Kindred’s Special: Dr. Emmanuel Lasker–Champion of Champions

December 14, 2014

Charles W. Warburton and I share the view that one of the most impressive games ever played was the titanic struggle from the 1910 Championship Match between Dr. Lasker and Carl Schlechter.  He played many games that exhibited a window as to how the good doctor approached the game; nothing fancy but just achieving a good central position from which many examples give merit to what I have found among the classic approach to chess play during his era.

Commentary by Donald P. Reithel

Here is game one from their match that the labor of love for the beauty coming from chess is evident in the hands of both players. White:  Carl Schlechter (CS) vs. Black: Dr. Emmanuel Lasker (EL)   Opening:  Ruy Lopez, Steinitz Defense

1.  P-K4  P-K4  2. N-KB3 N-QB3  3. B-N5  N-B3

It is important to play this instead of 3. … P-Q3 when White can delay castling.  In opening play would you not want to limit the choices from afar?  Most common today is the Berlin Defense but there is really nothing wrong with the Steinitz which Lasker vies for.

4. O-O  P-Q3  5. P-Q4  B-Q2  6. R-K1

White ignores trying to lure Black into the famous Tarrasch trap which he pulled off against Marco in 1892 at the Dresden tournament which is sprung by 6. N-B3  B-K2  7. R-K1 O-O?  8. B:N  B:B 9.P:P P:P  10. Q:Q  QR:Q  11. N:P  B:P  12. N:B N:N  13. N-Q3 PKB4  14. P-B3  B-B4+ 15. N:B N:N 16. B-N5 R-Q4 17. B-K7  and R move, then 18. P-B4 wins a piece. MCO 13.

6. … P:P

Schlechter considered this the best reply to his opening strategy, believing that White would benefit from 6…B-K2 by 7. P-B3  > QN-Q2 > N-B1 rather than attempting the well known line Tarrasch used against Marco and certainly would not be duplicated in this game.

7. N:P  B-K2  8. N-QB3 O-O

The St. Petersburg Tournament, found numerous games displaying this setup so the eventual popularity of 3. … P-QR3 and other alternatives had not fully taken root.  Many of the rising stars felt it lacked a complex enough nature when they desired to win not only with white but also the black pieces.  Today, with computer run tournaments, vast game production from growth across the world available, today’s elite have ventured back into history where they have uncovered new ideas in old systems.

9. B:N  P:B  10. B-N5

Cunning tactics by using Lasker’s own remedies in the opening!  It was thought in those days past that it was beneficial to seek exchange and simplify the position now by offering 10. …N-N5; but it fails because of 11. N:P.  It is interesting to see just how Lasker meets this variation he favored himself.

10. … R-K1  11. Q-B3

CS uncorks a new move to keep black from the above exchange idea which works on the normal Q-Q3 where the maneuver N-N5 > K4 is again met by 11. N:P.  Lasker is faced with a problem of how best to keep this strategy for exchange alive and hits on a solid plan to that end.

11. … P-KR3  12. B-R4  N-R2  13. B:B  Q:B  14. QR-Q1  N-B1!

CS achieves one of his opening goals–establishing Rooks on the central files.  Taking my square count theory, it suggests a big advantage.  Often, this is the case.  However, Lasker has contrived a powerful latent force imbalance to the position.  And here, Lasker shows his genius and possibly just one reason he was champion of the world at a time that featured so much diversity within the master ranks.  He certainly carried his message often that “chess is a fight.”

Why not choose 14. … N-N4?  The answer is that of “force”.  Force of options is a key ingredient of this game.  By choosing the Knight retreat, he prepares to reposition it either at K3 or N3 depending upon the circumstances that develop.

15. P-KR3

CS thought this might have been wrong, citing instead 15. Q-N3 >16. P-KB4 as having more energy. It would have been a ploy that my square count would suggest.

15. …N-N3  16. Q-N3  Q-N4  17. Q:Q  P:Q

The interest of this game is over.  That is what you might think.  It is a common thought to a player who looks for adventure and use of the powerful Queens remaining on the board.

