The Amateur Eye – A Great Film Story

April 17, 2018

Perhaps the greatest western movie ever conceived in storyline was RED RIVER.  It appears every now and then and one might ask: if you seen it, why waste time viewing it again?  I am one seeing new values coming from the various characters emerging from the pages of a book, play or movie.  I purposely try to find new adventure and meaning from the plots and adventures of the actors and artistic crafting of the filming which, in this great movie, was a true masterpiece of professional brilliance.

Of course there are many great movies.  TCM features many over the years.  Somehow I feel that time can stand still for just a little bit where the old meet the new and together they enrich the art ever so much.



The Amateur Eye – It’s Nonsense

April 17, 2018

Are you going to buy Mr. Comey’s book?  No.  Nor do I want to waste my time viewing TV programs designed to promote it by offering up tidbits of chapter contents.  Now, I do not argue.  The simple point is this;  He should have left the stage and wrote his book a few years down the road.  It is never a wise decision to write when in a boiling pot of vindictive hatred or disgust leading to a portentous behavior unbecoming the author’s subject and demeanor.

SAD/Sad/sad that our news coming out of professional norms have resorted to hours of pillaging the very roots of our Democracy and Republic.  There seems a gleeful eye to shed light on the sins exhibiting evil even when the venomous disgust is highlighted purposely to discredit a target without truth or justification.  The question might be asked as to whether Jesus was right when discussing sin.  It truly appears in many forms and those who flaunt it to public obsession merit little favor especially giving it an airing of public chatter.   I perhaps speak for many in America and round the world by such  disgust seen in media coverage bent on fallacies rather than fact finding truths in reporting.  There appears to be viciousness in character behavior across the board.

Our literature in print today falls far short of righteous thought.


The Amateur Eye – 20th Maccabiah Games

April 10, 2018

Joseph Zeltsan, a New Yorker, wins first chess gold ever for the USA at games that celebrate Jewish athletes titled the 20th Maccabiah Games.  This international Jewish multi-sport event, featured 10,000 athletes from over 80 countries.

In the summer of 2017, 1000 plus athletes from the USA traveled to Israel to compete in the 3rd largest sporting event in the world.  Six juniors played in Haifa along with 3 at   Jerusalem.

Taking the silver medal was Ezra Paul Chambers of Burundi and bronze by Daniel Savchenko of Germany.

The US group also included Simona Nayberg from California, Eiten Genger and Kevin Ordet from Florida, Rose Dreizen from New York, Max Weinstein from New Jersey–all with good scoring.

The Open event attracted a number players who all finished with good scores. David Wyde, Iris Kokish and Jeremy Glassman–all challenging the top places.

The games and whole event was celebrated by camaraderie within and across teams.

(Contributed by US Coach David Lazarus. for Chess Life.)

The Amateur Eye – Kids and chess

April 10, 2018

A fifth-grader at Lakeview Elementary, Ellen Wang had something special to write about for class: What I did during my Summer Vacation.  As a nine-year-old she ranked #1 and her 10th left her still as the top rated.  During the year she had amassed a number trophies besting girls as much as four years older.

My parents put me in a chess class at a local adult education center when I was a first grader and started playing in youth tournaments the next year.  Improving rapidly, she liked the chance to travel, enjoy competition with other kids and meet and make many new friends.  A visit to the 2016 US Championship in St. Louis, Mo. she met Garry Kasparov who autographed her notation book and posed for a picture.

“Chess teaches me to be mentally strong. I am beginning to stay calm from beginning to end during games.  I know that as long as I do my best I can beat boys my age and even much older.”



The Amateur Eye — Capitalism Under Assault

April 8, 2018

For the American family there exists the merry-go-round to supply life needs to survive.  The average population exists in thought and deed to make one paycheck to the next be an almost total of their daily lives and place of importance in their lives.  Of course other influences like religion, personal beliefs interact in total.  Our lives have been turned upside-down with a wide ranging observance of modern technology that increasingly is viewed almost as a God.  One might ask: Do you live up to your beliefs formed during your weaning years of parental guidance for those principles that foster maturity in thought and deed?

