The Amateur Eye – Coffee & Tea Break


The Birdwatchers Club Banquet sounds like fun.  Yes, we have seen all–the Loons and host of other birds including the yellow bellied snapsucker and lappet faced vulture and the tawny.

Oh, my. It must have taken a lot of patience.

The toughest part is saying their names without laughing hee-hee!


Earl and Opal are in the parlor with their dog.  Earl is staring at his hand and Opal is questioning why he is doing this.  He said he was using his blue pen and it what he was writing got smudged on his hand but he couldn’t read it. Opal said let her see it.  She said it wasn’t an ink stain at all–but a bruise from when you caught your hand in the vending machine at the store.

Beetle Bailey

Sarge and his dog Otto was out for a bit of relaxation at the NCO Service Club.  Two of the hostesses met them and the girls began to tell how cute Otto was.  One remarked how cute he was and the other hostess as to how sweet Otto was.  When Sarge and Otto were leaving, both girls waved bye, bye to Otto.  Sarge said you did not introduce me to the girls.  Lets face it.  We are good friends, you and I but am not a wing-man.

There is not much humor in the cartoons since the virus attack.



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