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The Amateur Eye- Seek Originality?!

November 29, 2016

The following interesting game play gives you a taste of originality and view of planning from move one.  Here, the play is the thing.  At this stage, look at the participants like mere ghosts.

l.  d4  Nf6  This is probably best because it doesn’t give White any idea of exactly how the defense will be administered.

2. Nc3  d5  3. Bf4  e6  4. Nb5  Taking the fight to the enemy is all right because it poses problems.  Another idea is to go 4. e3 c5  5. Nb5  Na6 6. c3  Be7  7. h3  O-O   8.Nf3  Bd7 9.a4  Qb6 10. d:c5 Q:c5 11. Nfd4  Rfd8  12. Be2 Be8 13. O-O  Bf8 14. Be5  Nd7  15. b4  Qe7 16. Bd6  Qf6 17. f4  Qh6  18. Bd3 continuing the initiative.

4. … Na6  5. a3  c6  6. Nc3  Bd6  7. e3  Nc7  8. Nf3  B:f4  9. e:f4  Qd6  10. Ne5 b6  11. Qf3  c5  12. h4.  Take into mind, square count.  Double-edged play but challenging  for both sides which make for an interesting game.

The Killer Book mentioned earlier can further elaborate on unusual deployment of forces.  And may enlighten your spirits to seeking originality in your play.

The Amateur Eye – It’s Ideas !!

November 22, 2016

Put another way,  I would have liked to say  COMPUTER DEPENDENCY but it was just too long for my heading.  Living in this high tech world seems the wave of the future.  I see it in the eyes of youngsters who, instead of using their little minds now developing into making their lives a cherished walk through life, submit to pushing a button to see just what the computer recommends.  Chess educators weigh in on giving out trophies as rewards for participation rather than for achievement.  It has become a ritual too widely seen from this perspective. It all ends up in the relatively new term in this past century final page called dependency.  You see it in this world championship taking place in NYC. You see in the tweets by kids who say: What does the computer say about this position? That is just one of a number ?? asked.

We are talking about chess as an educational tool in academia but the result is often turned, not to originality of thought as seen in historical records of the players from earlier times, where we see individual achievement adding to the record of chess skill in paintings of individual style, of talent that sprung from the pages of great chess writings enabling all who read to enjoy the flavor of such talent.  That is the essence of personal achievement and respect seen in the styles and historic records of those who achieve mastership and joy for all who have come to embrace it.

Skill at chess does come from natural talent but it also must embrace hard work to achieve mastership of its fundamentals and modern ratings have given us a gauge for results of such effort and practice.  In a sense, this is the real benefit of computers for the individual and for the organized groups and clubs to provide quality tournaments and records.  The joy of chess can be achieved regardless of rating class.  Each player, regardless of rating class, man or woman, girl or boy can aspire to grow into a higher class by achievement. And we also see this in competitions among computer programs.

We do live in perhaps the final stage of chess development but enjoyment and play remain in the realm of the individual, the team, the club, the nation.

Computers will never destroy chess, such destruction comes only from the human heart. So long as chess pieces adorn the board of 64-squares and the spirit of a good fight exists, the values seen from its practice will endure for eternity.

The Amateur Eye – Olympiad 2016 Baku

November 20, 2016

Another great Olympiad is concluded and 2016 saw Team USA coming first in the men’s event and China topping the Women’s event.  Both sections were hotly contested.  In the men’s event, Team USA edged out Ukraine, each tallying 20 points but tie-break was 413.5 to 404.5 while Poland and Ukraine scored an equal 17 but Poland took 2nd on tie-break 427.5 /404.5 (NIC coverage with many games and highlights 2016#7).  157 teams.

Iran’s Chess Pandemonium

November 18, 2016

FIDE Cover Up is how some express it.  Why do we Americans have to suffer chess horrors by the dress code of this warmongering terroristic state?  Our US Women’s Champion, Nazi Paikidze, decided in an interview that she trashes the whole idea.  Bravo!! You betchum!!

It all started with the FIDE naming Iran as the host of the 2017 World Ladies Chess Championship. What shocked many girls I’m sure is that the ladies won’t be able to show off their beautiful hairdos and fashionable dress I’m sure they bought for the occasion.

