Kindred’s Special: The Art of Deflecting ala Square Count

November 18, 2014

Of the many books in my library about how to plan and play chess, I must confess that I cherish the idea of utilizing my square count theory as I plan my strategy.  One of the key elements that arise rarely but occasionally is that of “deflection” where the theory presents itself in the following play.

1. d4  Nf6  2. c4  e6  3.  Nc3  Bb4

This is called the Nimzo-Indian Defence and a weapon advocated in MY SYSTEM by its champion Aron Nimsowitch.  Many thousands of games have started with this basic pattern with a vast array of choice for both sides in furthering the deployment of forces.

4. e3  c5  5. Nf3  O-O  6. Bd3  d5  7. O-O  Nc6

This was one of the popular lines for both sides seen in the game period into the 1980s and various world chess championship events and matches, I have been on both sides of the battlefield.  For the learning student, it is a classic example of play for central tension.

8. a3  B:c3  9. b:c3  d:c4  10. B:c4  Qc7  11. Qe2  e5!  12. d5  e4!

What appeared on the surface to be a buffer in the center against sharp assaults, a not so lowly pawn creates cracks in the structure based upon increasing the count while creating disruption in White’s deployment.

13. d:c6  Ng4  14. g3  e:f3  15. Q:f3  Ne5  16. Qf4  Bh3

Black increases his square count taking advantage of the white square weaknesses.

17. Rd1  Rad8  18. R:d8  R:d8  19. Be2 In all appearances of protecting d1 against invasion.

19. … Q:c6  20. f3  Rd1+

Is this suicide??  No.  It is the principle of deflection by forcing removal of a diagonal defender.

21. B:d1 Qb5  22. c4  Qa5 wins.

White can do nothing.  If, instead White plays 21. Kf2  Ng4+ wins the Queen.

A great lesson taught by C.J.S. Purdy of Australia was to always investigate checks no matter how foolhardy they appear.


November 16, 2014

I read an article in Bottom Line Health, a favorite newsletter of many including myself, on page 13, December 2014, that in simplistic terms define the word NARCISSIST.  A number of critics of the Obama administration have called Barack H. Obama a narcissist.

The title, How to Cope If Your Loved One is a Narcissist, pertains to a growth in research studies attempting to explain the key aspects of a narcissist’s personality–showing how best to cope with such a person.

Indeed, the commentators on the political scene quite rightly call President Obama a typical narcissist; the Kindred has to agree.  Good relationships are based on reciprocity–you listen attentively and empathetically to others for their input: criticisms, ideas, and in response he or she listens to yours.  However, for the narcissist, it is a one-way (my way) street.

New research findings published in Personality and Individual Differences, it was found that narcissism is closely tied to perfectionism, tending to make narcissists very demanding and hypercritical of others.  Turning this article on its head, and relating it to current events on the political scene, my attempt in this essay is to illustrate the correctness of those commentators who, by use of this one word, describes the very nature of our President and perhaps sheds light on behavioral comments he continually addresses to chosen audiences.

The term bickering is petty.  It applies to and describes the partisan battles that wage in Washington, D. C. wherein lies the overload of the narcissist’s personality and belief structure–again pointing to: “its my way or no way.”

No One Listens to the Kindred at Their Own Peril

November 13, 2014

Yep!  Another election is in the tank.  By that I mean I wonder about NY State Politics. Governor Andrew Cuomo won simply because he captured the huge voting block from the Big Apple.  We conservatives need to take a bite.

New York leads the pack in stupid as stupid does.

Not only did we lose the Governor race but importantly the loss of youthful talent and wisdom to eight decade long Democrat champ Slaughter. She had her day and it would be nice to get some new blood to represent our State.  Oh, well.

Congratulations to all Republicans and Conservatives and Democrats who won seats.

They say there are some good points to Obamacare.  Actually I support killing it dead and rewriting a whole new script.  Of course some good features from it could be adopted into a new law which we could all have a say in our future medical survival.  We have seen the best of times and we have witnessed in recent times pure arrogance and bashing the citizens who sit to lend governance to our political body.