18. P-B3  P-B3  19. K-B2  K-B2  20. N/4-K2  P-QR4

EL desires to increase control of squares and initiates play on multi-square sectors.

21. P-QN3  KR-QN1  22. N-B1  B-K3 23. N-Q3  P-QB4  24. N-N2  N-K4

But not 24…P-B5 because CS had prepared the nasty 25. N-Q5!

25. N-Q5 R-N2  26. R-K3  N-B3  27. R-B3!!

This brilliant concept would have been a delight to Nimsowitsch as a “mystery R move” example. EL now turns to the K-side and avoids a mistake playing 27…N-Q5 28. N:QBP R:N 29. R:N!!

27. … P-N3  28. P-QR4  P-B4  29. N-K3   R-K1  30. N/3-B4  R-R2  31. R-K1  Adjourned.

Lasker had to find a defense to P-K5, and analysis suggested White  stands better in position and mobility. He chooses to put another piece in the box since 31. …N-K4 runs into 32. P:P.

31. …B:N  32. N:B  K-B3  33. N-K3  N-K4  34. P:P  P:P

EL has eased the defense somewhat.  CS now turns to creating a passed pawn on the R-file and determined to score first in the match.  Again, I see EL chess as “A Fight.” in counter-defense mode.

35. P-N3  R-KR1  36. P-B4  P:P  37. N-Q5+ K-B2  38. N:KBP R-N2!

39. K-N2  P-B5  40. P:P  R-N5 41. P-B5  R:QRP  42. P:P  P:P

The tightrope dance started many moves ago has assured both an active imbalance where it proves out that the Gods have placed all into the ENDGAME. EL gets a passed R-pawn and activity while CS has stormed into the enemy guts.

43. R-B7+  K-B3  44. N-Q5+ K-N4  45. P-R4+ K-R3 46. N-K7  R-KB1  47. R-Q1  R-B2!

Time and again Lasker demonstrates why his long journey in the chess world was so successful.

48. R:P+ K-R2  49. R-K6  N-N3!

The last move before adjournment where CS sealed 50. R:N! and the saving move to hold.

White had nothing better.

50. R:N  R:N  51. R/N-QB6  R:R  52. R:R+ K-N3  53. R-B8+ K-N2!

Making the right choice.  53. …K-R4? 54. R-B5 wins the BP and point.

54. K-B3  R-K5  55. R-B5  K-B3  56. R:P  R-QB5  57. R-R6+ K-K4  58.R-R5+ K-B3  59. R-R6+  K-K4  60.R-R5+  K-B3  61. R-R2 K-K4 62. R-N2 R-B6+ 63. K-N2 K-B3  64. K-R3

One last try to axe out a win.  If 64….P-B5 65. R-N3  R:BP 66. R-KB3 achieving a “book win” position.

64. …R-B3  65.R-N8  R:P  66. R-N6+ K-N2  67. P-R5  R-B5 68. P-R6+ K-R2  69. R-KB6 R-QR5

Draw by agreement.

In writing my blog columns I have endeavored to show the beauty of chess. Anything worth doing is worth putting effort and time together in your projects.  I cannot satisfy or reach the lazy.  That is not my nature.  To achieve real satisfaction from any undertaking that you deem worthwhile requires work and experiencing appreciation of a topic discussed.  This article required my diligent study to create a work I hope my readers find worthy of their time and devotion given for the enjoyment of chess in all its facets.

Kindred’s Special: A Visit with Western Massachusetts Chess History

December 13, 2014

Over the years I have endeavored to not only find chess books featuring most of the famous players from the past, but also endeavored to find those written by amateur players, and devoted to regional history. Such a softcover is titled, THE CHESS GAMES OF DAVID LEES and authored by David Lees. I did a book review and recommended it, thoroughly enjoying the well prepared manuscript of exceptional quality.

It is a history of New England chess both as lived by the author, his own selected games that covered a period of chess growth nationally as well as regionally; his research, excellent assistants’ help acknowledged and written record of  Massachusetts gift to American fans everywhere.  I highly recommend this book to add to your own library.

