The Amateur Eye-Vladimir Putin

January 17, 2017

Well, world-wide communism is alive and well.  The American dream that communism was dead as wielded by the dictatorship under Lenin, Stalin, and company when and where it had invaded countries like the United States, Cuba, Canada,  most of Europe and Asia.  These governments were lured with such fantasies and experiments with liberalized agendas that found islands among the elite that had fallen into the clutches of soviet propaganda.

Today I witness a diabolical scheme using the liberal socialists by Vladimir Putin whose cunning chess moves using the breakdown of a segment of Americans who follow the modern theme of secularism, atheism, in both their private and public lives.  I earlier equated secularism and atheism and maybe other isms as having corrupted the moral fiber of knowing right from wrong; of committing horrible crimes like murder, rape, vandalism, and family structure breakdown.  In short, this segment of society in any country leads to a form of insanity where the mind evolves in thought processing that can be likened to the denial of the Ten Commandments, and utter farce of what a country decrees as beneficial to the population.

This week in the news suggests to me anyway that Vladimir Putin pulled a coupe in finally creating a Russian wall, not in East Germany of old, but nonetheless one of modern and what can be called a mental wall between the democrat party and republican party.  The Russians have a natural partner in the liberalized socialist democrat party which it has cunningly infiltrated ever since the 1940s. The sad thing is that most democrats don’t even realize what the hell has taken place in the current election.

So far, 40 democrats have been fooled into believing Donald Trump had somehow got the Russians to “cook the books” so-to-speak in helping to win the election which is plain hogwash.  The simple truth is that the democrats ran a lousy campaign and had a poor candidate for president.  Many say she had the wisdom and experience to beat Trump and pointed to her achievements.  The American people said: What achievements??  It was a series of mistakes and misjudgments shared with President Obama.  Together, their reign of several years of blunders caused the American people, many who had not voted but perhaps selectively through the years, turned out in droves to cast their ballots in the key states that most effected the electoral college thanks to the wisdom of Republican leaders and Donald Trump.  The democrats were living in dreamland believing that they had the election in the bag.  They outraised the Republicans after all.  And they had the majority of the press and news media in their pockets (actually for years).

I spoke with farmers, business people, parents.  The fact that Obamacare was forced upon the American people with the words of Pelosi:  Vote and then we’ll find out what is in the plan. That was all okay with democrats but not republicans, nor the American people who were soon to be ripped off as well as doctors, VA and others associated with medicine.

Evidence certainly proves the Russians were in the hacking business as were just about every major country in the world, even the United States.  But intelligence said that the Russians had nothing to do with the outcome of the election.

But here is the rub, my friends, our illustrious news aimed not at Hillary or the democrat party but rather at Donald Trump through  association with communists within our government long known since the 1940s which ran under the banner of people like Alinsky and liberal socialist leaning elected candidates whose years slowly weaved a pattern  to include beloved liberal policies and laws that weaved its way into our Supreme Court, thanks again to the liberal democrat party.

One final word.  Journalists and reporters of all stripes, love to have the ear of the elite Washington establishment.  Donald Trump came along and made use of modern technology to reach the voters.  He fooled the so-called elite of the Washington establishment to reach millions of voters.  It was they who elected D. J. Trump. Not the Russian hackers nor Vladimir Putin.

In the final analysis, one must wonder just what Vladimir Putin’s real involvement and concern was in our election.  Maybe he managed to use American stupidity in an attempt to undermine whomever won.


The Amateur Eye -64 square world

January 15, 2017

Lately the news has followed the Russian leader Valdimir Putin with very little understanding of what makes him tick.  One of his favorite thoughts about chess: “Chess  makes man wiser and clear-sighted.”  If he himself is so wise, then he should not leave out the female species!  He would definitely run into crowds of protesters in America and all freedom loving peoples round the world including his own turf.

While I am at it, here are some more quotes for the inquisitive. GM Maurice Ashley calls chess, “a brutal game.”  In Brooklyn the sport is played in the parks with music blaring out the vocal trash of onlookers and players.  His advice for those who suffer the pangs of defeat is simply this: “Play better chess.”

Derek Carr, the Oakland Raiders star quarterback, compares his sport with chess: It is a big chess game. It really is. You go out there knowing the rules, input from coaches to play to the best of your abilities and training.

