Kindred’s Special: Happy Easter

April 19, 2014

The joyful peace of Easter I pray will fill your soul and heart with family and our Father’s love.  Promise the Lord Jesus to remain firm in understanding and read daily the Bible and many of the classics that have inspired His flock. Attend church and be faithful always. God Bless Everyone.  Amen.

Kindred’s Special: Imprimis Continues to Shine Light on the World Stage

April 18, 2014

IMPRIMIS, Hillsdale College news to over 2800000 readers monthly continues to bring to its critical thinking readers the very best thought-provoking discussions where often the media has no clue or wish to partake.  Brian T. Kennedy spoke before an audience at Hillsdale College’s Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship in Washington, D.C. and speech published in March 2014 – Vol. 43 -Nr. 3.

I normally do not write about a publication’s material for fear of not emphasizing enough the value displayed in the article. And, of course, I do not want to in any way distort the brilliant and timely reporting of news that rarely sees the light of day in media’s desire to skim the facts by their uniform attention by use of sensationalistic talking points.  I urge my readers to obtain a copy of the above, if not already in possession of same.  But I would like to comment and quote just a bit, if I may.

Harold Rood, a professor of international relations at Claremont McKenna College who died in 2011, was not as well-known as he was influential.  A soldier in Patton’s army in WW II , he taught his students that war is permanent to the human condition, and that in war it is better to win…than lose.  America will always have enemies and those enemies will forever be planning and expending resources to place themselves in a position to defeat us.  It would be nice if it was otherwise, but it is the way the world works.

No, it is not the way the world works.  It has always been on the minds of wise men however.  Abraham Lincoln in a 1838 speech:

All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all their wealth and top military commanders could not drink by force from the Ohio River, or make track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of 1000 years.  At what point is the approach of danger to be expected?  I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us.  It cannot come from abroad.  If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.  As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.

Current events have proved all too true.  We do not stick our heads in the sand but more dangerously have open eyes to witness events that confound all of us and blind us by a desire for instant gratification of forming alliances within our own government, media, churches, and educational institutions that have strayed ever more to the left.

The San Jose Attack was hardly, if at all, mentioned that took place on April 16th 2013, just one day after the Boston Bombing which virtually attracted the entire news media. The FBI dismissed it, not calling it a terrorist attack.

Strange isn’t it that a major electric grid was attacked in California by an organized group that very much could be termed a guerrilla action?  An operation that began at 1:00 a.m. when the attackers cut underground fiber optic cables, disabling communications and security systems.  And the FBI said it had no description or inkling that the two attacks had anything in common.  Just coincidence. Sure.  I believe in the Blue Bull, too.

Of course it was even a big surprise back in April 2013 that FOX television news did not cover the San Jose attack.  No one ever considered, even today that the two events were linked and part of a combined Islamic terrorist action.  The San Jose attack was a typical guerrilla type and planned assault.  This is my own evaluation which evolved out of my chess war background.  I don’t care what the FBI report says.  I don’t care what our distinguished left-leaning President says or his White House staff.  I don’t care what the congressmen say or what the official public policy toward Islam is.  Islam is what Islam is.  Reminds me of Clinton’s famous defense during his impeachment: it depends on what the word is, is.

We have amassed up to ten million Islamic followers and the cry of politicians is that all Muslims are not terrorists.  True.  But it is reported that while they do not literally take all what the Koran prophesied, nonetheless 21 %  find suicide bombing acceptable and 5 % a favorable view of al Qaeda.  How much stock can be put in these statistics when the statisticians we see working the figures in politics really stink.  The fact is that Islam around the world continents is ever-expanding while our President, who himself was briefly raised in the Islamic manner, continues to try to silence those who voice concern.  Perhaps amen for his Christian beliefs that there are good people who vastly outnumber the Islamic radicals of any stripe.  But when people see and cry tiger, and others insist on calling it a kitty cat, ah..what?  Actions speak loud and clear.


Kindred’s Special: Stupid Is as Stupid Does–FOLLOW THE MONEY

April 17, 2014

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!  Years ago the radio talk show host Dr. Michael Savage spoke of the evils of POT.  Yep!  Now some study group has come out as though they just discovered through a new research study to enrich the good doctors who conduct such research about its dangers to the brain. I hear it damages a couple of areas of the brain–not just one.  Most important of course is the thought that all these little darlings who have used it just as our illustrious President OBAMA did in his youth (Remember: “I used it and it didn’t hurt me.”  quote from our leader of the 21st century).  What crap! Maybe that is why we got the mess we got in our good old USA today and probably for years to come.

