The Amateur Eye – Anish wins The Reykjavik Open

December 8, 2017

Anish Giri seems to have used his very active schedule to dress down the Reyjhavuj 2017 Open for lst place and some great chess play.

Alexander Donchenko  White  vs.  Anish Giri  Black/   Catalan Opening

l. Nf3  d5  2. d4  e6  3. c4  c6  4. Qc2 Nf6  5. Nbd2 Nbd7  6. g3 Be7 7. Bg2  O-O 8. O-O8…b6 9. e4  Bb7

Black choses a stonewall setup–solid central features where the d5 square mainstay is the solid pawn formation. White enjoys a bit more freedom in space.

10. e5  Ne8  11. c:d5 c:d5  12. Re1 Rc8 13. Qa4  Nc7 14. Bf1 Qe8 15. Kg2 Nb8

Certainly playing with fire but looking for K-side attack ideas.

16. Q:a7 Ba8 17. Q:b6 Nc6  18. Qb3  f6!  19. Qe3  Qf7 20. e:f6 B:f6 21. Kg1 Rce8 22. Qf4 g5!  23. N:g5  Qg7  24.












24. Nh3?  N:d4  25. Bd3  e5

Just like in the old foot soldiers infiltrating enemy territory and cannon fire to batter down the walls of defense, Black banks all on an all-out attack come hell or high water.

26. Qe3 e4  27. Bb1 Nce6  28. Kh1  Kh8  29. a4 Qg4 30. Nf4 N:f4 31. Q:f4 Qg7  32. Qe3 Bg533. f4  Bf6 34. Ra3  Nf5 35. Qb6 Bd4  36. Qb5 Bf2  37. Rf1 Ba7

Now the pawns are free to march down the center.

38. Ba2  d4 39. Bd5  Rb8  40. Qc4 Rfc8 41. Qa2  Ne3  42. R:e3 d:e3  43. N:e4 Qf7!!

White resigns in view of 44. B:f7 B:e4 45. Kg1  e2+ 46. Rf2 R:c1 Mate.

Who ever said chess was an easy game of attack defense and time clock.




The Amateur Eye – Truth/Freedom

December 8, 2017

Christians believe that justice is mine, sayeth the Lord. For it is written in Romans 12:19-21:  Don’t take revenge. Leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay. But if your foe is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, water to drink. Don’t be overcome by evil, but see that good expels evil even in thought.”  The Holy Spirit will be your cherished blessing to ever embrace throughout life.  Fear not, for the Lord is always with thee to the end of time.  And it is not our forgiveness nor goodness alone upon such healing power, but that of our Lord’s guiding hand that embraces us.

The Bible/Old and New Testament and Church is given for our steadfastness of effort in living life to the full of our potential.  The evildoers who murder, rape, plunder and bring untold numbers of sinful acts which require us to beware of our surroundings.  Does this conflict with what I write before?  No. For Christians and Jesus said that in travels, defensive weapons (swords) or (staffs) should be kept for protection against attacks.  To be present, to hear the word of the Lord, to receive Baptism of the Holy Spirt is to enter the Kingdom of God.

Christianity is too strict to live by. I want my freedom to do as I please.  That is the atheist and even the agnostic.  They both have beliefs.  They might even speak in hallowed sounding tone.  But as the Bible warns, they come in sheep’s clothing to prey on the innocent and guilt ridden alike.  The kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21.


Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

December 8, 2017

Some readers comment that they really enjoy these coffee and tea break visits.  Across the table we share joy, togetherness even though we never come together in sight–only in our pleasure of a cup of cheer and invisible partnership of a brief moment in time.  The value is shared.  Is it valuable or not?  In the final analysis, perhaps it might portray the simple pleasure of believing that good things are only good to those who see the goodness.  Wrap it up in your heart. Occasionally take it out and re-examine it.  Should it be kept or tossed out?  If kept, then give it a good polish so it shines bright anew!

Garfield, Jon and Liz are in the living room enjoying the Christmas tree Jon set up. Oh, Jon!  How did you ever get it to stand so straight?  It wasn’t hard at all, Liz.  Not for me anyway!  It just took some basic structural engineering.  Garfield purrs at Liz’ feet and thinks: He duct-taped it to a coat rack.

Blondie takes a sweater to the Dry Cleaners. May I have my sweater cleaned this afternoon?  Nope! Not gonna happen. But your sign in your window says, “In By Nine, Out by Four.  Exactly says the clerk.  Some days I am even in by eleven and out by three. The sign read done on the spot.  Well, lady, that is my pitch to draw customers and I can do it if you want to wait but suggest you pick it up tomorrow if you want our gold star special.

