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The Amateur Eye’s A thought on Kindness

November 30, 2019

There is no time clock to feel, discover, and experience a joy coming from the mere effort translated during a moment in time that leaves it’s mark on any visitation among engaged bodies of humans, animal pets, or literary works that one finds compelling to digest.

Pearls Before Swine 

We see pig at the dining table to place an order for a Jumbo Hamburger combo but make it light on the fries. The waitress takes down the order but asks pig why he just doesn’t get the whole order of fries. Pig says if he gets a whole order in front of him, he will likely consume the whole lot and suck them up like a food vacuum stuck on “ON”. She says wow! What a pretty image.  Pig just shutters at it and tells her that FRENCH FRIES CRUSH FREE WILL.


Our good Senator is having a news conference and one reporter asks, Senator what do you think will happen if this country moves to the FAR LEFT?  One thing it would do you can tell your readers for sure is that travel to Hawaii would take less time by plane.


Continues to visit and observe the department store Santa as he talks with children about presents they would like for Christmas.  Like another little boy viewed earlier, this lad seems bent on little Christmas spirit but rather: “I don’t like to tell you Santa how to do your job, but shouldn’t you be busy making toys instead of sitting around here all day?”


We see Nelson walking up to his Grandma sitting on the sofa and she asks him where he had been visiting with Grampa.  We went to the zoo and it was okay, lots of animals and things.  I got to feed the ducks, chicks and goats.  I was able to ride a pony and pet a baby lamb.  Grampa must have upset a llama because it spit on his cap covering his head.  And he is not taking it well as you can see.

Do Things Ever Really Change

In the Classical Doonesbury the usual liberalize and conservative battle for ideas continues.  The Dean is sitting at his desk and he is being served some news and it appears pleasing. “Wow! Some unbelievable strong language in the student demands. What an impact you’ve had sir.  I can’t believe the chorus of people calling for your head.  The students, faculty, deans and alumni, even your own staff are calling for your removal.”  ” And exactly why are we all smiles??”  “Don’t you see!! Sir, you did it! YOU FINALLY BROUGHT THE WHOLE CAMPUS TOGETHER!!

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

November 29, 2019

Hope  all enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving with neighbors and friends. Every Thanksgiving I am reminded of the Founding Fathers, especially Ben Franklin who abhorred the choosing of the American Eagle as our national symbol, personally preferring the Turkey.  He called the Eagle a bird of bad moral character, fails to get an honest job preferring robbing and stealing and looked upon it as a poor and very lousy choice.  Perhaps he was right but the vote was in favor of the Eagle.  Turkeys are an American bird whereas the Eagle can be found in a number of countries.

The average person in the USA will consume about 15 pounds of turkey in 2019.

What are their characteristics?  Well, the loose red skin attached to the underside of the beak called a wattle and when the male gets excited such as mating season, the wattle turns scarlet. The fleshy flap of skin that hangs over the gobbler’s beak is called a snood and also turns a bright red when the bird gets excited.  Wild turkeys can fly but prefer to walk or run. They are hard to hunt. Their handles are toms, hens, and a youngster is called a poult. Their diet consists of seeds, nuts, insects and berries.


We see Blondie and Dag together at the front door and Blondie is kisses Dag saying that she is not sure how long she will be at the mall.  Dag responds with a peck asking her what she is looking for.  As she dashes out the door, she responds that she doesn’t know yet–just going to wing it once she gets there.  Dag looks worried as he closes the door.  He says to himself that he gets a little nervous when she says that and it is Black Friday.


Nelson is asking his Grampa why it is that he promises but never takes me to the zoo. Why do you want to go to the zoo so bad?  It’s just a bunch of stinky animals. We have those right here.  The dog and cat lying on the sofa look at each other with a questioning look by the dog.  The cat perched on top of the sofa back.  The pooch thinks is he talking about us?  The cat looks down at the dog and thinks: Just you.


We see Hagar dashing for home thinking he had better hurry.  Helga will be worried if I’m late thinking I might have been hurt in the battle.  He stops to ponder this and thinks perhaps he will get a bigger welcome home hug! if he tarries a bit.


