The Amateur Eye — Health Update

The Holy Spirit blessed me and I must say that following the medical and President’s message about the virus has helped for me and s/son to weather the storm.  The positive instead of negative views expressed in the political arena has curbed political air and put more reason to support the GOP instead of D/Communist philosophy.

I was in hospital emergency care when my illness suddenly improved and they sent me home only to return to the hospital, operation and stay at the nursing home to recover my strength.  All medical–doctors, nurses and other staff for physical rehabilitation shortened the recovery so I am now home and have no signs of contacting any virus.  Been staying home and hope our national as well as international recovery will be short and permanent. For all my readers I ask to obey our leaders and keep a positive outlook on this life experience.  It is a tragedy to read about the slow but steady growing loss in life but as I have often noted, as I have belief as a Christian, the promise from Heaven and the Holy Spirit given us when Jesus rose from the grave and ascended to be with his Father in Heaven, gave to all who believe the joy of the Holy Spirit being with us will help overcome all fears. Jesus will return as promised.  My prayers that our leaders will work together to overcome this crisis and restore sanity to the world body politic  continues.

God bless us all!


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