White:  David Lees   vs.   Black:  Harlow Daly   Opening:  Sicilian Defense

Tournament:  Eastfield Mall Open, Springfield, Massachusetts, Date March 2, 1969

Notes by Don Reithel

During this era, malls sprang up across much of the country.  In Rochester, NY we had our own experiences with the early desire to attract customers. Our own experiences mirrored what David relates: steady decline in attendance and by 1981 (1988 here) such support ceased to exist.

I wonder if other malls across the country experienced a similar decline.

1. e4  c5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. d4  c:d4  4. N:d4  Nf6  5. Nc3  e5

This was Dr. Emmanuel Lasker’s way to play the Sicilian and gained the name Pelikan Variation. Perhaps the most famous game known by American players was the manner with which Robert Fischer handled the white pieces during his own apprenticeship.  White’s next is considered the right way to play.

6. Ndb5  Bb4?!

Black chooses a course when he plays 3…e6.  Normal is 6. … a6 where White seems to keep a microscopic edge but play is very sharp.  Whole books have been written on this line.

7. a3  B:c3  8. N:c3  O-O

9. Bg5  h6  10. Be3  d6

Do you see why White enticed Black’s reply 9….h6?  Also notice Black kind of voluntary exchange of King Bishop to save perhaps a misguided tempo idea is risky.  The dark squares have been weakened.  White elects to complete deployment of forces prior to any invasion using a K-side pawn rollup.

11.  Be2  Be6  12. Qd2  Qd7

Harlow Daly was 85-years young and one of New England’s top players since 1901.  Like many elders who pushed wood across those 64-squares, Harlow was a great storyteller.  Perhaps such elderly players in our chess world today should enrich our chess life with their own reflections.

13. O-O-O

My chess correspondent, Charles Warburton, who I greatly admire for his skill said he was always of the belief that castling Q-side was weak in almost all cases and preferred castling K-side (O-O).  Here, however, David’s plan seems good because he gains room to expand and his King is safe on the Q-side.  But Black sees light with the events closing (e:d5) eliminating the backward QP weakness.  But is it an illusionary misadventure after all?

13. … Rad8  14. f3  b6  15. Qe1  Qe7  16. Nd5  B:N!!  17. e:d5  Nd4  18. B:d4  e:d4  19. Bc4  Qe5  20. Qd2  N:d5  21. B:d5  Q:d5  22. Q:d4  Q:d4  23. R:d4  23. R:d4  Rfe8  24. Kd2  Re6  25. Re1  R:e1  26.K:e1   Kf8  27. Kd2  Ke7  28. Re4+  Kf6  29. Kd3  d5

The White/Black struggle finds Black’s backward pawn turning into a QP isolani.  With the White King dominant, it seems only White can benefit.  The following endgame play reminds me of the famous endgame Russian star V. Smyslov.

30. Re2  Rd6  31. Kd4 Re6  32. Rf2  Rd6   33. a4 Ke6  34. Re2+ Kd7  35. Re5 Kc6  36. g3  Rd7  37. f4  a6  38. b4  Rd6  39. Re7  Rf6  40. Re5  Rd6 41. g4  g6  42. Re7  Rf6  43. Ke5  Rd6  44. R:f7  Rd8 45. Rf6+  Kc7  46. R:g6  d4  47. Ke4  Re8+  48. K:d4  Re2  49. R:h6  R:c2  50. g5  b5  51. a:b5  a:b5  52. g6  Rc4+  53. Ke5  R:b4  Black resigns before White’s follow up play.

David mentions that he finished with a 4-1 finish and in the next year’s event scored 4.5 – .05 behind a Dr. Erich W. Marchand 5-0, a famous mathematician who was champ of USCF tournament participation for many years, President of the Rochester Chess Club,  a Vice President of USCF and instrumental as a member of the committee appointed to create the USCF Elo-rating system.

We often times see upsets in many sports.  It happens in chess, too. I am not referring to an individual game result but what occurred at the Massachusetts Open of 1978 deserves mention as a just conclusion for my article on Massachusetts chess.  I have read similar tales coming from all across the country and most likely internationally as well.