The latest news is that Russia is flying near our borders with bombers loaded with the H-BOMB payload.  Of course just one would be enough.  Our President hob-noising with another communist state CHINA sees no danger anywhere. Even on the golf course, golfers have that shouted warning ………FORE!


World Championship Match – Carlsen vs. Anand

November 13, 2014

My readers can go to ChessBase and view the games.

Four games have been played to date with the score tied at 2-2, each winning one and drawing two.


November 2, 2014

New York State is blessed this November 4th with a slate of Republican conservative, yet progressive thought in restoring values that seem to leave, especially those living in western and central New York with a sense of: “If you don’t like it, then move.”  Well, some folks have.  But the New York Conservative Party and Republican Party have taken offense to such comments by the current Governor as well as the liberal Democratic Party hacks who spill lies from their mouths in the belief that anything goes in politics.  Their thought is that the bigger the lie, the more the population will swallow it as fact.

This year a  slate of Republican and Conservative candidates that cover every area of government is set to take on the power of the Cuomo political machine across the board.  In fact, it reminds me of the  64 squares in chess where every village, town, city and county is up for grabs covering much of the landscape.

These candidates do not let the media or political machines of any stripe or outside negative rhetoric cloud their optimism that a change is good for New York across the board.

Rob Astorino -Moss -Katko team launched a last week barrage of TV, radio, and mailbox warfare on the sham displayed by many in the media.  Even newspapers are beginning to take notice that this team is worthy to lead and restore New York from one of being taxed to death and badmouthed about to one where integrity and honest leadership can rein for a brighter New York future.

Study and think the issues.  Think about the once past greatness of what New York was–THE EMPIRE STATE.

Kindred is going to vote and I hope everyone considers the importance of this year’s election.

Kindred’s Halloween Greet 2014

October 31, 2014

Howdy all!  Spooky movies give me a chill as much as the drop in temperature experienced the past two days, not to mention the off-on raindrops that I find requires intermittent swipes–a real pain at times when on the road.  My little VIBE buggy keeps me going. Don’t mind if I call her a she because she gives me 41 mpg. and just under 110,000 miles since my wise purchase in 2004!  Problems? Normal service. Go! Pontiac!!

This is my 500th article and seems a blessing to be back after a system attack/defense security scan voided my passwords and blocked my  Our son, far wiser than I in this tech world, came to the rescue and got me going again.

Soon as Halloween festivities pass, I’ll be coming your way every day or two.  Keep the fires burning and got some ideas that will enlighten your spirits as we march toward year-end.

Be sure to vote on November 4th.

Kindred’s Special: The Bishop’s Opening — 1. P-K4 P-K4 2. B-B4

October 24, 2014

This opening is also called Philidor’s Opening.  It was examined in the Gottingen Manuscript, and by  Lucena and Lopez but it was Philidor who mapped out the theoretical foundation in a true explorer’s sense.  He saw the point of B-B4 (Bf1-c4)as striking immediately at the weakness of the f7 square in chess with dangerous plan P-KB4 (f2-f4).

The Germans developed a defense against it called the Berlin system that continues 2. ….  N-KB3 (Nf6) which neutralizes P-KB4 (f2-f4)by 3. …. P-Q4 (d7-d5) that set the tone for value seen in a central counter-thrust for active counterattack in other opening positions.

White has ways to continue his aggressive posture after 1. P-K4  P-K4  2. B-B4  against various ideas seen by Black over the years.  Lets take a look a some examples:

2. …  B-K2  is a blunder because after 3. Q-R5  g6  4. Q:K5  N-KB3  5.  P-Q3 leaves White a pawn up with good development.

Following suit by 2. … B-B4 (Bf8-c5) was a popular way for Black to play the defense.  The volume of possible variations from this gives me an opportunity to recommend the excellent pamphlet book by 7th World Champion Yakov Estrin with Igor Glazkov titled 3 Double King Pawn Openings, featuring the Bishop’s Opening, Hungarian Defense and Ponziani Opening.

