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Kindred’s Special: Politics ever in my dreams

August 27, 2015

Simple term but oh how inviting for me to take a bite out of all the propaganda faced by the American public, most who turn a deaf ear to the hilarity coming over the airways into my TV and theirs if they even pay attention to what goes on in the public arena.  Of course, most folks just say they are too busy with their own life to pay attention to what goes on and will do so once the nonsense gets separated from the hype of major news organs.

I don’t wait.  My loyal readers want to know what I think.  Frankly I do care but don’t hold it against them for reading my stuff. As a conservative analyst I try to put some thought to what I write but you won’t find my blogs falling short of tweaking the nose of liberals and looking at the events as a clock face where the hands make it round and round and never really get anywhere, always winding up in the same place eventually over and over again across the wide divide.

You know my choice for President.  I don’t like repeating myself.  Somehow I find this refreshing in politics. Fiorina sound familiar?  Well, the darn Republicans obviously are trying to keep her out of the debates because the power brokers often seen as lobbyists think they own the field and the country. You agree with them? Then don’t give Carly a thought.  Yeah, that is her first name.  She zapped the field of seven earlier and many, including myself thinks she would zap to the top of the field remaining which does not fit into their plans. Her straight talk and knowledge stings and they fear it.

You going to let them do it to her?  Or, as my clock illustration suggests, it is just the same old story.  Well, your choice. I don’t care.  No, I guess I do care–for Carly deserves a place in the debate of the century.  She deserves that right by winding her clock where her face shines with honor, integrity and the America we profess to praise — is it still free and is liberty, truth and justice real or just a series of words?  If that be the case, then we have nothing to complain about ever again. The crack in the Liberty Bell is Providence.  It says our freedoms are ever challenged and we must stay the course in a stormy sea.

I say:  STICK IT TO THEM FRIENDS !  Let your voices be heard.  A few become many and many become like a flood.

Kindred’s Special: Eying the Candidates from this old man’s perch

August 22, 2015

Shucks, folks.  The world globe in my study I’ve seen changed and I’m not sure for the better.  It isn’t that the geographic nature of the Earth has gotten any worse for wear despite the large number of new countries emerging out of the past.  In general, things have improved in that respect.  However, as I once stated before, the human spirit has changed and definitely not the way it should have.

As the world turns on its axis, I find the political foment to be very discouraging.  You see, the problem is that human nature does not change; it often takes on an even more sinister nature disguised like the Bible says: they come in sheep clothing but are ravaging wolves.  How true. Ah, Bill C. on less took pride in ravaging women. We only need look at the last eight years and follow back another hundred years to see that the political nature of the beast warned by the founders of our country in writing and approving our Constitution and subsequent articles to never wholly trust a too powerful federal government.

The passing of time saw many ideas and formation of conservative liberal beliefs which got hijacked by the progressive think tank as liberalism in its worst sense abandoning the concept of conservative values.  Progressive movement as I said probably was a con game by Professor Alinsky, a devout communist-social agitator, of whom Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama learned from in college and embraced his many evils.  He was closely aligned with the criminal element that emerged from the Black Hand, Mafia, and other brands denoting the secret government within the United States.  The liberals who likely held little faith in God and Country grasped the belief of the progressive movement which appeared like a light on the horizon of goodness and national advancement toward a socialistic society in which government replaced independence with the effect of being in control of citizens from birth to death.  Even after death, the government decided to tax even that event cheating individual family life.  This whole concept as a Marxist ideology and formed the basis of the communist form of government.  Even now, when conservatives who believe in the individual freedoms as prescribed within our form of government spout the constitution and guarantees, the left-wing socialists strive to shout down and undermine such belief by having formed the ACLU and other socialist lawyer based factions that strive to undermine the America values that has been the backbone of the conservative movement.

So, I come to the nuts of what my heading is all about.  Just who are these folks who run for office across the country?  Well, you can discover them for what they are–the good, the bad and the really ugly.  They emerge on the scene as bonafide candidates with full credentials to run for the office of President of the United States.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not lambasting any of them.  They are all honorable men and one woman in the Republican Party.  The Democrats have crowned it seems as the only woman for months now honoring Hillary Clinton with a kind of queen-like rulership featuring the noble quest, “It is my turn.” The only other candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has been around for a long time having the values of the pure leftist.  Late entries have not been able to muster much appeal and thus speaks poorly of their skill at the political game.

