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The Amateur Eye – /Sq. Count Truism

May 19, 2018

I continue to be amazed at how often my square count theory works! How? In checking various games and diagram positions, it seems as though space and vitality, dynamically seen with square count verifies my overall theory.  No, it doesn’t guarantee a result, only giving a current assessment and position needs in operational planning.  At random, I just picked out one of the games in my current issue of NEW IN CHESS.

Aesthetic appeal is how the winner describes it.  How often do you play Ke2>e3 in the opening and keep the KIng there for a few moves?!

White: Gujrathi vs. Black: Krasenkow  Opening: Sicilian 4-Kts variation

This occurred in Wijk aan Zee 2018, opening play going 1. e4 c5  2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 c:d4 4. N:d4 Nf6  5. Nc3 Nc6 6. N:c6 b:c6 7. e5 Nd5 8. Ne4 Qc7 9. f4  Qb6 10. c4 Bb4+

Square count is w- 10 and Black-16.  What happens next is amazing.

11. Ke2  f5 12. e:f6! N:f6  13. Be3 Qd8 14. Nd6+ B:d6  15. Q:d6 Qe7?!

This offer to exchange Qs might be okay but 15…Bb7 with development was smarter. The point is a Q exchange is not forced and gets left with a powerful Q entry into Black’s guts.

16. Bc5!!

Now, after 16… Q:d6  17. B:d6  Ne4 18. Ba3 d5  19. Ke3

Oddly enough the King is free to roam without fear to her majesty as Qs are gone.

16. … Qf7  17. Ke3!

This virtually ties Black to passive resistance.  His hope of …Ne4 is gone with the coverage of that square by the King!  What is the square-count now? w-13 b-2.

17. … g5  18. Be2  g4  19. Rac1

With the aim of canceling out the idea of Q-side castling because of Rc3>Rb3.

19. … h5  20. Rc3 Qg7 21. Bd3  Kf7  22. Kd2 Re8  23. Re1 Qh6 24. Kc2 a5 25. Re5 Nh7 26, Rf5+ Kg8  27. Qe5  Black resigns (1-0).  A very interesting game by a rising star.

An Interesting Chess Variant

I termed it Extinction Chess and it sustained a fair amount of interest in and by the Paris, France enthusiasts.  A reporter from that city wrote to me that some interest was shown and many tournaments were organized.  At the time I wrote a column for the Chess Nost magazine.  There appears some history and play from this interesting game variant and viewers can find it among my huge number of columns if they wish. However, I never received any correspondence from participants or my chess friend with game scores or analysis.  Guess my query is if anyone has the interest and time to send me an email: usa.





The Amateur Eye – USA News -Lobbyists

May 19, 2018

Interesting bit of standard fake news or just bad coverage?!  The reason I say that is because the news was just one-sided and implied the right of readers to assume hatred for the Trump administration.  What about lobbyist for the Democrats where enough is said about the scandals within the New York State government?  Well, the Democrats are stuck in the slime of corruption but they have only one solution–to attack Trump and paint him as a monster.  Nice going Democrats!!  You really denigrate the wonders performed by the Trump administration over the nearly 2-year progress for righting the ship from the days of communistic-socialists venom–the long history of fake politics coming from the 1930-40 decades.  I might say the endgame of Hillary Clinton, D&C and former head honcho Barack Obama climaxed an era of unprecedented hypocrisy showing blatant disregard of our national heritage of right from wrong coming out of our Constitution and words of our greatest– Founding Fathers.

School Attacks Continue

Lets be real.  We blame our representatives for not coming up with solutions to fully erect a defense against such butchery.  I say the solution exists by decreased airing and producing all TV and movies that depict the evil violence coming from murder and mayhem.   Why do we love Planned Parenthood, a communist inspired waste of human life? Why do kids not learn Biblical truths of the bible and preachers whether they be Priests, Nuns, Ministers, and Evangelists who work for the betterment of society by promoting the FAMILY?  These values, long debunked by the atheists and others representing other faiths who laud murder and rapists of humanity and dignity has a long track record.  Sorry to say that folks but facts are facts. If others disagree with me then let them prove it, not by long-winded speeches and fallacies. Let them prove that the laws coming from the Ten Commandments corrupt the world body of human life and rightful dignity of all faiths, peoples, and includes the animal and plant world as well.  Treating goodness and right thought would eliminate the anger and frustration and probably come close to destroying the need for psycho-doctors.  When we see plants and animals being treated with love, doesn’t that give you a sense that my logic, simple as it may seem, touch the heart of the problems that seem so impossible.  They are impossible when our Lord Jesus is not the head of our thoughts and prayers in our daily lives.

The Amateur Eye – Silent Conspiracy

May 13, 2018

I decided to look up appropriate words in my dictionary that relate to this topic today, tomorrow and all future times effecting events that journalists report on daily.  What are they?  > conspicuous > conspiracy of silence >( conspiration > conspirational are not listed in my computer language defined as 1. act of secret plotting or 2.  joint effort toward a particular end) > conspirator > conspiratorial  > conspire (scheme).

