Kindred’s Special: Put Your Pipe in Your Mouth and Smoke It

May 25, 2015

We sat in a diner and chatted about supposing this or that.  No reason for the topic to come up except that it is on the minds and lips of many voters and non voters alike. Okay, said I. As far as I know, the only need to qualify is being a natural-born citizen which I am.  And I have the advantage of being like most Americans–neither wealthy nor poor.  I don’t pretend to know all the answers to questions and problems facing the country.  I love it like most do, I believe.  If one were to ask what were my qualifications, I would say they were as good as candidates we hear from repetitively day and night.  I believe in a frugal and well set up agenda without mixing words meant to bamboozle the public, goals that would achieve positive results for meeting the needs of government without shackling the industrial complex with over taxation.  Business, as I always thought it, gave me a goal, a picture of current health and hopefully making greater returns on sales that benefit workers and society. I would run my campaign as economical as practical, knowing by tracking the gains and expenditures to avoid pleading ever more for supporter donations beyond reason.  I would not support causes that drain monies at the expense of individual or national liberty. The “isms” would find no voice.

Who would I choose to be my vice presidential partner in my administration.  I would pick someone like Harry S. Truman, only I see no man having such qualifications.  Hence, I would go out on a limb and pick a woman, not because she is a woman but because she would have the smarts to be a close aid in all affairs.  She would be someone known to many in other countries, honest, dependable, not afraid to tell me where she stands in either agreement or disagreement.  I would expect that.  Unfortunately a Dame Margaret Thatcher type is no longer with us but my eyes cast on one who previously ran unsuccessfully from California for Boxer’s senate seat– Carly Fiorina.

Please. No laughter.

But she wields little more than a couple points.  Look at what her critics had to say about her leadership skills.

Look! My critics, I find polling at this stage to be wholly out of whack.  And there are supporters of her tenure at HP.

HP was like Kodak–going down the tubes fast.  She was hired to do what she did and ‘the good ole boys club’ didn’t like it. Whenever you find poison pens, you find deceit at the table and I believe it was in the Boardroom too.

Look, you can’t blame all the moves to China on Carly Fiorina.  That is the political crap I talk about and needs to be handled with some sign of intelligence.  Donald Trump says he can solve it.  Good.  Maybe he’ll run.

One thing is sure. Nobody would vote for me in their right mind.  I have no ambitions to-speak-of you see.

Kindred’s Special: Pen Scratches of Old

May 24, 2015

Nothing new in the world is as memorable as those days passed in the one room schoolhouse.  Because we did not know any different so school was a way to spend the time with classmates our age.

Today, we think in terms of class size, a host of teachers dealing with specialties.  In my day, one teacher–several subjects, a few books of learning the three emphasized R-s, mandatory for eventual promotion to higher learning.  Female teachers, better known as spinsters because they could not be married, were loved or hated in the minds of young children that through the years of instruction somehow enabled children of both adolescents and teens to fit in the stationary rows of desks that were facing the front where sat “the boss”.  Yes, it was a far cry from yesterday to today’s educational experimentations.

A common form of discipline was the 18-inch ruler or the switch cut from a tree branch.  I cannot say anyone deserved either threat because we were all angels. Heh. Heh. That was pretty true. Let father know his son or daughter was naughty and the experience was the real punishment that followed.

That is to say that we did not shine in pranks.  One I remember vividly happening to a girl everyone thought was stuck on herself so-to-speak.  A teacher’s pet?  I can’t say for sure.  All I know is that a teen sitting behind her decided, or maybe just could not resist her long pigtails that drooped down close to his desk and he dipped one into his ink well. Not sure anyone caught it.  She sat erect, unmoving at first, taking the tail that dripped ink onto her front, then picking up her slate, jumped up, spun around and slammed it over his head and ran screaming from the room.  That had to be the most shocking prank ever we experienced.  Anyway, the teacher got the class under control, sent a girl she knew was a friend to bring her back.  Then, she discharged the class early that made us most happy.  The room was left silent.  Peeking  in the window, I then called over a couple of buddies to share the adventure. Yeah, He was gonna get it for sure! Both teens were instructed to take their seats which were at the back of the classroom being they were tallest.  The front seats were for the smaller kids.  Oh, I remember how we watched expectantly to see the switch come out but Miss T… just sat looking for some minutes at her papers she was grading from  a test that day.  Finally finished, she rose and went to sit in the seats next to them, eyeing in the sternest manner imaginable and dreaded by every student when that look appeared.