The US comedian Emo Phillips noted that a computer defeated him in a chess game. I like to play chess with bald men in the park, although it is hard to find them anywhere but on the board.

Pierre Mac Orlan, the French novelist and songwriter, says there are more adventures on the chessboard than on all the seas of the world.

Albert Einstein once said of chess: ” I always disliked the fierce competitive spirit embodied in chess.”

Finally, I am in mind of what included in his writings: “Ridicule can do much, for instance, embitter the existence of young talents.”

World Chess Champ Magnus Carlsen  said the match with the Russian, Sergey Karjakin was the toughest of his three title defenses.

Adios for now!!



The Amateur Eye- The Endgame

January 9, 2017

I have written using the term “endgame” both in chess and politics which brings to mind current events which I sort of swore to stay away from.  The news media in every form has saturated the airways and print with so much propaganda that I felt obliged to finally put a word in on the whole mess for my readers, and by this lay to rest the farce that such a barrage of worded garbage is put out with the trash.

Just where do I stand on the issues?  First, in Christmas and New Years parties attended I kept silent.  Why disturb the mental anguish on either side?  The news media is sick with ignorance of most of what goes on because it is collective garbage where intelligence is given sway to blind liberal-socialist obedience and failure of news reporting free of bias on either side of the debates.

Everyday I scan the news and get little info aside from accurate reporting on murders, ISIS, the Democratic Party hacks who damage one of our two main political parties, not to entirely set aside The Conservative Party of New York, the Greens, and modern socialist groups originating with the Communist Party of the USA.  All the garbage from these groups together make up the bulk of what politicos seems to thrive in oral or print media.

Let me bring some commonsense to this:

  1. Russia is a powerful nation having differing views within parties with total socialist-communist dictatorial rule.  Those who emigrated successfully have stated that we Americans should never even think of adopting the communist philosophy that seems to forever creep into our political thought especially in the past decade.  Like most foreign countries it is made up of groups.  The middle I might call the belly has a large Muslim faction, a secular faction, a Christian faction.  In this regard the very long existence within the government to discourage or at least control such factions supersedes rational behavior as we Americans who profess freedom of mind and thought as a free society adhere to.
  2. Most countries share a socialist view for their people and governing laws.  Thus, the United Nations follow in this path.  It does not live up to its ideals, filled with the garbage of all nations combined.  It lives on collective appeasement.  Enough said.
  3. The USA is not pure.  It’s diversity of people give it strength.  It was called the melting pot made up of peoples from many areas and life experiences.  It has both achieved its goals through freedom and suffered government success and failure all at the same time.  Fiscal wisdom has not always prevailed within our governmental policies or guidance.  The breakdown of our modern democratic ideals for political correctness and a drift or undermining of our educational structure fostered by politics and substandard living values created the youthful achiever and non achiever as a common and ignored problem for decades.

The globalists have had their say.  But like all government studies and especially on the international level, it has proved a mixed bag of failure intertwined with success with a hope for better times.  For all the hoopla given government studies, maybe our future will be one of a growing secular view of beliefs where the reliance on God’s blessings will diminish our physical and mental well being.  For without this, people can and may suffer from insane thoughts and actions.

Our commentators are experts at what?  There is no argument about nations spying or using the internet since its inception with the intent to hack.  Individuals, companies, states and nations have made use of hacking.  It has caused havoc in numerous ways for individuals as with business and nations.  Those in the USA who fight this and work tirelessly to combat ever new ideas from invading our security defenses, achieve their successes in secret activity, not broadcast for the general public to view that occurs too often over our desire to give our public the latest news where secrets are often lifted by smart spies who know what to look for and at.

Was the Republicans hacked?  They had safeguards to prevent hackers easy access.  The Democrat Party staff including Hillary Clinton on down the chain, treated hacking as a joke and plain ignorance of the problem.  Her conduct of using e-mail, known  for hacking potential shows that none of them were concerned about it or even had knowledge of such consequence.  Their loose talk and gossip when shown to the American public certainly did give rise to distrust of the social idiots.  It was her years as NY senator and Secretary of State with so many blunders and lack of precautions taken by both England and France to avoid having their embassies attacked and lying showed Hillary’s lack of judgment.  Period. That is why Hillary lost the election.  People aren’t stupid and why our electoral system for selection a President is better than a  popular vote alone.  When one just looks at the D&C blanket vote in the primary for Clinton, virtually assuring her the nomination over other candidates in the Democrat/Socialist left-wing run proved the crookedness of their whole process.

