Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

It was humor at its best when I read ASK AMY column: IT’S HARD TO ENJOY PARTY WITH ‘ONE PARTY’ RULE.  I hate to tell Amy who is biased more often than not when it comes to being liberalized female.  Well, since papers in general are run by liberalized editors, it is understandable, especially in Calif. if you want to work in Hollywood so some pals told me.  I side with the ‘frustrated conservative’ who seems to be knowledgeable and fair-minded in all respects.   Go!! Girl!

In a small way this reminds me of Garfield in the cartoon depicting his getting lost in the woods and comes to a sign that reads YOUR LOST.  Of course Garfield is a cat and cannot talk but meows out with thinking; Like I needed a SIGN!?

Herb, Dagwood’s mailman tells Dag that his boss is set on micro-managing me and has stuck  a GPS Tracker on my bag to tell him where I am on the route.  We find Dag going into his boss’ office  and tells Mr. Dithers: You know Boss–You aren’t so bad after-all.

In Pickles, Earl is examining the vac when his wife Opal comes in the room and asks him what he is going to do with the vacuum.  Earl tells her he is a grown man in my own house. Can’t I use my own vacuum without being interrogated?  Opal tells him by all means he should go ahead and use it. Earl replies Thank you! We see Earl bent over the machine looking for the turny-on thingy?



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