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October 31, 2012

SOMETIMES YOU JUST GOT TO SCRATCH AND SCRATCH TO FIND SUCCESS IN BUSINESS and this holds true in chess play.  And to play a card in Bridge you got to anticipate the completion of a play.  In chess, this often finds a closeness between opponents where the question of how to achieve an advantage or limit that of an opponent occurs again and again in match or tournament play.  In  this opening setup, White generally runs into the situation where things seem to balance and the need is to create an imbalance of forces where the only means of establishing some pressure is to play for a space advantage.

1. d4  e6  2. Nf3  Nf6  3. c4  Bb4+  4. Bd2  Qe7  5. g3  Bxd2+  6. Qxd2  Ne4  7. Qc2  Qb4+  8. Nbd2  Nxd2  9. Nxd2  Qe7  10. Bg2  d6 11. O-O  e5 12.e3 O-O and here is a good spot to take stock of the positions of both forces.  Using my sqct theory, White enjoys a count of 10 and Black 5  that translates into a temporary space advantage. Still, theory dictates that chess is such that things can change rapidly. How do you achieve as White a plan to take advantage of this White plus?  The question for Black is how to find the best defence and wait for chances to counterattack? If you can solve both situations as being attacker and defender, you will achieve progress as a real chessplayer!

The strategy for White is to find a move that converts his small plus into something more tangible.  In chess, as in war or in life, chance does not avail itself  for long without achieving advantage in the terrain (the board).  As Black,  you see no real weakness in your defensive position so you have to respond to the aggressor’s play.

White decides on a plan to force exchanges whereby his spatial edge in ‘square count’ utilizes a maxim that open lines give the player with space chances to attack or a preferable endgame position.

13. c5  dxc5

Here  you find, as Black, that it is wise to keep the position as closed as possible otherwise you are falling into White’s plan of operations. That would happen had you decided to play ….exd4, 14. exd4.

14. Qxc5  Qxc5  15. dxc5  Nc6  16. Nc4  Be6  17. Bxc6  Bxc4  18. Bxb7 Rab8.

If you chose to play 18….Bxf1, then 19. Bxa8 leaves White a pawn up.

19. Rfc1  Rxb7  20. Rxc4  Rxb2 21. Ra4

This Rook sortie was part of the end play visualized during the series of exchanges. White maintains a strong position so now Black must find some way to keep in the game; the answer comes in one word–COUNTERATTACK and this means creating the best from the Rook pair.  As Aron Nimzowitch wrote in his excellent treatise, MY SYSTEM, “One cannot always be happy.” Being stubborn can be a virtue!

How to make the best of a bad situation?  Obviously, 21…Rb7 is better than 21….Ra8 but, as Black, to defend with any chance, you must think counterattack by activating and connecting the Rooks.  Square count again helps suggest the right idea move, 21…Rd8 to achieve the best fighting defense. You may lose, but the game result would be far from certain. Play might be visualized by both players as 22. Rxa7  g6 with the idea of Rdd2 with a fight that may hold the game to drawing chances.

White in this situation needs to evaluate choice ideas here. Afterall, he has nursed a small edge which can easily disappear.

22. c6  Rb6  23. Rxa7  Rxc6 24. a4.

End of lesson.

It is not practical to try to digest a slew of possible continuations for both sides as ideas from this type of endgame seems almost endless. The point is that being stubborn is a virtue more often than not in chess ideas and planning.  Such positions arising in this example might come from both correspondence chess play as well as overtheboard competition.

Kindred’s Special: The Thinking Behind President Barack H. Obama–Bringing about the decline of American Spirit of the Forefathers

October 20, 2012

Today we read a lot about the ideas of President Obama and his ambition to turn America into a Utopian society that social functioning has purposely exploded the bridge between capitalism and socialism.  The news media has fed the airways and writings in newspapers and magazines with the usual hype and shallow coverage that Progressives, renamed  from idealistic ideals to be better digested and accepted by the naive American public as a national monument to social change has matured as a thought under the guidance of President Barack Obama.  Let there be no mistake.  America is being attacked not only from radical Islam but from both the written and oral words of radical beliefs espoused from the writings of perhaps the greatest terroristic advocate in America–Saul Alinsky.

Who was Saul Alinsky?  The progressive movement certainly does not want you to know.  His writings and preaching has polarized and poisoned the power of American thought and governance–the long-standing power structure between the Democrat and Republican Parties but where, from the beginning, our Forefathers foresaw the need to find a government where differences exist in philosophies of governing but where the two sides could govern through mutual respect and advancing programs that bettered American Life for all, who were willing to work in the social structure of commitment to that end, emphasizing the values in a Christian or Jewish life by the bond of marriage, family, and character traits of good citizenship.  Such was his radicalism that challenged the foundation of American life, and a determination to undermine it finally by setting up a socialized system and bashing whatever was good about the capitalist agenda of the past.

