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Kindred’s Special: Division, Unification, Joy

April 29, 2008

History has three elements that have appeared in various forms that effect events and or human relations. What has troubled me is the absolute repeat of these elements. First, I see a division as a matter taken from the Bible when Jesus asked those whom he would like to follow him to do so without reservations. Some did dropping all living needs to that time–things today we relate as important to each of us like responsibility owed to personal relationships in family, work and community. Jesus demanded total obedience for the now rather than accepting his follower pending personal distractions to clear up personal business and advising family members that he was no longer available having become a follower of Jesus. Such demand of his followers seems foreign to us. Yet, he knew that the road followed was narrow and only the very devoted follower would be sustained through his travels in fulfilling his purpose in serving God’s holy purpose on Earth. He did not want followers who would put personal needs ahead of service and commitment. Thus, I believe that joy and peace of the heart, of the family, of the Nation can only come from such a divisional term. Such divisions in every sense of this important word will like climbing a ladder aspire unity and such unification will finally embrace love, respect, peace and joy of the Spirit, the soul of mankind, and a personal relationship with God through his beloved Son who died on the Cross for all sin of man.

God gave man a brain to think. I believe he gave animals their own individualistic abilities to exist and to serve. What do I mean? God put on Earth animals, birds, fish and many forms of vegetation for the purpose of survival. It was brilliant when you think about it. If you take domesticated dogs and kittens (cats), they help nurture the Spirit of humans. Owning such makes a household more pleasureable and often people say that their animals are part of the family and make the best friends.

Recently I met a neighbor whom we buy our eggs. Each visit to purchase a dozen finds a gentle and friendly dog meeting me with barks and comes to sit next to me wanting his head petted. The brown eyes that stare into my face shows the affection this dog has for people– his demeanor that of a true friend! His owner says he is such a darling pet and is wonderful around the kids and a great asset.

Can mankind do likewise to their brethern? Lets take a look at current events and world concerns. It is shameful that President Bush is hated with such venom by many while respected and loved by others. His responsibilities far outweigh the dictates of groups who have personal agendas and such a role as leader of the United States with vast knowlege based upon advisors and confidants having expertise in areas the ordinary citizen is unaware or never considers. Such assessments in the final analysis rest on the shoulders of the President and with God’s grace and prayerfully Spiritual guidance, such final decisions and actions or no actions are vested.

As a Nation, we developed in a long series of stages from Colonial times where we fought to survive nature and warring Indian tribes and foreign powers of England, France and Spain. We needed England and its troops to safeguard the colonists against the Indians and French interference. Our people were made up of a cross section of Europe but mostly English and English Common Law and the burden of excessive tax without representation in Parliment, the housing of troops in homes, and the arrogance of those in power led eventually to the colonists throwing off the yoke of tyranny and injustice. The war did not go well for the Colonial armies as they won few battles and lost ground everywhere. Bickering among the various colonies must have depressed General Washington but he nevertheless had pursuasion and love of many of his men in arms to keep fighting and his ability to deal with the Congress kept the spirit alive. One great victory began to turn the tide when the German Hessians were defeated and France through the efforts of Benjamin Franklin and the inspired Marquis de Lafayette who through great intrigue resigned from the French army and sailed to America to join the rebellion. Still, the war lasted many years before America won its Independence and the birth of a new nation was formed called The United States of America.

Development, invention, education, and religious tolerance while instrumental to success, it was the spirit of Americans and belief in freedom that pushed progress across the continent. Slavery was eventually overcome with the Civil War between the North and South. We suffered through a number of conflicts with Indian tribes, Spain, and Mexico. American might was needed to triumph in World War I and bring the war to an end. World War II saw us attacked and unprepared for such an event. Our President led us on a crusade and our Industrial might and determination of its people led the world to victory. The Korean conflict was President Truman’s way to contain the spread of communism in the pacific theatre. Finally communism died like a vine because once its fruit was plucked from its attractive vine it was laid bare to see that the vine had no further use and could not sustain itself without pruning and no one was willing to prune it. Remember that President Reagan was called a radical nut and threatened to blow the world up when he traveled to meet the Russians and told them to tear down that Berlin Wall! The skeptics were outraged and the hidden commies within our own government who were sympathetic with that socialist system tried to defame our President.