Donald J. Trump is a good husband, father, and a first family to be proud by all Americans. He is a businessman with holdings round the world which makes his even holding office a financial nightmare. Most politicians have no real jobs or business venture or of  international status requiring personal hardship to unravel in meeting governing rules.



The Amateur Eye – Carlsen keeps title

January 4, 2017

I am not sure if my readers in general want to see long fought battles as presented or find my commentary enlightening.  My square count approach is to benefit the novice who might find the complexity seen in many annotators comments unclear or confusing.  Seeing a numeric appraisal and my own meat to give the players a directional push to meet the needs of any  position is, I hope, a benefit to all who weigh into the sometimes lengthy battles seen for which I have no control.  There are short battles and long fought battles with wins, losses, and draws a common theme.  But I hope I have shown that each of themes are equally challenging, educational, and rewarding of your time.

The following is from speed chess where Magnus Carlsen demonstrates that he is indeed among the very best in the world and continues to hold the coveted title of World Chess Champion!

Set up your pieces to enjoy the climax of the deciding game between Carlsen versus Karjakin.

White:  Pawns (e4/f3/h2/h5)   Rooks (c1/f5) Queen (f4)  King (h1).

Black:  Pawns (b6/d6/f7/g7)  Bishop (e7) Rooks (a2)  Queen (f2).

White to move and win.   Answer here tomorrow as add on. Good  luck!

A problem like position arrives after black’s last move of 48…Qf2 eyeing mate at g2 if white permits.  Of course white could simply defend against it but the position is ripe for a startling and conclusive attack on black’s king.  Carlsen controls the c-file with his Rook and his other Rook backed up by the Queen threatens the pawn and f7 square.  The axiom: always look at tempo checks.  So, too here, Magnus uncorks with 49. Rc8+ and Sergey makes what appears to be a safe haven perhaps at h7. 49…Kh7 (49…Bf8 loses to 50. R:f8+ K:f8 51. R:f7+) 50. Qh6+!! K:h6  51. Rh8 checkmate.  Sergey saw it coming.  When Magnus played the Queen check, Sergey shook his hand, jumped up and stepped away.

The importance of squares is often not thought much about especially as they relate to the geometric piece patterns which in unison can lead to some very beautiful play. Action by pieces always effect board position and relationship within square formations composed of ranks, files, and diagonals.

The Amateur Eye – World Chess Championship – GAME 5

January 2, 2017

I am glad that I do not play at this super chess level. Examining this Giuoco Piano opening starts out as a mild mannered positional struggle with the ancient idea that one should not push too many pawns in the opening stirred a historical view of opening practice of olden time literature to witness the revolution toward pawn structures in conflict with itself.

White:  Magnus Carlsen   vs.  Black:  Sergey Karjakin   Opening:  Giuoco Piano

l. e4  e5  2.  Nf3  Nc6  3.  Bc4  Bc5  4. O-O  Nf6  5. d3  O-O  I call this the positional line (d3) where the plan is to avoid sharp aggression but known for a century or more.

6. a4  This square count sally was played against me by club member and my mentor Rev. George Switzer in the early 50s.  It was a practice game where I had introduced to him my concept so we agreed to give it a try.  Now I see it actually  played in a world championship contest!  The usual idea of the Giuoco pattern is c3 but allows the central thrust d5?! immediately if he so chooses, bucking up against the center for freedom.

6. … d6  7. c3  a6  8. b4  Having said A, white proceeds with B, again eyeing s/c.

8. … Ba7  9. Re1  To support the advanced e-pawn.

9. … Ne7  With the intention of resettling and finding activity on the kingside.

10. Nbd2  Ng6  11. d4!  It is important to counter his perceived black action and broaden his central space. Perhaps the genius of Carlsen shows itself here to entice black to force play in the center via 11…e:d4 and the important e-pawn is erased from it’s defensive task — the bulwark for defense in most KP openings. For example, 11…e:d4  12. c:d4  d5 13. e:d5  N:d5 black must weigh the consequences of 14. b5 or even 14. Ne4 emphasizing again s/c tactics.

11. … c6  12. h3  e:d4  The alternative here would be 12…Re8.

