual Republican candidate and the Democrat candidate?  I frankly don’t know.  I like Carly for her intelligence that reminds me of Margaret Thatcher.  Both of these women had harsh critics but Thatcher held the reins of power through very trying times and a strong supporter of President Reagan and America.  Of the others, I wonder how much is just talk.  Some say a lot but is it just saying what the American public wants to hear?

The border situation north and south has remained unresolved but an encyclopedia would contain wordings that for years have been political hay for critics and politicians alike.  Donald Trump comes along and forcefully points the finger at the problem.  It will be interesting to see who and what entities attempt to strike a death blow to Trump’s remarks by slighting what some might call being over simplistic allowing them to slant their interpretations.

Who emerges from the Democrat race is anybody’s guess.  Vice President Joe Biden is now considering a run himself.  He has favor with Israel for many years so I have my doubts that he concurs with current talks with Iran.

To conclude:  Donald Trump has raised the bar of debate but in a more simplified and clear headed statement of the conditions that many in both political groups shy away from.  As politicians go, Donald is a amateur by admission but he has the smarts and time to build support.  His manner is uniquely his and his belief structure that all things are possible with having the right people to do the job will resonate with the American people.