Does anyone doubt that God plays a role in the lives of men, ideas and Nations?

Finally, look at Iraq. We criticize their citizenry for not quick action with total ignorance of the fact that their people were deprived of any real governing leadership skills having been under the gun of dictatorship rule for too many years. They have emerged like babes in arms battling in horrendously worse conditions than ever happened in the American experiment. And the free world stands by and lets Iran and Seria contribute to the conflict which has caused the major loss of American fighting men and women as well as thousands of Iraqi citizens with ever greater weaponry. Still, the Iraqi people are beginning to gel and are gaining a backbone that deserves a salute to its character. Lets hope that our Lord will give them the guidance of good leadership and desire for building a nation of people who will determine to live together in peace regardless of their own personal beliefs. That comes of acceptance and willingness to work hard to have a stable and secure nation free of outside interference, ruled by a freely elected government, representative of all the people with laws protecting the rights and grievances of the citizens wherever and whenever the need arise.

Yes, as I say in the heading: DIVISION to UNIFICATION to JOY. True peace and happiness comes from hard work, trials and tribulations, a belief structure that embodies generational bonds and faith that somehow it will all turn out for the best with God’s help and blessing.


Kindred’s Special: Civic-Industrial League

April 23, 2008

The Eastman Kodak Recreation Center hosted for several years the chess team leagues.  The 1970 Fall-Winter-Spring months brought together 150 players on Monday evenings from 7:00p.m. – 11:00p.m. which met weekly to do battle. As reported previously, these were non-USCF rated due to the by laws of the Rochester Athletic Association that governed all company and corporate sports activities. The fact that these games were hard fought attests to the joy of chess whether rated or not.

                       1970  Civic – Industrial Chess League

       Roman Tyshovnytsky  (White)      vs   Donald Reithel  (Black)

                            Opening:  Sicilian Defense

1. P-K4  P-QB4  2. N-KB3  P-Q3  3. N-B3  N-QB3  4. B-B4 P-K3 5. 0-0  N-B3 6. P-Q4  PxP  7. NxP  B-Q2  8. NxN  BxN  9. R-K1  P-QR3  10. P-QR4  B-K2  11. B-KN5  0-0  12. P-QN4  Q-B2  13. B-N3  P-N4  14. PxP  PxP  15. Q-Q3  Q-N2  16. P-B3  KR-Q1  17. R-R2  P-R3  18. B-R4  RxR  19. NxR  N-N5          20. B-N3  N-B3  21. Q-K3  R-R1  22. Q-Q3  RxN  23. BxR  Q-R2ch  24. K-B1 QxB  25. Q-B3  Q-B5ch  26. QxQ  PxQ  27. P-B3  P-Q4  28. PxP  NxP 29.R-B1 B-B3  30. B-K1  K-B1  31. B-Q2  K-K2  32. K-K2  K-Q3  33. K-Q1 B-R5ch  34. K-K2  K-B2  35. P-N3  K-N4  36. P-R4  P-K4  37. B-K1  B-Q1  38. B-B2   P-B4  39. K-Q2  B-B3  40. B-K1  P-K5  41. PxP  PxP  42. B-B2  B-K4 43. B-Q4 BxP  44. R-KN1  B-B5ch  45. K-K2  P-N4  46. PxP  PxP  47. R-KR1  B-B7  48. R-R8  B-Q6ch  49. K-Q1  KR5  50. R-Q8  N-K6ch 51. K-B1  K-N6  52. P-N5  P-N5  53. P-N6  N-B4  54. K-Q1  NxB  55. PxN  P-B6. White resigned.


In the early 1970s the Xerox Recreation Chess Club, Webster, NY, was very active and produced some very talented players.

           David Buckley   (White)      vs   Donald Reithel  (Black)

                                Reverse Indian Attack

1. N-KB3  N-KB3  2. P-KN3  P-KN3  3. B-N2  B-N2  4. P-Q3  P-Q3  5. 0-0  0-0  6. P-K4  P-B4.  It was Fischer’s idea that depending upon the central pawn thrust, it was best to create an imbalance by this move rather than responding with P-K4.