Pickles usual chuckle sees Brian Crane at his usual best and using less ink because absent is Nelson, Silvia, and the dog Roscoe.  Opal is distraught.  In case you’re wondering why I look this way, the power is out.  My curling iron won’t work and I can’t see to put on my makeup.  This is what I’d look like if we lived in the stone age.  You look fine.  I can’t tell any difference in this darkened room. This is not what a wife should ever hear. With this, Opal raises her eyes to heaven and with hands raised over her head laments, “Why do I even try??!

Dilbert gets on the carpet again with the boss. Like on politico with Fox reporting that your financial forecast turned out WRONG!!  Dilbert reasons, “Is that a surprise given that forecasts are just guesses plus math”?  Well, the math is supposed to fix the guessing.  “Well, I think we have isolated the problem being you.”

Hagar is talking with his young son who says, Mom says I should give everyone the benefit of the doubt. ” Your mother is right!  Doubt everyone!!”


Don’s Coffee and Tea Break

November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving Day is near.  My niece brought a portion of her turkey with some delicious non salted turkey noodle soup.  She is such a sweet niece as are all my kin.  I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving so I dined on it where it now sits in my tummy.

Dagwood checked into Lou’s Diner and was reading the menu for Thanksgiving. Canned Ham? Pressed Turkey on Tofu? Garnished with Oyster crackers??  Are you kidding!  Nobody will show up for a spread like that.  Lou laughed.  That is my point, Dag.  No one will show up so I can close down for the day.  I think I am entitled to be home with the family for Thanksgiving.  Well, it would have been easier just to leave a note announcing that the diner would be closed for Thanksgiving.

Hagar tells his army: “Men! Tomorrow we invade Italy!  Before we go, I want you to be fully prepared.  My chief counselor will now give you the details.  He is going to demonstrate how to properly twirl spaghetti on a fork!!

Women are constantly putting before men at every social or work level their beauty and personality, perfumes, work ethic, intelligence — all her cunning  vibes to attract the male species.  Unfortunately, a lot of men may get the impression that she is hot to trot in this era of free sex that started in college. Just look at the lifestyle at beach parties for  over a decade.  Thankfully most males have their own personal goals to pursue–employment, family and marriage — real mating love!  And I truly believe this is also the goal of women.


The Amateur Eye – A Christian Lesson

November 21, 2017

Is the eternal cycle of life for all creatures on land and in the sea the final solution to a regulatory necessity for Life to survive for all species in our world?  I am reminded of Biblical Ecclesiastes verse 3.2: “There is a time to be born, and a time to die.”  No one knows the biological clock of DNA that sets at birth the time clock of life.  In years it might be age 5, 10, 20, or 104.  The seeds one plants along the way, in a narrow sense may or may not remain buried in the soil showing our footsteps.  For the winds can carry, various species may transport those seeds or new seeds formed within plant, animal, fish and human kind. Thus, does the cycle flow steadily on through the ages and the Earth finds renewal of life.  In all this at God’s hand, Earth would not survive if death did not exist.

That is my philosophy on living life to the full and making every day be a precious moment in time.  My faith tells and assures me that there is a God, our Savior Jesus, and biblical record of history in the holiest sense.  My love for family, friends and others I meet along this pathway of life exists with a contumely effort to be ever watchful of the temptation sins from the pitchfork of that devil Satan and satanic angels.  When I was little, the few times I used bad language in anger, mother washed my mouth with ivory soap and a spank.  That cured me quick but I fear sometimes that anger is aroused by current events.  So my Bible studies and interest in religion tend to curb such momentary sustain of evilness seen in humanity.

“And anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but him who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven.”  Luke 12:10.

Satan exists.  He is master of those who are shallow and have little or no faith or cover their greed and corruption through pious words and glamourous front.  He is the great deceiver. Laugh at what I say and believe?  There are many who share my beliefs so I do not care what false speakers have to say.  Like the little fat emperor of the North who is regularly seen clapping his hands with his following military copying his mood swings, and clapping ever so admiringly while his people suffer. Oh, God–Bless the sufferer and let freedom ring and endure.  Yeah.  Probably many would turn on him but for getting a piece of the government pie.

On the other scale, President Trump is abused and cursed, no matter how successful and honorable his intentions.  The human spirit, no matter how righteous his intent, can endure torment from those who LOVE TO HATE.  It is their evilness that bears fruit on their faces which become uglier as the passing of days in the cesspool of politics.  I pray for my leaders to be brave and honorable in their posts. I only see a man who rolls up his sleeves and says: “Lets get to work!” That mends all careless remarks forming from despair of a moment or cruel voice heard.  And that dear friends, is all I have to say.



The Amateur Eye – Speedier Chess Anyone?