The big change in American life was spurred by intrigue and collusion that emerged from the writings of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago that refuted the ideological claim of socialist superiority over capitalism. Communism was in effect unmasked as the big lie and historical records note the attempted undermining of Western values everywhere and through many means including spies fomenting use of propaganda and philosophies foreign to American values.  The leftwing of the Democrat Party adopted what was to become the hallmark of Leftist theory and attack on American culture.  Liberals  snowballed the public who traditionally supported liberal policies which the Left had high-jacked using the liberalists leadership among our institutions of learning at every level to advance their undermining tactics like a chess battle of wits.

It no longer was necessary to cloud the issues of subversion with the elections of Obama who badmouthed America at every turn, altering his early stand for “sounding good” for public puff. And Hillary Clinton whom, together stirred the juices of hatred and class envy from the Congress to America’s shores-every town, city, county, state and the nation.  I noticed it in a number of ways, both public and hidden in the underlying efforts to advance the Socialist agenda that mirrored the so-called defunct communist theories of Marx and Stalin.  Just one example is the theories surrounding the principles for abortion and the leftist ideology of the former Soviet Union.

An excellent read is from Imprimis called The Problems of Identity Politics and Its Solution.

The Amateur Eye – re: Mrs. Samantha Swarts — American Patriots

April 5, 2018

She is appealing for financial help through the UAP assistance program in defending American troops in foreign legal entanglements.  Her husband, a Navy Seal, was on a mission in aiding the Afghani police in questioning terror suspects.  The police sought revenge on the suspects and after they were released by the police against the Seals objection, the next day one of the terrorists was found murdered supposedly in revenge of the death of one or more of the police.  The Seals were found not guilty in the affair. But years later, the New York Times had the mess reopened the case from 2012 and Seal leader David Swarts was arrested and accused of war crimes by the Obama administration to appease the Afghan government.  A record repeated time and again coming from the Obama Administration legal justice system.

Occasionally I get letters from mothers and wives who experience similar Obama justice in the belief that American troops are to be held guilty even though originally exonerated of guilt.  The New York Times reporters, all members of the leftist liberals and backers of Obama’s theory of justice somehow got the case reopened with the sole purpose of condemning our fighting men put in harm’s way trying to help these Middleeast countries.

I probably would not bring this matter up in my blog but the whole thing stinks to high heaven about the nature of what Democrats call finding justice to suit a philosophy that for eight years or more was directed at calling America evil.  Since this all happened in the Obama presidency of eight years,  my mail shows far too many similar charges being made against American support troops in these Middleeastern countries. My only guess is that the Obama liberal philosophy of appeasement regarding criminal intent on part of those accused and later found guilty after being found not guilty is a double standard of American justice gone amuck.

As a consequence, I can readily see why President Trump wants all our troops out of these countries since justice is blind sided at every turn.  Our governmental system regarding our beliefs and laws are damaged beyond repair unless we, as Americans, fight to restore honor and trust of our fighting as well as administrative arms of our military units sent abroad to aid foreign governments in battling terrorists.


Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

April 2, 2018

Back-date to April 1 which was a dual celebration of Easter Sunday and April Fools Day this year 2018.  God really gave us a bright and white shinny morning on arising to discover that April 2 a.m. saw Yankee stadium freezing cold and blanketed with snow.  So much for the Global Warming Crowd.  Nothing heard from that bunch. Of course these experts of weather turn on their computers to see what this is all about.  We are supposed to have warm Spring days now with the baseball season underway!  And the kids with kite presents were not able to fly them in some areas of the country.  One good thing was that the White House celebrated the Easter Egg Hunt in decent weather. If nothing else, you likely won’t have a bold and mistake free day gunning for the eggs.

All I have to say is that our Lord made this day and we should be joyful in experiencing the many blessings of celebrating a fun and joyful time.

Jon is reading the newspaper and discovers that his horoscope is intriguing. “I’ll meet someone strange today.”  In comes Garfield dressed like the Easter bunny.  Jon stares at Garfield and tells him, “You are definitely strange.”  Garfield thinks, “We are out of carrot cake and candy,”  Maybe it is a good thing Jon cannot read Garfield’s meows.

Well, Dag and Blondie cuddle on the couch in front of the TV.  Dag wonders whether he is wrong to root for the final four team that is wearing the best looking jersey.  I guess though that it is no more wrong than my attending Alexander’s away games at the school’s having the best concession stands! he tells his wife.  Blondie replies that Dag is Dagwood Bumstead and that is part of your job description in the comic page.  Dag opens a can of soda pop and declares, “YOU’RE  DARN TOOTIN!!”