7.  QN-Q2  N-B3  8. P-B3  R-N1  9. R-K1  N-K1  10. P-QR4  P-QR3 11. N-B1 P-QN4  12. PxP  PxP  13. Q-B2  N-B2  14. B-K3  B-Q2  15. R-R2  P-N5  16. Q-Q2  17. PxP  R-K1  18. P-Q4  N-N4  19. R-QB1  N-R4    20.   Q-K1  N-N6 21. R-B2  PxP  22. PxP  N/6xP  23. NxN  NxN  24. BxN  BxB  25. N-Q2  B-K3  26. R-R4  B-N2  27. R-B1  Q-Q2  28. R-R6  KR-QB1 29. N-B3 Q-N2 30. B-B1 RxR  31. QxR  QxP  32. Q-B7  R-QB1 33. N-Q2 RxQ 34. NxQ  B-Q4 35. B-Q3 R-B8ch 36. K-N2  P-B4  37. K-R3  PxN  38. B-K2  R-KN8  39. R-N6  P-K6    40. P-B3  P-R4  41. P-KN4  PxP  42. PxP  P-N4  43. B-N5.

At this point, David missed a brilliant try with 43. B-QB4!!, a classic “swindle” try as on 43…BxB, 44. R-N8ch!

43. ….  B-N7  44. K-N3  B-K4checkmate.

Kindred’s Special: Open Defense/Ruy Lopez

April 23, 2008

The following game recorded in English Descriptive will provide you with some practice in using what, for many years in the USA, was the recording system of most chess players, magazines, and books.

The 1964 New York State Open Championship was held in Rochester, NY and followed on the heels of the 1963 NY State Amateur where I had scored well to take 3rd place at Romulus, NY.

My opponent and longtime friend in chess was Denis Strenzwilk who has participated in many of our tournaments, having a sister he visits whenever he participates in Rochester, NY. I knew Denis was extremely gifted and a hard man to score against. So I dug into opening books prior to the event and decided to try an unusual variation of the Tarrasch Open Defense against the Ruy Lopez if opponents so chose 1.P-K4 and adopt that against my own 1…P-K4 that was my favorite defense during this period.  As luck or not my thoughts and preparation came only once in this battle.

                         1964 New York State Open Championship

            Denis Strenzwilk (White)       vs    Donald Reithel  (Black)

                                 Ruy Lopez  featuring the Open Defense

1. P-K4  P-K4  2. N-KB3  N-QB3  3. B-N5  P-QR3 The requirement when playing this necessitates having a defensive setup against the exchange variation 4.BxN QPxB.

4. B-R4  N-B3  5. 0-0  NxP  6. P-Q4  P-QN4  7. B-N3   P-Q4  8.  PxP   B-K3 9. P-B3  B-B4.  This initiates the Dilworth Attack that commences after 10.QN-Q2  0-0  11.B-B2  NxKBP  12.RxN  P-B3.  However, Denis sat a long time thinking and finally played differently. I suspect he was not sure of how to play as the Dilworth was noted for its aggressive nature. One of the reasons I chose this was to again test my theory on square count.

10. N-Q4?  Later I could not find this in my opening books so I must assume it is flawed. In any case what theory I studied on this line is lost as we now both are on our own.

10. ….  NxKP  11. NxB  PxN  12. Q-R5ch  N-N3  13. N-Q2  NxKBP  14. RxN   BxRch  15. KxB  0-0ch  16. K-N1  Q-Q3  17. B-B2  Q-B4ch  18. K-R1  Q-B7  19. Q-Q1  N-B5  20. Q-B1  N-K7  21. QxQ  RxQ  22. B-Q1  NxB  23. B-N4  K-B2  24. N-B3  R-B8ch  25. N-N1  R-KB1  26. P-KR3  K-K2 27. B-B3  P-QB4 28. P-QR4  P-N5  29. PxP  PxP  30. K-R2  P-Q5  31. N-K2  P-Q6  32. N-Q4   R(1)xB  33. NxR  RxN  34. RxN  P-Q7  35.  R-Q1  R-Q6  36.  K-N1   K-Q3 37. K-B2  K-Q4  38. K-K2  K-Q5  39. P-R5  R-K6ch  40. KxP  R-Q6ch 41.KK2 RxR  42.  KxR  K-Q6.  White resigned on the 53rd move.