November 20, 2017

More and more fast speed play is being enjoyed even at the top level.  At Tbilisi two such stars met in battle.  Who would emerge victorious? Or would a point be split by drawing? I chose this short battle because it is not error free.  It is a short game.  It is ideal for my lesson on chess and the philosophy that the game teaches winning and learning but never losing as a constructive thought process in living a good life.

White:  Levon Aronian    Black:  Ding Liren    Slav Defense – Moscow Variation

l. c4  Nf6  2. Nf3  e6  3. Nc3  d5  4. d4  c6  5. Bg5  h6  6. B:f6  Q:f6

This variation has a popular following and is somewhat double-edged.  Why you ask?  Well, you can see that the Knight is gone from its having an effect on the central complex.  But Black has the bishop pair maybe better chances on the dark diagonal squares.  White now plays Alekhine’s favorite ploy stopping Bb4 so as to keep the game balance in question and aims for e2-e4.

7. Qb3  Nd7  8. e4  d:e4  9. N:e4  Qf4  10. Bd3

White achieves a major objective in achieving square count edge seen in the expanded development of white forces.  To be sure now, Black realizes he must play aggressively to avoid further punishment.

10. … e5  11. O-O  Be7  12. Rae1  e:d4  13. Bb1!  O-O  14. Ng3! 

Giving the Queen more square space, he now launches the Knight closer to the King position and squares around the enemy monarch.

14. … Bd8

A new move idea?  Tested in the past and what seems more logical is 14…Nc5.  However, Black is still vying around equality.

15. Qd3  g6  16. h4!

White continues his square count theory of expanding the position forces.  Now, Black still can play Nc5 but tries a different idea perhaps because it is a speed game and he envisions with hope that his position remains active enough to survive an attack.  We shall see.  But perhaps he treads on mossy ground. After …Nc5, 17. Qa3  Bb6 (the idea behind Bd8) 18. h5 Qf6 the computer says about even.

16. … Nf6  17. h5  g5?

This weak move loosens the defensive posture too much as White controls the e-file with his Rook. Was White’s next simply overlooked or its evaluation in the position?

 18. Ne5  Ba5  19. Ng6!  Qd2  20. Ne7+ Kg7  21. Qb3!  Qf4  22. Rd1?

Here, White misses a whopper with 22. Ngf5+ Kh8 23. g3  Qg4  24. Qa3 with two threats of 25. Q:a5 and 25. Ng6+.

22. … Bb6  23. Ngf5+ B:f5  24. N:f5+ Kh8  25. g32  Qg4  26. N:h6 Q:h5  27. Kg2!  d3! 28, Qc3  Kg7  29. Nf5+ Kg6  30. Rh1 Black resigns.

Do you experience frustration in the study of chess?  Well, you are in good company.  Former US President Jimmy Carter says he was bitten by the chess bug but had no real talent for the game.  He originally had hopes of taking up chess after he left the White House with hopes of becoming an active chess tournament enthusiast. He gave up in frustration.

Groucho Marx says he learned from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.  That is frustration.

The Welsh surreal stand-up comedian noted when he got arrested for playing chess in the street, he told the arresting officer that it was because he was black.  That is frustration.

I disagree with the chess philosophy that you either win, lose or draw in a chess game. In reality of living life, I either win or learn.  That is not frustration



The Amateur Eye – Sinners one and all

November 20, 2017

The TV newscasts are full of hate when our news media and station reporters and commentators should be addressing the importance of creating a new tax code for the United States.  Not that they don’t but with all the rhetoric leaves me more dumbfounded than necessary.  Most as I see it don’t know what they are talking about.  Ask experts from CPA schooling!  That would be one very good element toward truth of the matter.  Even the House and Senate can’t seem to find agreement.

There are some very good books for dissecting the Bible from cover to cover.  One is on the history of the world from God’s perspective and the other which I am studying now is called BREAKFAST WITH JESUS by Greg Laurie.  Those watching TV can catch religious news valuable to all but especially children on 43 and 50 Spectrum channels.  I say this because the trash that comes over the airways including some geared to the young are not at all inspiring.  Laugh?? Ha. Ha.  Just check the news stations like MSNBC, CNN, FOX.  It, to me, is pathetic to hear continual news on the sex scandals being widely broadcast.  There is no counterbalance of news, nor inspiring news from Biblical writings other than 43 and 50 TBS.

Hate is on the lips of people who deserve to go to HELL in the end time.  And that end time is coming closer and closer.  That is one of the warnings coming from the Bible and Jesus.  Beware!  No one knows when Jesus and the Heavenly Angels will say to Satan–Be gone!  Satan the devil shivers in fear of that!  God gave us the Ten Commandments which the Satanic world pokes fun and covers the Earth with fog so as to betray the peoples from right learning.  Just look at the schools and what professors indoctrinate our young student bodies today.

