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July 28, 2016

…WAS  THE  WHOLE  OF  THE  WEDNESDAY  NIGHT  DEMOCRAT  EVENING.  Actually my TV  went dead at the end of the President’s eloquent speech.  It shuts down so the box can be cleared for the next day.  But I forced it back on because I wanted to see the Republican response headed by Hannity who interviewed Newt Gingrich and others.  Afterwards, I shut the TV off and decided to do this article after usual bedtime needs.

In all, the speeches were uplifting and like I said PUTTING A PRETTY FACE ON IT ALL.  After all, damaged goods given all the past evenings of disasters had to be swept under the rug which is a general Democrat Party line (LOL) !  The masters proven by long experience in this hoodwinking of delegates at the convention and the public viewers I must say was indeed like a chess Grandmaster World Champion brilliancy or a walk off homerun.  But the smell of rats poisoned filled the air.

Tomorrow night is Hillary’s night to howl. You might remember my article where I suggested she should enjoy her retirement from being Secretary of State and give her full attention to her family and role of wife and grandma. That was my advice.  But then, no one ever listens to me!  Goodnight one and all.= Don, the kindred spirit.


Progressive Poisons in U.S. Society

July 24, 2016

As I look out over the landscape, the picture I see is one of perpetual beauty.  All around us is a tranquil joy of heart.  Yet, at this season that comes around periodically when a Presidential election is in the making, I somehow shudder with the thought that I have to witness another donkey-like farce.

In the newscasts I have to go through a scripted line, repeated almost word for word, phrases that are naught but propaganda directed to the ill informed having for too long been fed the Democrat Party line, and too uncaring to know the difference between facts and fallacy.  They swallow it hook-line-and-sinker.

WAKE UP!! You sad excuses for citizens and immigrants.  If you read nothing else, at least read the heading.  Because I have written a lot about what and where the progressive movement originated, others voiced the tribulations coming out of Professor Alinsky, a darling of Hillary from her college days with worship to this day.  He was a communist, socialist, agitator.  He was on the payroll of Chicago crime.

Why is it that the Democrat Party so embraces the radicalism of progressive thought? In a phrase:  IT SOUNDS GOOD.  The fact is that it originated in the former Soviet Union as did another Democrat love affair being PLANNED PARENTHOOD–abortions that Stalin had to curtail because so many babies were being aborted.  Whether this came from a Godless, atheist philosophy or not, it required the Soviet high command to alter its whole train of thought on the subject of killing babies.

So if one examines the modern Democrat Party, its programs and ideals, I come to the conclusion that the Party itself is basically SOCIALIST.  It has fallen back on extreme liberalism. But more than that!  It has adopted the lingo of the former Soviet Union.

Remember the horrors espoused by the liberal establishment over the rhetoric of President Ronald Reagan?  And even going back to the conclusion of World War II when the Democrats ruled the government and stuck it to General Patton.  Even then, the communists had infiltrated the American, British, French and Canadian governments with spy rings which thankfully was uncovered in time.

But HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN was well and fully entrenched in with their hidden agendas that ever peeled away at the American republic, and US Constitution.

Unfortunately there are too few left today who can even remember what those few decades embodied.  Even more, the American people, its huge immigrant population that found the education system being often undermined by socialist propaganda professors and teachers with literature that poisoned truth for lies.

I am remindful of what some great founding fathers warned of for future generations:  Freedom comes at a price.



Life can be Bittersweet

July 21, 2016

The Republican Convention is anything but dull!  The rabble seen in the street is typical of brainless idiots who cannot put together a valid reason for even appearing.  Such radicalism reminds me of the days when communists occupied stations in governments round the world with spy rings whose purpose was not physical destruction of property but rather meant to infuse disloyalty, racial and ethnic hatred among the public.  Such plots were often defanged by the FBI or other agencies before they could be utilized for that purpose.  The communists whole being was to stir up the people through the news media, meeting halls, and recruiting those who were susceptible to such virulent behaviors.

The news media attempted to bring harm to the Republican Convention inside the center through innuendoes so obvious to any who follow the issues, propaganda meant for those who paid little attention to politics or even had an interest in seeing views of what seems logical to assume being rich for future election debates.