Miss T…. pointed out that their behavior was not helping her teach what was taught in class on manners. “Remember that class two weeks ago?  You both deserve punishment and neither of you will like it one bit.” We could see both staring at each other and squirming in their seats.  “First, apologize to each other.”  That done, we looked at each other and I thought, God, is that all?  Hardly had that thought crossed my mind and she sternly said, “You will carry her books to school and home again each day for two weeks.”  “No, no–please Miss T…. I got the cows to fetch and feed. Pa will be furious.” Pigtails chimed in with, “That will be humiliating!  I’d rather get whipped.”

“That is my decision and both of you had better live with it because if you don’t there will be no grade advancement for either and that will not sit well with either of your parents.  Take your books and  go home now.”

“Gosh, I never saw her so stern; it bordered on angry,” both shaking their heads.

“Yeah, that was something to think about guys.”

Guess in my old-age and I look back, there was a sort of tranquility even in those rare happenings.  Even though, at the time, the experiences we all shared in one way or another, left a mark of maturity and character growth because folks looked at life in a kinder and more thankful and peaceful time.  Sure, we didn’t have school buses, sport teams, extra curriculum activities of every kind to keep kids happy.  We were  happy because we experienced life as we knew it.  We had chores; we had those things that ingrained into our character a sense of responsibility, family, church, and living it all to the full.  We knew life could be better and that gave us spirit to move forward.  It is that today if we keep an eye on the ball.

Kindred’s Special: Politics?? Open the windows and aire the room.

May 22, 2015

Oh, Hillary! Oh, Hillary!  We see you everyday and night.

Why, you con the press for free daily coverage.

A cleverer sham artist never existed, save Billy Boy!

No female opponent stands in your way,

But an old grey haired Democrat hero-type to say,

“Hey, the country is in need of waking up.

So, he tossed his hat into the ring.

And the Republicans?

They don’t have much to say.

But a brave hearted woman in their guise,

By the name of Carly Fiorina — full of grit!

Republicans laugh.  Ho! Ho!

Not a chance in Hell they chime in.

They love the media and roll over time and again.

Our country’s in sad shape, having no backbone.

Its business as usual but no direction per se.

Carly is running–she has a right to say.

She is smarter and superior in every way.

Mrs. BC?  Yes, she represents a great con.

She learned well from Professor Alinsky!!

Chicago gangster, communist and social renegade.

Kindred’s Special: Having Faith and Love is Needed to Overcome Obstacles Now and Then

May 17, 2015

My last commentary was a critique on the warnings of conflict by war.  This is to assure my readers that there is another conflict waged through yesterdays, today, and will be in the future.  That conflict is the undermining of faith, of love for family, a self desire for gratification with the emphasis of just saying, “I am taking what I can for myself because that is how the game of life is played today.”  You see it in behavior; you see it, yes, in the breakdown of moral values with the question ? mark that says to our sense of intelligence acquired that what is false and what is real in life.

