Kindred’s Special: America– A Misguided Rich Nation’s Decline Presents a Bleak Picture and a Lost Soul

October 9, 2015

Today, America under the leadership of the Democrat Party has left a burden to our citizenry that, in the purest sense of conservative values, rarely seen in government today, tells me that the Lord is not happy with his flock. Yeah, sure.  I can just imagine many readers who frequent my blogs saying to themselves, “Yep, there he goes again!–Another tirade.” Of course you aren’t obligated to read my stuff.  Maybe you shouldn’t if it raises your blood pressure to stroke level. To offer some relief for these folks, I may add that the Republican Party and Conservative movements that embrace elements of both parties within their ranks turns me off, too.  What causes such uproar?  In one work (I have the answer) POWER.

Being a pretty fair chess player with many triumphs in my nearly 70 years of combat, I do endeavor to leave my readers with some sort of commonsense voiced among my 600 articles that make up my website.  2007-2015 has been a pretty good run considering that some more sophisticated, well-meaning ventures into the chess world, have folded up their tents.  For this, I thank my loyal brethren for its longevity.

Think back before our time about the nature of our wonderful Land.  Overflowing rivers, forests that would have remained impassable but for the various Indian tribal maintenance of our forestry and other lessons passed down in the Colonial era.  Chess in both South and North America found its beginnings through European heritage of Dutch, English, Germanic and Spanish settlers who braved New World explorations.

Time waits for no man.  Only the Lord, our God, remains once, now, and forever and with each of us who believe upon him for guidance and happiness in love and joy, even among sorrows.  For believe me when I say that in each case, He is with us with Love and protection and offers a guiding hand throughout our lives, even though at times we think he is asleep at the wheel–He is not but too often, we are!?  We are by our secular embrace of judicial and governmental roles enhanced by the progressive movement within our Life’s Walk with our Lord who has to share such  impressment of greed, corruption, and moral decay with Christian believers.  They have their reward on Earth but will not be seen in Heaven.  Morally they have destroyed themselves because they follow not the Law–that given us known as The Ten Commandments but rather by man’s created social structure often seen as alien to the Christian faith often seen as embracing lies, deceptions, and untruths that is a weapon of the angel Satan and his devil assistants.

“You shall know them by their wicked ways.  We are all sinners but not as ravaging wolves among the sheep.”  In my simple life, I fear not.  The Lord is my staff and, like servants before me, unafraid of whatever comes.  I pray that the young people today will embrace the Father in heaven, his Son in our hearts and strive to live meaningful lives that sometimes demands more from us than what we want to surrender.  And we face ever mounting family dangers among ourselves, our sense of service being undermined by falsehoods from both within and abroad.  Let wisdom prevail in our thoughts rather than adhere to such secular organizations created for man’s alienation from having any belief structure other than as lamented once by an atheist, “When you die you die–there is no here-after.

Jesus came to debunk that.  He came to give joy and life and love to people who believe. For those who don’t believe we cannot change their spirit unless such change takes place in one’s heart.  In a sense, to understand God’s law given as the Ten Commandments, we have no moral duty to force anyone to accept them.  It rests solely within the heart of each of us as to how we want to live our life.  Each of us have obligations and expectations going throughout our life as I have expressed here within.  For faith has given us the holy Bible wherein lies the Ten Commandments and map for a successful and happy self, family, and broadening fellowship.

Lead us, Oh Lord, not into temptation, but deliver us from evil and to know the difference between good and evil.  The Devils and Satan exists. The Angels in heaven exist as do those who rebelled against the ways of the Lord in favor of false promises and self adornment of his own beauty and  cast out from God’s love by such rebellion to abide on Earth until the final battle that Michael, God’s  warrior angel, will wage in final judgment.  That is why Satan forever has waged war to cloud our minds in fear of that coming end time for his own forces when all who follow him will be cast into Hell fire for eternity.

Only faith and a steadfast eye on our ultimate goal will muster in peace, joy and love for eternity.

Kindred’s Special: Chess Praxis encompasses Opening – Middlegame – Endgame

October 6, 2015

The chess instructor (coach) is often confronted with the question: my games end in the opening or middlegame if I am lucky and never get to an endgame so aren’t I wasting my time on endgame positions? In a novice manner of speaking, perhaps a coach who takes on a school class chess group might have to agree.  On my recent article featuring the Evans Gambit, I noted that before the endgame comes the opening and middlegame so tactics tend to rule the day whenever gambits apply in practice.  The mysteries of the first two eat up most of the battle, yet the endgame can have on display some high points.