So, here goes:

Enough is said by the letters sent out by the candidates to prospective supporters across the nation.  The only letter I never received was one on Donald Trump who currently leads the pack of Republicans who by and large appear to be depicted as some kind of intrusive party with an independent mind and not afraid to voice what often is seen as rocking the boat of political correctness seen for years and years as pure dogma.  Such may not apply!!  The trouble is that Donald Trump resonates with what many have long felt but been blindsided to ever express because of this political correctness hogwash pushed on the American public and political machines at every level of government as well as the national media.

Each candidate has weaknesses and strengths and surely all possess qualities of proven leadership within the Republican menu.  The debates will eventually weed out those who either cannot stay in the race due to financial difficulties (its a costly adventure requiring lots of dough) or because crowds don’t mass to their rallies or they make impressionable shortfalls in  debates.

I am a conservative minded individual.  I shall not dwell on the Democrats because the old Party never got off the ground and the rising scandals leave little inspiration for the far too often prepared rhetoric of the two leading candidates.  Oh, they have been around for a long time and have their topics and cleverness for drumming up an audience cheering to assist them in their quest.  But we need only remember the many promises of that Pied Piper who led the children astray but empty inside and poorer in the bank checkbook while the voice spoke of heavenly promises.

Who resembles leadership qualities?  I think they all have proved that.  My favorite is Carly Fiorina who has shown those leadership qualities and voiced comprehensive and logical follow-through by careful thought as what the office of President requires without giving away her policies with both sister nations and adversaries.  She specifies those in power whom are friends and foes and makes no bones about it.  The nature of her whole purpose is to govern from strength and to build up our allies giving them the supplies necessary to win the conflicts seen in areas of great turmoil.  She knows the strengths and weaknesses of both friends and adversaries alike and doesn’t get bogged down in a single agenda. That is why I support her personally and on my website.

Ben Carson is a brilliant individual who has valuable attributes for any office.  In saying that, I would be happy to see him emerge among the top candidates or nominated for a top post in the government where his expertise would be greatly appreciated by the people along with Governors whose leadership of their states prove success is a benchmark for qualifications in the past as well as the present.  This election cycle is different in that there are candidates who have no prior political ambitions or held office in the past.

The only one I will never support is from New Jersey.  Why?  Because as head of the governors who pass on funds for those races, he gave zero to the New York State republican-conservative candidate who, by the way, carried every county except that run by the New York Governor Cuomo crowd where much corruption has been witnessed time and again within both parties. His excuse was he wasn’t going to support a sure loser.  Well, just maybe if he had, the republican candidate may well have done more than just carry the New York state counties.

Kindred’s Special: Cuba Today and How Chess Could Better Life and Inspire Freedom to Ring

August 16, 2015

Cuba? Wake up!!  Throw off the chains that bind you.  Prosperity exists only with a free society.

A photograph, thanks to NEW IN CHESS depicts two chess players, one seated on an old used but stable chair that looks ready to follow the old cars and trucks to the graveyard and a wood stand makeshift excuse for a chair used to seat the opponent with a makeshift board and chess pieces resting on their knees for lack of a table.  Being engaged in thought they seem oblivious to the shabby workmanship that makes up the background structure cement wall.

Such conditions exist wherever you find people who have ambition and brains to create regardless the lack of assets such as described.  Fidel Castro blames America.  Socialists and especially communists have a history using the word BLAME. It is this inherent blame game that seems to be a bi-product of all “isms”.  It acts obediently to muffle the free expression of a people anywhere within its ugly grasp.

Patrick Henry was famous.  He was famous for his: “Give me liberty or give me death!!”  These simple words were the rallying cry of the American rebellion.  Perhaps it should be the rallying cry of the freedom loving Cuban people and all who suffer under the yoke of tyrannical governments everywhere.

Why did the American revolution succeed while other people living in tyranny fail to throw off the oppression of its leaders and military dictatorships?  The simple answer historically is weapons—swords, spears, bows and arrows, pistols and rifles in the hands of citizens.  If government can forcibly remove these from free access to its citizens, then that government, by virtue of its ever progressive dominance over the people, can literally control the population within its borders.

The future of Cuba is unclear.  Years ago, before the Castro-communist revolution, the island was violated within by internal corruption and criminal elements from the USA and other countries.  That sparked the revolution and enabled this many long decades of communist rule and propaganda to spread communist influence in South America.  The embargo by the USA was a direct result to counter that aggression.

The dominant long standing anti-communist element of government lobbyists concerning Cuba was finally brought to a close by President Obama.  Many say he mismanaged that by not gaining reparations for businesses confiscated by the Castro regime, a call for the return of criminals who sought safety from American justice, and encouraging more freedom for the Cuban people.  President Obama’s main concern was to reestablish diplomatic relations, some trade of goods, and more freedom to travel.

