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Kindred’s Special: My Favorite Toothpaste

August 31, 2011

As a young boy my parents always insisted that I take good care of my teeth. Having a Grandpa, Grandma, Father, Mother, and two older brothers and sister–all who kept an eye on my morning routine on visits to the farm of Grandpa and Grandma as well as daily life in our own homestead, life for this lad was blissful having so much attention paid me.  I was a good boy!  Yeah, I brushed my teeth being introduced early on with the toothpowder put out by Colgate.  In those days, toothpowder was the thing and for us, the only thing.  I do not recall ever using the more modern toothpaste but the Colgate brand was a family tradition.  Of course that tradition included board games, card games, and the Rummy and Checkers was among my favorite games.  A little later, I was exposed to the weird looking chessmen and how to play the game. Eventually I was allowed to particpate and the chessbug bit me rather early on. In any event years went by and I eventually found myself venturing out into the world of fresh thoughts and ideas on healthcare.

Today my favorite toothpaste is Tom’s of Maine, natural care.  The description of a natural antiplaque tartar control plus whitening toothpaste found me giving a close look. It contains no floride but does contain what I consider to be a more healthful remedy of care, that being xylitol to help prevent plaque, zinc citrate to control tartar, and silica for whitening with a flavoring of peppermint.

If your pharmacy carries it, try it!  Take it from uncle Kindred, you will love it like I do.

Yep, like all my recommendations on chess literature and products I have noted, I get no financial reward–only the reward of introducing to my readers what I found noteworthy and use myself.

Kindred’s Special: Chess under Communist Influence and Socialized Patterns of State–First

August 20, 2011

Champions are in the mind of the beholder. What makes a champion?  This is my own view whether you share it, like it, or not!  My previous articles set the stage for a look into my own particular history of the ups and downs of chess stars through my time machine, that of my own creation, based upon literature from my library and personal episodes. Thus, come with me and share a picture view animating from my speedy fingers on the keyboard that has a hard time keeping up with my thoughts in private dictation and direction.

The previous article dealt with the 1914  Mannheim Tournament and the aftermath of assassination leading to War being declared by Germany on Russia, imprisonment of the 11-Russian players and brief introduction to the early life of E. D. Bogoljubow.  That life led to 10-years of missing his homeland but was made up for it when he met and married his sweetheart and subsequent two children.  Both, while in confinement as prisoners and upon returning to Russia, Bogoljubow used his skillful pen and skill at the board to keep his family in good health and financially secure.  During this period from 1914-1926 he had attained fame and fortune as one of a few real contenders for the world chess title.  In fact, he had won major tournaments in the USSR and held the title of USSR Champion on more than one occasion.  All reports from the times tell the story: he was the darling of the masses who delighted in his sparkling play.  He described his style as uniquely his but with the flavor of Chigorian. During his rise to stardom it seems he desired to prove that chess was not played out as Capablanca and others suggested but like the modern day Kasparov, Spassky and others prove that chess is even enriched by technology.  His articles were so skillfully and clearly written for the magazine Chess that it  gave the chess audience world-wide a much needed and deeper appreciation for the game.

Being free of a socialist-communist life had given Bogoljuow a sense of self-worth and freedom to make a decent livelihood for his family which he loved dearly.  The powers that be in the USSR chastised him for some of his beliefs and support of Jewish friends and acquaintances which caused the power block of  FIDE-Soviet brotherhood from those days to limit opportunities for travel and participation in international tournaments stating that he should play only in Soviet sponsored tournaments of their choosing.  What happened to him as happened to many who refused to live under such restrictions and yoke of the communist-socialist authorities,  public dissent in the guise of the written and spoken word which condemned him to a life of torment.  Lets face it, he had been the darling of the mass chess audience, his writing elevating the love for chess and desire to give the world his views on the game by both writings and chess style.  His close association with Alekhine whom the USSR had banned as a dissident long before did not help either.