Let me tell you that Alinsky was a genius at using radical nuts to further his ends to achieve his ultimate aim of changing society completely.  His words remind me of Lucifer who corrupted mankind from biblical times.  Whether you believe in biblical teachings, history as mythical or truth, Adam and Eve tasting the fruit of the tree forever cast the human race in sin and only the Grace and Love of God through his only Son, Jesus Christ, reestablished that lost covenant due to the angel Lucifer. That has been the national belief of this country from the time of the Colonial period.

Barack Obama, on the eve of his election in 2008 noted, “We are 5-days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  Now, over many crucial times, the press and news outlets provided a haven of truthful reporting of events but the media went from this to one of grandstanding and pushing their own beliefs over the years that initially started with the so-called wisdom learned at the knee of college professors, many of whom were avowed socialists and or with communist leanings.  Is there any wonder that what we see in America today was anything but underhanded hidden agendas of these groupies?  It can’t happen in America what happened in Russia and Germany and Italy. Really.  Well, take a close look folks because universities, the seat of higher learning, use their power to almost eliminate any thought of American values, other than those held by the elite.

Saul Alinsky was born in Chicago in 1909 and expired in California in 1972.  Like all radicals, he called himself a rebel with a passion for bringing down a system he felt was both oppressive and gave power to what he called the Haves at the expense of the Have Nots and those who probably hoped to pull themselves up by personal effort and education who did not fit those categories.  From the very beginning, he was a radical community organizer.  He idolized the criminal element because it was the enemy of the State.  He fell into the mob mentality and saw he could use it as a means towards gaining influence in a hidden social structure.  He became the mobster Nitti’s pupil. While he adored this Chicago element, he felt strongly that it was the capitalist system that fostered such evil people because of the social environment in which they existed.  It was not character shortcomings but a corrupt sense of private ownership and individual rights that needed change.

His rise to influence saw such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama finding his socialist agenda and beliefs to partially emerge from such a corruptible environment.  In Clinton’s case, she presented her thesis, “There Is Only the Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model–she so admired the professor.  A rebuff of idealistic students who worked to organize and improve on the social environment was one word by Alinsky. POWER to the people.  That is kind of odd, because in America, people are the government and the government exists with the blessings of the people through the VOTE.  Yet, Alinsky’s philosophy that invades the mental faculties of learning and filling the mind with and for critical thinking skills is flawed by the desire to see mass power in the hands of his perceived army. “The issue is never the issue.  The issue is always the revolution.”

Now, folks, you can see by the speeches and the decisions in choice selections of the White House staff and even the unconstitutional methods employed by the President in previously unheard of dictator like acts that this radical spokesman for revolution has brought this country to a new low in any rate of survival as history was written of it to date.  President Obama’s belief structure is redistribution of wealth and opportunity from the Haves to the Have Nots.  I say there is nothing wrong with our system of free enterprise because the spirit within each of us affords the potential of unleashing the mental powers and ideas that can be shaped into building a nation and a world better suited to meet the tomorrows with confidence.

Kindred’s Special: The Buffalo Bills’ Blues

October 8, 2012

Yikes!  I never thought I would write anything other than the sport of chess or checkers but after the debacle of Sunday’s slaughter by the San Francisco 49ers and that of the previous week by the New England Patriots, it leaves me wondering why I bother to view the game.  Buffalo fans deserve better and honest work by the whole team–players and coaches. Structure wise, it plainly stinks if you read the hype presented by the Bills top brass that this was the year of the turnaround.  Ha, Ha.  The so-called great picks turned out to be duds–not something I observed but the basic fact that some of the highschool games were even more interesting and well-played. 

Now, I am no expert on football but I do see some things wrong with this whole Bills setup…everything from the coaches to the players, to personal upkeep starting with the coach to be cleaned shaved and week after week of telling the TV junkies that he has to clean up the mistakes on the field.  These pros come out of grade school, high school, and college ball and at what point is a kid, grown into a man, held responsible for the upcoming week’s game?  Personally I do not see justifying the ticket prices nor wasting time reading the rose-colored highlights of reporters who live by the upbeat garbage handed out by the coaching staff and players themselves prior to opening season.  The front line stinks and makes the quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick appear to be nothing more than a fair leader. The defense, hyped up to be ready to smash the offensive power to bits is a real joke. They cannot even find the opposing quarterback. Is there any wonder why 600 yard fiascos radiates mostly from mediocre play of the opposing offense that compiles such statistics?