Customer says he has read the entire menu.  She asks him what he would like?  His uncouth remark is “Directions to another diner.

The Family Circus

The kids dash in passed their mother who had opened the door to let them in.  “You can leave the door open, mommy.  We’re heading back out as soon as we eat lunch!


He notices a little boy on Santa’s lap who is saying to Santa: “Wait! What? I have to be good in order to get the new bike?!? That sounds a lot like extortion!!”  Ziggy’s face shows sighs as if to say: WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

Thank you American Legion Auxiliary – Nico Clapp, Pres.

November 28, 2019

Thank you for entrusting me to serve as President of ALA. I wholeheartedly embrace this opportunity to give back to ALA in which I was raised since I was 4 yrs. old. It is my hope to inspire others through my passion, experience and knowledge, and to lead the ALA into its next century of service to our veterans, military and families.

The red poppy is a reminder of sacrifice and service of all veterans who defended America’s interests and principles in protecting our Nation. This year we shall devote Celebrating a Century of Service by the ALA.

Post 348, ALA, Juniors, and Sons of the American Legion have bonded to providing meals–cooking to serving and grown to 114 last count. It has raised funds for projects and enhanced the relationship between adults and junior members with Legion support.

Some programs and organizations juniors have donated funds to are Toys for Tots, Children of fallen heroes, National Guard Family Assistance, Butterfly Circle of Friends, Camp Semper Fido (dog training for vets with PTSD). and ALA Girls State, gift cards to Coast Guard assistance during a shutdown.  Great to see teamwork between junior and senior members of the American Legion Auxiliary.

Warning on porn showing up on my website. Do not open up any which have underlined message. Delete them or you will get filth and porn. Don.

November 28, 2019

I just discovered the way to limit porn exposure by these crazies. Do not open any that have underlined material on my blog. Thank you. Unfortunatety we have sick people in this world. Don.

Poisoned Socialist Idiology Aims at America

November 27, 2019

For months now I have been warning America of what my chess friends from the Soviet Union confided to me many years ago.  And the news media and school systems have been invaded by this corrupt form of socialism using the guise of it as SOCIALISM pure and simple adopting it by too many of our youth who forever seem to desire new ideas but having no understanding of what socialism is and its more hideous  vice better understood as COMMUNISM- Soviet-style.  The fact is simply this: our representatives from the President on down through the years have lost sight of the evil empire that supposedly was rendered harmless by the assumption of defeating communism in a war of words.  In fact, what it did was give America a false sense of a sporting win against an opponent who by their very nature has always been willing to take three steps backwards to gain four steps on squares while neutralizing the chess position elsewhere.  To them, it is like a chess game where strategy seems a good description of tactics and counter plays. Defensive moves often are meant to merely dumb down the mind from what is taking place leaving the poison to syphon off the lurking threats.  I had come to this discovery when visiting Barnes & Noble store years ago when I saw a whole shelf full of left-wing propaganda books on socialism and especially red communist readings of Marx, Engels and Mao as well as others who were killed off by those in power.  That is often seen the result within communist party history and governments who fall prey to it’s ideology regardless whatever form it assumes.

As I have always said:  let the buyer beware.  God bless America and free peoples everywhere who manage to keep up the struggle to educate and inform to wipe out ignorance of this evil venue.–Don/the kindred spirit.


Don’s Book Reviews—Spies by Ernest Volkman

November 23, 2019

The intelligence agents today have access to improved modern technology but they still need that traditional mix of audacity, ingenuity, resourcefulness and raw courage.  In Spies you will find a record of more than forty of the twentieth century’s best covering some of the most crucial decades that fostered much of the intrigue and romance of an era of world events that could have changed the course of history.

Just who were these men and women who danced across the stage facing dangers and willing to sacrifice if need be to achieve what spirit of adventure and personal beliefs that shaped their secret lives?

Some were cloaked mostly in roles as sleepers who lived daily lives while waiting a call to inflict sabotage and weaken the morale of citizens and travelers.  These spies were recruited often having great expertise in both propaganda and used intelligently to inflict damage by subversive and clever disinformation transmitted across states as well as continents.