13. c:d4  N:e4  14. B:f7+!! An excellent idea.  White gets a pawn plus on the Kingside and better King protection.  This all is very double-edged and over my ability to suggest who is better at this point. Carlsen must have not liked any alternative thought. The idea seems logical and long term.

14. … R:f7  15. N:e4  d5!  To prevent the white isolated pawn from advancing. Lessons from MY SYSTEM by Nimsowitsch.

16.  Nc5!  h6  17. Ra3  A typical Carlsen type move where the Rook will be well positioned on the 3rd rank.  Black finds a good response if one thinks s/c.  Also, his forces are eyeing the King position which poses serious problems for white.

17. … Bf5  18. Ne5!  A necessary strike into enemy territory in order to achieve some exchange buffering the enemy assault.

18. … N:e5  19. d:e5  White envisions the a and c pawns holding up the black q/s majority. His hope probably rests with creating some k-side pawn activity where he stands better.

19. … Qh4!  20. Rf3  B:c5  This helps white because usually when you have the better attacking chances, you want to avoid unnecessary exchanges of pieces.

21. b:c5  Re8 22. Rf4  Qe7  23. Qd4!  Ref8  24. Rf3  Here doubling on the 3rd rank with Re3 is worth a look see.

24. … Be4  25. R:f7  Q:f7  26. f3  Bf5  27. Kh2  Be6  28 Re2  Qg6  29. Be3  Rf7  30. Rf2  Qb1  31. Rb2 Qf5  32. a5  I  was always aware that pawns should not be on the squares of the Bishop and seems to hold true here.  The advantage is that at least the b7 pawn is now dead in the water.

32… Kf8!! The King must be activated.

33. Qc3  Ke8  34. Rb4  g5! With this move Black gets a s/c edge 9/12.

35. Rb2  Kd8  36. Rf2  Kc8  37. Qd4  Qg6 38. g4 s/c 8/10

38. …h5  39. Qd2 Rg7 40. Kg3  Rg8 41. Kg2  And now White just needs to avoid falling into a mate.

41. … h:g4  42. h:g4  d4  43. Q:d4  Bd5  44. e6  Q:e6  45. Kg3 Qe7 46. Rh2 Qf7  47. f4  g:f4+ 48. Q:f4  Qe7  49. Rh5  Rf8  50. Rh7 R:f4  51. R:e7 Re4  Draw agreed to here.





The Amateur Eye – Humor Under Glass

December 29, 2016

A  chess player is one who creates constantly and enjoy a mix of sport, art and science.

Best thing ever said about a chess struggle came from Mikhail Tal: You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest, where 2+2=5, and the path leading out is only wide enough for one.

What is the best advice ever given?  When you fall 7-times and rise 8.

The top sought after square in chess is f7.

A crying moment of discovery in the mail was not my draft notice but a postal card received that a move received was not resignation but check and mate.

The Amateur Eye -Look for the bang!

December 27, 2016

Position:  White – pawns on (a2/c3/e3/f2/g2); Ng3/Bc1/Rd4/Rf1/Qe2/Kg1.

Position:  Black – pawns on (a7/b7/c6/g7/h6); Ne5/Bb6/Rf8/Rh4/Qg5/Kh8

Set up the position on your board.

How coordinated are W/B forces? Square Count? King safety?  Black to move.

As you develop use of my square counting, you will discover a big edge where pieces and pawns dig into the enemy’s position.  Pieces dominate open or half-open lines that affect both ranks and files.  What impact do the major and minor pieces have here?  For White, the whole army share no real collective purpose.  Even the black monarch seems to have no real threat to it’s safety. The QB has not even moved.  White has 3 pawn islands and 2 for Black. This generally means a black superior pawn structure.  Black minor and major pieces are aimed at the center and kingside.

So kids and parents and all other readers, I leave you to decide the outcome of this game between Levon Aronian and Richard Rapport.  The solution will follow tomorrow so stay tuned!  Remember: Black to move and win.  The solution I will add here.  Warning:  the solution begins with a brilliant concept.  That is my only clue. Turn on your brain computer!                                               (***)

The secret to many successful tactics result due to tempi or just one tempo creating a position that makes the whole battlefield come to life. This occurred in a game from the Novi Sad, 3rd round.  I promised the answer and here it is!