Stupid Is as Stupid Does. I felt for Gump, believe me.  He loved his Jenny–no matter what. And his mama said: “Life is like a box of chocolates…. Guess that is what we got, don’t we.  A big box of chocolates! brain-dead chaps running this country. Sad. Real sad.  Reminds me of abortion and all the lost potential leaders God created before birth who were swept in the garbage.  Makes me want to puke: Where Oh Where Have Our Leaders Gone?  It has become an insane world we live in, at least to those visiting us from another planet, another time.

The pink babies as Dr. Savage once referred to the current crop of socialist professors and teachers, and researchers, many who emerged from the dens of pot smoking liberals that the big M made for smarts was just one big lie among the establishment crowd politicos.  POT DOES HARM ACCEPT PERHAPS IN CASES OF TREATING RELIEF FROM SOME CANCERS.  One can say it is safe.  But so the FDA says pharmaceutical drug companies research new drugs to save people from death.  Just read the warning labels and large number removed from the marketplace because they are worse than the disease or where substitutes are available which are harmful but not posed as a death warrant.  What man touches, man destroys.  Not total fact of course but the evilness of it all comes down to the often spoken comment: FOLLOW THE MONEY. It certainly is true in politics.

The events in Nevada reminds me of the Waco slaughter of men, women and children when the tanks rolled in and the compound was burned to the ground. That was your Democrat President and first lady who wanted the standoff cleaned up fast.  Thank you, President and Mrs. Clinton.  Now we have Hillary running for President–the smartest Lady (Lady??) in America.  People on drugs have short memories or no memories at all.  And with the corruption in government today with the communist mayor in NYC and the IRS scandal and State Department scandal which continues to smolder makes a mockery of our justice and moral value systems.  No shovel, no spade can cover the deep hole with dirt to hide all this SHAME.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord thy God. Evil cannot be washed away or swept under the rug nor can lies and deceit hide for long the works of the nuts that have fallen from the Tree of Life.


Kindred’s Special: You Must Be Kidding

April 17, 2014

Hillary Clinton just received a 67 per cent approval rating for likeability. Ugh!

You must be kidding!

Russia’s top dog Putin is playing politics like the Russies play chess.

You are kidding?!

Readers’ Digest FAMILY WORD FINDER – A New Thesaurus of Synonyms and Antonyms in Dictionary Form

Readers attention: You got to get this.

You must be kidding!  Not really!!  Get smart!



Kindred’s Special: When and How to Resign a Game

April 17, 2014

What is the proper way to surrender to your opponent?  That is often asked by players just learning the game.  There has not really been much written on this subject but these are by personal experiences proper ways to give up the ship while retaining dignity and good sportsmanship.

It must be said that answers to this question depend on circumstances as to whether it comes about in a friendly skittles game at home or at the club.  This becomes complicated if you are playing a tournament game or a club team  match.

A friendly skittles* game refers to non rated and just practice and enjoyment with family, friends, and other club members.

Tournament, rated or not, and club team match play requires a deeper sense of etiquette.  What are the standard and correct ways to resign in those circumstances?  And these address equally all chess sportsmanship.

  1. Note “Resigns” on your score sheet.  Check the position again to be sure you want to resign the game. Tipping over your King designates resignation and stopping the clock is also verification that the game is finished.  Many shake hands.  In open tournaments especially the room is full of others in play and often offer limited room to move about.  Commenting vocally is sometimes seen but should be avoided in consideration of other players still engaged in battle.  Avoid those nasty stares!
  2. After recording the results with the opponent on the results sheet and letting the Tournament Director or an assistant know your game is concluded, he may suggest a free room where you can discuss the game with your opponent if not already known.

Chess is a game to enjoy.  Use commonsense and practice good gamesmanship in every chess adventure.  Things to avoid are offering draws after almost every move.  This is impolite to your opponent as well as those seated in the same area and occurs most in time pressure situations.  One offer is acceptable but not repeated offers. It is a sign of poor sportsmanship and not appreciated in chess circles.  Such an offer should be oral but very quietly conveyed to the opponent.  If a draw offer is accepted, then the proper way is to extend a hand shake and stop the clock.