I warned about the evils of socialism, especially the communist variety.  God gave us the Ten Commandments which, if practiced, would change the nature of Human existence. No, people would still sin because as we learned: ALL HAVE SINNED IN THE EYES OF THE LORD.  All have fallen short of their love and appreciation for the beauty seen in much of the world.  It remains the Godly goal to achieve goodness, love, toward casting aside the evils that spring from the mouths of the human race.

I once wrote an article that Hillary Clinton should quit political ambitions and enjoy her remaining years as a grandmother and wife.  She failed to listen because evil blots out such advice.  Her cronies in the Democrat Party of course now she discovers that old saying that there is a time to be born, a time to work, and a time to die.  It is home to a garden, to a fair breeze sailing the seas, and always there is the backdrop of folks whom I simply call hangars on for their own enlightenment. Yes, you see it in politicians, in wild animals, in every makeup of human kind.

Sinning awaits around the corner;  steer a straight course for joy and happiness.

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

November 13, 2017

Joyful smiles and wit among friends suggests that jokes or funny story composing makes that cup of coffee or tea that much more enjoyable.  The trick is to cement the bonds of romance, togetherness, where the shared joy of experiencing what makes your heart beat to the tune of inspiration with jolly feelings of good cheer.

Blondie’s mate Dagwood is dining at his favorite eatery and addresses Lou head of the short orders. Lou, someone told me a small mouse scurried out of the front door this morning. You heard right, Dag. Believe me, I was pretty surprised, too.  For the past few weeks, he only scurried in and out of the supply closet.

In Pickles, Earl is lying down on the couch when Nelson who is leaning above and like all little kids, has an inquisitive mind. Your real name is Earl, isn’t it Grampa? That’s right. But when I was younger everyone just called me Dee.  How come?  Is that your middle initial?  No. I just didn’t do very well in school.


The Amateur Eye – Halloween

October 31, 2017

October 31st is observed with festivities of all kinds given the imagination of communities where folks from young to old engage in joyful and scary costumes from store bought yard creations to homemade concoctions.  Pumpkins are the delight of most who leave carved pumpkins lit with candles and likely a nifty pumpkin pie as a dessert.  The streets find in good weather crowds of youngster touring the neighborhoods with “tricks or treats” which usually brings candies, apples; but occasionally some grandpa will offer some tricks to show the kids which happened when I was a child. He and his wife put on quite a show and it made them happy to have us visit.  It also caused some tricks by pranksters who soaped windows, knock on the window and then ran and hide.  The neighborhood outhouse years ago was a nastier prank pulling it out on the street and setting fire to it.  Woe to those who got caught.  But then again, they wound up having their windows cleaned by the spooky culprits.  So everybody took it as just a fun time for all concerned.  There might be dances, partying, kick the can and hide games–just a good time to be had!  I always figured that once a years is enough!!

The Amateur Eye – Combat Warfare

October 31, 2017

Prayer can describe a historical event.  It is often the preclude to battle.  Such history is born in the home, in church, a Presidential address.  Such was the following that, with God’s loving care, instilled the spirit to endure all the pain and suffering of self and as witness to, such with comrades where the goal of winning was a dream with no end.

Almighty God: Our sons, pride of our Nation, this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity.  Lead them straight and true; give strength to body, stoutness to their hearts, steadfastness of faith (and judgment coming from their brains for which they were trained.)..

They will need Thy blessings oh Lord and sore–tried by day and night without rest until the victory is won. Darkness will be flame and noise.  Souls will be shaken with the violence of war.  Torn from the peace of home, they march to the tune of the battle.  For some will not return to that peace, to home, to family.  Embrace these Father, and receive them, Thy heroic servants, into Thy Kingdom.  And for us who are at home, give strength with prayer by all, to fight injustice and evil.

And give us Faith in Thee; Faith in our children and each other; Faith in our united crusade to end evil wherever it raises it’s ugly head.  Let not the impacts of temporary events, of temporal matters of but fleeting moment–let not these deter us in our righteous purpose.

Our Land, our America is unique in the body of world nations. It is so because it stands for justice and honor framed in the monuments and statues that adorn our Capitol city Washington, DC. and parks. Our Founders based it on personal freedoms and largely religious ethical leanings, while imperfect allowed over time remedies that slowly assured such by laws and Constitutional integrity and honor of the human spirit.

No other nation has a welcome mat in the harbor to welcome visitors or returning citizens to it’s shores.  Enemies see it as weakness to be exploited; Americans guard it as being the rock upon which all men and women are created to live free.  So from the time of President George Washington our Nation sought to banish slavery which unfortunately exists even today due to humanity’s failure.  But hope is eternal.  Maybe that is God’s way of saying that life values freedom of the individual.  It is something to strive for as an eternal goal and be ever aware that freedom is just a wink from the slave master. –Don.