My point is simply this: women should have the right to dress to fit their comfort zone. After all, they are playing chess, not attending some socially dictatorial government policy program.  Of course the question exists as to whether we bend to that will or if, as Americans, we believe in freedom to worship as we please and that sure doesn’t mean having a strict dress code to conform with some religious practice.  Bowing down to Iran, FIDE is ignoring the members who won the right to compete in this great chess tournament for women!  Perhaps FIDE should change the country to one that fosters no religious restrictions on participants. Life is tit for tat.  When it comes to chess, it is universal, not restrictive by rules foreign to it’s participants.

FIDE IS WRONG!  GM SUSAN POLGAR IS WRONG! (see comments below).


Two Old War Horses Meet At Murmansk

November 18, 2016

They met during their chess careers, battling (and not counting blitz) 91 classical games.  The centenary celebrations of the city of Murmansk had again brought Anatoly Karpov and Jan Timman together, two old fighting chess lovers of this noble game, scheduled for a three game match.

We stayed in the Park Inn Hotel and because the music had been curtailed, the young people had abandoned much of the city during the event.

White :   Anatoly Karpov  vs.  Black:  Jan Timman  Opening: K-Indian, Fianchetto Var.

l. d4  Nf6  2. c4  g6  3. Nf3  Bg7  4. g3  O-O  5. Bg2  d6  6. O-O  c6  7. Nc3  Bf5. This is the Larsen Variation and has a solid reputation.  Square count 10/8.

8. Ne1  Be6  9. d5  c:d5  10. c:d5  Bd7 11. h3  Na6  12. Nd3  Qc8!  13. Kh2  Nc5  SC 7/11.

Here, square count is less important.  White has the strong d5 square with a pawn aiming at c6 and e6 deep into enemy territory and the e-pawn has yet to move broadening the scope of the Queen.  This must be now in White’s plan to develop the QB and Q.

14. Be3  N:d3  15. Q:d3  Bf5 16. Qb5  For square count purpose; 16. Qd2 was a bit better as it functions for either Q/K-side action.

16. … h5  17. Bd4  a6  18. Qb4  b5  19. Rfc1  Qb8  20. e4  Bd7  21. Nd1  h4! 22. g:h4  e5! Black hits the center d4/f4 to open some lines.

23. d:e6 e.p. B:e6  24. Kg1  Qd8!  Taking charge of the dark squares and now sets his sights on …Bh6 and that long diagonal attack on the Rook.

25. Be3   Too slow and lessens the punch into black territory.  Better was 25. Ne3  moving toward the enemy position. So, if 25. … Bh6 26. Qc3  Rc8 27. B:f6  R:c3  28. B:d8 R:c1  29. R:c1 R:d8 with play about equal.  White has a pawn up but doubled; Black’s bishop pair is bothersome. Each has 3-pawn islands.

25. … Qd726. Kh2  d5  27. e5  Nh5  28. f4  Rad8  29. Nf2  a5  30. Qe1  d4  31. Bd2  Bd5  32. Rc5 B:g2 33. K:g2  Rfe8  34. Rac1  Bf8  35. Rc7 Qd5+ 36. Qe4  Q:a2  37. Nd3  It is a blockade, stupid!  That pawn has to be handcuffed.

37. … Nf6 ! 38. Qf3  Nd5  39. Rb7  Ne3+ 40. Kh2 The  Knight is immune.

40… Qb3  41. Qe2  Rc8 42. Rbc7   R:c7  43. R:c7  a4  44. h5  Qe6  45. h:g6  f:g6 46. Qf3  Rc8 47. R:c8  Q:c8   48. B:e3  d:c8  49. Qd5+ Kh7  50. Q:b5 Qc2+  51. Kg3  e2  52. Ne1 Qd2 53. Kf2  Q:f4+ Draw.

After the game it was heard by a spectator or more that perhaps we had arranged the draw ahead of time.  Apparently they could not imagine that old geezers like us would still be capable of a real fight. They changed their mind when they saw our daggers both at it at the end.  Game two was also drawn and the third game Jan Timman won.


