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The Amateur Eye: Does Santa Claus Exist

December 8, 2019

Santa Claus is alive and well in the minds and nature of the reading public. You cannot see him because he was a spirit born in the minds of children who hope and pray for good Christmas tidings.  To be truthful, he exists in such spirit at Christmas time where in many areas of the world cold weather is followed by winter which is why he depends upon his sleigh and reindeer for transporting his many Christmas gifts for delivery to homes especially having young children. As the story goes, they sleep soundly on Christmas Eve night and awaken to see a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with gifts under it.

Over the years the famous Christmas Carol was altered by families to suit their own lives and locations.  But the key feature has never changed–that the Spirit of Christmas for children continue to this day in the guise of a man spirit with a white beard bearing the name Santa Claus, gifts delivered in a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer.

Perhaps the spirit of Santa Claus should forever be the Spirit of Giving to others and through exchanging gifts bring joy and happiness to all who cherish this Holy Christmas Season.–Don.

Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

December 7, 2019

If you want the truth then you just have to ponder what you read and hear in this crazy mixed up world.  Be careful of those in political life who use face lifts to hide their wicked tongues hidden in public view but are seen in the hatred masked drawn old lines in their corrupt mindset and cannot be hidden.


The scene is the usual meeting place at the bar and grill.  “How is your long distant relationship going?”  Her customer and friend says it going great. “I have a man who’s not afraid to federal express his feelings!”


you’re cheese idea wont work because it has been tried before and it failed.  You deny me a testing just because others who tried to solve it failed and your mind is glued to their cheese proposal plan and mine happens to be new and not tried before.  You have a mind of a rodent but that doesn’t mean you like cheese.  Sorry my decision bothers you because I do love cheese.

The Amateur Eye: Shelby Lyman 1936-2019

December 3, 2019

Al Lawrence FACES ACROSS THE BOARD column in Chess Review reports the life and death of one of America’s gold star performers as a chess star and as a writer and host of the TV match Fischer vs. Spassky.  It was unique in that he made chess come alive for millions and introduced many to the joys of learning and studying the many facets of the game.  It stirred the juices of young and old alike and perhaps more than anything else it put the game of chess for America especially on a permanent road that has spiraled upward ever since.

On the following page GM Andy Soltis describes how Lyman deserves the title “TV”s First Chesscaster” who revolutionized the way chess was disseminated to the public. And Bruce Pandolfini noted his first encounter with what was to be a long friendship when he first met Shelby who won the Marshall Chess Club Championship 55 years ago.

This historic time saw great talents emerge who have through the years seen many young and old alike find pushing pawns and all the forces coming behind to do battle with opposing enthusiasts of this Royal Game.