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Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

August 31, 2018

Mostly I find myself often bewildered with the PRESS.  There was a  time when what you read in editorials was believable because it was either logical opinions or fact based truisms of and on current events.

Blondie is feeling just a little bit jealous when she reads numerous facebook and twitter messages addressing  husband Dagwood Bumstead.  In bed, she confronts Dag with: “Why does Babs Flirtwelder like all of your facebook posts?”  “Oh, I dunno, Honey….Just being nice, I guess.” He leans over and kisses Blondie. continuing….But if it makes you feel better, I’ll message her not to like my posts so much.”  “Oh, don’t be silly. Besides, I already messaged her.”

Apparently Earl discovered the ideal way to handle unwanted phone calls. When the phone rings, he picks up and says:”Sheriff’s Department, Fraud Division, who’s calling?” That normally finds a sudden ‘click’ on the other end. He tells his wife Opal that it was probably another telemarketer.



Don’s Coffee & Tea Break-Positive Vibes

August 30, 2018

Well, that is what I hope for in all of life.

Remembering Senator John McCain is a sad story to report.  He was loved by the general public,  suffered a hate and love relationship with political parties of all stripes.  Basically he was a leader of values he possessed–some good, some bad.

In politics a fine line is drawn between this love and hate value system often dependent upon the time clock of life.  In chess we can understand the short duration of feelings that should always dominate the political scene that unfortunately lingers because of human tongues that love to create vigorous opposition boarding in sheer hatred from campaigns.  This was true of McCain as well as all candidates who seek the Presidency of the United States.  It has been true of every political adventure conquering the top post as President coming from all spectrum of the political structures.

Like all the losers hoped for the best as ranks all closed to support and hope for the success of the victor.  It is the old adage–“to the victor goes the spoils.” Differences might linger in party ranks but not until Donald J. Trump did the ex-president openly try to undermine the sitting President with his secreted approval by his army of political hacks.  The fallacy of our wonderful republic and democratic language was filled with the highly active rhetoric of the modern socialist movement that has weeded its way in an open attempt to destroy our whole political system by undermining the core principles that made American life exciting through the joys of worthy debate now seen as totally stripped of meaning.  Those calling for debate as voiced years past are being assaulted all across academia by left-wing ideologs and including professorships.  It is the old Communist Party cry to drown out all debate and reasoning.

What has this to do with honoring Senator John McCain?  You must remember that he was the candidate who ran against Obama and lost the election. You should also remember the vicious attacks against him during the unsuccessful campaign–now seen in the Halls of Government as totally being hypocritical. When does the forked tongue as seen from some great American Indian Tribal leaders come at an appropriate time to make the funeral less meaningful.  It points to the old Biblical truth that the wagging tongue has no equal in spreading hatred among the citizenry of all nations. I say honor the man but be truthful; bow your ugly heads in shame for use of wagging tongues spreading hatreds across the board.

I want to honor a man who possessed the American spirit on the one hand of staunch duty given his country but did a disservice without holding his party’s philosophy and ideals with full effort to improve the status quo.  He registered his personal beliefs ahead of working to better programs seen as failures in the implementation of the very difficult assignment to better the American Health Care System.  He undermined the work of dedicated men and women who won elections and had worked diligently to bring about a more workable product.  In this, I believe he failed in his duty to fully explain his standing and short of that refused for personal reasons for dislike of President Trump to bring by his vote to ruin the hard work of his Party by being hailed for his benefactor stand in support of the crossover Democrat Party supported stonewalling tactics.  It is a sad commentary on the struggles this leader had in justifying his rhetoric overall on this important debate topic that really cemented his maverick status putting personal cheap enough aims by using this guise of leadership that fell far short of his often times leadership standing.

In any case, I hope he has eternal peace and continued love and memory of this warrior by all of his historic past family, friends and all he came to know in the Halls of Government.  God Bless Him on a meaningful life and service to his beloved country.