Mayors in Major Cities Defy Trump’s Call

November 15, 2016

I am so pleased that rational conservative values are winning the day; I regret democrat mayors see  it differently.  What better name than S.O.B.s when you see officials put blinders on to corrupt  vote getting tactics.

The 2016 World Championship

November 15, 2016

World Championship match play seems to have fallen on hard times.  At least in the good old USA, specifically New York City.  I missed both games one and two.  The third I got to witness from move one.  The Rochester Chess Center had the game on the wall for easy following of play.  I was missing.  I was home.  I tuned in to the internet where I got an evening of sheer joy and entertainment–no thanks to the amateurish coverage.  Oh, what a strange opening for Carlsen to choose.  Let me see if I can recall the opening moves. 1.d4 Nf6  2. Bg5. They called it the Trompowsky Opening.  And some guy on Tweeters comically called it the Trumpsky after Donald J. Trump.  No one mentioned the idea of 2. Bg5 was to get the bishop outside the pawn wall which developed after 3. e3.  The same would be true for 2. Bf4. It would have been nice and educational to tell the viewers this feature of the opening.

Both players played sound and powerhouse positional chess with Carlsen having a big space/my square count advantage given White.  Everyone kept appraising what the computer had to say which was kind of boring, let alone the weird comments voiced by the tweeter group.  Pieces kept moving about on the demo-board with comments that the whole game looked drawish.  Well, I thought different as I usually do.  Carlsen vs. Karjakin had some really brilliant strategies for what I call power chess which often develops out of positional considerations rather than all-out attacks.  Suddenly the draw long predicted turned into a hot bed of brilliant play by both players.  In the end, Carlsen managed to win a piece but nearly lost to brilliant defense at the hands of Karjakin.  Of course the computer told the reviewers that the game was a draw.  But what  a fighting powerful exchange of brilliant concepts exhibited by both players.  It was a well deserved finish of splitting the point once again. Yep.  The computer predicted a draw.  The commentators agreed.  But the two in this royal battle did not.  They proved themselves worthy of being called great fighters and true champions of chess!–Don (Kindredspirit).

Strange Names – A Frenchie Fort Knox

November 15, 2016

Georgia’s GM Baadur Jobava has been working up a storm on what has become known as the Fort Knox variation of the French Defense.  I first became acquainted with this when I saw analysis and games published in the ICCF Chess Magazine.  A postal player had put a keen edge on the whole idea …Bd7.  Now it raises it’s ugly head to perhaps taunt me should any of my opponents wander into a French when meeting 1. e4.  An excellent article appears in NEW IN CHESS, issue 6, 2016: Secrets of Opening Surprises by Jeroen Bosch, a regular columnist in NIC.

l. e4  e6  2. d4  d5  3. Nc3  d:e4  4. N:e4  Bd7.  Originally seen in a casual game by Capablanca in 1902.  The English IM Andrew Martin coined it after the line in Nunn vs. Karpov, Wijlk aan Zee 1993: 5. c4  Bc6  6. Nc3  Nf6  7. Nf3  B:f3!? 8. Q:f3  c6  9. Be3  Nbd7 10. Be2  Bd6  11. O-O  O-O.  IM Martin gave it the handle after 8…c6 as the Fort Knox because it was as hard to crack as the gold in Fort Knox.

The main line is considered to be: 5. Nf3  Bc6  6. Bd3.  However, watch out for some sharp traps.  6. Ng5  6….h6?? 7. N:f7.  Karpov tried, 6…Bd6 which was met by 7. N:f7 K:f7 8. Ng5+ Ke8 9. N:e6 Qh4  10. Bd3 with excellent positional compensation. A safe idea is 6…Be7 7. Bd3  Nd7  8. Qe2 h6 sacs don’t work now. A normal Rubinstein results after: 9. Ne4 Ngf6.

The amateur is probably best off playing solid developing moves: 6. …Nd7  7. O-O  Ngf6 8. Ng3  and heading for a type of hedgehog defensive position such as 8… g6!? > Bg7; and, white has two good ideas in 9. c4 >d5 or 9. b3 > Ba3 to prevent castling.  In the recent St. Louis game 9. Re1 Bg7  10. Bg5 O-O  11. Qe2 h6  12. Bd2 B:f3  13. Q:f3 c6 keeping in the realm of the Fort Knox ideal but even stronger is 13….c5.