Again war threatened and the rise of the Nazi Party and Hitler altered the life of both Alekhine and Bogoljubow; Alekhine as world champion and professional player as was Bogoljubow–both needed to live in Germany or occupied Europe to play chess. Alekhine writings were according to him altered to include Nazi propaganda for which the Jews in America via the chess magazine edited and owned by Al Horowitiz, Chess Review, lambasted Alekhine to no end.  Few people live up to principles of personal belief under the stress of threats , beatings and death.  Alekhine worked to rectify this assault by Chess Review and others in the free world.  His writings and explanations of those times are a rich heritage in the focus of life under such tyranny.  It was lucky for Bogoljubow that he lived in the American zone and managed to survive.  Life in those times was dangerous due to the constant threat of the Gestapo. He and others at Radom used to listen to the BBC using earphones to blunt and hide the transmittal from spying ears. In the end it was his own talk that he did not learn from the Soviet school of closed mouths. He hated the Bolsheviks as much as the Nazi wild ideas coming from Hitler and held both in equal revulsion and contempt.

Today in America we have the rise of socialism that is adored by the Democrat Party and socialistic and communistic views espoused by some in the news media and within our federal government.  Don’t believe it?  The truth comes in the guise of the hatred shown others regarding ideas, goals, preservation of freedom, of the Tea Party activists who want to restore the United States to sanity in this insane world.  We deplore radicalism; we deplore socialized experimentation; we deplore tinkering with principles upon which this Nation was founded and  had brought the world into the light from a dark hole.  God help us if we give it all up for CHANGE–THE OBAMA DRIBBLE.  Keep the dribble for basketball and not politics.

Kindred’s Special: A Tale of War, Intrigue–Sparks Fly at Mannheim, 1914

August 19, 2011

CHESS HISTORY matches what we call chess–a war game. Indeed, much has been documented and written in our annuals of chess that reflect a close relationship between the game and the trials and tribulations experienced by its many adherents who found themselves wrapped up and often trapped in the intrigue that lies just outside the conflict seen on the battlefield. Such was the case of the little known or remembered events surrounding a major tournament held over July 19th to August 2, 1914 in the city of Mannheim.

The Master Tournament was organized as the 19th Congress of the German Chess Federation. The strong field was composed of Alekhine, Vidmar, Spielmann, Breyer,  our own Frank Marshall,  Reti, Janowski, Bogoljubow, Tarrasch, Duras, John, Tartakower, Fahrni, Post, Carls, Krueger, Flamberg and Mieses who sat in that order on the crosstable of the tournament that never finished. Both Capablanca and Lasker were in preparation for their World Championship match but Lasker attended the event.

This great tournament also was a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the  German Chess Union and 50th of the local chess club. A total 86-participants made up 5-sections. The opening ceremonies reported by the local press was one of cheerfulness and expectancy of some quality chess fights. That was July 20th. The event proceeded until August 2nd when war brought an end to the event when Germany declared war on Russia resulting from the assassination in Sarajevo of the Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand. All 11-Russian participants were arrested and detained and just ironic that the event was halted after the 11th round. They were sent to the local jail in Mannheim and later to a military prison and still later to a civilian prison where Alekhine, Bogoljubow, I. Rabjnovich, and S. Weinstein shared a cell.

“Life in prison was dull and uneventful. No books, chessboard or set, nor newspapers. Bogoljubow and I entertained ourselves by playing blindfold and our fierce battles were interrupted when I was put in solitare confinement for smiling in front of a guard which was against prison policy.”sic –Alekhine.

Many of the players were housed and remained relatively free to move about, play chess and lived in some comfort.  Several decided to move to the mountains where they resided free of most restrictions and finally were able to return to Russia.  Alekhine got to Switzerland with the help of a forged passport.

A number of Prisoner Tournaments were held by the prisoners; the lst won by Flamberg with 9 followed by Bogoljubow with 8. The 2nd was won by Bogoljubow 7.5 with Rabinovich 6.

But Cupid had an arrow and bow and shot one each into the heart of Bogoljubow and a daughter of a local school teacher named Frida Kaltenbach. Subsequently they were married in 1920 and had two daughters–Sonja and Tamara.

