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Don Pokes Fun at Humanity

May 28, 2016

Aries -It is time to convince the childish part of yourself that  your higher-minded self is worthy of just as much respect  as the other authorities in your life and then a whole lot more.  Alekhine and Capablanca  are odd fellows in my being for love of Tal where I often relate my inner feelings to “damn the torpedoes–full speed ahead!

Blondie – Dagwood’s fondness for reading in bed tells his wife “Listen to this ending. It turns out the wife had been slowly poisoning her deadbeat husband’s omelets a wee bit everyday for the past ten years.”  “I  bet  she did it because he wouldn’t let her sleep.”

Pickles – You look a little tired, Opal I am dear; I defrosted the icebox, did a load of laundry.  Well, I picked a bunch of animal fuzz balls off my sweater.  Guess the point is that we both managed to accomplish something important!

Hagar – Hagar addresses: Men!  I have good and bad news for you. We face an enemy in the morning at our walls who have never suffered defeat in battle. This could be your last meal.  His men chimed in: So, what’s the bad news?  as the cook fills the soldier’s bowl.

Shoe – How did your audit go?  Brutal!  How far back did the IRS go? Let’s just say the tooth- fairy proceeds were mentioned.

For Better or for Worse – How much do you think he makes?  That is none of our business. We do not go around asking people what they earn or are worth.  That is an invasion of privacy.  All we can do is surmise which would be a rough estimate.

Kindred returns after shoot down

May 27, 2016

Well folks, I am back after a very bad case of the political blues that for some reason caused my computer to refuse to cooperate with me.  I was arming up my dander to chastise these deadbeat heart throbs who stated they would leave the country or at best not vote just to undermine the wishes of the American public.

I say good!! and Goodbye to each and everyone who feels discouraged and cheated.  Any way you look at it, the good ole USA is still the best country and our political system the best in the world.  Bernie Sanders pops off using examples of  Denmark and Norway. Well, I suggest he consider the size of those countries–both fit into the borders of the USA, maybe two or three times. And their history and peoples are not as diversified having a more common disposition of character and strength.

Since the American people did not want Carly Fiorina whom I supported from day one and still think she ranks among the outstanding American patriots with her unique credentials, I have with research decided to fully support Donald Trump who is an outstanding American, father, husband and Christian with the wisdom to understand how the world of business works, has taken advantage of the system but recognizes that things must be improved and laws strengthened.  He is witness to those shortcomings in the economic structure and sure he will adopt if elected to remedy many of those shortcomings. Perhaps this is bone in the throat of the establishment who says we cannot afford a Donald Trump in the White House?! They know not what they speak!

As I see it, the American people have widely endorsed Donald Trump as one to lead the country out of the maze of fog that encroached us in the political correctness diabolical hogwash adopted and seen ever since the sixties.  That is another example coming out of the Democrat – Alinsky crowd of PROGRESSIVE bunk…It took a man who has the power and leadership talent to foster a broad coalition and necessary to defeat the Democrat machine headed by Hillary Clinton and company. And lets add Soros and other fruitcakes who butt into our country’s affairs politically speaking.

I laughed when I saw Hillary praising again (how many times her perceived ideological bent on the wonderful progressive movement!)  That sound so great; so grand; so communistic!  Yeah, our students and our backward educated nuts who have no knowledge of the greatness of America and its past–who gobble up the secular jargon simply verifies in my mind that the Satanic Angel is alive and well in America.  The stupidity that comes out of the mouth of people on the street shows the commies have really undermined the quality of potential and good in our youth.

Yep, we have educators who use school classrooms as experimental tools of the Democrat Party liberal establishment.  We have secular leaders perhaps in both parties who have an agenda foreign to the beliefs of the vast majority of the public.  In this, it took the outspoken but accurate oratory of Donald Trump, the outsider, who shocked the American people to wake up and say: Hey, this guy is just what I’ve been thinking and afraid to rock the boat for fear of being criticized by the media, government and press in general!  More power to him!  He has restored the spirit too long lost in that secular hogwash of the ACLU and others who dominate what we, the People, must think for fear of retribution.  Isn’t that what is fast becoming obvious under President Obama and his White House political hacks who were not elected to anything.  Unfortunately, we have a Justice Department who continues to have blinders like the milk delivery horse of years ago.

