The Amateur Eye – It’s Territory count that wins!

The art of chess skill emerges out of Square Count as seen in Duda vs. Gelfand in the St. Petersburg historic chess city of Russia. Here youth prevails in a Blitz world tournament featuring a square count favorite of mine called the Trompowsky Attack.

l. d4 Nf6 2. Bg5 d5 3. B:f6 g;f6 4. c4 d:c4 5. e3

The purpose of the early Bishop development is shown here.. White’s aim is attack and to get the Rabbi into enemy territory quickly so the pawn structure can be consolidated in the white center where the bishop square count will not be restricted by the e3 pawn. White’s choosing to exchange is an interesting plan based upon the idea to weaken Black’s pawn structure. The dark squares could become weaker by the exchange which is a tradeoff to consider. The attack on enemy squares is a plan often seen in openings.

5. …. c5 6. d5 b5 7. a4 Bb7 8. a:b5 Q:d5 9. Q:d5 B:d5 10. Nc3 Bb7 11. Be2 Nd7 Taking the g2 pawn is hard to assess. Black hopes to achieve better chances by keeping pieces on the board. 11B:g2 12. Bf3 B:f3 13. N:f3 Nd7 led to exchanges. Black preferred tension and keeping the black-square Bishop on the board.

12. Bf3 B:f3 13. N:f3 e6 14. Nd2 f5

Fighting chess has long been a forte of Gelfand’s natural and inspirational attack mode. The text gains two squares for his side. But choosing this, he opens up the Queenside too much for piece play by White. Maybe best would be 14….Nb6 but he probably saw that 15. Ra6 Bd6 16. Kd1 leads to a strong Q-side plus. 16… 0-0 17. Kc2! Be5 18. Rha1 Rfb8 19. R:a7! is winning.

15. N:c4 Bg7 16. b6 Ke7 17. b7 Rab8 18. R:a7 Ne5 19. Na5 Rhd8 20. Ke2 Kd7 21. Rd1+ Kc7 22. Nb5+ Kb6 23. R:d8 R:d8 24. Ra8 Black resigns.

In conclusion, it might be said that square count tallies might express a space, superior placement of forces, defensive resources from recognition of the need to act in a spirited manner to position needs especially in defensive structures. Showing confidence is a vital necessity in handling most situations in life. One should remember to examine possible moves even if they look impossible. When you examine game position tactics, they often start with tactics by their position to be total surprises. Always look for them in your own games.

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