This material will give the amateur some basic background in this Rubinstein off-shoot called the Fort Knox variation of the French Defense.  I have tried to present for amateur club players another weapon for their arsenal.


What Price for College Education

November 11, 2016

Parents, wake the hell up!!  Your sons and daughters should get career oriented training for a productive family future and skills in their chosen fields.  But are they?

Lets see.  The students being interviewed on TV by Watters of Fox News is disappointing. Why?  Simply because our parenting, education at all levels, have shortchanged the general student populous from grade school to college.  Part of the problem comes from these educator selections of what the students receive in books that should prepare students for their future.  Often, instead they get appointed by administration and teachers and professors where the slant on the material is largely of a left-wing socialist leaning.  And the result, they receive a deeper questioning of America’s value system for the past century by either professors or their student assistants who share the professor’s indoctrination of the class.

I addressed in a recent article on the corruption of our belief system through the communist-socialist-Marxist and legal brain of the Chicago Mob of years ago.  Saul Alinsky once wrote that he would hope to end up in Hades because he would be able to indoctrinate sinners to be good Useful Idiots.  He would not have to worry about a belief structure like that of the Ten Commandments since most would be already oriented as corrupted secularists.With the election of Donald J. Trump we see the liberal media, scholastic levels reaching down even to the lower grades in our school systems to HATE. We witness the collaboration of communist infiltrators that work overtime to stir up the people per Alinsky’s indoctrination.  HATE/BURN/DESTROY because the weak minded and poorly educated are easily led by these professional agitators.

So I address the American Family.  Do you get what you paid for?  I wonder.

You’ll Get What You Vote For

November 8, 2016

Saul Alinsky died before many voters today were even born–Thankful I am sure that you are happy your parents wanted you.  Just who was Saul?  If you read my columns faithfully, congratulations you know.  But for those who thought I was talking through my hat which obviously spells COON SKIN CONSERVATIVE.

His wife was Irene;  educated at the University of Chicago;  was an apostle of Maxist philosophy ala Lenin.  Most remembered for his books: Rules for Radicals, Reveille for Radicals.  Other info: read my columns.  He admired and worked for the Chicago Mob.

I prayed.  I showered.  I voted (and it was full of folks doing likewise.).

The useful idiots have destroyed every nation in which they have seized power and control since under Stalin’s rise to power.  The term USEFUL IDIOTS you can thank Stalin for coining and Alinsky simplified Lenin’s scheme for world conquest of communism, just another name for socialism.  Alinsky’s philosophy was that it was difficult to free fools from the chains.

Garret Geer sums it up best–short and sweet making it easy to understand.  Eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist state:

(1) Healthcare -Control healthcare and you control the people;

(2) Poverty – Increase it as high as possible; poor people are easy to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything from birth to death;

(3) Debt – Increase it to an unsustainable level. Corruption allows for higher taxes that produce more family hardships;

(4) Gun Control – Remove ability of citizens to defend themselves from criminals or corrupt government.  It is a sure way to create a police state.

(5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of living (food, housing, income, jobs);

(6) Education – Control by the central government and what people read, hear on radio or TV and introduce government control of what teachers teach and what school books are written, always with the slant on propaganda. It breeds socialism theory.

(7) Remove belief in God and teach secularism.

(8) Class warfare – Divide the people into wealth and poor. This will expedite discontent even among the middle class and easier to tax the wealthy.  It will create dependency on the government where total control eventually wipes out all opposition to free speech making a one-party dictatorship likely as in the Soviet Union.

Where there was a time when the news media acted as a watchdog on corruption, today many commentators and journalists have fallen prey to the “Do what feels good; or, better yet, feed the masses the false belief in “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS”. They feed on a rich diet.

Will America survive?  Our FBI and other law enforcement agencies and CIA find too often a media who disrupts any attempt to challenge the nation’s best interest on the lame ideology of “political correctness”.  Where oh where have our leaders gone?