One of my elderly female students I was asked to give instruction quite pointedly noted this to me when I gave the simple lesson  question: how do you checkmate the lone King versus a King and Rook ending? Oh, too simple and it is not likely to ever appear as a practical matter.  A couple years later and many battles in her recorder, she was up against a little boy who refused to surrender the game. “No! I won’t resign!!  She had to prove to him that the game was lost only by checkmating his lone King, using the 50-move rule. Well, you guessed it. She chased him around and around always allowing him to have enough free squares to avoid being trapped because of the tactical principle that would lead to a win.  She never learned it and it frustrated her. The rule was if 50 moves are played without finding a winning method, then the game is drawn. She finally agreed to a draw.

My future wife had taken the trouble to listen and learn and to win the game being taught earlier and how to do it.  She had watched the game since her event had concluded with a loss but a pretty good game.  Anyway, after the game was drawn, she noted:  “Clare, you should have listened to my husband.”  “Don was not your husband, only our coach.”  I showed her the winning method and I bet she never forgot it!

An endgame between Hans Kmoch and Aron Nimsowitsch illustrates my point. The fewer the pieces, the more chance to err. And err is human; we are all human and subject to some pretty dumb chess play.

Nimsowitsch had used his lessons in restriction and blockade to reach the following endgame position as Black.

W- pawns on c4/d4/e5/f2/g5/Bd6/Rb2/Kf4. B-pawns on a5/b3/c4/d5/e6/g6/Rb7/Bc8/Kc6. White to move.

  1. Kg3 A grave mistake.  Do you see why?  By playing correctly 1.Ba3, the game would be drawn because then Black could find no way to make headway; charming now to benefit any watching to have coins tossed on the board, winning with a classic ploy as charming as it is for us to enjoy in 2015, maybe no coins could be seen then or now.  1…Rb4!!
  2. c3:b4  Otherwise, …Ra4 was winning.  2…a4
  3. b5 check  K:b5
  4. Ba3  c3  5. Rb1  Kc4  6. f4  K:c3  7. Kf2  Kc4  8. Ke1  d4  9. Ke2  Kd5   10. Kf3  Bb7  11. Re1  Kc4disch  12. Kf2 b2  13.f5 e:f5  14. e6  Bc6  White resigns (0-1).

For the student who diligently pursues endgame study, the rewards seen is splendid game play and will be a lifelong joy whether you win, lose or draw.

Kindred’s Special: Comic Tidbits

October 4, 2015

For those who are new or trying to find me, you can reach my website Kindredspirit’s Kaleidoscope via Google Search.  Type in “kindredspiritks.” without the quotes.



Kindred’s Special: Let’s Start a New Game

October 4, 2015

Maybe that was the best thing ever said about chess play. How many times I’ve heard this in my adventures seems to acknowledge a kind of love affair with the game regardless whomever puts the finishing touches on the outcome.

At the same time, chess can be exasperatingly complex or simple.  Take the following diagram: White–pawns on a2/b2/c2/d4/f2/h4; Ng3/Bc4/Qe3/Kc1/Rd1/Rh1. > Black- pawns on a7/b7/c6/e6/f7/g7; Kc8/Rd8/Rg8/ Nd7/Bg6/Qf4.

Tal-Botvinnik WCM, Moscow 1960, game 5.  In this game, as in many positional questions arising, Tal decided to offer the exchange of Qs because it would improve his pawn structure. Botvinnik cleverly finds a way to offer the exchange of Qs with Qh6 on his own terms.  As I pointed out in other examples that black jump moves > Nb6>d4 will increase his control of the f4 square as well as expanding his square count which seems to force Tal into exchanging Qs on less favorable circumstances.  But notice the advantage of square count in the initial position favors Tal.  This may be why my GM friend suggested that my theory could be termed full of holes.  However, with the compact position of black forces, Botvinnik should be able to grow his own square count. The threat of Nb6>d4 opens the d-file for the R. And if White trades Qs, then the g-file gets opened for the R on g8.  There are many tidbits in the game of chess.

Kindred’s Special: The Wisdom of Comic Tidbits — Teaching Simplified

September 30, 2015

Comic humor can be a relaxing joy as my readers attest to since I introduced “Tidbits”.  My main problem was how to manifest itself into my blogs wherein I could capture some of the more serious articles hopefully attracting the tweeters and Facebook fans to the wide range of material I write.  I hope I have done so. In any event, it seems my ideas continue to gel, especially for those who use the internet instead of buying a newspaper.