Thus did a series of events early in the chesslife of Efim Dmitrievich Bogoljubow take root with a path that led him to the pinnacle of greatness but where the menu he had hoped for of a World Champion title forever evaded him due in part to his inconsistency in a few crucial games.  His tournament play successes sparkled with imaginative and delightful game play. He achieved the Grandmaster Title in the Breyer Memorial Tournament of 1922 with a lst place finish, scoring 15 (13-wins, 4-draws, 1-loss).

Following is his win over Wolf that won him the brilliancy prize.

White: E. D. Bogoljubow  vs.  Black:  Wolf

1. d4  Nf6 2.c4  e6  3. Nf3  c5  4. Nc3  cxd4  5. Nxd4  Bb4  6. Bd2.  The modern GM Kaspaaov vs. Short at this point went 6. g3  O-O 7. Bg2  d5  8. cxd5  Nxd5  9. Bd2, Sarajevo 1999.

6. … b6 7. e3  Bb7  8. Be2  O-O  9. O-O Na6?! A faulty notion that loses too many tempi. Reti recommended 9. …Nc6.

10. a3  Be7  11. Rc1  Nc5 12. f3 Guarding e4 from allowing Ne4 to force exchanges and lessen attacking chances.

12. … g6? This choice is suspect but apparently Wolf has trouble finding a really suitable play now that his Knight sortie was unproductive and time consuming.

13. b4!  e5  14. bxc5  exd4  15. exd4  bxc5  16. d5! d6  17. Rb1 Grabbing the file and increasing square count.

17. … Qd7  18. f4  Rfb8  19. f5!  Bc8 20. Bd3  Qd8  21. Qf3  Rxb1  22. Bxb1!  Rb8  23. g4! One square count buildup after another!  Seek and ye shall find!

23. … Rb2  24. Bc1  Rb3  25. g5  Nd7  26. fxg6 fxg6 Here I can just hear Bogo saying to himself, “lets go down and look around.”

27. Qf7+ Kh8  28. Bxg6! A terrible blunder would be 28. Bc2??  Do you see why? White busts open the King position. The King has no clothes.

28. … hxg6  29. Qxg6 Threatening 30. Rf7.

29. … Qg8 30. Qh5+ Qh7 31. Qe8+ Nf8 32. Rf7  Qc2  33. Qxe7  Qxc1+ 34. Rf1  Rxc3 35. Qxf8+ Kh7 36. Qf7+ Kh8  37. Rxc1  Rxc1+ 38. Kf2 Resigns.

There are some very sharp alternatives which I do not discuss, preferring you strike out on your own to find the truth in the position. Such study of the attacking position trying different defense moves and attacking moves will enrich your own talent for chess play. But in each case, all roads lead to Rome or, in this case, Resignation by Black.

Kindred’s Special: A Top Chess Star Amateur Who Was Among the First to Win the New Grandmaster Title

August 13, 2011

Of course I am talking about Osip S. Bernstein, born 9/20/1882 in Zhitomir, Ukraine, and died after a long, richly successful life as a lawyer specializing in international financial law. We can give thanks to Genna Sosonko and the 5/2011 magazine issue of New In Chess for bringing to Americans a biographical look at Osip Samoilovich Bernstein.

Born of Jewish parents where education was a primary certainty, Hanover’s Polytechnical Institute, Germany was selected for studies at university. His parents did not object to his early skills at chess and so enroute he stopped off in Warsaw, Poland where he defeated the great master Szymon Winawer. However, he decided to travel to Berlin, Germany and started the study of law, eventually receiving a degree in 1906, Dr. of Law at Heidelberg University and returned to Russia to start his law practice in international financial law setting up an office in Moscow; in time he became known as one of the best in the field.

From 1906-1917 he was invited and played in numerous major tournaments and had a reputation of winning the majority against the top players while dropping points to some of the lower entrants. Some considered this a lack staying power. Still, his play was sparkling, imaginative, aggressive and popular among the spectators as well as the other opponents. (I read elsewhere that he was the first to win the title of Grandmaster  along with Rubinstein, from another source although cannot verify this or the specific event at this writing.)