Sounds like all this anti-Presidential and politics over the past decades of government that has ignited greatly a firestorm of hate across America, at least as the Russians conspired to achieve it–more namely the Communist Party of the USA ala liberal democrat and republican bureaucrats covering many decades.  Of the definitions I like best as embracing all together is this: To join in a secret agreement to perform unlawful or wrongful acts or to use such means to accomplish a lawful end…holier-than-thou mental state/my addition.

The news media doesn’t get it.  Maybe if these so-called journalists and outlets like MSNBC, CCN, FOX that cover the filth of sex scandals and anti-Christian life rules as given in the TEN COMMANDMENTS and recognize the Holy Bible as the Word and History of Religion and Jesus, we would discover just how great are the tenets founded by our Founding Fathers and American Constitution.  Probably, if our children were taught differently other than from the left-wing books chosen by schools, then our whole society would be enriched.  The Nation of Iran would be condemned for their acts of murder, etc.


The Amateur Eye – Reality in the News

May 12, 2018

There isn’t any.  Journalism has reached an all-time fall.  When I see the likes of writers today in the news who write, not factual observations on the scene, but rather the almost total expression of hate for Donald Trump among the left-wing nuts and outlets like MSNBC with it’s cast of wasted garbage of distilled and non-functional talking points by faceless dogma having no points of interest to digest.  And, for me, when I read the crap George Will whom I used to respect if not always in agreement tries to wind his way into the hearts of readers, many whom I think he lost over time anyway by looking to what he thinks the public is dying to read.  Journalism –???

In sports, the New York Yankees got bombed by Oakland.  Their bats were crushing the ball tonight.  One bright spot was Judge blasting one into the upper deck, driving in three runs.  But with the bases loaded, the Yanks could only get one run due to a walk.  Then, the threat vanished in limp like noodle pop flies to the outfield.  Oh, well. tomorrow is another day to try to improve on the hitting with bases loaded.

The Amateur Eye – Trump Dominates

May 8, 2018

Cashing in on the Iran deal, Donald Trump continues to be face center on the TV screen.  Lets face it!  He knows how to control the airways and reap the most from bickering Democrats out of touch with the American Way.  And more and more he is stressing the wisdom of true leadership round the world.

There is an old saying that sex sheds the poorest light on character.  Spending hours on the tube hoping to dirty more laundry is not very wise.  For some, it has become a vice that the Bible devotes time pointing out the long history of it’s affliction and torturous mental decaying of righteous living and breathing.  For the sinner, the path is lit and the road long, if winding.  In the old days, writings pointed to the Scarlet Letter stamped on the character traits of the sinner.  Jesus talked about sin. Can we not learn from it?

Airing dirty laundry may bring smiles and catcalls over the airways but this act alone is a sin.  It brought harsh rebuke by Jesus of such public cursing.  Hatred begets hatred.  It matters not the source because there is no difference, not one iota that finds hatred and condemnation coming from anything but propaganda and vicious words spoken in haste and with little thought to consequences for the public at large.

The downfall of public orators, reporters, columnists and whole stations which carry the vindictive rhetoric seen from hate speech is not new.  It just never made it to the main stream press before.  The imbecilic nature of commentary by so-called comics is a good illustration of what American character and culture has eroded.

Shame on me; shame on you; shame on all of us.  Surely you are the apple in the eye of the great deceiver–SATAN.  God have mercy on those empty souls.



The Amateur Eye – Spring is Here!

May 8, 2018

…or so the calendar says; it never lies until it does!  This is the time that my little farm finds a homing place for a variety of birds, wildlife and beautifully colorful Monarch butterflies that my butterfly bush usually attracts.  Plenty of milkweed around.  So, I have to ask: Where are they?  My pond lake surely gives flights a zeroing in each year. So, where are they?

They migrate over a course of thousands of miles as though they have built-in radar, the purple martins in from South America and the Monarchs from Mexico.

My writings from both observations, contributive letters and magazine articles touch on the subject of God’s blessings of beautiful species and plants for us to enjoy and benefit from.  One of my themes has been that HISTORY HAS A TENDENCY TO REPEAT.  Well, so far this Spring our skies are somewhat barren of species finding my farm.

I once questioned the enormous influx of windmill farms that find their setup along the various migrating routes which include the purple martins and butterfly paths.  I question then and now whether this has affected the migrating routes and/or homing built-in antennas of the various wildlife.  Just Nature itself can create life-threatening problems.

Of course I am just a hick-town farm boy raising 4-H club ducks and chickens so what do I know.  Maybe some expert can enlighten me about my thoughts with this yearly dilemma which just gets worse and worse.

