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Kindred’s Special: Pleasure or Trash

June 14, 2012

The New York Times and USA Today list author, E. L. James, as offering up the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy described by both book clubs and librarians as poorly written and too sexually explicit.  The paperbacks are published retail by Vintage for $15.95. The newspaper contributor, Robin L. Flanigan, a free-lance writer, does a pretty good job reviewing some who read them. It is like all controversal subjects that bring a call from the purists to the progressive and  liberalized,”everything goes crowd.”

Many book clubs and libraries have marked the trilogy as poorly written trash, and while it may stimulate pleasure into exploring a mind twisting acceptance for the inquisitive, there is the danger of corrupting the mind of the unwary.  Entertaining thoughts, the kind that such trash lets loose upon the human heart and spirit, is the type that Lucifer uses as a weapon  to entice the gullible ; often it taints the very soul, perhaps forever.  If we believe what the Bible says is true–all mankind has sinned and found LOVE for the Father shortchanged. Things that come up short are missed blessings.

The human body is the temple of God made sin by the lust of both Adam and Eve.  Ever since, mankind has slaved and worked to bring peace to the soul and through prayer find the Lord ready to forgive.  Peace does not reign with those who crave the physical while debasing character and moral values. Their minds become clouded with uncertainties about their relationships. Such acts of immoral thoughts trigger the degeneration of integrity, honesty, love–mostly LOVE.

The love between a husband and wife often reflects their true feelings for each other and that gets passed on to include their children.