Then another series of panels see us finding Earl in his easy chair reading his newspaper.  Opal comes in and tells him, “Earl, I thought you were going to root for the final four team that’s wearing the best looking jerseys.”  Earl tells Opal that he did–Go take a look!”  Well, I did Earl and you had only completed a tiny patch no bigger than my palm. It would be embarrassing, Earl continues, and that is how I work.  My motto is “It’s a cinch by the inch, but it is hard by the yard.”

Dilbert is again sought for comment and answers to teammate on this old, often reflected in many of the cartoon pic frames; “Do you have some spare time to help me with this project I am working on?”  “There is no such thing as ‘spare time’ only your inconveniencing me for your own selfish benefit.  Oh, boy, are you ever so rude, Hilbert.”  “Come now!  Stop playing and blaming the victim in all this!”

Shoe was off traveling around the world and at the bar his good friend asks him about it.  “Yep, sure did.”  “I bet it was very educational.” Without any hesitation came his reply.  “Yep, it sure was.  I learned how to ask for KAOPECTATE in 17 languages.”

Ziggy answers the doorbell and opens the door to see Easter Bunny Rabbit holding a box of Easter Eggs.  The Easter Bunny tells Ziggy that he was sorry not to have come on 4/1/18 but thought he was being April fooled.

The Family Circus kids all decided that Easter tastes better than Halloween and don’t have to go out and ring doorbells.


The Amateur Eye – The Lord Speaks

March 24, 2018

Folks who believe in the Lord will enjoy a life of close fellowship with Jesus.  On TV I heard a comedian say some bad vibes regarding Vice President’s interview about his beliefs and that Jesus talks with him.  The news media pokes fun.  Are they atheists? I now tend to believe so.

Have you ever been in situations when your spirit asks you: “What are you doing here in this place especially when it is not in your own character to be so entrapped?  Did you accept drinks that cloud your judgment?  Yes, the Lord does praise, does scold perhaps to shake you and gain your attention.  He speaks to your soul and heart.

How does he speak to us?  His word.  Through circumstances.  Through his peace.  In all this, we should remember Holy Easter coming the first Sunday in April.  Church service in person or by TBS gives the Christian, Jew, and all religions a chance to learn or celebrate and give thanks to our God and maker of all things.

Our world is made up of many living beings.  Our relationship with pets for example give us a great joy.  There is a bond with each and every pet we have or have had during our days on Earth.  That is the Lord’s gift to mankind–Love and joy is what Life is all about.  It matters not what religion, belief, or Land we live in but is in every way our Christian fellowship confirming the story of our prophets, of God and his only Son Jesus whom he brought into the world to overcome the devil Satan, sin and provide a way to salvation through trust and the written word.  It is the true meaning of LOVE.  It is a commitment to practice laws given in the Ten Commandments.  It is the Holiest of Laws given, not man made or fitting for some event coming from human made concepts.

God’s voice of our Lord Jesus comes to all who open their hearts to him.  He resides within our hearts and through prayer or conscience of character find the emergence of such traits that has been given us all.  We need only listen and make use of this great gift to mankind.  Amen.




The Amateur Eye – Key to Heavenly Bliss

March 19, 2018

Many millions populate the Earth.  Animals, birds, fish, and humans.  This range includes wild, domesticated linked to human care, a huge diverse humanity.  Our Earth itself has many diverse entities — rock ore, grasses, soils, moisture, clouds, water–all governed under our Sun’s rays.  One word gives it all meaning– Life.  Life itself is meaningless without the workload put in by every living specie.  God has placed upon the Earth life.  It binds together all that makes life.

Many creatures have built-in radar, so-to-speak.  Birds have homing calls that cover huge distances, returning each season to mate so as to preserve the specie.  Huge migrations fill the skies world-wide and reflect every Land for contributions to their continued existence and breeding.

Humans rely upon the stars for guidance and travel.  Their brains are linked to a learning curve that is unique among the host mentioned.  They are the caretakers of all life and as such, God has given to them the role of servant.  As such, we servants carry on the duties to assure and preserve all life on Earth–plants, insects, animals, birds and fish.