The Amateur Eye – In The Cards

May 5, 2018

Card playing enthusiasts are familiar with the layout of TRUMP as articulated in various card games.  And I must confess that of late I have not ventured much into the realm of the evil empire called Communism that radiates out of the hidden agenda people today mostly refer as being socialists and its brethren Socialism. To me, you can put it in one bucket as history has ordained it no matter how it is cloaked within the halls of academia.

And for all this, I blame the liberal establishment and especially the left-wing Democrat Party.  I rename that faction because it no longer can be seen as a modern day beacon for justice and righteousness.  It has polluted our governmental institutions by programs designed to mislead, poison thought, and lessen the rights of all our citizens and our Allies in a bond of peace and security that necessitates occasional strife and for defense of our freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.

The United States was not founded on perfection of thoughts and deeds.  Our Founding Fathers knew it required years of work to establish the ideals that they espoused.  Hence, we discover that compromise is a two-way street and can be useful in working to better our whole society but also can act to hinder needed  programs like the issue of slavery.

Today a danger exists in the attempt by various parties who flaunt their own peculiar ideologies that does not conform to the ideals that make our Nation strong.  Our country was founded on religious freedoms and belief in the rights of all to practice and abide by same rights for all under the shelter of our common belief in God and freedom to practice our beliefs in peace and harmony as ordained in the oral addresses and writings of religious men and women.

The very nature of Socialism and socialist thought is contrary to the above paragraph. It encompasses the atheistic view of things and utter destruction of most, if not all, of a basic tenet: FREEDOM FROM FEAR AND INDOCTRINATION mainly by force.

That danger can exist even within the confines of our established government that embodies warrior and royalist purity  by the belief that their actions are the essentials to preserve the Nation and none be altered.  The rule of law was thus set aside for dictatorial preservation of their belief, their point of view–even if it curtailed the rights of citizens and be foreign to our national heritage.

This bears now the fruit for months of 2018.  Our agencies set up to protect citizens and future citizens and all Americans forced to be witness to evil in all its glory, praised by the devil himself–Satan–with the blatant attempt to undermine our freedom in the most heinous way possible by overturning the rule of law and our Presidential election system seen by the losing Democrat Party  as illegitimate.  Well, I got news for them. There are millions of citizens in our country who voted and followed the rules and saw a leader emerge who stood, not for rhetoric alone but once elected achieved many of his promises to citizens and most of all–TO RETURN AMERICA TO GREATNESS.  Perhaps most of all, it has energized the conservative-republican bond to fight and overcome the socialist agenda seen throughout the last administration and those who adhere to socialist leanings in our educational systems and books.

I truly prayed that our Lord would intervene and find a national desire for change and the results have proved themselves that the best person won the White House residency. I pray every day and night for our President Trump.  Was it in the cards?  Well, the word “trump” is a pretty good handle for card plays.



Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

May 5, 2018

Chess is such a life teacher.  The principles upon which the game is based cover geometric design, both immediate and long range tensions that can effect both.  So, too, our daily lives encompass such as appears in the panels of favorite cartoons.  Lets take a gander at the gambits of such a journey this morning.

Blondie is finished washing the breakfast dishes when Dag appears.  He tells her that he repaired the doorbell. “Is there anything else I can help with or do, dear?”  Thank you for asking, Sweetheart! She hugs him and says,” The screens need a good scrubbing and while doing that, it would be good to wash the panes as well. I bought some new cleaner I saw advertised on TV and it sounded terrific because it saves time and energy and leaves the windows spotless..”  “You do realize that I was just being polite.” “Of course Honey, that is why I thanked you!” Dag examined and read the instructions. “Cool!  You just have to connect the garden hose, press the spray button and away goes the dirt and grime!”

In Pickles, Opal is viewing herself in front of the mirror when Earl comes up with hands in his pockets as usual. She tells him, “Yesterday someone told me that I’m aging gracefully.  I hate that!”  Earl says, “Why?  That is a nice compliment, dear.”  WRONG! WRONG!WRONG!!  “It is just a polite and nice way of telling me that I am slowly looking worse and WORSE!

The government is making a fortune on cigarette sales because the public and kids still like a good smoke.  Now, the fad is getting to be puffing away on the weed.  And even more wicked vise-wise is the branching out into candies that say it fights pain and stiffness, all the while raking in tons of tax dollars.  Health?? Does anyone in Washington, DC care?

Peppermint Paddy is at her desk at school. She has paper and pen in hand.  She starts to write on the bus field trip.  “REPORT. –What I enjoyed most about our field trip.”  The panel shows her pondering….and writes, “The girls got to wear slacks!!!”

A wide audience took in Hawaii’s latest earthquake eruption (magnitude 5.0 ).  Later, Kilauea began to erupt, spewing sulfur dioxide gas.  At times, lava was blown into the air 150 feet and lava spread over about a 200 yards area wide behind one subdivision. For the scientist, it is just an interesting event to take in.  For the religious minded, it could be a warning from the Heavens that God is not pleased with his flock.  That covers the spectrum of (???).