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Kindred’s Special: Karpov Shines at Prague in 2002

October 31, 2015

Former World Champion Anatoly Karpov’s games sizzle with clarity of purpose and accuracy in the following game where the (then) fifty year old found the Spring weather inviting and inspired him to add another tournament to his resume of topping the charts in this speedy contest.

White:    Anatoly Karpov    vs.  Black:  Nigel Short   Opening:  Nimzo-Indian Defense

  1. d4  Nf6  2. c4  e6  3. Nc3  Bb4  4. Qc2  d5  5. c:d5  e:d5  6. Bg5  h6  7. Bh4  c5  8. d:c5  g5  9. Bg3  Ne4  10. e3  Qa5  11. Nge2  Bf5  12. Be5!  N:c3 13. Q:f5  Ne4

It rarely is a good idea to create too many exchanges.  On 13. … N:e2  14. K:e2  O-O  15. h4! Gaining space and square count. For the same reason come next…

14. Nc3!  O-O  15. Bd3  Nc6  16. O-O

White might also have considered 16. B:e4  d:e4  17. Bf6 but castles leads to a brutal end. Black simply misses the point and makes what appears a reasonable counter-play for his Rook into the central file.

16. … Rfe8  17. N:e4 d:e4  18. B:e4  R:e5  19. Qh7+  Kf8  20. Qh6+ Resigns.

After 20… Ke7 21. Qd6+ Ke8  22. Bc6+.

Kindred’s Special: The Foul Mouth Lying Witch of a Bitch–A Halloween Saga Unending

October 31, 2015

You like Hillary?  You think she is the best thing to ever wear pant suits?  Don’t read further. Your stomach might toss.

She was a fan of Professor Saul Alinsky, wrote her 92 page college paper thesis on the radical “community organizer;” and following his death in 1972 continued to keep that relationship into the 1990s with his group called the Industrial Areas Foundation, or IAF.  Her future workings show she must have had a liking for his treatise called Rules for Radicals that became the game plan for Left radicals on how to take over America’s government and education system institutions.

Who you admire as role models gives a clue as to how you think, believe, your likes and hatreds.  Well, the Chicago mobster dedicated his book to someone called Lucifer.  You get my meaning? View this creepy inscription by Alinsky,

Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical noted in legends, mythology and history (and who is to say where mythology leaves off and history begins) the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom– Lucifer.”

Hillary is radical by nature, cunning as a fox to be sure, but she learned an important lesson from her mentor: “The trick is to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions, and political parties.”  True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism but work to inflame the spirit of listeners.  In the end, I believe, it fits Hillary to a tee.  Why?  The trail leads always to the Clinton Foundation.

The history of both Clintons and zest to one might conclude –rape the whole industrialized world using the Clinton Foundation.  What a scandal sheet!!

  1. Use of IRS against critics physically or mentally attacked;
  2. FBI Filegate to conduct opposition research against those having opposing views;
  3. Emailgate laughed off but not for a great US general and mocking the Benghazi murders;
  4. Chinagate granting of waivers to Loral Space and other hi-techs to sell missile guidance system technology to China for about $5 million in donations to the Clinton-Gore campaign, putting our nation a risk;
  5. Sold seats on trade missions for the 96 campaign;
  6. She kept a lid on Bill’s female adventures by hiring shysters, one or more involved in killing Kathleen Willey’s pet cat; using IRS to harass female whistleblowers;
  7. The war on women was a product of Hillary Clinton;
  8. Billy Dale, WH Travel Office was indicted on trumped-up charges of embezzlement, was acquitted with two hours of jury deliberation and was then audited by the IRS which happened to any who got in disfavor by the Clintons;
  9. Cattlegate was probably the most biggest scandal when Hillary turned $1000 into a windfall of $99,537 profit in less than a year because of high-placed connection with Tyson Foods–insider trading scandal.
  10. Murder of teenagers who witnessed drug dealings by an associate of the Clintons, mysteriously dropped;

The mysterious death of Clinton lawyer Vince Foster goes unresolved to this day.

The stonewalling of congressman Trey Gowdy who chairs the House committee investigating the Benghazi attack was not the end-all of this mess.  The endgame came with the Democratic Debate as the PARTY bent and twisted facts and attempted to make out that Hillary was just being Hillary and, being misunderstood and at the same time the smartest woman in America having her right to the ultimate throne she has sought for many years is mind-boggling to this writer.