Among the most famous of British Canadian agents was William Stephenson, code name INTREPID who was recruited by Winston Churchill.  He was a Canadian millionaire who ran one of history’s most successful covert operations. He set up shop in New York and was assigned to get the USA into the European war using disinformation and dirty tricks that included hiring beautiful women to seduce German diplomats and American politicians.  He was often at odds by superiors because of his own way of achieving successes in his operations.  His records were written up in literary ways for history to record.

Perhaps the most famous case involved Whittaker Chambers what was to be remembered as the Pumpkin Patch mystery, which involved the exposure by Congressman Richard Nixon of eventually finding the mole in the US government Al Hiss, the darling of liberals and led to cleaning out members of the Communist Party who were employed in and by the US Government.

The listing of spies included “moles”: Anthony Blunt, Oleg Penkovsky George Blake, Israel Beer,  Vladimir Vetrov Ian Fleming, Dusko Popov (the real James Bond) convinced Hitler and German operations that England was much stronger than realized in their planning to invade England, Wilhelm Wassmuss “The German Lawrence” and perhaps the most brilliant spy was Ruth  Kuczynski of whom was said by Soviet intelligence: “If we had had  five Sonias the war would  have been ended sooner.”  Herbert Yardley for code breaking. Larry Wu-Chin “the linquist genius.” He got greedy and later found to be spying for the enemy side and committed suicide rather than stand trial for treason.  Klaus Fuchs whom the Russian scientists said was largely responsible for spying done by Fuchs.

The escapes of novelist Volkman, and the writings of Fleming,  Graham Greene and Somerset Maugham prove once again that truth is stranger than fiction!


The Crisis in Deviltry of Democrat Party Politics

November 17, 2019

The Democrat Party has been absorbed into the political China Syndrome that fosters the criminality of the old Communist ideology from the time that the Czar’s family was murdered in the cellar which ended in the battle between the white army and communist red army—a history of immoral bondage extending from the Soviet Union through the birth of the Chinese adoption of that socialistic brutality that continues in accelerated fashion within the realm of sport and widely praised among the chess community.

The emphasis today is all but given a free pass to the violence seen which has reached thanks to Christian values exposing the arrogance that has prevailed ever since the days of Mao and brutality that is all but reminding to freedom loving people seen in every land round the world.

President Reagan called Russia “the evil empire.”  The whole of socialism is likewise “evil” ever since it was practiced in the US by the Dutch in colonial times and proved a total failure then and since tried time and again in other countries.  It’s failings result from human natural desire of family and individual achievement, religious bonds,  and success in life’s walk toward this end.

The communist system tried in many areas has proved a failure as well as other socialists attempts.  There is something wrong when a nation has to resort to forced labor and evilness to control its population.  Is there any place in this world politic that justifies ill treatment of its citizens as has been duly seen within the borders of China and peoples whom they force into financial and otherwise existence demeaning to all concerned wherever it is exposed?  I see it raising it’s ugly head in the USA via various socialist ideologies and almost crazed hatred by such advocators that range within community groups political or otherwise.

It was preached in the halls of Russia, China and elsewhere that the communist system would bury the USA without firing a shot to destroy Capitalism.  It is being perpetrated today by world economic structuring where those who have a world view of government, of monetary rule are surely adding to the war machine of adversaries who have built weapons which can make survival a question mark. Economically America cannot be overtaken but may well encourage those who rapidly are using their assets for war.  Thank God that we have President Trump and others who do see the future as dangerous.

God Bless Our American ideals and virtues and remain ever vigilant inside and outside our borders and among our family of free nations.


Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

November 6, 2019

Many pathways exist in this troubling world and it is best to try and live having a sense of making a review from time to time where your talent for positive insights outweighs those negative vibes that try to creep in.  Your sense of timing and reflection is a good starting point.  Listen to your heart because this will keep you in good spirit over daily life experiences. Give and take are tradeoffs appear to work well in many ways.  That parallels often what I find in my column on humor I find in the news.