I see it as a walk out of the darkness into a rainy but clearing morning sunlight where our value system of free enterprise will naturally lead to greater joint interest toward freedom of all Cubans.  The game of chess could well benefit from this and at the same time play a somewhat minor role toward fulfillment of bettering relations among people everywhere.

Kindred’s Special: The Evans Gambit

August 12, 2015

A recent tournament at Dortmund 2015 produced some spectacular chess by the winner Fabiano Caruana.  I chose the following game to illustrate how the young battle in rustic armor but find new lines that oil those tin cans.

White:  Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu   vs. Black:  Fabiano Caruana   Opening:  The Evans Gambit

e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. Bc4  Bc5  4. b4  B:b4  5. c3  Ba5

Abe Turner’s 5. …Be7 is another way to play it. The text is old going back to the days of Anderson,  Lasker and Steinitz. My brother Raymond also favored the text in his postal play.

6. d4  d6  7. Qb3  Qd7 8. d:e5  Bb6  9. a4

Anand found this being tried by Nakamura in the London Classic of 2014.  One of the highly grounded tries is 9. Nd2 d:e5 where results currently tend to favor Black.

9. … Na5 10. Qa2  N:c4  11. Q:c4  Ne7  12. Ba3

I think here the axiom, “Knights before Bishops” might suggest either Na3 or Nbd2.

12. … O-O  13. O-O  Re8

Removing the Rook from the eyeing bishop diagonal is logical.  Suggested also was 13. …Ng6 14. e:d6 c:d6 15. Rd1 Qg4!  However, I wonder about perhaps striking on the Q-side immediately with 14. a5 B:a5 15. e:d6 c:d6 16. B:d6 that enters the realm of classic gambit style play?  The cry of the gambiteer is the middle game comes before the endgame!

14. e:d6  c:d6  15. Rd1

Worth considering is 15. Re1 guarding the e-file pawn. White can always play Qf1 to guard the castled King position.

15. Rd1  Qc6  16. Nbd2  Be6  17. Q:c6?

But this is totally wrong in playing gambits.  You simply don’t play into your opponent’s hands by trading unnecessarily. And White still has a fair position with, say 17. Qd3.

17. … N:c6  Adding to square count.

18. B:d6  Rad8  19. Bb4  Rd3  20. a5  Bc7  21. Nf1 R:d1  22. R:d1  N:a5  23. Nd4  Nc4  24. N:e6 R:e6  25. Rd7  Rc6  26. Ng3  g6  27. Ne2  a5!

The start of the march of this prancing pawn.

28. Nd4?

This illusionary reply of play is seen time and again in chess.  Recommended best is 28. Be7.

28. …. a:b4  29. N:c6  b3!!

“The lust of the passed pawn to expand” is a famous Nimsovitsch quote from his excellent MY SYSTEM.  Actually the pawn can be stopped but only at the expense of winding up a piece down.

30. R:c7  Nd6!!

The crusher.  The pawn promotion is guaranteed.  The geometric beauty of the Knight as I described in an early article is seen here as the squares it defends are b7/b5/c4 while blocking the d-file from White’s Rook as do the pawns on e4 and c3. A  strange configuration that makes chess such a uniquely wonderful experience.

White resigns.

Kindred’s Special: Answering Questions

August 8, 2015

My favorite color? To me, all colors are magical compliments but I perhaps favor sky blue, crystal watery green, and the red white of roses.

My favorite food?  Cup of hot/moist oatmeal, cup of blueberries, cup of milk, brown sugar to taste. 2 poached eggs on rye toast. Chinese salad/-Chinese noodles, sauce & chicken bits, glass ice water.

My favorite chess book?  My library has many. My Chess Adventures by Warburton; In the Dark by Koltanowski, C.J.S. Purdy–His Life, Games, and Writings; V. Vukovic’s The Art of Attack in Chess;  Point Count Chess; Winning Chess by Reinfeld; From My Games by Dr. Euwe and Reinfeld; Ideas Behind the Chess Openings by Reuben Fine.  These books especially perhaps formed the basis of my chess understanding and style of play.

Who would you wish to be using a paint brush of yourself?  I feel comfortable in my skin and inside I find no end to my inquisitive nature.

What is the best advice to help your game? My brother said: “Think before you leap.”

Where do you want to travel?  I am a home body. I like my home, family and friends.

What do you fear most in life?  No fear. Life’s blessings I cherish and find it in love of family and friends. I respect honor and integrity of people in general.

Is chess useful? The principles of chess encompass much of life’s experience and talks on walks with Love.