As the world turns, I gave you what picture the writer in Barron’s presented– a factual picture painted of those times,  leading to what he amply presented as an age of darkness.  But that was only half the story.  The other half is what I present to you as a time when our Lord, our God, the Heavenly Father gave the free people of the world blessings to withstand the trials to come and the hardships and sacrifices that people everywhere found a blanket to shield them.  It was a time for what people saw as real values and uplift of spirit despite the uncertainty of what the future held.  The writer points out the spirit of real leadership and shared dangers of the whole flock.  It was war.  It was not logical to assume God cared as the bombs dropped on London.  Yet, the people rallied in their determination to win–win–win in the end despite the reality that many would die–yes, die but not in vain.  The Cross and the promise of Jesus that today you will be with me in Paradise may well have been on the hearts of every man, woman and child facing the Axis powers.  It was a promise that death was not the end but just a pass into eternal life with the Father.  Those brave souls who died or survived deserve our everlasting thanks.

With victory in World War II the generals realized that it was important to rebuild the world order but was almost immediately faced with the horrors of the socialist-communist Russian empire.  With greed it had forced nations into a Supreme Soviet Union that began almost immediately to undermine the powers Canada, free Europe, Great Britain and United States of America.  Few embraced the spirit of individualism and capitalism with its free enterprise system returning instead to adopt the old way of socialism.  They set up spy rings and only by fate did these become discovered before damage could be done to take over additional free nations as had the Nazi infiltrators.  The socialists and communists learned their lessons well from the war days. War was their god. Power by force was their goal.

Today the culture is once more turning aside the religious tenets of people with pressures being waged here in the United States, and people everywhere, to once more bring down a curtain of darkness.  We, as Americans, having formed a government that recognized freedom, rights, and justice today find these very laws to being skewered in the name of atheism, and a power grab by a liberal progressive movement seen by me as a total power grab. Let us not fall into losing our rights and freedom giving way to the cronyism of politicians or lobbyist hacks.

History is meant to be repeated.  Human nature is what it is– was yesterday, today, and will be in future times.

Kindred’s Special: Seventy-seven Years Ago — A World Went from Peace to War

May 16, 2015

Greed, corruption and let the bands play on.  It was a period of loose living, immoral behavior, of drink, of smoking–all turned on in an era of the 1920s through 1930s where entertainment and gangsters held a nation in awe and envy .  That was America, specifically New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Chicago, New Orleans, Nevada, Miami, and Havana, Cuba with pockets  elsewhere.  Famous criminals roamed almost without fear from a national loose knit justice system wholly controlled within state laws.  State borders were a benefit to interstate crime in those days.

The United States was in love with a robust stock market that busted during the Great Depression.  The Midwest farming practices by farms found huge sand storms ravaging the earth’s vital topsoil which was to take years of improved farm practices to remedy.

The US President was Franklin D. Roosevelt who was crippled by polio but was kept secret from the American people. His condition made no difference to his performed duties other than to the political view at the time that any handicap showed a weakness and may well effect election results.

While in Europe arose the Nazi Party and the emergence of Herr Adolph Hitler, a little known corporal in the German army who rose to power on his gift as an orator and with powerful underlings who embraced his crazed world-view.  Germany invaded other countries including the United States by setting up German Youth Camps whose leaders took the name of Brown Shirts.  Their justification was that Germans living abroad had a right to express their patriotism for the mother country.

My friend and correspondent Tom McKellop sent me an article from Barron’s dated May 11th by Thomas G. Donlan called Their Darkest Hour.  His commentary piece can be backed up as truthful by many of the Hollywood movies that were made during this 1930s-1940s period depicting the rise and fall of the Nazi regime.  I had written in an earlier article how England was really saved by the development of the British Spitfire and the problems faced with English bureaucratic fools. Similar experiences were faced by American men of vision and inventors by American bureaucratic fools!

During the American revolt against English rule, General George Washington waged a battle rather unique in the annuals of warfare to that time.  He fought a limited campaign of disruption, hit and run skirmishes which he learned from battles waged against Indians in the French and Indian War.  This became Churchill’s strategy.