Osip had married Leah Iosifovna Rapoport in1908 and in subsequent years had two children, a daughter Anna and a son Ilya.  Anna followed her father into law and Ilya into becoming a very successful translator, being an excellent student of languages. Their marriage of 54-years together saw too many years of turmoil avoiding authorities due to their Jewish heritage.

The year 1917 saw the revolution and communist taking control of territory which extended to Ostend in 1919 and the Bernsteins just managed to escape to freedom, emigrating to various European countries over the years and eventually ending up in Paris, France in 1940, then to Vichy France until 1942.  From there they had to escape the Nazi invasion settling after a trek across the Spanish Pyrenees in Barcelona.  He played little chess during this period but had a good reputation in his legal field which saw them through many crises.

Occasionally he found time from his busy schedule to accept invitations and to play for the French Olympiad team where he managed to pull off a nifty win against Najdorf and some pretty nice games. Still, it was never certain that he might blunder, make a weak move, or fall asleep while waiting for his opponent to move.

In 1956 he was listed as lst board for France and returned to Russia as Khruschev had denounced Stalin and thawing of suppression had eased tensions.

Time erodes chess skill.  In his youth he always had an hour on his clock and this extended into his middle age. However with time, he began to slow down and often found himself in time trouble, his nerves effecting his thought processes most likely. He would build up a good position only to blow it toward the end. (How often do we see this in older players?) For example, he entered a weak Ostend tournament in 1956 doing poorly from a tournament four decades or more past sharing lst place with Rubinstein who was considered the strongest player in the world at that time. His last tournament was Amsterdam, 1961.

Dr. Bernstein’s final year of life ended in a sanatorium at a small hamlet called Saint Arroman in the French Pyrenees not far from Spain.

Years before, he had contemplated a more serious chess career but decided to pursue his main interest toward a profession in law achieving great success.  He kept a corner of his spirit for the game of chess devoting it whenever his free time allowed.  And all this during an era when Europe was shrouded in darkness and in flames and danger for his family.

In America today we have many former USSR emigrants who cherish chess as either livelihood and/or as a sport.  We have home grown champions who developed especially during the 1960s-1970s who largely quit serious chess to pursue their careers.  Such players as Weinstein, Commons, Rogoff, Lombardy, dominanted the USCF news along with a host of talented women players and succeeded the powerbase driven by Samuel Reshevsky, Reuben Fine, Isaac Kashdan, Shipman, Santasiere,  and earlier Frank Marshall, Edward Lasker, Herman Helms, Showalter among numerous others. Of this group, GM Ken Rogoff probably comes closest to that of our subject being married with children, a world leader in economics at the World Bank, a professor at Harvard, oft times invitee to national news outlets who seek his expertise.  Perhaps Obama and the White House along with the whole Congress could learn a lesson by learning to play chess and not just play at chess!!

Readers can find a very indepth article on the Osip Bernstein family in New In Chess as listed above.

Kindred’s Special: World Aflame, Part 2

August 10, 2011

My first part covered a variety of issues and history for how we eventually arrived at the nature of the Beast, being a news media that fails in the truth and fact test because the progressive liberal view of the world that is aflame with the counter view, namely–Conservatism.  Today we live in a world of hate, of liars, of half-truth tellers whose journalistic life somehow got clouded by mixing it with opinionism. Out of the past we might just ask, “what is wrong with this picture and how did we get to this point that endangers our nation as not seen since either the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish-American War, and the two World Wars in which we prevailed and certainly provided the deciding actions that ended both to return the World from darkness to light”?

When I talk about communism and socialist influence in American life I am referring to the era probably from the 1930s with the effects of depression, dust bowls, development of a colorful time that saw emerge such names as hobo, roaring twenties, music that became total American as an art form in music.  Thus, one might see the depression as a molding of American spirit.  During this era, chess was popular and the hustler became a common enough term for skilled experts in various sports and games. Literary works of all types appeared that enriched stimuli of thought, analysis, and fostered in the post depression era that came about through intrigue of nations using that turmoil of national self-interests that bred the instincts for envy and hatred.