The freedom minded swinging Donald Trump surrounded himself with that theme.  The delegates and American people got to meet the whole Trump clan which suggested a family full of love, ambition, smarts, healthful living, and where the focus was on the quality of parental guidance.  People gathered had a chance as well as the TV audience to see the results of upbringing, character building, integrity and work ethic of the whole family unit.  The media could only reflect jealousies and even tried to poke fun at religion by staging critics here and there to spew the Clinton doctrine of that menace–the progressive movement I described in earlier writings.  The ignorant are so easily misled. You won’t be misled reading my column.

Tonight the people across America and perhaps round the world will get to know Donald Trump.  The media will point to his current being by comparing that image seen during the primary.  That is the point!!  He is now tuned to actually running for President versus Hillary Clinton.  That requires as some call it, being Presidential.  That was the bellyaching by the media–that Trump was a lightweight having no political experience.  Is that not a good thing?  I know so!!  At last I see a man–a real man; a real American and patriot!

The Republican-conservative-liberal  base shows quality,  great men and women to choose for cabinet and other governmental positions of leadership.   I include liberals only because I am fair.  Few, if any, likely won’t apply having lived in an ivory tower for so long.

The days of Clinton and Obama with all the fanfare for political correct lingo, falsehoods, lying, cheating, numerous investigations that included murder, rape, and so much more–it would fill a book.  Obama, through his own mindlessness, has caused thousands of deaths of innocent people when he insisted the enemy was just a JV team, like attributing it to basketball lingo.  Yesterday it was a baby; today it s a growing menace reaching round the world including our own USA.  His drone strikes to eliminate the leaders have only stirred the juices for revenge and more hatred by the masses of the enemy still fighting and expanding.  They must be crushed out of existence.

Yes.  I shall be viewing tonight as I have throughout the coverage.  God bless our  public defenders and let freedom ring loud and clear.







Still Grit in the Spirit of a Past Era

July 18, 2016

The Ultimate Blitz Challenge event held in St. Louis, Missouri, USA saw the return of former World Champion, Garry Kasparov after many years absent from serious company.  His interest has not waned, keeping abreast the ups and downs of the chess world.  Thanks to New In Chess, we appreciate the coverage of these major events and blitz competitions played among the leading players and their own annotations of either their own play or that of the competition.  That offers a framework for those students of the game who earnestly desire to improve their chess skill.  I have injected my usual thoughts especially as related to my square count instructions seen in from July 2007 for those who are new readers of my website.

White:  Garry Kasparov  vs. Black:  Wesley So sees GK’s play from an earlier era, having faith in the past to rely upon.  Can the youth have discovered new ways to see some undercurrent in today’s most modern structure?

l.  e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. d4  This Scotch Opening was a favorite of GK who won many brilliant games adopting it.  How will So respond?

3. … e:d4  4. N:d4  Nf6  An older reaction from opening books of old.  Later on in this event a number of players adopted 4. … Bc5 that I think challenges the central complex.

5. N:c6  b:c6  6. e5  This was GK’s favored way into the Scotch.

6. … Qe7 7. Qe2  Nd5  8. c4  Ba6  9. b3  Garry continues with his favorite over the more often seen these days of 9. Nd2.

9. … g6  10. Ba3 c5  In 1994, Ivanchuk tried …Qg5;  in 2012 Sochi, Landis vs. Leko went for …Nb4 11. Bb2 Bg7  12. a3  Nd5  13. Nd2  O-O  14. O-O-O and hard fight ended in a win for Leko.

11. g3  Bg7  12. f4  Nb4  13. Bg2  Rd8  14. Nc3  O-O  15. Bb2 >a3  d5 16. a3  d4 17. a:b4 d:c3 18. B:c3  c:b4  19. Bb7  The mechanics of sq./ct. chess point to 19. Bd2, keeping the option for Be3, strengthening the long diagonal.

19. … Bc8!  20. O-O  A turn of fortune as WS starts to uncover a strong idea but instead chooses a mistake.  20. … f6?  Finding the right move can be a challenge at any level.  Amateurs!!  Take heart!  Because black simply using square count eyes should find 20. … Bf5!  And now understanding the chess board opens the door for …

21. Bd5+!  With the pretty 21. … Kh8?? 22. e:f6  Q:e2?  23. f:g7 check mate!!

21. … R:d5  22. c:d5  Qc5+  23. Rf2  f:e5  24. B:e5  B:e5  25. Q:e5  Rd8 26. Rd1  Bg4  27. Qd4  Centralization of Queen ala Nimsovitsch from CHESS PRAXIS! …Qa5 28. Rdd2  Re8 29. Kg2 Qb5  30. h3  Bf5  31. g4  Be4+ 32. Kh2 c5  33. Qf6 c4  34. d6 The lust of a passed pawn to expand!  34. … Bc6 35. f5  Rf8  36. Qe6+ Kg7  37. d7  Qc5  38. Qd6  Black resigns.