As the 3rd round concluded, a chap by the name of David T. was in the lead with 3-0.  Having drawn with John Curdo, one of the most astute players coming out of New England chess, we each stood at 2.5 points.  Going to lunch, I expected David T. would be playing John Curdo, an obvious last round pairing while I would be matched with the highest 2-1 player provided we had not met earlier.  Well, I came back from lunch only to see that David T. had withdrawn from the event!  As he told me later, he reasoned that he would lose to Curdo who would surely tie for lst if I was to win or come lst if I drew or lost.  By sitting it out, David T. figured he would be in the money with a 2nd place finish with 3 points.  At best, if either of us drew, he would tie for part of the top cash prize.

As a tournament director over many years, I never came across this type of situation.  In fact, while Mr. T. might be smart to guarantee winning some dough, trying one’s best would make his tournament a great experience and show good sportsmanship.  Such generalship is hardly commendable.  To anticipate total failure simply assures failure.  Of course the old saying goes this way:  JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY.  In contrast, see a different outcome coming from self confidence.

Our most recent Marchand event attracted 6-grandmasters. I understand two withdrew.  GM Kamsky came to play and won the event.  But the surprise of the event was that one of our young club players tied for lst.  Of course his opposition was not as strong.  But surprise of surprises, he met and defeated a grandmaster in the final round!

Years ago, our Rochester tournaments were $5 entry fees.  Our opens were sometimes $10 and only much later raised to $20.  Ha! Ha!  At today’s fees, one probably would not draw many to come out.  The difference was that years ago players came to renew that bond with fellow chess players as regionals were few and far between.  We came to play chess and test our mettle.  Few cash prizes existed anyway so the spirit of achievement was the attraction. With today’s high entry fees, withdrawals are  rare but disturbing to me because the BUCK is why a few come. Enjoyment of good competition within their class of entries continues to be the honey that fills their joy!

Kindred’s Special: An Answer to this Week in the News

December 6, 2014

The greatest message, law, instruction ever taught for humans to ponder and think on is found in the Holy Bible.  When I study issues that I have no control over yet witness in the news, I turn to my Bible for reference–really the only reference that gives one guidance to truth and fact where lying can be chastised effectively without ruffling somebody’s feathers. Might I just point to Mr. Tax-cheat, who has the ear of our man of all seasons and reasons, President Obama?

Proverbs disapproves of a lying tongue.

There is a difference between telling a falsehood that is meant to buffer anger of the moment from that of falsehood involving stirring bitter hatred and instigating reprisals.  When a falsehood is expanded upon, then you find conditions that now exist on our TV screens that expose chaos among several cities where agitators simply want to be a part of some fantasy of giving ear and being a part that stimulates their need for instant gratification.  Thus, such lies can stir public outcry that is harmful to a civil society and does nothing to effect improving our lives.

The character of people is affected by having a lying tongue.  Children lie for any number of reasons that seem at the time to be innocent deflections from suffering guilty feelings by covering up childish misadventures that tend to evolve over and over. Wise parental upbringing usually will correct over time such misbehaving periods that sometimes comes from child rebellion where the child feels the need to use lying as a self-defense.  Here, the parent can defuse much by pointing out that telling the truth is hard sometimes.  But with truth comes respect and love. These lessons taught to children in a home where respect for a father-mother love is nurtured is important to how children behave into their teen and later years.  There is the rub.  Too many homes lack that bond and parental training.  Perhaps that is why we see the results now taking place.

In my own community state troopers and city policemen have lost their lives or been seriously injured in the line of duty. Most resulted from criminal investigations or traffic stops.  It is a sad reminder that faces every law enforcement family–never knowing if going to work will be the last day of life as they know it.

We are a law-abiding nation where generational change in social norms have evolved I think certainly for the better as well as for the worse.  The laws that govern are not perfect.  But when we see a flaw, can we not seek remedy without the discord seen?  And are we sure the laws that stand over time are not working?  I really have little respect for the tinkering by these so-called reformers that have emerged today to be any better than some from the past that screwed so much up.

What will really create good change on our life long journey and, that journey one way or another, we all walk may, in fact, come from people we have not yet met on that journey.