Move 27 ….Rh1+!!  The necessary brilliant display of how a simple tempo can set the stage for a score.  28. K:h1  forced which sets up the conclusion. Capturing the Rook on d4 would have lost.  And hopeless also was 28. N:h1 Nf3+ 29. Q:f3 R:f3.  After 28. K:h1  B:d4 29. f3  Here the point of the tempo gain is made clear. If, 29. e:d4 Qh4+ 30. Kg1 Ng4 wins. Play continued after 29. f3 Bb6 30. Ne4 Qh5+31. Kg1 Bc7 32.Kf2  Qh2 33. Ke1   Rd8 34. Bd2 Nd3+ 35. Kd1 Qe5 36. g4  Qb5  37. Qg2 Nb2+ 38. Kc2 Nc4 39. Bc1  Rd5  40. g5 Na5  41. Bd2  Qd3+ And we stop the misery!!















The Amateur Eye – TV Chess Missed

December 25, 2016

I know what you are going to say:  The Fischer versus Spassky World Championship Match of 1972 was due to Shelby Lyman’s brilliant performance to educate an uninformed American public about the values and greatness of our noble game.  The public saw it as a war game between the lone ranger and the Russian bear.  The silver bullets coming out of the six shooters of Fischer livened up spirit of the World Championship battles that were viewed world-wide but special meaning for the Americans and Russians.

At the time, George Koltanowsky (Kolty) presented a series of shorts on chess which were great entertainment.  It was followed by a few individual match games which caused yawns and shrugged shoulders of interest except by a very limited group known as ardent chess fans.

In a narrow view, Americans saw it as Russia versus the USA…period.

I hate giving up on chess as a TV spectator sport.  The only thing lacking is a really inventive format.  How about a cartoon feature program using chess figures in better explaining chess to youngsters.  Years ago, before computers, it was thought by folks like Nimsowitsch and others that kids not study chess until around age 13 or so.  It was pictured as an “old man’s game” having little to no value.  Today kids, both boys and girls, are throwing chess pieces around the board in record numbers.  Cartoon characters and even a cartoon host(s) might draw the masses of children picking up the game at different age levels.  The degree of complexity could easily be formulated to specific age groups from age 3 on.

Maybe I am stupidly naïve.  Am I???  Are there none in our social fabric brave enough to test the waters?  Maybe not?  Maybe yes.  Are there no musicians and song writers who have talent for making such a program come alive.  This game which has given so much to so many around the world deserves better by its devotees, teachers, and supporters.

One thing I do know.  Putting those chess pawns, knights, bishops, kings and queens in the box is disheartening. To be of value, they have to be seen, used and cherished.

The Amateur Eye- 85 Years Ago 1931

December 25, 2016

It was an era when the United States was king of teams capturing first place in the fourth International Team Tournament which was the forerunner of the Chess Olympiad. The American players dominated the field and represented many of the top players across America:  Isaac Kashdan (70%), Frank Marshall  (62%), Arthur Dake (60%), I. A. Horowitz (69%), and Herman Steiner (70%) scoring a team high of 48 of a possible 72 points.  Second place was captured by Poland who headed up a strong field by Akiba Rubinstein (60%) with 47 points.  Czechoslovakia captured third place with 46 points. It was the last time Rubinstein would sit at a chess board due to having been badly scarred from a bombing in the world war.  Yet, he lived another 30 years to the age of 78.

Against the USA team, Rubinstein scored a full point against Kashdan with this short key game.  White:  Kashdan  vs. Black:  Rubinstein features a Queen’s Gambit.

l. d4  d5  2. Nf3  Nf6  3. c4  e6  4. Nc3  Nbd7 5. Bg5  Be7  6. e3  O-O  7. Qc2  h6  8. Bf4  c5!? Pursuing an aggressive posture.  9. c:d5  c:d4  10. e:d4  N:d5  11. N:d5  e:d5 12. a3  Probably played in hopes of avoiding Rubinstein’s great endgame skill by retaining pieces on the board.  12. …Re8  Thinking my square count again, he sets a clever trap.  If now, 13. Bc7?, then 13. … Bd6+!  13. Be2  Nf6  14. Bc7  Bf5! 15. Q:f5  Q:c7  16. O-O  Qb6 17.Rb1  Rac8  18. Qd3  a6  19. Nh4  Nc4  20. Nf5  Bf6  21. Rfd1  Rc4  22. Qf3  R/4c8 23. Qg4 Kf8  24. Bf3 g6! 25. Ne3  B:d4  26. N:d5  B:f2+  27. Kf1 Qb5+ 28. Be2  Qc6  29. g3  Ba7  30. Qf4  Kg7  31. Rbc1  Qe6  32. Bg4  R:c1!!  This leaves White with shock. 33. B:e6  R:d1+ 34. Ke2  Rd2+  White resigns.