Will chess ever cease to exist?  For me? No. I dream of heavenly angels with a chessboard and set ever ready.

Kindred’s Look Towards the Goals in Life of Bowling and Chess

August 7, 2015

The goal I set for myself in bowling differs from chess in this respect: I use bowling as my principal means of exercise due to my physical needs as prescribed by my doctor.  As far as chess goes, besides opening a chess book or playing the pieces and pawns around the 64-squares, I find the mental exercise often exceeds the physical element of throwing a bowling ball down the lane during team competition or practice.

Per doctor’s advice, I no longer compete in chess tournament competitions, limiting it to battling my electronic computer wizard. A former chess pal suggested to me I find a new doctor.

I came across an interesting chess battle whose opening today called the Trompowsky Attack is a short but startling example of how the great players on the world stage can fall asleep at the board.

White:  GM S. Palatnk    vs.   Black:  GM E. Geller    Opening:  Trompowsky Attack

1. d4  Nf6  2.  Bg5  d5  3. B:f6  e:f6

An interesting try by me in a club event 30/30 Tornado was 3. f4 which led to an interesting game. Black opens the e-file in hopes of getting active but double-edged play as my reason probably to avoid it.  Besides, I did not like losing a developed piece, let alone one of the bishop-pair early in the game even with a slight pawn weakness which is hard to exploit.

4. e3  Be6  5. Nd2  Nd7  6. c4  Bb4  7. c:d5  B:d5  8. Ne2  O-O

Hiding the King behind a wall of pawns. But walls can be broken down and undermined over and under.

9. Nc3  Nb6  10. a3  B:c3  11. b:c3  c5

Putting the question to the Bishop eliminates the bishop-pair. Black hits the central pawn structure and hopes to secure d5 as a block perhaps of the mobile pawn chain. White finds a sharp square count sally for the Bishop.

12. Bd3  c:d4  13. c:d4  B:g2?

Always look a gift of the Trojan War Horse brought into the enemy city as a peace offering being poison.

14. Rg1  Bc6

Perhaps Geller liked the aesthetic beauty of his forces. But notice the Rook now is on the half-open file.

15. R:g7+  K:g7  16. Qg4+ Kh8 17. Qf5 and mate next move cannot be answered.

Kindred’s Special: Debate or Waste of Time?

August 7, 2015

For me, the only good debate was the early one where I think Carly Fiorina won big!  Told you she had top leadership qualities.

The main event was a win for Gov. Kasich or Ted Cruz. Trump was a flop having no real preparation. You can’t go in cold. And Dr. Ben Carson was given the shaft with stupid questions and least attention.  His quiet demeanor so good in a one on one was probably against him in this format.  Senator Rubio was fast talking with some good points but just repeated yak yak. Others held their own. Huckabee was good because he answered questions asked.

Sorry folks.  That is just the way I see it.

***   ***  ***

Well, that was my take getting ready for bed.  Thinking about it before rising, I felt it necessary to elaborate although I think I did a pretty good job in the above brief of the events.  It is fact that I guess I have kind of a love affair with the beliefs of Carly Fiorina who I have long favored for the Republican presidential nomination.  Her Christian faith and facing the hardships she has had I think has given her the strength, value system and all around wisdom shared by so many women in the past and about a few I blogged.  I also was a long time fan of Mike Huckabee. In fact, I voted for him last time and also made a contribution at his announcement once more when he declared his candidacy. In the debate, he answered the questions asked him and I admire him for his Christian faith and love he expresses in a political world of correctness.  Too, Governor Kasich was someone I admired for several years.   Like Huckabee, the Republicans browbeat him I think hoping he would stumble.  His answers to two questions during the debate convinced me that he has the fiber to go all the way.  The Republic stands well with the quality of leadership seen demonstrated free of name calling and hate baiting used by the Administration.

God save America.

The team of moderators I think asked sharp questions that were on the minds of many citizens and this resulted more in a free for all but hardly a debate.  It sounded more like rehashing.  While this was true of most where the public media followed extensively for their principles, this format gave the American people a really first glance at Carly Fiorina who most probably never heard of or followed. While she traveled the country wide,  she had limited funds but the citizens who took the time to hear her message, were impressed as was I.  Thus, she had a message to get out to America and she used this platform with great wisdom.  It propelled her into winning with over 80 % favorable. Perhaps her name was first known to my readers.