The British government leader was Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and he wrote his sister in April of 1940, “The accumulation of evidence that an attack is imminent is formidable…and yet I cannot convince myself that it is coming.” This was a lesson given us in history.  Pacifists do not deter those having ambitions and are willing to plunder and kill to win wars. The attack came a few days later.  Chamberlain barely survived a parliamentary vote of confidence in May after a debate that saw a rebel member quote Oliver Cromwell to the Prime Minister, “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you!  In the name of God, go!”  Sir Winston Churchill who had been a member of the government was elected the new Prime Minister and this likely saved the world from a rebirth into a new Dark Age.

With the fall of France, Britain was faced with a delaying action and Churchill used Washington’s tactic of defense– a waiting game that took eighteen months.  Roosevelt was providing economic help but Churchill was depending upon God’s deliverance by faith in RIGHT over tyranny and building a powerful fortress against invasion until America across the ocean could be persuaded to join the fight.  The attack by Japan on the Hawaii naval base set loose a sleeping giant as the Japanese Naval Command feared.  It won the battle and other skirmishes in the Pacific but it lost the war.  This act unleashed the American spirit to turn from pacifist to war hawks unleashing the might of the powerful American Industrial base.

Yes, as Thomas Donlan concluded his commentary: We shudder to imagine the world today if the British Parliament had thrust up an appeaser or a peacemaker to be Prime Minister.  Churchill provided an example for Americans resisting the convenient American First movement, appeasing the Japanese lust to expand by providing them much wartime supplies in their conquest of China and elsewhere.

Appeasement can bring a false peace but the hard road to liberty is a better path.

Kindredspirit’s Special: Deliver Us from Evil or Better–Give Us a Strong Backbone to Better Justice

May 16, 2015

Within my over 550 articles, I have labored to present this novice’s view of Life as I live it. Right or Wrong!  I think I find my articles having touched on many subjects, not a few as forerunners of events to take place.  I attribute this to a guardian Angel that was given me as a protector during my trials experienced in daily life.  I must admit I compose my pieces at the computer, not having the slightest idea of what I find inspiring at the moment.  Sometimes I do think about my columns at night in bed, but I was never good at making outlines; with me it is a case of my fingers trying to keep up with my thoughts.

Why and how did I write the above?  When I go back and read it, what will my readers think?  Me crazy?  A guy with some loose noodles?  I never question it or change my articles other than to hit spell check or go to the dictionary or my Word Finder by Readers’ Digest to clarify a meaningful thought.  One word or phrase can do that!

I hate/love writing about politics; much rather spend it on poetic tidbits, my Biblical philosophy, researched materials of general interest and of course on my chess joy aimed at giving my readers some pleasurable moments where I endeavor to seek truth about past literature — the right and wrong of it as I see it.  Being my website and blogging, I do as I please but only with the hope that I give to readers a good assessment found in researching history.  Some of my readers write that I present them a different picture and interpretation of what they had read elsewhere.

It has been a work of change — expanding on the theme of chess to include our walk down the road of Life.  In every way, it is a privilege to have met so many nice folks along the way.

Kindred’s Special: A Missed Opportunity in Baltimore

April 30, 2015

Two nights of zero attendance is a sign that Baltimore lacks imagination.  Believe me; anyone with a bit of intelligence could turn this into a beneficial solution to a horrible event.  My suggestion would be as a smart conservative not from this very liberal city to suggest turning on the light bulb.  Because the only way to regain control is to raise both the individual and community spirit of giving.  And this requires thinking time for wise solutions as well as brains.

These two stale dates for baseball with the dumb thought to play games without fans in the stadium shows the ignorance and stupid thinking of people in charge of liberal policies. Yeah, the city made a lot of mistakes.  First off, they should have opened the stadium for fans and pressed for not only attendance but to raise donations to alleviate the ill feelings that a good two game event would help pacify such anger and help reestablish a sense of togetherness headed in the right direction.  Instead of ticket sales going to the ball clubs, simply ask for donations of any amount which the clubs along with their players might be willing to match one to one.  These funds could be used to expedite renewal of this ugly city section, as it is described, repairing and cleaning up the mess and giving hope to the residents who live there.