2. … P-QB3  3. P-Q4  P-Q4 (3…N-B3  4. P:P  N:KP  5. Q-K2!)  4.  P:P  P:P  5. B-QN5+  B-Q2  6. B:B+  N:B  7. P:P  N:P  8. N-K2  N-B3  9. O-O  B-K2  10. N-QB3  with a pull.

A great investigative master was Bent Larsen and a brilliant player who explored and played many of the offbeat lines where he introduced favorable positions and sharp games in his own practice (namely, he walked his talk and writings.)  So lets take a look at just one from his book Bent Larsen’s Best Games – Fighting Chess with the Great Dane.

White:   Bent Larsen  vs. Black:   Bela Berger   Bishop’s Opening    1964 Amsterdam Interzonal

1. e4  e5   2. Bc4  Nf6  3. d3  d5

Here, Larsen gives d5? stating that his opponent underestimated his modest opening system. This whole variation goes back many years with much analysis and Black’s handling of this position was commonly known as playable. What Larsen objectively gives as his own treatment of the position’s merits and subsequent play of this particular line illustrates Larsen’s superb positional and attacking judgment.

4. e:d5  N:d5  5. Nf3  Nc6  6. O-O  Bg4

The game Ernst -Gerhard, Berlin 1935 continued: 6…Be7 7. R-e1  f6 8. d4  e:d  9. N:d4  N:d4  10. Q:d4  Nb6  11. Qe4  N:c4  12. Q:c4  c6  13. Nc3 Kf8  14. Bf4 and White better.

7. Re1  Be7  8. h3  B:f3  9. Q:f3  Nd4!

Forces White to pull up some magic; example being  10. Q:d5  Q:d5  11. B:d5  N:c2  keeps Black  in the game.  After 10. Qd1, Black gets time to breathe.

10. Qg4!  O-O  11. R:e5  Nf6  12. Qd1  Bd6  13. Re1  Re8  14. Be3

White is a pawn up and adds to his pluses.

14. … c5  15. Nd2  Bc7  16. Nf3 Qd6  17. B:d4  c:d4  18. R:e8+  R:e8  19. c3  d:c3  20. b:c3  Nh5?

Knight on the rim is not square minded.  Better was a defensive Re7. White now increases square count.  21. Qa4!  Re7  22. Q:a7  Nf4  23. Q:b7  h5  24. Qc8+  Kh7  25. h4  1-0).


October 24, 2014

Really!  I have been absent but happy to return.  Sometimes absence makes a heart grow fonder. This is just a short note to let my many friends know I am still here and will be taking up the battle within the confines of the 64 squares as well as to tweak the noses of the elite, the average, the privileged, the downtrodden with blogs that enlighten the hearts of those who brave the waves of a stormy or calm sea.

Kindred’s Special: The Rochester Royals–When the Sport was King in Rochester, NY

June 12, 2014

I remember the good old days when referees used their whistles for infractions of the rules, few as they were back then.  Basketball was slower by today’s standards.  Maybe that is why the Rochester Royals eventually left to take up residence in Cincinnati, Ohio.   But rules were pretty much followed which, of course, meant scores were often lower and skill at shooting came from the two-handed set shots so brilliantly done by guards Bobby Wanzer and Bobby Davies, two favorites of the fans.  Then there was Arnie Risen, perhaps one of the stellar centers of all time and rated by many old timers even today as one of the greatest in the business.  His hook shot was just part of his skill.  And the cadre of supporting talent was immense.  The team played the game by the rules and everyone contributed, so much so that the Royals won the NBA Championship in 1951.