Donald Trump I had hoped would have done some research; he could have hired the best for preparation.  He failed like a kid who did not study for his exam and just winged it.  That may work until the glamour wears off in politics.  A while back he dismissed as a failure Carly Fiorina.  He gives no thought to the reasons, only that someone is a failure.  She lost to Boxer in California, a highly liberal and left-wing state.  It reminds me of his TV program. Well, I advise him to get smart and bone up on how to debate.  Free-wheeling it won’t cut it when knowledge of how government functions  is important in the public eye. May I remind you that Ronald Reagan was an actor, a democrat, served his profession as leader but mostly he was a great historian of life and politics in America–he became a conservative thinker and republican.

Kindred’s Special: Warning! Another Obama Ripoff!!

August 3, 2015

Well, actually it is just old crap covered over like manure added to your flower garden.  A scam by the government and scientific sham artists.  How can people be taken in by these political dupes?

It is simple. The government has swallowed the goofy idea that the world is coming to an end if we don’t thin the ranks of our society (meaning human life).  Along came a new term: ABORTION FOR HEALTH.

Then the kids in grade school from pre kindergarten to high school were given the shaft to believe one line examination: YOU GOT TO TELL YOUR PARENTS TO SUPPORT THIS OR THEY WILL LIKELY GET SICK AND DIE LEAVING YOU RIPE FOR INSTITUTION CARE; OR DO YOU REALLY WANT ANOTHER SIBLING TO SUBTRACT FROM YOUR PARENTAL LOVE THAT YOU CRAVE AND DESIRE?  In a word–jealousy.

And now a hybrid of the old story:  Global warming is the most dangerous enemy facing the world body.

Really?  Last I saw, most labeled it from warming to cooling, to just plain GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE.  They never got their act together. What is it?  Every few years this past decade, scientists  could not make up their mind whether we were going to die from dry arid terrain via a growing dessert eating up miles of usable soil, lack of drinkable water, pests, drugs, or finding the Earth in another ice age whether it be mini or whole.

Now, it is vital says Obama that the US has to lead the world in turning away from natural fuels to man tinkering by creating solar, thermo. nuclear, wind power proven by clear thinking that these are not enough and many claim we still need oil, coal and gas to survive economic security among nations. See some earlier writings on this subject.

Still, it remains a question whether Obama is just wanting another legacy or maybe a road to presidency of the UN where his leftwing ideas can find universal acceptance without understanding the economic disaster that would likely hit some nations on the earth in the future if not sooner.

The world is set for a future of unimaginable wonders due to high tech breakthroughs in coming years.  But lets not fall prey to a belief that one fits all.  We shall survive on love, man’s ingenuity, and mostly faith in continual blessings from biblical knowledge,  prayer and protection by Angels in the heavenly body.

Kindred’s Special: Elders Need to be Always On Guard Against Scams to Get Your Money

August 3, 2015

Most scams appear inviting with fibs like: You are a winner in our latest sweepstakes.  By the way, we enclose for you some ads on really cool products we just know you could use around your home.  The elderly have little else to do often so they read the stuff and send off their payment to receive things they may or may not really want given time to think about it.  Over the years, this could add enough to the home to find the stuff making living space a question.  Most was probably thrown in a cabinet or set of drawers, never to be seen again until you find yourself scratching your head wondering where the stuff came from and found really not ever necessary or even wanted.  And what about that great prize fund you were enticed to try for?  Well, for some reason it never materialized in your mailbox or van visit by the photographer and games’ host.


August 3, 2015

August 3rd 2015:  ARIES – It is rare that the same person who gives you a sense of comfort and security also captures your spirit of adventure and excitement. Cherish the person who brings these varied qualities to your life.

Thought of the Day:  The secret to success is to make your mistakes when nobody is looking!

PICKLES:  “Earl, Why are there dishes and silverware in the washing machine?”  “Dear, you told me to do the dishes while you were gone. But I couldn’t figure out how to work the dishwasher.”  “And you thought it was a good idea to put them in the washing machine?”  “Hey! Give me a little credit, dear.  At least I didn’t try to dry them in the dryer!”

DILBERT:  “I’m working 60 hours average a week lately.” “Wow! You must be a terrible employee to work long hours just to keep your job.” “I was hoping you would consider my work ethic and correcting all those errors coming in from our foreign services department.”

JUMP START: “I want a Camaro when I grow up.” “You won’t need to be driving anything because by the time we grow up, cars will be driven by robot computers so as to make texting while driving easier and safer.”

GARFIELD:  Jon, it has occurred to me that I have never thanked you for all you do for me.  So, I just want to say…that I don’t plan to.”

ZIGGY:  “I don’t waste time worrying about the future.  Worrying about the present is a full time job.”

THE NEIGHBORHOOD:  “I want you to know that you are the best neighbor I have lived next to these 30 years.  You’ve never borrowed any of my tools!