God created man and woman, naming them Adam and Eve where he placed them in the holy garden with instructions.  He also appointed angels to dwell on Earth.  The beauty of angels, Satan was the prince and he rebelled against God and sought to corrupt the humans Adam and Eve.  It has been one long Hell for humans to battle evil and sin.  That God remedied when he gave the World our Savior Jesus Christ, prophets who foretold his coming and his life that was to bring love, joy, and human spirit to defy the evil angelic Satan and company through the books written that make up the Holy Bible.

Christians and other believers of a Godly nature make up various religions who sense some power governing the universe.  But there is only one God, one Son, one Holy Ghost spirit seen and coming from biblical verse that foretells the return of Jesus at the coming of the end time when all things would be made clear and known.

Jesus promises us a home in heaven.  There are great mansions in my Father’s house and believers will one day find life did not end in a casket.  That is the great overcoming of sin and evil; an end of the angel Satan and company.


The Amateur Eye – Old Man of Chess

March 17, 2018

Of whom do I speak?  He came out of the era of Tal, Karpov, and Spassky not to mention many more greats and near greats of the chess world.  Much of his fame came in the later years of life where his imagination and great skill seemed to ever improve rather than decline with age.  He was controversial.  All old men take on that burden of age where the umbrella is such as you get what you paid for.  But his skill never wavered with age.  He buckled down to seek the truth of a position and was more than willing to risk all for the thrill of the battle before him.  And so, to whom I refer?  He blazed a long and troublesome career; his name will live forever in the annuals of chess:  Victor Korchnoi.

Biel 2001 saw Victor Korchnoi having White  take on the much younger Alexander Grischuk fielding the black pieces.

After, 1. d4 d5 2. c4  e6  3. Nf3  c6  4. e3  f5

Black chooses a fighting defense called the Stonewall variation of the Dutch Defense. If one wants to win, this defense offers the spirit of fighting chess.

5. Bd3 Nf6 6. O-O  Bd6  7. b3 Qe7 8. Bb2 b6  9. Qc1

White’s idea is to exchange the dark squared bishop.

9. … Bb7 10. Ba3  Nbd7  11. c:d5  c:d5  12.B:d6  Q:d6 13. Nc3  a6 14. Qb2  O-O 15. b4

Those who practice my lesson of square count will understand that Victor is expanding on the Q-side with the ultimate aim of blocking up counterattack on the that field of battle. On black to play, the Rf8-c8 was better.

15. … Rac8?! 16. a4  Ne4 17. Ne2 Qe7  18. Rfc1! Nd6  19. b5!

The importance of this pawn thrust cannot be over emphasized.  He builds control of c6 as black will block opening lines.  This improves the aggressive power of his B on d3.

19. … a5 20. Qa3 R:c1+

In my childish youth learning to play, I always thought the first to give a “check” was an advantage.  Thus do the cobwebs of youth enjoy such follies.

21. R:c1  Rc8  22. R:c8+ N:c8

What can be learned from these check exchanges is that the Knight is removed temporarily from it’s excellent post.

23. Qc3

This simple Q-move strengthens the square count as do what follows.

23. … Qd6  24. Nf4  Ne7 25. h4

Having slowed any Q-side counter-play, Victor starts expanding on the K-side with the intention of a famous quote of Tarrasch: “Before the endgame, comes the middle-game.”

25. … Nf8  26. h5! Bc8  27. Ne5  Bd7 28. f3  Be8 29. g4!

White goes his merry way ever tightening a boa grip on the whole board.

29. … g5 30. Ne2  Nd7 31. Kg2 h6 32. Ng3 f:g4  33. f:g4  N:e5 34. d:e5 Qc5  35. Qd2 Qc7 36. Qb2  Kg7 37. Ne2 Kg8 38. Kf2 Bf7 39. Qd4 Kg7 40. Qc3  Qb8 41. Nd4  Qd8 42. Ke2  Bg8

The student should find joy in understanding the need to always work to improve the position of his and enemy pieces and pawns in order to administer the coup de grace.

43. Bb1 Kh8 44. Qa3 Nc8 Bg6 Kg7 46. Bb1 Kh8 47. Qc1 Ne7 48. Qf1 Nc8 49. Nc6  and Black finally decided to call it quits and resigns.

One might wonder why the old man had to weed his way through what was a superior position.  The answer probably lies in the fact again by forcing the old man to expend energy making his later games perhaps less accurate and timely.  In any case, age and experience won out.

This is my Saint Patrick’s Day gift to the Irish and all lovers of struggles at the board.