Local government needs to work to create harmony and such physical work projects would keep inactive hands busy with worthwhile projects.  Time would help promote a sense of achievement and it would open the door for wider means to find remedies with good spirit and understanding by all residents.   In the meantime, facts can be sought for the causes instead igniting hatreds.  Whatever happened to the political liberal philosophy that man is rational? I see no semblance of this in the city of Baltimore.

And one more thought before closing. The shabby school systems today lack something of humility and critical thinking of student development.  Bullying won’t do it.  Whips won’t do it.  Certainly throwing money at it has proved to be  almost as worthless because it ends up in a  program called public education.

Parents:  encourage your children to study math, history, English, creative writing, music, and how to play chess. If nothing else, the addition of Bible study will turn on your kids creative juices and guidance to a meaningful and happy family life in love and marriage.

Kindred’s Special: A Trip Back in Time

April 28, 2015

In 1920 during cutting of The Kid, Sammy Reshevsky, boy-wonder chess prodigy, visited the studio.  The seven year-old was giving a simultaneous exhibition of 20 players at the Athletic Club.  His manager introduced him to Charlie Chaplin who observed a youngster, age 7, who had a pale. thin and intense face with large eyes that stared belligerently when he met people. “I had been warned that he was temperamental and seldom shook hands with anybody.”

After a brief introduction the lad started staring at Charlie in silence. Charlie went on with his film cutting chore.  Finally he said, “Do you like peaches?

“Yes!” he beamed.

“Well, we have a tree full of them in the garden; you can climb up and get some–at the same time, get one for me, too.”

Several minutes later he returned elated with several peaches.  That was the beginning of our friendship.

“Can you play chess?”, he asked.

Charlie had to admit he could not.

“I’ll teach you! Come and see me play tonight, I’m playing twenty men at the same time,” he said with braggadocio. I said I would and take him to supper afterward.  “Good! I’ll get through early.”

The run of checkmates followed in fairly rapid succession after some length of play that was a great enjoyment for the over 300 who attended, and only the California state champion’s game was still going.  He sat there and studied and studied with the lad growing ever more impatient, finally exclaiming, “You haven’t moved yet?”

The champ, a Dr. Griffiths, shook his head no, so the youngster said, “Look, if you try this move, I’ll go here and if you try that move, I will go there” and he ran off a number of possible variations quickly. “You can’t beat me and we’ll be here all night, so lets call it a draw.”

The Doctor acquiesced. So, it was off to supper!!

During the era of the 20s, a number of motion pictures having much to do with chess themes saw its popularity grow. Cinema titles like, The Three Musketeers, The Miracle of the Wolves, The Seventh Seal, LeJoueur d’Echecs, (The Chess Player), Entr’ Acte came to the screen during the silent and talkies era.

Samuel Reshevsky became chess champion of the United States and later on Champion of the Western World. He was an author and longtime contributor to Chess Review and participated in many international tournaments and team matches.

Kindred’s Special: Modern Politics in Review–

April 27, 2015

A great deal is written or talked on the subject of politics today.  I was thinking of course, as I often do, about how terms used loosely today as commonplace originated.  In biblical terms the history of man’s evolution is well recorded.  Yet it answers not the modern philosophy in the sense that man has matured in his own mind to be of a superior nature to all other things but for woman kind.  The battle of the sexes is long and continues but in modern terms the equation of the two merge where education and commonsense create inequality due to life experience.

From this bland developed influence might I suggest that emerged was the idea of progress that perhaps Alinksky had kidnapped to coin his communistic socialist agenda.  Thus, the socialist movement in America established the left and right wings of political thought where neither could visualize a togetherness of national purpose.  Each thought of themselves as being more or less the measure of all things.  The biblical thought of man sinning and needing redemption was replaced by this progressive movement idea where man was superior in thought and able to do good deeds because he was always thinking of his goodness and willingness to see a better tomorrow.

