The Amateur Eye – Reply to a reader’s comments re Google.

September 19, 2019

Google via my WordPress has always been more than fair. You say that the reason they do not rank me high is because some of my material are repeats. I get news from various time periods, repeats or additional comments so I am responding to those beyond the original stories where seeming repeats are not repeats. My commentary is often different or made broader because of perhaps some additional research I might have made. Some of my columns are not written in stone. Chess is not written in stone because chess has a type of unique flavor. What I mean is that a story may be very similar but a different body. I do not look for those who make the rules nor really care about what position I hold by those in control of my PC writings as to ranking. I do not try to compete with others who I am sure have much more to offer viewers. My site is a bit uniquely mine I gather from those especially who charge a fee or offer a wider range of use. My joy is chess and mix with odds and ends in reviewing news or comics. I look at theory of chess as a picture of the human spirit and all it encompasses. My site is free and those who want to pay me can do so by giving to a worthy charity. Thank you for pointing out why Google will not rate me higher. But you see–I really do not have my site except for my reader base and visitors who I hope find my material worthy of their time and interest. If I can even partially provide more joy and happiness in the printed word, that is joy enough for me. God Bless! Don/Kindredspirit.


The Amateur Eye – Language

September 17, 2019

Am I getting smarter or just more educated in how and what my PC can accomplish in feeding my readers via my flighty fingers and brain power. Most what I write is new coming from my mind to you my readers. With me, it is the written word, not a pile of fancy stuff. It makes me work to see to it that language is important still to learning and enjoying the language of English which is my primary language so even in that you are helping to acquire knowledge, new words and comprehension of topic interest is broadening your learning sphere— the trip we take together.

It is the cartoons I enjoy sharing wherein I try focusing attention on the topic of the day. It gives me often a chuckle and a bit of learning from the usual opinion, sports and world-local news. The political haranguing bores me especially when it is filled with the political garbage too many teachers, professors and reporters depend on daily for what I would call “their marching orders”—ignoring our history by the political hacks who fib and denigrate our personal and national integrity– but more, our heritage of our Founding Fathers through the ages, distorting history in favor of a band of social doctrines proven to be hauntingly repetitive in false and illogical whims that neglect historical fact from the dream land of hipsters. Whatever happened to the teaching profession given freedom to seek isms of truth wherever they led and the ability to recognize fact from fiction and the rudiments coming as seen in many isms round the world proven to be faulty in practice as well as their doctrines.

We learned long ago to see and bear witness that God’s creatures are capable of reason and feelings. Birds, cats, dogs and horses are seen as typical family oriented pets fully able to experience bonding. Farm animals likewise are nurtured by farm owners. The hippopotamus whose best thought of as being oddly stupid and clumsy because of their size and shortsightedness are so depicted in adventure movies. Elephants are huge and for hundreds of years have been the workhorses among various peoples having a keen sense of achievement through training and great bonding with offspring. Various animal life help maintain a balance in the natural world. Even sea life exhibits life cycles and having benefits to the natural bondage for the young or as food.

Yet, in all of this grand scale of and for life or death, humans exhibit the best and worse in life’s expectations. Human bondage was a novel type that spells a little of good and evil within the human spirit. Maybe that is why God put before us the bonding for life and liberty of the HUMAN SPIRIT given to man. Through the evolution of time, the Bible was given to aid our understanding and love relationship culminating in TEN COMMANDMENTS given us for purity of thought and life’s walk. It was the first means for God to handle the evil angel, Satan. He put on Earth his own Son we in Christianity call Jesus in the English language. He bears other titles in name sake but no matter the language used, HE IS THE SON OF GOD and will rule the World and wield Justice at the end time when all will have to answer in the Judgement Day. In that time of tribulation, man will come to know what is in each heart and be answerable of his or her sins or righteousness.

If we look at modern times, programming like TBN and others who spread the Gospel round the World, make it possible by human ingenuity and blessing given authors the first real opportunity to reach peoples from every nation and background to benefit from a wealth of technology in reaching and spreading the GOOD NEWS of biblical teachings. Certainly I see this good versus evil awakening the Satanic rebellion even greater than ever before for Satan must be shivering knowing his eventual FATE now being carried out.