My hat off to Saul Alinsky who adored Satan (Lucifer) for at least being truthful as he sees the world in which he found a blanket of protection as seen in Peanuts.  As he wrote, “Hell would be heaven for me. All my life I’ve been with the have-nots. Over here, if you’re a have-not, you’re short of dough. If you’re a have-not in Hell, you’re short of virtue. Once I get into Hell, I’ll start organizing the have-nots over there.”

Maybe in some ways, Hillary learned the stony-grit of a Saul Alinsky philosophy.  Something to emulate?

Kindred’s Special: Liberal News Media Fouled Out While KC Blasted Mets by 7-1

October 29, 2015

The fix is in. Illegals set to vote.  That could well be the beginning of the end. After viewing the 3rd and latest debate on channel 205, it is a real possibility.  You see, dear readers, the left can’t stand Christianity, wholesome charity, or mom’s homemade apple and pumpkin pie.  Still worse, they hate the conservative banner and all it stands for.  Toys for Tots is likely someday to be put on the bloc as well.

Somewhere down that lonesome road that set on the walls of hidden communists in the 1930s-beyond, showing the hidden code of the red diaper babies parents for fellow conspirators, those little tots grew into the huge left-wing establishment, being schooled toward professorships, teachers, doctors, lawyers, unionists — all with the purpose of annexing the education system that promised to water down the values of the Constitution and history, defecting the truisms of each and perhaps others.

The 21st Century was supposed to be the beginning of a great experiment and having in place a vast array of new ideas and ways to bring about a more domesticated form of socialism and enrich the human spirit by eliminating those past failures of mankind.

Yep.  The conservative-minded finally found a strong backbone when all candidates rallied to put down the left-wing ideology that was spewed as questions concerning economics.  Lets take a look at just a few.  Candidate platforms came out smelling like dead rotting fish where the questions were meant to poke fun of each and every candidate on the stage.  Thankfully, they banded together and drove off the cheese mold from questions skipping logical and critical thought by asking about the popular sports menu and games offered the public. At that point, the monitors could have departed for home because they were all laughing stocks and even some of the commentators poked fun at those obvious idiots who don the clothe of news media hawks thanks to Trump, Carson, Rubio, Fiorina, Huckabee, and most of all–Christie and Cruz.

Bless their souls!!!!!!!!!!!

Kindred’s Tickling Tidbits

October 26, 2015

Aires-  You can miss something by living too much in your head or approaching every situation from an intellectual standpoint.Let your body and feelings merge.

Blondie –  Dagwood tells Blondie that he ran into Naomi Winderback and she said to give you her best. She is the biggest gossip I know.  She knows everybody’s business in town.  Did she say anything else?

Pickles – Earl, would you say I’m judgmental?  I mean, I hope I’m not. I don’t like people who are judgmental.  But I am pretty sure I am not. Because I can tell people who are judgmental just by looking at them. Earl listens and seems a bit dumbfounded. Like usual, he can’t get a word in edgewise.

Kindred’s Special: The English Opening featuring the Four Knights (A29) variation

October 25, 2015

One might suppose this to be a King versus Queen battle in that it was played during the top of the King’s game versus the rise of a new Queen rising on the horizon.  In some respects, it also shows an old decade of thought versus a new 21st Century look at the high spirit of adventure and risk taking seen in the younger generation whether it be male or female.  Chess proves that man and woman share an equal place in all adventures through their life cycle.

Times change.  In the 21st Century anything is possible regarding the social fabric of the male-female specie.  We hear regularly the willingness to see a woman as President of the United States.  Once upon a time, women were thought to be in charge of the apron strings only, and now we see women who manage both apron strings and purse strings equally well in addition to management expertise.

Much has been written by folks perhaps much better than I in tackling such a dilemma, being that the male ego might well be a roadblock to their acceptance of such a prospect.  The Soviet bloc of the 30s on saw a progressively appearance by women in chess who possessed an aggressive posture for things artistic and beautiful where energy was thought to be fruitful and on the 64-squares as worthwhile.  Yes, they can produce art of various kinds, beautiful gardens, write superb books on many subjects.  But do they possess those qualities at the high level men seemed to have achieved in chess for that elusive, to many, –COMBATIVENESS?  In this, the sisters Polgar experiment led the way for girls as well as boys of school age to develop their talents where it connected especially in the West and certainly in the USA. It was once thought by players like Nimsowitsch concerning the best age for students to learn and study the game as being 13 yrs. or older has proved a fallacy.  The wealth of technological discoveries with computers has altered much of a conclusive nature of the human mind enriching ever sooner the mental capacity of youth.