*Skittles refers to friendly unrated play and often takes place at the home or club without use of a chess clock. When a chess clock is used, it is usually with terms like fast chess and blitz (1-5 minute ).




Kindred’s Special: Using the Hammer and Knife to ice the news media bias once again.

April 11, 2014

Why am I ever being enticed into bashing the Democrat Party?  It comes easy by reads in news print and via the so-called elite of the media that often turns my stomach and I find it hard not to puke up my meal.  Why are politician liberals so vindictive–hate anyone who disagrees with them –but mostly finds reason behind Alinsky’s pet revolutionary prop of disinformation of a name that is commonly hailed with smiles from the old codgers as being members of the elite social fabric called THE PROGRESSIVE MOVMENT.  Did you ever notice the faces of politicos whenever they mention their favorite name recognition of being a proud PROGRESSIVE?  It is just a term of cover-up devised by social communists to hide a hideous agenda of the socialist establishment. It was largely fostered through the liberal universities like Yale and Harvard and professors who encouraged young people to enter the law.

Think I’m crazy do you?  Well, when I called in 2007 Obama being nothing more than a Pied Piper leading the young and the ignorant astray which included of course many looking for an idealist par excellent which they found from the writings of the journalists who long sought a savior from the war monger rancher and movie actor by the name of Ronald Reagan. They never could get over the way President Reagan helped spur the downfall of the Evil Empire.  Oh yeah, guess they hated him for using that term to address their beloved Soviet cronies.  And how do they look at the Pope and other religious leaders who denounced the philosophies espoused by hard-core radicals?

I was right on about Ms. Lerner which just last night was made public by e-mails voicing her bitterness toward the conservative movement in American politics with one of her cohorts that was sitting on the panel.  She felt confident obviously that her crony could cover her ass. I have no interest in examining it other than to say those Democrats are scoundrels through and through. And God Bless America for having Republicans and Conservatives who still seek justice amid the vile enemies within the news media who have tried to whitewash the whole affair as simply old news with the backing of Democrat politicians.

There is enough scandal to go around memory lane.  And many fine Democrats and Republicans from the 40s-70s serving in the Houses of Congress that I shall not name only because I may overlook some of those I had admired as decent and hard working leaders who cherished our Land and opportunity to serve their Nation.  When I look at the corruptible crop of so-called leaders (some in both parties) or hired to administer government programs with less than honorable intentions, it turns me off.

I guess some of my readers will think me loony but I always enjoyed good cartoons and hidden lessons of goodness that lay hidden within them.  And I supposed, too, there are those who may despise me for having a loud clear voice of saying it just the way a lot of folks I know think.  Too bad.  I say it as I see it on the walk down life’s path.  The Good.  The Bad.  The Ugly.  I just wish it was more uplifting in spirit because I fear I lack the genius for words.  I speak from the heart not from a well crafted outline to final product.  I never was any good at that.  I give credit to our Lord who inspires me to write and so folks, you got to take what comes.





Kindred’s Special: Archives of the Clinton Presidency–Revisiting Rumors?! and More.

April 1, 2014

Former Clinton aid Larry Nichols admitted on the radio talk show hosted by Pete Santilli to being a hit man for Bill and Hillary Clinton.  He says he did it for the money! How often do we hear that!  The Clintons are bad people and I did bad things for them. Both Clintons are guilty of unspeakable crimes.  Oh dear!  All from the past. Best forgotten and forgiven? Believers will believe. Doubters will deny as gossip. Who knows what is truth?

Well, turning back the clock of time, I remember the murder case of Vincent Foster who told a confidant that he was investigating on his own some evil government activities.  He left his office and disappeared until he was found in a park dead–shot.  Suicide was the police report. Murder was on the minds of investigators.  Nothing was ever proven. Hush. Hush.