The Archives of History

May 18, 2016

Konstantin Dolgitser emigrated from the famous little chess world city of Riga, Latvia. The following game from my archives should tickle your ribs.

White: J. Schroer  vs. Black: K. Dolgitser  QGD (D37)

1.d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3  d5 4. Nc3  Be7 5. Bf4 O-O 6. e3  c5  7. d:c5  B:c5  8. Qc2 Nc6  9. Rd1 Qa5  10. a3  Be7 11. Nd2

At the time, both the text and 11. Rd2 were hot items in the analytical world.

11…e5  12. Bg5  d4  13. Nb3  Qd8  14. e:d4 N:d4  15. N:d4  e:d4  16. Be2?!

After the slightly better 16. B:f6  B:f6 17. Nd5, black is slightly better.

16. …Qa5!  17. B:f6 B:f6  18. b4 Qe5  19. Nd5 Bf5  20. Qb2

White finds himself reduced to almost forced movement.  Black control of the e-file and the fact that the King has not castled assures a superior square count edge for Black.

20. …Rfe8  21. f4 Q:d5!

With this I procure 2/bs an advanced passed d-pawn, Rooks on the open e-file with their penetration into the guts of the White position.  My understanding of Tal’s creativity is based upon accepting risks by making strategically sound sacrifices, while having confidence to find solutions to hidden resources of the defense.-KD.

22. c:d5  d3  23. Qb3  R:e2+ 24. Kf1  Rae8 25. Qc4 Bh4!  26. Qc3 d2  27. g4! Bd3! 28. d6 Bb5 29.d7  Re3+ 30. Kg1 R:c3  31. d:e8/Q+ B:e8  32. R:d2 Bc6  33. Rd1  Re3  34. g5 Re1+ 35. R:e1 B:e1 36. Kf1 B:h1 37. K:e1  Kf8 White Resigns (0-1).

Once again part of victory emerges in this game due to failure to castle to remove the King from the central files where it tends to be exposed in the opening phase. KD carried out a splendid attack in the nature of his hero Mikhail Tal whom he emulated clearly in this exciting chess battle.  Perhaps a main feature of chess is the willingness to accept risks that often determine the path to victory.-Kindred.


Kindred’s Peek at GM Strategy

May 16, 2016

There are more qualified than I rating-wise to examine GM play.  I feel an amateur view is worth a look so I decided to try my hand at it, picking the game Fabiano Caruana versus Hikaru Nakamura, Moscow 2016 Candidates Tournament.

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3 Nc6  3. Bb5  Nf6  4. d3  Bc5  This is a Berlin Defense variation of the Ruy Lopez.  5. B:c6  d:c6  6. Nbd2  White weakens the black pawn structure and in exchange Black now has the two Bishops and half-open d-file versus two Knights. Thus, the opening stage sets in motion both a strategic and tactical give and take with an imbalanced structure.

6. …O-O  7. Qe2  Re8  8. Nc4 To open line for the Bishop and increases square count. 8…Nd7  9. Bd2  Bd6 10. O-O-O!  Usually castles is a neutral type move but here with Kings castled on opposite sides suggests a Kingside pawn roll up of sorts is in the future.  Black has to remedy this by strengthening his King-side via perhaps Nf8.  HN likes sharp positions so seeks to attack the Queen-wing.

10. …b5  11. Ne3  a5  12. Nf5  a4 13. Bg5  This reminds me of Capablanca and my idea for square count from examining his games and those of Alekhine.  13. …f6  Pawn moves around the King position can be dangerous because in this  type position with White have a King-side pawn storm, exchanges will aid the breakup of the pawn attack/defense by igniting exchanges opening up for the heavy pieces on the attack.