Today’s paper cartoonists present a wealth of wisdom:

Pearls Before Swine  asks the question to rate the importance of money got a scale high of 100. How does it affect your work ethic?  Zero.  I found the cause of our economic social structure.

For Better or Worse — a mother’s wisdom. “Honey, nobody wore earrings when I was in the first grade. We were just kids. We thought like kids. We acted like kids. We looked like kids.  This is a time to be young, to be silly!  I want you to be a child and to enjoy your childhood.”  Her daughter piped up: “I’d enjoy it more if I had earrings.”

The Family Circus    Mom is at the kitchen table helping her child with his homework.  His little brother watching from below the table top asked: ” Mommy, when I go to school, will you promise to help me with my homework, too?”

Ziggy   Ziggy visited a plastic surgeon because of his huge nose.  “There’s not much I can do for you. I’m afraid you’re just not drawn very well.  Maybe you could plead your concern with Tom Wilson and Tom II.”

Pickles   “So you’re happy  Sylvia asked you to be her friend on Facebook?” “Of course!  It means she’s inviting me to be part of her inner circle. It’s a sign of trust.”  Then Sylvia sends her a PA-DING! Oops! She wants me to stop sharing so many cat videos.”

Beetle Bailey  General: “Remember men, when you invade a town, don’t destroy any bars.  After winning a battle, we need places to go to celebrate!”

Peanuts   Kids worry and  can cause not getting to sleep.  “I’m going to fail that test tomorrow for sure. Why do they persecute us poor little kids like this? I can’t sleep…I can just feel myself losing weight. I shouldn’t have to lie awake all night worrying like this! I should be asleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head…Oh, brother!”

Kindred’s Special: Democrats– Well cartooned as Jackasses

September 27, 2015

I guess I have to hand it to Ben Carson who eloquently without malice defines the Democrat today as a jackass.  He did not do so naturally but the wisdom of his thoughts and command of the English language by a man who possesses the finest of traits of human kind and speaks softly but with total meaning.  Somewhere I read that language was corrupted on purpose so that the ungodly could not grasp the truth of issues, thus exposing them for the vipers they are in the Land of the godly. Hence, whenever you see the media progressives debauch someone like Ben Carson, then you know the vipers that emerge on the scene.  The simple fact is that liars and deceivers cannot bear up to truisms.

Regrettably many of the old-guard members of the Democrat Party would be aghast at the hijinks seen within the Party faithful today. And to see the United States falling by the wayside would shock them because never since the Revolutionary period and WWII has this country been so corrupt where laws and decency are brazenly ignored and expanded upon with the blessing of the news media that once acted as the watch dog of the government, especially that of Washington, DC.

The headlines in USA Today (9/25/15) D&C read: TO CONGRESS: DON’T FEAR FOREIGNERS.  Well, I got news for the Pope; the USA never did fear foreigners until Obama came along with his Alinsky professor’s PROGRESSIVE movement, used as a means to cover the intent of the embodied Soviet agents in this country, Canada, England, France, Cuba and much of South America.  In fact, his name doesn’t even appear in my spell check.  Most Americans never heard of him or his passions.  But the truth of the matter is that unfortunately the Pope, for all his goodness, sticks his head in the sand and either through his readings and studies has formulated a relative backwards look at the world. The reality is that the USA has done more for the world at large than any other nation because we have prospered with our innovations and ways to make life more meaningful and abundant.  Our power is not to control nations but to ever be present when dangers like earthquakes, floods, storms, etc. bring devastation to whole areas of the world whereby our navy, air force, and even our soldiers and medic volunteers through the Red Cross and other agencies jump in supported financially by the goodness of the American people in emergency situations.  No! We don’t fear foreigners–only those who come here illegally to have babies born here or to wean out those who aspire to harm our citizens, cities, and way of life.  Our rules are simple– you come here, learn the English language, our laws, pledge allegiance to your adopted Nation and be good citizens.  That is not asking too much and if you think it is, then don’t emigrate.  Your choice!

Politicians make me sick.  They are so afraid to simply follow the rules!  Make excuses for this–for that. And why? Because the American people have been bred on the notion that progressive liberalism is the future.  Well, if it is, then I guess I should just keep my mouth shut and let the world run rip-shod over logic seen in the spirit of Ben Carson.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!  That will give you a colorful picture of the world you live in.

Kindred’s Special: PSALM 65:5

September 26, 2015

Lord, I think often at night in bed before I sleep about the different directions my life has gone or might have gone had I chosen the numerous paths and roads beckoning.  So many times I walked alone, yet there was a feeling of your presence for which I too often never acknowledged of your guidance.  You were there, leading me often on the road less traveled where my joy and happiness could grow in your Love.  Thank you! Thank you!…for your guidance through your Word.