Some of our prohibition laws of various kinds, as an example, have been meant to be cure-alls but resulted in more problems than the supposed cure for their passage.  Our penal system has seen an expanse in construction of new facilities and a growth in incarceration over the years. It did not slow drug abuse. The remedy for rehabilitation may well come from families and friends of inmates who suffer a sad home life and difficulties of their loved ones having a chance for a normal life regarding employment and community acceptance.  Maybe one way to correct this is to have a rebirth of Jesus’ teachings.  A perfect group example is what such families and friends might form with former inmates of both sexes in rebuilding the trust and forgiveness that has tormented their souls.  Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Yet, a problem exists with the lack of opportunities experienced in the real world of employment.  Maybe if we  all pray on this forgiveness of past sins will lead to a better understanding by all  of us and lead to community spiritual rebirth. For Jesus performed miracles in public among his flock. Perhaps this points the way to a better result by our own efforts instead of imprisonment for minor crimes.

A Weath Exists in My Library

November 30, 2014

I have many great books in my library that I have read or referenced, wishing to relive a topic relevant to my own current column by seeking out a special paragraph or chapter that I had reflected upon as words being of considerable weight and wisdom and useful as a guide in my own thinking.  These books have a variety of values and touch on things that have over the many years been a factor in my character makeup.  It surprises me to more than once find such materials being like fresh air.  I can only attribute this to a deeper understanding of such text writing.  Were it otherwise, I confess my development as a human being might never been so challenged to grow in maturity.

The age factor has been penned by many thinkers.  It would be foolish of me to ask you to rehash what you probably likewise have read or been privy to in your own life adventures.  I have gone out on a limb so-to-speak addressing my thoughts regarding such modern techniques of chess study as many have come to rely on computer technology and its vast growth in literary works that previously was not possible, if not unheard of, given the early efforts in chess programming.

The recent victory and interview in Chessbase with Carlsen who retains his world title against Anand gives support to my contentions concerning the use of computers in opening analysis.  I find his comments refreshing and totally in contrast to what many commentators have said concerning his preparation and play.  If you recall, I have written in the past that a big asset for serious players is to rediscover older chess books and theories relying on personal ideas using one’s brainpower instead of that from computer influence.  That is my oft-times suggestion of creating a plan from move one.  And to a degree, he seems to have revived that long lost element to winning chess.

It is reasonable to assume that an over abundance of thought patterns and specific computer analysis can create havoc on dumbing down the whole concept of one’s creativity.  An active mind is a chess by-product.  Use it!

Welcome to A Date in History– November 30th, A Kindred serial

November 30, 2014

For my readers whom I appreciate very much, I am adding a serial of daily happenings for both its educational value and pure enjoyment of recorded events through time.

1782 saw the preliminary peace articles  ending the Revolutionary War between Britain and the United States.

1803 Spain concluded the ceding of the Louisiana Territory to France which  then was purchased by the United States.

1835 Samuel L. Clemens aka Mark Twain was born in Florida, Missouri.

1864 Confederate general John Hood’s ordered attack against Union forces at the Second Battle of Franklin in Tennessee suffered heavy losses and was thrown back by forces headed by Major General John Schofield.

1874 British statesman Sir Winston Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace.

1900  The Irish writer Oscar Wilde died in Paris, France at age 46.

1936  London’s famed Crystal Palace was destroyed by fire. It had been built for the 1851 World Exhibition in London, England. It was this exhibition that saw the first great chess tournament organized by Howard Staunton.  See my biographical sketch of this great chess player, writer and critic for the London Times.

1939  Soviet forces invaded Finland initiating the Winter War 1939-40 with a Russian victory concluding in March.

1954 One of the strangest events to happen to anyone occurred in Oak Grove, Alabama. Ann Elizabeth Hodges was napping on her couch when an 8.5 lb. chunk from a meteor crashed through her roof, damaged a radio cabinet and hit her. She recovered from injuries; but what a wake up call!

Noted Events on December 1st:

1860  Great Expectations (Charles Dickens’ novel) was first printed in serial form.

1862  President Abe Lincoln called for the abolition of slavery. History did not fail to record the following:  “Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history. We of this Congress and Administration will be remembered, in spite of ourselves.”