14. Be3!  Nc5 15. g4! On our merry way!  Be6 16. Kb1  Square count wise I would have ventured with 16…Qd7 now just to connect Rooks, pressure f5 and have the Queen mobile along the 7th rank. A possible …Qf7 might aim some help for Black to continue with Q-side assault.  Black’s choice seems okay but a bit slow.  16…b4 17. g5  b3  18. Rhg1!  And square count strikes again with the sharpest move.  18. … b:a2+?  I don’t know if this is a blunder because in effect what it does is to use the black pawn as a defensive cover for the King.

19. Ka1!  B:f5  20. e:f5  a3  21. b3  Na6 22. c3  Bf8 23. Nd2  Now this pesky Knight is aiming at the e4 square.  23…f:g5  24. R:g5  Nc5  25. Rg3  A mystery like Rook sortie. The Rook power will cover the 3rd rank. 25. … e4  26. B:c5  B:c5  27. N:e4  What happens after 27…B:f2 28.Q:f2 R:e4 which HN rejected in favor of 27….Bd6 28. Rh3 Be5  29. d4 Bf6  30. Rg1 Rb8 31.K:a2  Bh4 32. Rg4  Qd5  33. c4  Resigns.

An interesting battle between two young lions.



Kindred’s Square Count Proves Deadly

May 15, 2016

Diagram:  Black – Ka8/Rh8/Pd7-f6-g4/Nc6/Qd6/Bc5. White – Pa6-b2-c2-g3/ Qe4/Ra1-c3/Bh2/Kh1.

Set up your position.  Who has any square count advantage?  White has 12; Black has 21.

That suggests a winning position providing White’s s/c offers no mating attack.  Black on the other hand has White’s King in a box having only g2 square available to move to.  Even though White is materially ahead, the position lacks no dynamic piece deployment.  Just the opposite for Black forces.  Black smashes open the position with 1…R:h2+! forcing 2. K:h2, Qd2+ 3. Kh1 Qh6+ with a mate threat likely causing White to resign.

Here Black wisely chose to bust open the King position, realizing with analysis that it doomed the King into a mating position.

If you find these square count lesson shorts worthwhile, I’ll do more. But you can create square count in your own games or from published diagrams to build your overall skill. With some practice you should be able to visualize s/c during your own game play or taking part in by following an exhibition game on the tube.

In chess positions many things must be weighed.  You have open lines as in the above example; you might weigh the pawn structure; you may weigh the power of the bishop pair or or Knight outpost; if one side has won the Exchange and how it relates to the position at hand as good, equal or unclear.  All of this gets stored as a learning process in your own computer  (your brain). The more experience you gather, the wiser choices you will find are made available during a game.



Kindred’s Analysis and Advice to Viewers

May 14, 2016

I have remained mum on the debates other than to support Carly Fiorina for president. I did this with due thought for a number of reasons. She is a superb debater proven by the debates many viewers including myself say she won during the primary.  But most importantly she has a record of achievement backed by her knowledge of cyber issues that threaten the whole USA and the world by the crazies.  As a high tech leader few leaders in government today have the background knowledge to get at the truth and ask those who can positively add to the discussion and warfare against our enemies.  She possesses the character and moral values this country was founded on.

However the American public has spoken heavily in favor of Donald Trump. He is hated by the Left, by the Conservatives who have no interest in giving up the power they have gained throughout the last several years.  Lies are told defaming his character and lack of record–he has no political background or base to speak of and yet he dominated as an independent conservative minded and yet free lancer who is a born leader recognized by both his supporters and especially his distractors who have no desire to give up the gains earned in the name of conservative.  In reality they would rather go back eight years, see Hilliary Clinton elected so they could rant and rave as they did against Obama.  When given the chance to lead, they did not.  The candidate Romney ran a lousy campaign, lost when he should have won and disappeared revealing little to no leadership qualities. Now he sticks his nose into the campaign of Trump trying to undo what the voters overwhelmingly support.  Same with Cruz.  That is what pisses me off!!!!  It is morally wrong.

The Democrat Party is running scared.  The media is running scared.  Lies and deceit rule their agenda.  To prove it, just look at how they chop up what Donald Trump has said and the lying bastards who leave out key words that alter or completely change where they try to make the naïve public from students to retirees believe in the tripe.  And in ignorance, they swallow it because we have a debunked education system run by socialized liberalism that evolved over decades of waste.