In Kasparov versus Nakamura Scotch Game went:  1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 e:d4  4. N:d4  Bc5 5. Be3  An older idea was the trendy 5. Nb3 which has its points.  The text is a good developing move.

5. … Qf6 6. c3  Nge7  7. Bc4 Ne5  8. Bb3 Eying the central d5-e6-f7 diagonal.  8. Be2 is the normal play here. The position now is tricky for Black.

8. … d6  9. O-O  O-O  A dubious idea would be 9. … Ng4 because of 10. h3  N:e3  11. f:e3 where White can focus on the weakness at f7.

10. f3  N/7c6  11. Kh1  Bb6  12. Na3  Observing that the light shown by a Knight on the rim is dim.

12. … Kh8 13. Qd2  Na5  14. Ndb5  B:e3  15. Q:e3  Qe7  16. Bc2  a6  17. Nd4 c5  18. Ne2  Nac4? One might question this exchange of a wing Kt.

19. N:c4  N:c4  20. Qc1! This Karpov type move, going backwards to move ahead is a communist strategy in world affairs. How like chess resembles the affairs of man and nations.

20. … f5  21. b3  Nb6 22. c4  f:e4  23. B:e4  Bf5  24. Ng3  B:e4  25. N:e4  Rad8  26. Re1  Rfe8 27. Qd2!  A tactical invitation to play …d5? because of 28. Nc3! winning the pawn with no benefit for Black’s position. White now focuses on exchanges.

27. … Qf8  28. Ng5  Qf6  29. R:e8+  R:e8  30. Re1  R:e1  31. Q:e1  Nd7 32. Qe8+ Nf8  33. h3! Conserving  a defense shield for the King.

33. … Kg8  34. Ne4  Qf4  35. Qe7 Qc1+ 36. Kh2 Qf4+ 37. Kg1  Qc1+ 38. Kf2 Qb2+ 39. Kg3 h5 40. N:d6 h4+ 41. Q:h4 Ng6 42. Qe4  Qf6 43. Nf5  Qg5+ 44. Kh2  Nf4  45.g3  Nh5 46. f4  Qd8 47. Qd5+ Q:d5  48. Net+ Kf7 49. N:d5  Black resigns.


Multiple blunders in winning positions (we all experience such pain!) took much of the joy out of the tournament for me. I never play my best when frustrated. (Sounds like me all right!). Notes by Kindred.

Here, Kasparov shows up in good form with his win over Caruana.

White: Caruana  vs.  Kasparov   Opening:  King’s Indian Defense  St. Louis /Blitz

l. Nf3  Nf6  2. g3  g6  3. Bg2  Bg7  4. O-O  O-O This setup was often seen in Fischer’s early development. He was fond of the King’s Indian Reverse as well playing the black pieces.

5. c4  d6  6. b3  e5  7. Bb2  c5  Hitting both b4 and d4 squares with pawn power before putting the Knight into action.

8. e3  Nc6  9. Nc3  Bf5  10. d4  Black has targeted the light squares on the K-side.  Here, in a training series, Rogoff played 10. d3 against me, followed by Qe2 with a type of hedgehog setup.

10. … e4  11. Ne1  Re8  12. Nc2  h5!  Square count savvy maybe.13. Qd2  h4 This seems a bit premature.  Black could strengthen w/squares with the developing 13. … Qd7.  Black has a commonplace attack plan here of jump moves >14…Nh7 and …Ng5.

14. Ba3  b6  15. Rfd1?  Bg4!  Move that castle again, friend!

16. Rdc1  Qd7  17. b4  Sensing a K-side attack, White tries to counter on the Q-side but it seems too slow.  Yet, what else can he try? GK now makes winning harder missing a number of better finishes.

