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The Amateur Eye / MSNBC Trumped Again

May 28, 2017

The garbage from MSNBC never ends but once again Donald J. Trump seems to have trumped the pagans of the airways.  What was the hope seen for several days was another MSNBC mindset of “Trump being a dunce.” as just another embarrassment on the world scene for America.

Gosh!  By-gosh!!  What a joy I experienced watching Fox News coverage of his first organized trip to meet with other national leaders…the quality shown by the First Lady! Once again we saw plain talk of Americanism on the stage.  It all happened with the aftermath of the Manchester, England bombing which brought a new term to those who hide behind political correctness with the term–LOSERS as perfect titles for murderous scumbags.  The title befits all those who commit violence, with murder being number one of a listing to fit a defunct status of human bondage.

To witness what I have and certainly all who view MSNBC reveals the hatred which is highlighted in the political venue of the Democrat Party and their “hacks” which may explain why all the monies tossed by the Soros’ gang from Europe and the Hollywood snobs to win recent elections proved that truth and justice is alive and well in America.

We Americans who voted on the up and up elected Donald J. Trump the President of the United States as engineered by the laws of the election process set forth over a century ago coming out of debate and reasoning powers of governance that recognized that control in the hands of the most populous states infringed upon those lesser populated states to ever have a say in electing a president.  Thank God for wisdom!


Don’s Hall of Humor

May 16, 2017

It does absolutely no good to be irritated by every little thing that happens.  Being sensitive is a blessing and curse and is only helpful as it can be adjusted appropriately to  the situation at hand,  Dancing in the shadows of probability can prove irksome to the spirit. Finding fault is like washing windows.  All the dirt seen is on the other side.

Pickles:  Gramma, grampa and grandson we find sitting on the front porch steps. I took back the library books because I was tired of waiting for you to do it.  Grampa in his usual good sense said “Thanks dear.  You’re a sweetheart.”  Gramp’s wisdom to youth, “Sometimes when you are faced with an unpleasant task, you just have to dig down deep and find the patience to wait for someone else to do it.”

Peanuts:  It is really a good thing that people are different.  Wouldn’t it be terrible if everybody agreed on everything?  Why?  If everybody agreed with me, they would all be right!  which brings me in line with my own witty ways.

The  Amateur  Eye  – My Own Fake News

I was watching TV news and getting the usual garbage of fiction news when the news switched to a visit with Putin.  You know who Putin is!?!? Well, I found him sitting at the piano and opening the closure started to knock out not music but what sounded to me like a coded message seen by shortwave radio enthusiasts.  When he finished he closed the cover, got up with a big smile on his face and strode off.  Now I ask you, did this warrant TV news time?  And what was so damned suspicious was the grin as he walked off.  One commentator was heard to say that the boss needed to take music lessons.  Meanwhile, at KGB headquarters the lights stayed on late into the night.  Now, that whole Putin smile makes one wonder just what the hell is going on as MSNBC nutcases report.  Why did this take place?  Just what is going on?  And Trump just has to be involved in this latest escapade.  It just has to have something to do with the corrupted election returns or was it his coming trip to the middle east and Europe?  We need to have another special prosecutor to handle this!! Maybe we should not let him take the trip because he is such a dunce. finis.

Thus, we come to recognize just how ridiculous all this fake news via MSNBC is and how damaging it is to air night and day about our nation and leaders.  And in my opinion and that of many across America and the world, Donald J. Trump is doing a “great job” bringing back to America all that which “Makes America Great Again!”  Anyone can see that he is not a politician by yesterday’s standards.  He is in a learning curve where, God willing, he will be long remembered as one who improved America and its ideals and values and to lead us out of the darkness and guide us into a bright and sunny century.





















The Amateur Eye – True Leaders

May 11, 2017

Government has an obligation not to inhibit the collection and dissemination of news. Whenever the press throw bricks at me, I am a pretty good shot myself and throw’em back at ’em. Truth is necessary for justice to prevail. Truth exposes the hypocrite who has an evil liking for tossing darts.  We have entered an age of no privacy, where all are open to surveillance.  I walk slowly but never backwards. The professional female specie has a sharp tongue, a loose interpretation, and known to be less than a truth seeker.  A woman’s work is never done but is the rock around which the family functions.