1921  The US Navy flew the first  C7dirigible making use of helium for the first time was flown from Hampton Roads, Va. to Washington, DC.

1934  Soviet  communist official Sergei Kirov, an associate of Stalin, was assassinated in Leningrad, resulting in a massive purge.

1941  Japan’s Emperor declared war on the USA, Britain and the Netherlands after his government rejected US demands contained in the Hull Note.

1942  Gasoline rationed.

1955  Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat.

1969  US government held its first draft lottery since WWII.

1973  David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister died in Tel Aviv at age 87.

1974  Tragedy struck two Boeing 727 planes. TWA flight 514 crash killed all 92 on board; NW Orient Airlines flight 6231 crashed near Stony Point, NY killing the 3 crew aboard. It was chartered to pick up the Baltimore Colts football team.

1989  Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev met with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican.

A Christmas Story

November 29, 2014

Twas the night before Christmas, when snowflakes were not to be seen. Green was the valley; roads were bare.The sky was littered with stars and silent stillness was met along wooded pathways and deep into the forest. No breeze; no signs of a WHITE CHRISTMAS.

Mama tried to console us, my sisters and I, saying that maybe God wanted papa to be safe on his journey home from the shop where he was employed as a photoengraver. And before we said our prayers, kneeling by our bedsides, she hugged us each in turn and promised to tell us a Christmas story.

Now, mama had a gift for storytelling. She did not read the usual Christmas stories but made up tales which prepared us for a restful, dreamy night. Somehow she wove them with skill into magic tales that left us with a peaceful spirit.

Don’t know about my sisters, but I was very unhappy having heard the radio and TV weather reports that it was likely to be a green Christmas. Living where we did, Christmas was always white, the area pond frozen over where kids and adults of all ages frequented and, having peeked in the closet, didn’t see the training ice skates I had asked Santa for. Yes, ice skating was the joy of winter holidays and lasted so long as the ponds and streams were frozen over. The older kids played sports, built snow forts and I was fond of the snowball fights with other neighborhood groups.

Mama was at the door of our room and I whispered to come hug me. She did and I said I wanted to say another prayer so she kneeled next to the bed with me and I prayed my heart out asking our Father in Heaven to please, please give us all a merry and white Christmas. She hugged me and reminded me that maybe we are asking the Lord for more than he or anyone should but said soon we would be having snow. When you are older you will learn that many children do not have white Christmases and so maybe He wants us to experience the joys coming from a green Christmas. She said, would you like some hot cocoa and we tiptoed to the kitchen.

The sky had blackened. There was a kind of weird howl coming from the trees. In bed I fell off to sleep. I was awakened by my sisters who pulled at my blankets and hopping on the bed joyfully laughing and telling me to wake up. As I climbed out of bed and ran to the windows that they were bubbly dancing by with giggles and joy beyond words, I saw a miracle of miracles–snow, not a inch or so, but nearly three feet that engulfed the entirety of our city as father was to report to us at breakfast. The fact is we could not get out of the house as the snow was too deep and wind drifts had blocked much of the street. JOY! No school for over a week!! which meant a steady visit to the pond in our neighborhood and days of many joyful and happy times.

The city fathers had been caught completely unprepared, believing the weather forecast that was often wrong in those days gone by. We were led to believe that a weather pattern had mysteriously developed during the night which came off the Great Lakes; winds in the upper atmosphere had turned moisture into a mighty snowstorm. These were the facts as related by radio, TV, and morning edition of our newspaper.

Father reported the news given in the newspaper which he had managed to secure for us later that day from the local barbershop. Mama dished out baked apples and winked at me. I smiled, too, and knew just why we got the snow and a MERRY, MERRY AND BLESSED CHRISTMAS!!

Kindred’s Special: A Case of Misguided Justice–Victim or Bully and Thief

November 28, 2014

Michael Brown was taken in death at a young age by the results of his own doing. By this, I mean, his actions led directly to his death at the hands of law enforcement.