Well, I shall close with a few memorable cartoons from today  Enjoy.

Beetle Bailey’s girl is General Halftrack’s secretary.  “How did Lt. Fuzz’s plan go, Sir?”  “Something went very wrong.” “What happened?” “His stupid plan worked!?”

Dilbert is given a report on Time Management to read by the computer.  Dilbert says, fine but the notes that the pages given him are all blank.  The computer acknowledged this but told Dilbert all the time it saved having to read and study it.

Nelson tells their dog that sometimes things fall out of Grampa Earl’s pockets while he sits in his favorite arm chair. Even money sometimes. Lets look. I found something round.  Maybe it is money.  Shucks! Just a fuzzy green lifesaver?!



The Amateur Eye – Liberalism Anyone?

August 27, 2018

Tonight I saw a star program of Mark R. Levin once more featuring the morass of liberal thought.  The definition of morass in my dictionary  ” A marsh swamp or more clearly defined as something that traps, confuses or impedes.”This describes the two guests who both threw light on the failings of education–specifically at the college and university level.”  What is wrong with education is it has been highjacked by the leftists in America as forewarned by conservatives coming out of the 1930s and 1940s largely attributable to Marxists and especially Soviet spies who weeded their influence and socialist thought at American education and industry and its effect seen in an ever growing evil mind controlling cloud.

Not to say Americans were not forewarned because the Soviets spoke clearly enough that America would be taken over without firing a shot.  We continue to sit in the dark.  The dangers are fast becoming reality.  The Democrats who largely possess the liberal idea that lean toward socialism has accelerated backed by philosophies that call for control of thought, striking at the foundation of reason, attacking conflicting viewpoint engrained in the halls higher academia so as to destroy the very essence we cherished called DEBATE.

While I holy agree with discussions seen on TV and as important as they are, the question is: WHO IS TUNED IN? And even so, what alarm even is in mental thought and understanding of the dangers possessed in national and international socialism or Marxism or communism.  Socialist ideology exists throughout the world order and dominates the UN even.  America, long a capitalistic nation is, thanks to the Democrats is ever weaving its ugly head tinkering with socialism as a mainstream politic.

Freedom as practiced in the United States is in danger of falling as Donald J. Trump calls the fake news.  The fake news I speak of here is socialism slowly corrupting the joys and happiness of freedoms we have coming from our Constitution and founders.  Sure we have problems but they are solvable by wisdom and quality leadership.  Under socialists, do you think or maybe even care about freedoms we cherish as a nation? Because dear friends it takes work to keep it.

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

August 21, 2018

I refuse to have the complexities on the political scene wreck my good feelings about life by turning me into a cynic.  I do honestly get pissed with all the bundles of mail I receive weekly. What would life be like if I never got any mail at all?!  And you see the good I guess where someone is responsible and employed.

The panels are loaded for bear today.  In Jump Start four panels are devoted to the natural world.  The kids in her nature class listen intently to the discussion. Unlike animals, plants cannot runaway from hungry predators.  They have other means to protect themselves. She sounds off a listing like thorns, spines, prickles, poisons and projectiles.  Just yesterday, an Evergreen attacked on the hiking trail my little brother swiping him aside his head.

Lazy Garfield was snoozing after a hearty meal.  Finally he wakes up and reminds us that he ate so much that he could hardly move.  He finishes with the thought that he didn’t want to anyway.

We find Dagwood and Blondie in the living room; Dagwood is watching TV and Blondie is reading the newspaper or working on her accounts from the catering business.  Dagwood tells Blondie that everyone seems crazy about everything these days. Guess I shouldn’t think about it that much and Blondie agrees. But Dag finishes with the comment: “But it really does upset me a little every time I think about it.”

In Pickles, Grampa is outside watering the lawn with the garden hose.  You can see Opal and Silvia looking out the living room window watching.  Silvia says she wonders why Dad is using the watering hose instead of their sprinklers.  It is such a waste of time using the hose.  It is the most inefficient way to water.  Opal tells Silvia, “I don’t care! It keeps him out of my hair, so it is a good thing!”