I will sit still and await Donald Trump formulate his program, his people chosen to help run an effective government–too long lacking because of the shysters now in charge of the White House, appointees who dictate without elected power. Smells the way the commies do things around the socialist world.

No, we can rant and rave and willing to be losers instead of winners.  You see, to me, those who hate Donald Trump do so for no other reason than spite.   He turned the whole of what was for too long the accepted “have to be politically correct crowd.”  So they don’t understand plain talk.  They don’t understand the fiery manner when Jesus threw out the money merchants from the Temple.  Do you think he did anything but was violent in his tone which accompanied his anger and force?  He simply meant business resulting from his anger.  No, the polite behavior has for too long been making Americans dupes for the social elite and socialized liberal establishment.

Now that the primary season is past, lets turn to being supporters in strength and finances that give the candidates the support needed to win in every town, city, state and the broad spectrum of our Nation.  Each of us must pray for our candidates but mostly our country.  What has been gained can be lost and what was lost can be restored by faith.

Our peoples are in crisis. We lack leadership.  We are seeing our moral character traits watered down by the liberal hogwash.  Yet,  there is hope in the leadership displayed by good citizens in our cities, states, and nation.  It is a fight we must win.  With God’s blessing, we will prevail.



Love Surpasses All Emotions

May 14, 2016

For Better or Worse brings back school memories like the time the teaching instructor called out, “Time for a break.  We’ll come back to the jive in 15-minutes.”  “Good!  I hated all that stuff in gym.” “Come on John, the sixties were fun.” “Easy for you to say. You girls just sat around waiting for us guys to make the first move.  And we were the ones who had to die from embarrassment. “I never knew you were so emotional about your high school days, John.  I was pretty insecure then, I guess. I never thought that anybody really liked me.  I like you, John. I ‘um love you really.  Wanna go out for a root beer float?  As long as I’m home by twelve.

“I love you, Garfield!  I’m going to bake some cookies.”  Garfield thinks. And I love you, lady!

Dagwood seems never able to get a good night’s sleep. So I set up a watch in the bedroom to see if it provided a clue.  Well, Blondie called out to Dagwood to wake up. “Sorry dear but you were speaking French very loudly in your sleep. French?  I don’t speak French. “I did not say you pronounced all the words correctly.  Dagwood, now wide awake, just stares into space.

Pickles humor is catching.  “Guess what!  I bought a pair of pants that were mislabeled a size small and they fit me perfectly. I am actually wearing size small slacks!!  I bet she will leave that label on for everyone to see.

Hagar–  “Hagar!  You make me a better person!”  By the sample I set?  No, no.  Just by comparison.

Peanuts –  “Why did I get stuck with a big brother who is a nothing?  Why aren’t you the hero type?  Well I guess if you aren’t the hero type–you just aren’t!  Don’t go quoting Shakespeare to me!!


A Front Hidden Behind Ignorance

May 14, 2016

Been awhile since I took up the pen to shed light on the goings and comings of a corrupt government at every level, a despicable excuse for a President and wholly infected germ that infiltrated and ruined the Democrat Party and shown the Republican brand as anything but truthful and honorable.  That germ has lain in the bowels of the Democrat Party, an insidious bug that is fast destroying the historic fabric which finds the American people asleep at the wheel of a fast moving car and ready for a violent crash.

This old man possesses some memory still and wise enough to challenge the so called political correct crowd.  Yes, the American public is waking up but has little backbone to the realities of life or remembrance of history seen coming from the evils of the Communist Party that was housed in the USA during the 30s through the 50s.  Subversive activities were clothed in a news media of a growing liberal view where truth was attacked, those who voiced alarm were shut off and blackballed.  The CP itself was washed clean to breathe as a socialist ideology thanks to the efforts of Alinsky and company.

The laughable joke is that the enemy of America was the bathed babies that grew into the web of future leaders hailed as college professors whose very essence existed from youth training to hate what America stood for.  Freedom speech was the rallying cry of these communistic subversives who used the greatness of our country’s Constitution against itself.  That is pitiful because the vast majority in America swallowed this rhetoric and media coverage that spanned from news print to the movie industry.  The push to ever infiltrate through every avenue of weakness was simply a forecast what was to become America for the 21st century.