17. …Qf5!  18. Bb2  Rad8 19. Nb5  Bf3  20. d5  Ne5  21. B:e5  R:e5  22. Ne1  h:g3 23. f:g3  Bh6 24. Rab1 Kg7  25. Rb3  Qh5 26. h3  Nh7  27. g4  B:g4  28. h:g4  Q:g4  29. Qd1 Qg3  30. Qe2 Ng5 31. Kh1  Rh8  32. Nxd6 Kg8 33. b:c5 Bf8+ 34. Kg1  Nh3+35. Kf1 B:d6 36. c:d6 Rf5+ 37. Nf3  R:f3+ White resigns (0-1).

With some hope, perhaps the “chess bug”  will entice Garry’s future performances. You are never too old to play chess!!




















Nice Youth Chess Group Leader Reports

July 17, 2016

Yves Lamorelle, the head of a chess club and instructor devoted to youth during the summer running weeklong training sessions decided not to take their youth to the fireworks in celebration of Bastille Day, the French equivalent of the Fourth of July celebration held in the United States I found in the D&C newspaper…Thank God we decided not to take the young ones. I was sitting in a café terrace having a drink and after a few minutes, people began running toward us from the promenade toward Old Nice. Then, all the café terraces began to clear out in scary type of chaos.  Tables, chairs, and glasses got turned over. Your instinct to survive takes over. People were stepping on top of each other without even knowing why.

Of course we know why…another Muslim terrorist attack inspired by a popular read Muslim magazine that earlier had detailed exactly how to murder people in the street. It was a Muslim refugee who was slain by the French police during the carnage. And now latest reports indicate that perhaps up to five Muslim individuals are accomplices.

The  RNC Prepares For Opening of Convention

The news media and those having their hands in the pie of discord will cost much needed funds for fixing roads, bridges, airports, schools needed public works.  And at this writing I have no way of telling the events dissenters have planned.

No.  This is not the right to have dissent!!  Not when the public acts like a bunch of apes and monkeys where protests have been going on seemingly forever by agitators.  I look back at history and see the very type of communist theory to disrupt our way of life in America.  It was curtailed by the FBI in those days.  Our education is such that we are led like sheep, full of booze and pot.  Our citizens have no balls anymore because of it.



A Perception of Changing Times

July 9, 2016

The recent game between GM Wesley So and GM V. Akobian from the US Championship held in St. Louis, Missouri featuring the Rubinstein Variation out of the French Defense is a good example to explore.  1. e4  e6  2. d4  d5.  From this position, White over many decades has set up various attack plans > 3. e:d5; 3. Nc3; 3. e5; 3. Nd2; 3. f3 — all having some sting of legitimacy.

With the above mentioned game, a classic 3. Nc3 led to 3 …d:e4  4. N:e4  Nd7 5. Nf3  Ngf6  6. N:f6+ N:f6 7. c3  setting up a Colle type position invented and championed by the famous attacking player Colle normally coming out of a Queen Pawn opening. So believes that this move allows easy deployment of forces in a natural manner.

Black is faced with the fact that the slow 7.c3 is non-committal, solid, and a waiting move to see just how Black sets up operations.  For example, 7. …Bd6 8. Bd3 O-O  9. O-O   b6  10.Qe2 a5 > Bb7 or; 10…Bb7 adopting a type of hypermodern setup.

In the era of Capablanca, trying to strike at the center so as to get suitable open lines that again point to my square count idea for active combating the center pawn structure, the idea for the active 7. … c5  was looked favorably upon.  8. Be3 or 8. Ne5, the latter being Kasparov’s play at Linares, 2002 versus Ponomariov.

8. Be3  c:d4  9. B:d4  Be7 10. Bd3  O-O  Maybe 10… Qc7 to protect f7 and prepare to connect Rooks would be superior. It might get White to castle K-side.  Now,  White has the choice of going Q-side with the King.

11. Qc2  h6  12. O-O-O  Qa5?! I do not understand this choice. 13. Kb1  Rd8  14. Ne5  Bd7 15. Qe2  Bc6 16. Rhe1  Bd5  17. c4  B:g2? Like  the Q-sortie to a5, I think this must have been a time pressure decision but it looks horrible–so why play it which opens the half g-file.

18. Bc3  Qb6  19. Rg1 Bc6 20. N:f7  The inherent weakness of f7 pointed out in my chessboard analysis arises again.  20. …K:f7  21. R:g7+!! smashing the hope by Black of erring by 21. B:g6+?? Kf8 22. Q:e6 Be4+! This shot busts open the square coverage needed for the King’s defense.

