The American Legion Magazine – April 2020

A national Treasure– Veterans keep Hubble Space Telescope flying!

Our national freedom to think in terms of days, weeks, months and years past poise a danger to a citizenship value system enjoyed since our founding.  Everything is based upon the word NOW.  It has been fed to us daily both in education and employment that history of America has no modern day relevance.  It has been replaced by the NOW generation that seems to zero out any purpose of discovering the past as necessary to what we deem as needed to keep our freedoms secure.  Education has failed us to ignore literary works that promote and secure a belief system as we progress toward ever faster knowledge being transmitted.  Perhaps this almost instantaneous transmission, with all its wondrous potential has a danger yet discovered or realized toward simple words–Peace-Truth-Happiness that assures a lasting FREEDOM of our generation and those coming after.

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