For hit and miss ventures brings to mind what RAT says about HOW LIFE WORKS. Pearls before Swine 

We see a climber going up Success Mountain. The panels shows him saying Hurrah, I sold my first book. I am making a living by writing. I am famous! he says as he reaches the top.  He falls off the sheer drop on the other side. That doesn’t seem fair said pig to RAT who points out to pig that there is only one way down off Success Mountain.

For Better or Worse

The delema we see young people face a lot is being in love. He is about the drop his love note in a blue envelope, having stamped it. Gosh, I actually did it.  I wrote a love letter filled with all the things I wish I could say to her.  I know every line, as he drops the letter into the mailbox.  I ACTUALLY MAILED IT!!! What fright for someone in love.


He meets with his lawyer and tells him he is leaving Skyler except for his Recliner.  He says he wants to be buried in that.


He takes a coupon and gives it to the master who asks him what it is for? Ah, it says it is good for a free ear scratching.


Hey!  Dagwood Bumstead! Do you remember me from high school?  Boy! I sure do.  You were voted most likely to succeed.  And succeed I did, he tells Dag.  At least until the FBI nailed me for running an internet scam.

Celebrate the Dearly Departed/Dia de los Muertos

November 2, 2019

Dia de los Muertos means to celebrate the dearly departed. Called Day of the Dead,  hollow eyed skulls with fabulous decorations will come to life. in Henderson, Kentucky.  It will be festive and great joy and excitement to be seen among the Hispanic population especially in Henderson.   The whole event should bring together different cultures wherein people can experience a bit of culture and bonding.  Perhaps this is what the country needs right now.  It is a welcome call to new families and cultures.

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

November 2, 2019

They say Saturday verses on here are meant to help aspiring players to improve their technique and logical thinking.  This is geared to sharpening their attack and defense technique during play or when giving the game some serious study.  Still, they say you’ll get the urge to stop and rest which seems a very good idea.  With rest you will feel reenergized and your star will glow ever brighter.


Blondie and Dagwood are taking their dog Daisy for a walk. Blondie asks Dag if he remembers their very first neighbor, Roxie something?  Dag says, Roxie? Ah, Redhead/high cheekbones/danced on Broadway for 3-years/a real fitness bug/long strong legs/marathon runner. Yeah. Blondie gives him a little jealous glance for remembering too much!


Jim Davis gives him 3 panels.  He looks directly to us in each. “They say diet and exercise are good for you.” But there is something I really want to know. Just who is this…. (they)?


Opal is with Roscoe the family dog.  Suddenly a fly circles over his head and Opal yells how did that fly get in the house? She bends over and whispers to Roscoe to get him.  He takes one chomp and eats the fly.  As Roscoe walks away, he thinks yummy–I love sky raisins!!


Hagar’s wife and daughter are in the kitchen and Mrs. Hagar is preparing a hot soup and tells her daughter that one day when you are married, your husband may complain about your dinners you prepare for him if you don’t start to practice soon. That is what mothers do for their daughters. Well, mother, its no big deal….I’ll just tell him we can try other restaurants until we find one he likes!


Good afternoon, Doctor, yes–I have been feeling very well lately.  I appreciate your seeing me like this.  I kind of thought you might think it a waste of time talking to a well person.

For Better or Worse

Honey! you shouldn’t be working so hard in your (pregnant) condition.  Let me do that for you.  We see her entering the house while her husband rakes the lawn.  Later on he finishes outside chores and enters through the basement.  His wife has finished doing a load of laundry and carrying it up the cellar steps ready to fold.


In a Board meeting there has been seen a clamor for the Senator to release his tax returns.  And believe me when I say I would if I had ever filed any.

The Family Circus

Sister tells little baby brother that the lesson she is teaching him is about fire.  This glass in my hand can burn things when the sun is out.  It is called a magnifying glass (lens).


While visiting Washington, DC he comes across a fat well-dressed man standing by a LOBBYIST SIGN that reads Please Help.  He has his hat in his hand and holding it as a collection plate.  He is also smoking an expensive cigar.  Ziggy continues to walk past this lobbyist and looking at us remarks that Washington, DC is a really strange place!  He left no token.