Coach Gailey must feel embarrassed to watch his team mishandle everything on the field.  A coach can inspire and lead but it is the players who have to bite the bullet and be willing to take hits and give them fear or not of being injured.  Maybe it was Jackson’s being knocked out for the season as well as others that make team play timid.  Could be.  Because I really don’t see any cause but one of such fear to themselves physically that continues to cripple this Bills team.  Why some stars catch passes and others fumble is hard to explain.  Most of it comes from taking their eyes off the ball and trying to find a way to gain yardage.  First things first!  Catch the ball and keep it throughout the play.

In chess play, we can liken this to FIRST THINGS FIRST.  Cover the bases.  Allow for no surprise sacrifices or territorial gains, keeping control of our thoughts and ideas with confident resolve.


Kindred’s Special: Phiona Mutesi, the young chess prodigy Queen of Katwe

October 6, 2012

Phiona Mutesi is the new chess star emerging out of the African country of Uganda and its teeming capital city of Kampala. The teenage prodigy sits on the throne as Uganda’s national chess champion. She competed in the World Chess Olympics held in Siberia, Russia in 2010 and just weeks ago in Istanbul, Turkey where her scoring has put her on the road toward earning the coveted Grandmaster title.

She came out of the slums of Katwe, the poorest section of Kampala.  As a child, she saw her father die of AIDs and family life in little more than a shack was one of poverty and certainly foretold little of her chances to find stardom in anything.  Luckily when she was 9 years old, war refugee and soccer player turned missionary, Robert Katende,  had the brainy idea to teach chess to impoverished children in Katwe.  He succeeded in getting kids so enthused about chess that they began playing on their own with bottle caps. And his efforts discovered the prodigious youngster Phiona.

Tim Crothers  saw a good magazine article possible so this sportswriter became another link in the events of her young life. His article appeared on ESPN: the magazine was a finalist for a National Magazine Award and has been optioned by Disney films.  Crothers has expanded it into a book titled: The Queen of Katwe.

Unfortunately this book reviewed by Anna Clark, a contributor to the Monitor’s books section, suggests the author generalizes the plight of the poor and desperate slum children and sees it as a common standard of the 54 country continent of Africa. He seems to imagine that with such a portrayal of conditions, the more heroic Phiona becomes. She depicts that such extremes of cliché diminishes the more fascinating and harrowing dimensions of a truly astonishing story.

As an example of why I write on chess from an experienced chess amateur’s point of study shows the sometimes poor literary purpose of a review by someone who tries to pass  judgment of an author’s purpose of making a good story better by adding elements that tend to excite publishers and movie folks that actually sells the product and makes it marketable.

Kindred’s Special: The Polls are LOL

October 2, 2012

Not wasting my time trying to give my views to readers, I simply hope every reader takes time out to watch the debate(s).  Real debates no longer exist. It is all theatre.  Just maybe it would be good to let them slug it out so viewers could have some gauge to go by instead of witnessing pasted write-ups.  Candor is worth a lot. When all is said and done, it remains a fact that we have a huge number (maybe 20-30 % ) people unemployed in pockets around the country; I believe the 8%+ is a phony government guess.  Much of the unemployed voted for Barack Obama last time and his rhetorical skills nevertheless now leaves a bad taste  in their mouths. Romney needs to put across a program of solutions where economists and the public can make commonsense out of it.  He doesn’t need to worry about the press or Democrats attacking him if he gives it with straight talk. Lets give the public credit for not being naive or stupid in casting their ballots for the next President.

Most viewers turned off politics until just recently because they recognize the political advertising is highly expensive junk. I would like to see Soros, a guy not even living in the USA, Hollywood liberal socialist pinkies,  and union bosses  throw away their money on a loss cause. I would like to see a Republican Senate and House with Republican Romney in the White House so honest and good government can replace the con artists and liars exposed as frauds.

I look at it this way:  if the Republicans drop the ball once in charge, 4-years is not a very long time and they can be voted out of office. The Republicans selected two very highly qualified men to meet the challenges of this time of national strife and peril.

Note: I do not wish to rehash all the shortcomings, deceit and lies perpetrated for the benefit of political gain practiced in such a shameful way to once more hoodwink the American public by the White House.   That is Chicago politics the crooked Democrat Boss way. Maybe Tam. Hall crowd has been outdone!