I am not a scholar of religious training other than to read my Bible and try to come to grips with the happenings of the day. It is enough to think one day at a time as I have no thought to influence anyone’s belief structure. For me, it matters not if folks are Christians, Agnostics, Jews, Muslims, Buddists, or Devil worshipers of any stripe because the background and nature of life across the Planet Earth is at its very core a sham of living and death whether it manifests itself accidently or intentionally. This broad spectrum carries with it such descriptions as suicide — war— murder— diseases. All conclude at some point in time as DEATH. One’s life is what one can make of it. I do not believe we should ever take one’s own life intentionally but firmly believe that life’s traumas can expedite such feelings coming from despair. That is the time to turn to our Lord and Savior for help. How? In one word: Prayer. That is the Lord’s door to our Salvation. It is really the only door that gives people a hope for a better Life is walk with the Lord who I believe helps carry you through whatever trials you face. With the Holy Spirit all things can be made right with and by Faith. That is the yoke of God’s blessings to all in need.

The Amateur Eye -danger in castling on opposite wings.

September 15, 2019

Players are always looking to new ideas in the opening play. The following example is taken from Amateur Team play from Feb. 2007.

White: Stein Black: Casella Opening: King’s Indian Defense/Averbakh Var.

l. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. Be2 O-O 6.Bg5 Na6 7. Qd2 e5 8. d5 Nc5 9.f3 a5 10.h4 c6 11. Nh3 c:d5 12. c:d5 Bd7 13. O-O-O The question to ask is with black likely castling king-side with White’s aim to attack that sector: who will get there first and with forces to damage the king positions. An earlier idea tried was from 1998: 13. Nf2 Qe8 14. g4 b5 15. h5 b4 16. Ncd1 Bb5 with unclear play for both sides.

13. …. b5 14. B:b5 B:b5 15. N;b5 Qb6 16. Na3 Rab8 17. Nf2 Rfc8 18. Kb1 Na4 19. Nd3

Black’s square count is booming with both rooks on open files biting into the enemy endangering the King position.

19. …. Rc3 20. Be3 Qb7 21. Qf2 R:a3 22. Ka1 Qb3 23. b:a3 Q:c3+ 24. Nb2 R:b2 25. Rc1 White resigned (0-1).

As I said in the past, it can be dangerous on opposite wings especially for the Q-side castle. The reason is that the King remains relatively in the central files c/d region that can prove weaker than when castled on the kingside. When castling on the Q-side, analysis should be carefully weighed as to the dangers present to both kings.

The Amateur Eye – Dutch Warfare From the Trenches

September 10, 2019

When I first was acquainted with the Dutch Defense my menter George Switzer at the chess and check club located in the YMCA on Gibbs St. Rochester, NY introduced me to this vintage opening to which I was wholly ignorant. But it fascinated me. I remember playing blitz, then called skittles with him exchanging many ideas he had passed on to me as a young pre and teen.

Years pass and my old cohort of sorts led me strangely enough to a modern era. As black I had decided to play the Dutch which we were examining at the time. The thought today of viewing this battle reminded me of that old skittles game that we enjoyed and debated in analysis. There were close similar ideas which this review found similar which makes my “Is anything ever really new” article I wrote many years later strikes a memory.

After 1. d4 f5 2. c4 e6 transposed from the current game by choosing 1…e6 first in this GM game from Shirov vs. Ivanchuk. 3. g3 Nf6 4. Bg2 c6 aiming for a white square build up of pawns to offset the white fianchetto. I do not recall the skittles beyond a few more moves perhaps so I go now with the above game play leading to dynamic structure where black gains good central play for his units.

5. Nf3 d5 6. O-O Bd6 7. b3 Qe7 8. Ne5 O-O 9. Nd2 Nd7 White aims to bring the Knight to the f3 square toward the center and king wing pawns nearer to the enemy King.

10. Ndf3 Ne4 11. Nd3 b6 12. Nfe5 Bb7 13. N:d7 Q:d7 14. f3 Nf6 15. c5 b:c5 16. N:c5 B:c5 17. d:c5 e5 Might this position remind one of Donald Trump’s wall on the border?

18. e4 One square to far. Better was 18. e3 with unclear chances for both.

18. …. Ba6! Howser!! Look at square count for this bishop hop to a6.

19. Re1 f:e4 20. f:e4 d4!!

This hampers the heavy weapons in White’s arsenal.

21. Qd2 With the bishop controlling from a6 the f1 square confirms the weakness in White’s position.

21, ,,,, Ng4 22. Bh3 h5 Defense.. The Knight is defended and frees the Q for infiltration.