Looking at the current championship series on TV is disheartening.  Of course there are many great players on both teams but the referees do not follow the rules strictly.  For example, the other night I saw super star after star double dribbling, carrying the ball several steps to the basket for a lay-up.  The fans love the fact that rules are meant to be broken by the stars of the game but there is something wrong when a basket made through an illegal move on the court adds to the victory and loss between two teams.  Thankfully the winning team was not the culprit.  I won’t mention the player who so often is seen bending the rules when baskets are needed to be made.  And I won’t point out the team because it serves no purpose.  The high spirit of the players have to be forgiven and the fans sure would not like to see too many whistles blown during the game.  There are enough fouls called to slow the game down and such infractions as I mention probably would destroy enjoyment for all–the teams and viewers alike.

One of the great men of the Rochester community was Bobby Wanzer.  He was born in Brooklyn.  He joined the marines (1943-46); during WWII, he was stationed at Guam in 1944 serving in both the occupation and defense against the Japanese.  After the war, he became a student at Seton Hall.

He was a star at Seton Hall University and joined the Royals where he helped them win the NBA championship in 1951.  He was recognized as one of the best ball handlers of his or any era.  He was a five-time all-star, served two years as player-coach and then as coach after the move to Cincinnati in 1957.  He returned to Rochester to take the coaching position at John Fisher College in 1962. He led the Cardinals amassing a record of 311 wins and 249 losses which spanned a 24 year career.

In 1987, he was inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame.

I met Arnie Risen when having lunch at George’s Restaurant we both frequented.  He said the Royals gave the Rochester fans a great run during an era that saw changes in how the game was played.  They played the game the way it was played during their era.  Eras change every game menu, create new stars and dynasties.  And those living those times all share a compassion and love for the pastime–BASKETBALL. 


Kindred’s Special: Stats from FBI Alarming but Predictable

June 11, 2014

The news media tries to catch up on all the cover-ups essayed at the helm of liberally leftwing fanatics through the past six years and can be held partly responsible for the mess created through the immigration crisis as well as the criminality that has been perpetrated at the Justice Department in attacks on our law enforcement officers trying to do their job defending Americans.  The leftwing agenda is alive and well in the towns, cities, and states at an ever-increasing geographic expansion across America.  I can best describe it as OUT OF CONTROL POLICIES OF THE WHITE HOUSE, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, AND THE GENERAL LACK OF GOVERNING THROUGH THE CONGRESS, given its role as a watchdog over agencies of the federal government.

Recent statistics presented by the FBI are for illegal infiltrators through our borders:

  • 95 % of warrants for murder in LA, California
  • 83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque
  • 75% most listed wanted criminals in all three above
  • 24.9% of inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals
  • 40.1% of inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals
  • 48.2% of inmates in New Mexico detention centers are Mexican nationals
  • 29% (630,000) convicted illegal felons cost Americans $$1.6 billion tax dollars annually
  • 53% of investigated burglaries reported in western states are criminally due to illegal infiltrators
  • 50% plus of gang members from South American countries in Los Angeles alone infiltrate across the southern border through Mexico
  • 71% auto thefts apprehended in 2005 alone in southern states were by illegal infiltrators or “transport coyotes” as such driver are known.

The sad truth hits home when it is reported that on President Obama’s watch deportations of criminal elements has slowed to a dribble.  And the Justice Department policy is to shield the President from public scrutiny.  It is incredible that for the cover up to aid politics, our government employees in law, in finance, in military affairs and VA matters I find compound shortcomings in character, leadership, integrity and mostly honor that endangers the whole nation as never before.

How can I say this about our wonderful, most powerful nation in the world?  Well, look at history:  Germany, Japan, the fallen empires from the distant past.  They all shared the fallacies that are now apparently befalling my beloved America, our energetic world-saving capitalism, our compassion for others at home and abroad.

Many heroes have emerged throughout history.  Religious patriot Martin Luther who challenged the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church in the middle ages, bringing to the world the Holy Bible; the Rev. Martin Luther King brought healing to a nation long festering wounds from the days of slavery and what happened to the disenfranchisement of people through ignorance and built up fears.  These are but two from the religious world who in seeming extreme personal hardships never gave in  or listened to those who threatened their life work achievements.


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