21. … K:g7  22. Q:e6  Q:f2  The only defense is what the computer came up with to delay the axe falling was 22. …Re8 23. 23. c5!! Qd8 24. Bc2  Q:d1+ 25. B:d1 Bd8 26. Qg4+ Kf8 27. Qf4 Kg7  28. Bc2. winning for White.  I really like the human element of winning here.  Stop the bleeding! please?

23. Q:e7+ Kg8  24. Bh7+  Black resigns.

The square count postings enable one to create a picture graph of events.  And it shows the human versus computer tinkering with the joys of what the mind can achieve now and in the future, leaving the past eras before those monsters toyed with our psychic.

Guns Needed for the Job at Hand

July 8, 2016

No one seems to remember just why it was that Police Forces were given the green light to use the weapons necessary to battle crime in our streets.  It happened when rather clever bank robbers chose to wear body armor and carry automatic or semi-automatic weapons.  When they emerged from the bank with their loot, the police who rushed to the scene were confronted by these bank robbers and proved no match for their firepower.

While this happened in the not too distant past, one need only to review the FBI training tools of its early existence.  Rope hand cuffs were used in arresting criminals because the FBI agents were not permitted to use tommy guns as the various criminal gangs did so the agents were handicapped in numerous ways such as not being allowed carry even handguns leaving the criminals largely in charge during the years following WW I.  It also cost agents their lives.  The criminal gangs met their match when the agents of the FBI were turned loose in cleaning up big city corruption by congress acting in passing needed legislation.

Many schools had firearm training and target practice as part of their education until the liberal do-gooders said it was anti-beneficial to human needs and development.  Records of the NRA proved very worthwhile to students.  Perhaps it is a matter of perception but the youth of America benefited from such exposure and widened the interest for hunting and fishing among family members.

A Need of Rain and Leaves turn over

July 8, 2016

It never rains but it pours.  Will that saying ring true again?  The best evidence to a change is when the tree leaves turn over facing their bottom skyward.  That is nature’s weatherman. For the farmer, it is crystal clear with little room for delay.

You are willing and even obligated to tell the truth.  That is such a profound statement until you sit in a congressional hearing.  Then, it becomes polluted with all of Bill and Hillary bureaucratic myth breathing, Washingtonian ethics. The question posed as what  truth should you tell and what is relevant? Some truths are not meant for interpretation in a congressional hearing when seen how those being used get integrity burn. Explanation is just a human ? mark on character.

Pickles  – You know what your problem is, Earl?  You don’t listen to me!  You just hear what you want to hear.  You’re so right, my dear!  Sure, I’d love a nice cold glass of lemonade.

Hagar -Mom, Lute said he would buy me a new wardrobe the day after we get married. Well, I knew you were getting a good man!  Yeah, he said he wants me to have everything I need for job interviews!


Kings in the Blitz at St. Louis Mo.

July 5, 2016

While Fabiano Caruana and Nazi Paikidze topped the field of the men and women US Championship, former World Champion Garry Kasparov, a frequent visitor to the US and a supporter of spreading the joys and values learned from the game’s exposure to America’s youth, found him once more lured to the competitive spirit of Blitz chess play.

A huge number of youthful talent are honing their skills and a popular chess event is the Blitz tournaments seen played in many clubs across America. One of the popular defenses seen in these events is the Modern Defense which Kasparov adopts against one of the top rising stars of this era, GM Wesley So.  So set up your pieces and see the fur fly in this rare gem by these two giants of old and new generational talent.

l.  Nf3  g6  2. e4  Bg7  3.  d4  d6  4. c4  Bg4  5. Be2  Nc6  6. Nbd2  White introduces a new twist to the line of operations that contains a bit of poison. Kasparov recognizes the danger and avoids  6. …N:d4?  7. N:d4 B:e2 8. N:e2.

6. …  e5  7. d5  Nce7 8. h3  Bd7  9. c5!

Wesley So essays a sharp attack to vacate the c4 square for the knight, open the position and increased activity.

9. … d:c5 10. Nc4  f6  11. d6  A strong Blitz tactic but best was 11. Be3.

11. … Nc8  12. Be3  b6  Kasparov misses an opportunity to hit the Q-side by 12….b5! using another idea of square count by 13. d:c7 Q:c7 14. Na3  Nd6!  As Dr. Marchand used to say,”A pawn is a pawn is a pawn after all.” But pressure chess is the name of the game in Blitz.