War cost many to lose their lives who were accomplished chess players; some of their games displayed marvelous understanding and skill. No doubt such loss was seen in every country that was involved.  Why war when we certainly as a human race through the centuries experienced such tribulations.  It touched all nations’ people–rich, poor, educated and uneducated alike. Some intellectuals actually believed that the Nazi regime met no harm to the Jews as was voiced by one such woman who following her address to a body intellect that found herself crushed the next day by the Nazi hate campaign along with possibly most who heard her address.

Thus, we find ourselves updated by Part 2 of World Aflame. You may wonder what all this has to do with the state of affairs we find ourselves in today’s time. I use this word as an illustration of chessplaying time clocks.  With a time clock we can stop our time.  In the real world, there is no button to stop the passage of time.  We must examine wisely the use of time given us as a nation and a people.  The problem is the generation of Americans with the huge influx of peoples from round the world, the intermarriage of many from a diverse cultural background, wide range of interests and education that emerged during the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries was a uniquely physical, social and belief structure that makes the United States embrace the concept of freedom that originated in the British Empire by words but wholly practiced in America following the Civil War that destroyed slavery from our shores.  The USA is the only nation that truly gives all who reside within its borders, the free opportunity to go as far as their education, character and work ethic takes them.  Of course a small element is often seen as being exceedingly productive and perhaps some who fail to manage their affairs to reach their hoped goals.  But the freedom exists and it depends upon the spirit to achieve success, and that success can be experienced in a number of ways.

Currently our government is made up of local, state, and national public representatives through elections in most cases where legislatures regulate and put into practice those laws and regulations established for the purpose of a smooth and effective operation our social needs.  Liberals tend to rely upon government policies that tend to care for the public from birth to the grave as some have envisioned it. We have two major parties–Democrat and Republican, each having a general philosophy and which the Democrat Party is embraced by the liberal segment and the Republican Party tends to favor a conservative philosophy.  Unfortunately we are told that we are a democracy which is false.  We are a republic.

When people immigrate to America they are offered a choice of joining a political party and those in charge usually suggest the new arrivals register with the Democrat Party.  The news media through TV, newspapers, radio, and work and social life tends to push the party designated by the Jackass image as being in the interests of the working class.  Over the years, both parties have cooperated, each giving their best proposals and ideas for conducting government affairs. However, as time passed, more and more outside the political circles began to desire to bury the opposition of whomever they supported.  This has led to citizen distrust of elected representatives that intensified over time by the lobbyists who suggest pet projects, leading to graft, corruption and stealing of tax monies meant for necessary infrastructure projects, and research and development of national defense projects.  The general belief as I see it is that distrust and disgust has grown which has given birth to the newest rebellion of taxpayers and lovers of freedom–THE TEA PARTY.

While in the past there have been ideas for a balanced budget and cut out of government waste, it has been nothing but lip service by the politicos hoping such stimulus disappeared once out of sight.  Things changed with the TEA PARTY which is not really a strong band of a central influence but is a general across the National scene of people who are willing to put their money, mouth and concentration on dictating what they want and expect from their representatives who run and are elected on a platform of fiscal responsibility.

The consequences of the debates which I shall not rehash as you should keep abreast of government propaganda, truth or lies, pretty much brings us to the point of finalizing this essay. I shall conclude that I find for myself that our President is a principal to such a degree that I find myself calling him a specialist in exaggeration pure and simple. His ideology is so blatantly skewed up where he cannot find himself to enact some very excellent proposals by a number of quarters–politicians, businessmen, owners, economists, doctors, lawyers, teachers.  Many have appeared before congressional hearings. This self-grand egotist finds it impossible to see the trees but for the forest, and he appears to idolize both socialist and communist propaganda despite the historical shortcomings of both. He is a narcissist.