Kindred’s Special: Comic Tidbits

September 20, 2015

When I was not much more than three years old my mom took me to the carnival in Ithaca where she saw a gypsy tent. Being WWII, she took me in and had my future read.  Well, mom did not exactly believe in it; I was too young to care.  Anyway, she predicted that I would be a general of great armies and involved in many battles.  Mom was not a war hawk so maybe it scared her, I don’t know.  I like to follow the comics page for enjoyment; maybe it developed from my collections of Gene Autry, Red Rider, Roy Rogers, Superman, and Batman comic books.

Aries.  You’ll win the game, stomp the competition and claim victory in the battle of ideas. Knowing this, do you still want to take it on? Consider what the benefit will be beyond the momentary achievement.

You find wisdom in strange places, like the column on bridge where I pick up a bit of wisdom now and then. ” It’s hard to think but harder to act.  It’s hardest to act in accordance with your thoughts.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Garfield  Jon suggests to Garfield a trip to the mountains for an exercise hike.  (What a fine thought. Jon permit me to step away for a moment to ponder your proposal—Z (snoring).

Blondie She says to Dagwood, “Did you hear what I just said, sweetheart? ”  “Yes. You said, nobody listens anymore.  Either that or something about the weather. I was listening but I guess I wasn’t paying much attention.”

Pickles  “What’s that on your arm  Nelson? ”  “A Batman Band-Aid. It means I was brave at the doctor.”  “Ah, very nice. I’ve just got a pain old band-aid on my thumb–It means I was stupid at hammering a nail.”


Kindred’s Special: Comic Tidbits

September 17, 2015

I like comic pages in the newspaper.  There is a joy to experience what these artists and cartoonist have to say that sometimes convey important values that make life interesting and a joy. Lets take a gander!

In Jump Start we experience a day in the life of a cop. “You must have pepper strayed somebody I can smell it on you.” He tells his wife that his eyes have been watering ever since.  “Cops hate it.”  The kiddies pipe up with, ” We love Dad’s spicy cologne.”

Garfield the cat responds to “You’ve got a lot to learn about being nice.”  Of course a cat cannot talk but thinks, “I know. That’s my favorite excuse.”  Simple but nice.

Blondie  has been around for many years but still has a host of things to tell us about human nature.  She stops at a perfume counter where the salesman cons her with: “Good afternoon ma’am! Would you care to buy some amazing beauty cream? Then using his gimmick of salesmanship adds: “Omigosh, I’m sorry!  You obviously don’t need this stuff!!  Arriving home she passes by Dagwood who asks her what’s in the bag? “Something I obviously don’t need!”

Pickles is one of my favorites and often has Grandma, Grandpa and grandson featured.  “What’s wrong with Grandpa? “He has a tummy ache because he accidently rinsed his mouth with shampoo instead of mouthwash.” “Yuck! How do you feel, Grandpa?” “Okay. Just a bit bubbly.”

Hagar  always has a good spin on life.  Looting a house can have benefits. Carrying off the loot, the cartoon shows the window occupants. “Why are you smiling” says the King to his Queen. She responds with: “I love remodeling!”

Shoe The female judge swears in Mr. Shoemaker. “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”  “I do, your honor. By the way, you look fabulous in black.”

The Family Circle “Mommy, I said my prayers. God’s never gonna have to retire when he gets old, will he?”

Ziggy  “ The nice thing about memories is that even if you forget some, new ones will take their place.”

Kindred’s Special: Comic Delights

September 17, 2015

Thought of the Day:  Having the uncanny ability to identify candidates strongest ideas while tweaking their noses as funny debaters, I am pinpointing their frail notions collectively trying my best to overlook such embarrassing innuendoes seen coming from the latest debate that made watching the whole thing worthwhile and kept me awake.  In all, it was encouraging to see a round that reminds me seen in chess tournaments where ideas featuring attacks and defense culminate in such fiery endgames.

Who were the winners and losers? It was a great display of giving it their best wherein the struggle making points and still keeping cool heads sometimes bordered on a boxing cajolery of cloudy tempered meanings. Such duels were actually enlightening from the maze of political correctness displayed in past years proving that the political debate game was worth viewing.  Those who did got rewarded.

It will be interesting to see what the media has to report on the morrow and be sure to understand that the hype will last for days.  Likely it will be just another case of who scored the most points.  But from Kindred, let me simply say–AMEN!


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