13. O-O  Bc6  14. d:c7  Q:c7  15. b4  c:b4  16. Rc1  Nge7  17. Qb3!  Once again you can see the results of a King caught in the center files.

17. … h6  18. Rfd1  b5  19. Nc4: e5  20. B:b5  Rb8  21. Ba4  Qb7  22. R:c6  N:c6  23. Qe6+ N8e6  24. Bc5  Rc8  25. B:e7 Resigns as it is mate in four moves.



The Saint Louis Blues

July 2, 2016

Nerves caused me to give up tournament chess largely in my brain that it was all those new fangled timers that caused my sudden shaking and cost me heartache in missing winning positions due to seeing the seconds blaze the trail into the sunset of emotion. The reality is that chess is for the young in heart and spirit.

The game between US Woman Champion GM Irina Krush (2553) and IM Nazi Paikidze  (2471) resulted in the following game win for Nazi who played probably the best chess of her life in this year’s USA title event.  At the start, she was second (7.5-2.5) behind Tatev Abahamyan (8-2). One clue to her growth as a player is that she did not lose one game in the previous championship and this result will likely propel her to even higher achievement in the future.

White:  Irina Krush  vs.  Black:  Nazi Paikidze  Opening:  Reti Opening

l. Nf3  Nf6  2. g3  d5  3. Bg2  c6  4. O-O  Bg4  5. d3  Nbd7  6. h3  Bh5  7. Qe1  This odd looking move has broke the pin and supports the e-pawn advance while leaving the Rook to possibly support a future f-pawn advance.

7. … e5  8. e4  d:e4  9. d:e4  Bc5  Preparing to castle and adding pressure on the additional diagonal and f2 square.

10. a4  a5  11. Na3  O-O  12. Nc4  Qc7  13. Bd2  b6  14. Nh4  Rfe8 15. Kh1 Bg6  16. N:g6 h:g6 17.f4  b5! This deeply constructed pawn sacrifice will benefit black.

18. B:a5  Qc8  19. a:b5  c:b5  20. Nd2  e:f4 21. g:f4  The pawn sac has achieved an important feature of the pawn structure.  White has weakened her position having 3 pawn islands vs. 2 pawn islands for black that  signifies a useful plus for black.

21. … Nd5  22. Rf3  f5  23. e5  g5  24. f:g5  N:e5  25. Rf2  Ne3  26. Nb3 N:g2 27.R:g2 f4! 28.Qc3 Not a bad try but the position for White hangs on a negative thread of the Bishop on a5 having no stake in the melee.

28. … Nc4  29. Qf3  Qf5  Inviting the Queen to join the fight.

30. N:c5  Q:c5  31. b4  Qf5  32. Rf2  Re4  33. Rg1  Rae8 34. Bc7 White finally gets a breather to get this piece back into the game but Black continues the pressure in hopes that her opponent will crack first in this complexity of drama on the board.

34. … Re3  35. Q:f4  R:h3+ 36. Kg2  Ne3+ 37. Q:e3  Qg4+ 38. Qg3  R:g3+ 39. B:g3  Re3  40. Kh2 Qh5+ 41. Kg2  Q:g5 42. Kh2  Re6  43. Rgg2 Qh5+ 44. Kg1 Qd1+ 45. Rf1 Qd4+ 46. Rff2 Re1+  47.Kh2  Qd1 48. Bf4  Qh5+ 49. Kg3 Rh1 50. Rh2 Rg1+ 51. Rhg2 Rh1 52.Rh2 Qg6+53. Kh3 White runs but can’t hide from enemy action.

53. … Qe6+ 54. Kg3  Re1  55. Rhg2 Qg6+ 56. Kh2  Qe4 57. Bg5  Q:b4  White could hope for the 50 move without a capture drawing rule to apply but no more!

58. Bf4  Qe7   59. Kg3 Re6  60. Kh3 Qd7  61. Kh2 Re4  62. Kg3  White hopes to set up a position  that Black cannot breach.

62. … Qf5  63. Rf3  g5!  At last Nazi can get the pawn into the act.

64. B:g5  Rg4+ White resigns.

The new champion deserves her title managing to emerge victorious in this grueling contest.  When asked about her first name Nazi on Seth Meyers night show, she said it was not offensive to her constitution because in Georgian the word means tender and delicate.