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Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

May 27, 2019

To digest it all, I confess that my PC sort of burped wherein my flock of friendly readers were left in the dark. But now things appear to be on the mend if all works well. So welcome back!

Today’s comic portfolio is a great start having some good stuff to tickle your ribs so get the coffee or tea nice and hot.

Garfield’s been meowing for me to get the ball rolling with his urge to do a bit of walking in this beautiful sunny morning. He goes in Jon’s bedroom to awaken him and accidently does a paws’ job on Jon’s face which brought a sharp wakeup call that marveled my old training NCO Smith of military days. That verbal wakeup call would not be appropriate here and so leave it with “Get off my face, you cat!” Garfield meows “Join me on my way to breakfast!”

Elmo is ambitious as always and has set up what kids often do a lemonade stand which attracts Dagwood who dashes over to see Elmo and orders a cup of lemonade. “I’ll take one of those, Elmo!” “You’ve got it Mr. B. Will that be for here or take out, Mr. B?” “What’s the difference?” “Actually I charge a small cover charge for takeout on the premises, Mr. B.” Dag looks at Elmo’s printed sign noting “.50 cents a cup.”

Pickles is always a delight where we see Nelson entering the Opal kitchen who is preparing breakfast. “Gramma! My gum got stuck in my hair while I was asleep. Is this going to be OK?” “Oh, no! This doesn’t look good at all. I don’t know, Nelson. We may have to cut out a chunk of your hair! “No! No! Gramma…. I mean will the gum be all right?!”