23. Ba3 Qf7! 24. Bb4 Rae8 25. Ba5 Again control of a vital square shows the value of squares in chess play.

25. …. Re6 26. Bf1 Nf2 27. B:a6 Qf3 28. Resigns (0-1)

While I won my battle due mostly to the time clock I do remember oddly enough my getting similar strong central play and the pawn structure. Chess games are won and lost I tend to believe by pressure chess. If you can build up pressure on squares, attack files and diagonals in conjunction with pawn structure and or blunting a route for counterplay, then you have prospects for a positive result.

The Amateur Eye- Holy Spirit

September 10, 2019

A fascinating book on Christian values, penned by Greg Laurie sits on my desk and permanent home library. It is titled: Breakfast with Jesus. For me it is ever a wakening of my spiritual being, mindful of the God family of Jesus–Holy Spirit, teachings and promises from Biblical binding of the Prophets who learned the Faith message he passed to all who hear the good news. Without it, the World would be at the calling of the Angel Satan who early on rebelled against the heavenly Father/God. I find in this religious writing my nourishment for the soul. Faith holds fear of storms we face. For as Jesus taught, he is ever with us in Spirit.

World societies do not like forgiveness. It relishes on vengeance.

This sets Christians apart from others–this willingness to forgive is seen in scripture: Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath who promises vengeance. How often do we see evil seem to triumph only to see God’s hand taking the reins in dealing with evildoers? Does not God at his own pace and time wield out justice?

The Amateur Eye finds growth in them dar hills

September 10, 2019

A host of players mastering chess skill emerged as the game’s popularity grew across the world hemispheres—some more than others from Europe to the Americas and Asia to Islands. We ask: what appeal or attraction created this magic seen coming from a game. Of course there were other games that attracted interest but few has left a legacy of such appeal as seen by the contributions of devotees. Perhaps the final feeding ground for its exotic appeal is Africa.

History is full of artistic beauty — everything earth born finds the evolution of chess from change in rules to the age of mastership that followed a pathway of decades from which skill and talent emerged with a wealth of literature that enriched and put life into the game.

Look at history and the remarkable people who brought this enrichment is a living document seen from writings and play itself with quality and expertise swept up in furrowed ground through the literary pen of writers over those long decades–contributions of many sources.

At one time there was no champion which emerged from a title as such. The best players simply played for stakes and then came the best known to be invited by enthusiasts to do battle in tournament or match play representing a chess club, or governing territory—all originating from a common bond of interest and dedication. It was not money but a shared joy of competition and brought players together from different continents to compete as representing a club, territory (town-city-state-nation). Those who dominated the arenas of those days from the 1600s to current times left a historical record of both skill and writings that has enriched all who lived in those times attracted by friendships in pursuit by it lure.

Today we admire the host of women players of which I have written. And there were some very talented women: Mrs. Fagan who died at 81 August 11, 1931 was the leading player of the Ladies Chess Club and took 2nd place in the International Women’s Championship in 1897. Early on she had lived in India and was admitted into play at an all-men’s club which she won lst place, getting a photograph album of all the men for exhibiting her great skill at the game as part of her prize. Her beauty was evident by the photo in the BCM on page 81.The Girls Open Championship roster was: Vera Menchik of Russia (lst), Muriel Brown (2nd), followed by Olga Menchik, B. J. Spencer and Aileen Isobel Green. The cup was awarded by Lady Margaret Hamilton Russell. Today, a listing of women and girl players would fill a large and thick book and probably more who represent a number of countries and various time frames.

There have been many great players, including those going back hundreds of years. It was taught to Jewish children in the 1400-1500 era by women to their children as it was recognized as a valuable tool of instructional education. Many of our city dwellers in America and learned men and women played at chess as entertainment. I wrote about Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, the latter who did much to bring chess sets, etc. to local merchants.

A great history of world championship play and stories documenting the written word by both Alekhine, Capablanca, Emmanuel Lasker, Mikhail Botvinik, David Bronstein, Mikail Tahl (Tal), Samuel Reshevsky, Dr.Reuben Fine, Marshall, Nimsowisch, Tarrasch, Reti, all leading up to the Bobby Fischer, Pal Benko, Karpov, Kasparov eras and a listing of talent too numerous to mention here including other talented authors.

Here I shall close with the hope that my writings will inspire youth now and in the future to research and learn about those who came before entrance of and maturity of the computer age that has enriched a whole new era of chess for all.—Donald P. Reithel.


The How Of It–Kindredspirit

September 8, 2019

Readers of my blog writings can find all my material as I said before by using kindredspiritks. That should give you all my writings in Please notice that when you click on the blue background at the top that gives my Kindredspirit logo title you will get by date from latest to beginnings by viewing the calendar and clicking on any period desired.

