Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

What people want and what they need to aspire and succeed is not the same because effort and personalities are not the same. Success for me may well be different for others. Effort is always a guiding principle to live by. Viewing plans and practice do not sometimes fit well in the scheme of things but what alternative promises more?

Garfield is a cat with few meows and uses his paws to convey his thoughts thus: “Remember, people….Laughter is medicine…. unless you have stitches.”

Blondie is always working to better the catering business. “I can cater your anniversary party for 18 dollars a person.” Her client says: $18? My dear, I also run a catering business and I could cater my own for $13 a person.” Blondie remarks, “Then why don’t you do so?” The customer’s response: “Because I know how difficult I am to please!”

Pickles is one of my favorites. In this four panel episode, Grandma and Nelson are featured. She is telling Nelson if he would like to help her. Nelson tells her okay. She says: “Empty the garbage and I’ll give you a cookie and glass of milk.” Nelson says he would rather have some money. Grandma responds with, “Yes, and I’d rather not have to get up 3 times a night to use the bathroom, but we don’t always get what we want, do we?”

Shoe’s two panel entry sees Shoe & co. in a cemetery examining the inscription. Yeah, that is my aunt’s recipe alright. She always said we’d get her chocolate chip cookie recipe over her dead body.

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