Unfortunately in this age of excuses for wanton behavior, and that is exactly what Michael Brown and his cohort were engaged during a visit to a grocery store where Michael lifted a box of cigars and, in attempting to leave was confronted by the store owner, who he shoved violently as though to say, “Get out of my face boss man unless you want more of the same.” This was not likely a first time adventure into criminal misbehavior but the difference was that it was caught by the store camera. In an age when bullying is being condemned in our school systems across America, and bodily injury was afflicted upon the store owner, the departure of these two into the street suggests poor parenting of Michael Brown and his buddy.

The confrontation by the police officer led further to disobedient behavior. Police are responsible for maintaining law and order and we all are subject to being respectful of the police and their mission in maintaining rights of the public but also visa-versa. Here is rub that the black community often excuses: IF YOU WANT RESPECT, THEN RESPECT THE LAW AND THOSE WHO ARE GIVEN THE RESPONSIBILTY OF ENFORCEMENT. IN THIS CASE, WHAT IS MOST GRIEVING IS THE UTTER DISRESPECT FOR OUR COURT SYSTEM AND LAWS.

Pure and simple–I saw no thought by the black community. Wanton disrespect, a general wanton behavior by those who should know better, is a major cause of breakdown in cities across America as seen in recent days. This whole experience of Michael Brown was so easily avoided but the blame was misplaced from this hoodlum bully to the police officer–a very common practice by the Justice Department over the past 6-8 years by the White House and backed up by President Obama. There is an array of similar cases of blame for criminal activities laid to the feet of the police instead of those who break the law. Just ask Ed Meese. Just ask the governors of border states. Just ask the conservative voices that too often get drowned out by the liberal media and the elite liberals in our government.

I saw little of a constructive and meaningful assessment of this whole problem that most currently is exhibited by the Brown affair. One would hope for a deliberate attempt to shine light on the real issues facing this six-year breakdown of racial harmony. My readers may agree or disagree with my assessment of the nature of this beast (government) that stirs continued hatred and strife among our citizenry, our total population and that mirrored to the rest of the world via news outlets that too often give misconceptions of our American way of life.

As I have often said, our leaders, our cities more populous, and those who sway truth to fit their personal agendas would be wise to learn to play and study chess history and its life giving principles.


PS:  I heard King’s visit and commentary on channel 44 (225).  King writes for a major newspaper.  I give him much credit for his excellent commentary.  But not so much here.  Why?  He was totally unfamiliar with events that took place and only got tidbits about events before and after all the public news coverage.  Yet, he admits he doesn’t tune in to FOX news which was really the only full coverage devoted to the whole episode from start to finish. He pleaded ignorance of the store confrontation with the owner as shown fully on the video tape from the store –before and after.

When I think about it further, I really find many in the communities around the country looking to express the liberalized rhetoric that sounds good for the spirit.  Never mind right or wrong.  No.  I don’t think King was far off the target.  In fact, saying the police officer might have feared even being in the area without backup could have been a cause in part of what King and many have called overreaction by the cop. King talked about statistics.  Well, statistics show that police officers are  injured or slain more often than any other occupation save, perhaps, the military.  It often  comes from answering calls  investigating family disputes, in traffic violations, murder investigations, or robberies.  Just looking at the wounds, hand, right shoulder, arm seems to suggest to me that killing was something the cop was trying to avoid and control.

Our laws and court system of grand jury investigation attempts to protect the innocent as well as the guilty prior to a trial where events can be studied, witnesses questioned free of public pressures of any kind. Grand juries seek the truth.  Those who cry foul before the facts were laid out made it worse by lying.  These liars were caught by testimony of black witnesses who testified under oath that the policeman’s verbal and written report was factual. TRUTH.  But the mass hysteria and twists by the Justice Department and President of the United States engraves a black mark on our system where both are sworn to uphold the laws of our Land.  Uncovering injustice comes from truth. Guilt has many facets.  This combo simply makes a sham of our whole justice system.

Kindred’s Special: The Art of Deflecting ala Square Count

November 18, 2014

Of the many books in my library about how to plan and play chess, I must confess that I cherish the idea of utilizing my square count theory as I plan my strategy.  One of the key elements that arise rarely but occasionally is that of “deflection” where the theory presents itself in the following play.