The Amateur Eye – Computers Any One?

May 9, 2017

I am mindful that my ideas aimed at demonstrating the chessboard as a focal point of learning principles that do emerge from math, being largely of geometric patterns of board features and the chess men themselves sometimes omit in teaching techniques a value of understanding the individual or as a team just how these relate to the board.

In their individual contribution to square movement and power often I find it a valuable tool that was taught by Dr. Tarrasch in THE GAME OF CHESS where he illustrates numerous mind training techniques.  One such example can be seen that gives the student a unique experience in understanding the cooperation of units and uses the combination of K/B/N vs. king where the goal is to reduce the squares available by force of the lone king and with the power of the B+N+K forces a position where the king’s mobility is restricted and the combined units establish a mating net.

Then there are examples of B/B/K versus king; R/K versus king; Q/K versus king.

What about the pawns?  There are various examples showing the student how to judge if the King with a lone pawn can win against a king on the open board.  That is demonstrated by the drawing of a triangle or square measuring the distance between the Pawn and king and support by the King if needed.  If the king can get inside the constructed square,  then it is usually a draw.

These simple exercises by  a coach or student are the essential building blocks of board to piece relationships.  At the same time, the student or students learn the meaning of time, space, and power in both independent and dependent roles of units.  It builds on the team concept of combating enemy forces and terrain planning. From such come an understanding of the bishop-pair, two rooks in a general plan in both attack and defense.

Since I learned chess the old-fashion way, I cannot say that a computer program will or will not emphasize in some way these techniques given above.  However, I bet most teachers or coaches do not put much on this learning mode from the early history of chess instruction.

The Amateur Eye – Political Hogwash/Waste

May 9, 2017

Time and again I promise myself to avoid commenting on the hogwash in politics.  Life is too short and the focus as all TV and radio news aims often by journalists or guests who have a new book to sell gives me heartburn as I suspect such listening effects you likewise.  These idiot masters of such jargon reminds me of the old RCA records with beautiful symphonies the family listen to and I spent hundreds, if not thousands by having a recording RCA or Columbia membership.  The difference is clear:  we got something valuable for the cost and time spent listening that brought peace to thoughtful reflection.

Really.  I am not interested in receiving tons of political junk mail from the elected pushing me to send them donations when current elections just concluded put them in office.  Makes me wonder if they are doing their job or wasting monies paying for all these constant mailings which hit my mailbox almost daily and caused damage.  And then I get dollar bills in the envelopes to encourage me to open the envelope and respond by returning the dollar bill along with, you guessed it, a handsome donation.  I guess Washington, DC, where most of this mail comes from is cycled throughout the charity trough.  Point blank–I don’t have the money or time to waste answering phone calls. And not being a recipient of political favors irks me because I see the waste of postage and paper.  I am sure these folks who are hired to do this have good intentions but good intentions do not cut it with me for the expense all way around that includes my mailbox.


The Amateur Eye

May 7, 2017

The  rainy season seems to have arrived and settled over my property–at least it hasn’t moved.  I am reminded of the saying: “Rain, rain, go away!”  Look, my pond-lake was low from the long summer and fall drought and I prayed that we would get rain.  But this much?? Lord, my neighbors should be happy that we had the wisdom to construct it or those lower end properties would be surely flooded.  There is another reason because the town did not provide water to this district.  So, my pond-lake offered free use by the fire department should they require such aid. Self protection! And the fishing is pretty good too!

Now you may ask just what has this to do with my title, The Amateur Eye.  Well, for starters we (my wife and I) were not professionals at land management — just a guy and gal who were wise enough for both safety for ourselves as well as neighbors.

I got to thinking that people can do miraculous things without having the title “professional” affixed to it.  So in this light, I applaud all those amateurs who have made valuable contributions to making America the Land it is.  God Bless everyone.