Hence, I present the following interesting game between GM Boris Gulko and IM Irina Krush from the 2007 SPICE Cup, Lubbock, Texas.

White:  GM Boris Gulko    vs.   Black:   IM Irina Krush   Opening:  English Opening/ 4-Kts

  1. c4  e5  2. Nc3  Nf6  3. Nf3  Nc6  4. g3  d5 5. c:d5  N:d5  6. Bg2  Nb6  7. O-O  Be7  8. a3  O-O  9. b4  Be6  10. Rb1

Already there is danger in the wings.  A mistake would be 10. b5 Nd4 11. N:e5? Bb3 12. Qe1 Nc2 a winning advantage for Black.

10. … f6  11. d3  Qd7

Black avoids the more common 11…Nd4 or 11…a5. A matter of taste or might she have little extra poison in the mix coming?

12. Ne4

Eyeing square count with the threat of aiming for c5 by the Knight.

12. … Nd5  13. Bb2  a6  14. Rc1  Rfd8  15. Nc5  B:c5  16. R:c5

Things do not look cool for Black as White has the bishop-pair, half-open c-file with potential buildup on it as well as a timely d4 attack on Black’s center e-pawn down the road.  What is Black to do?  It comes in the guise of square count again, namely ….a5 which sets in motion the active energy potential seen on the Q=wing.

16. …. a5!  17. b5  Na7

This Knight is migratory even though a quote of ‘a N on the rim looks dim.’ will find air on the Q-side for some outposts.

18. a4  c6!  19. b:c6  N:c6  20. Qb1 Nb6  21. Qa1  Nb4  22. Rb5  Nc2  23. N:e5

This is probably what Gulko was depending upon but she has prepared a bit of poison in the position.

23. … Q:b5!!  White Resigns.

Had White merely saw coming, 23…f:e5?  24. Qb1 N:a4  25. R:b7 and the end will prove different?  As it is, White suffers devastating material loss.

Adios for now!

Kindred’s Special: Coffee time break tidbits

October 24, 2015

Aries  –  When all is said and done, more gets said than what gets done!  Silent, with razor like intention, do it. Don’t let others create arguments of your position.  Be silent shows wisdom beyond words. She who talks too much, betrays self confidence in position facts.

Blondie –  Hi, Mr. B.  I thought you were going to hire us to rake your leaves. Hello, Elmo. I decided to rake them myself because I had nothing better to do and to get them out of the way.  I’m surprised to see you out here while the chopped mega-celeb Cook-off is going on the tube.  (With that Dagwood runs back into the house.)  That was pure genius, Elmo!  The trick is knowing how to push his buttons!!

Beetle Bailey –  Chaplain, I’d like to talk to God like you do. When I try, I get no answer.  Maybe you’ve been calling the wrong number.  On the other hand, maybe you are experiencing liberal leftwing bias.

Kindred’s Special: Longevity can dictate and shape your priorities toward happiness

October 24, 2015

When a couple marry, there is time to reflect upon short term, medium followed by necessities when it comes to family planning.  Forever is never a real option when putting off setting your sights on bearing children because there is definitely a limit to that time scale.  Wealth is a primary determination by many who want wealth above all else prior to having children.  Others who cherish children may well desire raising a family as the primary reason to get married in the first place where it becomes a matter of pot luck so-to-speak in terms of evaluating future goals.  Take your pick.  What makes life values varied and perhaps best as a society function is the mother-child, father-child relationship regarding the value placed on work and how such labor to earn money fits into the parental-child relationship.

The work place is not often but sometimes dictatorial in terms of employment of both or either spouse.  The husband is the main source of financial security; in other cases, it’s the wife who is the major source of income.  Being fully employed in today’s working field can be a challenge. On the other hand, the spouse who remains at home is often given the blessing of caring for the baby or youngsters while tending housekeeping and cooking chores.  For some reason, the Lord has given to each value beyond measure.

About 70-80 percent of men prefer to be the major source of family security while women have a natural instinct to be the main protector of her children.  And caring for the household can be a greater energy user where a good wife has the household under control–washing, changing bedding, planning and making meals, shopping, being a chauffeur for the extra activities of kids and their friends, and guidance in their religious upbringing.

Maybe I got my belief structure from mom but certainly dad had a great deal of input as well.  It is just that dad had a steady job and played in two bands which took him away what some might believe might have made us kids wishing he’d spend more time with us.  We knew his love of music and more often than not benefitted from attending his events. So, you see, life is often give and take.