I close with some of my own views and suggestions that seems to me to be most viable in reaching a process to remedy our current strife:

  • Invite business executives for cutting the crap about hiring by building a consensus they can agree to so they can began to hire and expand their business opportunities;
  • rescind unnecessary regulations effecting business operations and potential growth;
  • simplify the tax code by reducing tax rates while eliminating loopholes;
  • fine heavily those businesses that cheat intentionally if proven in a court of law regarding excessive environmental damage to land and water safety standards;
  • pass legislation that penalizes unfair trading practices by demanding an equal playing field, e.g. hike tariffs on any abuse;
  • require a balanced budget guaranteed following a three-year timeframe for it being enacted and adopted;
  • stop fraud of mail scams with severe financial fines 200% above the worth of a scam, and police cooperation among countries of international origins;
  • enforce mail fraud with fines and or prison sentences;
  • encourage the setting up of volunteer corporate leadership in supporting programs to improve youth development in scholastics and sport with tax credit;
  • infrastructure is in bad shape and must be attacked much like a chess game battle and would likely lead to millions of jobs in various sectors–federal, state, local.

These suggestions I give merely as samples of what smart people might come up with. There comes a time when Americans have to band together to take responsibility for building an American goal of restoring a vibrant workforce.  Our national security and our continued leadership in the world and every nook and cranny of our land has a value not measurable.

God Bless America and all free people in society of good character and honor!

Kindred’s Special: The World Aflame

August 9, 2011

The World Aflame I chose for this essay to illustrate that the idiots running the US government and policy making boards that comprise it and love to appear on channel 44 that seems to me to be an exposure to public scrutiny that shows just exactly who these liberal and conservative voices are. Yes, some are excellent speakers and offer up challenging questions of the bodies seated before them. Still, one gets an impression that it is mostly hype.  Much of this is hidden within the realm of committee members seeking truth and I certainly applaud this as most members are there to do the people’s business.  Yet, if one sees the results of Congress who now are split between control by Republicans in the House and the Senate in control of the jackassery headed by the senator from Nevada.

I have no voice in bringing down such a corrupt and communistic society that has been emerging year by year since the 1940s in America and slowly being transformed into the modern-day media. Lets face it, since the Joe McCarthy era, communism has stepped aside seemingly and been most happy to take steps backwards while retaining a dynamic chess position within the United States. First, lets set the record straight about Senator MacCarthy.  He was after communists who had infiltrated the US government and a few who held high positions of influence.  The media attacked McCarthy falsely as the head of the investigation into Hollywood communist influence for which, as I recall, had nothing to do directly with that committee investigation. A number of talented actors and others in the industry were vilified and many unjustly without proof.  It was an era of desperate fear in a time of atomic bombs being dropped on our country and I remember we school children having to hide in the closet or under our desks at the wailing of threats from bombing runs by enemy bombers. The committee running this investigation was not that of Joe MacCarthy who I think was grossly smeared by the media press on purpose to kill off all investigation of socialist/communist influence.  The mere fact that the Russians dominance in Europe, spreading down in South America and North Korean attack on South Korea leading President Truman’s introducing the idea of “police action” rather than declaring war caused watchful diligence by the USA.

Now, what has all this got to do with current events.  As a chess player I like to look back at history and many Americans today either do not remember those events or were not yet born. I was. I was there. And as a student of history I always review the past that often exposes truth into the modern era.  In the book The Naked Communist that was pulled from the shelves of school libraries most likely noted that communist planning was willing to take two steps backwards to move three steps forward at a future time.

The American woman chess champion Mary Bain went to Russia for the world championship.  She was treated like royalty and shown a city that was built special for tourists and important persons to show the superiority of Soviet life.  The USCF did nothing to assist our woman champion who had to virtually wage battles all by herself. She came back to America rather imbittered over lack of American support as many other countries had done for their representatives.  In similar ways, our own Sammy Reshevsky met with conditions that Reshevsky called suspicious. Of course no one could prove such scandalous  activity by drawing or throwing games  to  favor the eventual winner.  Later on, Bobby Fischer raised similar objections of Soviet  tinkering and even dropped out. In most recent times, there was the Korchnoi vs Karpov controversy and later on what we might term the  “Toilet Affair..”

When I was a teen I loved chessplay because I felt that it was a game of high integrity.  Subsequent events and like those above apparently prove me wrong. It is not, however, chess that is to blame but those who engage in such skullduggery.