Hagar sends out his lieutenant to face the hungry dragon alone. Hagar yells out: “Raise your sword blade and slay the dragon.”  He turns facing Hagar and yells back: “I am not a fighter; I am a lover!”  The dragon is coming on and responds,  “Me, too! I am going to love eating YOU!”

Shoe has two panels and it concerns golf.  “How does Shoe’s golf game compare with last year’s outings? ”  The judge replies: “Well, he curses at a much more articulate level.”



The Amateur Eye -The Game of Chess

August 20, 2018

The Game of Chess authored by Dr. S. Tarrasch was a breakthrough for students learning to play chess.  Joel Benjamin, former US Champion, praised the book highly in an interview some years ago.  It was the second book I read following Capablanca’s Fundamentals of Chess.  Of course there have been hundreds if not thousands of books devoted to chess instruction and chess biographies appearing in many languages which makes it one of the widest read and studied games to tickle the mass audiences round the world.

In July 2007 I introduced my own theory on chess planning by stressing the value of fully understanding the chessboard–IN THE BEGINNING, followed by my own technique for not only playing but understanding its many mysteries in a chess for fun or combat by introducing my theory of planning from move one I called SQUARE COUNT.

The idea for my website was and is to provide the enjoyment of chess in the family unit. It was meant to give readers an easy approach to chess play and understanding of plans and general tactics without spending maybe hundreds of hours on chess study or dollars to chess coaches.  Now there is nothing wrong with that.  But at the same time, route of these students rests within the USCF tournament and ratings play which is an excellent incentive for students whose main interest fits within that regimen.  My focus was on the family aside from those exposed to organized participation.  And I have by showing my own game play win, lose or draw the features of my own theories centered around the chessboard itself regarding space, dynamic and passive plots to employ in most cases  viewed within the concept of square count. Where, how and when to place pieces for effect really has never been fully explained as my square count has tried to clarify to those who pick up a pawn for the first time as a theme of my planning from move one.

I am an amateur, thus my often used THE AMATEUR EYE reflects that image of my being in all things that give life to my existence and interest devoted to its pleasures. /Don.

The Amateur Eye – Catholic Media Backlash

August 17, 2018

Well the media is at it again.  This time dragging up old and older accusations about misbehaving Priests and juniors within the flock.  I expected it.  Reminds me of the hits made on anti-crime when the gang lords had the news media in their pocket spread filth and lies as in the old fight game.  The media just has to shut down the Catholic call for reform in the Right to Life issue.  Rumors on this subject has existed for as long as the Church has been operating.  My only question is why now and did I not provide the answer here and now?

And how does this effect the gay community in general?  That, of course, is another can of worms.

The Amateur Eye -News Coverage Waste

August 14, 2018

I notice the great effort put forth by a few justice department personnel who have found that the game of chess mirrors life itself in lessons to be learned.  Last night I watched hours on the Tube being the eyes and ears on the crowds and news reporting junk that prompted my next article.  Is there any wonder why the youth have little or no moral or ethic work beliefs to cherish??? You won’t find them wasting their time. mine and yours on socialist crap which borders on communist propaganda and hatred for the American way.  We must nurture the blessings seen in our own historic social makeup that ever works for justice and tolerance and goodness seen in the American character.

The Amateur Eye – US Chess & Values

August 14, 2018

Education/ Chess is an educational tool aiding in the learning of planning, cause and effect relationships, pattern recognition, & research–all key skills for success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Customer Service/ Strive for excellence being responsive, adaptive and proactive.

Communication/ Chess Life Magazine Masthead, Tournament Info, Stories & Articles.

Outreach/ Extend the knowledge and appreciation of chess and love of the game in all manner of play.

Missionary Vision/ Empowering  people through chess one move at a time by enriching the lives of people and communities through advancing a healthy work ethic.