Probably, as I finish this, my thoughts end with a recognition that in family matters, there are no second chances in the raising of children from pre-birth planning to execution of seeing them eventually grow and sprout their own wings into  a life cycle.  After all, that seems to be the scheme of things and it is up to us to do the best we can as we walk hand-in-hand with our Lord.

Kindred’s Special: Those Dems support Hillary in hopes of reaping top positions and power

October 23, 2015

Interesting has been the democrats rallying to bolster Hillary Clinton and tried to deride the investigation.  Of course that is par for the course–but then this is not a golf game.  The GOP is depending upon chess and the endgame to enlighten the general public about the rotten core of politics as the democrats play it.  Most golfers are not too good and neither are chess players but you got to hand it to the chess players who play a game that has real principles.  A life built on lies, deceit and corruption is hard to swallow.  Most of the good ole boys and gals are gone.  Too bad and too sad.

That’s the way the Kindred sees it.

Kindred’s Special: Words and Meanings Matter–But not to Fools

October 11, 2015

My son gave me this interesting comment about human nature.  President Obama has rallied long and hard on the belief he coined himself: “I am running for President of the United States because my very being is to bring about  hope and change and muster in the most transparent administration in the history of the USA.

The basic thought I present here is this loosely voiced phrase by both the President, his many followers, and appointees. I give Dr. Ben Carsen credit for instilling wisdom in usage of the English – American language along with the folksy down to earth way which Governor John Kasich so well adapted recently in a thorough examination of position interview with the Latino press where he performed with such wisdom that I now add his name to favorite candidate that features my own preferences that include Carly Fiornia.

The words HOPE and CHANGE could easily be switched and the question is this:  DOES THE SWITCH IN POSITION ALTER THE MEANING FOR INTERPRETATION?

I believe it does.  CHANGE AND HOPE?  Obama ran on the idea to the American people for future hope and change. He delivered in blinding the American public which includes the news media for what has no longer been hope and change but change and hope.  I mean by this: Government policies would be dictated as needed change while the news media and the people were led like sheep to the slaughter in the DREAM STATE of hope.  Citizenship hope comes in another broad body count that occupy our shores that are foreign to our laws, beliefs, and national strength.  This undermining change is one hundred per cent attributable to Obama’s policies–both foreign and domestic that has put our Nation at great risk for our very survival.

Our news media, once the pillar of greatness and serving as the watchdog over excessive government tinkering with the laws and foundation of a great Nation, continues to fall prey to the cloud spewing coverage of meaningless leadership and role in world affairs.  This has driven a wedge in the structure needed to remain a powerhouse in world affairs.  That wedge was no accident, but as I now tend to believe was planned long ago to undermine our Land.

Kindred’s Special: KS eyes Comic Tidbits–enjoy & then click articles

October 11, 2015

Aries   Sometimes you have to do the job you have instead of that wished for. The good news is that once you commit to hunkering down, the hard part goes by quickly.  Never think your contribution is not recognized from the top down.

Bridge  All players are poor players, including some good players.  Reminds me of something Yogi Berra would come up with.

BC  What date does Halloween fall on this year?  The 31st. What month?  October.  Wasn’t that the same as last year? Life has a definite pattern!

Celebrity Game Play  Dr. Sinatra, the ” entertainment king of song,” has informed me that you shuffled the cards before dealing.  What have you got to say?  Don’t you realize how valuable the “king” is to our enterprise? Capiche? Well, sir. I was just following house rule instructions!? And please don’t raise your voice to me–you told me yourself, “NO EXCEPTIONS!! The players here can take it all in. What’s the matter with you, girl?  He is above the rules. He does it “his way”. “Hold on, you two!  I don’t appreciate my image being shuffled about.”  In the background, the piano player had been playing  “As Time Goes By” the tune from Casablanca but had stopped with the ruckus.  Frank looked over and said, “PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM!”

Wizard of Id  I’ve been working on a way to kill the bacterial epidemic with a new serum mixture I developed in my kettles.  Wow! Did it work?  Yep, it wiped them out!  One problem, though.  No money for it. Why?  I introduced them to religion and politics. And there isn’t any profit to be made from that.

Blondie  Dagwood sees the mailman coming to the door.  Here is a new catalog featuring men’s fancy underwear.  Fancy underwear?  Hey, Bumstead, I personally don’t care what you order from catalogs!  I don’t order this kind of stuff!!  And I don’t wear fancy underwear!!  You hear me?  The mailman walks away down the sidewalk since Dag won’t be knocking him down, running for the bus.  Sometimes I love this job!!