A great Land?  Yes, it is!!  The government and leadership within is greatly flawed.  The takeover of the power base by infiltrators has been clouded in a mist that the eyes cannot see bright shining stars any more than the blind.  And I am afraid that we are in danger of becoming sightless as a Nation to meeting the challenges that a once great people gave birth and contribution to mankind.

Through My Looking Glass

May 14, 2016

The World Championship Candidate Tournament produced many beautiful games.  When tallied up, a conclusion might be drawn that all the players felt that chess is a very tough game.  You can’t know whether the chessman you just moved is leading to you losing your scalp or taking that of the chess partner.

Years ago I was often confronted with no opponent.  My chess board and pieces had no spirit or life of themselves.  So what did I do?  I lacked a fight, a battle against a foe.  In desperation, I swept the board clear, scooped up the pile and tossed them at random about the 64 squares.  How very strange did I find a series of possible combinations.  It somehow gave me a stimulus for a mental challenge.

I have compared chess to life experiences.  I know some grandmasters and writers have said it has nothing really to do with life itself.  In this, their excellent minds remind me of the chess men who sit at the opening stage, having no real motivation until the human element of physical and mental combine together to form those inert objects into the strategic  process of turning competitive ideas into what constitutes a chess game battle.

Bobby Fischer compared energy burned during a game to boxers fighting three rounds; he might have added two in a tennis match fighting for a set edge.

The war on the 64 squares in this great exhibition of great talents ended in victory by Sergey Karjakin.

World Champion Magnus Carlsen wants the title match to take place in November in New York City.  However, like so often happens, the boss has little to say about it given the turmoil of outside financial  interests.  Apparently there is a behind the scene fight going on among chess websites over real-time action among the organizers, AGON on the one hand and FIDE and the Russian Chess Federation disputing the wishes of W/C Carlsen.

The conflict among these organized groups seems to be over the superior quality of the websites who lost the financial wealth battle to AGON whose site is relatively new and doesn’t have the quality offerings as do the other sites.

Now here is my point.  The endgame reflects the moment of truth after all the fire storm is done.  The pleasure seen from victory is conversely witnessed and likely exceeded by the pangs seen in defeat.  The clearness of a result can be shaped or marred by external elements.  So to is life.

Sometimes all it takes is Guts!

May 9, 2016

GM Mikhail Tal was no wimp.  He fought against the known chess establishment much the way Donald Trump does in his quest to win in politics.

Tal essayed a relatively untried idea of bringing the Queen into play early in the opening against most theories opposed to such as portrayed in most books and instruction materials.  He brazenly did so in the powerful 1971 Soviet Championship against Yury Balashov.

1.e4 c6 2. d4 d5  3. Nd2 d:e4 4. N:e4 Bf5

Thousands of games are opened reaching this Caro Kann position.  In general, it entails a host of variations met again and again.  But this was not Tal’s intention; he surprises his opponent with a rare choice that smacks in the face of sanity, if one wants to adhere to advice from the multitudes.

5. Qf3!?!  e6  6. Bd3  Nd7  7. Ne2  Bg6  8. Bf4  Ndf6  9. Ng5  Nd5  10. B:g6 h:g6   11. Bd2  Nh6 12. O-O-O  Bb4  13. c3  Be7  14. h4  Qd7  15. g3  O-O-O  16. c4  Nb6  17. Ba5.  Tal eventually won.

It is White or Black ? who fairs  better after 6. Bd3 Q:d4 as Black gains the important center pawn. 7. Ne2 B:e4  8. B:e4  Qd8.  If so, then maybe 6. Ne2  Nf6 should be tried.  White has a tiny endgame structure edge.

No doubt the final verdict is yet to come in on 5. Qf3. It has been adopted by some of the rising players occasionally with decent results. White often obtains the pair of bishops and can then start to put in real effort to make something of it.  It is for spirited risk taking players.