                                               Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

Putting kids back on the right track who commit any assortment of crimes is a noble goal and is championed not only by chess in the USA but by Canada.  It started with an idea by Lance Grigg with the thought that if a kid might learn discipline playing basketball, why not chess he played as a youngster.  The judge said give him some pointers for his study.  Lance Grigg is an associate professor of education in Canada.  A sport, an art, a game that is about thinking of consequences of moves before you make them, trying to identify a number of possible solutions, keeping in mind a healthy respect for rules.  Rules are helpful and create the possibility for all that creative thinking.

Thus, with one man’s idea in Alberta was launched the Chess for Life program–an alternative sentencing program for young people who become involved in the criminal justice system in Alberta.

“I stumbled onto, Grigg says of the chess program begun by Orrin ‘Checkmate’ Hudson, a former State Trooper from Georgia and founder of Be Someone Inc. a Stone Mountain Georgia based nonprofit that uses chess to teach analytical thinking to children. He also gained inspiration from news articles he found about GM Maurice Ashley’s program for kids in Brooklyn, NY. The program involves the Police Athletic League and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.”

The experiment started with several youngsters sent by the judge to try the program which noted how to play, videos on chess puzzles and openings; the kids got excited playing blitz chess once into it.  The course lasts 25 hours of instruction and hands-on  play.  Each class lasts 90 minutes.  The hope is for wiser choices being made by all.

I remind my readers again to click on the blue heading of articles to get all my articles done/ current back to July 2007.


Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

August 12, 2018

Is something keeping you from a good night’s sleep?  If so, realize that there is no room for worry or doubt within your active mind.  Be willing to accept responsibility for your own baggage; don’t let it accumulate.  If your current thoughts seem cloudy, realize that sunshine and good weather always follow and that includes your personal dreams for happiness.

Earl and his neighbor are seated on the porch.  Earl is dominating the conversation and his neighbor is just taking it all in.  “It is nice to know there are people out there who care about you.  Take me for example. Folks always seem to want to know what’s going on in my life.  They see me coming and they immediately engage me and want to know how I’m doing.  Usually it mostly is the Walmart greeters and reason why I go there so often to shop.”

Garfield, the cat, is addressed by Jon who asks him if his elbows match when Jon holds  them up side to side. Garfield looks bewildered.  Jon knows cats can’t talk but meows in response.

On military maneuvers Beetle Bailey’s platoon and Sgt. Snorkel get separated.  His buddy suggests they are lost in the woods and rough terrain.  And as ornery as he is, his leadership is vital to our mission, addressing Beetle who responds that we can really get lost in this terrain and I can take a nap while he is burdened with locating us.  I will be making him really happy to show his true mettle in tough situations having lost part of his recruits in the bush.

Shoe examines his full length mirror image of himself as robes after his shower.  He laments that everything is sagging around his middle.  Thank goodness my eyesight is shot, too!  Seeing not is believing.


The Amateur Eye – Taxing Kids’ Chicks

August 11, 2018

The so-called Democrat Party bosses got exposed again when City Hall decided to increase the fee for The Chicken Club of young people from $37 tp $75 which exceeded the financial ability for members to cover it.  Thank you city bosses run by Democrats to find a way to screw young people again and again–tax. tax. tax! and literally put the club and maybe others eventually that are designed to give kids a voice in farming, etc.

A letter to Mayor Lovely Warren explained the club’s purpose for 1st graders getting the chicks and the middle school kids and high school kids fulfilling their care needs.  Well, thanks to a senior citizen, 91 year-old Ronald A. Lord, who donated $100 to pay- to- save the chicks and  keep the club operating for another year: God Bless you sir!!  That is the true American Spirit!  Shame on those who claim goodness but taxes get in the way every time.  Probably Donald Trump’ DRAIN THE SWAMP was right on the money!  Follow the money to find the corruption and mismanagement run by political bosses and parties.