The liberal philosophy of the twentieth century was born. This general dream state of man to throw off the shackles of religious bigotry gives lift to the spirit of indefinite perfectibility.  Man is good and more important, he is rational!  His whole effort is guided in family and political belief that the bigger the government, this more will benefit the general public.  And this will inevitably lead to more votes and power for the liberal established politic power base.  It has become all about control and power and lead to a two tier population of citizens otherwise known today as left-wing socialist liberals who abuse the US Constitution and laws of the United States of America and demand care for the public from birth to the grave.

The conservative movement is geared for achievement through individual unity of purpose and upholding the US Constitution and laws of the United States. It accentuates moral and ethic values.  Due to a generally liberal media, infiltration throughout the entire education system K-12 and beyond to university study, an environment where learning includes the debate of ideas has been squashed by the liberals and socialist lefties.

Hatreds exist as a human condition and seem more pronounced in the liberal sense, especially the left-wing socialist types. Conservatives are more inclined to be bitter over abuses by government but it is hard to classify it as hatred.  They’re more likely to suffer persecution for their stand on issues by parties that find no grit for debating.

Chess is a war game and it is also a battle of ideas and views.  I believe that every student and reader who views this article should play chess for its many good principles that guide one through life as much as to enjoy good fellowship.

Kindred’s Eye on Women in Politics: Colonel Martha McSally, Ret.

April 25, 2015

U.S. Representative (R-AZ), Col. Martha McSally, Ret., serves on the Armed Services Committee / Homeland Security & Task Force on Combating Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel has been active as a first term female Congresswoman.  Her thrust has been to bring order to investigations in the areas in which she participated or has first hand knowledge.

A little bio:

(1) 26-year career in the USAF; ( 2) Distinguished Grad AFA — then a Masters in Public Policy focusing on International Security at Harvard’s JFK School of Government; ( 3) first woman to fly fighter aircraft in combat and command a fighter squadron in combat flying an A-10 “Warthog” with over 325 hours in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, earning a Bronze star and six Air Medals; (4) as a Major selected for the prestigious Legislative fellowship, and served as a defense and national security advisor to Senator Jon Kyl from Arizona; (5) earned a Masters in Strategic Studies from the Air War College, graduating # 1 in my class of 261 senior military leaders; (6) final military assignment as leader to standup US Africa Command, formed to address security threats emanating from Africa.

She lead planning and oversight of complex and sensitive counter-terrorism missions and other military operations on the continent. In this, Col. McSally was recipient of President Obama’s Administration’s refusal to allocate a military “Quick Reaction Force” for the African theater despite the increased threats and allocation to all other theaters around the globe. I had to watch while we had to rely upon the French to evacuate our Embassy in Chad because no funds existed to do the job ourselves.  Still, funding requests were denied for needed QRF assets for Africa.

As a patriot war hero elected in her first term, she is demanding the truth about Benghazi in Congress. We lost four in a prolonged battle (Kindred calls it a sloppy cover up), including Ambassador Christopher Stephens, US Navy SEALS, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, and computer specialist Sean Smith.

The committee formed by House Speaker John Boehner to investigate Benghazi finds only one of the seven Republicans served in the military, Mike Pompeo of Kansas.  She hopes that this committee will be able to answer a few basic questions:

  1. Who exactly denied Ambassador Stephen’s request for more security at the embassy, and why denied?
  2. With increased hostility and terrorist activity in Africa, why did the Obama Administration repeatedly refuse to allocate any military assets to Africa Command? (Kindred says: maybe the off the cuff comment to Putin, “Ask him to wait until I am reelected.” as a ring of what? I leave that to my readers.).
  3. After initial operations in Libya ended, given the rise of militias and AQW affiliates in the region, why did the Obama Administration (State Dept.) fail to place a QRF or any air assets on alert in Europe to support contingencies in North Africa?

“As a decorated US military combat veteran who has an intimate understanding of the Obama administration trying to defend our embassies and interests in Africa on the cheap, I won’t be snowed by their evasive answers and excuses.”




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