Some of my readers in comments appear to hope that I write more on what they found. I have over 1000 articles, etc. on my website via Goggle and they report that I have over 190000 readers on tuning in on occasion.

I hope this will help you enjoy my writings even more as they appear in numerical sequence covering chess under both Kindredspirit’s Kaleidoscope, The Amateur Eye this past year per readers’ suggesting my title was too long and could I shorten it. That led to The Amateur Eye this year and Don’s Coffee & Tea Break adaption of my series on cartoons and words of wisdom from my brain to my flighty fingers that you get via my computer writings.

My website on is free so all my readers can enjoy my material. Those who said they would like to contribute in some way can do so by donating to some worthy causes that need financial support. God Bless everyone. Thank you Tiny Tim for those words!

I hope this helps all my audience enjoy my columns….Isn’t computers a blessing for modern day folks like us!!

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

September 7, 2019

It is okay to ask for help; in fact, service endears both the server and the served although it is often the server who comes away with the greater joy and affection. Being say just 10 per cent more will raise compassion and patience to a new level. Inspiration will improve technique and contribute to logical thought patterns.

Garfield has on his dinner menu. Sometimes he is thinking that in wonderment if that is all there is? Or, is there more? Serious Jon, I could go for seconds eyeing his empty bowl before him.

Opal and Earl are in the heat of discussion with Earl reading his paper and Opal leaning over the back of the couch, saying “I think our doorbell is broken.” Earl looks up and responds, “Aw…I guess that’s why it’s been so quiet around here.” Opal is always like every good wife tells Earl, “we need to get it fixed!” Earl goes back to reading the paper and tells her, “I say we give it another month or so and see if it fixes itself.” We can imagine all readers of Pickles seeing a panel with Opal pulling her hair in shock.

The manager in Dilbert discusses with his alter ego, ‘I need to change something so it seems as if being a manager is a real job. Maybe I should centralize all the functions I decentralized last year. Or maybe find a way to add value. But I can’t perform magic?!

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

September 5, 2019

Owning comes with responsibilities so gauge carefully the fruit of learning to say yes or no to whims that give thought to:”Do I Need This?”

Look, Garfield! I found the year-book that was from our parents eighth grade the year they found each other. Look at all these notes from the kids. It is like going back in time. We can relate to so much from this time-machine–past, present and where we go from here.

Dagwood and Alex are sitting on the sofa. “Are you okay, Alex? You seem to be in some pain.” ” I feel invigorated after my shower after football practice. Actually, I think I developed this soreness from texting.”

Earl and Nelson are in panel one. Earl is telling Nelson that he can’t find what he did with the cell-phone last night. “Did you try calling it? “Yes, it didn’t work.” “Maybe you should try again.” Grampa put his hand on the side of his face and called out: “Okay….Here phone!!!”

We see the Hagar brood attending a carnival and his lieutenant and girlfriend are in the canoe ahead of them. She is telling her beau to shape up or ship out as their canoe enters the Tunnel of Love. We see Hagar and his wife leading him by the hand excitedly with Hagar dragging his feet behind her as she pulls him toward the tunnel. Hagar has only few words to say: “I’ll pass!!

It is the first day of school in the family of FOR BETTER OR WORSE where we see per usual MOM calling Elizabeth, “Are you ready yet? You’ll miss your bus!? Look, if you don’t hurry, I’ll…” “I’m coming! ?I’m coming!!—Jeesh! She knows it takes time to look right!” as she darts out the door to the bus.

The Amateur Eye- On Unity

September 4, 2019

“Do you think Jesus came to give peace on Earth? No! Division amongst peoples will be forthcoming. A time is coming when houses (families) will find division, mistrust and hatred building and his tone would be for peace but there would be peace only through togetherness in unity. But what unity? That is the question.

The bible is the word of God’s holiness and way to find truth and justice. That comes from commitment and loving devotion to first God, then family—-spouse, children== family unity. If the Word is not studied and learned. there can be no true belief structure and will be subject to the rules of man, governments, nations without a bond for compassion and love.

To be creative and give our best always with the end to be a joy to others is a key to everlasting Life in holy prayer. Beware less the sinner be as a wolf at the door. Pray for those who commit sin so they might find Grace and Peace in God’s holiness and forgiveness of things bad in life’s walk. Keep the Ten Commandments holy and ever present in memory, guidance thought and prayer.