The Amateur Eye- Square Focus on Mobility Factors

One way to illustrate the effects of planning within the realm of square count was illustrated over many years of game play. A perfect example is the trapped Queen. By trapped I mean when the powerful Queen is relegated to being boxed in from active squares found in diagonals or files. Such is sometimes seen when the Queen plays the field often alone when it finds human shortsightedness because of greed in the heart of her champion.

Games exist illustrating this theme. One game goes: 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 This was classic Nimsowitsch. 3. ….c5 shown by Capablanca to counter attack the center being a solid choice. 4. c3 Nc6 5. Nf3 Qb6 6. Be2 Nh6 7. B:h6 Q:b2 8. Be3 Q:a1 9. Qc2 trapping the Queen in the corner.. 9…. c:d4 10. N:d4 Bd7 11. O-O N:e5 12. Qb3!? White’s lead in count frightens Black. Now, 12…. Nc4 13. B:c4 d:c4 14. Q:b7?! (14. Qc2 was better) 14. …Rd8 15. Nc6 B:c6 16. Q:c6+ Rd7 17. Na3! Qb2 18. Nb5 with chances for both sides.

From 1993, Skembris vs. Gulko 1. d4 d6 2. Nd2 Bg4 3. e4 Nf6 4. h3 Bh5 5. Qe2 e6 6. Bg5 Be7 7. B:f6 B:f3 8. Qb5+ c6 9. Q:b7 B:f6 10. Q:a8 Qb6 11. Nd2 B:d4 12. g:f3 B:f2+ 13. Kd1 O-O 14. Nc4 Qc7 15. Ke2 Bg3 16. Rg1 Bh2 17. Rg2 Nd7 18. Q:f8 + K:f8 19. R:h2 d5 (0-1) in 30 moves.

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