Bled, 1931 saw another great tournament where world champion Alexander Alekhine smashed through 26 rounds without a defeat against the crème European chess.  Six years before,  Nimzovich had knocked over Sir George Thomas with this pawn sortie 6… f5 for which the world champion had likely teased Sir George to repeat with “try once with success; try it again!”  While Sir George has slain many a dragon, here repeats contain a lot of fire and smoke.

This slam bang aggressive display aided in formulating my square count theory.

White:  Alekhine    vs.  Black:  Nimzovitch   Opening:  French Defense

l. e4  e6  2. d4  d5  3. Nc3  Bb4  4. Nge2!?  d:e4  5.  a3  B:c3+ 6. N:c3  f5?! Nimzovich used to exercise by standing on his head upside down to rush blood to his brain. I am not sure it is advisable during a chess battle.  He repeats an earlier game which he won.  Could he catch the world champion asleep, perhaps?  Alekhine was in attack mode for which this white line was noted. A pawn is a pawn is a famous quote by GM Evans.

7. f3  e:f3  8. Q:f3  Ahh, that French wine is so good!

8. … Q:d4  Does he realize that pawn snatching opens up lines of attack ala square count?

9.  Qg3! Nf6  10. Q:g7  Qe5+ 11. Be2  Rg8  12. Qh6  Rg6  13. Qh4  Bd7  14. Bg5  Bc6  15. O-O-O! Be4  16. Rhe1  Be4  17. Bh5  N:h5 18. Rd8+ Kf7  19. Q:h5 Black resigns.




Eternal Truth – God’s Gracious Gift

December 19, 2016


Regardless of beliefs that brought maturity to your life–parents, siblings, priests ministers, literature, music, educational training, and mentors, all or in part, reflect who you are that may well be altered through the time clock of life.  Your individual being is the embodiment of your soul which breathes freedom and the right to worship or not your Lord.

In every sense of thought, this is how the American Dream from earliest times of braving the long journey from Europe, Asia, and Africa to the New World the risk to escape a  drudgery of life from the old world.  It was not instant change but a gradual realization that was molded in the character of the human race, yet to be unleashed.  Brave hearts that journeys taken into the unknown with no guarantee but the willingness to work at progress and faith that our Lord had assured believers–in faith, spirit and love which embraced the first two commandments as greatest among them.  This truth was an established reality that the church was the rock of every community and embraced by all faiths as a key ingredient to our direct link to God and worship.

This Christmas season is celebrated every December 25th as a time to honor our Lord Jesus.  His birth was at the time when taxes were collected but the exact time was never established except that it was  a time when the shepherds were in the fields tending their sheep which history points to sometime during the Fall (August – September), when the angels came to them from the heavens announcing the birth of a savior.

Why did not the angels announce this great gift to the kings and mighty? No, it was given honor to the shepherds in the fields–the workers, the love and joy of the peace seekers and protectors of their flocks.

The Bible speaks of the Magi who saw the star and was drawn to follow it.  The Bible says that three gifts were given so it was assumed that there were three Magi which brought gold, incense and myrrh (used to anoint the dead).  A dream warned the Magi to beware of King Herod so they took a different route back to their own country.

It is the lesson we Christians embrace that Jesus was not born among the elite of the time but came forth out of the common folk lore.  He was born without a crown that depicted kings of that time.  He was a carpenter and when he disappeared from time to time, his answer to his mother and father was that he was about his Father’s business.  He went forth in his early thirties probably enlisting his disciples early in his travels.

The story of Jesus is true.  He walked the paths shared by many today and his fate was sealed on the Cross to save those who came to be reborn in his spirit, love and grace.

Christmas is a time to reflect and rejoice in prayer and song of the birth of Baby Jesus–God’s gift of grace and love for all mankind who seek him.