A more corrupt scandal was the recent passing of Nelson Mandela who was praised by President Obama as both a personal hero as well as a kind and gentle leader of Africa.  Really?  The takeover in 1994 had led from that of being Africa’s breadbasket much the way the middle west is coined the breadbasket for the world.  South Africa has gone from prosperity to one of the poorest nations in the world with a high rate of HIV/AIDS infections where former President and Mrs. Bush have been directing their energies in combating it recently. With a death toll of 4000 or more, Johannesburg is considered the murder capital of South Africa, unemployment had skyrocketed under Mandela along with rape and other crimes.  Since 1994 an estimated 70,000 white Afrikaners or Boers, entire families, descendants of the Dutch settlings between the 17th and 19th centuries were displaced or murdered.  He was offered freedom if he would aid in the curbing and stopping the violence but he refused.  Then, in 1994 he was freed to join his wife Winnie who was active in the infamous Marxist ANC “Kill Whitey” rallies.

Perhaps sweeping under the carpet and to appease the Black vote in American politics, President Obama during the Mandela eulogy which had the full backing of the American and world press proclaimed: “We have lost one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings. I am one of the countless millions who drew inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s life.”  As mom used to say, “You cannot change a zebra’s stripes.”  The news media might say this is all fake, a lie to discredit this great leader.  Fact or fiction? History tells the story.

According to recent reports, President Obama has enriched the coffers of the Muslim Brotherhood by giving away American taxpayer dollars. Astounding revelation?  Anything can happen these days in America.


Kindred’s Special: Mythical Truth of Nimzovitch– Irony of MY SYSTEM

March 27, 2014

Modern writers seem to like to bash one of my “star chess books” called MY SYSTEM from which I learned a great deal in understanding that chess was a mirror of individual imagination with lots of creative energies laced within its many lesson briefs telling stories that helped me to retain and learn from the great maestro  and imparted to his fan club.  These modern chess analysts attempt to say that the book taught nothing constructive for the student. Hogwash I say and doubly hogwash.  These so-called experts do not deserve the reporting that recently has found voice in the magazine NEW IN CHESS coming out of the Book Review Section.  The book along with THE GAME OF CHESS by Tarrasch and a less known volume by Mason contributed greatly as others have to the richness of the chess struggle.

Such criticism was not voiced merely in modern times but so too in the days of Aron Nimzovitch’s penning detractors.  Consequently he penned a type of humorous rebuttal to these detractors with the following:

White:  Aron Nimzovitch   vs. Black Sistemsson

Copenhagen, 1927

French Defense  (notes by me) (edited by Kindred)

(It must have been a joyful rebuttal to critics of MY SYSTEM that he penned this to further illustrate the comedy that he was capable of masterminding.  It reminds me of what Mark Twain might have concocted.  For those who cannot find enjoyment in  the casting of barbs at the chessworld , in Nimzovitch’s mind it was execution for suffering the worst forms of ridicule short of issuing duel challenges in defense of his writings.  Of course he might be chastised today especially for his critique of the teacher and doctor, S. Tarrasch’s widely read and respected treatise.–Don). 

1. P-K4  P-K3  2. P-KR4!!

My very oldest and latest thought in this opening!  To the chess addict nurtured on spineless convention, this move comes as a punch in the face–but calmly, calmly, readers; after all, you cannot be expected to understand such moves. (Forgive me–it is not your fault, until now no one has opened your eyes and ears.)  Wait just a little while and there will pass before you a miracle of overprotection of more than earthly beauty. I assume you are familiar with my theory of overprotection.

2. … P-Q4  3. P-K5!

A move of elemental delicacy. Wherein lies its beauty?  It is strong because it is weak. Since it dashes forward it will require additional protection wherein comes my theory of overprotection which in MY SYSTEM is practically equivalent to victory.

3. … P-QB4  4.  P-Q4

Here it is quite clear that it is more profitable for White to provoke …P-QB4  and then play P-Q4, because now White attacks the BP instead of Black attacking the QP.

4. …  P:P  5. P-R5 !

All very clever, original, and decisive.  Of course the ordinary run of people who envy me  every spark of my genius but cannot follow my line of reasoning for even three paces, outdo themselves in sneering at me with the poison-dripping epithet “bizarre”. The text move creates confusion in the whole Black army and prepares for the annihilating invasion by the Queen 18 moves later.

5. …  Q-N3

Naturally not 5. …N-QB3  because of 6. B-QN5.  Why should Black play the French only to allow the Ruy Lopez bishop move after all?