Now, going back to politics, it is evident that the associations of Obama over the years, his appointments of dubious characters to positions of dominance despite proven skullduggery in activities and  financial wrongdoings, his utter lack of skills in understanding government and a suspicious lack of having integrity beyond reproach gives the American citizens the right to chastise the media of course which is mum on that because they are shamed by their utter support of this man for the highest office wishing to hide facts from the public and following him like one follows a Pied Piper.  Never mind truth, justice and honor but to make Americans over zealous in electing the first black man President.

Current news I do not wish to repeat here as everyone knows the facts who have interest in making a study of such a man having such character flaws as overshadowing all to preserve his personal ideology.

Tonight I just heard on the news the loss of military (among them navy seals) personnel and acknowledgement by President Obama’s lackadaisical report on the death of those men.  Dr. Savage reported in-depth who questioned the use of the type of military craft used and suggests that  such operations are not used normally in such raids.

God Bless America and wake up before it is too late, if there is still time.

Kindred’s Special: QGD– Exchange Variation featuring Minority Attack and Defensive Strategy

August 2, 2011

During your chess adventures you will most likely come up against the old and famous weapon for White, namely the Minority Attack which occurs in the QGD Exchange Variation. I first met this idea when studying a beautiful win in the hands of GM Larry Evans who won a positional masterpiece and whose notes brought considerable attention.  As in most cases, such well played games  find themselves in print for audience appreciation and tend toward optimistic evaluations and lack offering better ideas for Black’s defensive resources.  Such coverage in those early days coincided with the evolution of modern day printing.  Space was limited and the key idea of writers was to present a game highlighting the combative spirit of the combatants.  It was felt that too much analysis and over indepth notes would lessen the impact of the game’s  beauty, whether it be positional, attacks or defense.  There were examples but tournaments were infrequent and news coverage limited of complete game scores found in the tournament book or chess magazines.

Our opening emerges from 1. d4  d5  2. c4  e6  3. Nc3  Nf6  4.Bg5 Nbd7  5. e3  Be7  6. cxd5  exd5  7. Bd3  c6  8. Qc2  O-O  9. Nf3  Re8  10. O-O  g6  11. Rab1 Nh5.

GM Erich Eliskases, a powerful correspondence player as well as over-the-board, developed a system to combat this dangerous setup and plan; his pupil IM Guillermo Soppe co-authored with Raul Grosso an interesting book, Erich Eliskases, Gentleman of Chess, and thus was born the Eliskases-Soppe System.

The jump move plan by White of b4 >b5>bxc6 with the idea of weakening the c6 and d5 pawn structure which has over time proven to be tough to defend, leaving White an initiative with space advantage on the Q-side. Eliskases developed a defensive plan based upon exchange of the black-square Bishops,  reducing the danger of dark squares created by g6, having the Q on e7 to strike and pressure the Q-side. As pieces lessen, Eliskases’ aim is to eventually get his King to d6 where it may present some chances for infiltrating on the Q-side.

Against Pedro Martin, Mar del Plata 1951, the play went… 12. Bxe7  Qxe7  13. b4  a6  14. a4  Nb6

The key tactical idea here is to meet 15. b5  axb5  16. axb5 c5! 17.dxc5  Qxc5 Here Larry Evans tried 18. Nd4  Bd7 19. Rbc1  Rec8 Eliskases won in 53 moves.

18.Rfc1  Bg4  19. Ne2  Qxc2  20. Bxc2 Bxf3  21. gxf3  Rec8  22. Nd4  Nf6  23. Ra1  Nfd7

Black’s Knights dominate the position and Black eventually won the game.

Of course there are different plans. Other moves tried are 12. h3  Nb6  13. Qb3  Nh5  14. Bxe7  Rxe7  15. Rfe1  Ng7  16. e4  dxe4  17. Nxe4  Be6  18. Qa3 Rc7 drawn vs. Najdorf.

Here, my intention is to show a fairly good opening method to meeting the dangerous minority attack launched by White. It is by no means the end in itself.  If you want to improve, then you should investigate by research and practice different approaches when meeting this system from either side.