1. d4  Nf6  2. c4  e6  3.  Nc3  Bb4

This is called the Nimzo-Indian Defence and a weapon advocated in MY SYSTEM by its champion Aron Nimsowitch.  Many thousands of games have started with this basic pattern with a vast array of choice for both sides in furthering the deployment of forces.

4. e3  c5  5. Nf3  O-O  6. Bd3  d5  7. O-O  Nc6

This was one of the popular lines for both sides seen in the game period into the 1980s and various world chess championship events and matches, I have been on both sides of the battlefield.  For the learning student, it is a classic example of play for central tension.

8. a3  B:c3  9. b:c3  d:c4  10. B:c4  Qc7  11. Qe2  e5!  12. d5  e4!

What appeared on the surface to be a buffer in the center against sharp assaults, a not so lowly pawn creates cracks in the structure based upon increasing the count while creating disruption in White’s deployment.

13. d:c6  Ng4  14. g3  e:f3  15. Q:f3  Ne5  16. Qf4  Bh3

Black increases his square count taking advantage of the white square weaknesses.

17. Rd1  Rad8  18. R:d8  R:d8  19. Be2 In all appearances of protecting d1 against invasion.

19. … Q:c6  20. f3  Rd1+

Is this suicide??  No.  It is the principle of deflection by forcing removal of a diagonal defender.

21. B:d1 Qb5  22. c4  Qa5 wins.

White can do nothing.  If, instead White plays 21. Kf2  Ng4+ wins the Queen.

A great lesson taught by C.J.S. Purdy of Australia was to always investigate checks no matter how foolhardy they appear.


November 16, 2014

I read an article in Bottom Line Health, a favorite newsletter of many including myself, on page 13, December 2014, that in simplistic terms define the word NARCISSIST.  A number of critics of the Obama administration have called Barack H. Obama a narcissist.

The title, How to Cope If Your Loved One is a Narcissist, pertains to a growth in research studies attempting to explain the key aspects of a narcissist’s personality–showing how best to cope with such a person.

Indeed, the commentators on the political scene quite rightly call President Obama a typical narcissist; the Kindred has to agree.  Good relationships are based on reciprocity–you listen attentively and empathetically to others for their input: criticisms, ideas, and in response he or she listens to yours.  However, for the narcissist, it is a one-way (my way) street.

New research findings published in Personality and Individual Differences, it was found that narcissism is closely tied to perfectionism, tending to make narcissists very demanding and hypercritical of others.  Turning this article on its head, and relating it to current events on the political scene, my attempt in this essay is to illustrate the correctness of those commentators who, by use of this one word, describes the very nature of our President and perhaps sheds light on behavioral comments he continually addresses to chosen audiences.

The term bickering is petty.  It applies to and describes the partisan battles that wage in Washington, D. C. wherein lies the overload of the narcissist’s personality and belief structure–again pointing to: “its my way or no way.”

No One Listens to the Kindred at Their Own Peril

November 13, 2014

Yep!  Another election is in the tank.  By that I mean I wonder about NY State Politics. Governor Andrew Cuomo won simply because he captured the huge voting block from the Big Apple.  We conservatives need to take a bite.

New York leads the pack in stupid as stupid does.

Not only did we lose the Governor race but importantly the loss of youthful talent and wisdom to eight decade long Democrat champ Slaughter. She had her day and it would be nice to get some new blood to represent our State.  Oh, well.

Congratulations to all Republicans and Conservatives and Democrats who won seats.

They say there are some good points to Obamacare.  Actually I support killing it dead and rewriting a whole new script.  Of course some good features from it could be adopted into a new law which we could all have a say in our future medical survival.  We have seen the best of times and we have witnessed in recent times pure arrogance and bashing the citizens who sit to lend governance to our political body.

The latest news is that Russia is flying near our borders with bombers loaded with the H-BOMB payload.  Of course just one would be enough.  Our President hob-noising with another communist state CHINA sees no danger anywhere. Even on the golf course, golfers have that shouted warning ………FORE!



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