6.  P-R6!

An avaricious dullard would never hit on this deeply considered pawn sacrifice.

6. … N:P  7. Q-R5!!  P-N3

Threatens to begin a successful siege of the weakling at K5 by …BN2  but White forestalled this.

8. Q-R2!!

To every fair-minded observer this move must come as a revelation.  All the previous maneuvers now become clear!  White has completed his development brilliantly and proceeds to overprotect K5..  Against this, Black is helpless.

8. …. N-B4  9. B-Q3

Note the splendid cooperation of White’s forces: while the King Pawn and the King Bishop completely blockade Black’s position, the development of the overprotective forces takes place behind the broad backs of these sturdy blockaders.

9. …  N-B3  10. N-KB3

As a rule this is a routine move.  But here it is strikingly original and as such occupies a place in the storehouse of my intellectual property.

10. … P-KR4  11. P-QN3  B-N2  12. B-KB4!!

How bitterly disappointed he must have been to realize that P-N3 was merely a trap to entice B-KN2 instead of B-K2.  The position of the diagonal Bishop is not important now.

12. … B-Q2  13. QN-Q2  QR-B1  14. K-K2!!

An extraordinarily deep move.  He sees through the Black plans, and in addition prepares a particularly powerful continuation of his overprotection strategy.

14. … N-N5  15. N-K1!!

This was the point of his previous move to attack the Bishop on Q3. Now White can recapture with the Knight while KB3 becomes available for the other Knight. Surely, this is a grandiose piece of strategy. The fact is that I’m a marvelous player even if, all the while, the chess world bursts with envy.

15. … N:B  16. N:N!  R:P  17. QR-K1 !!

I continue the art of overprotection without much ado.

17. … P-R4  18.  K-Q1  R-B3!!

At last Black gets the right idea to protect the K3 Pawn, but it is comes too late.

19. R-K2  K-K2

Using the King in active defense and introduced into tournament play by me.

20. KR-K1  R-K1 !  21. N-B3!

Completing the overprotection of K5 and thus deciding the fate of the game.  Black has no defense. Note the aesthetic effect created.

21. … B-KB1

His threat is the overprotection of his K3 square by N-N2.  But I had prepared a brilliant combination.

22. P-KN4!!  P:P  23. Q-R7!!

Now you come to see the masterly understanding of the position which went into my eighth move (Q-R2).

23. … P:N  24. B-N5 checkmate!!

One of my best games!  I am proud of it if only because Herr Sistemisson is one of the strongest Scandinavian players.  The game made an overwhelming impression on the players and spectators as well as on my opponent.  The game has become famous in Denmark as “the immortal overprotective game!”

(Certainly this flurry of !! points was meant to bite the nose of MY SYSTEM critics.–Don).

Postscript:  When Antoaneta Stefanova (2549) NIC MAGAZINE #4-2009 PG 106 was asked, “Is there a chess book that had a profound influence on you?”  She answered: MY SYSTEM by Aaron Nimzowitsch.


Kindred’s Special: Gambling in the Petroff/Russian Defense Leads to Burn

March 25, 2014

The modern master sometimes attempts to build up pressure play by avoiding castling which is a neutralizing play that safeguards the King.  This example from Poikovsky 2009 shows Emil Sutovsky (White) giving a lesson to Ernesto Inarkiev why early King castling provides a safety net and cannot be lightly ignored.

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nf6  3. N:e5  d6  4. Nf3  N:e4  5. d4  d5  6. Bd3  Nc6  7.  O-O  Be7  8. Re1  Bg4  9. c4  Nf6  10. Nc3  N:d4  11. c:d4  B:f3  12. g:f3

Akopian -Gelfeld went 12. Qa4 check c6 13. Q:d4  B:d5  14. N:d5  Q:d5  15. Qb4  O-O 16. B:h7 check  K:h7  17. R:e7

12. …c5  13. d6!

Sharper than 13. d:c6  N:c6 14. Bb5  O-O  which is tame.

13. … Q:d6 14.  Nb5  Qd7  15. N:d4  c:d4  16. Qe2  Kf8

Suggested as better and giving White a micro-edge is 16…Qe6.

17. Bb5  Qd8

Black refuses to give up his material gain of a pawn.  Greed can be poison to a spirit. Again, 17…Qe6 was better.

18. Qd3 ( > Qb3 threat increases square count as the Rook is now loosed on the e-file.)  h5  19. Bg5  Qd5  20. f4!  Bd8??

Suddenly all the squares available for the Queen should it be attacked are occupied or under the White guns.  All White has to do is harass the Queen and she will have no place to hide.

21.  Re5!  Black resigns  (1-0).

Catching the Queen in the center is a rare, rare, rare occurrence!!


Kindred’s Special: Kindred Talks Chess Instruction

March 22, 2014

There are many chess books in a variety of languages that pertain to teaching chess.  They convey to readers the accepted lingo that fills all of them:  DIAGRAMS ARE PRESENTED WHICH ARE TWO OR THREE MOVERS THAT EITHER RESULT IN CHECKMATE OR WIN OF MATERIAL FOR ADVANTAGE.  This has carried over into computer chess where the enthusiast is charmed by like fashion.  The whole concept is aimed at entertainment.  Nothing wrong with that.  But is it a valid way to spur the juices of learning or merely present a roadblock of instantaneous success of a moment in time?  It has value in honing tactical skill and recognition of position types where such attacking formations are present or can by jump moves achieve them.  This is dual as both players eyeing plans must learn to recognize position types that might arise during a battle.

Chess is a non-forgiving struggle where it represents a victory, loss or draw.  Simple as this remark is I have tried through use of my suggestions to plan from move one, short range plans arising from pawn structures and jump moves aiming at spatial imbalance of which my theory of square count I’ve recounted many times has been beneficial both in strategy and tactics toward aggressive or defensive motifs.  It has been my munificent contribution toward hopefully adding enjoyment in the lives of my readers.

My approach varies from instruction that advocates a rigid examination of position types with questions that the novice has limited wisdom until further along in study, training and practice.  Many things factor into chess skill and for the novice as well as the advanced student I have laid down my thoughts on the general conduct of chess play.  My annotations and comments about the games examined are aimed at education, of seeking from you a sense of general understanding of the strategy and tactics effecting both attack and defense for the amateur.

The opening affects the middle game strategy and so does visualizing the endgame pawn structure during middle game play.  Perhaps the one word that describes the whole is the creation of imbalanced positions where strategy and tactics mount the many terrors on the board.  Because this whole gives the amateur novice and higher class player differing degrees that cause the scratching of heads to say: What is this guy talking about?

With these thoughts set aside, it is important to get chess literature that covers instruction in endgame, middle game position play and opening strategies.  I have given you many examples of various openings that give you an overview of chess play and types of positions that result.  It should give you enjoyment to play with friends and family.

Lets tune in to Havana, Cuba for a combo of chess delights.

1. e4  c5  2. Nf3  e6  3. d4  c:d4  4. N:d4  Nc6  5. Nc3  Qc7  6. Be3  a6  7. Qd2  Nf6  8. O-O-O  Be7  9. f3  h5

Castling O-O may have worried Black seeing a potential K-wing pawn roll up. The idea is to half-open the h-file.  The g5 square is now ceded to White.

10. Bg5  d6  11. h4  Bd7  12. f4  b5

White has a big edge in square count and dominates the large rectangular structure along the 5th rank to the lst.  White senses he has the strong attack with only the Bishop to be developed.  He does so by sacrificing it and eliminating the Q-side pawn structure while gaining time on the field of battle due to the King still sitting at home.  Note the battle ram on the d-file. Still, the move presents the problem question that all sacrifices face.  Is it sound?  Lets see how things develop.

13. B:b5!  a:b5  14. N/d:b5  Qb8  15. N:d6+ B:d6  16. Q:d6  Q:d6  17. R:d6 Na7  18. a4 Nc8  19. Rd4  Ng4  20. Rhd1  Ra7

Black’s only other move is 20…Nb6!?  Have fun determining Black’s defensive resources.

21. Nb5 Rb7  22. R:d7!  and wins.  22….R:d7  23. Nc7 check R:c7  24. Rd8 mate; 23. …. Kf8 24. R:d7 with the 3-pawn Q-side superior pawn structure will win for White.  White’s bravery paid off.  With the time clock running, it is often the case that the attack prevails over defense.

Well, time to put the men in the box.  Adios for now.








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